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A Basic Diet for Hepatitis

by Ramona L. Jones, C.N.C.

From Nature's Response

Foods to AVOID

Animal products - Animal products should be avoided for several reasons. First of all when you consume animal products you consume what that particular animal has consumed. If it was fed with grains that have been chemically sprayed you also are eating those chemicals. Then there are the injections, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, etc. If the product is in the form of meat, then you have just added stress to the digestive process, stressing the liver, gall bladder, pancreas. Meat is one of the hardest foods to digest. It can sit in the stomach for 5-7 days and ferment, causing flu like symptoms, gas, bloating, and even more stress.

Caffeine, including colas, chocolate, coffee, some teas, OTC meds. A good substitute for coffee is Raja's Cup, an antioxidant herbal tea. Caffeine of course is a stimulant. Stimulating the liver can cause stress to the liver. If you are in the habit of drinking caffeinated beverages you need to eliminate them slowly as they are addicting. If you stop too suddenly you can have withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, irriratability, and weak shakes. .

Tap water - drink distilled water only. No filtered water. Your tap water may contain more than you bargained for, including chlorine, fluoride, inorganic chemicals and compounds that the liver is not able to process. Filtered water is of course better than tap water but filters breed bacteria. In order to reduce the stress from the liver you need to give it the purest form of water possible which is distilled water. Even the shower you take every day has toxins in it which are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the lungs. If you can possibly purchase a water filter you would be doing yourself a great favor.

Junk foods - Junk foods are our favorite foods but the name fits, Junk is junk, meaning worthless. Our body does not get a good source of nutrition from junk foods and most often they are full of all the things we need to stay away from, fats, sugars, empty calories, chemicals, additivities, etc. Our poor livers don't need this added stress

White flour unless it is organic and unbleached - Bleached white flour has been chemically processed. Lots of vitamins and minerals are lost during the process, about 78%. When we consume this chemically altered product our bodies need extra vitamins and minerals in order to process it and utilize it. Isn't this the opposite of what we want? We want to eat foods that will nourish the body, not make it work harder.

Hydrogenated oils - Hydrogenated (they are refined) oils are another product that is hard for the liver to handle. Any type of oil or fat that hardens when cold. A better choice would be flaxseed oil or virgin olive oil.

Dairy products (animal) - Dairy foods are extremely hard to digest and again you are eating whatever the animal ate. Yogurt is not considered a dairy product but be sure to read the labels as the commercial brands are usually high in sugar content. A yogurt maker is a great investment.

Fruit juices - Fruit juices are high in concentrated sugar. Sugar is a shock to the liver, stresses the digestive process, stresses the pancreas, and it feeds the virus.

Artificial sweeteners (use liquid stevia instead) - The first word gives you the first clue, artificial. These sweeteners are extremely hard for the liver to process. Your poor liver doesn't even recognize what this substance is. .

Processed foods - we all know processed foods contain unnatural substances, preservatives, fillers, and chemically treated substances. Common sense tells us this is not healthy for us.

Remember our goal, to take as much stress and strain off the liver as we can.

Changing your diet is probably one of the hardest things to achieve. Not only are we cursed with this virus but we have probably unknowingly addicted ourselves to the wrong foods. I say addicted because most of us tend to eat when we feel depressed, down, bad, tired angry, or when we have insomnia. Before I was diagnosed with Hep C I had been experiencing symptoms for 6 years. I know that many times when I felt just plain rotten I would eat something thinking that it would make me feel better. The majority of the time we tend to eat for all of the wrong reasons but mainly we are reaching out for something to make us feel better. Little did we know that we were only making ourselves feel worse. But the habit was started and now we are going to break it. Any one who is serious about taking care of themselves has got to know it starts right here,with the diet. So let's do it...

Start with one step at a time. NEVER try to change your eating habits overnight. You will throw your body into shock! This means that your body has become accustom to receiving any type of food at any time and to bring this to a sudden halt will cause havoc, not only physically but mentally. Caffeine and sugar are the main culprits, giving us that "high" feeling and quick energy. If you were to completely stop feeding your body sugar and caffeine your body would most likely have withdrawal symptoms, as I mentioned before, causing you to have the shakes, nausea, a wonderful PMS feeling, being grouchy, irritable, etc. I don't know about you guys but where I live that's grounds for divorce. So you start with changing a few foods at a time, a little at a time. Take one day and write down everything you eat. You would probably be surprised to see you just consumed half of the Hershey factory.

Foods you CAN eat!

Whole wheat bread
Whole grain cereals
Malt O Meal
Cream of Wheat
Brown rice
Vegetables, (potatoes in moderation)
Beans, all kinds
Refried beans, (cook a small pot of pinto beans and put in blender when done and cool)
Lots of vegetable juices, freshly juiced by you
Fresh fruit in moderation (2-3 pieces per day)
Better Than Milk - a soy product. (White Wave is also good)
Soy-Sation Chedder Cheese by Lisanatti.
It's certified organic soybeans, and yes, it does taste like cheese and it even melts. Miracles never cease! It's certified organic soybeans, and yes, it does taste like cheese and it even melts. Miracles never cease! (To find a store in your area or to order direct call 503-652-1988)
Corn tortillas - love those tacos! make your own chips too, just bake in the over till crisp,
Organic flour tortillas made with unbleached white or whole wheat flour
Salsa - if it doesn't bother you, go for it and you do not have liver damage go for it
Canned tuna in small amounts
Organic whole wheat pasta or semolina pasta (available at most grocery stores)
Spices and herbs
Herbal teas, iced or hot
Organic unbleached flour (white) in moderation
Lemonade made with fresh lemons and stevia for sweetening
Organic Virgin Olive Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Homemade Vegetable Soup
Baked chips
Nayonaise instead of mayonnaise
Yogurt - Do not eat yogurt if you are taking Hepatico

Okay, those are some of the foods you can eat. Now let's get a little creative here and slap a few of those together.

Here are just a few dishes you can make using healthy foods.

Spaghetti - with or without a meat substitute
Macaroni and Cheese - use the Soy-Sation or a tofu cheese
Tacos - using a meat substitute and lots of seasoning
Hamburgers - there are lots of meat substitutes at the health food store. I use one called Gimme Lean. There are also recipes for grain burgers that are pretty good.
Hot dogs - tofu hot dogs
Chili Beans
Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad - made from canned chicken
Puddings - sweetened with liquid Stevia, using Better Than Milk
Cake - in moderation using unbleached flours. Eat desserts in moderation.
Distilled water with a little lemon or lime juice and liquid stevia makes a great drink and NO CALORIES.
Whole wheat waffles or pancakes - top with a fruit puree sweetened with liquid stevia
Ultimate Meal- this is a great healthy drink. I add a banana and 1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice.
Pizza! - whole wheat crust and vegetarian and Cheese
Homemade yogurt with or without fruit-sweeten it with liquid stevia.
Baked potatoes topped with cheese, or a vegetable or both.

These are only a few ideas. I have plenty more in my cookbook. If you are interested in the cookbook you can order it by calling 1-800-216-5195.

So you see, there are more foods to eat than you thought. You can take almost any recipe and convert it into a healthy dish simply by using healthy foods.

Now here are a few tips for you regarding your eating habits.

Eat 4 small meals per day. Never eat a large meal at one time.
Do not eat for 5 hours before bedtime.
Try new foods, you may just like them by accident.
Drink lots of distilled water throughout the day and pop a Vitamin C ever so often.
Take an Digestive Aid (1 or 2) with each meal. ( I suggest Di-Acid Stim by Atrium Nutrition)
Eat slowly and eat alone if and whenever possible and not in front of the TV.

Prepare your foods ahead of time whenever possible so they are ready when you are. I prepare soups, beans, chili beans, etc and freeze them in microwave containers, then just pop'em in.

Salt - if you do not have a problem with retaining fluids and you do not have high blood pressure then a little added salt is fine. You can tell if you are retaining fluids by pressing on your shin bone. Press and hold for 5 seconds, if it's indented after releasing pressure you are retaining fluids and should reduce your salt intake.

Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew. The digestive process starts in the mouth. The chewing actions begins the release of digestive juices. Chew, chew, chew, chew.
Are you finished chewing? Great... Do not eat and then go lay down. If you feel tired you probably ate too much or the wrong foods. (Or you could have Hepatitis C)...

Do not eat when you are angry, frustrated, or bored. Instead go take a walk and talk to yourself. This is a great way to relieve your stress and stress out the neighbors.

If you need help in any way with changing your diet you can always call me at 1-405-878-6644 or email me at TeaLady1@aol.com. Just remember to make your changes sloooowly but surely. It took you years to learn those bad habits and it will take time to break them. And just for the record it took me almost two years but I am a slow learner. Of course the BBQ restaurant that I used to own didn't help matters.

Tips for Those with Cirrhosis

Here are some tips concerning the diet for those who have cirrhosis. The majority of the diet is the same but there are a few differences that I feel are important.

1. Do not eat raw vegetables but steam them instead. These include carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, or any "hard to chew" vegetables. Juicing is preferred.
2. Avoid meat, alcohol, hot sauces, spicy foods, fried foods, fatty foods, salty foods, coffee, and caffeine
3. Suggested fresh juices:
Carrot, beet, and cucumber
Carrot and spinach
Carrot, celery, parsley
4. Take 2-3 plums with pits and crush them. Add one cup of boiling water, mix and obtain the juice. Drink in the morning and the evening
5. Cook soybean sprouts and adzuki beans (1/2 and 1/2 in amounts), cook into a light soup and eat.
6. Add lecithin to foods and take as a supplement, up to 1500 mg. per day
7. Take 800 mg. of vitamin E per day in dry form. If you have not taken Vitamin E before start with a lower dosage (200 mg per day) and slowly increase.
8. Good foods to eat are broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, garlic, legumes (beans, lentils) , cabbage, peppers (mild), whole grains, artichokes, beets, dandelion and herbs such as cinnamon, licorice and turmeric
9. Do not take Vitamin C with meals as it enhances the absorption of iron. Take at least 1-2 hours after eating.

Eat healthy and live longer!!!
Proper diet is a must for all of us.

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