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Gilead’s Price Battle with Express Scripts

Why has Gilead resisted lowering its Hepatitis C drug prices with Express Scripts' National Preferred Formulary, a list of approved and covered drugs for millions of Americans?

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Breaking News: Viekira Pak Approved for Hep C

Placing AbbVie on the list of top pharmaceutical competitors, the FDA has just approved the Viekira Pak for treating Hepatitis C genotype 1.

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Daclatasvir Gets Denied

Find out why additional data is needed before approval is met.

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Hold Onto Your Hats: Has a Vaccine for Hepatitis C Arrived?

Learn more about the development of this Hepatitis C vaccine, and who the efficacy of the vaccine is being tested on in two sites in the USA.

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A Win for Liver Transplant Patients with Hepatitis C

AbbVie's Hepatitis C drug recently cured 97% patients in a transplant study.

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Second All-Oral Hep C Treatment Available: Less Expensive

Olysio has been approved, in combination with Sovaldi, for the treatment of Hepatitis C. It is approximately $30,000 less than Harvoni (both of which consist of 12 weeks of therapy).

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Living With Hepatitis C

When you or someone you love is Living with Hepatitis C, you need as much reliable information as you can find. HepatitisCentral.com is here to help educate patients and their families about hepatitis, its symptoms and all the available treatment options. With our editors continuously scanning press releases, news reports and clinical trial results, this is where you'll first learn about breakthrough treatments and critical information on related conditions such as ascites, elevated liver enzymes and autoimmune hepatitis.

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Hepatitis C is a Deadly Disease

Discovered in 1989, HCV explained 90 percent of non-A non-B cases of hepatitis.  The extent of the problem was only apparent after 1990 when reliable HCV blood tests first became available. Most people don’t know they are infected because they don’t look or feel sick. Up to 20% of chronically infected patients will develop cirrhosis, and as many as 25% of those people will die from cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Millions of Patients are Affected by Hepatitis C

Currently, the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 130-150 million people throughout the world are infected with the Hepatitis C virus. The most affected regions are Central and East Asia and North Africa.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 3.2 million people in the United States have chronic HCV infection. Approximately 15,000 people die every year from Hepatitis C related liver disease in the United States.

Of those infected with HCV approximately 75-85% will eventually develop chronic Hepatitis C infections. Once chronically infected, approximately 60-70% will develop chronic liver disease, between 5-20% will develop cirrhosis over a period of 20-30 years, and 1-5% will die from cirrhosis or liver cancer.

The incidence of new symptomatic infections of HCV has been estimated to be 13 cases/100,000 persons annually. For every one person that is infected with the AIDS virus, there are more than four infected with HCV.

Hepatitis Central is Your Guide

Through our Research & Treatment newsletter we keep you updated on new treatments, information on living with Hepatitis C, articles to support a health lifestyle and more, so that you can gain information about Hepatitis C all in one place.

We also provide information about standard medical treatments as well as natural approaches for dealing with Hepatitis C. When it comes to natural approaches, credible ones focus on protecting and supporting the liver and keeping the immune system healthy – they do not eliminate the virus. There is some proof that you can use natural means to help you live a long and relatively healthy life with this virus and die of some other cause (preferably old age). There is no natural cure for Hepatitis C, and if anyone claims they have one, they are lying. It is as simple as that.

Finally, we recommend reading the stories submitted by Hepatitis C survivors and joining the Hepatitis C community to listen to what others with Hepatitis C are saying and get some answers to your questions from other patients. By reviewing what other patients have struggled with as well as their personal success stories you’ll discover you are not alone in your quest for better health with Hepatitis C.


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