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The Link Between Hep C and Parkinson’s Disease

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Drug Candidate Emricasan to Stop Progression of Liver Disease

8 Early Symptoms: Could You Have Hepatitis C?

March 1, 2016

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Especially if engaged in any activities putting you at risk for Hepatitis C infection, it’s important to be alert of this illness’s most common early symptoms.

8 Common Early Symptoms

Most people with acute Hepatitis C will not have any noticeable symptoms. In 25 to 33 percent of those infected, symptoms do materialize but are mistaken for feeling ‘under the weather,’ or a mild cold or stomach bug. Early symptoms can emerge between two and seven weeks after exposure to the Hepatitis C virus.

The most common early symptoms include:

  1. Body temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  2. Fatigue
  3. Low appetite
  4. Abdominal pains
  5. General malaise
  6. Nausea or vomiting
  7. Joint or muscle pain
  8. Abnormalities in urine or bowel movements

In addition, some with acute Hepatitis C infection develop jaundice, yellowing of the eyes and skin. Jaundice is typically the most obvious indicator of a liver problem; however, it is only seen in about one quarter of those with acute Hepatitis C.

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The Link Between Hep C and Parkinson’s Disease

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Drug Candidate Emricasan to Stop Progression of Liver Disease

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  • Mir Ahmed Ali

    My wife Hep-C,may be due to blood transfusion years ago, she also developed cirrhosis, she is under going 24 week Sovaldi+Ribavirin Therapy, now only few days are left to complete. What to do for her to care and cure cirrhosis.

  • Cheryl

    How is anyone getting the new cure mess for get c. My ins. Won’t cover any of it. I am so depressed from hitting a brick wall. Is there anyone out there that can help me. Now they said I have a mass on liver. I have heard the woes no for 2 years. And only option I have come up with is to just sit back and wait to die.

    • Christine

      I was in your shoes. Sweetie you don`t have to die. Look for any and all clinical trials in your area. Call them everyday if you have to and let them know you are ready to start NOW. First they will do a liver biopsy and then go from there. It worked for me and it will work for you. Don`t give up, keep looking and get your name on the list. Cost to you zero! God bless you and don`t ever give up.

    • trickofthetail

      I bought a 3 month supply of medication from Mesochem i China for under $700.00 had it sent overnight. I had to buy a small scale and put it in capsules. I am on the 44th day of treatment. I will have my blood work back on 7/12/16. The medication was shipped overnight after payment was received. If you need help contact me. [email protected] CHRISTINE Is correct as well. I suspect you are not from the U S. The co. The medication can be shipped to all countries but Mexico and 1 other which I don’t remember.

  • tanya guess

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    Peace and great health be with you…Namaste<3

    • Rick

      What is the name of the solution? Is it Namaste<3?

      • tguess35

        Lol 🙂
        *MMS stands for “Miracle Mineral Supplement”

        …and btw… “Namaste” is a yogic greeting that means-
        “The divine light in I recognizes and honors the divine light in you”

      • The Editors