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New Virus Has Strong Association With Hepatitis C

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Painful Liver Biopsies May Be a Thing of the Past

Hep C Drugs in 2016: More Combos and Lower Cost

Nicole Cutler L.Ac. January 11, 2016

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While some exciting new drug combos are on the approval horizon, cost concerns will drive interest in Hepatitis C treatment for 2016.

Two New Combos

New, effective drugs entering the Hepatitis C marketplace will also cause the cost of the current treatments to drop. Two drug combinations with reportedly high success rates are very close to FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval.

  1. At the end of January 2016, Merck’s combination of elbasvir and grazoprevir is expected to earn FDA approval. The brand name of this drug is Zepatier and trials demonstrate cure rates of up to 99 percent in genotypes 1, 4 and 6.
  2. Gilead’s sofosbuvir plus velpatasvir have completed Phase 3 trials and have posted cure rates of 97 to 100 percent in genotypes 1 through 6. This combination is expected to be FDA approved in 2016. Sofosbuvir plus velpatasvir is encouraging for all genotypes but especially genotype 3 with cirrhosis, where the cure rate was 91 percent.

Knowing that Merck and Gilead both have new Hepatitis C treatment regimens likely to be approved, the outlook for conquering this virus is great. In addition, pressure to reduce the treatment cost is expanding. Hopefully, 2016 will host the decline of Hepatitis C treatment prices in the U.S. If not, we are likely to witness Americans taking treatment vacations to countries that have been able to secure generic versions of the current Hepatitis C medications.

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New Virus Has Strong Association With Hepatitis C

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Painful Liver Biopsies May Be a Thing of the Past

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  • zenseekercu

    Treatment needs to begin sooner rather than later, when the damage is already done. I am now cirrhotic, but my cause was time. The newer treatments weren’t available earlier, when I was first diagnosed, and the ribavirin/interferon treatments did not work. I was finally cured using Olysio and Sofusbuvir in early 2014.

  • Champ86

    It’s no ‘cure’ if you can only get it, when your liver is shot, it’s no ‘cure’ if it costs 1/3 of a transplant, these ‘cures’, cost less than $4 a pill to make, but they want $1,000 a pill. Congress needs to step in and stop these obscene profits. Only they can end this robbery.

  • Wingman


    Thank you KAISER PERMANTE week one of Harvoni started after 2015 liver transplant. Feeling awesome

    • trickofthetail

      Generic Medication can be sourced in most countries including the U.S. from multiple sources for $1,500 or less. This is for the full course of treatment. All have had tremendous success with a viral load cut by 3/4 after 4 weeks. More info contact me [email protected]

      • Dot

        Even if someone could get their hands on the medication, monitoring is required. Are you suggesting people take these drugs on their own?

        • Su

          There are doctors that are willing to help Dot. Our American non profit helps patients find treatments for $1500 and less. There are doctors in the US that are sending their patients to us for treatment. We now have a federally funded University that is sending ALL of their patients to us that are denied by insurance. So, if you want the treatment and be monitored. We can do that. Email Melissa McKnight at [email protected] or call 24/7 at 858-952-1077. Our patients always get their treatment. Let’s be practical, reasonable and most importantly positive.

  • Allen Adkins

    I had no symptoms but I’ve known I had Hep C for 10+ years,I’ve had friends who’ve had biopsies and the Interferon treatment which didn’t work so I never tried anything. When I read about Harvoni I checked with my Doctor and my specialist they said I was a prime candidate for Harvoni. My insurance company turned me down and my Doctors fought very hard with the insurance company and we won. I had a 60 day treatment and have been found to be Hep C negative. The cost I found out was around $60,000.00 . I am so grateful for my Doctors and the Harvoni treatment. Whoever reads this don’t give up,don’t give in and fight the insurance companies Anyway you can.

    • Ryan

      Hi Allen, was just curious… What stage fibrosis were u when the ins. Co turned you down… Do you know what made the ins. Co. finally give in in your case?

  • Dropzone

    All good after 25 years ,still have it. It just as not hit any serous stages fibrous etc etc. did do the interferon 13 years ago ,but didn’t work! Hell ,to say the least . I drink a few beers daily ,no issues ,just lucky I guess. After going through interferon ,I think I’ll wait until it’s a drop in a milkshake and gone after one shake.

    • Pavel Bolokhov

      be carefull

  • William Campbell

    I took 3 months of Harvoni and the virus was undetectable after month 1 and 2. My viral load was around 26 million. Worked as a Medic and had a needle stick injury in 1974.
    Never tried any treatment until Harvoni. Then on about month 5 it came back with a viral load of only 41. Then about 2 months later it was undetectable again. Dr. says he never expected that. Will be retested in May. I thank the Lord Jesus for getting this medication and whatever results come of it.

    • RhesusNegative

      Your lord jesus wasn’t the scientist that invented the drug, so its always respectful to thank the people that did create the drug.

      • tom klimczyk

        c’mon! Really? RX sales $90K for 6-8 weeks! Who deserrves what credit? Faith is a good thing for everyone. If some scientist is slighted for lack of respect or gratitude, stop being a scientist or get over it. What a hateful ridiculous comment. Ignorant rhesus monkey…

      • Tim

        Jesus gives mankind the knowledge to invent such drugs, so don’t bash Him, for you might need Him more than your dim mind thinks!!!

    • Joly Bell

      This May if you have new Lab for Hep C , please share with us.. I think there are some mistake from the Lab results.- Not undertactble then . undertactble . We are curios with Harvonii .. The. “gold “medication . More than 100K for the Hep C treatment .Lord!! . All my life , … I have been work two tree job at one day in the pass .. not able to save that big money .. Sound very sad. And disappointed with the new
      medication !! Joly bell

      • Mazhar Mehdi

        I am has hep C for long year ago, and
        want to know and try to search if a reasonable advise me. 9 months course of Interfran injection, but PCR not been negative, I would have to give me advice.

  • bill c.

    i cleared hep c with the viekira pack,,,,,got treatment from the va,,in prov. ri,,,,did not cost me a dime,,,,,,had hep c for 30 some yrs,,,got cirosis from it,,,after 3 months off treatment it was still gone,,,now the next blood test is after 1 yr.,,,if the hep c is non detectable,,,,whats the chances of it ever coming back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,???

    • susanfromnepa

      You can be reinfected.. so throw out your old razor blades and practice safe sex . Also don’t drink as it can hurt your already stressed out liver .

      • Al D.

        It’s extremely extremely EXTREMELY rare to contract Hep. C through sexual contact!

        • susanfromnepa

          It’s so very dangerous to think that it hep c can’t be passed through anal intercourse , rough, or bloody sex , weird postures that can tear anal tissue and for that matter violent forced vaginal sex !
          All the above can cause blood to blood contact .
          And also including males or females with exposed herpes sores . I know wives who contracted from husbands

  • Cindy Doherty

    I cleared my Hep C thru my Kaiser Insurance. I suffered from chronic Hep C for several years. I took Harvoni for 3 mos and it cost me about $1,200. That was last spring and it’s still undetectable and considered cured. So freakin happy!!!

    • Nhem Chansophea Pisey

      how you can get this harvoni in cheaper cost?

      • Cindy Doherty

        I don’t know Nhem. I happen to have good insurance through my husband’s company and I just got lucky. My guess is it will start coming down in price after a bit. Good luck!

        • Nhem Chansophea Pisey

          lucky you to get it in this cost. my mum has hep C for long year ago and try to search if it can shipped to here with reasonable cost. Thank you
          Good Day.

      • maddi

        I can send u that at a much lower and affordable cost…Email [email protected]

      • trickofthetail

        Contact me. Combination therapy depends on genotype. I just ordered Daclatisvir and Sofosbuvir for under $1,000 from a very reliable shipper. The above combo is for G 1 and G 2. [email protected] One could be cured in 3 months.

    • Allen Adkins

      Cindy that is great to hear👏😀
      I too used Harvoni, but only for 2 months. As I’ve stated in past post my insurance at first denied my coverage then my Doctor called the insurance and argued that I was a prime candidate for success and they agreed. I only paid for doctor visits and blood work.

  • Mir Jahon

    It is so much exciting to read the good results and cures from Hep C! I would appreciate if somebody could share any good means of curing Hep D.

  • Dr. Mohammed hanafi

    What’s about new scape generations of virus c resistant to harvoni?
    Offspring of these generations may lead to a horrible epidemic episodes.

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    • Dot

      Get your scam off this page!

  • Mary alvey

    I have hep c and I have medicaid and I need help with it and can’t get help so what can I do in upset and have medicaid and Gilead trying to help me but can’t get the help I need please someone help me I dont want to get more sick or worse die from this I never did a drug or got a blood transplant so I don’t understand how i got this don’t drink either please help this is MaryAlvey please help Im scared I will die in desperate need of help

    • Elaman Kengan

      Hi dear, please contact me at [email protected]
      I am sure i can help you.

  • Elaman Kengan

    Whoever need Harvoni at 1K, please contact me at [email protected].

    I really want to help who has hep C. My mom had it now she is free of it.