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Who Is Getting Hep C Treatment?

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Treating Hep C: Effective but Expensive

Liver Detox Tea Helps Those with Hepatitis C

August 1, 2016

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If you are managing Hepatitis C infection, you can reduce liver congestion and toxicity by sipping this organic brew every day.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection of the liver that frequently leads to chronic liver disease. As of 2016, there are several antiviral medications that target Hepatitis C and offer patients great odds at eliminating this virus. Even with these fantastic pharmaceutical advancements, plenty of people still have this virus and need to prioritize managing their liver’s health.

Supporting healthful liver detoxification is one of the best ways to care for the liver’s well being and improve its resiliency against Hepatitis C.

Liver Detoxification

The liver holds many roles in the body, but detoxifying the blood of toxins and waste products is one of its most important responsibilities. Some natural health advocates discredit liver detox for Hepatitis C because there are no safe detox programs that get rid of this liver virus. While it is true that detoxification regimens do not cure Hepatitis C, supporting the liver’s ability to perform its detoxification abilities will improve liver function, reduce liver inflammation and minimize the damage this virus can cause.

Liver detoxification has become increasingly popular in some health conscious communities, but it can mean many different things to different people. Some claim that diets or supplements that help you lose weight will detox the liver; others insist that fasting is the best plan for liver detoxification. Although both of these perspectives may hold elements of the truth, they may or may not be a good idea with chronic liver disease.

Weight loss reduces excess fat in the liver, which will improve the liver’s detoxification efficiency. However, losing weight by fasting or increasing the metabolism does not help the liver. Especially for those with Hepatitis C, proper nutrition (consisting of fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) is essential for keeping inflammation down and supplying the building blocks for healthy liver cell regeneration.

Ruling out drastic approaches to weight loss, foods and supplements that reduce liver congestion and neutralize an overload of toxins lead to improvements in liver function. This concept is simple to comprehend when likened to the optimal performance of an older automobile. Aside from changing the engine oil regularly, making sure to use only good quality oil and/or using additives to reduce waste buildup and prevent oil oxidation will help prolong the life of the car’s engine – and subsequently improve its efficiency. Similarly, providing the liver with foods and supplements that reduce waste buildup and prevent liver cell oxidation will improve this organ’s ability to detoxify the blood. Individuals with Hepatitis C will benefit from these strategies because more efficient detoxification helps reduce inflammation – thus slowing or preventing liver cell damage from the virus.

Reduce Liver Congestion

Luckily, foods and supplements that reduce liver congestion are plentiful. For those with Hepatitis C wanting a straightforward solution to reducing liver congestion, Liver Detox Tea is ideal. It contains six organic ingredients (organic is important because pesticides and herbicides contribute to liver toxicity) that function together to prevent liver cell oxidation and reduce waste buildup.

Those ingredients and their value to the liver are listed below:

  1. Milk Thistle – The most valued herb for liver cell protection, milk thistle strengthens the outer walls of liver cells and cellular prevents oxidation. This makes the liver more resilient to Hepatitis C-induced inflammation and protects its cells from toxicity.
  2. Dandelion Root – Because it stimulates the production of bile and bile’s flow between the gallbladder and liver, dandelion relieves liver congestion. This reduction in congestion improves the liver’s capability of detoxifying the blood of Hepatitis C virus particles.
  3. Chicory Root – Chicory also stimulates circulation in the liver to reduce congestion and improves gut digestive flora. Many studies have drawn conclusions that improved gut flora helps stall the progression of chronic liver disease.
  4. Burdock Root – Burdock is an herb in Ayuverdic medicine that is used to purify the blood. In addition, burdock root stimulates bile flow to relieve liver congestion.
  5. Fennel Seed – Fennel seeds help prevent or remove gas from the intestines, which eases digestive symptoms of a sluggish, congested, toxic liver.
  6. Coriander Seed – Similar to fennel, coriander seed helps digestive discomfort (relieving gas, loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea and heartburn) that commonly result from a sluggish, congested, toxic liver.

Reducing liver congestion should be a priority for all those living with chronic Hepatitis C, because it:

  • Removes excess toxins
  • Quells inflammation in the liver
  • Minimizes liver cell damage
  • Eases digestive discomfort
  • Improves liver function

Liver Detox Tea is not the only route toward supporting a liver with Hepatitis C, but it is a good way to show your liver some love, help remove toxins and increase your liver’s resiliency against the Hepatitis C virus.

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Who Is Getting Hep C Treatment?

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Treating Hep C: Effective but Expensive

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  • David Pieper

    Save your money, there is no such thing as liver detox. The liver will detox your body if it is working properly

    • C

      It ain’t working right if the liver is congested with crap silly. Clear it out and the liver can work properly

      • David Pieper

        The liver is not like a lung, it doesn’t get “congested”, which is why you cant detox by eating or drinking something (or not eating something). Hepatitis causes scar tissue which stops it working properly. Curing hepatitis with treatment will stops further scare tissue developing but nothing can “detox” the liver.

        • Kemberly B

          Actually it does hold on to fat etc…. And can be
          For lack of better word
          Not like a lung as you said
          That’s why they say drink lots of water because a cirrhotic liver isn’t flushing out well
          But my hep Dr told me milk thistle wouldn’t help an already cirrhotic liver so either way
          Waste of money