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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Brooklyn, NY

Maurice A. Cerulli, MD

Chief Gastroenterologist

New York Methodist Hospital
506 Sixth Street
Brooklyn NY 11215


Comments: I would recommend him to any person w/ Hep C looking for 1st class care.

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Hulya Levendoglu, MD


Brookdale University Hospital Center
1 Brookdale Plaza, Katz Pavillion
Brooklyn NY 11212-3198

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Dr. Eliot Zimbalist


452 77th Street
Brooklyn NY 11209


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Yelena Linetskaya

General Practice

2114 Gravesend Neck Road
Brooklyn NY 11229


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Xin Pang, MD

Infectious Disease

860 58th Street
Brooklyn NY 11220


Comments: Dr. Pang has been my PCP and has been treating my Hep C for years. She is excellent doctor for the community.

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