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Hepatitis Treatments


What is Victrelis™ (boceprevir)?

What is Incivek™ (telprevir)?

Ribavirin Treatment
of HCV

Ribavirin approved
for combo treatment

Ribavirin Interferon
Combination with phlebotomy

What is Rebetron? (Facts)

IFN Alfa-2b Plus Ribavirin
Combination Increases Sustained Response Rate

Ribavirin Treatment
alone or in combination with Interferon

Phase III results
of Interferon & Rebetol

FDA approves
Rebetron Combination Therapy

Long term efficacy
of Ribavirin plus interferon alfa

Interferon, Ribavirin
and Actigall

Hepatitis C: Important Treatment Advance:
Interview with Douglas Dieterich, MD

Schering Submits
Supplemental NDA for REBETRON(TM)

Ribavirin Info Sheet

New Therapy
Packs Powerful One-Two Punch Against HCV

A randomized study comparing ribavirin and interferon alfa monotherapy for Hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation

Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics In Vivo: Effect
of Ribavirin and Interferon Alfa on Viral Turnover

Effect of ribavirin
on virus load and quasispecies distribution in patients infected with
Hepatitis C virus

Treatment response
in chronic Hepatitis C. Content of virus in serum is decisive for the

monotherapy in patients with chronic Hepatitis C

Sequential versus
concomitant administration of ribavirin and interferon alfa-n3 in patients
with chronic Hepatitis C not responding to interferon alone

Adding ribavirin to interferon alpha-2b for chronic Hepatitis C infection increased virological response and nausea

Ribavirin in
Hepatitis C related cryoglobulinemia

Effects of the
ribavirin-interferon alpha combination on cultured peripheral blood
mononuclear cells from chronic Hepatitis C patients

alpha with ribavirin for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C in non-responders
or relapsers to interferon monotherapy

Schering-Plough Reports Results of Clinical Studies
of REBETRON(TM) Combination Therapy for Hepatitis C at American Association
for the Study of Liver Diseases Meeting

Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics In Vivo: Effect
of Ribavirin and Interferon Alfa on Viral Turnover

Interferon Alfa-2b Alone or in Combination
with Ribavirin as Initial Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C

Placed On Rebetron Hepatitis Therapy