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Hepatitis C Survivor Stories

As part of our Hepatitis C education and patient advocacy mission, here you’ll find survivor stories that have been shared to benefit others with Hepatitis C. These stories provide a realistic frame of reference for Hepatitis C patients. One that comes from direct experiences – your direct experience and that of other survivors.

If you have chronic Hepatitis C and you are visiting this site, you are a Hepatitis C survivor. This is true regardless of whether or not you have eradicated the virus from your system.

Other survivors could benefit from knowing your personal experience with this disease. What have you done? What have you learned? What do you wish you had done differently? What is most important for others to know?

Please consider that your personal story could be exactly what others need to read to get them through – even if you don’t think there is anything particularly special about it.

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When I went to the hospital, I thought I was having a heart attack as the pain was under the sternum bone. They took blood & they told me I had Hepatitis. I thought it was a death sentence & I was scared. To my surprise Humana sent me to a doctor who prescribed me Epclusa, I took it for 84 days religiously & 12 weeks after my last dose I went for a blood test & the test didn't pick up hepatitis. I really thought there was no cure, but Epcluca is a wonder drug. Thank you, Humana, for a second chance at life!

Thomas Deluca D Mar 28, 2023

I got Hep C in ‘69 from blood transfusions that saved my life, got very sick and yellow 6 weeks after the transfusions, was sick for months. Had a wonderful doctor who read me the riot act : eat healthy, no alcohol, no fried food and be careful with all drugs and meds., only when strictly needed and then some. Life threw me many curveballs health wise, had many mayor surgeries and mysterious illnesses that had everybody baffled, despite it all I kept going. Then I had mysterious auto immune problems, could not digest my food, my skin broke out in rashes that drove me crazy, the way it itched, my dermatologist ended up sending me to a Homeopathic MD who declared after 2 hours that it was due to my liver, he gave me 6 viles of tiny pills and in two days the itch was gone and did not return. That was in ‘91 approx. and Hep C suddenly started to exist, so far it had been “ no a, no b “ Then I came down with breast cancer…. The wonderful doctor who did the surgery did not dare put me on chemo keeping in mind my history. He sent me to a Chinese MD, it cost me an arm and a leg but she got me over it and I have been cancer free for 30 years. But also she insisted that it was my liver that real bothered my health. Then I came down with autoimmune thyroiditis, not much to do about that … back to my wonderful Chinese MD who again got me over it drinking the most horrible brews, but considering the alternative… I kept having my ups and downs, health wise, there would be months of being down in the dumps and then I would be OK again. I don’t remember when I went on Milk thistle but that was at least 35 years ago, it saved my liver from bigger harm. It was not till 2001, in Spain, that I was finally diagnosed with HepC genotype a1 with a 8000000 viral load and was sent to a Hepatologist. He said that under the circumstances I was doing amazingly well and that he did not recommend the at that time available treatment, bless his heart! The next years were not easy, I had 3 life threatening surgeries with organ failures but somehow I pulled through, they called me the styrofoam lady who always floats and never goes under. Then the better treatments came on the market, Harvoni etc., but somehow I did not qualify because I was not sick enough ….really !! I was a medical nuisance because of all the special cleaning that had to be done after my surgeries. It was not until I had a tiny, teensy heart attack that landed me it the cardiac unit and they had to shut that down after my catheterism that showed everything was clean and fine where they finally said enough was enough already and that my Hep. C needed to be treated. Even then, somehow, it was not bad enough to qualify for the free treatment until I mentioned the liquen I had on my legs and back, that apparently was severe enough….. finally !! They put me on Epclusa for 3X 28 days for free. With the very first pill my head stopped hurting for the first time in 50 years ….for only about 12 hours but that was already wonderful. The first 28 day were fine and the viral load had gone down drastically, the second 28 days were not as easy and the third 28 day wrung me out, but little by little I recovered. Not being in the US and not having my wonderful Chinese MD I have resorted to a wonderful local acupunturist and Ayurveda specialist, they keep me healthy. My skin is still very much an issue but I can live with it. The Covid vac. gave me horrible reactions, so now I need not get them officially. I am a lot healthier than most people my age (80) I am active, ride my bike, swim, walk, do Pilates, read, write and play Bridge and am very great full I can share this with you all. God Bless !!

Mar 28, 2023

My father had Hep C for years and always got the run around. His primary doctor for years had student interns that kept running tests and telling him that he had Hep C and he should go see someone, which he never did. My wife is now a PA and helped me understand that he should have been treated and cured years ago. This is what she shared with me that I wish anyone dealing with Hep C knew. I brought this to his doctor and asked him to just follow this Hep C algorithm of ordering labs and giving him a script of Epclusa since it was covered under his Humana insurance. It took a while to get it because he was denied because the doctor wrote it for 90 days which gave a quantity limit denial, when it should have been for 84 according to the pharmacy. He paid $5/month for 3 months and has been Hep C free since covid. https://www.hcvguidelines.org/sites/default/files/full-guidance-pdf/AASLD-IDSA_HCV-Guidance_TxN-Simplified-Tx-No-Cirr_e.pdf

James O Mar 19, 2023

Diagnosed 2013 treatment immediately after liver biopsy showed F3 and my viral load was 90,000,000 which shocked my doctor. Sovaldi/RIBA for 6 months. I worked everyday. Towards the end I became anemic but pushes on. Afterwords although super appreciative of curing my HCV symptoms began to emerge that were mostly musculoskeletal. Then my breathing,ongoing liver, cardiovascular,now kidneys, etc... After treatment an MRI showed AVN in both hips and marrow reconversion which is a natural process but not when medication caused issues. Sensitivity to light,noise,and especially temperature. Basically after almost a decade of searching for answers and relief my path took me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida (I’m in Melbourne) Floriduh! So they’ve helped me discover many issues with my blood. Rheumatologist,Orthopedic,Immunologist,Pulmonologist, etc…. All agree the HCV and factors regarding years infected , viral load, genotype, etc along with the medication ruined my immune system. Fibromyalgia,Sjogrens, Arthralgia, Myalgia marrow edema, effusion’s leaking out of all bones imaged. COVID vaccine had a startling effect on me and I cannot get vaccinated. I had a severe reaction of inflammation, blood clots, necrosis or desquamation on all fingers. My toes still burn and I still get petechiae on my stiff sore knuckles. Mentally? Well I was working 55 hrs a week as a surgical technician and medical records manager and Safety Manager and a million other jobs plus I owned my own business cleaning surgery centers. OCD unstoppable with hobbies (drums and collecting seashells) I still do the shells but can’t drum. My older brother diagnosed with schizophrenia and having delusional infestation and has scarred himself for over two years. My oldest brother has stage 4 lung cancer and colon cancer and my dad is slowly dying of prostate cancer and I’ve been his caretaker along with my mom who needs more then I can give. My identical twin led the same path as me as far as health so we suffer together. We raised his daughter together when his wife (her mom) bailed after 1 1/2 years. She is 29 now and absolutely beautiful,intelligent,independent woman who keeps us grounded. Weed a small few friends and family that’s what we got. That’s everything and that’s enough for me to keep pushing through it all. I’m not a religious person at all. I was but escaped all forms of indoctrination and fantastical stories. I live in reality here and now and I do see through all the BS,that there’s no shortage of, we are fortunate to be here in this place at this time. In fact I think there’s another rocket launch ? this week which is awesome that we get to see so closely. Our grown baby girl works for a fossil museum and cares for all the reptiles including the alligators ?. Raised by two twin hippies she loved the shell trips and took to it and now has broadened her collecting to minerals and fossils. My twin just got about 40 ghost crab specimens from after hurricane Nicole and exposure of the fossils and removal of miles of beach. We lost five ft of sand. Crazy. We’ll my advice is be your own advocate and push if olyou feel something is wrong with your body. You know as you live in your body all day and night! So make sure your heard and taken seriously. Mayo Clinic’s amazing service and they accept all patients regardless of status. They have been extremely professional. Be positive. Never give up and always look for happiness.

Dec 21, 2022

Yes, mam my name is Cassandra Guidry I went hepatitis c almost 5 years ago and was dum founded on how I got it went through all the meds until till finally got me on the meds that cured me. Until I got results back a few days ago stated I have hep c again I don’t understand how and way because I didn’t do anything I don’t do drugs I don’t ate ever had multiple partners never gave blood so when I got it the first time I was crazy with how. But when the doctor called and said I had it the second time I was really crazy with how. After 5 years.

Cassandra Guidry f Oct 24, 2022

I was diagnosed with hep c after the virus laid dormant for 10 years. It hit me like a ton of bricks after being told and I was completely fatigued for an entire year. My body was ok for a while with a fair amount of liver enzymes and then almost a year later my viral load reached 3 million and my enzymes soared to very moderately high. I realized then that i was going to need epclusa. I took one pill a day for 3 months and am now cured of hep c. The treatment was no picnic. For every night of sleep there was a night of insomnia to follow. The side effects are a bit much so you have to stay as healthy as possible. I recommend Ayurveda, prayer, and exercise! Good luck and much love to all who go through it

Joshua P Sep 12, 2022

I Got hcv in 1976 and got quite sick after a few months. That time it was called non A and non B. Later they got that splendid idea to call it hepatitis C. It was b1 genotype. I recovered and years went by and I had been told, that it was dormant, so no reason to worry, but be careful not to pass it on. After about 25 years I started to feel very tired and exhausted most of the time and having back pain. Then I came to read about HCV on the internet, and found out that I had the symptoms and contacted my doctor to ask about what to do, I got a test and my doctor was very surprised that it came out positive. So I started to try get into a treatment, but the first couple of years I got refused, but finally I got the green light. In my country medical treatment is free of cost and I started 48 months of interferon Alfa and ribaverin. After 12 weeks I had a test that said the virus was going down, so I continued taking this medication though it made me feel very bad and like I was about to loose my mind, but I was afraid that the virus would eventually end my life pretty soon if I didn’t finish the cure. A few weeks before the date of the end of the cure I was feeling so bad, that the doctors told me to stop taking any more of this medication. I was extremely lucky to know, that the virus had gone for good even though I got some scars on my liver, that will never go away. I got a lot better and today I’m 67 years old, and I have had 27 good years now without the virus.

Kirsten K Aug 31, 2022

Sarah ,it really does work I took it last year and I’ve been dealing with hepatitis C for 30 years I contracted Hep A from working in the Howard Johnson’s in unsanitary conditions and then I contracted hepatitis B from my ex who was a drug IV user. I wound up in the hospital in a coma for 51 days and woke up yellow with a terrible rash up to my neck that stayed with me for a little bit very skinny and like you said I chased the cure for those many years with that terrible drug they wanted you to inject and be sick for a whole year and no guarantee it was a cure ? But you know what Florida gives it to you for free and I think that’s a bunch of crap that you pay that kind of money the five dollars for the Epclusa sounds right! As you do remember they took Harvoni off the market I wasn’t ready to give up and die I felt like I had a second chance at life ! I’m 61 years old now I just got the Covid if you get sick do not by all means do not take the antiviral medicine paxlovid I really believe it destroyed my liver I’ve had excruciating pain it was a 900 mg a day for people with compromised immunity systems and yet I feel like it compromise my immune system and threw me right back to square one now I got to go get tested again this is ridiculous!

Aug 30, 2022

I found out I tested positive for Hep C in my late 50's, but due to the lack of comprehensive insurance coverage I put off research until I was covered under Medicare at 66. I discovered a website in Tasmania (near Australia) that allowed me to submit a medical report, doctors prescription, my shipping details, and $550.00 US dollars, to receive the Hep C drugs from India, where they are manufactured, within 10 days after receipt. After receiving Sofosbuvir 400mg + Daclatasvir 60mg, I notified my internal medicine doctor, with my organs in good shape after ultrasound, I began taking the 12 week treatment, with blood draws taken during and after to monitor. The treatment was successful! PS. I have opted out of Medicare Part D, so I never pursued drug treatment through Medicare.

Sue B Aug 29, 2022

Started the generic Epclusa 28 days ago and feel fine. Unlike the interferon, which was a total failure. Looking forward to the next 8 weeks for the results. Thanks to Healthwell for giving me this opportunity, I'm forever grateful for accepting my application. No side effects at all! Cannot thank everyone enough for all the support, will follow-up with my journey.

Brenda Merner Jun 27, 2022

I was about 19 when I left home for Santa Cruz. I was extremely lonely for I knew no one and it had me craving drugs badly, especially opiates. I started hanging out with a street urchant. He was a great guy and I grew to love him but he was a terrible influence. We started messing around experimenting with injections straight into my neck. Ten years later I’m diagnosed with hep c that had laid dormant that whole time. Just as soon as I heard the news it hit like a ton of bricks with a few very bad symptoms. I’ve been very fatigued for entire year. Viral load started at 800,000 with my liver looking pretty good and actually improving. I started taking Ayurvedic herbs and living the veg lifestyle 3 years ago which works wonders. I wanted to cure it naturally but a year later my viral load is 3.4 million and my liver enzymes are moderate high. It’s my second day on epclusa and aside from being very tired I’m feeling pretty good about everything. Please pray for me - Joshua P

Joshua P Jun 25, 2022

In 1999 gave blood at the blood Bank and received information that I had HCV. Went into treatment with peg-interferon. 6 months and near what I thought was death ( lost 40 lbs, spots of hair, and nearly my mind. 2022 my viral count was of the chart bit still pretty healthy. At 71 years old decided to try again ( the six months of enter felon didn't work). Then there was the cost 2 grand with insurance for a 28 day supply, no way could I afford treatment. Contacted Healthwell foundation and within 20 minutes, I was approved for the entire co-pay. Started on the generic Epclusa this morning with the fear of my first treatment on my mind. My wish is to be free of this virus by 72! If it hadn't been for Healthwell it probably wouldn't have been. Praying for the next 8 to twelve weeks to go quickly.

Brenda Merner Jun 1, 2022

I was diagnosed with hep c genotype 1a in 2002. In the beginning, I went to UVA and the only available treatment was Pegasus interferon and ribovirin. The treatment then was 48 months and cost $155k at UVA without having insurance at that time. In 2016, I was prescribed Harvoni. Even with great insurance my copay was $1200 per month for 9 months. I am now taking the 12 week treatment of Epclusa. This is my first day and I am concerned about some of the side effects, but it’s worth it. The drug is $8500 per month without insurance. My copay is $120 per month but I was referred to a voucher company through Ingenio Pharmacy where now I only pay $5.00 per month. Talk to your doctor about Epclusa. There is a generic brand available that I take. It’s worth the tests and work to get the cost down. My only concern, as said, are the side effects. I’m 39 years old so I’m hoping they won’t be too difficult to deal with. Ask your doctor to refer you to a gastroenterologist. They will handle everything. I got my appointment and within one month I started the drug. With genotype 1a, this 12 week treatment is guaranteed 100% curable.

Sarah T Mar 15, 2022

This is about my mother and her situation she was diagnosed with bladder cancer had treatment with chemotherapy and had success with being told the cancer was gone! But found out she has hepatitis C from a blood transfusion needed from a faulty contraceptive that turned into a class law suit from thousands of woman, my mother was told they could not treat the hep C because it was to dangerous so i am wondering are there any other stories that could help her and I thank you

Bruce M Feb 22, 2022

I had no idea I had hep c, never had any symptoms at all. It was discovered in 2013 on a random blood test. being a healthy organic and active gal I refused to take interferon or do anything else but some Chinese herbs, diet, and exercise. In 2015 I took harvoni for 8 weeks ad remained totally free of any viral load. Never had a side effect, never missed a beat. It's been 7 years. Hope for the best and make it happen. hep c is curable. I had genotype 1b

pat s Feb 15, 2022

In 2010 i knew i have hcv, after that normally i was hopeless n panic because my kids were just grown up, they need my hole support wife also. After that i went some of my friends ,they share me thier story experience n encourage me very welly always heartly apprecieat n respect to them. Any how time passed i work in one of nice office its help me forgot to think about i have hcv, then 2018 in our city some ngo by under UN they provide cheackup n provide medcine, so i cheackup my viral load, hcv too much then they start medcine until 12 weeks till now i am ok Now my younger son he was 19, younger daughter she is21she is studying bacholer 1st year, n my eldest daughter she is studying in abroad , All iam expalined about my child cause i was too much worried about that time when i knew i have HCV thanks for God n you hole supporter. But still i am worried when i fell pain in my liver side, any way i request you all never do ID, carefull when you do make tatoo, plj plj plj if you have HCV never drink alcohal. Thank you Live long, life is very important n Beautiful. AUMNAMAHA SHIVAYA

Jan 18, 2022

I am not a hepatitis survivor, but you survivor of life. Since ayoung girl I always felt different. I knew I was not like my family or friends and I whent through school not having a real identity. It is when I met the wrong friends and fell into drug eating disorder and alcohol addiction that God's hand over me and my life became more apparent. I have put myself in the most dangerous situations you can ever imagine but I am still here today. God saved me from jail from death and the clutches of abusive men. I have not had the Acorona virus and am in fairly good health. All I want to say to you is, not matter what you are going throu or have gone through, never stop praying, never stop believing that God is with you becouse He is there and Lord Jesus Christ is there with you by your side. Just reach out and He WILL touch you. May The Lord give you streng, endurance, health,wisdom and a long life. I pray this in Jesus Christ name amen.

Verena Mulock Houwer Nov 28, 2021

sad for the many posts here relating their doctors giving them the runarounds. Harvoni dropped my major hep c 1a (the tough one) to undetectable in 3 weeks. Unbelievably easy on me, no side effects unlike the poisonous Ribavirin and Interferon that did nothing but make me seriously ill. Demand the therapies that work and cure from your doctor. Harvoni was at first $1.150.00 PER pill. Worth it for sure. Manufacturer in Palo alto let me have it in early trial for zip $0.00.

john w Nov 26, 2021

I probably got Hep C in the 60' along with all of my running buddies. I got clean in '86 and stopped drinking and drugging. I'm still here and they are all dead. One of the best herbs I've found to support my liver is Milk Thistle. I even suggested it to one of my friends who was looking at a liver transplant. His levels decreased and he thought he wouldn't be able to get the transplant so he stopped the Milk Thistle, not too long later, he was dead also. Eat healthy and don't drink any or much alcohol, you just might make it.

Ray W Nov 16, 2021

Hi my name is Michael and I am 68 years old. I was diagnosed with hepatitis c at 35 years old. I did 2 separate trials for treatment. 1st was interferon and ribavirin combination. It was very difficult. Super tired and anaemic. Lost a lot of weight. The treatment failed. Then pegalated interferon and ribavirin. The difference being that the interferon is time released. It also failed. Then as the years went on they invented Harvony. This was the miracle I was waiting for. I took a 12 week course of Harvony and now I am Hep c free !!!! Yes I have a 0 viral load. I have been this way for years now. So if you have had previous treatment and failed don't be discouraged. The new treatments are working well. The side effects are nothing compared to the interferon days. I also had the genotype 1A which is a more difficult genotype to cure. Good luck and healthier liver.

Michael Sherman Nov 15, 2021

Got hep C virus injecting cocaine 21 yrs old. Did not find out had virus until I was 40. I am an over the road truck driver.Tried interferon while driving & living in truck. It was hell & did not work. Giving myself shots & oral meds. Some days lay in fetal position in bunk all day. When harvoni came out had no insurance way to expensive for me. 2018 doctor's told me 90 days to live due to cirrhosis. I was 58 .My meld score was 14. Found Dr James Freeman located in Hobart Tasmania Australia. He founded Fix Hep C. He confirmed what American doctors had said 90 days nothing he could do for me. 2 days later he contacted me saying we should give harvoni a shot after all do nothing & die. He provided me medication manufactured in India. I took a year off work took the medication for 48 weeks cleared the virus by my first labs. Obviously I am still alive. I flew first class to Hobart & spent 2 weeks at Dr Freeman's home. He is a brilliant wonderful man. Just had labs virus still gone I work everyday. To all my hep c family fight the dragon stay strong we are survivor's

Jim H Nov 14, 2021

Don't know if got from sis-in-law (army) just recently learned s.assault. Don't know if got from brother. Don't know if got HC from husband (HIV elite). I think I got hantavirus (rat/reno). I did get Viekira around 2015 and it's been "do healthy" whenever I can. Esp. sleep. Postmenopause. Stomach rest, colon routine, pancreas less insulin. Intermittent fasting (no sugar) (no alcohol). Ginseng, Himalayan Pink Sole' (pinch salt/water) first thing. Coffee. I eat basically 2 meals/day. (IF, see Jason Fung Youtube). Dave Ramsey Youtube, financial peace university. Mindful of stress. Bottom line: today is the beginning of my life. Enjoy it. I personally think Viekira was wonderful. I get flu/Covid shots. I visit drs. once a year. I am thrilled, happy. Still need to lose weight ("Eat to LIve," Dr Fuhrmann MD). Youtube a whole lot for info purposes. Just so happy. Pace yourself. I remember watching Barabara ONeal on Youtube and she is absolutely fantastic on health issues. NO laxatives. NO OTC (maybe a low dose aspirin here/there). Teas. Those soft drinks a no-no. I changed, tweaked a few things, and just very grateful. HAPppppyy New Year!!! Viekira 12 weeks was the bomb.com.

Granny TV Nov 14, 2021

Hi, I have had Hep C, Genotype 3 for over 40 years because of a Big Mistake I made as a young teenage just to fit in! I don't do drugs and only experimented with them for a few years. I didn't get diagnose until the 90's when my liver enzymes were elevated. I didn't think much of it back then but in the past few months I have been breaking out with rashes and itching. I think it's from the Hep C so I changed my diet, back to fruits and veggies. I am a little scared mostly because my husband died from liver disease and I watched him suffer for around 7 years. I am going to see a doctor in a couple weeks.. I am afraid to take any treatment because I don't take any mediation at all and fear the side effects and long lasting effects from these drugs. People who are taking them I tip my hat to them, they are very brave. Right now I am taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D and trying to find supplements that will help. I pray for all of you that are going through some hard times with Hep C, and pray the Lord will see you through your treatment if you decide to take it.. Blessings Deanie

Deanie S Nov 5, 2021

Hi. I was 22-23 in 1982 contracted Hep C, antigen A. 32 yrs later I started 89 days of Harvoni. I was desperate earlier that year for an anti virus med and had joined a clinical trial. The doctors pulled me off of that and I was mailed the Harvoni. Now it's 2021. I'm 62 in December and after I did the meds I went to hepatologist. They were happy. I then followed up with my primary doctor. All along my 32 years I didn't take care of myself but before 2010 I began using health food store products. Burdock, milk thistle even tried silver colloidal. Water water water. I now am only having the itches and minor short term memory loss. Aches and pains of mine are also from arthritis. Prayer and faith are my go other meds. *Hydrate with water!

Susan D Oct 26, 2021

I discovered a couple months ago that I have hep c. I'm really scared about it the only way I could tell is because it makes me itch. I'm taking Epclusa and I feel good about it. I feel zero side effects although it makes my hair fall out. Please pray for me I appreciate that very much!!!!

Alyssia H Aug 28, 2021

I just want to share that my son has had hep C for 11 years, he is now getting the cure "Maverick" I have worried all these years because had drank alcohol for many years he has normal fatty liver, no cirrhosis, No liver cancer. I was some really good news l have lost my daughter to lung cancer That happened 5 years ago she had just turned 40 and my husband 9 months ago to prostate cancer and, Hodgkin's lymphoma. So l was so thankful to finally hear some positive news. So,, were praying this cure works. And for anyone out there who needs treatment and maybe even lives out of lndpls if you could make it here to lndy and establish a doctor at University Hospital a primary care doctor there and and yes you'll have to take more blood test and I promise you they will get you to see a liver doctor for the cure. Praying for all of you?

Aug 6, 2021

I was diagnosed with Hep C a n 2012 but likely had it for many years resulting from my use of intravenous drugs in the 1970s. in 2013 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. I received Sovaldi / ribavirin in 2014 -2015 and was declared cured of Hep C in late 2015 following 6 months of medication. Main side effect of medication was insomnia which has remained to today. After not sleeping for a number of nights I develop anxiety which can be overwhelming. The anxiety has also led to depression and I tried antidepressants to combat depression. I have tried various medications to combat the insomnia and the depression but there are always side effects to those medications. Side effects can be horrible. It has reduced my quality of life considerably. I was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple of months ago and am currently awaiting a date for surgery. My future is very uncertain at this point and I am wondering what is left to live for. Anxiety is very high every day. I will go for this first surgery and then have to evaluate what is left afterwards. Angus

Angus M Jul 28, 2021

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 2014 I can feel my body breaking down everday my belly is well extended my bowels are starting to collapse lord if I had one wish it would some how get a liver transplant amen

Harryj Pennock Jul 14, 2021

Was told in 1974 I had hepititis B now 47 years later have liver issues but after testing they say I have hapititis C not be can this be possible hadn't had a problem all this time now 70 years old having digestive problems caused by the Liver.

Joseph Camarota May 26, 2021

I have had all the different blood work. And my doctor and I know what kind.of hep. C I have. So why is it even time he sends me to the Goncolgist for treatments, they end up wanting to run the same stuff over again. And even want to give me a Collinophy. But not one of these doctors has started me on the medication that could help me I'm feeling frustrated,, I have 3 and could easily start the medication and get better. But no the specialist alway want to send me all over the place for more tests. I need help. I want to start the medication and get better. I have had all the testing I need. My liver is fine it is not scared. I have 3 and do not have herp. A or b. I even had this last doctor wanting to give me everything but the mess. Please could someone help me find a doctor who will work with my family doctor He has already done the work.

Katrina M Walker May 12, 2021

Probably got Hep C in the 1975 - 1980 time frame due to intravenous drug use. Many doctors over the years commented on my high liver enzyme levels but always thought it was due to me drinking. I didn't drink that much so I wish I had done my own investigation on my liver and not counted on others to diagnose me. Finally diagnosed with Hep C in 2012 after a doctor asked me how much I drink...when he heard 2 beers daily he knew something was wrong and sent me for follow up tests. Diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2013. Quit drinking immediately upon diagnosis of Hep C. Got cured of Hep C with Sovaldi / ribavirin in 2015. Cirrhosis has led to me developing liver cancer; diagnosed in April 2021. Going for surgery within a couple of weeks; doctor can't cut it out since it is too close to artery so he will burn it out using a probe. Good chance he won't get all the cancer so I start on chemo immediately post surgery. Long road of surveillance and ongoing treatments ahead. My main message is to be vigilant with your own health and monitor your blood results and know what each reading means, so you can push for any follow up investigation that is required.

Angus M. May 2, 2021

I’m not sure how it happened but was just diagnosed. I’ve had the occasional hookup but have been told that it is extremely unlikely to get from just regular sex. I did have cosmetic injections of facial fillers, then about one month later started having headache/joint pains, that increased steadily and got worse until my diagnosis a month later. I can’t prove it was the cosmetic injections, but I feel that is most likely as they seemed to be in a rush. I feel so silly that I got them to look younger and then contracted this life changing disease and the stigma as well. I have only told the one person that I had been with sexually, no one else. I’m still stunned/devastated at the moment, waiting to see if treatment will be approved. I’m scared how this will all turn out.

Jay S Apr 26, 2021

On the subject of blood extraction from “ difficult patients” I.e extremely poor vein quality This was exactly what happened to me I visited the clinic and seen 2 different gastroenterologist nurses who couldn’t obtain the bloods needed to screen for viral load etc. In the end they got a gastroenterology consultant to come and use a long needle to extract it from my femeral vein at the top of my thigh.....and whilst slightly painful ways better than playing pin cusion. Hope this helps anyone Btw I’ve been a herion addict for 10 years......but CLEAN for nearly 3 !

Ruth R Apr 24, 2021

I was diagnosed three years ago. I had a blood transfusion 40 years ago and contacted hep c then. I couldn't understand why all those years I had "this weird feeling" inside. I always had bronchitis at least twice a year. I flew under the radar through four surgeries without being diagnosed. So I started on Epclusa and in 12 weeks her c was gone but it turned into cirrhosis and now I'm dying. I never drank or smoked cigarettes or did hard drugs. I dont know what is to be.

Kathleen j Apr 15, 2021

My identical twin brother and I had HCV genotype 3a and after treatment with Sovaldi and Ribavirin for six months it seemed all good news. My gastroenterologist told me he uses me as a model He apparently tells all his patients about me because I had a viral load of ninety million which was shocking to him and he hadn’t seen before me. Also my symptom of joint stiffness and swelling disappeared one week in. I became anemic and worked everyday. It was rough at the end. Then it just got worse and worse all joints AVN both hips , hospitalized several times for breathing issues , Fatigue!! Temperature sensitive. Heat is brutal for both my twin and I. He will have a symptom and I’ll follow or vice versa. You’d think we’d be perfect for study purposes. We both got our disease Same place time genotype length of time infected treatment and ultimately in SVR with tons of symptoms on oxygen and can’t walk at this point. Oh. Almost forgot. My hospital visit last month showed LVEF of 40%-49% which does explain symptoms and AVN numbness pain cramping and neurological issues. Fatigue. It alarmed me My PCP said not to worry. I’ve changed PCP’s and was recently approved for both SSDI and SSI with Medicaid for now but Medicare in like eight months. Medicaid in Floriduh isn’t really great but it’s something. I just need to find a doctor who gets it. Which has been challenging unfortunately. You get sent to all the specialists and they only deal with one body part at a time I was told by many. It’s absolutely insane. I just want to have LFT and CT and my rheumatologist ordered some labs. Anyway mr n my twin now have the resources to provide for ourselves on a budget. Cant jam on our guitar and drums but we ha r our seashells. That’s our passion for many years passed on from my dad. Buy sell and trade with all our shell buddies. Fun hobby and sometimes profitable. Well wishes to all who suffer and navigate our warped system that is unhealthy in itself. Hopefully you find a good doctor and get proper treatment and they listen as you live with you and know what your feeling. It’s so hard to stay positive these days.

David Vachon Apr 6, 2021

I believe I got Hep C between 1999-2000, from IV herion/opiates use. Never had any side effects and never thought too much about it. Got clean in 2008 and completely turned my life around. Fast forward to Feb.2014 and my life is great. Great woman, great job, amazing step-son, lifting weights and feeling good...then out of nowhere I started feeling nauseous all the time. I mean feeling like I am about to throw up, not just feeling sick to my stomach. My mouth would water and I would run to a bathroom. This lasted around the clock, for several weeks. Went to hospital multiple times, as I was sure SOMETHING was wrong. Never thought it was the Hep C because I never had problems and was in very good physical shape. Tests showed absolutely nothing aside from elevate liver enzyme levels. Scheduled appointment with GI specialist about 2 weeks away and in that 2 weeks I lost almost 20lbs, lost my appetite, was vomiting several times a day, had EXTREME fatigue, and turned yellow. My eyes, my skin.....yellow. I was so weak that it took all I had to walk up the stairs to my apartment. 1a genotype. 3 month treatment cycle of ribaviran, sovaldi, and peginterferon and been non reactive since. Treatment was horrible and I threw up daily, about 1hr after I took the sovaldi. Did the interferon shot every Saturday night and within 24hrs I felt like I had the worst case of the flu, and that lasted until about Wed. or Thurs.. I would have had a hard time finishing the cycle if I wasn't already so sick from the Hep C. It definitely saved my life. I was self pay so I had to write the companies that made the meds an they gave me all of them for free, but I also had to do the treatment without doctor supervision. The doc I saw wasn't going to help me because I was self pay. He said the meds were expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford them. His nurse stopped me on way out, apologized, and said she'd handle my treatment. Got doctor to write prescriptions, etc. and I never saw him besides the initial consult. He sent me away even though I was heavily jaundiced, sick, and was in really bad shape. Never gotten a biopsy. I feel better than I di, but I have not felt the same since. Extremely fatigued ALL the time, constant brain "fog", I randomly and often feel like I have a severe flu, etc. I feel like crap all the time. Been to several doctors and they have done blood work, then told me there's no reason I should feel this way. It's frustrating. Been 7 years, and I've been unable to work for over 6 of them. Unable to get disability because I have no specific diagnosis.....

Joseph Y Feb 23, 2021

My daughter's, boyfriend (Daddy to my first grandson), is chronic hep c infected. He was in liver failure at one point. I had been working 15 hour, back to back shifts. I awoke after 3 hours of sleep, to him, and my daughter fighting. My grandson, was screaming, and crying! I went in to get him, and while I was getting ready to pick him up out of his crib; he came in with his injection kit, told me it was my daughter's, and she's shooting up! He dumped them in the floor, and ran off to fight with her. I had to pick up the needles before I could get my grandson. As I was leaning over to pick one up (it didn't have a cap on it) I kicked the plunger end on accident, and got stuck! It was just a tiny poke, so I just kept squeezing the wound, and went to clean it up. Dumb me; I thought that was the end of it.... No, two years later, all of a sudden I can barely breathe... Two days later, I wound up in the ER with 4 liter's of blood, puss, and fluid on my right lung, fluid on my left lung, and fluid and blood around my heart. I'm taken into surgery a week later, and come out with a chest tube for a week. Not one doctor can figure out where the fluid is coming from. After two weeks, I'm sent home. A week, and a half later my family doctor puts me in an ambulance and sends me back to the hospital with 17 pounds of fluid on me. Next day, I get an emergency chest tube, then another lung surgery, with another chest tube, and a permanent drain tube in my chest. I'm sent home two weeks later, and no diagnosis still! I go to my family doctor, and he says; I have an idea of what it is, let me do a lot of blood work. 6 weeks later, I found out I'm Chronic hep c... He sent me to a liver specialist, and I get a liver scan. I'm a stage 3 liver cirrhosis, but because I'm Chronic, it's more like a stage 4. I get approval for Epclusa cure. I'm going to be honest.... That medicine is hard to deal with! It drains all of your energy, bad headaches, and nausea. Your grouchy from the fatigue, and headaches. I'm going to tell you, Don't stop taking it!! please don't!! Hep C is way worse than the cure! Your hair falls out, it attacks your brain so you can't think straight, or remember short term, you want to throw up all of the time, your body aches, and your liver hurts. The fluid build up on your belly, and lungs is horrifying! You'll end up in surgery like I did with chest tubes (emergency chest tubes are extremely painful!) The doctor gives you a local to numb the incision site, but you get nothing else while he or she shoves that tube in your lung sac and moves it to the right place, stopping to take X-rays while doing it! I wanted to scream so bad, but I clinched me teeth, and screamed on the inside! A CNA offered me her hand to hold, and I took it. The poor thing, she was in pain too.... That was in April of 2018, and today is February 12, 2021. I began my Epclusa, in October of 2019, and finished it January of 2020. I had to do blood work every 3 months for a year to make sure I'm still in remission, and I am! Yay!! I have found out through research, that vitamin C is very helpful to heal my cirrhosis. I drink lemon water every day, and lots of orange juice. My family doctor says my liver enzymes are better than his! I had an ultrasound done, and he showed me where it says, my liver looks NORMAL! I eat healthy, and have begun a regime of vitamins: E, super B complex, A, biotin, L-lysine, and some others for skin, hair, and nails, because the Hep C ruined mine, like: collagen, and extra C. Listen to your doctor, and take care of your liver, and if you're using.... Please, please stop for your health, and for your family. God bless!

Vickie Tackett Feb 12, 2021

For Jessica..your itchy because of your bilirubin number is high.Ask your doctor for Cholestyramine.It will stop your itching.That itching will make you lose your mind if you don’t stop it.

Glen D Feb 9, 2021

I was a meth addict for 17 years . using needles everyday . I quit four years ago . Now im trying to get my hep treated and nobody can seem to get a vein anywhere to get the bloodwork I need to get started .

Jan 20, 2021

Hi. I found out of my hep c after giving plasma when I was 19 after years of doing anything I decided to do the new medicine to get rid of my hep c that was four years ago after three months my test came back no hep c I’m 60 now and they said I’m at early cirrhosis and also I found out I have a small bile duct blockage after months of pain my pancreas is at 10 mm my doctor won’t do anything I’m on disability so I decided to try the treatment for my liver but I don’t know how much to take and if it will help me I want to try the ultra I take meds for my high blood pressure and pain meds for my back bulging disks neck and lower back.

Teresa C Dec 30, 2020

I'm almost five weeks into my treatment. I'm taking Mayvret 3pills once a day with food. Felt crappy first week but have been fine since. My viral load was 10,700,000 when I started and just got my blood test back today and it under .15 now!! A little over three weeks to go and I'm finished! I feel so much better knowing I won't have the stigma of this virus any longer. Anyone worried about starting treatment should absolutely go for it and take your life back!

Michael C Dec 24, 2020

my story My story began 1999 now I'm hurting from it really bad finally kicking my ass I feal like I have a hang over everyday . I have two young children that ID like to stay alive for but I cant seam to have enough energy to get up and do or go anywhere. I lost my two kids going to be 8 and 3 . boy and girl . y that I'm hopefully being able to see this Christmas eve . but whatever the hepatitis c doest ruin for the pandemic surly will . energy is the main lack there of. And my patience seems to have disappeared as well . I have just awoke but feel the need to return to sleep. Goodnight. And I hope to god im alive to speak again. Please enjoy your lifes. You never know when. but life has and will come and go . as it pleases . and for us it only comes once . goodnight . and god bless . stay safe as you can .

Jay R Dec 17, 2020

Cured hep c and it cured cirrhosis of the liver in four months!!! Blessed!!!

Ron mckie Nov 22, 2020

I had hipetites c for 38 years my we it was 54/56.The medection I took I was putting on weight free from the vires but over one year have put on 20 kilo's.The doctor told me I have a fatty liver.I want to loose the weight.

Elly Corted Oct 14, 2020

My identical twin bro and I contracted HCV due to intervenious drug use. Or abuse . We have ALWAYS lived together , worked together , even raised my daughter together . We estimate we had the virus for 15 - 20 yrs not knowing . Until my brother started feeling abdominal pain , had a blood test to see if he tested positive for HCV. His viral load was 90 million , even his gastro doctor was shocked and said he had never seen such a high viral load. So , turned out we both had tested positive , both had genotype 3 , which required 6 month treatment of ribavirin sofosbuvir. Since treatment , which was back in 2014 , we both have the same long term side effects . Both diagnosed with having rheumatoid arthritis , fibromyositis , and sjorgens. It's as if the side effects mentioned while you are taking them. Joint pain , fatigue , etc . Never went away and either the HCV or the chemo induved these aggressive autoimmune symptoms. From skin issues , to chronic joint pain , muscle cramping , extreme fatigue , brutal fatigue !!! And memory problems , the brain fog. Whatever , all we can do is march on. We raised my beautiful smart daughter and that was after all of our party days . We are very proud of her , she's 26 now and doing extremely well. Well that's my story.. We both have each other , and fight through the fog , pain , fatigue , etc..

Drew V Oct 14, 2020

I was infected in 1987 to 89 hard to tell way back then. Im here due to diet not takIngedrugs I don't need. No smoking never did. And drinking 33/34 yrs ago I quite. I received Hep-C from surgery. So far Bill Clinton, Crechen, and the Red Cross are to blame for selling tainted blood to the blood banks in 5 countries. Sofar they've killed a million or more people. I finely turned into a ginnie pig my own permissiom. and it worked so now its available to the infected and healing everyone ask your doctor for HAVONIE.. Back in the 80s 90s 2000, 2010, 2020 they said 25 yrs ago I was to be compensated. Now im going on 66 and had to live sick all these years. Ive got so much truth that its sick to know what their doing. Look at C19,, C20,21,22. WE ALL MUST TAKE BACK OUR WORLD.

Oct 14, 2020

I received the news via a letter following giving blood for the first time. I am rhesus o negative the universal blood donor. I was alone on a work break from my new job. Was enrolled in university nursing degree. Felt I’d been given a death sentence. Never used needles but did snort a few lines of Cocaine with others. I estimate I had it for about 7 years. I used to binge drink a lot and always felt crappy, but reasoned that was how everyone felt after boozing and getting older. Anyway I had HCV type 3, treated for six months with Interferon and Ribavirin on the NHS. First injection gave me the worst flu symptoms I’d ever experienced, then it got easier. I lost weight on the treatment but ate the same, and my eye lashes grew so long they looked false. Lost some hair though. I was undetected at 4 weeks. And sustained no return of virus! A few years later I got a form of tinnitus with daily fluttering in my ear for a few years. Cured with sertraline believe it or not. I’ve not had any follow up scans but they said my liver appeared normal. Not fatty or fibrotic. I am seven years down the line now. Just hoping I won’t get The cancer.

Toni F Oct 9, 2020

I'm 58 epclusa has turning me around in two weeks of treatment before my kidneys and liver was quivering and depression couldn't even get out of bed only after two weeks of treatment was a med tech and got needle stuck the aches are gone feel awesome now can do my normal house duties as a wife praise God I can live again thanks to all my doctors and pharmacy people I had stepheoheptatis I'm glad to be alive thank your rita s 2020

Rita S Oct 2, 2020

Both my spouse and I had hep c, however he had auto immune hep c, and the doctors couldn’t figure out why he had different symptoms.They kept running tests on him, his body kept filling up with fluid. They even transfer him to another hospital for further treatment. He later died.

Sep 10, 2020

I was infected with hepatitis C through a contaminated blood transfusion in 1986. I had over 100 blood transfusions in 1986/87 for severe aplastic anaemia (destruction of the bone marrow). I received no help at all in coping with the virus so wrote my own survival guide which is on my webbsite www.medicineandillness.com which I stlll follow today as the virus so far has no had little effect on my liver even with sometimes a high viral count. Hepatitis C and aplastic anaemia can be a lethal combination. and can be made much worse by exposure to alcohol, all drugs and many chemicals so I avoid all these as much as possible and have a low fat diet.

Edward Priestley Sep 5, 2020

I am now nearly 80. I contracted hepatitis C (type 1b) from a contaminated blood transfusion in autumn of 1986. The transfusion was one of many given for severe aplastic anaemia I suffered from at the time which was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals at work. My treatment for the aplastic anaemia and hep. C was often so appalling and brutal in four hospitals in the UK and one in France I have had as little as possible to do with the medical profession as possible and treat them all as potential psychopathic killers for my own safety and tell them so and they do not disagree I am right to do so. I have my own survival guide for both the aplastic anaemia and hepatitis C (see my website www.medicineandillness.com) which I have followed for over 30 years. I avoid everything, alcohol, all drugs and chemicals e.g. solvents, fluoride, which are toxic to the bone marrow and liver as much as possible and have a top quality low fat diet. I have very low liver damage so far. Liver tests which should have been done within two weeks have taken 10 months even though those doing the tests said they could have been done in a day or two! This is typical of the shabby medical treatment I have come to expect. I am again many months overdue a promised fibroscan liver test and will not bother asking for it again just to see how long it takes. Refusing a transplant for the severe aplastic anaemia, a condition which is a deadly combination with hep. C, I was only expected to live months in 1987. I have also refused drugs treat the hep. C as they can cause aplastic anaemia but retain the right to try them if the hep. C ever causes serious liver damage. I have letters from leading world medical experts agreeing with me.

Edward P Aug 9, 2020

It's been 3 years cured my treatment was epscula sorry didn't spell it properly, any way my blood is very good my liver was close to f4 now its f2 i am very healthy and fit,I do have a occasional drink doctor said its ok just dont bing drink. I am very lucky and feel blessed, for those who are waiting for treatment you will be ok and feel good again

Robin E Jul 29, 2020

Hi, a little down today. Probably medicine kicking in, week one Epclusa. A lot of stress going on, our world is is in such upheaval, not to mention my young daughter (23) moving home during these trying times with a negative attitude. I was treated 5 years ago with one week injections n tons of pills daily, cleared immediately, finished treatment, by the way was exhausting, only to test positive 6 months later. So very depressing, but tried 2 years ago for treatment again only to be told by insurance that basically I wasn’t sick enough ( only treating F3 & above) I was alcohol n drug free for 6 months , what a struggle, no drugs for me but I did love my wine or beer at happy hour. I was so upset, swore I’d never try again, I’d just go on and live with my geno type 1a happily..... NOT!!!!! Ever occasion of drinking brought much internal guilt! I wasn’t helping to atleast guit alcohol. This past May 2020 marked 1 year of total pain. My brother (58) passed away, my dear kitty of 20 years went to the rainbow road, my nephew (30) overdosed and is with our Lord Savior, then the worst, Mom passed on, after a well lived life. Distraught, went back to Doc, told him I’d drank everyday for a year. He wasn’t surprised, but I’ve finally decided I want to live! For that daughter I told you about, my family, I need to be here to do some good in this world!!!’ Thanks for the outlet, just 1 bad day, tomorrow will be better!!!! I continue to pray for all of us every day ... GOD BLESS ?

Allie D Jul 6, 2020

Hi, I am a 50 year old female . I knew I had hep c from my younger wild days. i had no ideal the impact of what i was doing, I got custody of my 15 month of grandson. Looks and acts just like his father, He is 6 now. I have diabetes and decided to go have the weight surgery to get healthier and live a longer life for my baby. I went to weight doctor and had to have so many test done, The doctor told me some test did not look right so sent to to and Liver and GI specialist. after a fiber scan and liver ultrasound. this was during when the Covid 19 first stared, I am so happy that I at least got all the testing done before, he called me on the phone and told me bluntly and very rudely that I had compensated liver cirrhosis. I ask him what was that exactly what that was, The man told me to google it,,, I googled and every time it came up with what does it feel like to die and horrible things, I had only seen this doctor 1 time to do my colonoscopy . he is rude ans treats me like a simpleton. I finished my 8 week treatment yesterday , Im very happy for that . but I still have cirrhosis..I dont know what is next for me because my doctor is on vacation. d and dont wanna leave my child behind, he has his mother and father (my son )but I hate the way they live , Smokes in house . dirty, cant buy him anything ,not even a bed , my sister is a nurse in Ga, and told me if we were a match she would not let me die, She has the type o blood, I have no idea if we match at all. I am asking anyone that has been in this situation about what is gonna happen next please comment ... i guess its true ., what you do in the past Always comes back to haunt you,,, My wish is that I could go back and have the treatment,, I really didnt know this would happen ,,I Have no ideal what I should be eating,,but trying to eat good thing when I do have an appetite, I cant sleep, Im so itchy all the time ... anyone that reads this if you can help with info please try to comment,,, god bless everyone and I know we can get thru this virus that has stricken our world... that another thing I worry constantly about,,, god bless all you guys.....

jesssica s Jul 3, 2020

Hi, a little down today. Probably medicine kicking in, week one Epclusa. A lot of stress going on, our world is is in such upheaval, not to mention my young daughter (23) moving home during these trying times with a negative attitude. I was treated 5 years ago with one week injections n tons of pills daily, cleared immediately, finished treatment, by the way was exhausting, only to test positive 6 months later. So very depressing, but tried 2 years ago for treatment again only to be told by insurance that basically I wasn’t sick enough ( only treating F3 & above) I was alcohol n drug free for 6 months , what a struggle, no drugs for me but I did love my wine or beer at happy hour. I was so upset, swore I’d never try again, I’d just go on and live with my geno type 1a happily..... NOT!!!!! Ever occasion of drinking brought much internal guilt! I wasn’t helping to atleast guit alcohol. This past May 2020 marked 1 year of total pain. My brother (58) passed away, my dear kitty of 20 years went to the rainbow road, my nephew (30) overdosed and is with our Lord Savior, then the worst, Mom passed on, after a well lived life. Distraught, went back to Doc, told him I’d drank everyday for a year. He wasn’t surprised, but I’ve finally decided I want to live! For that daughter I told you about, my family, I need to be here to do some good in this world!!!’ Thanks for the outlet, just 1 bad day, tomorrow will be better!!!! I continue to pray for all of us every day ... GOD BLESS ?

Allie D Jul 2, 2020

I had cirrhosis detected since 2003 caused by HCV. I did the ribivirin - Interferon tx in 2007 and became undetected. Since then I have been undergoing ultrasounds and mri's every year. I did everything year after year including coffee enemas EOD, milk thistle, parasite cleanses, bone broth, liver glandular, pancreas glandular, ox bile, Bilex all of the time, and Liver Flushes often. (These saved me from gallbladder surgery). I also made home made liver teas as well. In 2017, my ultrasound came back Homogenous instead of Heterogenous for the first time, but it showed fatty liver, but NOT cirrhosis. Same hospital, same radiologist. Then in 2018 my ultrasound came back Homogenous with smooth contour. Sill fatty liver, so I am diligently working on that now. No sugar, no alcohol, not a lot of high carbs, which turn into alcohol in the liver. Still doing the liver flushes when needed and coffee enemas every 3 days now. I am determined. The liver does so much including regulating hormones, and if that’s not working correctly, not much else is gong to work correctly. But vaccines, NEVER, esp with an already compromised liver. My nephew was damaged by them and I would never let those toxic adjuvants and antigens near my body. Did u know they have glyposate in them?

Chris Wrinn Apr 14, 2020

I am 39 years old and I was a heroin attic for seven years and I shut up every day Then on occasions I would shoot up on methadone my Viral load ended up being over 500 million I was pasty pale and tired all the time then and yellow I got the medication and my skin color completely changed while while I was under the treatment I took a bunch of M Marijuana brownies and it looked back at me I swear I kid you not and today I feel great no longer on heroin and sober don’t do drugs

Daniel J. Apr 2, 2020

I was diagnosed with genotype 3 Hep C in Dec 2012, and I stopped consuming alcohol immediately. I am guessing I was infected sometime during my drug-addict years, in the 1970s, while injecting drugs with 'dirty' needle. in Dec 2012, my only medication option for the Hep C was the interferon / ribavirin combination that made so many people feel ill during the treatment. My hepatologist wanted to test my liver before putting me on the interferon, and when the results came back showing I had cirrhosis, she stated that I would not be a good candidate for this medication. So, at this point in time, I had a fatal disease with no cure available to me. Things looked quite scary. There were some drugs that were rumored to be released soon that dealt with Hep C, but the cost for these drugs in 2013 was over $100, 000.00 so I began searching online for clinical trials for the wave of new antiviral Hep C medication that was being tested in 2012-2013. In mid-2014 I was able to secure $139, 000.00 in funding from my wife's insurance policy at work, for a 6-month course of Sovaldi & ribavirin and I began consuming the meds in late July 2014. One of the side-effects of sovaldi was insomnia, which was very difficult to deal with....I lost 40 pounds of body weight during the 6 months, and was declared cured in late 2015. I thought that things would go back to normal after a while, but the side-effects of the cirrhosis continued to bother me. About 1/3 of cirrhosis patients have chronic insomnia. The research on this area is sparse, but the consensus seems to indicate that the cirrhotic liver has difficulty processing melatonin and the circadian rhythm in these patients is compromised. I have tried various medications for sleep, but nothing has worked thus far, and many of the drugs that have been proposed for sleep are processed exclusively in the liver and are dangerous for cirrhosis patients. The doctors put me on ativan, but it quickly stopped working and I am now detoxing off of it, while only averaging 2-3 hours of sleep per night. This lack of sleep becomes horrible when it begins to compound over months... I am losing body weight and feel constant anxiety / depression.. So, 8 years following my diagnosis, my life has changed massively. I find it nearly impossible to work, because I can't predict whether I will have slept for the previous night or more when I have to go to work. This has led to incredible financial stress and I regularly wonder how I will survive. This is my story of how Hep C has affected my life.

Phil M Mar 6, 2020

I know to Have epatite c in 1993. I maker nothing. Interferone was orribile and dosen't work. In 2011 Have a cancer and a transplant. After one year the virus come back, worst. Than appear the first cure. I take it. Virus deseappears. The Molinette of Torino Italy make me a second transplant. Now i am 61. I feel good, come back to work. I can make every think. The Cost? Nothing. This is the setter sanitari service sound the world

Barbara Arduino Feb 8, 2020

I have Hep C, and have had it for some time. I have had a Very Difficult time trying to get it Treated... Now I'm told that the Medication is too Expensive and that I can't get it!! I'm 78 years old, and I still feel 50. The Symptoms of the Disease are taking a Serious toll on my Everyday Life! I'm in a quandary about what to do!! The Hep C makes me Weak Daily and I have other Health issues that give me trouble... So, I'm Appealing for Help! Can or Would you Help me??

Dexter Salvo Feb 5, 2020

I found out about a month ago I am positive for help . I was wondering if I might have had it a while because besides the vomiting I have no feeling in the top half of my body

June S Jan 21, 2020

I suffered with migraines monthly at the age of 26. I was put on strong pain killers which didn't really help. At the time I had no clue you could shoot pills. I found out my oldest son was using and got my daughter started. It was the worst hell of my life. I found out my daughter had hepc. At the time there was no cure and I heard only nightmares about interferon. I decided if she was going I didn't want to be here so I started shooting. I got hepc. I didn't feel sick. I started going to a clinic with a sliding scale and the dr told me about epclusa. I qualified for a free program. IThe only side effect was I was tired. I have been off for months and no detection of the hepc. But I am always tired. My hips started being painfull and I get stiff after sitting for 10 minutes. I dont know if it is related to the epclusa but we are trying to get my daughter on the program. She has been drug free for 5 years snd manages the frame shop at Michaels. Hopefully, we get lucky. I hope I helped someone. Good luck everybody. And for the record, shooting drugs is not the only way to get hepc.

Brenda P Jan 4, 2020

I was diagnosed around 1997 and the only treatment was Interferon. I was told I was not sick enough. As the years went on I had accepted I would die from liver failure. This year I was treated a with Harvoni for 8 weeks.( I was treated on a grant for those without insurance) I am now free of Hepatitis C !! I feel so very blessed!

Marla H. Dec 30, 2019

I learned that I have Hep C when iI was around 23. I am 38 now. I am not sure how did I get it. Maybe my first amateur tattoo or the needle in trash. I just wanted to put the trash away when I was in my friends' house and there was a needle in it. The doctor told me to use interferon only for a year. One injection every week. I didn't care about the side effects but If I knew that interferon was going to destroy my life in the long term I would just wait as many did. I got Graves disease (Hyperactive thyroid). Dangerous thyroid nodules and Sjogren's Syndrome on the way now:( I hope I will not get rheumatoid arthritis but who knows. I have recurrent oral thrust in my mouth and of course, all of this might help cancer the form and threating cancer in patients with autoimmune conditions is very tricky. But HCV RNA is still negative but that doesn't mean it will never come back or show up in different forms. I go to check every year and it's still negative and I am glad there are new, side effect free pills around. Thank you for that! Hep C didn't destroy my life but interferon did.

Isaac E. Dec 21, 2019

I tried a self cure to rid the hep-3 I have with self cure. Viral load dropped to 35,000 then up to 214,000. So i took mavyret for 5 days because I felt I'll. I stopped the meds continuing to refuse. Months later virus was at 1.2 million. I gave in to the meds a month ago a thought. 26 days later virus is 15!!?

Lisa J. Dec 5, 2019

My story begins @ don't stop praying, And don't be afraid, ask a pray in Jesus name to God our Father, that he blesses you with a caring Doctor, and pray to find a insurance that will help with Meds, I did not give up, #1 keep praying, Be positive, and don't be afraid to take new Meds, its been 6 months non detected virus 4 me, Still staying positive it is gone, Thank, God.and his son, caring Doctor and insurance, keep yur head up

Iam @ Peace now Nov 17, 2019

I have had hep c since i was 5. I got it after being gang raped and have lived with it for 30 years. Now im on epculsa and i have terrible headaches and mood changes. I have bad dreams and irritably. I cant seem to drink enough water. And im tired all the time. But i keep in close touch with my doctor and i am optimistic. I would like to be able to tell my children i am disease free. So im gonna try hard to tolerate it.

Brittany B Nov 9, 2019

I have diagnosed with hepatitis b positive with 1130 UI/ML Viral load,help me how I will reduce the virus naturally?

JONAS M. Oct 8, 2019

I have had HepC 26yrs. I did not do anything for it until 7/26/2010 when I doctor told me I had liver cancer and 1yr to live.I didn't feel I had cancer and deceided to do my own experiment. My viral load was I million tumor marker was 238 and alts 88 and asts 81. I start with Natural Wellness suppliments Milk Thistle 500mg and Tumeric 1,000mg Puritan Pride supplimentss. I did these suppliments everyday tab each for nine years. I changed my thinking became very grateful changed my food a little and just went about my day. on 8/18/2018 My viral load is 1329 alts 61 asts 64 . I am 77 years old, I think I am 25 and just went on about my life that each day I got up I was grateful I was alive I spent 3yrs in Therphy getting ride of garbage from childhood. I feel free for the first time in my life. I live in the now and forget yesterday and do not plan for tomorrow. I wish anyone who reads this is to stay strong be grateful on a daily basis and JUST BE We all get so caught up in the Drama of and we forget to be GRATEFUL. Have a great Day and always remember you are Special

Alice R Sep 23, 2019

I was first diagnosed with non A non B chronic hepatitis in 1988, before they knew what Hepatitis C was. So I have had it over 30 years. I was also tested in 1999 and it was negative but the test was not able to pick up the non active virus and it is a chronic hepatitis. So I was having arthritis really bad especially in my right hand so went to the doctor and it showed that I have 36.6 rheumatoid marker's but Hep C can affect it.. it also picked up the Hepatitis C and my viral load was 2,143,336! Very infected ?. I believe in research of anything that affects me so I got busy. As soon as I read that Tumeric Curcumin had been known to cure mild cirrosis I went and bought a bottle of 500mg capsules and started taking them twice a day. Two weeks later my viral load had gone down to slightly over a million! I had my upper GI and colonoscopy three weeks ago and then I got cut off Medicaid due to my son turning 18, and the cheapest insurance market place could find for some one with a pre existing illness was$756 a month, which is out of the question for me...so I researched further and believe the Tumeric Curcumin is curing me.. I just need more blood work to confirm that it is a cure... This is what I have learned: Reported in American Language News sources suggest that Curcumin, the active nutrient in the spice Tumeric prevents Hepatitis C from entering liver cells. This ground breaking discovery represents a huge paradigm shift on liver disease treatment, given the fact that until now no other process prevented the Hepatitis C from infiltrating and degrading the liver. According to Doc Check News, a German online industry media site, the Institute of Experimental Viralogy in Hanover Germany led the world wide study. Scientist grew Hepatitis C cultures and utilized a compounded form of Curcumin to see how the viruses would react. The effect was almost immediate. The Hep C could not get past the liver cells enhanced defenses. This new information could prevent thousands of transplants a year. So I am treating myself and will be checking my viral load again soon

Sharon S. Sep 14, 2019

After reading the last few stories on Hepatitis Central, I think I might have overlooked something. I’ve been cleared of Hep C for about 3 1/2 years now. I read of some people going to alcohol, drugs, cigs, and other things that they think helps them cope. I probably STILL DO have liver cancer. I spent most of the spring of 2019 recovering from surgery and some procedures to try to get rid of this cancer. It breaks my heart to hear of people that continue to do damage to their liver while doctors are trying to save them. If you have Hep C or cirrhosis or liver cancer please stop your bad habits and start trying to save yourself. You are valuable to someone and what you do on earth affects others. Maybe your mission in life is to show someone else that doing drugs is the wrong road. Maybe one person will learn from our mistakes. Make something positive from YOUR LIFE. I wish all of US success in our struggles. With the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we can overcome our problems. Have faith. Ps Don’t Vape anymore please.

Roland G Sep 13, 2019

I am so scared when I heard that I was infected by hepatitis b virus at blood screening center while my wife in bed of hospital need for blood, later on I meet my doctor for solving the problems. So I reach hepatitis central I was enlightened enough for my well being through their efford in providing authentic research pertaining liver diseases, thank you so much for your contribution in this wonderfull enlightenment

Mohammed garba Elbarnawy Sep 3, 2019

Well I waited for 5 yrs to get advanced combo medications to clear Hep C .V . well it was crazy .I became insomania . Then I started on alcohol and weed , then LSD, cocaine , Meth , MDMA, weed oil , acid blorts, hash , Hydro weed kiss, ice , crack , Charus , etc , also regularly use weed everyday from morning to night tilll I sleep , I sleep for about 6 hours , sometimes do not sleep for 4/5 days , a few months back I slept on the 8tj night . Iam so hypwred , emotionally weak, it's a mess , trying to get balance , iam 48 yrs young , I have been doing free hand excerises since my childhood still I continue doing it . It's the only wife I have who can be loyal . Iam gratefull a lot for being alive and fighting this side effects draw backs of this disease . I never gave up , I have got sucidle thoughts too , I cry a lot all alone , this shit totaly drags oneself down too low bottom , pit , trap , agony , hell , restlessness , serotonin syndrome etc etc , God and His Mercies , Grace and Blessings with healing is there allways , it was allways there and it shall be allways ...Thankfull...Stay Blessed ...GodBless Us more ...A

Allwyn Canute Barboza Aug 29, 2019

Hey... my name is Michael and I’ve never done anything like this before I don’t usually like to talk about it but if my story can help or give hope to one person it’s worth my shyness anyway I was an I V drug user and alcoholic for many many years I was changing colors and everything if it wasn’t for the mother of my children who is also my beautiful girlfriend of 23 years forced me to go to the hospital I knew I had hep c already had it since 17 years old im 38 now so I’m in the hospital no insurance no drugs and pretty much aggravated the dr came back in and told me his boss told him to put out if I can’t pay but he said to me “I would never be able to live with myself if I send you home he basically said I have severe cirrhosis and hep c.. he said that I wouldn’t live another 2 years my girlfriend stepped up and took care of me i mean took care when I was so swollen I couldn’t get dressed or take a shower by myself... so while I was in the hospital for the first time out of many many times I my the nicest girl I’ve ever met ( Besides my sweet girl) she was in accounting we became friends and I told her how I couldn’t get any help so she told me to give her my info and she’ll call next thing I know I’m getting assistance there was nothing worse for me not to be able to work so now I can contribute any way went through severe depression and a few slip ups many visits to all kinds of of doctors almost gave up a few times but my wonderful family held me up no matter what kind of Attitude or how much I attitude I gave them... sorry let me speed it up my insurance paid for my teeth to get done and I started to feel better about myself I am very spiritual I meditate every day and And didn’t stray from God I’m not out the woods yet but I just finished my hep c treatment and I’m all clean of the hep c now my cirrhosis meld score dropped so low that they keep sending me for extra tests because my numbers are so good still can’t work and will have to be on meds forever and might be a transplant in the future if I don’t take care of myself I’m living on over a year of borrowed time and I live every day of my life like that sorry for rambling but it really felt good to share that if anyone wants to talk message me no matter what time or day it is thank you and God bless

Mike B Aug 18, 2019

I was diagnosed with HCV in 2009, probably had this disease for 30 years. My first dbl therapy treatment in 2010 FAILED. In 2012 triple therapy with incivek did the trick. Right in the middle of the 48 week treatment, I came down with HCC, (males in their 50's are most prone. A laparoscopic liver resection on my left lobe(removal #3 & #4 sections). Five years cancer free, in 2018 HCC showed up again on my right lobe #8 section inoperable, a relative new treatment was the only option TACE or Y90. After 3 more surgeries I was cancer free again. Today I take liver supplements, krill oil, super beets and multi vitamin. My lifestyle is active and I do work out on my total gym daily and now my new normal is an MRI every 3 months. Yes there is hope on the horizon with these embolization treatments but early detection is your best option, keep healthy, active with a good diet and obese free!!

pete d Aug 18, 2019

After 27 years of Service in the Army, I was ready for retirement and all the "good" life it brings with it....I did so and shortly after retirement I got this contractors job for Overseas that required all this lab test to get in this job......Thinking that I just retired from the service and they cleared me on my last physical exam, I was ready for this.....After my lab results came in that's when I found out that I was Hep C positive and my world just collapse in front of me.....I was the healthiest man in this Army and now I have WHAT.......How it was possible that after all this years they couldn't diagnose me ???? Now I,m without a medical cover and no where to turn... I spent two years trying to figure out what was the best course of action to take for me to get cure...I intensely read and research all about Hep C treatments and new drugs in the market until all these new medicine staring to came out, but at a great expensive prices that I couldn't afford... Luckily I went to my nearest VA Hospital and got referred to a great Doctor that did listen to me on for what I didn't want the old ribavirin and interferol method for the after effects and painful treatment it was like chemo-like side effects. .....Until the new Ledipasvir and sofosbuvir pill came out and was approved to be use at the VA foe free....So far my viral load is normal and no liver damage or tissues.....Just re-arranged my life to a better healthy one, because life gave a second chance to live longer......

Gus G Aug 15, 2019

i was tested positive for hypertitis B. But recently, I have been having chest pains and stomach hurts as well. I easily get tired when I do a little work. Could this be as a result of the disease? .help me out.

Atanga T Aug 5, 2019

A liver is a terrible thing to waste.

Roland C Jul 30, 2019

I last posted in June. It doesn’t seem like anyone is posting on this site anymore. I have had a tumor (about ping pong ball size) removed from my liver in Feb. 2019. I have had three more small tumors chemotherapy and blood supply blocked. This procedure is called TACE . Now on July 16 one mote small tumor to go. Another TACE. I knew Hep c was bad to the bone but i’m Cured of Hep c and the damage just goes on and on. I’ve felt bad most days this year but i’ll do what the doctors want me to do.

Roland G Jul 13, 2019

I contracted Hep C in 1969 in an 8-pint blood transfusion following the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy. Interferon did not work for me in 1990-91 so I had to create a way to survive until a cure came along. Between the Interferon and a cure in 2015 with Harvoni, I kept going by eating 90% organic, taking a variety of Chinese and other herbs, receiving acupuncture, doing things I loved to do that were healthy and creative, abstaining from alcohol and other drugs, drinking at least a cup or two of coffee daily, gardening, dancing, resting when fatiguedn, loving deeply and committing myself to living. A major turning point in how I felt about having a life-threatening illness arrived when I befriended the virus that had become part of me by living within my DNA. I made a deal with it. Because it couldn't live without me, I told it it had to co-habit with me and not kill me. After that I calmed down considerably about my situation until I decided to take Harvoni which I knew might kill my problematical bodymate. It did. I just realized while writing this I ought to give it a proper funeral. I learned so many important life-lessons while ill that I have gratitude for having the experience in spite of the long list of pain and losses on the other side of the column.

O\'Neill L. Jun 25, 2019

I have been living with Hep C for almost 20 years but have managed to work the whole time...I did research on the different supplements and used a tea mixture that helped tremendously. Just recently I was put on sertraline for depression and it is helping with that but I am feeling more of the symptoms of my Hep C , I think from the extra strain the medication is putting on ,my liver. I just recently quit my job after 18 years and now I am making my Hep C a priority. Im not sure where to begin because the medication is expensive . I found out that there are programs that can help pay for the medication because it can be expensive so I wrote a letter but I havent heard back yet, so Im still looking.

Audra C Jun 19, 2019

Hep c since 1970’s. 1st treatment in 2000 Interferon and Ribovirin with no cure. 2nd treatment in 2014 Sovaldi with Interferon and Ribovirin with no cure. 3rd treatment in 2015 Harvoni and Ribovirin finally cured. Sounds great so far. I was diagnosed with a cancer tumor the size of a ping pong ball on my liver in Dec. 2018. Surgically removed by robotic resection early Feb. 2019. 3 months later 5 small tumors. They are going to cut the blood supply to them by going into the liver through the groin. The fun never stops. Roland

Roland C Jun 9, 2019

I am 39 years old, I have had Hep C for 23 years, I cant get medicaid (even though I have chronic hep c, spinal and cervical spondylosis, severe copd, heart failure, severe generalized anxiety disorder, and on n on) I keep being denied ssi, and have no income no insurance and I'm literally dieing I feel so hopeless. Dont know what to do???

Rachel P Jun 5, 2019

My name is Dineshwar kshetricha I living with HIV n hcv, I had taken ARV last 2004, my regime is lamivudine,tenofovir n effavires. N other side hcv also treated n completed 2017,October, hcv, regime is sufos, decla. Reba. But I am hcv treatment failure guy even though my LFT result is all are normal exept sgot-55 & patellate .088. My cd4 count is 148 viral load is below 20. My weight also not increase.. I confuse what to do n I plan to treatment again hcv.

Dineshwar K. May 19, 2019

Hi ive suffered from hep c for 30 yrs ive done a 3month course of epclusa and got my tests back thurs ,No hep c detected its gone. Ive raised 5kids and 8 grannies with this disease when my new granny comes in november this time its goning to be different. Thank god and modern medicine i can say im cured

May 5, 2019

I thought I would not do this and then I read the first 3 stories but I have chronic hepatitis c and I know exactly how I got and who gave to me at the time I did not know what she was talking about but I have had it about 20 years and I am coming to the end ,I live in Arizona and you can't be treated unless u have a year clean and I cannot manage to to stay clean for very long and I have had episodes with it and every time it gets worse ,this last time started about a month ago and I believe this is the time that is going be my end my legs and feet are swollen and now they are turning dark well I did not want to say it but they are turning black I went to doctor today and I am going for bloodwork Monday but like I said az.wont treat you without a year clean and well I'm afraid and today I can't stop the tears my sister wants me to come home she told me this morning she was sending me a plane ticket but that would be too hard on them so there it is

John H May 4, 2019

Back in 1999 I went out with a guy who I didn't know who did crack cocaine. He disappeared for two weeks and I finally found out where he had been. He had been in jail for tying a woman up in his van with duct tape and trying to rape her! He was charged but the charges were dropped because they were both such pathetic witnesses and the crown decided not to proceed. In those days I was a mess had just split up with my husband of twenty years because of abuse and needless to say I was not in a good place! I had never done drugs but I liked my liquor. After finding out about the charges I decided to get checked for aids. I had no idea of what hep c was! Anyhow they told me I had hep c type one and I would need to go on interferon. I would need a liver biopsy which I refused to have so they refused to treat me which was fine with me! I contacted a lot of hep c people who had been on interferon and it had destroyed their immune systems and didn't work so I decided to go the natural route! I took moducare sterols and sterolins ,quit drinking and changed my entire lifestyle. I had a history of suicide attempts that I was getting counselling for and slowly started the long journey as to where I am today. Back when I was diagnosed I was told I would be dead in five years! I did Chinese medicine, read the book Hep c handbook that was my Bible and carried on. I read last March they finally had a cure that would be paid for so last year I went on epclusa and when I got my liver scan I had minimal damage in fibrosis below level one! This was because I took care of myself but the biggest thing I believe that helped was cannabis oil! It built up my immune system and I truly believe that was the reason for my success as well as for my anxiety and stress levels being off the charts and it helped with my high blood pressure as well! Anyhow I am now hep c free after 4 weeks it's been a year and I go back for my last liver scan at the end of this month! If you are on the fence about this definitely do the treatment as I am now 63 years old and want to live for a while yet without having to worry about liver cancer and liver disease. Janet

janet C May 3, 2019

I am not sure how I got Hep C but it could have been when sharing needles with my drug buddies back in the 60s when I was a teen drug addict - or from blood transfusions from 2 horrendous car wrecks in 1969 and a head-on in 1980 (lucky to survive) - both accidents demanded blood transfusions and I hear the blood supply back then was full of Hep C. I was diagnosed Hep C in 2016 but put off treatment until 2019 and took Mavyret for 8 weeks - had "Not Detected reading after 1 month and again after 8 weeks - am assuming I am cured! My copay was almost 6 grand but after research and calling the Mavyret helpline they turned me on to a program that helped on the copay - my copay was only $50 with the help. I recommend Mavyret and be sure and call their help line about supplementing the copay - very thankful!

Marcus C Apr 28, 2019

After having a hip replacement I came down with HepC, first itching, then exhaustion and yellow eyes etc. after about 6 weeks after surgery. I got better and no longer had symptoms and was negative for HepC. Next bloodwork 4 mo. later I showed a positive HepC. Two of my Drs. told me I had to take Harvoni. I did, without side effects. It was unbelievable how easy it was. After 30 days I was clear of HepC. 9 years later I am still free of the disease.

Barbara D Apr 19, 2019

I was infected with HepC in a blood transfusion in 1982. It was called non-A,non-B unspecified hepatitus in those years. It was not properly diagnosed until 1995. By then I had also developed diabetes. I was homeless for many years with major health problems. I developed a-fib,arrythmia and angina heart issues,depression and anxiety. In 2015 I was able to get into housing and was treated with Harvoni. It failed due to the minor mutation unforseen by Gilead research. I knew it failed and knew it was a mutation that caused the failure. My doctor disagreed,but a year later had to admit that I was correct. It mutated. He was not aware that Gilead was already working on a new medication in 2015 that was only to be given to those who failed Harvoni due to the mutation. Gilead is not advertising this medication as they did the Harvoni. Too many patients who failed the Harvoni are sueing Gilead saying it is a bad medication. It is a great medication - when it works. For the rest of us there is now VOSEVI. A 3-in-1 pill taken once a day for 12 weeks. Every patient my specialist put on VOSEVI was virus un- detected at 12 weeks after finishing the meds. I am now virus free. Thank you Gilead for keeping up the hard work on behalf of all the victims of the disease.

Kathleen D Apr 18, 2019

I am 53. Believe I got hep c when I was 21 shooting up cocaine for 3 months. I am epileptic and take Dilantin. My dr told me I can not be cured because Dilantin affects the same enzymes in the liver as hep c medicines rendering them useless. Lost my insurance so I can't try any other epilepsy meds. I am not sure if any other meds would work and I am scared to try other epilepsy med as I have grand mal seizures.

Kenneth J Apr 18, 2019

I had hep c for years finally got approved for Maverick, I know I’m spelling it wrong, I only had one bad headache in the 8 weeks of my treatments .. It’s gone but I’ve gained a lot of weight since, I also was a drug user clean for 15 years now .. Glory to God ..

Kathleen S Apr 13, 2019

I have had hep c since 1983, found out by acciedent, got cured now through genrics drugs and i bought it from this site, this is an option for those who cant afford the treatment, its inly cost me $1000 cand and that was 2 years ago, good luck to all of you.

Wyn V Apr 12, 2019

Just the scariest, craziest year for me. After 30 years in a faithful marriage I had to get STD tested due to , well, my husband cheating. I was found to be acute hep C and was not too worried until further testing. I was found to be chronic hep b. But how??? I am a nurse who has been vaccinated years ago and tested negative with my pregnancy. Tested positive for B after needle stick and it was 1995 and I was presumed positive from the vaccine. I suspect with the amount of fibrosis , F3, I have had the B for some time. Double trouble, this A and B. Started Vemlidy and Epclusa. New into my treatment and trying to do everything right. Hoping the C gets cured, and thankful for these new amazing viral drugs. Would love to hear about being cured and being hopeful.

Lynn G Mar 30, 2019

Last year I saw the commercial for baby boomers to check for Hep C. I had absolutely no symptoms but I was listed in the age group. I tested positive with 100,000 viral load in a drop of blood. I took Mavyret and am cured. Go check!

Kelly M Mar 29, 2019

Hi my story is i need help my dad live in cuba he has Hepatitis C i need to buy the medicine only any people that knows any websites to help me ?

Lisdeivy Marrero Mar 28, 2019

I am 38 years old I live in banks county georgia. I've had hep c for 23 years untreated. Unlike many others I actually injected a infected persons blood into my arm to give myself the virus little did I know it takes a while to kill u. Now we are 23 years later I feel it now. And the new medication harvoni I wish I could afford I've been waiting on ssi and disability but this has been drug out years and it feels hopeless. Not sure even what genotype I am as I have no insurance and suffer from heart attacks severe copd major depressive disorder severe anxiety and cervical and lumbar spondylosis just to name a few. I feel stuck and hopeless but I did this to myself. I've come to realize my whole life I've wanted to die now that I am close to it all I want is to live.

Rachel Pruitt Mar 21, 2019

Well i’m back! I’ve had three treatments for Hep C. The third one cured me. Then I went three years clear until Dec 2018 when the doctors discovered a tumor on my liver. In February 2019 I had to undergo surgery. I was operated on at the V.A. hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan. By the grace of God our Savior the surgeon used for the FIRST time a technique called “Robotic liver resection”. It was the first time at Ann Arbor that they did this procedure and I was the Lucky recipient. There were only five small incisions. The tumor was the size of a ping pong ball and it came on very quickly. They removed it all and the procedure went smoothly. I will tell you that I was scared before surgery but it has been 4 weeks now since the operation. I am feeling well and recovery is going well also. They will check every 3 months with CT scan to see if there is a reoccurance. I pray that this might be all I have to go through. If there is a lesson to be learned for someone who is willing to listen it is, your lungs are for air only, you stomach is for food only, and your blood is for life only. Don’t do drugs or alcohol. I wish everyone good luck in your endeavors and worship the Lord Almighty and give thanks to Him daily for the life that was given you.

Roland G Mar 14, 2019

hello my name is bryant I was diagnosed with hep c a year ago..I just recently completed my treatment about a month ago...Recovery is not the same for everyone who takes epclusa...I have been feeling tired anxious and hot flashes ..post treatment..not during...i have read it can take a few months to get back to normal..cant wait...to see my svr12 results...hoping for the best ...i have faith

bryant Z Mar 11, 2019

My husband was diagnosed with Hep C in 2002. He received blood transfusions when he was a child in the ‘70’s. That was before they tested blood for Hep C like they do today. In 2010 we were all ready to start the interfurion and then our insurance was canceled. This past 2018 we got the opportunity to try one of the of the medications, Maverick. He is genotype 3, which they say is the hardest to treat. He took the medication as prescribed and when we went in for our appt. after 6 weeks we were told if itvworked the hep c would be undetected. So excited we waited andcwaited for the results. I read them on line and was devastated. His levels had quadruple. Immediately i called the dr and said maybe it was a bad test. Theyvasdured me itvwas not and they needed tovrun some tests. Thecfirst time they took blood it didnt work for some reason. We never went back. My husband was recently in the hospital and they did blood work. Reading through the results on line I sawvone was fir Hep C and it read UNDETECTED I was shocked. Long story short the original test was incorrect and it worked my husband is HEP C FREE!!!!

C J Mar 6, 2019

I want to share information to show that boomers have been lied to. Most boomers were vaccinated with Hep C and they know this and have known for years. You can look up 'Eli Lilly Hepatitis C Jet guns.' If you continue to look further you will realize this pharmaceutical giant 'Eli Lilly' has been protected by the Homeland Security Act which is protected by the Patriot Act. Guess who our president was at the time? That would be George Bush Jr. and his daddy George Bush Sr was a board member of Eli Lilly. They safe guarded their stocks. Here are some websites to learn from. Although some of this is about Eli Lilly putting Thimerosal in vaccines causing autism. I personally have the documentation from attorneys stating Eli Lilly was put into the Homeland Security Act. Mostly I share this because soooo many feel guilty about past behavior but, especially those that have a very high viral load, more than likely received this as a child. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES YOU'VE BEEN TOLD. https://jetinfectors.com/2016/05/21/1962-eli-lilly-warns-of-hepatitis-transmission-via-jet-injection/ https://asknod.org/2015/03/15/jetguns-when-they-really-found-out-the-truth/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9KN_yC_ixk https://www.nvic.org/vaccine-laws/homeland-security/homeland-security.aspx

Trina Y Mar 4, 2019

My husband was diagnosed with HepC and he has been thru 3 treatments and it still returns, he has genotype 3, I am concerned that he can’t be cured he also has cirosus of the liver. We feel helpless about this virus. So many have been cured but his keeps returning does anyone else have this problem.

Catherine Breshears Feb 26, 2019

Hello everyone, I'm Henry a recovering addict. I been clean for 26 1/2 years. Very active in my recovery in Los Angeles. I have hep C. Just started the new medication call Epclusa two week ago. It's starting to get to me have all the side effects. I'm not scared, but concern alot. I did the interferon medication back in 2009. It was working but my insurance ran out. So here I am starting this new medication. It's starting to kill me, what I mean is all the side effects I'm getting. I don't want to stop. Why, because living is more important than having hep C and eventually dying has my brother and family member did. Never relapse and not going too. Today tear came down my eyes because it's very uncomfortable. I'm 60 years old and still look young. I believe in treatment and God's help. Can't do this by myself. Friend in recovery please cheer me up. I live by myself and don't want to lose my place of home. Will talk to the doctor tomorrow about my side effects. Maybe time off from work ( medical leave ). My occupation is patient transport in a acute care setting for a dialysis department. Can't disclose the hospital I work at but I feel blessed of being at service and giving back to those that are chronically ill from kidney disease. Now it's my time for help. Thank you all for reading this post and praying for me right now it's hard for me thank you

Henry D. Feb 26, 2019

I took Maverick for hepatitis c And no sid effact and no more hepatitis c

Gloria P Jan 22, 2019

I was a drug user for my many teenage years, been clean for 10 years now and found out I had hep c genotype 1, 5 years ago, I've kept it to myself even my family doesnt know . I can't/couldn't afford the treatment until new changes to state insurance and cheaper medication came to be. I will hopefully be starting Epclusa on Jan 30th. Every day is a struggle knowing in the back of my mind it's there. I've put relationships as far back as possible because i dont want to risk spreading it. Every day I look at my young kids and wonder if I dont get treatment soon will I be alive? how long will this take to kill me? And now I have hope for the first time in 5 years. It's been a very depressing and hard, tiresome 5 years and when I got the phone call yesterday that I was going to get this treatment I burst out in tears and said my prayers have been answered! I go in Jan 30th to start my first dose. I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding this day. Will I be sick? Pain? Is there a chance it wont work? What if I get halfway through treatment and my insurance lapses? I'm just praying for it to work and for everything to go well. Wish me luck and good luck and stay optimistic! Your not the only one.

Anonymous Anonymous Jan 20, 2019

Hello, I’m 41 years old I tested positive for hep c in October 2018. I wasn’t Sure how I contracted the virus but I had it a long time cause I have liver damage my doctor also confirmed this . I also know that my mom died from cirrhosis when I was 14 so doing some research I discovered I contracted it from her. My husband of many years doesn’t have it, i was so nervous and depressed I had to wait for my insurance to approve me for my meds , at times the devil tried to tell me I was going to died like my mom but God had another plan. You see I started taking epclusa December 7th 2018 now it’s January 17th 2019 and the disease is undetectable in my system. Praise God won’t he do it. I will continue to take my meds till they are gone. But I so grateful I didn’t have any side effects from the meds so far just mild headaches but I drink lots of water. Thanks to my Heavenly Father, my doctor I love her for caring for me and Epclusa.

Rita Edwards Jan 19, 2019

1993 I got sick with flu and heavy backpain. my husband had 40 degree fever. he was sick and could not eat. he lost 5 kilo, for him a lot. I was not to bad, but had heavy back pain. nobody took a hep c test, even it was already available. I am a medical doctor, and believe I infected me in work. I was on a geriatric word. we never took drugs or had a operation. no bloodtransfer. my husband had gingivitis. with blood. I did not like it, but tere was no alarm in Austrian medical literatute. I go ten year to check. I had pain in my hands and diarrohe. the make 4 time colonoskopie. but no het c anyi test.. I still have my.record, my husband did not talk but I felt he got more depressive and forgetfull. I coul not work anymore. after 1o year of test and no result I got a erly pension. we left to awarmer country in eu, hoping it would help. in between I hsd breatcancer, which luckily was operatered in time. 2009 I was prepared for operation o f a gray star. the amesthesist was was careful. he took a anti hep c test. I was positive, laterit showed also my husband . I had gep c chron genotype 3a, so my husband. I was negative in 24 weeks. my husband lonherr. I checked In internet, and saw he needed longer and higher treatment. it was done and he also got negative. big problem now, I have a heavy backpain, and our teeth are ruined. they rotten and fall out. in Europe I fing no information what happen after therapie. I also have a psoriasis, which I never had before. would appreciatebinformation about problems after hep c therapie. thank you. hedda.

hedda phonphai Jan 17, 2019

I am just starting my hep c "cure" with epclusa i have stage 4 hep c not good but im very hopeful to joshua i read your story i got the medical marijuana card and if ypur on a disability you can apply to get the fees waved at least i did in Massachusetts you do have to pay for doctor visit which was $100.00 but worth it. Good luck, theres always a way to get help for free or at a discount if you look into it.

Lorrainr C Jan 6, 2019

Hi im 52. Back in 1990s i was living in a violent relationship as i had most of my life using drugs and drinking. My 4th child was born in 1994 a year later my partner committed suicide after many failed attempts. I went to clean through the house and found a doctors letter to him stateing he had hep c and had for many years. A year later and im sick and feel like i had a bad flu. I asked for hep c test I get tested and it came back positive. I feel to pieces but then got on with my life. I have started epclusa 21 days ago. Im praying after almost 30 yrs im going to be free of this. Im hoping i can beat this and update all you beautiful people on how im feeling. Ive been alchol and drug free for almost 10years now its time to beat this last hurdle for my granbabies.

Janene P Jan 1, 2019

Hello all! Happy New Year! 2019. I am starting week 5 of 8 weeks of Mavyret. I have really not had any side effects! Today I go for blood work and they check viral load this time. Very excited for this amazing miracle drug to do its work. After having Hepatitis C for 27 years. I feel like I will have a new start at 63 years old! I also have been alcohol free for 2 years. So I encourage all of you! Go for it! I give all thanks to God!

Shauna H Dec 31, 2018

Am diagnosed of having hepatitis c and have used hovid drug still it doesn't cure it please how can I get the cure for it

Olugbode Oluwabunmi Dec 22, 2018

Well, I was diagnosed with Hep C genotype one in 2000. From there I took the interferon and Ribavirin treatment with no cure. In 2017 I took the savoldi and interferon with Ribavirin, with no cure. Along came Harvoni so I did that treatment with ribavirin and lo and behold I was cured! Now after follow up sessions with the gastro doctor for 3 years I am cured of Hep C but have a tumor on my liver of about the size of a quarter. Yes liver cancer has reared it’s ugly head. You see that if you have cirrhosis it can most likely But Not Always turn to cancer. I’ll be undergoing surgery after Christmas. I am hoping for a good outcome. If you have Hep C and don’t have cirrhosis yet - get the treatment ASAP. If you have cirrhosis get the treatment ASAP also. Happy New Year to us all.

Roland G Dec 18, 2018

Hi I have been cured, for a year now have my blood checked every 6 months. Even though i am boarder line cirrouses, every thing is good so there is hope and a cure dont give up

Robin E Dec 11, 2018

Hello World! I am a 63 year old female that today is starting Hepatitis C treatment with Mavyret. 3 pills a day for 8 weeks. I found out I had Hep C from a Life Insurance test in 2007. I traced it back to when I had a blood transfusion in January of 1992. I would like to blog about my experience as I take this drug, anyone else interested? Or willing to share their experience with this drug? Thanks

Shauna H Dec 3, 2018

Hi Am here to share a friend story concerning this hepatitis virus although he didn't make he died two years ago hearing these testimonies that people actually survive hepatitis c is a miracle maybe he could have survived it if we were not living in a third world country hmmm here in my country if u are diagnosed with hepatitis c u are as good as dead cos the hospitals will tell u there's nothing they can do about it I watch my friend go through lots of pains before passing on anyway am just happy that there are survivals of these ailments and I wished he was amongst all ofnu giving his own testimony

Susan Monday Nov 29, 2018

I had blood transfusion at the age of 6. I m now 38. I was diagnosed with hep c in 2018 and got cured with DAA in 3 months. I would say if your hep is without cirhosis, there is 100% cure. Myhep all is the drug i took for 3 months. May allah bless me and you all.

Nov 24, 2018

Successfully navigated through the medical system in India for treatment. After many days/weeks/months of research; I concluded a trip to India was my best option. Specifically, for financial reasons. Saving thousands of dollars! Most of us all know the costs involved. Scenario 1 = Around $84,000.00 for treatment with no financial aid or medical insurance. Scenario 2 = Weeks, months to qualify for financial aid. You may or may not qualify after spending a lot of time going through the process. If you do, around $26,000.00 cost. Scenario 3 = Go to India. Around $1,200.00 cost for treatment. Even with the addition of the trip costs. Airfare, Hotel, Transportation, Food ... Total ranges from $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 depending on your airfare selection and hotel accommodations. So, still a big cost difference. My results ended up with Harvoni treatment. I have relations now established with the medical staff, transportation, sight seeing guides while your there, and hotel staff. So, if you have an interest in traveling to India for treatment. Please feel free to reply or contact me for details. I'm open to help others as their personal medical guide.

Greg C Nov 19, 2018

I had Hepatitis C for 28 years. I took EPCULUSA 1 pill a day, for 3 months. Due to trying the interferon remedy in 1990's. So for that the treatment was a bit longer. I really was able to do all same activities during treatment of EPCLUSA. I am now in the 0 detection of Hepatitis C. What I feel is so amazing. My mind is clear, I am able to see on a daily basis how my body & mind are clearing up & repairing. I have more energy, my self care is daily. My depressive state of mind is subsiding, I'm a true miracle. I am no longer afraid. I live alcohol & drug free due to gratitude of Hepatitis C cure. I hope this is helpful to at least 1. Your not Alone.

Kimberlee D Nov 10, 2018

my story starts in 97 when i was first diagnosed with genotype 3 back then they only had inteferon but i couldnt afford it so i just kept working. Hep c turned intoliver cancer in 2010 i finally got new liver in 2015 however it i was told had a mild case of hep c. Some two years later after they are sure cancer wasnt back they gave me epclusa and ribiviran for 3 months it came back within a month , Then some 6 months later i get approved for vosevi i took it for 3 months hep c back within month. Im wondering if six months might have did it? Im starting to think im one of those that nothing will work on. Does anyone have any Good advice? Thanks jay carsboat84@yahoo.com

jay bunch Nov 9, 2018

anybody having adverse outcome to their liver or kidneys following Havroni Tx?

linda r Nov 2, 2018

Hi im 65yrs old geo 3 F2 hi viral load fibroscan ok.didnt feel too bad pre treatment iv started my 10th week,starying to get hot weather now fimd it.knocks me around plus headaches an nausea sometimes noticed feet get puffy a bit.if i do.any outside.work ,i feel like stopping tx atm suppose to wait 12 weeks after tx to get tested which i think is bit cruel as i have read of people getting very sick poste tx.thanks

Oct 31, 2018

Hello, IAM Allwyn since I was injecting brown sugar and various pain killers and also have many tattoos , I was regularly testing my liver functions..8/9 yrs back the test showed positive hep c. Geno type 3 . I panicked after seeing the reports... But then I knew I will not die that easily.. I prayed..I was helpless..fearfull...confused...frustrated...depressed...self condeming...felt hopeless.. I did not wanted to die.. As I allways did free hand excerises at home I continued everyday sweating it out for 45/50/60 minutes 24/7 ... I believed I'll heal myself through God.. I quit drugs and alcohol for more than 3 yrs.. Ate less non veg..drank more water ..water theraphy...regular...vitamin C...and B.complex vitamin...I took 3000 mg. Of vitamin C .tab 500 mg each...3 times a day... I ate green bannanas everyday, drank butter milk, not curds..drank sugar cane juices everyday.. I waited 5/6 yrs for the advanced treatment of pills named sovaldi and sofusvebor combination for 3 months 2 tabs per day I took them in the morning.. I never discountinued free hand excerises yet.. I had isomania , then still suffering from fatigue , I feel depressed , I cry at times alone..my girlfriend left me after using me..for 3 yrs plus...she drived me mad and crazy and sick..negative energy very bad..I felt cheated, lied, betrayed, degraded, humiliated , embarest, ashamed, worthless, helpless, lonely, sucidle, hopeless..and resentfull, furiuos, rage, voilent , bad trip and bad scenes...people become selfish..they become ungratefull..etc etc..v cannot help it..we cannot change anyone but our ownselves...the verst in my entire life..anyways... It's ok I think for reality isn't fare , Thought and felt God has his plans , and my plans never ever work.. One day at a time I help myself and my old sick bed ridden father who is 76 yrs old ,he had a stroke a year back..he is paralized from the left side..and my great mother who is 72 yrs old , her knees are worn out , but she does not want to replace her knees..she is fearfull of it...We three with a sweet pet , kizza , my cat.my babe...we live in harmony even though there are heavy ego clashes...yet we are one a bond which would never break..love and care ..hope every hep c infected be cured and live again a healthy life and be gratefull...

Allwyn B Oct 25, 2018

I am a "walking, talking miracle", according to Hepatologists, as I am apparently amongst the 2-10% of lucky ppl whom have COMPLETELY eradicated the Hep C virus from my body within 10 months of contracting it, AU NATURELLE!!! I was also an alcoholic so the odds should not have generally been in my favour, however, as soon as i was diagnosed, **I WENT ON A BEETROOT & CARROT JUICE DIET!** i drank litres of it each day & am still 100% clear, 8 yrs after!! I also believe that doctors are synthesising a cure from the blood of such ppl as myself. Therefore, cld it then be said that our blood wld simply cure others infected, if they are to catch within first 12-24 months?? You be the judge!!! LOVE & LIGHT!!! XxxX

Lana D Oct 17, 2018

In 1968 I was diagnosed with " Infectious HEPATITIS'' and popped in the hospital for 28 days. My stools had turned LIGHT GRAY and my urine was red, and I was so weak my room-mate had to drive me to the doctor who almost immediately called a taxi to get me to the hospital. The first questions asked me were, "What type birth control do you take?" And "Have you been on drugs?" My answers to both were, "NONE" . And, at age 30, I was still a virgin. (my Religion was very important to me.) During those 28 days and for a long time after I had many bilirubin tests. Anyone who had been kissing me or anyone who had come in close contact with me all had to get those glamagobulin shots. No fun! As I got better, I begged the doctor to write it up as my having mono so that I could continue to donate blood. He would not do it, claiming I could NEVER again donate blood for the rest of my life. What I am getting at is, 5 years ago my doctor in Florida said there is no way I ever had hepatitis or it would show in my blood stream today. It does not. I had 2 other docors test me and learned the first one knew what he was telling me was true. At this time I am always free to donate blood provided I have not visited any of limits (for health reasons) country. I do love traveling including to mission countries that may not be considered safe health wise. But, isn't it something that in 1968 the diagnosis was so different.!! What I am geting at is that just 5 years

MONA R Oct 1, 2018

Hi there, been almost 5 years when I was UD. My geno type 3 took 6 months solvadi (sp?) and ribivrian which I got sick twice a day for the whole treatment. I worked and played racquetball thru it all. Stuck to the dosage schedule and was free of the dragon with little liver damage. “ Plan your dive and dive your plan” A year ago last Christmas I had a burst aneurism = 19 days in neuro ICU. God spared me from death and disability. I am back playing league racquet ball and 100% recovered to my old self . 67 yrs young. Very blessed. So are you...

D B Sep 26, 2018

I will start treatment for hep c shortly. I've had hep b I know the facts about its chance of reactivation with the treatment of direct acting antiviral epclusa both during and after treatment with this preparation. A chance I will take. Living with hep c is is not an option I have to eradicate this virus and go on with my life.

Donald M Sep 26, 2018

I am 19 years old girl... I am recently diagnosed hepatitis C.. but I don't know and I am still thinking how I get HCV into my blood stream... I haven't started my treatment but it gone a be soon started...I don't know it will be 100% cured or not.But I have faith on Allah Almighty... He won't let any thing wrong to me

Sep 20, 2018

I was diagnosed by receiving a letter from the health board on new years eve 2000. My doctor was out of town. I was an IV drug user throughout 70's but I was one of the few who had success beating my addiction after 21 months in a methadone program. My counselor saved my life on more than one occasion. I finally was accepted in a research study in 2011 which consisted of the old standard of care of Ribaviron pills(a lot of them) and Interferon injections along with the study drug, a protease inhibitor called Telaprevir. I was called on April 10th 2012, after months of intense sucking, and was told I was virus free. The worst part of the tx was the anemia. If I didn't know the poison in me was making me feel the way I felt, I would of been sure I was dying. Hang in there people. I'm rooting for all of you. I beat cancer in 2016 also. Somebody up there likes me, for some reason. God is good!

Victor H Sep 20, 2018

I have hep c and abnormal hep b core antibodies with reactive surface antigens. I have no doubt where I pick these two abnormalities, iv drug use. I was always hit with double trouble when discrepancies in social norms where affected in and around my life. My advice to anybody knowingly goes in for this life it doesn't help to close your eyes the out come can and will open your eyes to a world of heartache and pain not only to self but to people in your life but people in your future or future?

Donald M Sep 15, 2018

You might say I grew up with hep c. I was a addict. I need no further explanation why or how hep c entered my life. Much wiser now and for a long time too about using needles I still am left with this virus. I'm getting help from the Dr that ordered the screening I will know very soon about my treatment options. I have family support but need more info into more detail about this disease. Education ends ignorance Thank you.

Donald M Sep 12, 2018

Been sick with hep c for five years I have no appetite my guts hurt I hardly even eat anything I just throw it up I'm always sick I have lost so much weight I'm just bones now my life sucks daily I don't know what to do for relief anymore I feel like I'm going to die on a daily basis I'm trying to get medical thc card but it's to costly I wish my insurance card cover so relief I feel like I'm just waiting to die everyday I live in cape Coral FL I'm trying to get SSI but keep getting denied I feel like a forgotten American can somebody help me point me in the right direction for some relief please

Joshua C. Sep 3, 2018

Im 65 yrs old geno 3 F1 felt ok before treatment epclusa im on day 6 hasnt been too bad bit of anxiety, i had ringing in ears on friday told liver nurse advised me to go to bed now its monday and i cant hear anything in right ear, ive never had ear problems before starting tx, i think i wont take anymore, rang liver nurse said she never heard of anyone having ear ringing (tinningitis )!! Yes im worried big time hope its not too late to stop these pills before something else stuffs up.

David W Aug 27, 2018

I had Hep C genotype one for forty years. I was diagnosed in 2000. I went through two treatments with no success. I finally was cured with Harvoni and Ribivarin. I went to a liver specialist a couple of weeks ago and had a fibroscan. It showed liver damage but the doctor said if I watch what i’m doing it probably will not get worse for quite awhile. I will still get a ultrasound once a year to make sure. I am watching my diet and no alcohol at all. I am 67 years old and want to be here for my grandchildren to know their grampa as I never had a chance to know mine. Good luck to all.

Roland G Aug 24, 2018

First diagnosed with Hep C late ‘90s. Denied treatment thru early 2000’s. I am 66. May 2018 decided to seek treatment with Epclusa. Type 3a, viral lode 10,600,000. After 4 weeks viral load 70 ,still elavated enzymes. Got discouraged. Tested 2 weeks later, no hep c detected! 3 more weeks to go. I read a lot of negative info about side effects but I experienced only slight headaches. Lots of water helps. Worth the treatment. Do not be swayed from treatment by internet info. Make a decision based on what you want your life to be moving forward. Best of life to all.

Richard L Aug 1, 2018

Hello, I am 20 years out of hard core addiction. 52 year old female. I have hepatitis c type 3. Went for testing finally ready to face it. Perfect numbers across the board with an F0 and absolutely no scarring. Fatty liver is my only issue. All of my blood work from diabetes to cholesterol... Everything perfect. I am 25 pounds overweight, living a low carbs lifestyle but couldn't lose these last 25 pounds. I believe this helped me maintain amazing health. Some may disagree, I am walking proof. Two years ago based on amazing health, I wouldn't of been eligible to even receive care for my hepatitis because my panels are amazing (praise God )but today I was offered it. Doctors said I'd probably fall into the category of those who die of old age with no issues. Another shout out to God. I started the Mavyret so afraid on Friday three days ago, and was so fearful. Followed the directions and literally not one side effect. I did feel a tiny headache which went away with a lot of water drinking and some tiredness but I was so used to being tired from this disease, honestly it may not even be the medication. I got up today realizing if a side effect was coming. I'd of had it. Please! Please! Do not be afraid. If you can get it. Get it. Just eat a really good meal before you take your daily dose and drink fluids. I hate straight water so I got tons of Gatorade. I was so afraid. Not anymore! Just praying I'm one of the 95 percent who get that cured panel in another 7 weeks. Be strong! Do it! God bless

M G Jul 29, 2018

I was told in 1996 that I had Hepatitis C at that time the doctor that told me that there was going to be a treatment and it was a chemotherapy treatment just like they give Cancer patients. Sometime later my doctor sent me to U.C.L.A, for treatment and after the third day, I had to stop because I was never so sick in my life and they told me I could not continue with the treatment. I thought I was just going to get sick and die. As time went on I never got sick and a few years ago I was going to a new doctor who checked my Liver with a blood test that took eight bottles of blood and came back NO Hepatitis C and he did another one a month later and nothing....

Mike G Jul 27, 2018

Hi. Im 65yrs old geno 3 still F1 fibroscan high VL in mills recently diagnosed copd, i was considering epclusa tx but i think having copd with the treatment would put too much strain on my body, iv heard a side effect of epclusa is shortness of breath and nausea, i already struggle to have few hrs sleep a night, seems to me older you are and how long been infected makes big difference on tx, any thoughts appreciated thanks.

David W Jul 21, 2018

Have gotten sick as always with respiratory infection due to copd had been loosing weight without trying, but lots pain when ate or drank liquids, started drinking 16oz of java monsters 3 or 4 daily just for energy ,which still cause bloating and pain give up went back dr sent me for xray thinking pain was pneumonia. She did order several blood test for my age group of a 57yr old woman. Asked if wanted tested for hep c said might as well also had ordered ultrasound of liver .10 days later told I have hep c need see a specialist said ok also had double inguinal hernias killing me that needed surgery done on day get my surgery scheduled the day I go see liver transplant Dr. Seen surgeon on Tuesday and liver Dr on Friday thaw day I seen him he wants more blood tests done and scheduled EGD done on me Monday morning. This was June 11th 2018 meds ordered but today still having trouble with insurance thru Illinois State approve of any meds over a month later Dr has cancelled appt to hear results from blood work and biopsies from esophagus told daughter lungs bad bad feel like I'm being tortured by Dr's and insurance all my efforts to try get treatment started I hit set backs . Was told hep c 1a is what have only thing I know about what I'm dealing with is this website, no one has explained much of anything to me. trying to keep a good outlook going but it's getting very frustrating to keep it with All the set backs and still unknown testing results. Thank God my family is my rock right now or is have nervous breakdown, but still have bad days want feel sorry for myself and just quit Dr's appts all together. Had reschedule hernia operation because told surgeon of hep c diagnosis delayed till she got my tests results I yet not know results my self .finally got surgery for hernias Monday dealing with this pain now with meds that have acetaminophen in it which causing liver pain calling to see if get a different pain med with ibuprofen instead . Praying things start going where I m not so confused on where I go from here !!!!!

Melynn P Jul 18, 2018

I treated the hepatitis in 2006 my pcr is not detected but there are few froblems i have 1 heart burning 2 feet burning 3 weight gain 4 skin diseases what reason??? give me in formaformation

Salim M. Jul 16, 2018

My name is Elfreda,2011 I was diagnosed with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. I didn't take treatment until 2018 when I fell ill and the series of test shows that my liver is already at risk of cirrhosis. Immediately I started taking Silybon tablet.it is made up of milk thistle. I got cured of hepatitis c in 1month. But I am still positive of hepatitis B because I couldn't afford the treatment,and there is no prove of any plant that can cure it yet. I really want to be totally free. I think positive attitude counts in the healing process and silybon is the cure.

Elfreda C Jul 11, 2018

I have hep C forty yrs, In the beginning it was BAD. Then I didn't even know i had it, I took MilkThistle Like it was my Saviour for about 15 or 20 yrs, I really do think it helped. I don't drink and i I contribute that to being Alive today. I am 70 now and it hurts Bad now , I get sick a lot, I no sooner start feeling a little better and i am sick again, so of course the Depression sets in thats awful SICK + DEPRESSED, I HAD TEST WITH MY BLOOD and my number are in the six digits, not good at all I am amnesiac

BARBARA Mc Jun 30, 2018

I got diagnosed with help 4 yrs ago from sharing a needle and 3 yrs ago I was put on hurvani and in 90 days 100.000 dollar later it was gone thank God I been to rehab and today I've been clean for 90 days and still hep c free don't ever use needles if u do use clean ones all the time.AMEN!!!

Mark K. Jun 26, 2018

I was told in August 2017 that I had Hep C after a routine blood test during a physical. I started Epclusa in February for 12 weeks. After the first month I was tested and told there was no sign of the virus in my blood.. It's been 1 1/2 month since I finished the Epclusa treatment. I had some slight headaches during treatment , the worst side effect was some short term memory loss and sometimes confusion. I go back for testing at the end of August and hopefully all is good. I think having a positive attitude really helps so just keep your chin up while going through everything.

Lee M Jun 26, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hep. C - 2 in late June 2017 after having Mono for three weeks. I contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion in 1984 from a surgery. I took Mavyret for 8 weeks and am now cured. I had minimal side effects from the Mavyret, but I was tired. I felt the stigma that comes with Hepititus. My hometown GP sent me to http://www.cpmc.org/advanced/liver/ to see Dr. Merriman. I believe I received the best care in Northern Calif. and am very fortunate. The weight gain is a battle now and I’m trying to avoid diabetes. What a shock this Hep diagnosis was. Best of luck to all of you, I don’t know if the after effects will ever be over. I am sorry to read of your struggles but believe that you can be healthy again.

Donna H Jun 24, 2018

Contacted Hep C in 1980. At the time told it was Hep B. Became ill and put on 60 lbs of water weight in 2010. I knew that it must be my liver. Found out I had Hep C geno type 3 and not Hep B. I decided to ride it out and let it kill me. Until December of 2015 I was a heavy alchohol drinker and drug user. I went to the doctor, suffering from Portal Vein Hypertension, to get meds and by the grace of god, she talked me into treatment. Within 2 months I was on Solvaldi and Ribofiran. It took 6 months to eradicate the Hep C and cure me. BUT the damage that was done to my liver and stomach veins was major and I don't think reversable. Needless to say, I no longer drink AT ALL, NOT ONE DROP or take drugs besides high blood pressure meds. I felt really good after the cure for about a year but now I feel not so good. I am sure it is the damage to my liver that is progressing. I will fight this thru with diet and a clean life. Thank You.

Dell W Jun 24, 2018

Hi I'm 57, female I used Iv' drugs at 18 years, I also crushed strong pain killers, threw Iv' My first tests results told of liver damage, although they had no info about it' 37 years later I have Liver cirrhosis hep c' Geno type 3', I refused treatment, it's not a path I wanted to take, with also having other medical problems I feel it may have caused other problems. I get pain in both my liver & spleen, my tummy is extended, I have bleeds, infections are hard to fight ,I also have hypertension, astmatic & Diverticulitis disease, angina, water retensio.

Tinakrista F Jun 24, 2018

Hello my name is Lynn, I had hep-c gene type 1 for many years and didn't know it until it was almost to late.... I became very sick suffering an extremely swollen liver throwing up anything I ate. Fever , you name it I went through it.. It waz pure hell. I had a horrible strain pneumonia and the only reason they found it in the hospital was by accident. I had x-rays of my stomach and lower back. My Dr, thank God saw a corner of my lung in the x-ray and immediately kept me there for almost a month.. The pneumonia was not responding very well to a very strong IV antibiotic cocktail.. They kept me very sedated and I don't remember alot of it but finally I was able to go home but my hep-c was at a viral load of well over 7 million and I felt like death was close but I couldn't accept that.. Finally I heard about a cure "Harvoni" I didn't have insurance and was denied disability over and over again.. It felt like a loosing battle.. I was so scared but not ready to give up the fight.. I finally found a place through close friends who I reconnected with on FB and they told me about "Support Path" With the help of my dear sister and Dr We filled out the application and praise God I qualified!!!!! I got the 3 month course of medicine that normally cost over 100.000 dollars.. Yes you heard it right 100k for this life saving medication... I took the 3 month course and my next hep-c test WAS 0 VIRAL LOAD!!!!! IT WORKED!!!! OMG WE CRYED TEARS OF JOY WE LAUGHED WE CELEBRATED!!! I got my 2nd chance at life!!! A miracle for sure.. Thank you Dr.Oats and Support Path for saving my life... I still have a few health issues but no longer have hep-c!!!!!!!! Thank you God... I Really think everyone that is in there mid 40's on up should get tasted just to be on the safe side.. I'm now 55 years old and back when we were young they didn't test blood or blood products for hepatitis at all... Please take the test.. It's a very simple test... It could save your life.. Thank you for reading my story... God bless, Lynn xoxox

LYNN B Jun 23, 2018

Hi . I’m 48 and have had hep c since 1992. Has a bad iddiction. Have my life together now and have custody of 4 year old grandson. I need to be healthy for me to be there for him . I want to live . He starts school this year and I’m gonna start treatment. I’m so very scared .reading all these miracles have gave me hope . Update as soon as I know something. Thank all you guys for your stories. It has really help me be serious about this .

Jessica S Jun 21, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hep C Genotype 1A in Oct. 2016. Most likely contracted in the Summer of that year. AST was above 1300 at diagnosis. My GI Dr. wanted to monitor for a while to see if I could clear the virus on my own. It seemed it might clear it because my viral load went very low. But then it spiked a few months later. Then low again, then spiked again. He decided I should begin treatment with Harvoni in December 2017. But first ran some extra blood tests to assess the amount of liver fibrosis because the insurance company would want to know. He was shocked to find I was at Stage 4 (final stage) in such a short amount of time (1 year). Apparently, in rare cases, some individuals have extreme rapid progression of liver fibrosis with HCV. Something to do with being over 50, a moderate drinker in the past, fatty liver, and contracting HCV from a person co-infected with HIV. I was one of those unlucky persons. At the same time, I was switching insurance companies for 2018. So, on Jan 1, 2018, I got the ball rolling right away with the new provider letting them know I was Stage 4 and we had to move fast. They took tons and tons of blood tests (40+ tubes). They did a liver UltraSound and a liver MRI. Found no cirrhosis and cleared me to begin Harvoni in Feb 2018. Three weeks into the treatment, I was undetectable for HCV, liver function normal. They decided to also do an Elastography (fancy UltraSound) to assess the fibrosis again. They said I was now at Stage 3. I completed treatement one month ago and still undetectable for now. They are going to check again at 3 and 6 months. They will also want to do a yearly UltraSound to look small possibility of liver Cancer. But said if I eat right, don't drink alcohol, my liver should be fine for the rest of my life. I read cases where fibrosis can regress over time, but my Dr said not to count on it. If you have been diagnosed with Hep C, don't wait. Get in the care of a good Dr quickly. This is serious stuff that will kill you if you put it off.

Mark Grisez Jun 18, 2018

Rite nw m da suvivor of Hcv from pass one month

Jun 16, 2018

M a survivor of Hcv from pass 2month

Khelly Nong Jun 16, 2018

check out www.fixhepc.com. It worked for me.

Marie D. Jun 14, 2018

I was told I have hepatitis C by my doctors 3 months ago . Plus I was testing positive by blood work tuberculosis .. plus a mass on my breast and thyroid .. I will be starting treatment for hep c few months . After signs showing no trace of hep c get to start another very expensive medicine for tuberculosis . Meanwhile. Test after test . The medication for tuberculosis is very harmful on the liver . I’m getting my liver cured. Sometimes I want to give up .. but I know to keep going I can’t discuss my health to the norm because they back off thing they can get both of my disease . What Idiots I want to thank each one of you who wrote about your experience.. it helps to know we are strong

Wanda C Jun 11, 2018

Hello dears I have been tested with hepatitis b positive since December last year and remain right now but the doctors told me that no cure for it and IAM now worry for my liver how can I get rid of it ? please help me I have the following symptoms 1.abdominal pain too much 2.tired 3.nassa/ almost to vomiting but not 4.too paining under the lower right of my rib

Clement K. Jun 9, 2018

Well here goes. I’ve had hep c since the 70’s. After two failed treatments I finally got the Harvoni treatment and am pleased to say I have been clear for 3 years now. Although I did some drinking in my life along with hep c I now have severe liver damage. I undergo an ultra sound every six months and blood tests too. Now I have to go to a liver specialist next week. I am really scared that the liver may be worse than I expected. If you are posting on this site my advice to you is get your treatment ASAP. Quit drinking alcohol, slow down on salt, quit drugs, and do anything you can to prolong the damage to your liver. I am really tired of all of the problems associated with hep c. I read on the net that liver transplants are a very serious and invasive. Recovery Is sometimes a year or longer. Rejection is quite common and not something to take casually. I hope I don’t have to go through that too. Peace be with you brothers and sisters, I pray for you please pray for me. Love to you.

Roland G Jun 5, 2018

Hi I live in Ireland I was told I had hep c when I was 20 years old. Gino type one. Im 45 now and was ment to start on treatment back in March of this year but I was told just b4 I started the medication I was told I cleared the virus by myself.but my partner is on the medication now and doing great.has this happened to anyone else iv all the systems of the hep c virus. I've been tested twice and the doctor,s are saying that the virus is gone from my body is this possible.please can anyone help me understand this thank you.xxxx

mandy t Jun 4, 2018

I was told over 20years ago I had hep c I was about to get the wonder drug but just before I was ment to be started the liver clinc told me that some how I have not got hep c and they can't find the virus in my body now and all I can say is the only thing that I took was milk tisele iv had two blood tests done since and they told me they can't find the virus in my body.I was gino type one but I can feel my body getting rid of the hep c it's like my body is going through a detox getting what's left of this virus.so in my eye and personal experience milk tisle done something to my liver all I can say is my hepatitis virus is no longer in my body but my hep doctor told me that yes I would be going through some sort of detox after 20 odd years of Having hep c in my body. I hope my story can help someone else.

Wendy A May 29, 2018

I nearly fell off my chair when I was diagnosed with HepC Geno type 3 back in early 2016... Truth be known I had a feeling I’d probably got it as I’d been so low down the scale I’d done things on a relapse after multiple years clean it could be nothing short of a miricle if I didn’t have it.... Anyway - I was clean again & had pulled up some courage too take care of my health both physically & mentally. I was told there was nothing available at the time for the Geno type 3 which had a high enough success rate & that given my history of depression & being so early in my recovery from the drug & alchol relapse I was not fit for Inteferon. Just wait a year I was told new drugs are coming on trials all the time. FF a year and I was put forward for Mavaryet... I just got my 3 months post treatment results yesterday and I’m still “ VIRUS NON DETECTED” For anyone out there worried with Geno type 3 this treatment has been nothing short of a miricle & all I had was fatigue - mentally I’ve been fine. Oh and I’m still clean.... onwards & upwards.

Tony M May 24, 2018

I was suffering from chronic hepatitis c , with viral load about 900000 , Genotype four ,now after taking sofosbuvir+ledipasvir for three months,my viral load is non detectable,and elevated SGOT,SGPT are normal, after six months there will be a another viral load test to check relapse or totally cure.

Jagbir S. May 22, 2018

Just wondering if anyone that took the cure(Harvoni) ? Had their hep c come back?? I went and asked for my blood work to be done as I told them I know it’s back and they said James u have been clear for over a year. No way it’s back unless u came in contact with it to which I said no contact I have no life so I don’t come in contact with anyone but I know my body and I can tell it’s back. So did blood test and bam. It’s back?it took my doc tooo many years to finally find out what I had. Sooo tired and sore. Tried many things. To no avail then the harvoni it worked or so I thought now the same ole shit I’m tired of hurting and not being able to do anything I was so active before no I can barely get the energy to make coffee was taking valerian root for sleep chromium for diabetic could that make this come back?? Anyways not looking for a aw poor guy just tired get mad when I wake up. Don’t wanna be here. Hope no one else has had this come back after being told You r vured?

James N. May 21, 2018

I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE REGARDING THE NEWLY DISCOVERED FORM OF HEPATITIS I read about the research regarding a new form of hepatitis. I have had hepatitis symptoms since March 2006 when I received a blood transfusion in the Philippines after a serious accident in which I lost a lot of blood. I have been sick with the symptoms of a serious hepatitis like infection ever since. Subsequent blood tests showed that I am negative for hepatitis B and C, but I was exposed to hepatitis E, which is self limiting. However, I have never recovered from this illness. In fact, I have been sick on virtually a daily basis ever since then. Liver specialists here in Seattle tell me that there is nothing they can do for me. My liver enzymes are always elevated and I have the other symptoms of a chronic hepatitis C infection. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Loran

Loran F May 18, 2018

Changed my life

May 18, 2018

67 yes old got very sick about 25 yrs ago diagnosed with Hep C. #s were really high. Changed my diet, no drinking.#s Improved a bunch. Went thru 12 weeks of interfurion & riboflavin got down to 1 meld score. Because of my age the Dr recommended a transplant. I had very bad cirrhosis & fatty liver. Went & interviewed hospitals got accepted to Baylor Dallas. On the list over 10 yrs, got on Harvoni, doing really well, got liver cancer which was cured imidiatly. Put top of the list had my transplant the eve I took my last dose of Harvoini. It will be 3 yrs. Sept I am Hep C free, perfect liver. Feel great! Gained weight & am trying to lose it now. Weight gain is from lack of exercise, my opinion. LOVE HARVOINI!!

Sally H May 16, 2018

I've had hepatitis C about 8 years now my number stayed at a non alarming rate. Keep in mind when the doctor told me my numbers I never understood what they meant. However it came across to a great doctor that I have I would be a great candidate for harvoni since my numbers are not that high she said I would only need 8 weeks of treatment. I've had my final blood test in my account is at zero which is wonderful now in October she said they will blood test me one more time and that will be the final time but don't let nobody for you out there you can re get it. Yes I will not lie I got mine from injecting heroin however what is on the rise today is people getting it from using dollar bills straws and sharing with others if you are ever going to sniff something make sure you have your own straw to not use money it's disgusting and do not use anything of anyone else's under any circumstances. I'm so humble State paid $60,000 each month I was on it which was for two months this drug is a miracle

Lala G May 15, 2018

I most likely contacted Hep C when I was a teenager and using drugs intravaneously. I don't remember ever having any symptoms. Thankfully I quit drugs in my teens and resumed life, not knowing I was infected. Fast forward about 18 years later, I decide to donate some blood. A month later I received a letter from donation place, saying I tested positive for hep C antibodies and to make appointment with doctor. About 3 blood tests later, it was confirmed I had hep C. They did a fibroscan on my liver, showed fibrosis and scarring. My doctor decided that I needed treatment to prevent further liver damage. I was so scared and anxious at this point, I thought I was going to die. Thankfully I have good medical insurance. Was able to start Harvoni medical treatment. I was told without insurance, Harvoni is $1000 a pill! I started treatment in early December. My viral load went down QUICKLY. I was officially virus free in February. In August had one last blood test. Confirmed that I was officially hep C free! I was so happy. A year later, doctor wants my liver checked again. Had second fibroscan. My liver has improved and is now actually healthy! I abstain from alcohol and try to eat healthy and be active. I'm so grateful for science and medical technology.

Emily E May 13, 2018

diagnosed in 96, probably was infected around 1980ish. now, may 2018, after 12 weeks of epclusa i am virus free. HISTORY / my viral load had been up in the millions (maybe billions?) / my infection was group/genome 2 / i waited until medical advances gave me a treatment i could actually manage / my liver showed fatty tissue but no more than that / i used milkthistle in the teas i brewed and drank regularly / aside from a few years of vodka cocktails surrounding my husband's illness and subsequent death in 2013 i really only enjoy wine occasionally. CURRENT FOCUS / my curiosity now is centered around how my body is changing now that it doesnt have the virus?

May 13, 2018

I contracted Hepatitis C in 2015, Most likely from Iv drug use, but i can't rule out tattoos, Dentist. Ext. After A very long fight i got prescribed Harvoni. I got cured I still continued to use heroin,crack/cocaine not giving a crap thinking i was fixed, long story short i contracted it again, your probably thinking wow what an idiot, drugs will make you make very bad decisions, Well i got very lucky after months and months of fighting with doctors and insurance companies trying to explain i'm sober, im clean I got approved for mavryet. I Am so grateful to get this opportunity, I thank God, it wouldn't of happened any other way. Just started my new medication im on week 2 now. I feel grateful knowing the success rate is very high . No more drugs or unsafe acts for me! God Bless! Don't give up!

Joseph R May 10, 2018

In 1999 I was told by the VA That I had Hep C And that made me a little mad but in 2003-04 VA gave me 49 week treatment, I lost 80 pounds and was vary very sick, but hep c was gone but in 6 months it was back. Then in 2013-14 VA did it again for another 49 weeks, And I lost another 70 pounds and thought I was going to die, I was so sick, but in 6 months hep c came back, so I thought was it I'll just die because I won't go thru another treatment like that. Then I fell and broke 8 ribs on my right side and I could not hardly get my breath, that was October 2014. Then in Jan. 2015 VA again said they want me to do another treatment & I said no, I will not go thru another treatment like that. The VA said it was called Harvoni and it would not make me sick, I thought sure I thought they were lying to me again, but I said I would try it but if I start getting sick I was going to quit the treatment, But 6 weeks later in April 2015 the teatment was done and Hep C was gone, They check my blood every 6 months And about 1 month ago I had my by yearly check up and still no sign of Hep C , So that Harvoni worked well, but I was told that those pills are very very expensive.

John B May 3, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1993. Back then they hadn't dealt with this virus. I did a year on Interferon with no success. I got really sick in 2011 and did 48 weeks of Victrelis, interferon, and Riboviron. I was clear of the virus after 12 weeks but It didn't kill the Hep C. In 2014 I did 12 weeks of Sovaldi and Riboviron. Again, the virus came back. in 2016 I did Harvoni and Riboviron for 12 weeks. Again the virus came back. In 2017 I did 12 weeks of Vosevi and halfway through my doctor added Riboviron. It was a Success, I am clear of Hep C after 3 months from treatment. My message is-- don't give up, there is hope. You can be cured. Good luck

Daniel L Apr 25, 2018

I contracted Hepatitis C genotype A1 in mid 2012 during the my final months of active addiction. Living with this virus has been tough. I discovered I had the Hep c in 2014. Recovering from my addiction at the same time, being who I was, very paranoid, obsessive, i researched and diagnosed myself with a number of things associated with hep c. I amplified what little, if any symptoms I had into life and death scenarios. Liver cancer, cirrhosis, etc.. all things I might expect at the 35th year, not the 3rd. I think part of me romanticized the idea of dying an early and tragic death. I’m glad I moved past that. This is my sixth year with hepatitis C. I’ve grown a lot, healing mentally and growing spiritually everyday. I’m learning how to have friends, and have healthy relationships. I’m Learning how to be a human, and it’s worth the effort. I don’t drink, use drugs, smoke, use caffeine, or eat crappy food. I don’t even entertain myself with my phone, tv or music. I’m 100 percent focused on improvement, spirit, and my fellow man. Now if I could only get rid of this monkey on my liver... life’s good guys. Don’t waste it. Fight for it. We only have today, we only have each other. And we are pretty great.

Apr 24, 2018

I have Hep C geno 3 most likely for 54 years 1st time liver was elevated was in 1969 I'm at stage 2 I think I'm holding up pretty good. I'm 67 years old I have not drank are used drugs for 35 years. I have been through treatment 2 times the past 3 years both failed. Feel pretty good now that I'm juicing beets, carrots, celery and a bit of apple every morning. No red meat. Fish, chicken and as much food with omega 3 as possible. Milk thistle and turmeric 2 a day. I stay thin I do not over eat and make my liver work its butt off. I have found that I don't need to be pig to stay healthy. I spend as much time I can in the presents of the Lord. That's is the real reason I think I'm only at stage 2 after 54 years. Waiting to see if they find a cure for geno type 3 let me know if you hear of any breakthrough type 3. I think I m doing pretty good. As man thinks in his heart so he is. Blessings Bob

Robert C Apr 21, 2018

I have recently tested positive for Hep C....through extended testing it has been determined that it is an acute infection, my viral load is so small (120) that they cannot determine anything right now...so, we wait. I was told we would retest in 6 months, by then it will/should be chronic and able to be genotyped or should have cleared on it's own. I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette every single day. Spin the Barrell, Pull the trigger......will today be the day it goes BANG!!!!! ??? What a Nightmare!

Scared Stupid Apr 20, 2018

I was diagnosed with hep c virus, 3 years ago from the V.A. I wasn't in pain nor did I have any noticeable sytems.. Skip forward to NOW.... My moms a nutritionist -- homeopathic, natural cure advocate. So she put together a very regimental & aggressive nutrion plan for me!!! First , diet.. She introduced me to eat right for your Blood type. By Dr ( peter J. D' Adamo ) = 4 types of Blood. O, B, A, AB. Each Blood type has certain foods that are beneficial or avoid, for each person's Blood type.. Get the information. Make it a life style, it will improve your health in most if not all areas. It works I am living proof. This is my testimony.. NOW let's go into micro nutrition.. Probiotics.. Antioxidants.. Vitamins.. Minerals.. Liver cleanse & detox.. Water hydration.. Exercise..First Probiotics are essential for optimum health, they destroy the bad flora in our stomachs a must have, 7 strand minimum.. Our immune system is in our gut, so keep that area healthy & clean.. Antioxidants , are free radical destroyers. Free radicals destroy healthy cells and promote disease. There are many antioxidants, the best are vitamin --- C, E, Alpha lipoic acid wich is universal, meaning it synergistically helps & improves other antioxidants to become multiple & stronger. Again these are just a couple of antioxidants there are many.. Other vitamins you should have. Vitamin C. You must supplement our body dosent make it & if you smoke more than likely you are C deficient. Theses are are all good to take & you should, D, B- complex, glutathione, selenium, Co q 10, zinc, omega oil, all types, Amino acids, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Non flush Niacin, Multi- Vitamin. Not to overwhelm anyone, Ill stop here. Keep in mind, there are alot more in good health food stores. Also all people are different, so please do you research, you'll find Whats best for you. I am in no way selling or pushing this knowledge on anyone. So please read, research. Be safe. Doctors are not nutritionist, & most dont know or support my way of life. Good luck. May you find happiness & great health.I was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cirrhosis, with a very high viral load. I thought I would die soon, or before I wanted.. 3 months on a strict regimental program. I had my test & blood work done from the V.A. I was stunned as were the Doctors. My hep c is undetectable, No viral load, & my stage 3 cirrhosis is completely gone. My lver enzymes were. 4. True testimony. God Bless.

Robert H. Apr 20, 2018

I know it is hard to find the doctors who care enough to help u get the right treatment for you but since I have moved to my.pleasant Michigan my doctor goes above and beyond if you ever want to be heathy again and plan on moving here email me and I will be happy to help meet all the right doctors.

Jimmy M Apr 15, 2018

I recently was diagnosed with hep c. Not sure how I got it, could have been from getting a tattoo or drug use. Today is my first day on Mavret. I don't have symptoms except for my belly being swollen. I'm trying to eat healthy and can't wait to rid my body of this horrible disease.

Lori B Apr 14, 2018

After reading a few of the stories I feel very lucky to have fallen into the circumstances the way I did. To be honest, I feel ungrateful after the few stories I did read. However, I came across one story “Anonymous” about a heroin addict who contracted genotype 3 but has had no luck in finding treatment. I just turned 30 and I’ve been off heroin for 2 years. I started using drugs heavily in high school and moved to IV opiates in college. I contracted Hep.C Genotype 3 (sharing points) at 27yrs old when I moved back home to Jackson, MS. Obviously, I was unaware at the time but after moving to Dallas 6 months later, I found out. I ended up needing money bad (Heroin’s a B;!ch) so I tried selling my plasma. The doctor called me the next day and I cried for about an hour sitting in my truck. It all finally caught up to me but the worst part was my dad was dying from liver cancer at the same time. It was like I could see my future and it shook me up pretty bad. Anyway, I had BlueCrossBlueShield of Mississippi health insurance. Which would not cover any medical costs while living in Texas. I had to move back home but it was a blessing in disguise. Watching my Dad die 2 months later gave me the strength to finally put down the needle. I was 28 and literally that next month Sovadbi and Daklinza, used to treat Genotype 3, started clinical trials. All I had to do was stay clean for 4 months and I could start the 3 month treatment.... So I contracted one of the rarest types of HepC in US. Then by chance found out about it 6 months later (I knew the girl who I contracted it from btw). Finally, one month after I moved home and quit using there was a cure, not previously available, for Hep.C Type 3. I think with BlueCross I paid $25 for each doc. visit and $5 for each of the three prescriptions. Without insurance Sovaldi alone was $85,000, 2 years ago. After the first 2 weeks my blood tests were negative and I never felt sick/weak over the whole 3 months. Negative to this day and much more grateful after hearing others' stories. Hope you find this and it helps, if only a little. -Jon Russell

Jon R. Apr 14, 2018

My story is I lost my husband June 11th 2017 due to hepatitis it was the most horrifying thing that I've ever witnessed. I never left his side to the day he took his last breath as for myself I get tested every 3 months because I was exposed to it so my hepatitis is showing up reactive so all I can do is take it day by day blood test by blood test but one thing is I can't stop living my life because this disease. It is curable so please get tested and do something about it don't let this disease kill you and take you from your family and your friends like it did my husband. I miss him terribly I think about him every morning and every night none of this is worth your life! Also if you know someone that has hepatitis whether it's your friend family member neighbor whoever please do not judge this person they need help not judgment! please get tested and treated! Amen

Kelly Webster Apr 9, 2018

I found out in 2004 2 years married she freaked I could not figure out how I contracted Hep c I did Interferon treatments for 6 months liken to Cancer Treatments Did not work Tried again 5 years later could not finish Then Harvoni 3 months into treatments Divorce 3 months later cured..

benjamin longe Mar 31, 2018

It's March 2018 right now. I just finished a 12 week course of Harvoni treatment. During the 3rd week of treatment the viral load was already clear in the lab work. I see the liver specialist again in 3 weeks to get the result of the second panel of bloodwork and viral load results and ultra sound. My first ultra sound pretreatment showed a liver with very little scars. I personally believe I have had HepC for about 40 years but it was inactive. Which kept me from ever knowing. Over the years many doctors told me my liver level was high but never suggested further testing or even said a word about HepC. In 2015 I noticed little changes, such as; skin itching, feeling tired, slight insomnia, fast weight gain that would not come off. I didn't understand it. I went to 8 different doctor's because none of them knew or even looked in-depthly. I went to my last doctor and told her. She was the only doctor that knew it was HepC and did lab work. I immediately went on treatment and here I am. I will be under the doctors watch for the next year to see if I stay HepC clear for 1 year. That's when I will have reached Sustained Virologic Response. Which means their is a 99% chance the Virus will not reactivate in my lifetime because the Genotype 1 virus has successfully been removed from me and considered cured. I will always carry the antibodies but has a 99% chance to stay in remission studies state. Harvoni is about $100,000. For a 12 week treatment. It has a 94% to 99% cure rate. Their is a year post Harvoni recovery from the antiviral drugs very strong clearing of the virus. Its nothing difficult during recovery. Right now I'm hopeful and I am with every person searching for healing. It's a process and I know it can feel lonely at times. People don't understand that have not been there. Seek your healing and work to improve the best you can. Thank you

Jem H. Mar 22, 2018

To begin with growing up the the 70’s, for me was a drug feast. I was living in a shooting gallery in a basement apt. With a group of fellow junkies, sharing one surenge and sharpening the needle with a match book striker, heroin, cocaine, speed. And barbiturates and more, heck we even shot up Methedone. Well it wasn’t long before my eyes were blood shot and my skin was yellow. Kind of hard to hide that. Doctor put me right into a Hospital for 3-4 weeks. Years later in the 90’s with Hep C still in my blood, my Doctor says he wants to try is new regiment to cure Hep C, little did I know it had infirm in it which made me very sickly, I’d rather shoot dope, but didn’t . So anyway still have some Hep C in the old blood and will be starting this new drug out in May. I’m looking forward to it.

Terrence Mccu Mar 22, 2018

I just started Mavyret a few weeks ago. Finally. Don't know why I put it off so long. I guess it's good that I waited actually since the older drugs had worse side effects and costed alot more. My boyfriend of 17 yrs and I both had HepC. He also had HIV. The HIV you'd think would be the scariest one but he dealt with it like a champ, pretty much almost undetectable viral load after 20 yrs. His Dr wrote papers about him. Anyway a couple years ago his liver was finally causing problems but since Harvoni was so expensive it took too long to get approved. He died a couple days after finally getting approved. (When your liver is failing and your abdomen fills with water, I know it's uncomfortable but my bf opted for the procedure where they make a small hole in that impossibly thin delicate membrane that surrounds your organs, so he could manually drain the water. Bad idea. Then he poked around and when he bent over he felt it split apart. You can't live when it tears open. So he was in horrible awful pain, too much to be awake for. He died within 2 days. My point was, don't you get that procedure, having a belly full of water isn't pretty but it's better than what he went thru. I think it's called peritonitis.?) So I was left with almost a full months worth of Harvoni, figured I'd need them. That was a couple yrs ago before these new HCV meds. I have medicaid and thought maybe they'd be less likely to deny me if I already had half of the regimen... But I've got Mavyret. So fortunate it's easier for ppl to get treated. I can't believe people are still not getting the meds.... It's cheaper to treat it now than when yr liver fails. They know that. In my town you just go to the low income medical clinic and they'll get you started. There are SO many ppl wanting treatment that they first set you up with a group appointment to explain everything. Oooh Star Trek is on, I've gotta go now... ?

Lydia G Mar 21, 2018

I was wondering if anyone had any answers regarding what I've been going through the last month? My husband has had hep c for 15 years due to past drug use, he's is clean now for years. A little Over a year ago I was pregnant with our 1st son and made sure to be tested and came back neg. Out of nowhere a month ago I became really itchy and went to my Dr and he did blood work. He called me a few days later and told me to go straight to the ER because my blood work was really bad across the board specifically my liver function. We to the ER got CT scans, Ultrasounds they saw nothing and sent me home. Got the call a few days later I tested positive for hep c. I've never done drugs or shared tattoo needles with him so they said it was odd I contracted it from him. Went to a specialist , at this point I'm very jaundice, itchy, weak, short of breath. Specialist said they have never seen someone get hep c and in a year it do what it's doing to me. So my questions are has anyone else experienced such bad symptoms so quickly? Is there anything I can do to make these symptoms not so bad? As I have a small child and can't be bed bound all day everyday. I waiting on more extensive test results but the waiting is driving me crazy. I'm terrified it's something worse than just hep c and I can't get through most days I feel so horrible. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Alicia P Mar 20, 2018

I finished epclusa march 2. Went for my blood work still waiting to here if i am cured, i am sure it worked there is a spot on my liver had a cat scan and a mri they still dont know what it is going to find out more this week they are not ruling out cancer. The treatment was easy some headaches tiredness. Now I have joint pain and rashes very confused has anyone experienced this,would like to no

Robin E Mar 19, 2018

Hi , my name is Nageshreddy,from India my age is 33, when 2004 I'm in college time I know iam with Hapatitis b positive,from last 12 years I'm taking alcohol and smoking,since from that time I did not experienced any type of symptoms in my body , now I'm getting red rashes on body with irritating itchy skin. I went to the dermatologist and phgysian , some blood test will done doctor say some liver infection is there in body and given medicine but taking medicine from last 40 days but it not curing ,and one more thing I did not experiencing any of hapatitis problem like stomach pain, lower abdomene pain, vomtings and digestion problems what I need to do and suggest me for best treatment and what will avoid?

Nageshreddy G Mar 18, 2018

My story begins with a heroin addiction. I was 19-20 years old when I was diagnosed with hepatitis C genotype 3. I was still in active addiction when I received the news. It was upsetting but at the same time I coped with it by continuing to get high so it didn’t hit me until years later when I finally got clean. I was so young and oblivious to what life really was. I am now 26 years old, almost 3 years clean. Being HCV positive is one thing that still hangs over my shoulders. I’m in school and would potentially like to get married and have a family one day, but I feel as though I’m stuck in life as long as I continue to live with this. It is so heartbreaking to go to doctor after doctor to find out that 1. They will not treat my genotype (3) because they don’t have experience with that type of hepatitis or 2. My insurance will not pay for it. If anyone has any feedback or are in a similar situation please let me know. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone. I am currently still hepatitis c positive genotype 3, but I am not giving up on finding a way to get treated.

Anonymous B Mar 15, 2018

i was called in june of 2000 from where i had lab work done for being a cna, the specialist that called me asked me to come in because sometime of another HEP C passed through my body. when i got there she told me that it had passed through my body and they need to find out where it went. well, to make a long story short i never went back to the doctor until 2013, that when it showed back up. i remember getting stuck by a needle back in 1980's , us cna's was giving shots to people for the nurses and one of the patients i gave it too had HEP C and i got stuck. well my RA doctor sent me to a liver doctor and for 2 yrs. we fought for me to get the treatment to get rid of it, so finally after 2 yrs. they approved me to start the treatment. so back in january of 2017 till april 2017 i had the treatment, the HARVONI and now i am HEP C free, thank You God...my body went through a lot of changes and not just my body, but my mind did as well, sometimes i didn't think i was going to make it, but God, my faith and yes i am a believer, is what got me through and it can you too...thank you

JACKIE K Mar 13, 2018

Dear sir, I am suffering from hepatitis b. Please help me to cure it.

Bajrang S. Mar 11, 2018

I was diagnosed in 2015 only because I asked for the test Mainly due to a couple of blood tests where my LFT was elevated. My GO thought I was maybe drinking a tad to much I asked her to test me as I had had a transfusion in 1981 after a traumatic childbirth. I was gutted at the positive result this meant I had been walking around for 35 yrs with Hep C totally unaware of the damage it has done to me. My treatment was completed in 2017 & successful so far the financial help has been ok the stigma of this terrible disease is still there it’s difficult telling people I still feel a lot of anger mainly because nobody bothered to ask me to take a test all those years ago Suzie

Suzie D Mar 7, 2018

I'm am 48 yrs old. I have had Hep C for about 20 yrs now that I know of. I didn't wanna do the coctail of interferon an ribirin, due to all the bad side effecrs. So I waited. I also did alternative Meds like I seen someone e on here say their cured now from. I never known of anyone that was cured from Hep C from homeopathic remedies. The disease is undetectable at times, but always comes back!. I'm now on mayret, an half way thru with no side effects! There is a 95% cure rate with these new meds! So please do it now! Don't wait like I did! There is cures an with out side effects! I thank God everyday I am able to be on meds that will cure me! You can to! I'll let you all know how I am in the next 4 weeks. This is an 8 week program. 3 pills once a day. There is hope! Now have Faith!!! God Bless !!

Mike S. Mar 7, 2018

I have been carrying the bug from 1981 Years of being weeker and weeker Test adter test the i asked the doc test me for hep c i had a transfusion from a motorcycle Crash in 81 So finely 2012 i found c positive 2013 interferon and riv what a hard time working 12 hours a day in the oil reated industry After 90 days it was back crushed lost and scared 2014 started savolti and riv again 90 day pisitive again. 2016 here we go again epclusa and riv man My body was beat hope was lost But once it was in my sysem i knew this is it It was not like all the other treatments 12 week gone and three months after treatment still no direction How ever every time you treat the bug your body has some healing to do after the drug Has cleared out of your body I felt the best i have in thirty pluss years But tryed to jump rite in to helping my son 2to3 days on my ass for weeks still Struggling with bing able to stay strong I did alot of treatments in a short time I would not recommend. It it has beat my but Most of all cause you feel good you still Need your body to heal and listen to your Inter self slow down get rest and eat proper There is nothing worse than a physical set back cause you have not gained your strength No matter was other may say they dont know What its like they tend to assume oh no bug Now there lazy and want to rest and there cured but your body still needs to heal once the drug has done its job. May take up to six months

Mark A Mar 4, 2018

In 2001 while having orthapedic surgery I tested positive Hep c. At the time my doctor had the wait and test every 6 months plan but like most people I wasnt hurting or having any effects from this until 2010. Im a musician and living that lifestyle where theres a lot of drinking and drug abuse eventually caused me to start having the upper right quadrant pain. In Dec of 2017 I went back to same doctor and we started the 8 weeks of Harvoni. For me it was rough guys but I have other health issues that played into my side effects. I was seriously nauseated and threw up almost every day the first 4 weeks. Took Zofran for that which worked. Now that Im 20 days off the meds I still feel drained and as everyone basically has said I have a headache that will not totally go away. I use Naproxen for that. I spoke with my doctors nurse and everything Im feeling has been reported so I am so grateful I took Harvoni. I am so blessed to have had the inssurance that paid for these treatments as I have seen each pill was $1117.71 listed on my explantion of benefits. They paid $62,591.76 for the 56 pills. Im hoping things will improve and Ill get back to life after Hep c.

Bill M Mar 2, 2018

I wish I could get help.to get the medication to help me get better I have 4 kids and 2 grand kids kids and would love to see them grow by did any one knows how I could getbfrebhelp I would appreciate I have no income I live on food stamps I gwtbgwtbdobsiick from my hep.sometimes I throw up run fever I've'm prayed to gooseberry day for help but if any one none could tell me how to get free help to get the medicine I would teuleybappreciatw it God.bless Rhonda sone

Rhonda S Feb 24, 2018

Hello friends. Am hepatitis B positive since December-2016 up now, And still under medication called enticaver 0.5mg. the first Viral load test 20,933 valeum, 2nd test is 7,333 valeum. please i need more support on which treatment can help me better, because my dr is telling me to continue with the medication.

Ngbangaragbe s Feb 23, 2018

I contracted Hep C in marine corps boot camp from the air gun shots. 1974. I have been fighting the VA for decades. The VA put me on Harvoni and ribovarin. Folks don’t be afraid. I had no side affects and the virus was not present after 4 weeks. Yes I did 12 weeks to make sure it was gone. Piece of cake. My liver had chirrosis- not anymore. Those of you infected got the Harvoni it works..

Warren Demartini Feb 16, 2018

I had hep c for at least 20 years, we think probably more. I did ribaviron and interferon treatment 7 years ago and it didn't work. Last year I did 12 weeks of epclusa treatment and it seems like the virus is gone. What is bothering me is my immune system seems to be weakened now. When I was young I had allergies that had gone away over the years. The allergies have come back. I have also caught 4 colds now in 5 weeks this winter. I had not had a cold for 20 years before this. I'm glad the hep c is gone but if I feel sick all the time it isn't really any different. My doctor said my liver function is still good, so I don't feel I am any better off.

David Gibson Feb 14, 2018

I am on here, specifically to answer two letters - one from Millie , the retired lady who was told she needs 40 thousand dollars worth of medicine and Ahmed, whose wife and son need to be treated. It is appalling that you must have this money to be well. It is unconscionable. That being the state of things for now, we have to find out what to do. Please contact several, very good university hospitals - Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic or some closer to you and ask them if they are able obtain the drugs free of charge from the the pharma company on compassionate basis. If one tells you, no, go to the net and the next. Just be authentic. You will be talking to human beings and you're trying to resolve a problem together. Most people will want to help if they can. it is important not to give up. Never hit a dead end. When one contact cant help you, ask the to refer you. Speak to the pharmacy for gastro or hepatology in these university hospitals. That's what Vanderbilt has anyway. Make a trip to visit the gastro doctor there even. The more you ask, the more you'll narrow in on the exact things to ask and look out for. If the person you speak with can't help you, ask for any suggestions of someone to speak with. All the best to you. I believe you will find what you need and be well. I pray you do.

gg p Feb 12, 2018

As I read these stories from people eith no hope for treatment, my heart breaks. I was able to receive treatment because of the help I received through a place call ed Skymed @ 866 778 8255. They completely paid for my interferon and ribavirin. I am now undetected from hep c.

April C. Feb 12, 2018

I am a 27 year old female, and I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C genotype 3 in 2013. I started using prescription painkillers in high school. I saw my father doing it, and I didn’t understand how addictive they were. I had no idea that they were opioids, closely related to heroin. From age 16 on, I was on and off painkillers and heroin. I went to detox in 2013, where they drew labs and noticed that my liver enzymes were very, very elevated. After further testing, I got the call that I had tested positive for Hepatitis C. At first I was in denial, then I tried to use drugs to make the depression from my diagnosis go away...I had no hope until my doctor told me about Sovaldi/ Ribavirin. I started taking the combo, but lost my insurance after one month of treatment. I couldn’t afford to pay 1000 dollars for one pill...that’s just ridiculous. In my opinion, the medicine should be free. How can you put a price tag on someone’s life? In 2014, I got clean. I stopped using drugs and alcohol and started eating well and excersizing. I decided to stop ignoring my virus, and see a specialist. I continued to test positive for the virus, and I believe my last positive test was in 2016. On January 20th, 2017 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. They wanted to see where my viral load was at, but the test results came back undetected. I figured my virus was just on a downswing. One test result really doesn’t mean anything. When I was re-tested four months later, the test came back undetected again. The doctor said that four months undetected wasn’t long enough, and that my pregnancy might be affecting my test results. They said they couldn’t yet say that I was “cured”. My daughter is almost five months old now, and I had a final blood draw done on Friday. I got the results today, and the virus is still undetected. This means I have spontaneously cleared the virus on my own, following a chronic infection. This is very rare. I am mainly just happy that this means my beautiful daughter was never exposed. I attribute my ability to fight the virus to my clean life style. I don’t think my body would have had the strength to fight this virus, if I were still abusing it with drugs and alcohol. I highly, highly encourage anyone who is Hepatitis C positive and still struggling with addiction, to get clean. Even if you have to use methadone or suboxone like I did, it’s still so much better for you than actively using heroin. I’m so happy to hear that my body has cleared the virus, and I feel like the ONLY reason it was able to is because I am clean. Don’t ignore your virus, and don’t give up. There are new medicines hitting the market frequently these days, you just have to keep fighting until you can get on one. If you qualify for Medicaid, take advantage of it.

Sara M Feb 12, 2018

Hep C was found in my blood lab recently. I started a 12 week treatment and I am happy to say that I am cured. I accepted my illness and prayed to GOD to put the medical team together that will rid me of the illness. I praise God for his healing power. Thank you God.

Lela B Feb 11, 2018

I contracted Hep C in 1974 from the airgun shots in boot camp. I didn’t start turning yellow and jondice till 12 yrs later. Tried interferon ....DONT...last yr the VA cured me with Harvoni, it was like taking an aspirin ..no side effects at all and virus was undetected in 4 weeks...with out the harvoni I would be dying. I HAD Chirrosis not anymore ..

Warren D Feb 8, 2018

I have cirrosis of the liver do I have to vazzin for that particular deaseas?I really don't live a normal life I'm most of the time sick.

Julia T Feb 6, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, but I was able to recover from it in a month and a half on my own, and I used alternative treatment remedies. If I can be of any help, my email address is lilia3715@mail.ru

Lilia S Feb 5, 2018

Hello, my name is Whitney and I'm a not just a survivor; I'm a fighter. I started using drugs at the age of 14, in 2001, (Marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy, Shrooms, Dust, and Cocaine). By the time I was 16, in 2002, I was a full blown heroin addict, and I was injecting (Intravenously using) upwards of 26 bags a day. At 18, in 2004, I was diagonsed with Hepatitis C while in a court ordered long-term treatment center in Pittsburgh, PA. I was devastated because I had been safe....no....I thought I was being safe. I never shared needles, cotton, spoons, or water with anyone...except my boyfriend. Anyway, I went to a gastrointestinalogist and my viral count was high but because I was only going to be there another 4 months they didn't order any treatment because of the cost. He told me to get checked out again upon my release. After getting out, I relapsed on heroin within a couple weeks; we moved to Florida soon after so heroin turned into pills (mainly oxycontin and roxicet). Needless to say I didn't go get my Hep C checked on; not until a little less than a year later when I was pregnant with my second son, in 2006. I still had a very high viral count but because of the pregnancy the doctor did not want to put me through any treatment. After he was born, I was supposed to start the treatment but I didn't, and I didn't even have anymore testing done. From 2006 to 2010 I used harder than I ever had before. I was injecting at minimum 9 roxicet (30mg each) and 6 oxycontin (80 mg each) a day; that was just enough so I didn't get sick; however, I used as mich as I could buy everyday which was closer to about 20 to 30 roxicets and 10 to 20 oxycontins. I also had on fentanyl patches 90% of the time. This next part I talk about is about my sobriety and how I maintained it in the beginning, because when you have Hep C, using drugs only makes it worae. On August 5, 2010 I turned myself in after running out on my bondsman a couple months prior. After two weeks in jail I went to court, and like an idiot I took 1 year of house arrest and 2 years of felony drug probabtion; I violated 2 weeks later and was back in jail September 28, 2010. That time when I went to court I was offered something like 30 days in jail, 2 years of house arrest, 5 years felony drug probation, and 2000 hours of community service to be served after my house arrest was completed. I had been sober sing 8/5/10, so I had more clarity and I knew i wouldn't complete this sentence and would end up right back where I was. So, I politey asked the judge if I could do jail time instead because I knew I couldn't do it but also because I knew I would start using again. For my honesty, he graciousy gave me a year in county jail instead of 3 years in prison. When I was released in May/2011, a man and I, who I had been with since 2008 and is now my husband of 4 years, got pregnant about a month later. The doctor said my viral count was lower than previous years. On January 1st of 2014, we found out another bundle of joy was coming. My new OB/GYN ordered an variety of tests; including, an extensive blood workup. I went to another gastrointestinalogist 6 times within just a few weeks. He finally sat me down (along with 4 or 5 other doctors) and told me I didn't have a viral count at all. That I tested positive on regualr blood panels because of the antibodies, but this time when they did the blood work that show viral count there was none That's why they tested me so many times he said; they didn't want to get my hopes up. I burst out crying and didn't believe it until i saw all the test results. Not oy that but my liver was in pervect condition. He said he had neber seen anything like this which is he brought in a few of his colleagues, who I answred quite a few questions from each. It's not unusual for your body to clear itself of acute Hep C, but I was chronic with a very high viral count at one point. It's beleived that people like me can't be cured without treatment; that there's no way the immune system could eradicate the virus, but mine did. I know my story is a bit long, so I'll end it with these words of advice. If you're using try to stop, you can do it...heck if I can anyone can. If you continue to use don't share needles, water, or cotten, and use fresh needles every time. I was lucky that none of my children have Hep C, and my youngest didnt go through any withdrawls (I was in the Methadone Maintence Therapy (MMT) when I got pregnant). Your immune system relies on you as much as you rely on it. Take care of yourself; get clean and stay clean, eat right, take vitamins, excercise, and keep your immune system at it's peak. You're not invincible, Hep C can happen to anyone. If my Hep C had stayed as bad as it was and if I didn't get sober and start taking care of mysel, I'd probably be needing a liver transplant soon if not already. My story isn't the norm, I've been extremely blessed, and I know it. I've got about 7.5 years sober; I earned my B.S in Psychology with concentration in Addictions and I'm currently earning two Master's degrees, one is a M.A in Addictions Counseling and the other is a M.A in Clinical Mental Heath Counselling; and right now I'm a counselor intern for adoscents who have drug abuse problems. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope something in it helped. :-)

Whitney H Feb 4, 2018

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! *If you KNOW you have Hep c, TAKE THE MEDS! Don't mess around with homeopathic routes, they weren't shown to clear the virus. We have great meds now that will knock it right out for ALL GENOTYPES! 1 pill a day! DONE. NO EXCUSES!. If you treat the hep c soon enough, it will not do damage. Don't waste your life. *If the insurance will not approve you because you aren't sick enough, then they are basically waiting to pay for a liver transplant down the road. DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET MEDS! GREG JEFFREYS has a great program to help people get medicine for LOW COST! Contact the drug maker, see if they will send you vouchers. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!!!! *ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF! Trust your gut, question your Dr, keep copies of all of your medical records and tests. You are your own best friend!! *HAVE HOPE! We're all in this together!!!

Someone who cares about you!! Feb 2, 2018

this is the second part of the story I have autoimmune hepatitisprimary biliary cirrhosis overlap syndrome. I have been diagnosed last year after biopsy. My hepatologist proscribed me Azotropine after 2 weeks i had a terrible pain in their abdomen with , i talk with Dr.Khan in leicester Royal he said everything the liver works good my blod test results is great . After 1 week i been in hospital QMC Nottingham with 39.5 temperature the doctors fund i have side's effects from Azotropine i had Pancreatitis five days later i was ok and back home they proscribed me new tablet and nutritions 3 time a day . I change my hepatologist the new one on Nottingham Dr Steve Ryder Consultant Physician in Hepatology and Gastroenterology stephen.ryder@nuh.nhs.uk I want people to tell you that this doctor is giving me medicines for the immune system and for cirrhosis and sends me home. he claims my liver is good my liver works ok? I have pain on my liver on my bones on my muscles my left leg completely hurts bones knee cant walk i fell tired all the time i dont have energy cant muve . He give me one time vitamin D3 and tell me to ssk my GP for next time . I ask him questions why i have this pains and muscle bones my luver hurt me like he'll. He ansever me always same I DONT KNOW * I ask him witch stage im he says he dont know i ask him for bones test for fibroscan he says ask your GP and he dont know . I meet him every 3 months for 15 min maximums . My GP sends me to him he sends me to my GP ? I ask him about vitamins he says ask your GP the GP says i cant do nothing ask your hepatolog . My GP stopt for a long time does not want to give me the Nutritios ? even i have proscribed from distortion from hospital 3×1 Dr. Dr Judith Maxwell from Inclusion healthcare in Leicestet she estimated that I am already well with the weight ? ( i been 53kg befor 1 6 moths ago i lost so much because i been in depresion on pain i cant eat ) now at the monent im 45kg . I try to explain her thath i need nutritions because i have livee priblem and i need them not just for my weight my body needs vitamins and minerals . She stopt them and after one month i get found I have lumps in my chest and my arms have no strength to go and have a bath. Im very very scarred worry about it and I am currently in a very severe depression cant eat I have a tension of confusion I can not sleep for fear because there is no one to care for my health on the contrary, they transfer me to one another and Dr. Judith Maxwell even stop me from treating me she dont want give me Vitamins and minerals she stopt my nutrition drink witch is very important. By the way my hepatolog srnd me letter says im very well my luver is perfect ? im dieng rvery day slowly and he never do nothing for see how works my liver just blod test thsts all . Befor yesterday i beenseen by GP shei s new in the surgery i told her to fund ne another Hepatologist and i wanna Complain about Dr. Judith Maxwell she is the onewho put me on this condition stopping what I need for the treatment and giving me no other treatment. The one of the GP refer me to cancer chek and have appitmen tomorrow with a nutritionist . And by the way im on the bed alone alone alone and cant work cant eat because of the depresion i need to by on diet. I don't have helpand support from nobody because lonely peson . I need help from liver foundation but how i dont have idea. Thanks for take time reading my story

Svetlana S Jan 31, 2018

I was diagnosed about 25 years ago and have lived with the filthy Stigma and thought of having to live with this disease all my life. I wouldn't be able to adhere to the old protocol of shots back when they barely knew what it was as it was just coming out of the non a non b disease and into the what it is called now hepatitis c. I learned to live with it but I have definitely prayed and had hands layed on me, anointing oil poured on me but still tested positive, not to say our prayers weren't answered yet. I have come to the point of almost being approved for the treatment but have decided to not get the treatment because of the price of the drug. I can't see or be apart of lining someone's pockets for something that I feel God can and will heal. I do pray for all of those effected by this horrible disease. I absolutely know what it's like to be in your shoes. Don't ever give up hope and I do pray that someday we will all do things with our time and resources out of the kindness of our ? hearts. Mr Jody P. I love you all!

Jody P Jan 30, 2018

started Harvoni sept 5th first blood work in oct hep c undetectible continued for 8 more weeks and now my doctor said iam cured no side affects

chris O Jan 29, 2018

i m hcv patient since june 2010. My geno type is 3 b. I took first treatment of hcv interferon alfa 2@ injection+ ribivirin from sep2010 till feb2011.. but virus become active after a month of completion of treatment. Then again second treatment interferon alfa 2b+ribivirin from 2011 sep till 2012 march. Virus become active agter a month. Then now from dec 2015 till may 2016 i took treatment of sovaldi+ribivirin. But all these medicines fail. And no treatment can control my virus. Now i m thinking to start harvoni treatment. Can anybody tell me a liver specialist who can understand my virus and can control my virus.

Saima W Jan 28, 2018

Diagnosed with Hep C and f3 fibrosis. 2.8 million to undetectable in 5 very rough weeks. 8 weeks of treatment and lifestyle changes, almost cured! It was a learning journey and very rough . I had to stop taking many meds and diet change. But Blessed Indeed. Harvoni is a Awesome medicine. Do what you have to EVERYDAY and Never give up or in. Peace and Love Rick

Rickey G Jan 25, 2018

In 1981 I received a blood transfusion during emergency surgery, I had also had a homemade tattoo done in the late 70's. In 1994 I applied for a job with hospital and had to have labs drawn. I received a phone call that there was something wrong with my tests results. I stopped by the hospital after work to speak with the admin. this is when she told me that the results showed that I had Hep-C. After having a biopsy done which showed level 3 cirrohsis and level 2 scarring, i thought what am I going to do, I was a single mom with 3 girls to raise and working full time. I found a gastroenterologist that was specializing in Hep-C and he put me on the first medication for Hep-C at that time. I have been through treatment twice with no good response.Then at the UNC hospital in Chapel Hill, I was given Harvoni for 12 weeks, that was in 2012. Ever since that treatment my blood work has come back clear of the virus. You have to trust in God and your Dr. and yourself to get here. I still have the cirrohsis it's not going anywhere, but God handles it for me. Good Luck to all of you. Keep Fighting..

Connie S Jan 25, 2018

I apparently contracted Hep C in my teens when I was given blood in an Air Force Hospital. Then when I gave blood 15 years later found that I had Hepatitis C. During that time I was unaware that I had contracted it and could not figure out any other way I could have gotten it considering I lived a clean life. Until Harvoni came in existence I had not tried any other treatments due to the fact that I was a single mom working full time crazy job and didn't feel I could function from the side effects the olde drugs had. I continued to talk to doctors and kept up with all the writings on the experimental drugs and blogs about them. Harvoni seemed to be the magic bullet...AND it was! I had very little side effects and was cured from it.. It's a miracle drug that has the least side effects and the easiest to take. I'm Hep C free and its been over 2 years since I've been cured from it with NO SIDE effects. I can only stand behind the one that worked for me and had basically no side effects. Please, please...anyone not wanting to take it...reconsider...save your life and TAKE the MEDICINE! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me. What a tremendous mental and physical relief to know I no longer have this bad disease. Living with it was hard mentally and had it's physical challenges. Join the "no more hep C" club and take the medicine....

Lilly R Jan 23, 2018

I had Geno type 2 Hep C and was prescribed that outrageously priced Epclusa (sofosbuvir 400mg/velpatasvir 100mg). I was blessed that after the first month I felt energy coming back and my blood work showed great improvement and that I was Negative after only a month. No side effects. I know some are having to buy these medicines from over seas and such, but I have an unopened bottle left. If anyone is interested, message me at ?+1 (912) 246-1529?. Best of luck to everyone. Cheers.

Ivan D Jan 22, 2018

For employment, my husband and I moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1994. In 2003 at Kingdom Hospital I experienced hepatic aneurysm rupture, lots of blood transfusions, PE, DVT, removal of spleen, removal of gall bladder, septic shock. When I was medically evacuated to Houston and turned over to Liver Institute in Dallas, I was told I had Hep C, Genotype 4, specific to Middle East. Fast forward to December 2014, I had to see gastro doc for colonoscopy. I am 67 years old, female, widow. That particular gastro doc has advised Epclusa for 12 weeks (84 pills). Thirty pills require a co-pay from me of $20K. Next thirty pills $20K. Next 24 pills almost 20K again. I am the typical senior citizen widow with NO assets. I also do not have monies for co-pay of this drug treatment. I don't know how anyone can receive treatment for Hep C because of the drug costs! At 67 I am suppose to go on a wait list for treatment? I have already lived since 2003 with Hep C and no treatment. Why didn't I ask this question years ago? My husband died in 2005, my first grandchild arrived in 2005. I am one of those people with numerous existing aneurysms, repairs of SMA and celiac aneurysms, and removal of left lobe of liver and the docs were more concerned about that instead of pursuing treatment for Hep C. Hep C......the gift that keeps on giving!

Milly L. Jan 21, 2018

My wife eman she is 34 y infection with hepatitis c since 7 years we know this problem during follow up of pregnant in the third month. My son yassin infect by hepatitis c during cezerian operation and he is 7 years old now. My wife eman take 48 weeks with interferon and ribabarin from 2013 to 2014 with no solution pcr read 18000 till now What can I do now to help my wife and my son to protect our life. Thx for your co-opertain Plz send me ur safe solution for my wife and my son

Ahmed K. Jan 20, 2018

Epclusa worked for me I did not experience very many side effects I'm 59 years old and have been hep C free for 9 months it's saved my life my energy has returned and my mind is much clearer I'm eternally grateful for my hep C nurses there are the best Harley in Ocala Florida

Harley C Jan 17, 2018

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1998, at first i was devastated having felt good about being clean from drug use for 2 years. I did nothing about it for a while as I was still a heavy drinker. In 2008 I stayed clear of alchohol for a year and had inteferon/ribovirin treatment for 48 weeks with some fatigue and depression as side effects. To my great dissapointment the treatment didn't work. I was told there was no other treatment. I went back to drinking, being depressed. In 2016 I was in hospital through alchohol problems. I got clean and have remained abstinent since. i was told about the new treatments and started 16 weeks of Zepatier and Ribavirin in Aug 2017. I suffered a lot of muscle fatigue but remained positive and was told in December I had cleared the virus, awaiting my SVR but am very positive and looking forward to doing some voluntary work for the Hep C trust as a peer educator. Stay positive and good luck to anyone going through this. It's not easy but worth it to clear the virus.

Steve J Jan 16, 2018

I believe I caught it 39 years back while getting a tattoo and when examined I was told I had no damage from it and basically had no side effects from Hep C. Thank GOD I was big on herbals and exercise. I took Schizandra and a few otherherbals that cleanse and strengthen the liver and other organs. While herbals may be bad for some of you for others it will help, but DO NOT take them while on treatment and until your doc says you are now clean. While taking Harvoni I had explosive bowel movements, some sleeplessness, lacking energy, and some nights I didn't sleep very well. I just stopped taking Harvoni and my sleep is decent, less explosive bowel movements, and I soon plan on getting back to the gym. Moral of the story is to actually care about your body and do something to take care of it. If I had not done so for so many years no telling how bad off I might have been. In another 2 weeks I'll be back at the gym. Why, because it's good for you and helps jump start your entire body and mind. Don't be lazy. Do something to help your body!!! Eat right, go to bed on time, workout, drink WATER, and exercise.

Michael W. Jan 14, 2018

I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis in 1997 and I had issues with memory and some balance issues. Right away they sent me to psychiatrist just to find out they shouldn't have. I was having seizures but they said I wasn't even though I had that diagnoses from another doctor. Then I was falling more frequently and tore my acl. Then in 2014 I fell again and now I w a second unconscious. I was there for 12days and in intensive care also. They were giving south meds because they didn't know what was going on. Then my mmonia levels were elevated. I never had any problems with my liver. Anyway I kept falling and last year in Jan I fell in a store and I was diagnosed with conversion disorder. Now I have a positive ana. I went to school and rheumontologist and she told me if your ana is high that could be nothing. I was told I had a extra vein in my liver. They did the procedure and I had 5. So I have 5 shunts. I was tested for cirrhosis but I don't have that. I went to the Mayo Clinic and all the diagnoses they said I had was a misdiagnosis except the liver but they said it was alright the shunts that was put in. Then I found out in 2014 I was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis disease. So now they are saying I need to go to behavioral therapy. When I was there I went to 2 psychiatrist and they were going to send me to a 3rd but they cancelled the appointment. The other 2 didn't say anything was wrong with me. For years I was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia. They are now saying my ana is real high but they have know answers. Also I forgot to say they diagnosed me wit ms. And the neurologist said I have to deal with it but never said what. That why she said I should go to behavioral therapy. Then I was told I should see a gastroentologist /neurologist but still no answers. I was told I will get cirrhosis and then need a liver transplant. Which I am not receiving that. So I really don't know what this could be and know no doctor can give me answers. Who needs them. Has anyone been through this. Oh they didn't say it was hep c either.

Lisa F Jan 9, 2018

I was lucky because I detect HCV virus when I tried to donate blood for a patient, otherwise I may not know I was infected. But I could not effort for the treatment cost that was during 2006. After ten year of suffering I heard a good news for treatment and started medication for three months by paying 30 K in the year 2016. Unfortunately that madicine could no make me from HCV virus. Then I started madication again through CONS. They provided medicine free of cost for 6 month course and I am waiting the positive result by March 2018. Thanks Surjit

Surjit P Jan 8, 2018

I was diagnosed last year and apparently had had hep.c for a long time but only in my 73rd year starting getting unpleasant side effects and catching other illnesses much easier. One of the illnesses was severe - and I mean severe, I had to sleep sitting up - reflux. Fortunately the specialist recognised it as a symptom of severe hep.c. and diagnosed me. But then I was told I would have to wait an uncertain length of time for the treatment drugs as there was a huge waiting list owing to the cost charged for the drugs by the manufacturers, an American pharmaceutical firm called Gilead (I think this is the right name) who charged the NHS an incredible £48K for one treatment! I went online and found a company in Bangla Desh who sold me the exact same medicine for £800 and as soon as I started taking it I felt better. I have since been diagnosed with no viral load and have one more check to go before being pronounced free of Hepatitis. Everyone has the right to be treated and something should be done about this.

Patricia I Jan 8, 2018

I have had Hep c for 20 years or more. My son was 6 weeks old when I found out. I was afraid, and didn’t have time to go through the terrible treatment available then. Now the past 3 months, my insurance payed for the new treatment. When I first started Epclusa the first month I felt better physically and mentally. I did not read the side effects, I wanted to see for myself if or what I felt was the medicine. After the 1st bottle the feeling of getting better went away. I had joint issues, said not to be a side effect but it was uncomfortable. That went away and at the end of the 2nd my blood work showed me 46 points away from being cured. I have geno type 3 one of the hardest to get rid of the disease. Now I’m 4 pills away from finishing the treatment. I feel better, a lot better. I’m optimistic! The body aches have gone away. Please if you have it, try it. You want be sorry. Most insurance companies are paying for the treatment it’s cheaper for them for you to get cured. Bless all of you!

Sandy C Jan 6, 2018

I found out the news I had contracted Hepatitis C following my fist blood donation. I had nipped Home on a Work break during the first week of my new job and found out via a letter. I was devastated. I felt my whole world collapse beneath me. I was 26. I was at home alone, mind and heart racing. I got up and started to pace, I couldn’t catch my breath. I reached the phone hoping to reach my mother, but was unsuccessful. I opened the iPad and typed the dreaded words Hep C. In my Mind there was one virus which was untreatable. I thought of Pamela Anderson, and the stories she had untreatable hepatitis C. I discovered I had the same strain! In my mind I had just been dealt a death sentence. I felt as though I was going to die. For first time in my life I felt unfathamoble fear. It was like telling me I had HIV. That was it. And I couldn’t live with it. I was contemplating how I was going to euthanise myself because I couldn’t live my life in constant fear. For the months that followed I trenched through the memories and the things I had done that left me with regret, trying to piece it all together. Now it all made sense to me, why I had always felt so poorly and tired following a night out. THat I would actually black out at times because I guess my liver couldn’t handle it. Why my skin had always itched and I spent years going through a cycle of eczema which covered my whole body and face. And why I had lost jobs through it, not feeling like I could face the world. I went in search of people who were like me, who could maybe offer me so hope and support that I would be okay. There was one local group that I managed to pluck the courage up to go to, but I didn’t fit in. The few people I saw there were all ex addicts, and after speaking found that was the only thing we had in common, and I didn’t find it helpful. I sought comfort in online forums which did provide some hope and relief. Luckily for me I started treatment soon after my diagnosis and was fortunate to be undetectable by week four. It is now four years post treatment and I am still undetectable. I am one of the lucky ones. My message to anyone going through this is to Don’t lose hope. Don’t tell people either, I made that mistake when I got drunk and told people as I guess I still had some unresolved need to discuss things or give myself some therapy. There is still stigma. And I am finally over this. I don’t drink these days, I’m happy healthy and extremely grateful. I hope I help someone who is in that dark hole where I once was through telling my story. I slayed the dragon. You got this too!

Toni F Jan 5, 2018

For those of you that are going through the nightmare of finding out you have Hep C it can be scary as it was when I found out. I became really sick and my body functions had started to erode to the point that just getting up was tiring and my system was backing up so that made thing worse. I was classed as stage 4 cirrhosis . I had been diagnosed a year prior but the drugs they had out involved the use of interferon and I had read about the effects that it had on other organs so I tried to stall hoping for a better alternative. Now things were bad and I had to make a decision so I got on the internet and started to franticly search for ideas and found out that Abbvie was running some clinical trials of some new drug that didn't require the interferon so I located a hospital in my area and applied . The trial was called the Turquoise III and it involved four separate drugs taken twice a day for a 24 month period. Every week I would go to the hospital so they could draw anywhere from 4 to 12 vials of blood and after about the sixth week the Hep C virus was not showing up in my samples. One of the drugs not made by abbvie was Ribavirin and it was pretty intense to say the least and has some side effects that cause you to become depressed so my regiment to counter that was I would go jogging to wear it off a bit and keep my mind focused. The thing I would recommend to anyone is to stay as active as possible because it aids in returning your health back and also keeps your mind relaxed so you don't dwell on your condition. After completing the 6 month trial period they told me that the tests showed that the virus had not returned so I started to work out and eat everything I could that was healthy for my condition. During this whole time I found a board of great people that are all Hep C victims and they were a best lifeline when the depression set in called Hep C Friends. I would recommend this site to all that have this issue because they will guide you through the difficult times and give you advice on food groups and anything else you want to know. I don't know if I would have survived the journey without them. They are all super people and I will add the link. I have now improved my health tremendously and my doctor tells me my liver is functioning great. To give you an idea my readings at the start Gamma GT 217 <49 ALT 247 <50 AST 137 Alpha Fetoprotein 35 <36 My readings this year Gamma GT 18 ALT 17 I was a guinea pig for the new exciting drugs that are out in the market and they now are able to clear your Hep C in a matter of a few weeks. So dont despair and get yourself active and go see your doctor and get on one of these new drugs now. The cost is sometime an issue but some health insurance covers some or all and the governments are getting involved to help ass well. Dont wait as I did because these drugs are the best and you wont regret it... All the Best Terry http://hepcfriends.activeboard.com/forum.spark?aBID=114015

Terry D Jan 5, 2018

Good morning, Please, I never knew I was living with HEPATITIS B not until I went for medical test last month at one hospital and that was what screen me. Then, I look up myself and my three Children without any hope again. I had two test and all confirmed. I learnt some years back my little girl body was itching her and currently she is having stomach upset and she lost appetite. Please I have three children and I believe they might have constructed some. Please I need your help to save my family and myself. The main problem I'm facing now is routine test and I don't have money for the test. Please any help from lovely ones? Thank you so much I'm hoping to hearing from you soon KIND REGARDS

SAM O Jan 3, 2018

I sent thro the generic treatment for 3 months it failed and now my insurance company has denied my treatment I guss paying over 1100.00 month for insurance is not good enough. Another medical insurance joke. Be well.

Steve i Jan 1, 2018

Hi. 69 yrs old. Treated for hep c 2003 with peg intron for 6 mos. And SVR or free of live virus ever since. But sick, sick, sick. Chronic fatigue. Feel like I have the flu every day of my life. 5'months ago I was given A BLOOD TEST using a CcP test. Turns out I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. All those doctors who said I was depressed or crazy can now go pound sand. Turns out Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hep c are often related. So do get tested. The RF is not good enough. 20% innacurate. Look for high crp, fast esr, high CcP, and minor anaemia. You might be experiencing RA and think it is your Hep C or vice versa. Good luck.

Frank H Jan 1, 2018

Hi! I think there is a chance to beat Hepatits C it on your own. Not many people can, but there is chance. I guess ,according to doctors, I belong to the small percentage of people who could get rid of ot on their own. I also think whatever I did with food and exercise helped me the most to get rid of it in about 1,5 months. It was not easy,because I felt that my body was nearly giving up, and what might have helped me was rather a combination of things. Another thing is that I was determined to get it out of me!:-) “Hi, virus!:) , nice to meet you!:) Well, I have a news for you -these are your last days of being my body, and I will do anything to make you go away, even if i have to eat carrots sticks everyday)))))!” I was diagnosed with hepatits C last year, even though it is gone now, I will probably will have a constant fear of it for the rest of my life. I decided my experience can be helpfull to someone , and therefore I want to share with what I did in hopes that maybe it will help someone esle. My email is lilia3715@yahoo.com I can share the diet and exercise that helped me. I wish you all the best.

Lilia S Dec 30, 2017

36 yrs ago I was having my gallbladder out and a nurse was taking my pain medicine after surgery, come to find she got caught and then the Doctor told me she had Hep C, now after all these years my liver panel is in the 6 digits and it is killing me, I have cirrous?. I TOOK interferon, I had to inject myself 3 times a week with medicine that was awful. Now I am atomic? I have bumps on my arm's, itchy rashes and Depression, so Tired. I hope you can understand what I am saying. I hardly get out of bed anymore.Barbara

Barbara M Dec 23, 2017

Hello Everyone I too suffer from hep c. I have had it now for 18 years and am starting to feel really bad with it. The fatigue and muscle pain is wearing me down. I cannot remember the last time my dreams whilst sleeping were positive so I wake up feeling depressed. It seems to be the same old negative foggy feeling every time. I am just back from the shops and am out of breath and drained. I am starting a new treatment called mavyret and have researched the side affects as being minimal. I have no life with this virus and do feel like a guinea pig for embarking on treatment but il try anything to help myself and quality of life. For years I have treated myself with herbs and specific ground spices but I know longer have the energy or the money to keep on top of it. It's not just affecting my liver it's attacking my whole body and even though I do not have cirrohsis I still get nasty symptoms. I cannot wait to get on my treatment and maybe then il be able to wake up like a normal human being. Throughout the years I have avoided certain foods too and maybe this is why my liver is in the shape it is. My liver is not perfect but I'm fortunate it's not beyond repair.

Cara S Dec 23, 2017

Was shocked and frightened when I was diagnosed accidentally by lab work from my GP. I had gone in for fatigue and joint pain. Tests showed I had a crazy high viral load and high liver enzymes. I also had a very difficult strain to treat. I just wanted to run away. I was worried about my family, I was embarrassed and depressed and frightened. Then I went to great gastro center in dothan ala and took interferon and ribavirin for 12 months. Had some awful skin reactions (ribavirin rash) and some spotty hair loss. That part was not pleasant, BUT I went negative after first month and still am. Since 2009. My feeling is don't be afraid to seek treatment and no doc should discourage you from trying. Good luck to you all.

PAULA M Dec 23, 2017

H c is very deadly diease my mother was suffering now she is no more l have given her ayurvedic treatment but within a month she is no more other treatment is very costly

Savitra M Dec 22, 2017

I was diagnosed about 25 years ago with Hepatitis C after giving blood at the blood bank. I was profoundly shocked and do not know how I contracted it. Not from needles which I cannot stand and always avert my eyes when having blood taken for any reason. I could have had it for much longer than 25 years. 12 or so years ago I discussed the possibility of treatment, but my very competent GP advised against it, saying the treatment was very harsh with only a 60% success rate for my particular strain, and that my liver function tests were good, and there might be better options down the track. Well, the sh*t hit the fan for me a week ago when I fainted in the street and hit my head very hard and was taken to emergency. They took a ct scan and x rays which showed impacted faeces and a great deal of liquid in my belly, which was why I looked like a barrel on legs for the past 2 or 3 months, trying to be in denial of my awful distended shape, when I used to have an hourglass figure. A couple of days later then drained 8 litres of fluid (ascites) from my belly and gave me 3 bottles of albumin intravaneously. I keep thinking - that's 4 x 2 cartons of milk I had strapped to my belly that I had removed! Still probably another 2 litres of fluid there. Also I think I bled from the throat when I was admitted to hospital as I had eaten very little about 6 hours before vomiting, then only 2 mouthfuls of tea, yet the vomit was dark brown. Other very unwelcome symptoms I have noticed are extreme tiredness since my hospital admission, very bad depression, spider veins around both knees in the past 18 months when I've never had them before, and wastage of my arms which makes them look 20 years older. I feel disgusting, diseased and just want to die. Since been told that the treatment for Hep C has been revolutionised and there is a very good chance of eradicating it, so when the clinics reopen in the early new year I will be right onto it. Fear it is too late for me though - I've had it so very long, and they want me to 'open my bowels' twice daily, even though I've only gone once a day virtually my whole life. Am on diuretics and heavy laxatives which don't work - I've had one bowel movement in 4 days. On low salt diet (blando) and no alcohol of course, eating lots of fruit and vegies and heaps of water. Then tonight, I had the most horrifying, realistic nightmare when I was virtually paralysed and trying to escape from a demon - I woke up to hear myself using this weird, tortured voice, pleading for the people I live with to help me, they didn't want to know, it was unbelievably horrifying. I have interpreted the demon in the nightmare to be my Hepatitis C, which is eating me alive and destroying me from the inside, and that I can expect no help. My advice to anyone with this dreadful illness is to seek treatment PRONTO! DO NOT DELAY!

Karen P Dec 16, 2017

I posted a week ago Just been diagnosed with hep C .first test was false positive. Allnygr doctor said was there was antibodies in bloodstream. He referred me to specialist my liver function is normal Had a ultra sound liver looked ok but high spleen. i am so anxious. just want to start treatment asp .

Anita D Dec 15, 2017

I was diagnoised on Monday with hep c my doctor said I had antibodies in bloodstream .But my liver function normal and ultrasound scan normal but a high spleen ?Im waiting to see a specialist I am so anxious and just want to begin treatment asap .Dont know viral Load he did not mention it ?

Jess1d D Dec 15, 2017

I have posted my story a couple of times on this site. After reviewing all of the posts on the subject of hep c listed in this forum I would like to say the following. 1. It doesn’t matter too much how you got hep c , It matters what you do from now on. 2. Yes sometimes your body can fight the hep c and cure itself. 3. If your doctor prescribes Harvoni you most likely have cirrhosis too. 4. Most treatments with Harvoni have little side effects and have a high cure rate. 5. Relax with proper treatment it is most likely that hep c can be beaten. 6. Follow your treatment regiment to the letter. 7. Seek treatment as soon as possible. 8. Try to kick your monkeys ( smoking, drinking, drugs,) and anything else that will damage your liver any farther for the rest of your life. 9. Drink more water and watch your salt intake to less than 2000 mg per day. 10. Have faith in your Lord to help you cope. I hope this list will help you in you journey to beat hep c . I am pleased to say I have been cured by Harvoni for 2 years now. I wish all of you a long life and happiness after you are cured too. You can do it.

Roland G Dec 13, 2017

Hi in the last 12 months my health started to deteriorate suddenly, it was picked up in blood tests I was hep c positive, i had no symtoms prior to my diagnosis , aching fatigue being sick,stomach bleeding , circulation problems,bowel problems bones n nails brittle and on and on, going from always healthy to one thing after anothe, I have chronic liver damage and cirrhoses from this SILENT SYMPTOMATIC VIRUS, and also knock on effects to other parts of my body, i was put on the injections of intferol but made me very very ill and had to be stopped as i ended up in hospital with it, 3 month later Iam on my 2nd month of treatment, of a 16 week treatment of MAVIRET a very expensive treatment , which seems be much better than the previous treatment, though they make me extremly tired week itchy skin especially were the patches of cirrhosis is, though ive been told the damage is done and my liver will never be normal ,the last blood test was amazing results , before this treatment my liver viral load was 70 million !! IT was down to just 96 viral load after 2 weeks , i have ate as healthy as possible , i dont drink , iam back in 4 weeks for results of the 4 week blood results of full liver fuction etc, Iunderstand why they call it the silent killer its believed ive had it years and never even knew , I dont know fully what expect at end of treatment with having chronic damage, will keep updating , but with those results of viral load down so much its surley got to be a good thing, would love to hear anyone else who s chronic and had this treatment,for those who even think they may have come into contact with it please please go and get tested so you can get treated and cured before it becomes active and hits you like a ticking time bomb, its a small prick on your thumb , maviret is for all hep c genotypes 1- 6 , myself iam genotype 3 , would love to hear off anyone else about your story of this silent epidemic ,stay healthy guys ? sharon.

Dec 12, 2017

Hi I'm 45 I had breast cancer in 2008 which I received chemo For Due to not feeling well I had a blood screening for hep c it came back a false positive. im waiting on repeat of bloods does anyone know what this means? ?i was a heroine addict been clean for 20years. i had a ultrasound my organs are well except slightly high spleen. Liver function normal can anyone help as it happened to them ??

Jess1 D Dec 9, 2017

The day I was told I had Hepititis C,that was the day I died mentally. Within the walk out of dr.office, walking to the car I was contiplating my death. Iwas contaminated, no one was allowed to touch me. I had just seen 4 others pass away, needless to say I was next. Trying to figure out how could this happen,where ,who...how could I be so wreckless? I was treated the first time with ribifiron and interferon..it became to the point, I couldn't eat,then I received a box in the mail with approx. 24 more bottles of pills. Thats when I had a meltdown. Not eating and expecting to to continue the treatment surely would have killed me. Not being a weight watcher, I was mortified finding out I was 83 lbs. Thankfully my daughters stopped over and realized I wasn't as good as I thought, It took quite awhile to get back on track. Giving myself to them, religushing car keys as well, which wasn't easy ,but the right thing to do. Having my best interest at heart, I trusted them. I'm not sure how I got so blessed to get accepted with the Hep.C team, but they were amazing. Which,that is an understatement. I am greatful, having a second chance at life. I'm now trying to figure out how to give back.

LaDonna ST Dec 5, 2017

Hi I'm Lorene, my rheumatologist told me I had it in August of 2017, I was referred to a gastroenterologist who then told me it's been in my medical records from Martin County Memorial Hospital since 2009. I was Never told. There were plenty of times they could have told me, I was in there for pancreatitis and in 2012 for diverticulitis. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I did some research and people with hepatitis C are more likely to get Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've been on Mavyret now for 5 weeks and it because I already have severe RA is nearly crippled me. I'm 54 and I can't even vacuum my own home much less do the things I enjoyed like walking my dog and ferrets. I'm angry at the hospital for not telling me I had such a terrible, but cureable disease and now I have a extremely painful disease that is NOT cureable that may have been prevented had I known back in 2009. Thanks for listening it helps to be able to vent.

Lorene w Nov 28, 2017

I was cured from Hep c the old way taking the shots i had a ruff time taking all the meds I am very thankful to all the medical staff that helped me survive this horrible disease when i first found out about it there was no cure i was assured i would be passing away sooner than expected but thank god and the glory of miracles im still here dont give up it will be ruff and with the new treatments out there you will be cured im so grateful for my new life and may god bless all of you and i pray your recovery is great and final no more hep c

Laurin P Nov 26, 2017

After 17 years on Nov.62017...from liver failure...he fought hard..and was diagnosed with HepC..15 years ago..the last 8 was difficult...I miss my best friend..my love...and his beutiful name James..calling it..enjoy every moment..love hard..we had so little..but we had each other..he was house bound..to weak..no energy..but always remember..your always no matter were u r..your always somewhere when your with the one u love..yes..he was on the liver list..now I'm lost...take care..and enjoy life

Jenny M Nov 21, 2017

Hi I'm Katy and I'm from Dallas . I'm 36 and have had hep c for 2yrs now and am scared to death. A girl gave it to me knowingly she had it and here I sit w it in fear daily of whether or not I'm going to live or not. I'm gong to the hep c drs and get to g everything I need to get this taken care of asap. If anyone wants to chat or help w support I'm in the same boat

Katy C Nov 18, 2017

I was told that I have hepatitis c about 5 years ago now I've been told that I don't have it anymore? That my body fought it off itself. Is this possible. Or are the Dr stupid

Charles H Nov 17, 2017

I have diagnosis hcv in August 2017 and my range is 2.26 and I my viral load is nil can viral load increase in future. There is any treatment hcv reactive only.

Singh S Nov 14, 2017

I was hepatitis patient. I was diagnosed HCV + in March 2015 .the reason behind is blood transfusion.my genotype is 3a and my doctor give me medicines live sofovir &rebavarin also injection interferon. After treatment I was diagnosed not dected upto August 2017 .from today my vital load comes less than 15 lacks which is also not dected. But I don't know about normal value of viral load. Also dear doctors plz give me suggestion about my diet what to eat ,not to eat thanks 12 Nov 2017

Nadeem D. Nov 12, 2017

I was diagnosed in 2013 with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after my doctor did a bone marrow biopsy they diagnosed me with Hep C. After my last R Chop chemo treatment in November 2013 I was able to start Harvoni in March of 2015. During my last visit with Hematologist my labs came back HCV gone, but was diagnosed with chronic cirrhosis of the liver. I do not drink alcohol or do drugs. Per my Gastroenterologist, I am cured of HCV, but I was wondering if anyone else ended up with cirrhosis since I did not have cirrhosis prior to taking Harvoni.

Becca C Nov 9, 2017

To the commenter on October 11th asking about options for gentotype 3: there are new options out there! Epclusa has been on the market for a while and is very similar to Harvoni. It can any genotype in as few as 12 weeks with mild if any side effects. Mavyret is another option that's very new to the market and can cure any genotype in as little as 8 weeks! It is also very well tolerated with few side effects. Definitely talk to your doctor about these newer treatments to choose one that is right for you. They're all oral medications, and they're very effective. There are also many programs out there to help you afford the medication, so cost should not be a barrier. I truly believe eradication of hepatitis C is within our reach

Abbi H Nov 8, 2017

Chronic HCV TREATED 2016 now I m not dected (viral load )

Nadeem B Nov 7, 2017

Good day everyone I am new here. In May they found hep c with me. There is no medicine in my country. I drink bitter and the diet that I see on the net and I have to go on to see how far I am so in my country I have been left to fend for myself. I eat kiwi beet apple every day and drink green tea sometimes I make tamarind juice to keep my life clean. I was last at the internis the virus is there, but my life is completely clean. So I do not know how to go with me but I feel 80% good I do not feel good then I rest well and also many greetings, but sometimes there is no money. My country is in a priecere situation. Ma yes is God praying otherwise I do not know. Gtoetjes to you.

Glenda F. Nov 6, 2017

I was shocked to say the least when i was told not only did i have HEP C but i had it for at least ten years! That made me twenty years old. Several surgeries..blood tests a child by c-section and it was never ever caught. So at 33 years old i had cirrhosis of the liver and could not understand how. The only thing i can think of are the tattoos i have. They were done by friends ..i was young figured thats gross to use a needle on someone else or its from the cocaine i snorted in my early twenties. But what i was afraid of is my son. Could my actions affect him.. Of course i had him tested etc.. But what i couldnt understand is why they dont just make it a standard test. I think of all the surgeries and blood tests and it was never caught. Luckily i got approved for the harvoni and i am very grateful. But i had to contact everyone i partied with 15 years ago and advise them to get tested. Embarrassed..yes but hopefully i saved someones life. I am grateful that the DR and nurse were so great and did not treat me any different. Because i sure was ashamed. I see the commercial on t.v. for harvoni and the research that years ago it killed people. I am so grateful. And will always spread my experience. It was my fault why i obtained this killer and my life was still saved.

Carmen B Nov 5, 2017

My husband contracted Hep c. Before 1973. It was just called hepatitis then. Abt. 2001 he was told he had Hep c, and attempted the treatment, which was terminated after 3 months for non response. His liver biopsy was inclusive. After 2003, he developed diabetes type 2. No one in family has it and he was not overweight. He then was diagnosed with bladder cancer. That subsequent surgery revealed a very low platelet level. He was referrred to a gastro and again had viral load tested and another liver biopsy done. Both inconclusive. After a consult, the gastro did an EGD and banded 7 esophageal varicies. His spleen grossly enlarged and Dr. Declared Cirrohsis with 1-2 years survival prognosis. We transferred care to a Hep C. specialist and researcher for victrellis, which was not yet FDA Approved. Before we could get anything started, his bladder cancer returned and he had to complete the chemo treatment and start a maintenance for it. After that was resolved, he could start victrellis which had just been approved by FDA. the doctor knew then that Harvoni was in the pipeline, but said my husband could not wait for that . His platelets were to low to start treatment, but the doctor decided to give him a platelet booster, which at that time, was not approved for this particular use, but the doctor managed to get him on it anyway, and after platelets rose to acceptable levels, he started the Hep C. Treatment with victrellis. He had a of success. There were many additional medications used to allow him to continue treatment, including xifaxin. It was extremely difficult and miserable for him. He had to do the entire treatment, almost a year long. He continued regular EGD testing and eventually had more than 20 esophageal varices banded, and gastric varicies. He developed a portal vein thrombosis which did not respond to treatment. His spleen was still grossly enlarged. But the treatment cured him and another year later was declared virus free/ cured. Dr. Then adjusted life span to 3-5 years without a transplant. His liver then canalized and created new pathways to circumvent the portal vein thrombosis. His platelets remain to this day, extremely low. The lowest being abt.18. They now stay around 28-38 . After the recanaluzation, he stopped developing varicies. Spleen still enlarged but not as bad. Still has diabetes from the virus. Liver holding steady now, in 2017. His labs are low, very tired, gets super cold, even in summer. He has cheerful, wonderful attitude which we and doctors think played a very large role in this outcome. He now sees a specialist once a year, starting this year. His prognosis had been readjusted a few years ago to 5-7 years, but now, after this much time, they speculate he may not need a transplant at all and that maybe his cirrhosis is beginning to heal somewhat. He, of course still has a badly damaged liver. But he is now 67 and still works every day and has the best outlook! His MELD is still 14, but it could stay there forever. We and the doctor are very optimistic! This story is meant to encourage everyone with a lousy diagnosis to have hope and to persist! To go from the initial diagnosis of 1-2 years, all the additional problems of cancer and diabetes and varicies and grim prognosis...to where we are now, is really miraculous. You would never know to see him how much he has been through and how much he still endures. Hep C. For over 35 years...so many close calls... be grateful for these new treatments with little or no side effects...it is incredible progress. This website and it ‘s predessor, were a tremendous help to me. Our story , I believe, is probably archived in M.D JUNCTION. Having someone to talk to who isn’t a doctor, but a patient going through the same things, was crucial for me as a caregiver. Good luck to all. Even the worse news can be altered. Have hope.

Chris M. Nov 3, 2017

I have been monitoring my liver function test results for decades. I've basically felt fine and was fearful of newly released DAA medications for Hep C. I've learned how to protect my liver through researching lifestyle (diet, abstaining from alcohol, use of OTC pain relievers, etc) changes. Some experiences from others I've read left me in terror of going forward with treatment. My monthly out-of-pocket individual health insurance premiums have been challenging to maintain. I even received a letter from my insurance advising me to get treated! I've been taking Harvoni for 5 weeks now and haven't gotten 4 week viral load test results back yet but have had zero side effects from taking Harvoni. I drink lots of water throughout the day and take Harvoni in the afternoon every day. Having lived maybe decades with chronic liver disease, I had accepted the symptoms as my new normal. I thought I felt fine until the new vitality I'm experiencing now. I felt I was playing Russian Roulette each passing year that I didn't try to get the disease irradicated. On the other hand, I was fearful of debilitating side effects of medication. I made the decision to go forward and have no regrets. Seems there's controversy as to whether I'll receive an actual cure or achieve remission after completing course of Harvoni. Time will tell. At any rate, I feel I'm adding years to my lifespan by accepting treatment. One never knows how they may react to medications, but my experience has been completely positive. Zero side effects from Harvoni are possible. Best to all now making the same decisions!

Lynn A Nov 3, 2017

July 2016 went for my annual wellness check. Elevated liver enzymes caused them to test for Hep C. Results confirmed with high enough numbers for my insurance to cover treatment with Harvoni. (Insurance denied 2 times first). Took Harvoni every day at 2pm with my phone alarm, never missed. At one month the virus was undetected. I never had a symptom of the virus. After the 2nd month I noticed muscle fatigue, especially in my left thigh. Strange because I walked 3-5 miles every day and lived with stairs to climb daily. During the 3rd month I had trouble getting up the stairs, had to kinda put a jump in my step to go up. I wanted to stop treatment feeling that since it was undetected, but I kept on for the full term, just in case. All clear after 90 days on the drug. Then came the 3 month after treatment ended blood test. I read the results and looked at the technician, "I have it??!!" He nodded. Dang it... what went wrong? AND my thigh is still not doing well. I still walk daily and have added water aerobics, but even after a month still have an ache in my thigh. Just turning 65 and Medicare begins. I would not opt for Harvoni again.

Joanna L Nov 3, 2017

I caught hep c in 1975 .I was in a bad motorcycle wreck and had many transfusion 's. This was way before they knew about hep c. I was diagnosed in 2007. Did the interferon and ribuviron to no avail. Just sick as hell for 3 months. I'm on my second month of Harvoni and virus is gone. Amazing,thank God,literally. Still on meds for another month or so. Really hoping I get my energy back.Good luck to all.

Joseph M Oct 23, 2017

I am 54 years old and in 1984 I was married and I had lost two pregnancies that year… The last one being an etopic pregnancy. The tube had ruptured earlier in the day and I had to have emergency surgery. I almost didn’t make it through the surgery… I needed 2 blood transfusions. 30 something years later I’m having some health issues more to do with allergies but while we were testing my blood for different things I kept seeing the commercials for hepatitis C… Being born in 1963 I said test my blood. Sure enough. My insurance covered Zepatier. My medication arrived… ( Packaged like I have never seen any medication packaged before my life!!) my medication was $54,600 for the 12 weeks that I personally need to take it for… One pill a day… For 12 weeks I felt absolutely nothing while I was taking the medication… Nothing… I didn’t feel more sleepy I didn’t feel anything… I just took the medication. I went overseas for three weeks right when I was done taking the medication… When I came back my doctor had sent me a prescription to have my blood taken .Which I did. A certain manner time went by and I did not hear back from my doctor so I called them… They said they would have her call me back… A few minutes later my ACTUAL doctor called me! ( A rarity these days !!) I pick up the phone and she said “you’re cured“! ( her office specializes in treating hepatitis C but she is also my Doctor Who performs my colonoscopy is… So I know her fairly well ) . I said I bet you don’t get to say that very often knowing that she is also a colon doctor.She said “yeah ,unfortunately not”. We started talking about my liver and she said my liver looked better than any liver she has seen in so long… I said you’re kidding me? She said no your liver is just about pristine… I was thinking about all the drinking I did in my 20s… LOL and the link the drinking I still do now occasionally ( very occasionally more just joking !!) but regardless I’m thinking about how I couldn’t believe that it was as good as she sad. Couldn’t believe the medication really worked as described… Couldn’t believe I was truly cured! Having breast cancer five years ago I never thought I was going to get good news again! Anyways the main reason that I wanted to write this was I wanted to know if somebody else experienced this as well because I have been putting this in Google trying to see if this is happened anybody else and if it has can somebody contact me and just let me know that it has I have been waking up my whole life or almost my whole life at 5 o’clock in the morning 5 o’clock in the morning has been my time even when I was younger… I’ve had hepatitis C over 30 years… And almost that whole 30 years or I would say that whole 30 years I’ve been waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning . Going through menopause I’ve been waking up at 4 o’clock as well… But almost to the day and this is not a joke… To the day that I stopped taking those upper tier and I was cured I started sleeping till 67 even sometimes 8 o’clock I sleep in like a normal person… If I go to sleep later while then I wake up later if I go to sleep earlier well then I might wake up at 6 o’clock but I haven’t woke up at 5 o’clock I don’t think once since I heard the words “ your cured”. Coincidence? I suppose so… Almost to the day… How strange… I’m thinking it has to be connected… And that is the gods honest truth I have not woke up once at 5 o’clock in the morning since being cured. If anything similar has happened to anyone here my email is above I would just be curious to know… Thanks for listening! Or reading I should say! I hope everybody has the good luck that I had… Modern medicine ??????

Patricia P Oct 18, 2017

Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with HCV. I am a baby boomer. I was completely shocked and horrified. I also have Diabetes so it was a bad combo. I had genotype 2b which only 10% of the U.S. population has. It was easier to treat. I took Ribavirin and Interferon for six months. The virus cleared and I have been free of it for 13 years. There is hope out there. Trick: I drank lots of water during the treatment. it worked. I never got sick during the treatment.

Lisa Adams Oct 17, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c genotype 1 in 1998 as a result of 3 blood transfusions In 1977. I began treatment in 1998 initially with interferon three times a week . Eventually they came out with a pen that I used weekly . I was eventually put on ribavirin which did not work either . So , in about 1997 I stopped that and just hoped for the best . In 1998 , I developed cryoglobulinemia and joint pain secondary to hep c . I had to undergo plasmapheresis treatments which is similar to dialysis. They explained to me in simple terms , that my body was producing antibodies to try and fight the hep c but didn't know when to quit . The plasmapheresis would remove the cryoglobulins. It actually was just maintaining me . At one point , my specialist suggested that I go for a second opinion at the Cleveland clinic. They suggested Retuxin for a four week course preceded by a plasmapheresis treatment, wait a month and then start a new drug for genotype 1. At that time , Retuxin was not used for my diagnosis in Canada so it took 6 months to get it because it was considered an "off label diagnosis". After I underwent the Retuxin infusions , I was again tested to determine my viral load prior to starting the new drug . Much to everybody's surprise , I was negative. Three more tests were done over several months ....... all negative! The Dr said he couldn't explain it but I'm not complaining . I have remained negative since.

Anne W Oct 15, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c 2 years ago. We don't know how long I've had it. It took forever for me so start my treatment. Finally in March of this year, my specialist prescribed me Harvoni. If it wasn't for my wife contacting the maker of Harvoni and them sending a coupon where all that I had to pay was a $10 copay for each round of treatment, there's no way that I could've afforded it. I only had to take it for 8 weeks. When I went back for my post treatment appointment, they drew blood and took scans of my liver. I got a call from my doctor a few days later and there was no sign of the hep c, AT ALL! I was SO happy! For a couple of years, I worried about if I were going to die from this disease. I didn't have any side effects from the Harvoni, well maybe a little bit of tiredness from it. So, don't think it's the end because of a diagnosis that I got, that scared me really bad. But instead I am 100% cured! My liver has no damage to it at all! Wishing everyone all the best and never ever give up!

Kenneth McCarver Oct 11, 2017

I am 70. I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1994. At that time the treatment was interferon only. Injections for almost 6 months. Very difficult. My Count went way down and I felt great but didn't clear. I have genotype 3. I got it from my husband who had been in the military. What treatment is available for those who have a genotype other than type 1. Thank you so much

Oct 11, 2017

I found out I tested positive about 4 years ago, who knows how long I had it. I'm 65 now. I've had blood test, just regular old blood tests. Ive been told I have NO VIRAL COUNT. For 2 years blood tests every 3 months. Then every 6 months, always the same. My x husband and my current husband both Vets. Have been positive and treated, 12 weeks, harvoni. I dont know if it returned. My current husband never returned for a follow up. Keeps saying he feels great, strong. Stupid. Today, 10/11/17 I started with a new Primary MD. I'm getting nowhere with the old one. I did have a CT scan and all I was told from that was that I had fatty liver tissue. Has anyone else experienced the same? My new Dr. Tells me the virus could have cured on its own!!!! What??

Oct 11, 2017

I found out I had HepC 25 years ago. I stopped Drinking, stopped eating fried foods. Eat liver once a week. Did A course of Miracle mineral solution, DId Rife therapy, CBD Rick Simpson oil, oxygen therapy. Standard Process Livaplex and AF betafood. Had my blood test last year and they said I am doing great. I am living in Brazil for low stress life, Surfing hiking biking. I think you have to take care of yourself on all levels, its a full time job. (PS, BACH Flowers also)

Oct 11, 2017

When I was first diagnosed with Hep C in 2005, the only 'TREATMENT' available was a combination of Interferon and Ribavirin, which offered at best a 50% chance of recovery, AND, you'd feel like you had the flu for the entire 12 month duration of the treatment. I wasn't willing to suffer for a year without at least a 90% chance of succeeding. About 3 years ago the government of Canada instituted a program for Hep C patients which had Stage 2 or higher Fibrosis a full 12-week course of treatment with Harvoni for FREE! I had Stage 3, so I qualified. This would have cost me $36,000 had I had to pay for it! I was pronounced 'CURED' after the 12 weeks and more than a year later, I'm still cured! (Also, there was NO misery that accompanied the treatment). Through diet and juicing, and some super herbs and mushrooms, I've gotten my Fibrosis down to Stage 1, and it's going to ZERO, believe me! Finally, I would strongly encourage anyone with even Stage 1 Fibrosis to really due their own due diligence and search out on Google and youtube.com, 'NATURAL REMEDIES FOR FIBROSIS/LIVER DISEASE'. There's a ton of info out there, believe me. So, when your doctor tells you that Fibrosis and Fatty Liver can't be reversed, tell him to check out the studies on pubmed.gov which show that they are indeed, reversible. I'm living proof! Finally, I would encourage anyone with Fibrosis to thoroughly check out a completely non- toxic proteolytic enzyme called SERRAPEPTASE. It has AMAZING anti-fibrotic properties. Check out, "SYSTEMIC PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES". Youtube.com has numerous excellent videos about it, and of course, there's a lot of good info on google, as well. I'm 67 years old.

REID B Oct 10, 2017

I surived hepatitis C. Honestly by having faith in God and a great compassionate Dr .Robert foaintnella he was patient experienced knowledgeable understanding he was geniune . A good health professional can make a difference .Dr Robert was not my first dr but he ended being the one who helped me get over the shame ,anger and fear of Hep C. Healthy emotional outlook is the best way to approach hep C learning to not feel like a victim educating yourself lastly Thanking GOD every morning ..

Oct 10, 2017

I was a chronic IV heroin user from 12 years old onwards getting it straight from the golden triangle, I grew up in the aids scare and fits for every one so never shared, but I got mixed up with a bad lot and my partner let them throw there dirty fit's in our bucket we used too get the buckets of a hundred etc not knowing that others had used the buckets I used a fit from there, I felt the disease hit me and fought it for a long time kids settled the drug lifestyle and addiction but they were disabled and I never had a chance too do the treatment because I was then single with two disabled kids whom I lived for fought for, unfortunately and the worst thing that has and will ever happen too me I found my son dead, despite doing CPR on his corpse for 45 minutes and the ambulance being 2 minutes away he left me behind now I had too go on for my other son , eventually after years they made epculsa on the PBS I am on my 9th week but have lesions feel really trashed out but am fighting other battles for help for my remaining son, they said I was not mentally strong enough enough for inter furon is it and I can believe that judging by how bad I feel now, but every day is going from one spot fire too another , hopefully when the treatment is gone I will be able too go a day without wanting too die , but every day I keep fighting the good fight with all I have be good too have that bit back Hep C took from what I allowed tooo take from me by being stupidly lazy,

Carl B Oct 9, 2017

I have hepatitis C stage 2 and with insurance I'm fighting them to cover it insurance says hepatitis C no stage and Dr SAYS hepatitis c stage 2 .I am and still fighting the bottle I drank 32 years and God's Grace all I have is a fatty liver. I'm a fighter but I'm sick daily. I will survive but I have to find a way to buy the treatment on my own.

James G Oct 9, 2017

Back in 1988, I was diagnosed with Hep C (genotype 1) shortly after having an ectopic pregnancy which I needed a blood transfusion. I have suffered with the various affects of the disease for close to 30 years. I have endured two attempts at treating my Hep C. Once back in 1999 and then again in 2002 with no luck. I was actually not able to tolerate the ribavirin, causing me to become anemic. in 2016 I decided I would see if I would be able to be treated with Harvoni. But my insurance company turned me down. I tried 3 more times this year and finally my insurance company approved me for the treatment. I started the treatment on July 1, 2017. After the first two weeks, I had blood work done and my Hep C was no longer detected. I completed the 12 week course on September 22nd. My test results still show that my Hep C is undetected. I will get my blood tested again in 3 months to see if it is still undetected. After almost 30 years, I am finally cured of Hep C. The treatment went well and I had really no symptoms. I highly recommend anyone out there suffering to seek treatment and cure themselves of this terrible disease.

Maureen N Oct 5, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c and hep b antibody in 2001. I tired easily and had a lot of joint pain. I don't know how I got either. I took the Harvoni cure in 2013 and have been free since. The treatment was 12 wks and not too bad. Some upset stomach, tired, but nothing major. I still have a stage 4 damaged liver, but am extremely grateful to be free of Hep C. I get a blood test and liver scan every year now and quit drinking in 2013. I pray my liver doesn't become worse. I strongly recommend anyone who has been diagnosed to quit drinking and take Harvoni. A miracle!

pamela l Sep 30, 2017

I was lucky & my liver wasn't beyond redemption when I was diagnosed. My first wife had died of liver cancer 5 years earlier & somehow I didn't get the message then. When I was diagnosed I was able to do the one single thing that saved my life, I quit drinking. I also started a 13 year trip through treatment, 5 different times until I was finally cured 2 years ago. I went through daily infergen shots for 6 months, unsuccessfully. I've lost over 15 friends & lovers to Hep C . I assume if you're reading this you've been diagnosed? Save your life, quit drinking today.

Sep 25, 2017

I have had this hep c for over 15 years I was denied for treatment it has gotten so bad I have joint pain that affects my daily living I had to be put on pain meds in walk with a cane I use Crack back in the day never use IV drugs I went did the testing only to get denied passed all the tests for is being clean and I was told that they would pay for the medicine if I was in a cirrhosis stages which I think is crazyI have 3yr old daughter to raise but I think God for her father letting me rest while he steps in

Ronda G Sep 24, 2017

I had hepatitis C type 4 for at least 40 years. My liver biobsy in 2002 showed moderate fibrosis. I tried treatment with interferon but was horrible and I had to stop bcz of severe side effects. In September 2015 I was given Harvoni for 13 weeks which ended in December of the same year. My liver enzymes went down to normal range and virus RNA quantitation was zero (undetectable). In August 2017 I had fibroscan and showed 4.5 and the hepatologist told me no fibrosis anymore. I am happy and I wish cure for everyone else.

Karkour Kaka g Sep 18, 2017

I suffered with hepatitis C for 30 years. They're coming point in time in my life a few years ago where I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver. Through the pap program I was blessed enough to receive my medication at no cost. I went through the sovaldi and ribavirin treatment for 4 months. It has been almost 2 years now and I feel like I have been handed a new life. I encourage anyone to not give up and think it's over as I did I walked around in Doom and Gloom after my stage 4 liver cirrhosis because the doctor told me I had little time left if I didn't get approved for the treatment. Through the grace of God the patient assistance program help save my life. If you are struggling with severe fatigue and stay in bed 2 or 3 days a week your life is not over go get a liver biopsy it only cost $1,000 if you don't have insurance but that $1,000 will save your life. I am in a new relationship and I'm blessed each and every day may God be with you and lead you and guide you with his spirit

Doyle Wheeling Sep 18, 2017

ive had hep c for about 5 years, Didnt know much about the disease and didn't really care to, I continued to drink almost everyday if not at least every second day, I started to get pains in my stomach that would have me rolling around on the floor in pain, i believe it was from the hep c but my doctor told me it wasn't, but so many people seem to experience the same feeling who have hep c, I stopped drinking for 2 years and started epclusa treatment. I'm currently in my 5th week, I was extremely nervous and so scared of starting treatment I literally sat in a daze for 2 hours the first time I took my first dose thinking I was going to die because of how scared i was (I didn't, I was fine) anxiety just gets the best of me, I know it other people know it but that doesn't stop me from feeling the way that I do. So far it's bin really good. No side effects, I actually have more energy taking the pill and now I'm nervous to stop. Tonight I missed my first dose all though I think I'll be fine, at my 1 month check up it showed that the medication is working and I'm extremely excited to find out the end results, I wish everyone the best it's not easy going threw this, it's shameful, embarrassing and scary, but we're not alone.

S Jerry Sep 17, 2017

Like many other pople I have no idea where from I was infected by HepC virus. My versions are either from having ears pierced or in dentist office here in USA. My CT scan showed sme liver damage so gastro doctor proposed to check my blood for HepC. And here it is. Thanks Kaiser Permanente insurance taking Harvony now for almost 4 weeks. Some days are very easy but some have sideeffects. Mainly insomnia, can not fall to sleep till 4-5 a.m. Also depression and for few days have symptoms of overactive bladder. Taking AZO. Going to receive in my pharmacy my 2-d bottle of pills. If anybody have questions please e-mail me at ernagomez75@yahoo.com. Thanks for readind and good luck to all here on this forum.

erna G Sep 14, 2017

I've been home for six months by my doctor, but here in Surinam they do not have the meficijmen. So I've left fate over me.

Sep 11, 2017

I contracted hep c at the age of 17 when I ran away and only shot up for 2 weeks using a needle after someone I thought was clean. I got severely ill and went to the hospital. They told me I was infected. I waited 2 yes to get on treatment bc I ran away again. I was a troubled teen and at the time I didn't really know what it was but I thought it was a joke. When I went to get on treatment the first Dr told me that he didn't treat lesbians(not even joking) so I found another one who say I was worse than most older adults she has seen. I was down to 98lbs I was put on a 12 month treatment. I was only on it for 10 months and was cured. I went back 6 months still cured and even 2 1/2 yrs still cured. But I gained almost 100 lbs after(I'm now 220) treatment and now have a fatty liver. I'm sick all the time depressed and have pains under my ribs. I go from having diarrhea to be constipated every other day. I feel horrible at the time but they say it's not back. I mean u can see my liver just by looking at my stomach. I just wander if having her c so badly has hurt me in other ways even after treatment. IDK but it's hard to work or have a normal life now bc I'm so sick. And most days I can only eat once or twice but small meals and I'm still gaining more weight even though I barely eat. I have not lost weight even w a gym membership. Am I the only one?

Lindsey C Sep 11, 2017

This is actually my husband's story through my eyes. My husband was dignoised with chronic Hep C four months ago. He is 59 yrs old and is healthy as a horse. He had no symptoms at all prior to be diagnosed. We got new health insurance and they required that we both get blood work and a physical to decrease our insurance premium. His blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. Many tests later he was finally diagnosed with chronic Hep C. He is on a 12 week Harvoni teatment and is halfway through. The only side effect so far is fatigue and loose stool at times. So far so good!!!

Lisa A Sep 10, 2017

Was diagnosed in 2002. I am a past iv drug user. I have been drug free since 2008. My significant other took interferon/ ribaviran in 2010. I thought he was going to die for a year. I was afraid to take treatment. I have to work. Yesterday was my 1st day on Harvoni. I am very excited to see my results. I am also apprehensive about the side effects. Wish me luck

Sep 8, 2017

I'm very young and was diagnosed with this virus, we believe it came from a tatoo I got out of defiance and poor taste. Non-the-less I was still positive. It tore my marriage to pieces. We were scared to be together for fear of him losing his military career. It took a while for my insurance to come through for Harvoni and Robiviran are not cheap. With that being said not even four weeks later my test results showed clear and I am able to start getting my life back and feel like a normal young lady again. I had no side effects what so ever and would recommend this medication to any qualified patient!!!!

Ashleigh R Sep 7, 2017

I began using IV drugs as a teenager. Stopped in my early 20s. In my mid 30s I was diagnosed with Hepsie when I became violently ill. I am 52 now have taken the Hep-c treatment three times. But, I still have the virus and have been considered a non-responder. I also have been diagnosed with lupus and heart disease. I look healthy outwardly and it's probably hard for people to understand how sick I actually am. I cope with crippling fatigue, mild depression, daily nausea frequent vomiting, and frequent diarrhea. Recently I've developed a dull pain beneath my right rib cage. And then your constant pain in my upper back. My liver is changing again I can tell. I need a miracle not another treatment. All doctors drugs have done is make me sicker and sicker. The one thing I have found that actually helps is milk this'll a natural product that can be purchased from health food stores. In Europe also roses and hep C is treated with milk this'll and beat juice. They never give interferon or nasty drugs like that. Sorry to tell you , But modern medicine is in modern-day myth. Big Pharma is not interested in making anybody well. They just want our money and we are dumb enough to give it to them to simply treat symptoms instead of give us a cure !! ?? it's a white collar disgrace

Jodiy F Sep 4, 2017

im luca 41yrs old sick with hepatitis b may i have your help please now is two yers surfering

luca c Sep 2, 2017

I'm one of the lucky ones. I was dumb enough to stick needles in my arm when I was young and picked up Hep C, which over 40+ years led to cirrhosis which led to liver cancer. Had a total of almost 2 years (3 separate treatments) on interferon and the other drugs they used then BUT (here's where the lucky part comes in) after 42 days on the waiting list I got a liver transplant and still had hep but post-transplant Harvoni finally cured that in no time and still clear of virus. I think they're starting to use the word "cure" now. Moral to this story: HANG IN THERE. If you're breathing, you have hope. If you can't afford the new drugs, there are many sources of financial help, including the drug manufacturers. And regardless of what justifications we come up with, give up the booze 100%. By definition hepatitis damages your liver. So does alcohol. If you're drinking with hep C, you are shortening your time on earth. Period.

Aug 31, 2017

I am curious to see if anyone here has experienced what I have. I was a heavy intravenous user years back. My boyfriend at the time was as well. We were just plain ignorant with it all and I ended up using one of his needles at one point or another. A couple years went by & we split. I found out he had hep c. I went and got tested and the first test was inconclusive but the second was positive. They sent me to a specialist & he ran some tests & said it was negative? I just recently had some blood work done, 5 years later & my doc told me today I should count my blessings because I contracted hep c but my body cured itself. I'm not sure on what that even means. How can it happen & should I go somewhere else to have a second look?

Ashley F Aug 30, 2017

I am 19 years old & I had contracted hepatitis c in 2015, either by drug use or an abortion I have had. I had gotten tested in September 2015 & had came up clear, to be honest the only symptoms i had in that year was bloating & fatigue. In September 2016 I started getting terrible uti's so I decided to get tested again, due to being sexually active aswell I just wanted to be safe. I got my bloodwork done & found out I was positive for hep c, my heart had broke. I truly did not see a point in my life. I went through trials & tribulations my whole life, & now this? I had to get my second bloodwork done(rn) and it came back negative. I was so confused & had a doctor that wasn't knowledgable in this field.. he literally pulled out google to explain hepatitis symptoms.. there is 15% of people whose bodies can naturally cure the virus, & surprisingly mine did. I am only positive for the antibodies. I'm terrified to go to the dentist or anything where I'm going to have to explain my situation because SO many people are uneducated about this disease. I had gotten bullied by my ex boyfriends sister about me having contracted it & to all of those reading this and people have had judged you for what you have gone through. LET THEM. We are stronger than people who sit there and judge. They don't understand the struggle we have gone through & they don't need too. Your soul is always with you, not hepatitis. & for those of you going through the battle of having hepatitis, I applaud you for how strong you are in staying in this world & seeing how you can move further because me, myself was so close to giving up.. God will only put battles in front of us if he knows we can beat them, I know that now. Thank you for reading my story. You are stronger than you think.

Kayla K Aug 29, 2017

Treatment about 2 years ago. I was cured an 8 weeks instead of 12

Andrew P. Aug 28, 2017

I felt something wasn't right!!! I can't begin to say one specific thing.The mood swings,theTears,So Tired,Tired,Tired all the time..I was No Longer myself..Food had No Taste .. Every joint,muscle,ache & pain freaked me out!!!! Anxiety or Panic Attacks,un real...I had never experienced anything like this. I felt totally broken..Two Dr's turned me Away bcuz I refused to do Test Drugs....I tried a 3rd time w/ a New Hep C Doctor... Fabulous experience,God willing I get the cure..Long 5 Yrs .Thank & You,Lord..

Tabetha D Aug 27, 2017

I'm here today to quickly share my story as I realize many of the forums tend to have a lot more of negative side effect stories than good results ones for one reason: people who get well, go on with their lives and don't come back to share that much. I got Hep C in 1985 through a blood transfusion in my native Argentina. I was diagnosed in 2001 when I went to donate blood for September 11 and was told I tested positive for Hep C. It was a time when there were only horrible treatments with worse side effects and small probability of cure for my genotype. As my liver was fine and my enzymes only slightly elevated, my doctors suggested I keep doing biopsies and blood tests to keep disease in check while a better protocol was developed. I was lucky that I was healthy and could wait. This year my doctor suggested I start treatment with Harvoni. I had waited 3 years for the drug to be used widely and any major issues caught before I decided to start the drug. Despite my initial fears that the insurance company wouldn't cover my treatment because I wasn't "sick", my doctor said: "That's a battle that we fought and already won. They will approve you." Meaning, the medical community has made sure insurance companies pay for treatment of Hep C patients that are not super sick. I did an 8 week course of treatment. 1 pill a day. After 4 weeks I was already negative. At 8 weeks of starting I remained negative. At 12 weeks of finishing I''ve now been officially told I'm cured. :-) Side effects were truly bearable and minimum. Some headaches which I managed with Advil. Some nausea and dizziness some mornings which I managed by taking Dramamine at night before going to bed. I was tired at night so I went to bed at 9:30 instead of my usual 11. No major fatigue. Nothing else. Totally doable. I took my regular vacation in Europe for two weeks while still on the treatment and an unexpected trip to Argentina for work and family issues and was able to do everything. So all this to tell you, go ahead, do the treatment. Knowing that you kicked the virus off your system is priceless!!!

Mariela D Aug 25, 2017

Hello everyone ! My story will be short . I had chronical hepatitis B1 . ALAT was 135 . Just finished my 4 month treatment with Zapatier . I was prescribed 4 box of Zapatier , so one box for the each month . Took a blood test after my first box , results was very exciting . Haven't made my last blood test after whole treatment , I'm hope it will be good . But had a moderate lever pain for a few days . Excited to see my latest blood test results . Anita , Norway

Anita F Aug 24, 2017

I got Hep C buy a blood transfusion back in 1985. Recently I was approved for SSI. And I went to try to get the medication but they said my liver was not scarred so I didn't qualify for the $26,000 medication to cure me. And I figured I've lived this long by eating vegetables and taking care of myself. I'm 50 years old now and still my liver is not scarred.

Karen O. Aug 22, 2017

Hey Folks, I have had Hep C for 45 years now. Did the Interferon and Ribavirin, and didn't like it one bit, and it failed me miserably. I went through the Harvoni with ribavirin and I was actually called by the Hospital who wanted to be the first to congratulate me on getting cured. Right, I was sick as a dog, and still felt terrible all over. A routine Dr. visit showed the numbers were back, and elevated. So I realize that the Hospital was a bit quick to jump the gun. I feel strongly that cutting out all sugars, exercising, and drinking good water is a start to caring for one's own immune system. Coffee will give you a bit of the go-go juice to get up and moving. Caffeine is filtered by the kidneys so no strain there for the liver, and that my friends is the name of the game. Cut out anything that is harmful, or creates a strain on the liver. Ask your Dr. about any meds, vitamins, and minerals you might be taking as a supplement. Some are not great for your liver. Watch out about taking anti-oxidants, as some are good, and are needed by the liver so ask. I'm 62 years young, and still have a lot of life to enjoy, and I do enjoy. Build that positive attitude and start by giving out with the Love that you have always wanted to share, by just doing it, saying it, and showing it... Give me a shout, and I will be happy to share, and care with you......

Thomas F Aug 22, 2017

I would like to know if anyone has been on the newest Hep C drug, it is after Harvoni. I think it is called MK3. If anyone is on it please tell me what it is like and just anything about it. Thanks Corey

Corey B Aug 21, 2017

I'm 39, diagnosed by pcp two summers ago in 2015. My baby was only five months old. I was in complete shock and in fear for my life. I had a biopsy but no damage = no Harvoni. I went to a BioFeedback dr. He said I had no evidence of Hep C, instead Hep B and D!!?? And that I probably contracted B&D when I was immunized for Hep A & B. He instructed me and my family to take Coloidial silver for seven days. We did not drink after each other or share straws or kiss on the mouth. When I returned to my next visit, he said I was cleared.

mauley m Aug 21, 2017

I have had Hep C geno type 1b since 1976, from a wino's blood transfusion. Went on interferon for 1 yr but the virus came back. I Could not tolerate the Ribro....?? pills. Tried Harvoni, and in 4 wks, I was virus free, As of 8/14/17 I am still virus free. Took the pills for 8 wks. Good luch to those using a treatment that their Dr. recommends. I feel so great, lots of energy, no more 4 hr daily naps and exhausted after a small task.

Annamarie W. Aug 17, 2017

Well i posted 8 weeks ago and after just five days of taking harvoni i started to feel better. I am finishing my seconds bottle so this is my 8th week. After 4 weeks my count was down to 15 it was 5.700million at start. My liver was and is in stage 3. From hip.c. no side effects besides sleeping is not easy but i feel great. I was feeling pretty bad before i started harvoni. Just do not listin to all negative story's. I read all of them and was worried because of the negative comments but i was felling so bad that i had to go for it and glad i did. If you can get help therm get it cause you will die from it if you do not get treated. I have 4 more weeks which is 28 days. 84 days all together till end. Well good luck to all of you do not give up there is a cure and like i said no bad side effects for me so far. Anyone like to talk Too me startupfast65@gmail.com

Mike W Aug 15, 2017

To whom it may concern, I am a 43 yearr old ex drug addict living in Dublin Ireland. I am currently on a methadone programme and that is the only drug I need now,from which I am detoxing with great results. But back to my story, I began smoking herion at 16 but by the age of 18 I was injecting up to six times a day. Eventually i was diagnoised with HepatitisC at the age of 24. All the treatment Igot qas a visit to the hospital every 3months and bloods taking. Saying thar i never missed an appiontment. About six years ago the hospital said i was a perfect candite for their new treatment which consisted of 16 tablets a day and one injection a week inro my liver which i gave myself. Because i had type 3 the treatment would take 48 weeks, reluctantly i said yes. That year on the treatment was the worst year of my life. The treatment left me with no energy,weight gain qnd became a recluse. Eventually i finished the treatment abd after attending the hospital eveey three months for bloods and different test I was declated HEPATITIS C free on December 8th 2015. But what i cant understand the professer in the hospital put me thru 48 weeks of hell and as soon as i finished my trearment they brought in a new one which only last 8 weeks and taking one tablet per day. I am glad mine worked out which was call INTERVIRON &another name which i cant remember but when i look back at the pain, suffering,nightmares and paranoia i wwnt thru during treatment it was worth it now i am clean but not once did the professer ask me did i want to stop because of the sid effects. I was wondering if there are other Irish People who attended St.James Hepatology Unit recieve the same treatment and if it was just as hard. Hopefully somebody else will understand what that trearment done to my mind ans mental health today even though i am clean the effects are with me for the rest of my life which i waa not informed off when starring so if this happened to other patients i would love to hear from them. Thanking you. Gary.S.

Gary S Aug 15, 2017

In November of 2016, I finished 12 weeks of treatment with Epclusa. In February 2017, the virus was no longer detectable in my body. Looking back at two decades with this virus in my body, it explains everything. Why I could sleep for two or three days straight and still feel tired. Why I was constantly fatigued every day. I can't sleep all day even if I tried today. I feel like I have always had a lot of energy. They say once Hep C is out of your system, the energy will skyrocket. Honestly, I was nervous about having more energy. I am considered cured. I know my body best. Even being cured, I find I get sick more, I am run down faster, and maybe that is just part of the aging process. I do worry about getting HCV again. I know it won't be from intravenous drug use as I am 120% sure how I got it back in 1995. I dated a guy who had it and has no desire to go get treatment. He was awful. I am glad he is gone. What I did for my health last year with going through twelve weeks of treatment alone to be reinfected by some jerk? I am better than that! Treatment was scary but looking back, a walk in the park. Although, I will miss the first several hours after taking each Epclusa. The brain fog was cool. I enjoyed it.

Stacy M Aug 14, 2017

I am going to start Epclusa, soon, doctor thinks I have had hep c for 34 yrs, just wondering about side affects ,and will the liver damage stop when I am cured,is it normal to feel like I have a bladder infection all the time

Robin E Aug 11, 2017

Hello, I took Harvoni for type 1a Hep C for 8 weeks in April and May, 2016. I am now virus free!!!!! But.......I paid a huge price because of major side effects, some of which I'm still dealing with. Research online before you take these antivirals. Wish I had. What the tv ads say and reality are totally different.

Susan Mm Aug 10, 2017

Me and my husband are both curing hep c with a non-conventional approach. We read about the Bob Beck protocal . We ordered the blood cleaner device called the silver pulser. And the electro magnetic pulse therepy device called magnetic pulser. We used these two devices for six months and when we were tested again by our doctor, my AST had gone from 41down to 32. My ALT went from 58 down to 41. My husband's AST of 52 was down to 43 and his ALT of 138 was down to 80 ! Our dr was pushing us to do the drug treatments but we wanted to try the Beck Protocal . No sickness and no missed work, and only spent $ 600 on the two machines that we still have and use . The blood cleaner straps on your arm and had two electrodes you apply to your pulse points. We feel energised after our 30 mins a day . And the magnetic pulser is used to send an electric pulse to your lymph node areas, where the virus will try to hide, and it also works wonders on pain in the joints , sore muscles , and colds or flues. I forgot to add, the blood cleaner device is called the silver pulser because it also doubles as colloidal silver making generator. I cured my last bout of strep throat by drinking silver and using the machines. It was the last time i have been sick since i discovered these alternatives, i thank God (Jesus) for them

Sherry B Aug 10, 2017

I'm 20 years old and I was diagnosed with chronic heptitius, I read a lot of story's of people being cured and it inspires me to hear from people. I'm maken these post of your a survivor or gotten rid of the vitus please message me for comfert in the process. I called a few specialist around my area looking for a cure so I can be able to have a family someday,Its a strain on my life that stops me from being the romodel to my family and the person I was ment to lead. I support everybody who's going through these illness and my sympathy to wanna make the right choice and be cured. If there's any specialist that can let me know the right prosissors to take and get better I'd write you back and we can fight this thing together. Your not alone 20 year old male in flordia,

Miguel R Aug 7, 2017

Hi my name is Mark S, I'm 38 yrs old and had no idea that I had hep c. I probably should have been tested sooner being that I have sleeve tatoo' s and 10 yr battle with opiets. I started to feel tired all the time and in just felt drained. My doctor at a clinic I go to has been bothering me to have bloodwork done but I have no veins left in my arms. Nobody will take blood from feet and you would be surprised how hard it is to get a groin stick. So another 6 months go by still no bloodwork and went on living life. Finally with all the problems I'm having and with the help of the Dr at the methadone clinic we get blood samples. I get the results back and my alt's are through the roof. I got a Gastroligst concerned with hep c virus and how inflamed my liver is she starts meds. I took zepeteir generic for harvoni within 8 weeks no more viral count. The medicine was rough it drained me. I learned that the best time to take the meds is around 3 in the afternoon. There were routine blood draws every 2 weeks. I had a mediport placed in my right side chest and the catheter insertion is in the right atrium. I know have chronic hepatitis and I'm still trying to figure out a diet cuz I refuse to take any pills being that I have cirrhosis from the hep and I don't drink. Any diet ideas in my experience marijuana helps with appetite and helps with the swelling in the liver

Mark S Aug 6, 2017

My insurance told me I wasn't sick enough for treatment and won't cover me. The doctor then told me to come back when I get worse and maybe they will cover me then. I am so scared that my kids are going to lose me to before they grow up. That will be devastating to them. Plus my wife would have to raise them alone. I lost my medical card because I found employment so now were does that leave me. I'm not a drug addict or alcoholic. I'm a family man that want to be alive long enough to raise my children. I lost my mother at a young age and don't want to do that to my three beautiful children. So please will someone help.

James B. Aug 3, 2017

Was diagnosed in 2004 after a liver biopsy which by the way is no fun. Dr Dejesus is an awesome ID , most of his patients were HIV positive, my heart went out to them, anyway. He told me my odds were 70/30, not bad I said and he said not in your favor, the disease just went into stage 3. After some research we believe the disease was contracted in 1976 after receiving innoculations in the military, further research confirmed this. My 50TH birthday was two weeks away as was my 20th wedding anniversary. I decided to start treatment shortly after. Yes I was embarrassed, it keeps haunting you even tho you know the cause, it was at the party where I let my nearest and dearest friends know of the disease, all very supportive. Figured I wouldn't be drinking liquid libations for a year. The next year was hell injections of Interferon weekly 8 pills of ribavirin daily, I became a Mr.Hyde the treatment was potent due to the severity of the virus. The smell of the meals being prepared in the house made me nauseous, I would sit in the corner and cry. My children were 18 and 15 and loved me very much and after a few months knew what buttons not to push, lol. My wife would help with the injections back in the day you had to fill the syringes from the vial, not easy when your hands are shaking. My body ached so bad like a steam roller kept running me over, the Dr put me on vicoprofen for the pain, and I did keep a journal. Blood tests every month, and every month I was getting cured, painful cure but worth it. I'm getting long winded here, sorry, when the injections were done my wife and kids gave me a Thank You card, thanking me for being dad again. We sat and talked about the past year and they told me what a bear I was, think they had a few other words in mind but didn't share. Still getting liver function test everything is spot on, I'm 63 now it's been 13 years. Wishing they had Harvonia back in the day, I thank God and modern medicine and most of all SUPPORT, it's part of the cure. DON'T GIVE UP

Daniel C. Aug 3, 2017

Yes, i was told i had heb c for 47 years now! Got, was given heb c in 1970. In 1994 was told about if had c-section/blood transtion,needed to be check for heb c. And yes was postive for heb c. and husband. So took shots/pills sended like forever? Anywho ended up when finish taking treatment. I was no heb c, husband still positive.. because my lack of knowledge i ended up back with heb c. Was not told till 2017 still was positive w/heb c. Now that i'm 65 years of age dr. wants me go thro a treatment again. Was told life span is 57 years. Just do not know? ?

Doris C Aug 1, 2017

Waited 1year took 2 medicines im cured after 6 weeks they say. I'll continue one of the meds until the end of 12 weeks then I have to walk to get lighter

Rob N Aug 1, 2017

I am a 56 year old mother from Indonesia. At the time I was going to cataract surgery there was a blood test. I was so shocked and sad that I had hepatitis B. I am vegetarian and always keep my body and home clean, and I never change partner. I am afraid to get worse and all my equipment separated for fear my child will get hepatitis B. Can I get well?

Rosdiana P. Aug 1, 2017

Ive been cured of hepc , but i have stage 4 ive had a couple side nausea , lately ichy hand & feet, my counts are at 16 and generlly i feel alright!!! So far so good.

Travis L. Jul 31, 2017

Hello to All. Although this is regarding survival stories. I think it is just important to remember the ones that didn't survive. I recently lost my husband to Hep C within the past month, due to a blood transfusion back in the mid-1980's. By the time he was diagnosed the damage was done. Please take control of your health. With the many advances in medicine and the wonderful care by Doctors, Nurses and Research staff all working towards a cure, please be informed and don't stop until you obtain all the information for your health. Follow instructions, don't think you can beat this on your own, it can be devastating, this takes a team! Ask questions, always question why any test is being done, what they are looking for, so you understand exactly where you are at in your health. Keep your Doctor's appointments, get your lab work completed on time, eat healthy. Make the changes. It is Your Health you deserve answers! When my husband was diagnosed we were not told what a Meld Score was, we weren't told anything just that he had Cirrhosis! So continued to ask!! I would stay up for hours each night searching for answers researching online. Look at only legitimate sites: Mayo Clinic is a excellent resource, also another good source is a blog by Karen Hoyt. She shares her experience with cirrhosis/liver cancer and she is a survivor!! You have 24 hours to feel sorry for yourself ...after that your entire mindset better to be informed, what's next, healthy eating, staying positive. My husband always was proactive in his health and did everything that was asked of him. His health was complicated with kidney failure and a staph infection. Remember Doctor's are not always the best communicators---Ask Questions! Best wishes and good health to each of you! Lot of Love, GG

G G Jul 31, 2017

Diagnosed in 2012, viral load over 300,000, ascities, thrombocynia and HE..gastro helped with all but hepc and sent me to heptologists...1st with interfron and ribo which dropped my plattlet count to 30,000..stopped treatment went back to gastro to wait on new treatment. In 2017 started EPCLUSA AND RIBO..after 12 wks HEP C FREE and in July am virus free. not out of woods yet but a good chance to live again..Wishing you all the best.

VICKI J. Jul 28, 2017

I am 71 years old and was just diagnosed with Hep C on January 24, 2017. I was told, more than likely, I contacted it back in the 1970's when I did a lot of drugs. Anyway, just a year before I was diagnosed, I started feeling very tired and having concentration issues. Also, along with this was a lot of acid reflux. I was approved for Harvoni and have been on the drug since August 9, 2017. During the first week I had a lot of side effects which were feeling dizzy when the pill first came on and lasting for a couple of hours. I also had a couple of slight headaches and some stomach aches. I am now on my 20th day and am feeling much better than I have in many years. I look forward to finishing the Harvoni treatment and hopefully my viral load is 0. I did start with a low viral load of 660,000 and I'm to be on 8 week treatment plan.

Barbara S. Jul 28, 2017


cathy F Jul 27, 2017

I am 19 yrs old. I found out in October of 2016 that i was positive for Hep C. I'm very sure that i caught it the first time i was ever exposed to IV drugs. I asked if the syringe was clean but i didn't know how to tell. From that moment on my life went downhill Quickly. I went to sell my plasma for drug money and was notified a week later by the plasma Center that i needed to be tested. My skin was yellow. I was very sickly looking. Weighed 110 lbs. I was certain i was gonna die. I hated myself. Crying asking God why me? Why did i deserve this? After quitting the IV drug use I ate a lot of food and gained my weight back. I am now 140lbs. No yellow skin. My numbers are considerably lower. And i am now trying to get harvoni approved by my insurance.

Josh G Jul 26, 2017

Boy reading these stories brings back memories and not good ones either. I have a similar story to tell. I have always gone to the doctor for ailments, flu, cold, etc, nothing earth shaking. With all of the blood tests I've had over the years, nothing turned up at all. I have never even tried any drugs, and was just a social drinker with a 1 and a half drink limit because I would fall asleep. After having my second son, I hemorraged and needed many blood transfusions. Advance 40 years and I'm finding out I have Hep C, what a shock. I felt so embarassed because I didn't do anything. So common I find out. I had 2 different treatments with Interfuron and Ribavirin, both very hard to get through, long treatments and both didn't work. Then by chance I find out I have liver cancer and end stage liver disease with about 1 year to live. I'm already on the transplant list and bumped up so I get a liver transplant in 2009, and I'm so very blessed and fortunate. After about 6 months to a year, my liver numbers start to go up and the Hep C is attacking my new liver. My doctor puts me on Solvoldi and Olysio for treatment and the pharmacy called to find out where they should be delivered. Sounds easy huh? I asked how much my co pay was and almost hit the floor. It was almost $10,000.00 and I had to stay on this for 3 months. They got me some help and I went on the drug and success. No body says I'm cured but they tell me there's no sign of Hep C in my blood tests. I am so very blessed and fortunate. Thank God for this help. The older treatments are very hard for the Hep C not so much for the cancer. I just wish I had kept a journal about this disease and treatment. I think sometimes you have to go back and reflect on what you have done and how you have fought the good fight and won. It's good to know you can fight.

Patricia B Jul 25, 2017

I contracted HepC when I was 16yrs old - 50 years ago. At that time, the doctor said it was HepA. I was sick and out of school for two months, (traumatic for a teenager) but once cured it was cured, right? They didn't know about HepC in 1968. I don't know why, but over all the years, I always let my doctors know about the HepA, and so they typically ran liver function blood test which were always fine (even now). A couple of years ago, a new doc recommended I be checked for the Hep C virus because of the CDC's new protocol- and blam- there it was! He put me on a regimen of that nasty shot and pills and I got sick (almost as bad as chemo when I had breast cancer) and it didn't work for me. Three years later another Liver Doctor introduced me to Epclusa. No side effects and so far no evidence of the virus in blood work. It is a miracle drug. The downside for me is that in the 3 short years between diagnosis and successful treatment with Epclusa, my liver went from mild inflammation to cirrhosis. But that's okay. I'm grateful to be alive and ready to fight another day. Now is the time. Get checked, Get treated, Live!

Marlene L. Jul 25, 2017

I am 56 and was diagnosed when I was in my 30s...I contacted Hep C in the very early 80s thru drug use. Due to the nature of my work and my interest in a natural health, I worked toward eliminating all drugs and alcohol from my diet. I also focused on my health and strengths and did alot of meditation and moderate exercise. It has been a holistic process for me. I have always been able to keep my liver count down to almost normal. I had shingles many years ago and think it was brought on by stress. I feel that i work very hard on my wellbeing and drink lots of water with lemon and when I was younger, I use to do a yearly fast. I only know what works for me and have learned to trust the wisdom of my body. I have also done years of accupunture and herbs. I try to always take Milk Thistle and Vit D. Am now also doing Tumeric. I believe that everyone is different and I am only responsible for what works for me. I have no judgements about what others do. We are all different and that in my opinion needs to be respected. I can honestly say, I have never been sick a day in my life with Hep C. I finally got a doctor a couple of years ago and when I feel at the top of my game, I get blood work done. I don't make decisions based on fear and I don't let others decide what is best for me. I trust myself. I see my Hep C as a reminder to take care of myself. I don't do things that will make it worse.

M A Jul 20, 2017

When I first found out I had contacted Hepatitis C, I was in denial. Backwards tracking, I researched all aspects of my life. It all came together when it was determined the Hep C came from the USMC tattoo I got in the military. Apparently, back then, the cleanliness of the tattoo parlors weren't yet under government scrutiny like now. The Hep C symptoms didn't start until 6 years after being notified by the county health department due to a blood donation I had been giving yearly. Ascites, tiredness, loss of appetite, and hepatic encephalopathy symptoms became more prevalent. Trips to the hospital for stomach/ lung fluid drainage increased. My body was failing, and I knew I was near my life's end. I asked my father in heaven to give me the spiritual strength, and positive attitude to help myself through the suffering. I felt like I was carrying this cross, this heavy burden, up a mountain. After returning home from my primary doctor's appointment one day, I said to my Lady, I don't know how much more I can go. I'm failing fast. Then about 45 minutes after being home, the phone rang. It was the hospital stating they had found a perfect match for my liver replacement. I had been on the liver transplant list for 3 years, up to that point. I felt like I had reached that mountain top, and there waiting for me was God, with an answer to my prayers. Waiting so long in denial resulted in cirrhosis of the liver, which had advanced to stage 4. Even though, after the transplant, the Hep C virus was still in my body, which was then cleared with antiviral drugs; Daclinza: Ribavarin This August will be my cure date. God is Great, Life is Good !! Live it to the Fullest ! AND HAVE FAITH !! ?

Bart R. Jul 20, 2017

Suprise diagnosis - tried to donate blood & Red Cross sent envolope with the "bad news" (which was due to a blood transfusion @ daughter's birth some 20 years prior!). Did LOTS of of homework, on line, about boosting our bodies' immune system, and underwent a course of weekly belly injections + 4 capsules / day. Prescribed by a university hospital. Cleared the virus in LESS THAN A MONTH. Nobody could believe the "luck"... Don't ever give up. Get involved in your OWN CARE. Get those immune soldiers fighting your battle ... it is more than possible to win! Good luck & keep the faith

Kate J Jul 20, 2017

Actually mind's Hepatitis B. In 2010 I had a gastric bypass operation in an hospital India. Only for me to go back to another part of India for further surgery, this time a tummy tuck surgery , I run test before the operation it was so sad and I was so davestated to see the test report that I was Hepatitis B through blood transfusion in the previous hospital. Well, I went on with the surgery and left back home to see what I can do about it. But it was still their till 2014, that's when I checked it last and left everything to d Almighty. I am down now with stomach eache, fever and headaches, so the doctors recommended I rund blood test. I have done it awaiting results probably by tomorrow. It is then i will kmow my status. That's my story! Thanks for your time!

Kate S. Jul 18, 2017

My story is a good one to give anyone with doubts some hope. I’m a 42 year old Australian who was diagnosed 20 years ago. I have cirrhosis and genotype 3 hep C. My liver function tests were always scary high, so high that I hadn’t done blood tests for 5 years because they filled me with dread and fear. When I heard of the cure I went to my GP who sent me straight to a liver specialist who after establishing I possibly had cirrhosis put me on a combo of Sovaldi and Daklinza for 12 months. I did not have a single side effect. It cost me only $76 a month to fill the scripts and I have not paid for a single specialist appointment, scan, gastroscopy – no money has been paid except for the meds (the lucky country indeed). Today marks 3 months after I ended treatment and the hep C has gone. My LFT’s, all my bloods are in the normal range (except for platelets which is typical of cirrhosis). So it worked, and I am now in the system, being monitored every 6 months due to the damage to my liver. If you can, see your GP and start the journey. It could go much better than you think.

Nicolette M Jul 12, 2017

I'm 48 years old an have stage 4 chronic hep c an cirrhosis I have fatty liver infiltration on top of it. I have had it since I was 15 years old an never knew it until 2010 when I put on lots of weight an had so much fluid build up doctor said probably had 12 pounds of fluid in each legs fluid in my lungs. Well I no how I got it it was from sharing dirty needles with couple friends. I did the inferon an ribavirin for a yr. It showed it wasn't active. I have bn sick from liver not filtering. so I got sepsis. I am so terrified of the extra suffering when it's my time to go to heaven. In an our of hospital at times. I stay sickly a lot of the time my belly is huge from enlarged liver an spleen. It's pure hell for me but if you happen to catch it early plz take care of yourself cause it's a gruesome death. No alcohol or drugs. I never even heard of it when I was 15 so never think ur invincible cause you will be where I am for u kids. I accept it an thank God for all the understanding of my mind during treatment. I'm living my life to fullest. Hope my story helps someone. Thank you for letting me tell it. Yours truly Brenda. God bless

Brenda M Jul 9, 2017

I'm 62 and have been going to dr's for 20 years off and on complaining of extreme fatigue and flu like symptoms with no diagnosis. Finally, two months ago a doctor accidentally found Hep C in my bloodwork. I have type 2b and started on Epclusa yesterday. I'm having a couple of minor side effects, my eyes are puffy & red and some weird vibrating in my body but i'm going to finish this 12 week program no matter what! I've had brain fog and stomach problems for about 6 months now and i'm hoping that will ease up soon. Hoping for a miracle for all of us going through this! I will continue to post my progress over the next few months...God bless!

Patti S Jul 9, 2017

Hey Everyone I have had Hep -C since 1999. I am 61. I also found out that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I try to have a positive attitude. Some times it is hard. My liver enzymes are going down they are improving. I have had treatment of or Hep -C in the past. I try to eat healthy and walk and get fresh air. I need to be more social. My husband is very supportive. He has it also. He goes to work. We do fun things together. My advice to anyone keep your doctor appointments, eat healthy, do fun things and go for walks. I do not know if I am able to get treatment for hep-c cause I have rheumatoid arthritis. I go to the rheumatologist and the liver doctor soon to find out. Love,laugh and live life to the best that you are able.

Julia D. Jul 6, 2017

15-16 years ago....i underwent tx for hep c with Interferon/Ribaviron. For the first few months I gave myself injections every day.....was horrible! I broke out in sores in my mouth and body. I was so weak i couldn't walk or stand but for a couple of minutes. I cried alot. I had fevers chills and deep bone pain! Besides the aching all over. BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW I WAS ADEMATE ABOUT COMPLETING THIS TX! I was an active Lpn.....I believed in the medical system! The blood counts dropped and I had to stop tx! I was devistated! I was so sure this painful tx was my answer to being cured! After tx for low blood count.....i was given same tx except I was allowed to take the once a week injection. Concentrated form of Interferon/ Ribaviron.......i injected myself weekly and faithfully for several months.....the side effect were just as severe as before! But i was determined to cure myself! After treatment i was given a negative result to hep c! Hooray! It seemed i had achieved my goal! Alas...at this time 15-16 years later my liver is enlarged and there is pain! Blood test informed me i had chronic hep c! But was refused the newer tx.....doctor said the hep c is inactive and i have antibodies built up? As for my liver....i was told i just had fatty tissue in my liver? What? Why is my liver painful and enlarged? None of this makes sense to me!?! If i have antibodies and the hep c is inactive......what is causing my liver to be in such unhealthy condition? Why am i denied the newer tx's available? If anyone has an answer? Please reply?

CL Wilson Jul 5, 2017

Hi. I have jaundice since 2004. Intially my bilrubin was 1.5 in 2004 and it's increase gradually and now it 8.0. I visited lots of liver specialist doctor but no one help me to cure it. My eye is dark yellow since 2004 and urine is also dark yellow. I am gaining weight now it becom 80 kg previosly i was only 58 kg. By the time health is going very bad now it's becom dark circle around my eye from 2010. I feel really help less because no one doctor helping me. My current liver size is 16 and in ultrasound it's found echotexture. Please help. Skin also becom yellow.

Ranjit kumar K. Jul 3, 2017

I'm writing this to help anyone out there that doesn't realize there is a better way to cure hep C, Cirrosis and Cancer (any cancer) by changing your diet to a plant based diet. Spinach Cabbage, sprouts (sprout everything, has more vitamins) parsley, mint leaves (shrinks tumors) go vegan. Also Alternative IV therapy. VitC!!!!! You can Google this info and you tube testamonies! Mind blowing. My prayers go out to you all. God Bless!

Susan G Jul 3, 2017

I was told i had hep.c 4 years ago. I starting to feel tired but had hard time going to sleep. I would wake up feeling like death and i felt like i was dying and did not feel as if i was going to live much longer. HepC is nasty virus and i would not wish it on anyone. June 28 i started treatment fedx showed up first 28 day supply of pills Harvoni. Today is July 3 and i have not been on it long but no side effects as of yet. Still haveing trouble sleeping but i all ready am feeling better i do not feel as if i am dying anymore and my head is not cloudy anymore. I feel so much better. Please do not let anyone say that its bad and wishh they did not take it. I have had no side effects so far. I will keep yall up todate as i go through the following weeks. So far so good.

Mike W Jul 3, 2017

I just want you all to know It does not matter how you think you got the hepC. I believe the government knows how you got it but they will never fess up and neither will your doc's. I was found to have non a non b chronic active hep in 1983 when I was 23. I was told to never drink ... and never take birth control and quit taking my vitamins, I was a vitamin freak, A health freak from the late 60's and 70's. I was always in exceptional physical shape and made exercise my drug of choice, I had 3 children,raised them by myself working hard 6 days a week... still work 6 days a week, until now. In the last 6 weeks since my harvoni treatment ended I am sick all the time, during treatment I was O.K. Some deep shooting pains out of nowhere in hands, feet, joints. Really weird pain. Surface of skin hurts, mostly on tops of feet and tops of hands. I'm extremely weak and have been out of work on and off ever since I finished harvoni. My gastro doc says all my post side effects are not from harvoni which I think Is bs. No one wants to fess up to anything. I never felt like this before I was treated, I refused treatment till they found a cure because I am or was in better health than people 20 years my junior... I am 60. I now can not work out, no energy although I'm going to force myself to start slowly again this week I hope. Seeing my GP now and he is aggressively trying to find my problem because my white blood count is extremely low. My liver labs are not right and I am dizzy, weak, miserable with deep joint pain, fever of 101.9...now under control, but that's what got their attn. Finally payed attention to me, I can't talk right, I've been affected neurologicaly. Numb limbs and soaked in sweat several times a night, dripping wet, wakes me up. Hard to sleep, Thank god for my reg meds for phsyco problems or I'd really be a mess. It have great insurance and took me 9 months to get harvoni. As you can see by all the spelling errors it has affected my brain. Thank God for walls for they keep me from falling when I loose my balance all the time. I used to ride a Trikke, work out on Soloflex which is weight resistance and ab-circle at least 4 times a week. Now I'm usless. Can't really even shop for my good nutrish food, don't have the energy when I get off work and I work in a grocery store. Crazey. So..... I am not assuming it is all the aftermath of harvoni ...being treated for lymes at this time in case it is that. The bad stuff. I am miserable, sad and do feel alone and hopeless. I hope I don't die. I was so excited about the new CURE,,, now my adult children and I are very leary of the harvoni. They don't want to loose me . I have anxiety attacks and hot and cold flashed constantly threw out the day and night. I'm just not the same, I was better before treatment, so hopefully it is lymes and sides from harvoni and I will be back to superwoman soon. I just need to stay alive so I can get there, My GP is concerned.... but does not listen to me about thinking its the post harvoni. Anyway needless I am thankful for the chance to be cured, just want to know what I would feel like w/out hepC and the sides from the meds. Thanks for listening. Dyan P.S. I'm going to try to go back to work tomorrow, Ive been out all week and you know that moola thing... I need it. I'm not comfortable driving . Straight to work and straight home, which has always been the norm for me anyway, I am alone with dogs by choice. I am antisocial and an introvert I guess. I like my own company, other people are to draining. I have 4 granddaughters that I used to be active with...sure would like that back. I'm stopping now; promise.

Dyan C Jul 1, 2017

I am a 59 year old black male, HIV for 30 plus years, Hep C. Since 2011. I was recently told that I am Stage 4 Hep C. I don't show any symptoms of Liver Disease. Never tired. I recently started Tiumeg HIV Medication. T Cells 58, Vital Load pretty high. Was told by Doctor I could not start HEP C. Treatment until my T Cell and Vital Load is better. I need feedback on what I should do and the best path to take. I'm only giving the Important info but if there are any questions anyone want to know in order to better advise me, feel free to ask and I will be honest about ALL answers. I will await any and all feedback. Someone, Anyone, EVERYONE Please respond to my situation.

Lee P Jun 30, 2017

My mother has hepatits c since long time ago. my mother took medicine of Sovaldi for 6 months and her pcr report was negative affter all....one day her hand nails cutt above side of my arm ( not inside the body nail enter).. now i am in confusion that will hep c can infected me or not.... please reply?

Azar azar Jun 25, 2017

After feeling bad, losing weight and depression, and seeing other Drs with no results, I went to a doctor that really listened to me and she ran many blood tests and in 2003 found I had Hep-C gene type 1B. I started treatment on Interferon and ribaviron pills for 14 months. After hellish long treatment becoming a shell of who I once was. I cleared. 6 weeks later, it came back. I still have most of worst side effects up to this day. I am staying within mostly normal range in blood work. I did find out I contacted this from a blood transfusion back in 1978. Anyone still suffering from bad side effects? Extreme fatigue, depression, brain fog, nauseous, triggered fibromyalgia, and eyesight problems. Etc. Will NOT ever do any kind treatment as long as I stay in mostly normal range in all bloodwork. I see a psych Dr for my severe depression, Chronic fatigue. I can't do as I use to. Had to stop my job, go on SS. I want ME back. I have NO support from anyone. I don't complain or talk of how I feel. I get tired of saying those things. Helped in beginning, but years later nothing has changed in all health issues, so I don't talk of it, but fatigue is so bad and I get so pissed I cannot do simple things anymore. I fight Anxiety 24/7. Thanks for reading.

Louie T. Jun 24, 2017

My daughter is on her 3rd round of chemo, in the last few years. She is compliant to the fullest extent. Articles like noncompliance are blaming the person for the disease coming back. Many are compliant and the Hep C comes back. This is a no brainer article. While true, address the person, who has the disease and it keeps coming back, and don't indicate anyone is noncompliant It is so wrong to indicate this, as Many would suspect it. People with Hep C have to deal with prejudice and isolation in many places, and it doesn't help you put an article for non compliance.

Barbara C Jun 21, 2017

Hello I am german and I live in Germany, so my written english is not so good. About 20 years ago a medical doctor found out that I was infectid with Hepatitis C. I always felt healthy and I had really no complaints. My blood measures like GPT, GOT and GammaGT where just a little above normal. All I did was to live healthy. NO ALCOHOL !!! And every day Milk Thistel Medication. I din't want to start a Interferon/Ribavirin-Therapy beause it can make you (possibly) very thick. Later I heard about the researchers finding direct acting medikation against HCV. So I looked for a possibility to take part on a HCV-Drug-Study. I started 2014 on such a Study with the german pharmaceutical company "BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM". With 3 Direct acting agents (DAA) for a time of 24 weeks. At that time I was very near to Cirrhosis and started the HCV-Study with nearly 10.000.00 Hepatitis-Virusis in my blood. After 14 days the viruses where eliminated completly (I had no side effects) and after now 2 and a half years they have not com back again. My liver is now in a much better condition and I'm so happy about that (I'm 74 years old). I very much hope the readers of my personal story will be cured also some time. Best regards from Herbert R.

Herbert R. Jun 21, 2017

I had hep c for a very long time. 33 years to be exact! It certainly was a roller coaster. Lots of feeling exhausted extreme fatigue feeling sick. The last 6 months or so I felt terribly ill and I thought what have I got to loose. I'm going to beat this monster and started having treatment with Harvoni with no side effects at all. I was amazed as I am so sensitive to medications and I thought I'd feel sick whilst on treatment. If anything I felt so much better while taking it. Anyway here I am 8 months after treatment and I am completely cured and I feel absolutely fantastic and so healthy. No more tiredness exhaustion and no more lies to outings and people anymore. I'm 54 years old and I feel like I did when I was in my twenties. To anyone contemplating treatment don't! Just do it your life will be fantastic... Please just do it

Brigitte B Jun 21, 2017

I had hepatitis C since I was nine years old and received a blood transfusion in. Of course, back then they did not even know it existed I just finished Harvoni treatment a couple of months ago. My viral count went from over 5,000,000 to 12 in just two weeks. The side effects didn't stop me from doing anything I normally do. I barely knew I had any side affects Don't hesitate to take this fabulous treatment.

Carol H Jun 20, 2017


LINDA G Jun 18, 2017

I was in the navy and remember a corman giving several of us shots with the same needle and when he finished each injection he placed it in a cup of alcohol . this took place in 1972 and a short time later I felt the effects of hep and was told it was serum hepatitis . after discharge I was shooting dope and became yellow and sick for weeks. Years passed and I quit drugs at that time was diagnosed with C and B . I take responsibility for my disease and am looking for treatment near the cincinati area . The VA claims Harvoni is not prescribed due to cost.

Skip S. Jun 16, 2017

These stories are scary... Not helpful at all.

Christy N. Jun 13, 2017

Well one and a half years after Harvoni treatment the Hep C is still undetectable. Hooray! Now the after treatment has been progressing. Blood tests and liver ultrasound tests have shown that my cirrhosis seems to be in check. Because of stage 3-4 cirrhosis exists I will be getting an endoscopy of the larynx and stomach to see how the blood vessels look. If the blood vessels look ok everything up to this point will be ok. If not then I don't know what is next I guess live till you die. As cirrhosis progresses you have backpressure that builds and blows out the blood vessels and the end will come. I hope all is well. I'll be back to tell you more soon. I'm 65 with having HepC a very long time.

Roland G Jun 11, 2017

It was a SHOCKER when I was diagnosed with HepC in 2010 during because I have never been a candidate of any of its risk factors, except for the blood transfusion I had during a surgery in 1989. I repeated the test at another location/lab and my greatest fear was confirmed! Hepatitis C positive (genotype 1a)! All treatment options were too dangerous especially with my age. Finally, at 69 yrs (in 2016) my doctor introduced me to 12 weeks of Harvoni + Ribavirin treatment. My doctor also enrolled me in a program that helped pay for the extremely expensive, but effective miracle drug - HARVONI. By the end of the 4th week of treatment, HepC virus was no longer detected in my blood, but I had to complete the full course of treatment as advised by my doctor. Today (almost a year after) treatment, I'm free of HepC, but still treating a few side effects like anemia. I hope to totally recover soon despite my age.

Fanjan G Jun 10, 2017

I'm going to to beat this day one of the meds after a year wait for the product

Rob N Jun 8, 2017

I contracted hep c geno type 3 in 2013, after consulting with my G.I. doctor and discussing my treatment options, making sure my mental health was stable (this is important) I was ready to start treatment in 2016. I was fortunate enough that my insurance covered me after a prior authorization. I used a combination of Daklinza and Sofosbuvir for a 12 wk treatment period and my blood work has come back with no detectable viral showing. I continue to have monitoring of my blood work, this is important to make sure everything is still ok. When you are ready and hopefully able to be treated please, please follow your doctors directions, take the meds faithfully. To think that in 2013 I was looking at all the complications that come with this disease and that now I have no detection of Hep C in my blood is an amazing gift. Don't let the thought of the side effects (mine were minor) stop you from getting treatment. I would prepare yourself by saying "I am taking 12 weeks to take back my health." Best of Luck to all who have fought and to those of you are ready to start, I wish you all success in your treatment.

maureen H Jun 8, 2017

I had hep c since the nineteen seventy Two , after 3 treatments that ended up with no results, finally the fourth treatment finally killed the virus. I always eat well , didn't drink alcohol and exercised daily.

Edmund Vautour Jun 5, 2017

Last year I was diagnosed with hep c! I was prescribed a prescription called Harvoni! I suffered with it for 38years,and didn't know it! It's a powerful expensive pill! I had to take it for 3months! Thank God! My insurance payed for it! Had to get my blood drawn every 3months while I was taking it,and 3months after! By the grace of God,it's gone! I recommend everyone to follow instructions and take everyday, as prescribed! It does work! I am healed! And so can you! Please give it a try! You will not regret it!

Debra Jones Jun 5, 2017

Anyone with HCV in the San Diego area is a research group (Gilead) Medical Associates research group, 8008 Frost st., suite 200, S.D., Ca. 92123 (858)277-5678. These are the same people that is Harvoni, I received treatment multiple times as the first time, the viral load was non-detectable but came back. I had to wait for another study to come up for the same HCV type as well as test group for individuals that failed before. Anyway, I'm cured, by the Grace of God working with Gilead, my cost $0, oh take that back as I was paid for my participation, win/ win. God is great, may he bless you as well, good day

Jeffery C Jun 5, 2017

I used harvoni and was hep c free after 6 weeks . I was not much of a drinker so my liver had not been fibrotic or ciirrotic . I started using at 19 and stopped at 36 . I am now 56 . I found whilst on the harvoni I became hypermanic and quite unfiltered . It became a problem for my workplace . I stopped the harvoni in November and immediately got glandular fever and mouth ulcers . I had none of the side effects that are scripted . I am now feeling a lot better .i have a demanding full time job and worked through the whole thing . I was healthy before and am healthy now but whilst taking the drug and for months after I was " crazy" . The Drs said not true because not listed as side effects .? Am I the only one ? I do not have a tendency for mania and have worked hard mum whole life.

Melinda B Jun 5, 2017

Thank you Obama care for the Harvoni I needed to save my life from 40 years of HepC. I am slowly coming back or should I say, my liver is slowly coming back from an almost shorten life span. One Bad decision when I was 21 and I did not find out I had it until the middle 90s my liver started to show adverse reactions to the desease. I get to spend more time with my 17 grand children now.

rick r Jun 4, 2017

Well here I go. I contracted Hep C in boot camp in 1974. I had no problems till 12yrs later and my skin turned yellow. So I got tested and confirmed Hep C. In 2002 I went through the interferon treatment, I don't suggest that to anyone. It made me deathly sick and did not cure me. I was taken off that treatment due to suicidel thoughts after 90 days. In 2016 the Veterans affairs treated my Hep C with Harvoni and 600mg of Ribovarin. With in 4 weeks the Hep C was not detected in my body.. but finished the full 12 weeks. No hep C im cured. Now here is my problem and question if anyone can answer this. Today I got my 3 month ultrasound my liver is still messed up. The report says mildly heterogeneous liver no focal abnormalities were noted. In particular the small faint hypodense areas within acceptable limits for your medical condition. I called the VA for translation of this report. She told me I have legions too. She made no since to me. IS THIS CANCER. Or the beginning of it. HARVONI works and no side effects. Thank you and bless you all.

Warren D Jun 3, 2017

Had Hep-C for probably 35 years contacting it through blood transfusions in a 1980 operation. Luckily I have NO liver damage at all and was treated successfully with Harvoni. It's been almost a year since I finished the drug treatment and after two tests no sign of the virus. Have been trying to get my energy levels back to normal as the drug regimen left me very exhausted...also the cost of the drug at 1,000 a day per pill is outrageous and shameful. My medication was fully covered by Medicare but the cost remains a disgrace... recommend lots of greens and fermented vegetables for people trying to recover...in addition a lemon in water first thing in the a.m. helps stimulate the liver to cleanse...milk thistle is another supplement I use....

Mary B. Jun 2, 2017

Started Harvoni at the first of May at 1 a day with a viral count of 14,200,000.One month later,viral count down to 15.Got 55 more Harvoni pills to take,one a day so hopefully I can put all this behind me.I quit drinking any form of alcohol about 14 years ago so that was probably the most helpful in getting rid of this virus.I am genotype1a.

Doug M Jun 2, 2017

I was enrolled in a HepC research. I was accepted to take the drugs available now. No cost to myself and payment for travel. I was so happy and willing. I had family business out of state that I couldn't get out of so missed my chance. Due to the HIGH cost of a cure, I'll just have to die.

Sherrie E Jun 2, 2017

I have hepC type1, and have been not been approved for medication by my health carrier. Case ID Date of Request Type of Drug Date of Decision Decision 35370368 09/12/2016 Epclusa Tablet 09/20/2016 Not approved 35616618 09/27/2016 Harvoni Tablet 10/07/2016 Not approved 35616618 11/07/2016 Harvoni Tablet 11/21/2016 Not approved 37618264 02/14/2017 Viekira Pak Tab Ds Pk 02/14/2017 Not approved 37600802 02/14/2017 Ribavirin Tablet 02/14/2017 Approved 37618264 03/10/2017 Viekira Pak Tab Ds Pk 03/28/2017 Not approved 37618264 04/20/2017 Viekira Pak Tab Ds Pk 05/05/2017 Not approved I have applied for an assistance program and was denied treatment because of my income of more than > $ 100,000.00 last year. The treatment is estimated at $81,000.00 , any ideas where to go from here?

Anthony M. Jun 2, 2017

My story; I contracted my hepatitis C from my husband we had unprotected sex he knew he had this disease I even asked him if he had any transmittal disease he told me no he did not I believed him and that night we had unprotected sex. I didn't find out I had it until a blood test was run on me because I was seeking to trying to draw disability for my neuropathy and degenerative joint disease. I have been living with this now for 9 years it has been very hard on me but everyday I am always praying and living my life the right way without alcohol and no drugs except an occasional ibuprofen when the pain gets unbearable I am always looking up ways to eat and exercise so I can try to live longer.

Charlene N. Jun 1, 2017

As of TODAY Im hep c free I have been one lucky man after having hep c over 25yrs my doctor told me about this new drug Harvoni.. I was very unsure as my dad also had hep c and was treated inerfuron which didnot work well within months of treatment my dad got sick real sick and two yrs later was told he had MND moto nurons desease .All the doctors said Not related but you try telling my family that see my dad was infected by me using his rasor as a teenager im sure.he was a PE Teacher and an Athlete in his day never a druggy no tattoos. He died 2013 and ive worried all through the Harvoni treatment it would be the same for me not ending well but how wrong i was after 5months of Harvoni and a lotta stress i found out for sure my Hep c IS COMPLETLY GONE the HARVONI Wonder drug if you got hep c go see a doctor screw inrerfuone go straight for the Harvoni my doctor in Tasmania has said ok to tell you all were he is he is in Launceston tasmania Andrew Jackson northern suburbs medical centre mowbray he is a great doctor and a specialist in hep c and drug n alcohol its no doubt saved my life im 41 and got hope ill live longer than my dad who died 59

Damien H. May 31, 2017

I was born with hepatitis c and in 2005 I had a liver biopsy. I spent a lot of time growing up in and out of hospital having blood tests and I also had daily injections to fight off this infection. All my life I have struggled with tiredness and I still do but I have been cured ages ago. Do u know if tiredness can stay with you once u have been cured?

Amy J May 30, 2017

My story begins like a lot of other people. Had no idea that I was infected with HCV. Was seeing new phycian about battling depression when a blood test showed I have hep c. Diagnosis floored me. Have seen specialist for desease had ultra sounds and blood test. No treatment offered. Numbers are low.

Tim H. May 22, 2017

I'm not good at English language but I must wanna tell my real story about How to defeat hepatitis C virus Simply by eating oranges ? Last year my lab reports showed me that I have Hepatitis C And Uric acid too It was shocking news for me Because every one knows hepatitis means killer virus So reaction was natural ! I went to top of range hospital in Lahore Doctor gave my one month medicine and told me that come after one month with new reports After month my uric acid was bit in control But Hepatitis C virus was still there Doctor told me that I have to complete the course of medication for 3 months Long story short I don't know why I decided to avoid medicine, some times body talks and human can listen so I did ? My grandfather ( rest in peace) had told me so many Tips to stay healthy when I was young One of them I decided to try According to his tip If any one have problem in liver He should eat 6 to 12 oranges ? Early morning with empty stomach for one to two months and avoid oily ,fatty things I followed the instructions by having 12 oranges ? A day ? It sounds funny but after 2 months I was Hepatitis C virus free man ? Trust me and follow this simple formula and defeat this killer virus with out injections and tons of tablets Thanks and best wishes to all infected friends

Naeem S. May 17, 2017

Hi all, I am 61 years old and in 2000 I was diagnosed with HepC Gen1. Now as soon as I was told this I freaked out and thought HOW WHEN? The possibility of contracting for me can be one of 3 ways.1-Tattos 2-Sharing a needle back in the early 70s or 3-Being exposed to sharps from hospital waste before they used a dedicated sharps disposal system. In 2004 I was offered a treatment that required many visits to hospital and many blood tests. The treatment was Interferon and I had to self inject every 3 days and take 6 enormous pills each day. The side affects were horrendous and almost cost me my marriage and children. Many a time I just felt like giving up and I was delving deeper and deeper into depression. I was praying constantly so as to rid this terrible disease. When the treatment ended after 6 months I was devastated to hear that I was still bloody positive. The way I was acting only made things worse for my family who stuck by me to try and help but I felt that I was a goner, when an offer of treatment for another 6 months was given. I took the offer and I was going through all the bad side affects that came with it and somehow I got through it all, with a lot of help from my beloved family. So after the 6 months it was time for the results...... Positive. Wow this was the biggest body blow I had ever got in life and I felt drained, weak and very fragile. Fast forward and I was told about this new drug HARVONI and I immediately took the offer after passing the criteria. I went to the specialist who ran through the treatment with me and when I was told there was NO injections and there was a better than 90% cure rate without the side affects. This for me and I wanted to begin immediately but had to wait for availability of medication from overseas. The wait seemed like an eternity (only 2 weeks) and I was in there like a shot to get my script filled and almost fell over when told the cost. I am never going to bag out our government any more. I didn't even wait to get home and had my 1st pill in the hospital. Fast forward 6 months (with NO side affects) I was called into my doctors for what I thought was a high cholesteral reading when he just said the words "you're negative". Magic, fantastic beauty I have done it, Yahoo. So to all the ppl contemplating having HARVONI I say GO for it,all the hard work has been done so You have nothing to fear. Just do what I did and have faith in family and doctor, because if I can kick this thing anyone can.......Peace to all....Jo.

Jo S May 17, 2017

I have hepatitus c and cant get treatment. Its a horrible feeling if you can get me help thanks. 3348283279. Ive had it over a year and a half.

John D. May 16, 2017

I have been taking epclusa for 12 weeks and the hep c is no longer a disease. Didn't realize how good i feel until the hep was gone. No more uncomfortableness in the ab

jackie h. May 16, 2017

I was diagnosed hep C in 2009. I was treated with Interpheron and ribavirina 1 year, 4 months after starting the treatment I was negative in My virus count. I finished My one year treatment and 4 months later I was positive again. In 2012 I was recommended by my hepatologist to repeat the treatment again but with a Interpheron with sometido genetic change. Well to no make the story so long the virus came back! 2 treatments and living those 2years with all these secundary effects and with no positive results I gave up. No more!, I Will have to learn to live with my desease, and live my day with antinauseas, antidizzy, antiheadache etc etc etc medicación. In 2014 my cousin told me about a New medicine in USA (Sovaldi) tha cures 97% of patients with hep C, I had to wait tha the medicine will be in México. In july 2016 I was receiving my Last hope to be cure. Tha combination was Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and other antivirus, and for now I am cured.

Christine C May 16, 2017

been proded and poked and tested but my pain is still there after eight months all doctors want to do is address my hep c and my body is screaming neurolical chiropractor seems only one listening to me and if hes right there will be hell to pay eight months in pain allmost 24 7 really? wtf cant get the cure because i work secondary plan will make me sick for up to 9 months then cure might not work ok if i'm 30 years old who are these people insurance people who work for trump to let people die for love of money i voted for trump is he gonna save my life no just ss number one of many working class who should be non working to get care trump doesnt seem like my president i'll die before they make me sick. and why only being born in a 20 span is the target for hep c what government things were going on to bring this only between 1945 and 1965? really? pretty narrow bracket.

barry b May 15, 2017

Hey all...28 years with Hep-C Genotype 3d here....I recently finished 12 weeks of Epcluse.. I cant tell if the did anything. I wont get my blood checked for another 11 weeks(12 weeks after) No major side effects other than the WORST herpes outbreak ive ever had.(maybe unrelated?) I went through the Interferon/Ribaviran a few years back and it was hell; physically and mentally; but this Epclusa was a breaze. but my liver area still gets sore as hell...i can feel the liver damage and im pounding the milkthistle. Hopefully im cured ....no side effects at all from epclusa though

Rob P May 14, 2017

I would like to request you that's i have some point on the liver because of hepatites c it's mean i have liver desies so kindly give me advise How can i wash my liver to look fresh

shan a May 13, 2017

I contracted non A non B Hep about 1970. I found out I had Hep C in about 1995.. I've been sick.. had all the symptoms ..changed my life a lot.. tryed almost everything that is available In Japan and Taiwan for liver related diseases...basically adopted the Traditional Chinese medicine and philosophical approach. I'v been living in Japan for the last 30 years .. I never go to doctors ..I'm never sick .. in fact my health seems to be miles ahead of most people .. I'm 66. If this helps or if anyone wants to know more they are more than welcome to contact me.

Greg W. May 12, 2017

I found out that I had Hep c in December 2012. By December 2013 sovaldi was approved by the FDA. I was told I had genotype 1and enrolled in a Merck trial in July 2014. There I found out that I had genotype 3 and stage 3 liver disease. I was released from the trial, returned to my Doctor and started sovaldi plus ribivarin for 24 weeks. I failed to rid myself of the virus. So in July 2015 daklinza was released by the FDA. I started sovaldi and daklinza for 12 weeks. I failed that too. So in September of 2016 I started epculsa with ribivarin for 12 weeks. I'm finally svr, cured, and so happy to be free of the virus. Faith in God and perseverance got me through. Good insurance and a great Doctor too. So for those of you who have lost Hope, keep the faith and keep trying. It worked for me and it can for you too.

Jim S May 12, 2017

Hi All I am a 55 year old Male from the UK, I have been Hep C positive for the last 35 years although I only discovered that I was Hep C genotype 1A roughly 2 years ago so spent 30 or so years in the dark about it. I had been visiting my GP (doctors) for the past 15 to 20 years complaining of massive bouts of fatigue that would floor me, this was also accompanied by a heavy brain fog that left me feeling very tired, down & confused. I went to the GP with these symptoms multiple times over the years only to be told that he could find nothing wrong with me & I was probably stressed with work. Then one day I decided to move to a new doctors surgery as I felt I was getting nowhere with my old doctor. Straight away the new doctor listened to what I was saying & ordered every blood test under the sun & hey presto she called my a few days later to say "I have some bad news for you", she then went onto say we have found you have hepatitis C, although it was bad news and a shock to me as I had no idea I could be infected it was also good news as I was starting to think that I was going mad & manifesting the symptoms myself as the GP's were continually saying they could find nothing wrong. Since finding out I am positive I have taken steps to change my diet & eat the right foods, I am fortunate that I have always done regular exercise & been a non-drinker. I have to say that exercise for me was a crucial factor as it would lift the brain fog & keep the fatigue at bay for a little while & also keep me sane. 12 months ago June 2016 I managed to get on a treatment program via the NHS & was put on a course of Harvoni. (only an 8 week course) I was so happy as was my wife & I thought this is it I will finally be free from the virus & the effects its been having on me for all of these years, my viral load fell like a stone & after 1 week I was clear, clear again in week 2, 4, 8 & 12. I then went for my 12 week post treatment appointment expecting them to say well done, your all done & we will see you in 12 months for a checkup. That's not how the conversation went however, the doctor said she has some bad news for me and that the Hep C was back, I was so shocked, I never in a million years expected that news especially given I had been clear for all of those weeks, but it is what it is and now I have to keep going. I was in that much shock that I couldn't really come up with any relevant questions as to why I had failed when Harvoni has or is supposed to have a 95% success rate, I went home numb. After getting myself together for a few days I called the liver specialists and made another appointment to try and get some answers , I have been looking on the internet for others who were in the 5% fail group & came across plenty. I was only given an 8 week course of Harvoni, but looking around most people are given 12 or 24 weeks, I put it to the specialist that maybe I should have had a longer course & she said yes it could be due to the length of treatment. Its my belief that the NHS is being forced into this by funding cuts, they can get 3 for the price of 2 if they give 8 week courses instead of the standard 12 or 24 weeks & if they get a few more failures then that will be acceptable to them, a sort of collateral damage if you will. I have now been told that I am on a list of harvoni failures that they are compiling & once they get funding that I will be called in for a new treatment, I asked if it would be 12\24 week harvoni but was told no you wont have Harvoni again it will be a completely new drug which they hope to offer within 12 months. Anyhow that's my story & where I am at. I would just like to say to anyone with the virus, try to eat right, exercise, stay away from the booze & hopefully get a treatment plan in place. Take care and good luck Tony

Tony O May 11, 2017

I was diagnosed With Hep C in 1999 think I got virus in early 80's geneotype 2. I did the interferon-Ribivan therapy for 24 weeks, I just did Rna virus test to detect any virus and I am proud to say I am 17 years clear. The only thing I think that was the only therapy at the time and wasn't the best. I still think the effects are still with me. Never felt the same.

Paul W May 11, 2017

I was diagnosed with chronic hep c with a viral load of 7 million ... on the 23 December 2013. I was put on a clinical trial in 2015 for 8 weeks by July 2015 I was healed it has not come bck hep is no longer a killer guys and no biggie to gps or health care workers it's easily cured don't sweat it just take your medication and you'll be fine ...

Paul W May 11, 2017

45 years infected 62 yrs old 0 liver damage decided to take tx 12 wks ago no side effects at all going for blood work next wk mid labs undetectable thanks harvoni

nick t May 11, 2017

Baby boomers I had Hep C since I was 16, I am 66 yrs now. I have had heb b also but body fought for me,When I finally found a meds ine I knew I could handle, cuz I was not going to take something that I know will make me feel like crap everyday. So at the end of 2015 I finished Harvoni, it is a Miracle Drug, Because I had it so long I had upper and lower GI, ultra sounds, liver biopsy, this was before I started Harvoni. I had been checking for years, had severe gastritis, pains under my right side shooting pains in my liver. When I got this at 16 they didn't know what it was, only a virus. In 1967, they had no name. So as time went on I was told in was non A non B hep, then it was, years later hep C so I have known for quite awhile. Geno type 1A which is what most people have. I went through three months with millions viral load. Dec of 2015, I am clear of virus, I do have cirrohis, but I have tests done once a yr and blood tests as they ask but all and all, I am a 66 yr old that runs and takes all her grandkids out and I am Just as energetic as them at times. If you find it hard to get it paid for get into a study, it was 100,000 ins.paid and I thank God on a regular basis, because without him I should not be here. But through the grace of God, I am,Thank you Jesus, I recommend the tests cuz they can tell much more about the duch leading to liver, pancreas oh and they found cycts but the did lap, and it was full of water, so don't be afraid to get all the tests you can. I go in a week to have a fourth Abd med Imaging. This December 2017 it will be two years. So please go take this Harvoni it's a God sent. God Bless all of you, I am praying for y'all. If you need to talk I will help you with what I have been through. Hope this helped, sorry so long.??

Josie M May 10, 2017

My primary Dr found my liver enzyme high about 3 years ago. The specialist he sent me to said the Hep C was minor and suggested I wait until a better med was available. I probably got this 50 years ago when we were given shots with the air injection gun during the Army induction. There was blood everywhere and the gun was never wiped. In 2016 he suggested the 12 week Harvoni treatment for my Hep C Genotype 1. My insurance wanted $4,000.00 copay for each 28 day prescription but they found me a grant so my cost was $0.00. Thank the Lord for providing that. I started in November 2016 and after one month the viral load went to 0 and not detectable. It has stayed the same including after the 3 month follow up. Side effects were dull headache especially if I did not drink enough, very tired, and hard to focus. It has taken several months to get energy back but still get a fuzzy headache if I slack on the water intake. They want me to drink an ounce per pound of body weight. I can get two thirds of that amount and feel OK. I'm expecting my liver to continue healing now. The enzyme numbers are all mid range. Any alcohol gives me a bad week so that is done with too. I am 75 years old now and expect to stay healthy.

Al K May 6, 2017

I went for my yearly ultrasound april6, my doc calls the next day and said they found two things, I was in shock and sort of didn't quit understand it and am hoping someone else with Hep C 1a, did the ribovarin, pegatrone , interferon and one of the first new drugs by Merek, Victrellis, they no longer prescribe it. I went through 6 months of torture , needle in stomach and instead of getting better it made me worse, my hair will not grow, I don't eat and appremtly have a mutatation QK80,. That was 2013 , now please has anyone has a ultrasound und then a ct with dye and they have found swollen lymph nodes around ny pancreas with the larger one 9mm, is lateral to the head of my pancreas. Plus my bile ducts about the liver, they seem confused because the two things don't go together, I am going for a MRI next to find out exactly what. Has anyone had this , I feel like crap. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, I feel l know nothing at all. But am afraid. Thanks Corey

Corey B May 6, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c in 1996, but I'm sure it was from the 1970's. I'm going to check with my insurance company, BCBS, and ask if they cover the treatment. And I have such difficulty with memory and learning. I also have graves' disease, hashimoto's and hypertension. And I have posterior nosebleeds and wonder if this is from hep c. I have a feeling that with these other diseases/conditions that I'd be rejected for treatment.

ana d May 6, 2017

My Hep C from intravenous drug use and continued my addiction off and on for 15 years after diagnosis. I hope I was vigilant at protecting others I think I was but who knows at times it was a gamble I am sure. And I gambled with other ppls lives. I hope these ppl have been as lucky as I have and have been considered cure from HARVONI and that God can forgive for that type of sin. I pray for the ppl that are still out using today. It's a life of HELL that can result in a quick dead or long one. If you are looking for a way to pay for Harvoni contact them they may help. I had insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) that covered me they even paid for my co payments $16. I am very lucky for that but am left with cirrhosis and they are monitoring it now. My Hep C also caused some Rhuematoid Arthritis and now the docs think I may have the kind that Hep C develops and it may be better or gone. Good luck!! Try everything you can for the Harvoni before giving up.

Linda S May 3, 2017

Hello I'm Svetlana Scheiwein Bulgarian 43 year's old *homeless living in leicester city England more than 6 year's absolutely alone i didn't have . Everything started at 2014 with horrible pain days and nights, months because I was living alone it's was really hard depressed for me. Remember that i was going to many to hospital and the doctors telling me every time that im OKAY! !! At may 2014 is strat my itchings , cant walking distance tired my hands ,body and face was red can't eat and drink my dayli life was extremely bad. Then i been to the GP she chek my blood pressure is was really high she get blood test and the end she tell me yhat i have liver problem she refer me to gastrointerologe and 10 month i was waiting for meeting up with the gastrointerologe. He do new blood test agane more high all my liver enzymes. I was in X ray, MRI ,scan all but not seeen noting then he refer me to liver biopsy after 8th month i bedn there but get scared and back . From this day till this year February i didn't know nothing about #Primary billiar cirose autoimmune hepatitis# Now im waiting agane to meet the gastrointerologe at 30/06/2017 with out any treatment. Dear friends my local Advice and support Down centre in leicester they don't want to me to help me . They always says to me that no place for me because is busy last 3 years . I don't have benefits zero financial no social care help All they tell me go back to Bulgaria. Im on the street at the moment alone i ask my GP practical doctor for Urosofalk 250mg and she give me. No foods no roof no best friend. Im on depresion+panic attacks +schizophrenia . I apply to many times for ESA they send me letter im not allow for ESA because law say that and because I didn't pay NATURAL CONTRIBUTION. . I ask also for support my GP practical doctor before 5 weeks ago but nobody didn'tcall me yet. I know i will die from PBC im scare i getting panik shock can't sleep . Dear friends i dont know what to do. I hsve son 16th he needs me because we are just he and me ,if i die his is life will broke because he loves me to much. I need help with liver transplantation but dont know how to apply for. Any of you can contact me God bless all of you This PBC need to stop it. Thanks for wrot Svetlana

Svetlana S May 1, 2017

Hello since last year January I went for some general check up with my wife after some month I go back doctor tell me that I have hepatitis b chronic is like my word is gonna be end that very day .. ..my pont is ..now i have a lot of pain in my chest and my stomach and my doctor say then cant not give me drog now because the varis is not much on me.. What can do now

Moses O. May 1, 2017

I was cured by Harvoni after 2 unsuccessful attempts with previous treatments. The drug was a godsend. Not even any noticeable side effects, although I had HE from the liver damage shortly following the cure. No other bouts of it since then, hopefully because my liver is healthier. But be aware that antivirals can set off DEPRESSION. Mine started when I took the first round of Interferon back in the dark ages. I beg any of you who have had depression onset as a side effect, get treatment. It does not seem to go away on its own.

steven g May 1, 2017

Hello I'm Svetlana Scheiwein Bulgarian 43 year's old *homeless living in leicester city England more than 6 year's absolutely alone i didn't have . Everything started at 2014 with horrible pain days and nights, months because I was living alone it's was really hard depressed for me. Remember that i was going to many to hospital and the doctors telling me every time that im OKAY! !! At may 2014 is strat my itchings , cant walking distance tired my hands ,body and face was red can't eat and drink my dayli life was extremely bad. Then i been to the GP she chek my blood pressure is was really high she get blood test and the end she tell me yhat i have liver problem she refer me to gastrointerologe and 10 month i was waiting for meeting up with the gastrointerologe. He do new blood test agane more high all my liver enzymes. I was in X ray, MRI ,scan all but not seeen noting then he refer me to liver biopsy after 8th month i bedn there but get scared and back . From this day till this year February i didn't know nothing about #Primary billiar cirose autoimmune hepatitis# Now im waiting agane to meet the gastrointerologe at 30/06/2017 with out any treatment. Dear friends my local Advice and support Down centre in leicester they don't want to me to help me . They always says to me that no place for me because is busy last 3 years . I don't have benefits zero financial no social care help All they tell me go back to Bulgaria. Im on the street at the moment alone i ask my GP practical doctor for Urosofalk 250mg and she give me. No foods no roof no best friend. Im on depresion+panic attacks +schizophrenia . I apply to many times for ESA they send me letter im not allow for ESA because law say that and because I didn't pay NATURAL CONTRIBUTION

Svetlana S May 1, 2017

I was diagnosed hcv posotiv on 27.8.16.i carried out pills trearment for genome type 3 for 6 months.in january 2017 after 4months of treatment my PCR RNA quantitative turned negative.please guide 1. Does it mean i m cured? 2. Can i now take any sort of food without preventive measures? 3. Will i b immune or susceptable to HCV in future? 4. I used to have normal blood pressure. During and after treatment i experience high BP. Any solution?

Tariq M Apr 30, 2017

Starting Harvoni treatment next week Monday 5-1-2017. Well over 20 years ago shared needles while in the Marine Core in Asia. -tb

Tony B Apr 29, 2017

I contracted Hep C from an amateur tattooing by a friend who was unaware he had it. He was just learning and I agreed to let him do a small one. As a middle-class guy with a corporate job, there was alot of shame associated with it. But the reality is that there are many people who contact Hep C who are not intravenous drug users. I'm not trying to shame those who are but simply to let people know that the disease is not something that should carry shame with it. I think for me and many that was the hardest thing to overcome. It is becoming more and more common for insurance companies to cover the treatment without severe liver damage as an indication. That means it is possible and can be affordable to seek treatment. The drug companies and other charitable groups can be very helpful to those who are without insurance. For me the fatigue is the worst. I haven't started treatment yet but will soon. Don't become discouraged. Just keep fighting and seeking treatment however possible.

John V Apr 25, 2017

I was genotype 4 and in Stage 4 with Hep C for over 20 years. I got on the Harvoni treatment. Instead of the 8-12 week , I had to be on it for 36 weeks. They really wanted to get rid of the viral So in late 2015, I was pronounce cured. I have been and will be tested so often, but all have been OK. I know I have damage of my liver to deal with. so I keep a healthy diet and do not touch alcohol. Godspeed to you all

David H Apr 25, 2017

never been treated harvoni works insurance dictates opptional 9 month treatment which may not work my doctors recomendation dosent mean anything i should have had the insuraance company diagnos me catch 22 do what the ins co says reduces my life span harvoi is great so treat me with somthing else and then harvoni might not work well lose either way it seems i work for a fortune 500 company and if i was on medicade i would have the cure in three weeks not 7 months america does not help the working class i should quit and become desitute to get care

barry b Apr 24, 2017

Hi we want medicine for hapetites c to control quickly and clear to the liver deseis and finishing this virus

shah a Apr 24, 2017

I have my ailing mother on bed, due to back bone injury she is unable to walk without attendant sport which is being provided by my wife and children. My mother has also HCV . I was in need of information regarding her handling safely so I search this website. Hopefully I will get the answer I need .

khalid n Apr 24, 2017

I was just told I have hepc, don't see the doctor for two months I am very worried but it can't be that bad of she is waiting that long, had hep a and b when I was younger not sure if that means anything , getting married in Sept just want to get on with my life

Robin E Apr 23, 2017

I got HCV from an infectious needle stick in the blood bank where I worked at the time. Not knowing I was infected I had my 2'nd pregnancy totally sick all the time. It turned out we were both infected . We didn't get treatment but were monitored for the next 18 yrs. I first tried the pegasy interferon route, couldn't handle it. A few years later Incivek came along and we both did that with the ribavarin and interferon and stuck with it. It wasn't easy especially for my daughter but we did it with no viral load detected after the 6 month wait. I just got retested with no vial load detected 5 yrs. later. Guess it worked. I'll have my daughter check if she should be retested. She was a better responder so I'm confident she's OK. Incivek was a great drug with a good cure rate and a grant paid for treatment.

Robin s Apr 20, 2017

HCV treatment in India-My story This story starts with fear and bitterness and ends in gratitude and hope. I am a 63 year old middle class American. My wife and I are semi-retired, and we don’t have health care. In November 2017 I found out I was infected with Hepatitis C, type 2b. My son, a physician, counseled me to have treatment immediately, as I was symptomatic of chronic HCV- specifically chronic fatigue syndrome. Left untreated, 20% of people with HCV develop fatal liver disease. I turned to the internet to learn about Hep C. New treatment options developed in the last 5 years have a success rate of 97%. My feelings of hope turned to bitterness as I investigated further. Cost for the two medications prescribed for HVC type 2b are between $80,000 and $100,000 dollars for the twelve week treatment protocol. Each of the 168 pills would cost between $476 and $595. I would not, could not spend most of my retirement savings on one treatment for one illness. The company does offer discounts to insurance companies and will “give” the medication to the “needy” who can prove they cannot afford it. My stiff necked pride would not let me beg the drug company by proving my “need”. Searching the internet, I learned affordable options were available. The same medication is available in India for less than $1500. India is licensed by the drug company to manufacture HCV drugs used in the “undeveloped nations” of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The cost of the medication is set based on the per capita income of the nation- in India, the average income is about $3600 USD. The first glimmer of hope began to emerge. I began to explore treatment options in India. Medical tourism is a growing business there, offering many services at affordable prices, and with quality on par with western nations. India has several companies offering complete services; pick-up at airport, all transportation while in India, hotel and hospital visits and medication delivery. One doctor told me “we treat you like family”. These companies, all located in large cities, charge $2500-$3000 for medical aspects of the trip. Air fare, lodging, food and sightseeing are additional expenses. This is an ideal situation for a person traveling alone or anyone who is apprehensive about traveling in India. All Indian Physicians follow treatment protocols for foreign nationals, including blood tests, ultrasound of entire abdomen, and other tests prescribed by your physician. Treatment protocol for HCV includes a 10 day period after starting medication to determine effectiveness and identify any side effects. As I began planning my trip, I estimated airfare at $1200 from the East coast of US to India, and allocated $50/day for lodging and $20/day for food and other expenses, about $2200 plus the cost of medical treatment, about $5000 total. I am not sure what most people with insurance would end up paying out of pocket, but $5000 was within my budget. My nephew, Adarsh Williams, an advanced level Ashtanga yoga teacher, has years of experience traveling in India and his advice proved invaluable. Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore are seriously overcrowded and magnify the worst parts of India-pollution of every kind; water, air, land, and noise, extreme overcrowding, traffic jams of epic proportions, and the ever present poor. I did not want my visit to India to be spent in such an environment. Adarsh called back a day later and suggested that he and Evan, his nine-year old son, go to India with me. I was so profoundly grateful I wept. This was the turning point of the trip. They were both excellent traveling companions, and we had long conversations about every subject Evan could think of. Suddenly, I had flexibility in treatment locations. My goal was to find a smaller city with quality medical care near an international airport. I learned Goa has an Apollo Hospital as well as beaches and tourist opportunities. My nephew said think of Goa as “India Light”. They, like beach towns everywhere, cater to tourists. But I am not fan of sitting in the sun, so I continued my search. Northern India holds many sacred areas and most of the large cities- and many more people. The northern frontier with Pakistan is still tense, as it has been since separation in 1947. Despite its many cultural and historic sites, my concerns about security and desire to avoid most cities moved my search south. My search ended in Mysore, located in South India. Mysore is considered the cleanest city in India, has many sight-seeing opportunities, and is home to the most prestigious yoga schools in the world. There are many westerners either visiting or living there. Making arrangements myself via the internet, I decided to use Apollo hospital (www.apollohospitals.com) for my medical treatment and chose the Southern Star Hotel as my residence. Apollo Hospitals are privately owned and consistently ranked amongst the best hospitals globally for advanced medical services and has served and over 45 million patients from 121 countries. The Mysore hospital is large, well equipped, and staffed with fine health care professionals. The Southern Star was $64/night, which included a breakfast buffet and Wi-Fi. The hotel turned out to be my oasis from the chaos that is India. The rooms are clean and air conditioned, and the restaurant is good, serving a selection of Indian, European, and Chinese food. It frequently hosts business men and tour groups from Europe. I wasn’t sure I would stay there for the entire time, so I only booked 4 days through an on line agency. After the fourth day, I talked with the manager about extending my stay for an additional two weeks and negotiated a price of $50/night for the remainder of our stay. After a day to recover from the flight, I went to Apollo hospital and at the inquiry desk, told them I was seeking HCV treatment. After paying 300 ($5) rupees for a consultation, I walked to the 2nd floor and waited for the doctor. After a 20 minute wait, I talked to the doctor, who gave me a prescription for an abdominal ultrasound (1000 rupees or $15) and blood work (4600 rupees or $71 dollars). The blood work took 2 days for results, so we spent a couple of days sightseeing. Mysore (or Mysuru), in India's southwestern Karnataka state, was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399 to 1947. In its center is opulent Mysore Palace, seat of the former ruling Wodeyar dynasty. The palace blends Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles. We walked through the centuries-old Deva raja Market, filled with spices, silk and sandalwood and powered colors for the upcoming festival. We drove the Gelugpa section of town, the home to the most prestigious yoga schools in the world, for lunch. At a small café full of yogis and yoginis we had our first Thali- which translates as Plate- an interesting meal consisting of a bowl of rice served with three spicy vegetable dishes, yogurt, and a dessert. The flavors were different, but delicious. We spent the rest of the day walking through the area, looking at the many yoga training centers, restaurants and apartment buildings used by yoga students. This area is one of the most affluent in Mysore, and many westerners are seen on the streets. Two days later I returned to the hospital, picked up my test results and went for my second consultation. After reviewing results, Doctor gave me a one month prescription for HCV treatment (two different pills) and was told to return after taking medication for 10 days. The cost of the medication was 23,300 rupees ($358) and was delivered to my hotel that afternoon. I started my medication as soon as it arrived, and spent the week visiting many of the local sights, like the market and palace. After a morning out, I would nap while Evan did his homework and Adarsh worked on his book. In the afternoon we sat by the pool and had three sided conversations about anything and everything, then would walk to town. Indians spend the late afternoon and evenings out, walking and shopping, and we experienced the color and modesty of traditional Indian dress. The third day after starting the medication, I was nauseous and felt very tired. I spent the day in the hotel room watching TV and sleeping. On the fourth day, I again felt better and we went to the zoo. Mysore has a large zoo, with a mile long walking path through the exhibits. The zoo was crowded, and we enjoyed the people watching as much as looking at the animals. I found a smile overcomes language and cultural barriers. Many Indians are very friendly and wanted to chat about my visit to their country. Indians have no concept of the American idea of personal space. Leaving a 12 inch space between you and the next person in line is asking people to cut in line. There are just too many people seeking services. Be friendly but assertive in public places. The Indians also considered three westerners as rare as zoo animals. Several times people asked to have their photos taken with us, and wanted to know about us. We introduced ourselves as uncle, nephew, and son. On my final visit to the hospital, I again paid my 300 rupees, met with the doctor and was given a prescription for blood tests (1100 rupees). I paid and again went to the lab where they drew blood and told me test results would be ready in 2 hours. I went back in the afternoon, retrieved the results. The doctor said my liver functions were returning to a normal range. I shared my journal of side effects and he wrote the prescription for the remaining two 2 months of pills. I took the prescription to the pharmacy in the hospital, paid for the medication, which was later delivered to my hotel. My trip to India had paid off. I had my medication in hand. I had read on the internet that medications can be brought back into the US if you have a doctor’s prescription for them so I was ready to go home. We rented a private air conditioned car to return to the airport in Bangalore for 3600 rupees, compared to the 180 rupees we had paid for our train fare from Bangalore to Mysore. The ninety mile ride took four hours, including a 1 ½ hour ride around Bangalore on the beltway. My three week time frame gave me plenty of time to find a doctor, receive medication, complete the 10 day initial treatment, sight see and travel there and back again. I returned to the US, medication in my shaving bag, prescription in my wallet (I had no problems going through security or customs) and returned home. I am now completing my treatment and am beginning to feel better than I have in years. During my trip, my bitterness about the affordability of treatment in the US changed to gratitude. My total expenses for the trip, including medical treatment and medication was $4260- a cost I could afford without bankrupting myself or asking others for help. I am grateful to my nephew and his son for taking their precious time to travel to India with me. I am grateful to the people of India, medical providers and in general for their gracious treatment while I was in India. Would I do it again? You bet. What did I learn? Many things about myself and others. I learned the many differences in our cultures could be a sources of annoyance or opportunities for growth. A smile and good sense of humor will get you through the rough patches. Be prepared to negotiate the price of everything (except health care!) Negotiating price is part of Indian culture. My rule of thumb was to counter any price by offering half and to finally paying ten or twenty rupees more than that. Walking away is one of the best ways to get the price you want-There is always someone ready to step in and give a better price. If you want to end the negotiation, say “no, please”. I am grateful I am on the road to recovery, and I hope anyone facing Hep C with limited financial resources will find my story helpful. I am so sad that healthcare in America is available to those who can afford to pay and those enrolled in government programs like Medicaid. More than 20 million Americans like me, without insurance and unable to pay the outrageous cost of medical care, are not helpless. We have to be creative and take action instead of waiting for someone to make it better.

Mike S. Apr 19, 2017

In January 2017 it turned out that I was infected with hepatitis c. Unfortunately, in Hungary they could not cure him but fortunately a Ukrainian professor healed from the illness within 40 days. Now my liver rehabilitation is going on successfully. Thanks to the professor ... dr.prof. Vagyim Petrovics

Matheisz J. Apr 17, 2017

I was diagnosed with HCV in 1996 the first thing I did was I stopped drinking. I heard all the horror stories about interferon and riboviran . When Harvoni came on the market I saw the infectious disease Dr. at the VA they said I needed to be tested for my Geno type I turned out to be Geno type 2. No Harvoni for me. My PCP told me about Epclusa which was for all Geno types. My liver functions were always normal. I am 100% disabled so the 74760.00 cost me nothing. I have just completed my first month of treatment and just a few days ago had my first blood test but the results are still pending my viral load of 10,000,000 was not terribly high and I was told this would be a good time to start the lower the viral load the better chance of getting rid of the disease. But I really won't know for another 5 months.

Mike C. Apr 14, 2017

I was diagnosed with Hep C, genotype 1A, in 2007 but was most likely infected in the 1980's...my viral load was one million, I began a 48 week treatment of Interferon/Pegasus & Ribavirin with pretty serious side effects...at the end of treatment my viral load was less than 50,000 which at that time (2008) was considered as being virus clear...however 3 months later my viral load was at nearly two million so I was not virus clear nor even close...I still had the Hep C virus in my bloodstream and liver...

Elayne T. Apr 10, 2017

My treatment started in August of 2015. I was on harvoni for 8 weeks of treatment in which I was svr at the end. It is been almost two years now and I'm still scr and feeling better than ever. My kidneys were affected a little but now are normal GFR and creatinine Clarence numbers. My last blood test showed everything was normal and in range and there were no flags at all. I am so thankful to say I have returned to normal health.

Apr 7, 2017

This is a message that is aimed to encourage everyone who is dealing with hep c. In 2005 I was diagnosed with hep C in March 2016 I went to the doctor to get my liver enzymes test and my blood tested to see if I qualified for the med that aimed to cure hep c after results came in I never went back because at the time I took the blood test I was unemployed. When the results came back I found a job and was unable to consider 12 weeks off of work. Therefore, I finally decided to call my doctor in March of this year 2017 and ask her based on the results can I receive the medicine that cures hep c. She said if you would have called me before you scheduled the appointment I would have told you over the phone that your test came back NOT DETECTED OR negative for Hep C. I was in complete awe, I was like has the ever happened , she said 1 and 10 percent of those who have had IT cure on their on. I am praying for those who may have lost hope, Jesus healed me. Exercise a lot it makes you feel so revived afterwards. I remember that severe abdominal pain that comes with hep c. I know I had it because my primary care doctor tested me in 2005 and showed me the results. But God!!! Healed me. I am a reall person who had hep c and March 2017 it is gone. No lie I would never lie about something this serious and know how it feels. I know the depression that comes alone with it. I know the feeling you get when you drink alcohol, and when you have a BM. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. The one only true and living God will heal you just like he healed me. Pray and Trust. With love. vh

V h Apr 7, 2017

Hi i was infected with hepatitis long time ago whn i was very young mybe around the age of 2 or 3. I am not sure how i got the infection, wether it happed during circumcition or food that i eate that time i have no idea. The only thing i was told is that i was taken to a traditional sun doctor who perforemed a procedure of slautering a goat, taking a goat liver out and put it on my body close to where my liver situated and sleep that way with it overnight.In the morning when the goat liver becomes black in colour it was assumed that it took the disease out of my liver. Then i was instructed not to eat certain food like, liver, intestines, and any part of meat that have to do with digestion in animals.I wás also instruted not to dring coffey. Those are the only intructions i receive from the sun tradional doctor. Since then i never ate those food and have been well for more than 30 years.But i remember whn i was age 12 to 16 i used to suffer from servere headache,stomach pains and high acid in the stomach later it stopped after having moved to the city and change my diet. I was a heavy alcohol taker at age 26 to 31 then i stopped.During that timeb i was getting drunk faster and had hang over that lasted for a week before i could get sobber and normal again. I have been well for the past 8 years without any complains as a sobber person.Reccently last year when i was age 39 something happed to my liver and i have no idea what happed. What remember is that we wère at party with collegues and we ate alot food after that i dint visit the toilet that day and the following day, but the third day i developed acute diarrhea that was very painfull. I went to the doctor on the third day of being ill for two days.The doctor gave medication called anti- bacteria base on the symptopms and they worked to stop diarrhea. Ever since that day i havnt been well at all. I lost a bid of weight mybe around 5 kg and some when i am in bed i feel slight pain on my liver whn i am turning in bed.I dont feel that the food i eat is digested well into the blood. I do have the appetite for food, but there is no efective digstion going in my stomach. I eat alot of fat meat but i am not gaining weight as if i am not eating well. What advise can i get to bring liver back to normal function.

Apr 6, 2017

The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. Mine was clogged and not functioning properly making me weak and short of breath with dull headaches. . The liver saving method I employed was regular coffee enemas for about three months. The benefit to your liver is that coffee acts as a agent that pulls together all the impurities in your intestines to give you a deep cleaning to your small intestines. It's main benefit is that it stimulates the flow of bile within the liver each time for the cleaning of the liver. This process is a detoxification of the liver that will help to bring about the normal functioning of the liver . THE METHOD: 1. Take 6 tablespoons of coffee and put into coffee blender to produce 8 to 9 cups. 2. Put these cups of coffee into medium sauce pan and medium boil for 3 min. And steep for 10 min. 3. LET COOL, when put 2 cups to start with into enema bag and increase to 4 cups when you can.s 4. Lay on your right side and ingest the 2 cups, hold the 2 cups inside of you for 12 to 15 min. TWO TIMES 5. Follow this up with 2 full bags of clear water after you expel the coffee to get all coffee out of your system. 6 Do this 3 to 4 times a week for best results. 7.THIS Is A Time CONSUMING PROCESS BUT WELL WORTH IT FOR THE RESULTS AND BENEFIT YOU WILL GET THAT YOU WILL FEEL AND HELP YOU COPE WITH THIS ILLNESS. My BEST Wishes For This WAY REALLY WORKED FOR ME.

Apr 6, 2017

I was diagnosed by accident during a routine yearly checkup. My Prim Care doc was ALWAYS thorough so when I was tested for Hep C 3-4 x's every result was positive. Never an IV drug user. Btwn 1983 and 1998 I had several serious operations. (Days when donor blood wasn't screened as it is now). Came to realize that the "how" I contracted the virus wasn't as urgent to know as to "now what". Saw specialist and read up on any and all information regarding treatment options,what could happen if NOT treated,including side effects and cure rate. Still symptom free in 2010 decided to get treatment. Ins approved. My viral count being on low side I woul take pill and give myself a shot 1x per week. I knew from my research that the side effects from the curing meds could be worse than all my symptoms. Last minute decided not to start. Just a gut feeling telling me to wait. Next 5 and 1/2 years my patience weakened. Also,brand new meds were "out there" that had few side effects. My doc(specialist) agreed with my decision to try for approval for treatment. Still asymptotic. Was approved to start a 12 week healing regiment. The newest and latest and little to no side effects of the drug called EPCLUSA was hand delivered to my front door. Checked in with my ins co. specialty pharmacy every 2-3 weeks. I finished my last dose mid December with only 1 or 2 headaches in total. I am now free and clear of Hep C virus. My life could've been shortened had I not started with EPCLUSA. And,without treatment,cirrhosis could've began. The medicine is EXTREMLEY costly and I bet many people who need this drug aren't pushing for approval. Every HUMAN BEING IN EXISTENCE DESERVES THE RIGHT TO treatment with EPCLUSA. NO EXEMPTIONS. Lastly,I was born during times of Civil Unrests of Assasination of President. I'm considered a BABY BOOMER born btwn 1948 and 1960. Those years the donated blood wasn't screened thoroughly. Is now. If you're questioning whether to have or not have treatment then remember that if you don't,you stand a greater chance of going through extreme pain from cirrhosis my case). If you do. Well that's what I call Self Respect. Taking care of oneself enough to move towards a balanced body,mind,heart and soul. Being freed of Hep c has been one of most liberating experiences of my "BOOMING Baby" LIFE that enables me to help others shed their pessimism or doomed mind set. Every Single Big and Small,crises holds a deeper message and a "pay ATTENTION " sign on the wall. May you all be free from Pain and Suffering. May your hearts Minds Bodies and Souls merge as ONE WHOLE. All that comes together to create a life worth living

Apr 6, 2017

I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I was diagnosed with HEPATITIS C in 2015. I was so shocked that I could not believe that I have HCV infection. When I got my first result i was thinking that it was not my report. i retested in another hospital. Result came and i was diagnosed with HEPATITIS C. Then I checked my rna which was 1.2x 10*6 copies. Genotype 3 a.I was given peginterferon, hopetavir and ribavirin for 3 months. When results came after 6 months it was 0 viral load. I was so much happy.. After 1 year or treatment it again came 0...finally I was cured... And ofcoz very much happy...

Nahida Shabnam Apr 5, 2017

Can anybody tell me about Epclusa side effects please? My story is that I was Diagnosed with asymptomatic Hep C in 1994, did not like odds of success for interferon treatment until combo of peg interferon and ribavirin was introduced. 80% seemed worth a go. In 2012 I completed 6 months of treatment, 4 months I spent in bed as so weak and unable to think coherently, having auditory hallucinations, the lot. After treatment I had Thyroiditis and other side effects continued. They told me 6 weeks after treatment I would be back to normal. They lied. Not only was I in the 20% non responders at 6 months post treatment t but I have been left with 5 years of pain from either the Hep C becoming symptomatic or something else they cannot yet identify but some causes have come to light such as Vit D deficiency for hip pain and waddle walking. My quality of life is hugely worse after interferon/ribavirin, I regret the treatment not because of the 6 months of side effects during treatment, but the 5 years and counting of life changing difficulties since. I am now being offer Epclusa and am wary. I read here of fatigue, headaches and possibly depression when on treatment.

Karen C Apr 4, 2017

When I moved to Arizona at the end of 2011, I decided to get a full check up as I had just turned 59 and I've never really had one done and thought a you know maybe I should. Imagine my shock when they told me I had hep C I had no idea. I have a history of alcoholism in my family from my grandpa and my mom and I never drink ever not even a sip. My drug history was minimal and I never shared with anybody anyway because I was selfish. But I did have a herniated disc operation and apparently it got badly infected. I was on IV antibiotics for almost a year, could not walk or move without excruciating pain, but nobody ever heard suspected hepatitis. So when that showed up I was stunned needless to say. They had a couple of options available that included interferon but my particular group only had a 40% chance of being helped. Through the waiting and the testing and time passing eventually Harvoni came to the forefront. I applied and was accepted on Medicaid and wonder of wonders, even with the cost of $1120 a pill to the tune of $102,000 they paid for every penny of it. somehow my treatment got short-circuited after only 5 weeks and I was cut off for two weeks before being reinstated but even so I was cured in less than two months. I have some Hep C induced cirrhosis scarring even though I never drank, but even now over a year later I am still showing zero levels of antibodies and officially I am now a stat. At that time they told me out of 500 patients only 4 were not cured, which is over a 99% cure rate. I was not expecting a miracle but modern science came through for me. Next, let's get rid of cancer and alzheimers. Let's get Congress to negotiate drug prices. If they can get them cheaper in other countries, including our next door neighbor Canada, then they can do it here, big Pharma has a Lobby second to none. The American people should be second to none.

Kim S Apr 4, 2017

Hace 33 años me ponian una inyecion para curar una enfermedad pulmonar y me estaban inyectando el virus de la Hep.C. genotipo 3B En el mes de Marzo del año 2017. me entregaron los resultados de mi carga viral despues de seis (6) meses de terminar el tratamiento con Sofosbuvir y Declatasvir. Virus Indetectable. Gracias a mi perseverancia y a un estricto regimen alimentario sin grasas, principalmete hidratos y proteinas, logre mantener mi higado, practicamente con una cirrosis compensada.

Juan Enrique C Apr 4, 2017

I was diagnosed in 1993. At that point I was 5 years sober, (alcohol, dope) and that is probably why I'm still alive. But who knows. In 2010 I was fortunate to receive help from a foundation that made it possible to try the Interferon/Ribavarin treatment. Lasted 10 months. Didn't work. Now there are multiple treatments available but who has that kind of money. Not me. But I did this to myself so all I need is a mirror to find the one responsible... Bottom line if you're young, PosHepC, and still getting high, getting drunk, you better find a way to get clean. You're running out of time.

Tim Ward Apr 4, 2017

2009 first told I had something wrong. I went for a procedure/ platelets very low. Upon more inspection, The HepC dragon first raises it head. Eventually had a biopsy. was so shocked I don't recall the outcome. Probably why I'm not totally up on all my research for the disease I hosted for many many moons. I was an iv drug user. I sought the cure in '09 with pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin with Procrit. This failed almost took my life. Waited 2 years then Harvoni came on the scene. I could not use the harvoni, I had previously tried TX that failed. Was offered Virkira Pak with the miserable Ribavirin. This cured me in 28 weeks. I had a ribavirin reduction because again my platelets took a big drop once again. The treatment did its job I have been hep c free since 2015!thank the Lord. My liver got beat-up pretty bad. They say I have Fibrosis. I call it cirrhosis. My blood work all is normal ALT etc although I hv leg pain ocassionally and need to watch my salt-sugar intake Any ideas, suggestions I'm open to Thanks Steve

Stephen *Steve* R Apr 2, 2017

The treatment clears your system of the Hep C virus during treatment...the real test is whether the virus returns 3-6 months later, as mine did, don't let the treatment or Dr's fool you...you're not 100% positively clear of the virus until it's no longer in your system 3-6 months after treatment ends...I'm now on my 2nd treatment, 7 years later, Viekira Pak (4 a day & Ribavirin 6 a day) for 6 months...into month 2 right now...headaches, no energy, insomnia but doable...

Elayne T Mar 29, 2017

If you can't afford your Hep C meds, with or without insurance, call the drug manufacturer and they will reduce the price for you...I have insurance but my copay would have been $210 a month so I called the drug manufacturer and qualified for a $10 a month copay! They will help you even without any insurance...Call them!

Elayne T Mar 29, 2017

I took the full round of Epclusa after having hep c for 25 years. My doctor said no need to do a blood test until 3 months after taking my last pill. So I really don't know if it worked or not. I have a question... Has anyone else expieranced phatigue... Queezy was... Warm eyeballs.. after treatment is over? I took my last pill Feb 1,2017.some days I just feel like crap.

Erin A Mar 29, 2017

I am 52 and I was diagnosed with hep c about 17 yrs ago. i am a gt1 and I am im my fifth week of vikira pak and I was wondering if any one else was on this med and how they did ? Thanks

Doreen C Mar 26, 2017

I have been suffering from IBS, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, vertigo for about 15 years. At times it was unbearable at work. I Went to specialists, did the recommended tests. The results were "you're fine. Nothing is wrong with you." In December, 2016 my primary found a high liver enzyme result and then I tested positive for Hep C. From Year 2000 up to and including 2008, I had taken physicals and did the required blood tests for 5 different disability insurance companies and 2 life insurance companies. I was approved for all of them and was granted the policies. Don't these companies test for Hep C? My doctor says I probably had it for a long time. How can this be that the Hep C was never caught by those insurance companies? They test for any and all irregularities and are very strict is what I'm told. I am sure my terrible symptoms were related to the Hep C. I had my blood work done and my physical done every year by my primary also. I'm still a bit shocked. Scary disease. The psychological and physical damage Hep C can do to a person is mind boggling. I still have no idea how I got it. But common sense tells me it is not only drug use, tattoos, et cetera. The virus can live outside the body on a bathroom sink for weeks and not be visible to the human eye!!!! Thank you for posting. God bless.

Monica T Mar 26, 2017

Im 46 years old. Genotype 3, about 5 years ago. Also hiv positive, from iv drug use. Went through 16 week treatment from October 2016 to Jan 2017. Epclusa and ribavirin. Side effects from ribavirin were awful, bad mood swings, depression, fatigue, headaches, muscle loss. I live alone . Hang in there Teresa, keep your eye on the prize, you can get through it. Anyways i test again in April to see if I'm cured . Thanks for everyone that posted . Good info here.

Robert L Mar 25, 2017

I was diagnosed with Hep C this past year,I went on to use HARVONI to get rid of the virus,I was to take the pill once a day for 3 months,after, the second month I WAS FREE OF THE VIRUS. I went on to finish the final month of pills and tomorrow is my final day. Along the way I had NO side effects, I am a Happy Man at 64.

Bruce C Mar 18, 2017

14 yrs ago I did peg/intercom treatment it was working by 8 weeks . It was down by a good amount. Things me my life were getting out of my control. I tried commiting suicide. My regular MD was so upset. He says April you know what this means. Treatment is over. Four years ago I tried it again. This time they added a new pill by 12 weeks nothing. So they had me stop. As of January 2017 on going on my year mark after taking Harvoni. Remission is my result. As a result of getting the Hep c under control my blood sugar & blood pressure have also come under control. Four years ago I was over a 9.9 for my A1C. As of this month March 2017 I'm at a 6.6. I couldn't be an happier.

April W Mar 16, 2017

my wife has HAP C with GENOTYPE 3 ..she has only promlem that her body discharge heat . headache. mosty one or 2 time in a day .. aftr that she is normal ...we hv use no medicine .but take care our health by taking exercise regulrly .. food .. life style ....this is since about 13 years she is now about 53 years . . she has severe dust alergy probml also .so she use anti alergy med also .. ..any Dr. can comment and advise ///

mohammad a Mar 16, 2017

I first found out I was sick and had 2 months to live 12 years ago. I got treatment that didn't work. Then last year I got treated was well in 8 weeks. I still felt sick a couple weeks after than my body start feeling better. But for years I was sick and thought never get well. I got sick after having my baby then they said I had yellow juanice in1990 but 15 years later I was sick.

Lou C Mar 16, 2017

I had 12 weeks of treatment with Sovaldi/Ribavirin. To say the least I was extremely nervous about what the side effects would be. I am happy to say I had absolutely none. I am now 2 years post treatment and I am pleased to say all blood work has shown no HCV virus. I was one of the lucky ones that my insurance finally approved coverage. The cost of HCV treatment for 12 weeks was almost $90,000 for many people this extreme cost makes it unavailable to many.

Cynthia S Mar 14, 2017

I'm sitting here wondering why I survived, why I was blessed to have been able to get Harvoni when others haven't yet. My prayer is the medicine becomes affordable and available for all. After I was diagnosed in 2015, I later realized I had been misdiagnosed for possibly several years. The muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, liver pain and fatigue were enough to feel as though I didn't stand a chance. I was wrong in my thinking. I now enjoy eating again, and having enough energy to go for short walks or grocery shopping in the evenings. The things I once took for granted are the things that I am most excited about. I looked at a picture today of myself from a year ago, when I was at my lowest point in the disease. I barely remember existing at the time and the picture looks unrecognizable. I'm now 15 pounds heavier and my hair has grown back curly, as it was when I was a young child. I never thought I'd be excited about weight gain. I'm emotional at times, but in a good way and am living life a little differently than before. Now, at age 48, I can say having Hep C has changed my outlook on life for the better, since I'm grateful for the little things that aren't so little after all. This is of course much easier to say now, but surviving Hep C does happen, and I pray it happens to you, if it hasn't already. Coming from a former depressed, complaining, and negative person, life is now truly good. Thanks for reading my story.

Allison F Mar 12, 2017

I found I had geocaching in 1999. Very confusing signals from my specialist over the years. From "don't worry you will be okay. You won't be having problems until you are 135" to "you are at stage 3, you need to get on harvoni immediately ". After seeking other opinions and a fibrescan, I decided to start harvoni. This is day four of 8 weeks. I feel good about this.

Barry K Mar 12, 2017

I am feel abdominal distension associated with Gastritis and halitosis

Teshome N Mar 10, 2017

Hi every one i'm Marivic my story about my husband hes suffering the hipatitis C chronic since 2005 until now all treatment we done he is taking lots of medicine but the virus still .... i need ur all advice and comments .... thanks ....

Marivic P Mar 9, 2017

I was in an abusive relationship with a very sick IV user. Of course he lied to me and I never saw any indication he was using until the day my kid flew up to live with us..Then I discovered him hiding his stuff. To make a long story short I was abused in every way and if you can't beat em sometimes you join them. I left him soon after and quit using forever. Then I learned I was sick with stage 2 Hep C .The following months were hell and I have test negative enough to be declared cured. I'm so grateful and fortunate. But I went through it alone, not even my family knows. Still. Shame is horrible. I faced the devil twice and survived twice. But for the Grace of God I should be dead. If you're being abused and only there because of the addiction...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ANY COP ,CHURCH, EVEN A COWORKER. Please save yourself. I have a second chance and so should you. You deserve to live just because you ARE.

Jean B Mar 9, 2017

I was in denial for years about my Hepatitis C since I had no obvious symptoms. In Florida I was approved for Harvoni. In Tampa there is a pharmacy where a charitable group covers the $5,000+ deductible so I got the ± $100,000 medication free. Some people fly to India where drug costs approx ± $1000. All you need to bring is a copy of your positive blood test to save time waiting for test results in India. Depending on where you live the cost will be $3000-5000. Book a flight, book a tiny hotel room, pay for a doctor to write the prescription. Get you hands on Harvoni no matter how you have to do it. This drug is an utter miracle. Within 28 days I was virus free. No side effects at all. You can consume alcohol while on this medication ~ though of course it’s not recommended since most have sustained liver damage from Hepatitis C. I drank a champagne toast on New Year's Eve since I am free of this deadly disease. Go for it. Don't wait.

Giovanni V Mar 7, 2017

Hi,I am a 62 year old total non responder who has been doing every treatment out there since the mid 80s.I am genotype A1 with stage 4 cirrhosis.My medical plan will not cover me for meds anymore because of me continuing to fail on them.I am currently taking Dac,Sof and RIBA that I purchased through a doctor in Austrailia.After 3 months my viral load was down to 20 but once again I couldn't clear the virus.I was told by other non responders that Viekira Pak got them better.I looked at it online but it is unaffordable.If there are any total non responders out there that have found a cure for this terrible disease please let me know what you did.I can't deal with the side effects anymore (ithe horrible itching,nose bleeds,leg cramps etc) and have reached the point where I would sell my soul to get rid of my hep c

Glen P Mar 7, 2017

I had a physical in November 23 my liver enzymes were high. On 1/5/17 it was confirmed that was hep c positive.I had seen those commercials on TV about harvoni. I started taking 5 days ago. Thank God for this medicine as this disease has killed many.God bless their souls. I know this medicine is killing this off. My energy level has soared. I am hoping for the best.Please if you think you have this get treated asap. The sooner the less damage to your liver. I hope this story helps someone else.thank you jm

Jon M Mar 6, 2017

I have/had HVC 3a and now they say it's gone, but so is my mind. stage 4, fibroscan puts me at 3. Going for blood work soon, lost a month, thought it was Feb,,,It's ruff but can save your life,not a drop since 2008[ that's when I was told] thanks Soldiva,may be miss-spelled.

jack C Mar 6, 2017

I was go for donating blood to a heart patient then i knew abuot i am C positive. Then i decide to take medicin of this deseas. So i use sovaldi and sofos tablet. know i am fine.

Syed Nasarullah Shah H Mar 3, 2017

Contacted hep c in 1980 from sharing needles. Was very ill for about a month.Several bouts with relapse and recovery over the years. The only thing that I did right was heeded the doctors advice on alcohol and only drank beer. Presently I have 21 months clean from everything! I quit smoking 18 months ago. I didn't do any treatment and have no Viral load.I consider myself very blessed?Just For Today I will not use drugs!

James B. Mar 2, 2017

I just found out a few hours ago I have hepatitis c. I'm 31. I've never used drugs, never had a blood transfusion. I've been racking my brain and driving myself crazy trying to figure out how I got it and come up with nothing. I also have stage 3 melanoma so I've already done a year of interferon treatment for that which ended up causing me to have hypothyroidism as well. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and I'm worried about any further treatment. What options are available?

Crystal R Mar 2, 2017

I am 46 and have hcv from the age of 19 i was extremely afraid of the treatment. On my drs advice i am now half way thru the 90day treatment program. Im hoping the virus will clear. Staying positive.

tanya g Mar 1, 2017

My boyfriend of 5 yrs was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C in April 2015 The Drs. gave him 3 months to a yr to live. He lost his battle 8 months later December 2015. With me being his girlfriend, one of his Dr. mentioned to me that I should be tested for Hepatitis C. I never thought in my life I would be in a situation like this. Long story short, I tested positive for Hepatitis C. My life changed from that day on. I found a very good primary Dr. and he referred me to the Specialist. A big thank you to my Specialist. I was one of the few lucky ones who got the financial help with the Medication of Harvoni. I had to take it for 8 wks. I kept myself going and going, I wasn't about to let this bring me down. In February 2017 I went to my specialist. She gave me the best news ever, she said I have beat Hepatitis C!! I was cured!! I was so happy.. had tears in my eyes. I was happy that I beat it and then again when my boyfriend was saying his good byes to his family and me. He told he that he will be OK and for me to beat Hepatitis C Ass!! and I did!! I just wished they could of helped him though. So for you folks out there .. THERE IS HOPE AND CURE OUT THERE!! DON'T GIVE UP!!

Lisa T Feb 28, 2017

I was diagnosed of hepatitis B disease since 2013. I live in abject poverty and have been treating it myself hoping that God will bring healing to my body. I also thank God for helping me to discover this website. I believe I'll discover advice and encouragement from others. God bless!!!

John J Feb 26, 2017

I found out I had Hepatitis C after donating plasma in 2015. In the late 1990's I was an IV drug user so learning I had HCV didn't really surprise me. I immediately sought treatment and for my geneotype 2b, the only treatment at the time was Solvaldi and Ribavirin for 3 months at 3 pills a day. The side effects from the Ribivirin were unforgiving and after receiving the first months worth of TX meds, I decided to wait for new treatment meds that were in the works. I didn't have liver damage and was advised waiting would be okay. In the summer of 2016, I met a gal who shared she had HCV and was doing treatment at a local Hep C clinic in my community I had never heard of. I watched her take Harvoni and it wasn't killing her or making her sick which comforted me. I made an appointment at the clinic for myself and in August 2016 I started Epclusa for 3 months at 1 pill a day with very minimal and tolerable side effects. Epclusa was for all genotypes. In November of 2016 I completed treatment and just last week I got my last labs and I am considered cured. Treatment was the best thing I have ever done for my health. I feel so great. The years of fatigue are gone and the energy I have today is crazy amazing. Epclusa saved my life.

Stacy M Feb 26, 2017

I am a survivor. I was diagnosed in the early 1990s. I was told the survival rate was only 10% and the only treatment was interferon. I took interferon three times a week for five years. Since then I have had no after effects. I know the treatment is physically difficult but it is worth it. Hang in there anyone who wants to speak with me please feel free to email.

Liz J Feb 26, 2017

I found out in 2013 I had hep c,I was a mess I lived in gulf breeze Florida at the time I found out well I just cryed,I knew I was going to die .well I did all my testing there and my levels was very high I had been sick for almost yr the Dr did test after test to finally he tested 3 time for he c it came out positive every time,they were going to start a treatment but it was not the cure just would put it to rest then it could come back anytime,I prayed and cryed and pray and cry more cause in my heart learning this at 62 yrs of age was very hard to take they had told me I could be a baby boomer well I decided I had 1 daughter,4 grandson,and just born a greatgradson I wanted to come back home I had to meet this new born breathe and but I was so scared I knew nothing about hep c.well I packed up over night with Drs in Florida advising me no,but I didn't want to die without being near my family so I came back to sc and stared right away finding a Dr he did all the test I had change my eating habits and drinking less caffeine,oh sorry I have gr8 No type 1 a well my levels went down but still needed treatment well while research online in 2014 I found out they were in a battle for the cure Harvoina,I just cryed again well in 2016 it was on marked .I went to see Dr and started test over with little hope at the price of ever recivng I the cure well at 65 now I got media care coverage and my car insurance man came out and ask me to go on his coverage well sure enough it covers Harvoina co pay 3.35 dollars for every 28 day treatment I'm now on my 5th week did first blood work severely days ago now I well see Dr March 3rd when I lift Dr office in 2015 I cryed saying they just wrote my death certificate but now I have hope I well be cured God bless you all that faces this horrible hep c

Deborah S Feb 24, 2017

I had my 50th health check around three years ago, on the 23/12/14 I simply got a phone call from my gps surgery to be told matter of factly I had hep c ( my mum had reacently dide of the illness after contacting the disease from a surgion . Luckily I was liveing in Portsmouth and soon got on a clinical drug trial , 3 years on I am still clear of hep c, when I first started treatment I noticed I had started shakeing over the course of the last 3 years the shakes have become much worse and continues I have also had real bad problems with my lungs I'm now told I have copd wich is progressing at a fernominal rate I don't no how many things are linked to the hep or the treatment

Paul W Feb 24, 2017

I was diagnosed n 2012. I went to 2 different Dr's, when I wouldn't do the test drugs. Both Dr told me "then why am I treating you?' I haven't been back to a Dr since 2014..Now there is a cure & I don't know where to start..I have other illness, im only 54, I FEEL SO ALONE, now ystretday, other diagnosis, stupid cancer on my face...I'm SO TIRED,& TEALLY DONT KNOW WHAT THE HECK TO DO...

michelle G Feb 24, 2017

I found out I got hep c back 15 years ago from getting a tattoo the guy that did it had it n passed it on to me when doing my tattoo I was freaking out know I'm did my treatment n know I'm hep c free

Chris J Feb 23, 2017

Discovered I had HepC in early 2000 and had a transplant later in the year. Went through many different treatment plans, the last one looked good for a year now, SVL. However I need a second transplant, plus maybe a kidney. This has been difficult and overwhelming at times. It feels like each step is getting higher and higher. But it has been worth it to be alive to experience this life with my family, friends, and neighbors.

TP HepC Feb 22, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c yesterday. My head is spinning. I've barely eaten today and have no desire to do anything. There is no way I can afford treatment. I don't know what to do or how to cope with this.

J3nn B Feb 19, 2017

I found out in 2005 that I had Hep C from a blood transfusion that I got in 1971. My doctor, at that time, treated me with the Peg-Interferon "cure". 48 weeks later, countless Ribavirin pills, weekly injections of Interferon that totally wiped me out for entire weekends and, at times, made me almost wish I were dead, 30 lb. weight loss, feeling absolutely horrible for the entire 48 weeks...I wasn't cured. It pissed me off because I felt like I had been an overpriced guinea pig! My wife was really scared. She told me after the treatment was over that I had looked like a skeleton with flesh on it! I am now on a 24 week regimen of Harvoni and finishing week 12. I have some side effects, fatigue being the most significant. I'm extremely fortunate that I just don't get headaches ever. I did until I was 21, then they just stopped. I can sense pressure in my head, occasionally, and would probably have the headaches if I were still prone to them. My appetite is great, maybe better than most people who don't take any medicine! I do experience light headedness, feeling week sometimes, and a bit unbalanced occasionally. My very first lab results showed that my viral load went from 4,000,000 to zero and has remained at zero since. From what I've experienced from this treatment...it's a walk in the park! I highly recommend Harvoni for those whom are still on the fence about it's benefits and side effects. I feel totally confident that my Hep C will be completely cured at the end of my treatment.

mike s Feb 19, 2017

In 2000, during a routine blood test I was told I had Hepatitis C. I panicked. My Aunt also had it and had just been put on the liver transplant list. I was told to go to the County hospital as they had a clinuc, so I went. There was no clinic and I would be the first patient. I was told I had to take shots three times a week and pills three times every day. I was told to not drink alcohol ir use drugs The first time I gave myself a shot I started feeling sick. I had felt fine until then. I was told I had to take the shots for six months. Every month I had to have a blood test. I felt sick all the time but I stuck with it. At the six month mark when I went for my appointment the doctor told me that he had good news and bad to tell me. Of course I asked what the good news was and was told that they had run the blood work three times and no Hep C could be found in my blood, I was cured. I asked what the bad news was and he six I had to take the shots for six more months. I not only lost my Aunt but my cousin and a brother all to Hep C. I did everything the doctors told me to do. Now I am proof that Hepatitis C can be cured

Mary B Feb 18, 2017

I've had Hep c for 15 years. I went to see a liver specialt and they told me I no longer had the virus. Could this be true?

Nicole S Feb 14, 2017

Well I knew something was wrong with me and the Doctors kept taking tests ,well I was told I had Hep C I was so shocked I told the Doctor I never used drugs , he asked me if I had ever had a blood transfusion I told him with my 2nd child I had to have a blood transfusion in 1971 he then explained that back in those days there was no way to screen the blood, And many people were turning up with Hep C. After many phone calls for help I finally found a company that payed for all the medications I needed for the 3 month treatment,There was 3 different meds 1 was an injection I was on (Interferon) (Riboverin) (Sovaldi ) I was so sick on the meds I couldn't eat half the time,Sometimes I thought I would not make it. But I didn't want to die. So I kept taking the meds and the injections, When I was done and went in for the blood tests to see if I was cured , I was so happy and there was no liver damage. The Doctor said to make an Appointment to come back in a year for another set of blood tests to make sure I was still cured, And I am ,But if I am tested it will always show Hep C But inactive . Gilead was the company that helped me ,I was provided with Nurses that called me every week to see my progress, and just listen to what I was going through, they helped me thru the 3 months, It really was the worst time of my whole life I am 68 I was 66 when this all happened, I fully understand what goes on when your on these meds , the thoughts that go thru your head, But I made it and so can you- If you find out you have Hep C reach out for help it is out there for you.Good Luck to all of you that has had Hep C Sherri L

Sherri L Feb 14, 2017

Through a routine physical ,my liver enzymes were highly elevated and my Dr tested for Hep C. Yes, I have had it for many years and still can't figure our how I contracted it, but I don't stress about it. Shocked, yes, as I don't fit any of the ways contracted with the exception of being a baby boomer. My husband, being in the bio tech world, knew that Gilead was soon to release a new drug for Hep C. I opted to wait and gratefully so. I started treatment in June 2015, My Dr from Kaiser was wonderful and did random testing for alcohol detection for 6 months and promised he would accept me for treatment if I passed. I'm not a heavy drinker and was somewhat put off but what a trade off. I would do it in a heartbeat! I have always felt fine and so surprised to learn I was stage 2! I started Harvoni ( LOVE YOU GILEAD ) for the 8 week program and sailed through it. I had absolutely not one side effect only elation that I was granted this gift of an expensive drug. I tested at 4 weeks with no trace and again at the end of my 8 week program, I was completely cleared of the virus. I had a 6 month test and after my year test , it finally became clear to me that I am finally free of the DAMN disease. Kaiser charged $100 for the first time fill as Harvoni is not a generic drug and they refill every 10 days. They won't give you a month supply and it can't be mailed either and the cost then was $20 for each refill. So for a total of $220 I was cured! Please don't give up hope and ask your about Harvoni. It's a life saver! Those who may not qualify, please contact Gilead directly and they can help you with the drug. Do NOT give up and accept a lousy fate of a lifelong disease. I'm rooting for all of you! LOVE U GILEAD!

Joanne T Feb 14, 2017

i have hepatitis C and malignant tumors.hepatitis C makes tumors.

kamran b Feb 13, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c in oct 2011 after being really poorly and being admitted into hospital for two weeks,I was devastated when I found out I'd never taken drugs I'd always been careful and when I finally found out how I'd caught it I was ashamed of myself I had caught it from my new partner who I'd been together with for about 6 months and he never knew he had it either. In 2012 my dr asked if I wanted to start treatment I'd thought long and hard because it was interferon and I knew the side effects would be quite bad so I told the dr I'd wait until something else came out. I would have bad days and good days about having hep c and how I let myself catch it and some days I would be depressed and this went on for some time. In 2012 I found out I was pregnant my dr told me I had small chance of passing it on to my child in the back of my head id worry myself thinking what if I do pass it onto my newborn I could never live with myself. I had Ethan in March 2013 and it took about a year with blood test and they came back negative and that awful feeling I had had just lifted. I had Reuben in Aug 2015 and his blood tests came back negative as well. I had not been to see the dr since 2013 and 2016 was a bad year I started to think I was ill and I kept going to see the dr and she told me I was suffering from anxiety and eventually I saw a really nice dr who thought it was a good idea to go back and see my hep c dr and I'm so glad I did he put me forward for the new drug harvoni it had to go to a board meeting to see if I met all the right criteria and lucky for me I was I started an 8 week course in September last year I didn't have any side effects at all after taking harvoni for 2 weeks my blood was clear of the virus and it stayed clear all way through the course. I finished the course in Nov last year and I've just had my 12 week post blood test and fingers crossed my blood is still clear, if I hadn't been to see the dr and getting into a mess with life I would never had been given the chance and I can't thank the dr enough for giving me the chance of clearing the virus and being able to not have this awful disease anymore. All I can say is there is lots of new drugs out now yes they might have a few side effects but you are being given the chance to clear this horrible disease and I think the risk of doing this is far greater than not even trying.

Heather R Feb 12, 2017

My husband managed his Hep C for 15 years with a regime: Lactulose syrup (to absorb toxins), naldalol (to lower blood pressure in veins) and diuretics (to control fluids buildup). Recently we retired to CO his home state. The doctors he saw in Co were not as thorough in their follow ups as we had in Austin TX Unfortuately, they prescribed a lower intake of dietary protein which was erroneous advice as a Hep C patient. His condition over a year went downhill and due to malnutrition–inflammation complex syndrome (MICS) specifically and his endema that ended up so bad (water pouring out of his legs) that his sodium dropped so low and complicated his situation beyond recovery in order to continue towards our goal to take the cure. He passed away August 1st 2016 after first being diagnosed in 1996 with Hep C. My advise: be sure to watch your intake of protein- Hep C patients need an adequate amount to help the liver from further decline. If anyone cannot afford the cure...please contact me-I have a 1 mo. 28 tabs dose un-used worth $$ that I will give you if you need Sovaldi 400mg & Ribavirim 600mg treatment. Good luck :)

karen J Feb 11, 2017

Has anyone committed suicide while taking Epclusa? I have been taking it for one month and the Hep C virus is gone. I would like to complete the next 2 months but the depressive side effects of this drug is getting the better of me. I never felt so low in my life. I am considering to discontinue this medication. Does anyone know what the risks might be if I stop the medication now? Thank you.

Teresa P Feb 10, 2017

Back in 1981 my doctor wanted to do a routine check to rule out Hep C. I was diagnosed with Phibro neuralgia and when the test results came back I was positive for Hep C. Back in 1981 not a lot was available for those who had Hep C so they did a liver biopsy and found minimal scarring then we contacted the doctor at UC Davis and he told me that the drug available to me had a 40% cure rate and he recommended for me not to do anything. So when I turn 65 my hepatologist doctor said that I qualified for a drug called Harvoni and I started on that four weeks into the treatment I was Hep C free I continued with the 12 week treatment and did a follow-up check three months later I was completely free of hepatitis C. It was a good thing that I did not do a previous treatment to get rid of the hepatitis C, being that I had virgin hepatitis C the Harvoni drug worked quickly.The last five years I have been cutting my hair very short and I decided to let it grow long an my hair came in curly and I have never had curly hair in my life has anyone else had this happen to them. It's been a year and a half now since I've been cured and gradually I am feeling better and I can do more I'm not constantly on the couch anymore I'm active at my church volunteering doing what I can do enjoying life.

Michael M Feb 9, 2017

I'm a former intravenous drug user. I acquired the Hepatitis C virus in 2002, shortly after I started using. I also used to drink alcohol heavily. By the time I was 23 in 2005 I was having pain on my right hand side just under my rib cage. I had an idea of what this was but was in denial. I finally went to get checked in 2006 and sure enough I had Hepatitis C. I had not shared needles since I first began using so I knew I had contracted the virus during those early years of my addiction. After finding out that I had Hepatitis C I continued to live the lifestyle I was living which was daily drug use and alcohol consumption. I was too far gone in my addiction to do anything about it on my own. After years of failed attempts at getting clean I finally checked into my very first rehabilitation program at the age of 30 years old which was in 2012. My road to recovery was not perfect and I had a setback but was finally able to to get clean and stay clean in the summer of 2013 and I have been clean since. For the first time in my life I cared enough to think about my life and about my health. I was finally able to go to the liver specialist and find out how I was doing. I was surprised to learn that I was a good candidate for treatment. I was approved for Epclusa this January 2017. I was very nervous but also excited. I never thought that I would be able to stay clean long enough to do anything for my health. My journey with this medication started January 19th. Today is my day 19 taking Epclusa. On Friday, February 10th I have my first follow up doctors appointment with the liver specialist since starting my treatment. So far I feel good. It seriously has been way better than I expected as far as side effects go, now I'm just hoping that it works and gets rid of this virus for good. The first 5 days the symptoms were more noticeable. I had headaches and felt weak and had mild aches and pains in my body almost like when one experiences the first signs of cold symptoms coming on. Now I pretty much feel completely normal. I think the only noticeable side effect now is the fatigue. I have some questions for my doctor this Friday because the pain on my side has actually gotten worse but I'm not sure if this is a side effect from the medication. I have been living with this pain for so long that I rarely even notice but since I'm taking the pill now I'm more aware of what's going on with my body. If anybody else has experienced anything similar I would appreciate learning about your particular story. I would also gladly answer any questions if anybody has any questions for me. I will also keep you posted in my results in case my story can help anyone else. Blessings!

Liz C. Feb 7, 2017

I was diagnosed in 2004 , was going to start treatment with the interferon, kept in my refrigerator for months, after hearing all the horror stories, I decided I would take a chance and wait on something better, then came the harmoni trials and it sounded really good, after doing blood work they decided I didn't qualify I wasn't a perfect hep c 1a, there was a mutation. So I didn't make the list. Finally it's on the market so went to my dr. And was really surprised, best case scienero harvoni 1 pill daily for 8 weeks should be starting on or about February 16. Any good advise out there? Side effects? Would appreciate all information I can get. God bless all of you fighting this nasty disease.

Donna W Feb 4, 2017

I need help deciding (along with my mother and sisters) if Harvoni should be taken by my mother. If your story is similar to hers and have insight we would appreciate your help. My mother is 78 y.o., 22 years post liver transplant, failed at earlier treatment 13 years ago, stage 4 cirrhosis, original autoimmune disease is still present and also causing cirrhosis, atrial fibrillation, shortness of breath upon walking, 250 pounds, inactive, poor nutrition, takes many medications, … She is already tired, has headaches, insomnia, acid reflux...so I believe she will end up in bed for 6 months and not survive this treatment. Thoughts please…thank you.

Alice T. Feb 3, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep C 2009. Refused interferon treatment, finally solvadi was approved. After 8 wks. I was cured. Even though no detection was discovered after 10 days.So many stories I've read and I think that someone should stop the foolishness, that are killing us baby boomers who don't / didn't have to die from Hepatoma Carcinoma

Shiela S Feb 3, 2017

Diagnosed last June with hep C, I thought they were mistaken as I had so symptoms. I had known that I had it in the past, but thought it was gone. Being sent to a liver specialist who then put me on Harvoni for 8 weeks was what worked for me. Taking no prescription medication for anything for a long time, I then suffered severe side effects. Knowing I'd be healed from it, I began journaling my writings so that I could more fully share my story with those who might benefit from it. It is called "Countdown to Victory: My Journey of Healing from Hepatitis C" and has been published on Amazon. I had my 12 week post Harvoni blood test a few weeks ago and it shows, as expected, to be totally gone. When I started the medication, my VL (viral load) was over a million and now it's zero. So glad to have found a medication that really works and is nearly 100% effective for many people.

Ann D Feb 1, 2017

4 weeks away from starting new treatment harvnio new treatment will in change my illness be ready

Adam W Jan 31, 2017

Hi everyone out there...i am a 54 year-old woman and have lived with hep c for 30 years. I will be taking Harvoni soon...March or May..i am excited but, also scared...anyway I hope that whoever reads this has a great day...LOVE to all

Sylvie H Jan 31, 2017

Surviving Hepatitis C together – A tale to remember About 8 years ago, we discovered that my wife “Kim” had Hep C.  We kept going to the specialist for a while and following up every 6 months just in hope that it eradicates the virus from my wife's system. There was no miracle cure and our only chance was to try Interferon, the side effects were unbelievable and almost indescribable. I was giving her weekly shots into her abdomen in hopes of a 40 to 50% cure. We got lucky and the Interferon worked. Last year when I found out about Harvoni I thought what a God Send. It truly is a miracle drug and will save thousands of lives. Then we learned of the extremely excessive cost, barring the majority of people from ever having the opportunity for a final cure. Countering the most expensive drug in the USA, As of now, generic verisons of medicines for HCV, are presently accessible in India. Also, the cost of these generic drugs is generally $900 — $1,250 for the prescribed eight-four day regimen, when compared with $84,000 – $94,500 for the branded medicines in the U.S.  But, All is not lost, because of affordable healthcare abroad and their standards of practice. You can take your family with you, and truly rehabilitate in a paradise while your loved ones are there for support, as well as having a vacation of a lifetime. The beauty of this is that the total cost is about 1/3 of the costs in the USA and your family is Blissful Not Burdened. It was through Greg Jefferys that we first learned of the Harvoni option in India. Thanks to Greg we were determined to travel and obtain the generic Harvoni drug in India. The people in India were so courteous and friendly speaking English while helping us in anyway they could. But, traffic in Mumbai is something to behold, that is why we had to schedule transportation to this amazing city of 22 million people. There are so many historical sites to visit and the food is fabulous. While I thank God I am cured I am still hoping for the best for everyone else with Hep C. Contact No: +1-928-328-8909 Email ID:- webmaster@surcation.com Know more about the package:- http//medicaltourism.surcation.com/hepctravel.html/ Twitter:- https//twitter.com/surcation Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/Surcation/ Linkedin:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/destination-surcation-llc Thank you.

Kim S Jan 30, 2017

Looking for advice . I think I contracted hep C about 6 or 7 months ago. wondering my best route .sad to see that the new medications arent working . I'm in general good health .six foot. 150 pounds. 21 year old

Zack B Jan 30, 2017

I during my university days heard a person suffering from blood problem and being human i went to helf her, Before donating of Blood the use to undergo with several test, Just i were waiting for half an hour. the physician told me that i have been infacted with hepatitis-B virus i was shocked also not believing the pysician and re-tested again but thebresult was same. so i have send my Bloodbreport to mumbai, the report was returned- 1.Viral load-16 crore. 2. patient value'1660. After one year of medication the result was totally changed i.e- 1viral load-500/ only 2.patient value 1520. Now still i am taking medicine but not yet retested being belonging from a poor family couldnot afford the test charges which is 10000/ ten thousand. Only the god is the creator is everything and will help me in future.. Thanks.

Tajing Y Jan 30, 2017

7 years ago my friend was divorced from his wife, who had Hepatitis C. He says that he had checked after the divorce to see if he has Hepatitis C, too, and the doctor told him that he does not have it. I just read online that: "For most people, hep C will become a chronic infection, which means that the virus stays in the body for many years." Even if he did not have sexual contact with his wife after the divorce, could it be true that he is still carrying the virus inside himself, and the next person who he marries, may be infected, too. He is in restaurant business in Europe and he says that during these last 7 years he had 2 sex partners, but did not say anything about them being infected or not. Please explain if it is safe to have sexual contact with him or not. Thank you.

ANA L Jan 30, 2017

First of all I would like to thank God and his son for bringing me this far. For give but I think it's a damm shame, when we as humans put that mighty dollar before the welfare of man, the med's that cure us. Is do damm high all we can do is pray, that some one out there think about us, instead of their damm pockets.That's my story of survival.

R S Jan 27, 2017

Just completed my 4th week of harvoni. Feeling good, only real side effect is fatigue, which at times can become overwhelming, but unfortunately I have no option of a break from my life and responsibilities. I'm a stay at home dad to a 6 year old with autism, so my days are quite busy and stressful. It's not easy being exhausted all day and night with my son ( he has trouble going, and staying asleep), but the way I look at it is I was going to be worn out either way, from treatment, or the hep c itself. One thing that really helps for me, and I know this is such a cliche, but I go to the gym and lift weights twice a week. Exercise truly does give me back so much energy I would not have had if I just sat around, and it really elevates my mood as well. For anyone that deals with depression from hep c, the treatment, or just in general, I beg you to give an exercise routine a try. And something about strength training... that good energized feeling will stay with you all day. I even still smoke and I go. It is making a world of difference with my hep c and treatment. Maybe it will help you too...

Jordan G Jan 25, 2017

I was diagnosed with HCV in March 2000. I was devastated. I developed this taste in my mouth that I could not get rid of, tired all the time, just felt off. I have always tried to be in tune to my body. I would go to the doctor she would do labs and nothing. One day I went to the doctor and she wasn't in. I saw another doctor and he ordered the lab test for HCV and it was positive. If I had not been persistent I might have never been diagnosed. Instant state of depression. I had a liver biopsy and an ultrasound. They showed no liver damage. If the dx had not been present on the orders HCV would not have been suggested. That was a positive. Treatment was sought immediately. Interferon and Ribavirin was prescribed. Oh, I was so sick. After a year labs showed no virus. After 6 weeks I was labeled non responsive. The treatment had failed. Given the option of another round of treatment, I declined. I was so depressed. I never sought any counseling. If I had it to do all over, group counseling would have be an option. I dealt with the situation on my own. Did a lot of praying, researched HCV for answers, and alternative treatment options. Sharing my dx with only 5 people. Never discussed the dx. Having a HCV dx suggest a negative connotation. Things are changing. Find a trusted individual you can discuss your feeling and concerns with. Seeking professional help is always an option. I took my last dose of Harvoni December 12, 2016. After 16 years there is no trace of HCV in my blood. Thank God for the miracle of modern medicine. If you are taking Harvoni and are experiencing the side effects associated with the medicine, hang in there. I feel like I have a new lease on life at age 67. I am open to any questions.

Juean L Jan 25, 2017

This is in response to Michelle L. On January 17, 2017. This is exactlly what happened to me and my husband. We lost everything, family turned their backs on us. I felt helpless. He needs to be on LACTULOSE and RIFAXIMINE. It's sounds like encephalopathy. Talk to your husband's G.I doctor for this. I don't know what your beliefs are, but talking to HIM (you know GOD) changed our lives forever. He got cured in 2014 and life has never been better ( especially with his "loving family" is gone ;-) ) By the way, I, myself am on DIALYSIS , thank GOD my husband came back to me to help me deal with my own medical problem. DO NOT STOP FIGHTING!

Timaria S. Jan 24, 2017

This is just sort of a short synopsis of of last 14 or 15 years! Of those years, 13 and a half were the suffering years! I don't have to tell anyone what they already know! Yes, tried Interferon and Riboverin! Lost 3 years of my life from side effects! But this is not new to you brave folks! A year and a half ago at Stage 3, with essentially one to go! My team of specialist fought to get me Olysio and Sovaldi! My insurance wanted nothing to do with me, and you the old timers know the story about the two drugs being owned by 2 separate pharmaceutical companies with nobody budging! Besides, I was about $180.000 short! This was pre-Harvoni days! The team came through ( Heptologist), I was given the medication, and only 3 weeks later began to feel human! Now for the epiphany! Today, two years later, there is nothing I won't try! Except for maybe getting my ex-wife back, after leaving me when I needed a bit of support! Currently I'm attempting to to push my Pet Sitting/ Dog/ Emotional Rehab. Business on its feet, so I might retire before I'm 90 years old! I do love it! I could use some advertising/ website help for maybe a trade! But wait, the epiphany!! Did I mention a life time of A.D.H.D.? It almost adds humor to the story! Before I began to feel the ravages of a failing liver, I was quite active and a bit of a loose cannon in the chances I was taking in the Glass Business which entailed lots of blood and inherent danger! Here it is: today while balancing on an extension ladder to pick the very top oranges from my tree! ( We have roof rats out here in Phoenix if the citrus aren't picked)! I had an epiphany, while the ladder was skidding a bit out of control and me jumping over to a more stable branch! Not bad for 65 year old! I REALIZED RIGHT THERE AND THEN, THAT I WOULD MUCH RATHER DIE, FALLING OFF THAT LADDER, KNOWING THAT I ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING (THAT I MIGHT HAVE DONE PRE-HEP C DAYS), THEN DIE A SLOW DEATH WITH HEP C! I HAD BECOME LESS THAN A PERSON, and the terror of waking up every day with the feeling of having the flu, for me, is worse than death! Bless you all! Keep fighting! Force the government to step in and help! Those receiving Hep C while serving in the Military need a lot of help from your politicians and the rest of the country! Maybe the President wishes to step up on this one! Don't depend on it! Keep fighting, the cure is remarkable! www.allanspetsolutions.com Need some help if possible! Not a computer wizz, and lost many years being sick! BY THE WAY, AFTER LESS THAN TWO YEARS, I AM NOW AT STAGE 1. LIFE LOOKS DOABLE!

Allan C. Jan 24, 2017

I didn't even know I had it. I had moved to another state and wanted a complete physical check-up. Test results came back and showed I had it, but I'm on Medicaid and didn't expect that they would cover the medication as it was $1,120 a pill everyday for 90 days. They ok'd Harvoni. The doctors screwed up the prescription and accidentally stopped my treatment after 8 weeks, and after 10 days of no drugs, got it reinstated. I still showed up with 0 antibodies present after several weeks, but finished the 12-week course.

Kim S Jan 24, 2017

My story began as an ironic twist of fate. It began by reading a medical magazine in the early 1980's. There was an article which contained Elisa C . I read the article because my name is also Elisa C. When I went for my physical I asked the physician to test me for HCV because of this article I just read about Elisa C test. Low and behold the test was positive for HCV. Other than being chronically tired which I attributed to my working long hours , I was fine. I went to a gastro doc in NY and she insisted on a liver biopsy. After the biopsy the doc cut her hands on some broken glass which contained - my blood. The doctor was shocked in terror and began screaming I have to go see the Guru ? Who the heck is the Guru? When she calmed down a bit I asked her who was the Guru. She said Dr. Jacobsen in NYC. Immediately I made an appointment with the Guru in NYC. Nice man, very helpful. He put me on whatever drugs they had back then. 5% cure rate back then. I was not cured. The Guru told me not to give up hope, something will come along. Ten yrs later I was referred to Dr. Lake Bakar. Also a very nice man. He was a VA reseacher and head of GI in Northports VA. He also had a private practice . He administered the next latest greatest HCV drug 50% chance of i t working. It was long difficult regimen. The drugs turned me into a raving lunatic. Five Yrs ago I went to see Dr. David Purow of the Digestive Health Ctr. Northport NY. He did his homework. Pulled my records from the past and told me to hold off a while. The drugs have some problems. A Yr later Dr Purow called me and asked me if I was willing to try the Abbie V drug. I did, There was no mental issues from the drug and within weeks I was cured to an undetectable viral level. The bottom line of my story is find good physicians you can trust and let them drive the bus. After 30 yrs of HCV. I did not believe I would live long enough to see a cure. I credit the researchers and most important Dr. David Purow. I have been cured two yrs now. Two insanely incredible college age children, a wonderful husband and I am alive to see others get cured as well. What a country, what a great time. I just hope Trump doesnt screw it up. If you have not been cured, stay optimistic and keep the faith. I wish you well one and all.

Elisa C. F Jan 24, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c in 2006. Went though the interferon/ribavirin 48 week treatment injecting interferon once a week in stomach and thigh and took 9 ribavirin pills a day. With horrible side affect destructive rage depression insomnia etc. After 48 weeks the Veterans Hospital said I was cured. Now 11 years later after a physical I am still diagnosed with hep c and swear I did nothing to reinfect myself. After 11/12 years I'm freaked.

MIKE w Jan 23, 2017

My husband had an affair with someone one night and has now been recently diagnosed with hep C. I'm not sure if I have it yet, but I'm currently pregnant with our second child. And I don't know weather to be mad sad or scared. What's the point? He was never completely faithful to me from the beginning. Who knows how long he's even had hep C for. All I do know is that I need to make sure my babies don't have it and that I live long enough to see them make it in life then I'll be ok. Perhaps it's my fault for staying with him. But I actually do love him and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. I've never strayed or cheated on him I never would. Cheating is stupid! Now I have to get tested but I already know there's a very likely chance I have it. I've been married to him for 6 years. I've used his toothbrush when I couldn't find mine. I've shaved my legs with his razors. Unprotected sex of course because in my delusional mind I thought we were in a committed monogamous relationship. I've never used drugs or needles other than from a DR. When they need to take my blood. I'm pissed off yes. But it doesn't do me any good being angry or sad. I just have to figure out what to do with this and how I'm going to keep my babies safe. Seeing them happy will be the only thing that matters now. My life is over it's all about them now.

Lindsay V Jan 21, 2017

To Dennis Cyr Go see a doctor (gastroentologist). I'm sure there is something for hep c genotype 3. It might cost $100,00 for a visit but it could be the best hundred you ever spent. There are programs out there for people like us so don't give up. Good luck !

Roland G Jan 21, 2017

My partner if 23years has been finished with his treatment now for over 6 months. He had bouts of depression that has not gone away l. I am at my wits end, he has now been having hallucinations, severe depression, anxiety he us only 56 years old, and I have tried to tell the people involved about his first signs of mental issues. Now I am taking him again, to the outpatients debt, to try and get him help I am so tired of no one actually helping just sending a clearly I'll man home to suffer with no treatment, even though he has has spoken to, I have spoken to, and our daughter has spoken to, with him present and pointed out he is in no fit state to declare himself competent, but still they send him away I'll take him this time again to the hospital and I don't know what to do if they don't help him this time, I feel helpless.! ? Im writing this as I wait for a taxi to come get us,I hope they do something this time.

Michelle L Jan 19, 2017

I was reading many of other stories and am promted to share mine. I was diagnosed in 2012 with Hep C and now have full blown cirrhosis. Doctors figure I have had it for 20 years or more for the damage it has done. I am presently on the waiting list for a transplant ,however my health is deterioating more and more. I go in once a week for paracentisis which is where they drain fluid from the stomach and its called ascities. It has been my biggest challenge now for the past 2 years and because of it I have now a hernia in my stomach as well. I recently started the treatment for Hep C and am in my 12th week now. I take Sovaldi and Deklenza once a day for a maximun of 24 weeks, and so far have had no side effects that bother me other than a headache from time to time. I am grateful to be on this as the cost is so outrageous that I wouldnt be able to afford it, but my doctor sent a letter in to a place of compassion and they approved me for it so I give a huge thanks to them and to my doctor for giving this to me.. I do not know yet if it is successful but have faith that it will work. I dont consider myself old at 50 and yet some days I feel like 90, I am always very fatigued and have next to no body mass left due to liver functioning poorly and my life simply revolves around doctor appts, blood work, test after test, my varicies have ruptured twice and had to be repaired and the list goes on.. My biggest wonder is why I never knew I had it for so many years and have had 5 children in that time as well. My daughter who is just waiting to turn 18 has offered the greatest gift ever and that is to be a live donor for me and give me a portion of her liver and she would grow back a new piece in a year or less. You cant imagine what that feels like as a parent cause thats my baby and no one wants anything to happen to their own child so its a tough call for me at the moment. It could mean having transplant alot sooner and while I am still reasonably able to handle the surgery or I can sit on the list for another year or more too while my health diminishes more and maybe then it will be too late. Nevertheless its important to have a good support system, and follow your doctors care closely and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Life is precious and can be gone in a blink but goodluck to everyone who is a survivor suffering with the virus I hope we can all benefit from hearing each others experiences and help others who are just finding out. Good luck and God bless you all.

Leanne S Jan 16, 2017

Hello, my name is Juanita and I used to have Hep_c. I was a girl who used to like to party and share needles and drink. I thought I was careful about a lot of things specially sharing needle at the time of my drug use. I always had check ups, but never for Hep- c. I really don't know when I contracted hep but a couple of years ago, me and the hubby started to donate blood. That's when I found out I had the virus, I was treated immediately. The medication was a strong one. The meds for hep-c were strong and makes you feel weak and nauseated. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I thought it would never end, but with a loving God, husband, and family and friends I made it . I may have been cured but Low and behold, that's when I found out it had caused scarring of my liver. You see I gave up the drugs 8 and 1/2 years ago and the hard liquor about the same time. I still drank alcohol , though. I thought that my liver would regenerate it's self and I would be fine. Well, that was not the case. I now have to have a liver transplant. I am scared. There's all kind of things that can wrong with a transplant and if it is not severe , you are put on a list. Now I have to sit here and wait for a liver{ if they find one that matches my blood type and other things}, that may never come. So my word to you is Keep the faith my friends and keep sharing the word about Hep- c. Don't be embarrassed to let people know about the virus , it may just save a persons life and keep them from going what I and many others are facing now.

Juanita K. Jan 15, 2017

I would like to know if there's anything out there for genotype 3 if so I would appreciate it if somebody could let me know it's very important it's my life on the line

Dennis Cyr Jan 15, 2017

I am 65 years old. I probably became infected with Hep C sometime between 1969 - 1975. In 2012 I had a viral load of 19m. I had a biopsy, no liver damage. Just before treatment the viral load was 4.8m. I began Harvoni treatment 12 weeks ago. Tomorrow I take my last pill. After 28 days it was undetectable. I go Friday for the end of treatment blood test. I had very little side effects and went about life normally during the treatment. I have drank alcohol and smoked pot during the past 30 days or so. I'll find out next week how it did. Oh, I have had 4 close friends from high school that have died from the disease.

Leroy B. Jan 11, 2017

I was told in 1990 I have hep c .so they tested again yes I have it .I get tested every 3 months threw my doctor to monitor it I think the baddest reading was 66 infected out of 100 viral load. well fast forward I haven't done anything special never been on meds for hep c either or my other terminal illness. i have a very very strong immune system I was told I always have. now its jan 10 2017 2 weeks ago I was shown I have totally cured myself of hep c there is no traces of it now and I didn't do anything never took nothing I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and never greasy oily foods it gives me the runs. well I have done research on this there is 15 percent of population that can cure themselves of bad life threatening diseases.

stacy halv Jan 11, 2017

I was diagnosed with hep c 12 years ago by my doctor during my recommended full physical at the age of 40. I was very taken aback by this and tried to seek treatment but I didn't have the coverage for it. I had years to research all the cures and was taken by suprise all of the side affects. New medications have come to be approved by the FDA in recent years with less side affects. I have been able to get coverage through employment and the timing couldn't have been better. I am now on the newest one epclusa and the side effects are next to nothing for me and as is for many. My viral load has went to not detected after 4 weeks and liver enzymes are at a happy 74 with normal liver function. It's recommended to finish th full 12 weeks and I'm happy to do so to be considered CURED. There is hope after all.

Mark S Jan 11, 2017

Hi I believe I caught hepatitis c in 85. I found out in 1990 to 95. In 96 I went to sir Charles they told me that my liver blood tests were all good. They said it wasn't a high priority. That's because my blood test for liver was good. So that door was closed. A few months later I had appointment at royal Perth. I saw Dr Wendy Cheng she told me that my blood tests were whith in the parameters of the liver test. Dr Cheng said I could have the interferon and riboviran or wait for the new meds that were in the pipeline. I decided to wait for the new drugs and continued to have my liver blood tests. 2012 I wasn't feeling well I had an ultrasound which should lumps in liver growths on both kidneys and left hand adrenaline gland my portal artery had stretched by 10+millimeters plus other artery stretched as well. I asked the dr at what point do these arteries burst Dr j.holt of nolamara medical office. Said it depends on the elasticity of the artery. Well I would never of guessed that. Ha ha well comin bloody sense. So I said to dr j.Holt should I be mowing the lawn and cleaning up leAves Dr j.holt said yeah no problem. If that portal artery had burst i wouldn't be around to complain that is for sure. They call themselves Dr's what a joke. The preasure inportal artery is about 45lbs per square inch or in killapascials I wouldn't know. I still hadn't started chemo finally after going into the hospital a couple of times they finally started my treatment which was riboviran and interferon the injection I did once a week it was i believe the injection was the most you could dial up on syringe and 7 200MG tablets. I had my first injection at the hospital with in twenty minutes my legs were tingling and forarms then 5 hours later I took 4 of the 200mg tablets knocked me around a bit. They had to reduce the tablets it was effecting my breathing. Once a month I would get my month supply which consists of 4 injections and 196 200mg tablets. I thought the nurses would keep a close eye on the expensive meds. I ended up with about 190 capsules left over i gave them to my chemist which get moved on to other countries. Then when I went back for my monthly meds I told the nurse not to give me another 196 capsules which they didn't I had enough. If I hadn't keept an eye on the capsules they would have given me another box of capsules. Which cost 2 and a half grand. Not good and I'm only one person. So how much more money was just wasted. I then saw a nurse that couldn't read a blood test. I complained my blood test results disappeared. Then on my second last appointment i was to have the camera put down my throat again. When I went for my last appointment the dr told me they weren't going to do it. Earlier the nurse i complained about was rubbing her self up and down the Dr's leg in the side of the corridor. She looked at me and smiled. Nurses aren't DR'S .before you start treatment you have to see a psychiatrist. Before and after the phyc I was to see had to council her appointment due to a mess up. Be on your toes. In the end I refused to have anything to do with nurses. I still have about 6 growths or more now I have a blood test scanning for cancer in tumours. The big problem is some Dr's do a basic blood liver test. It's not good enough you need to have a more complex blood test. I allso have a blood abnormality.

Rod, C Jan 10, 2017

This is for people who have been told you can sexually transmit HepC 1A. I was married for 12 years before anyone including me knew. I found out when the red cross started testing blood donations. At that time there was no known treatment wife wigged out and everyone kids and all got tested. I had been positive for the whole 12 years and everyone was negative. But now my wife wants me to wear a condom no more oral sex for me and put your shaving kit away from everybody. I don't think you can get it from sex,it is a blood born pathogen. It has to get in your blood. The treatment caused my divorce and also caused me to end up in jail due to inability to control anger(nothing major and no charges) You don't get angry for no reason but when you do as in my case you over react. It also makes you suicidal. Marijuana helped me cope. The treatment ruined my life so I don't know what to say to people. Get in a group of people who are receiving treatment. But be aware that you will be very easily angered and keep that in your mind always. If you own guns lock them up and give a friend the key. I am or was non detectable. I could only take about 10 weeks of ribavirin and interferon and I had to stop treatment. It worked but I still have the side effects from Ribavirin although not as bad. At work all cuts and injury's are treated as contaminated so they will automatically take precautions for blood born pathogens. I would not tell anybody unless they were administering first aid without proper protection and then I would say you need to follow procedure.My advice is to keep it among the people in your support group.Get in one as soon as you are diagnosed. That and MJ helped me cope

John B Jan 10, 2017

Diagnosed with HepC many years ago. Not exactly sure when, but most of the people I socialized with in the 90''s test positive. Some of them went thru interferon treatment, but I elected to pass on that due to side effects. Heard about Harvoni about 5 years ago. Tried to get into clinical trials in California. Then I moved to Texas and all the clinical trials in that state were closed. Moved to Florida and again applied for Harvoni. Was approved in 24 hours. I had no symptoms other than slightly elevated liver levels. I had a 7.6 million viral load. I was not tested for cirrhosis because of lack of funds. I had not used illegal drugs for decades. I drink alcohol rarely. I changed none of my habits during treatment. 4 weeks into treatment, my blood tests came back with Hep C "undetected". I am taking the final month of Harvoni as recommended to make sure HepC will not come back. I had zero side effects from Harvoni. Took the pill about an hour before I wanted to go to sleep. Felt nothing at all. One evening I fell asleep before taking the pill. Took the pill immediately upon awakening in the AM. Went thru the day and felt absolutely no effect from the medication. Grateful to be cured. The sooner the price on this miracle drug comes down to a realistic price the better. As we've all heard, this drug works.

Gioconda D Jan 9, 2017

I was treated 6 months in 2010 to 2011..pegulated interferone and ribavirin..cleared for a year, came back treated with the first pill solivda not spelled correctly...and ribavirin..3 months..never cleared...now viral load over 10 million, diagnosed with hypothyroidism...so dont know what's next.

Melissa K. Jan 5, 2017

Please I need urgent advice, I was talking harvoni plus as treatment for hepatitis C genotype 1A, after 8 days I have stomach pain and after doing endscopy and bandage in the upper part of medicine doctor recommend to stop medicine and wait epclusa. I started epclusa medicine from December 1st, now I finish 30 tablet, but because I am ordering the epclusa online and due to Christmas holidays the medicine will late around 10 days. my question now can I take harvoni medicine for this 10 days until reciving epclusa or I should wait epclusa without taking other medicine until recived and should I start over again or continue the other 2 months to complete 3 months treatment. Thanks in advance

Mohsen E. Jan 2, 2017

Hello I was reading over some of your personal survival hep.c story and experience regarding the treatment. First of all I would like to say well done for all you getting through it as I know it wasn't easy.So I thought I would like to share my experience to. Ive been a hep.c sufferer for the past ten years. But before I share my experience I would like to assure those who have not been offered the treatment as yet. That all is not with out hope. Having this virus as many positive benefits. Because of having the virus it has forced me to take Responsibility for my health and my diet. Ive never felt more healthy for doing so. So Rather than let this take control me I decide to face my fears and kicked them to the curb and face them. So I decided to do some research on what foods I should avoid and what food is good for the liver. Also having a good friend to support you helps not forgetting exercise work out that is good for the mind that helps with the depression that is part of the side effects to. But before doing so talk it through with your hep.c nurse or doctor. They will give you accurate advice as what works for others may not work for you (cautions) AVOID ALCOHOL BE CAREFUlL WITH DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS. So let me start by telling you about my survival story with the treatment. Ive been attending kings college hospital ever since I was diagnosed and been through most the treatments that have been available interferon and Ribavirin. The side effects were not a pleasant experience. Because I was desperate I decided to push through each time I got my blood checked they were not detecting the virus so I was hopeful. But sadly when I stopped the treatment it was hiding that put me into a very bad depression. I then started to pray to my heavenly father Jehovah to help me endure because I know he will give me the power and the strength beyond what is normal help me face the suffering I was experiencing. And because we are not born with that power to endure we have to pray for it. As always he got me through it. So with that help rather than let this control me I decide to take action and keep my positive attitude.Then I was offered a seconded chance to go back on interferon along with a new treatment again. Cant remember the name of it. But sadly that was worse than the first and I lasted only 2 weeks on it but I was still hopeful my heavenly father would find a way out for me and he did. I was offered to go on the new 2016 treatment of witch was happy to except because of the last two treatment failed to work they put me on a 6 months course of Ribavirin Exviera viekrax. Just to be on the the safe side that the treatment works. I didn't want to suffer anymore with this deadly virus even though I knew there would be the unpleasant side effects. So I was happy to except but to my surprise there were only a few all I suffered really was fatigue and restlessness forgetfulness. Any one who has been through a withdrawal this is a walk in the park. But like I said we are all different you may suffer more than I did. Once again I must give some (Caution) because hep.c affects the brain you may suffer with brain fog as in (Forgetfulness) and the treatment can add to that if you do forget the treatment may not work. So to be on the safe side I set my alarm clock so I could take it every day at the same time. Now I have completed my 6 month course of treatment that ended on 23/12/2016 its been a long six months but I know I still need to recover from the effects of the treatment. I'm not complaining because I have been blessed to be given the chance to have a brand new start to 2017 I give thank to my heavenly father Jehovah.also not forgetting the doctors at kings hosipital who were very supportive and kind and always had a listening ear. So thats my personal Experience and do hope this in some way helps those who are a bit Apprehensive about going on to the treatment. So all the best for 2017 for those who have been completed the treatment and for those who have yet to still. The end

Sandra W. Dec 29, 2016

HARVONI..... ( ya I'm ready to be cured.)....I've had Hepititis C since 1986. I remember the day cause I got really sick, mind blowing sick, violently throwing up for like 8-12 hours, turned all yellow, my eyes and all my skin, I thought I was going to die...couldn't even get to the phone to call for help, ... On March 24/2016... I seen a Doctor, A liver specialist, that says to me " Well Richard you have Hep C.....Genotype 1 A..requires treatment for 8 weeks , that's one pill a day for two months and you're cured, by the looks of things, there's no damage. or scarring to your liver...No Cirrhosis ...and it still functions normally, this is good, but with a Fibroscore of 2.7 it is not medically necessary to cure you at this time, you'll have to wait untill it's at least 7.5 come back next year, or if you want ? I can write you a prescription...Sure no problem, you can pick them up anytime you want'... which isn't true because of the high cost of the treatment. Since that day in 1986 I have rarely used alcohol, and have completely forgotten about till now.

Richard M Dec 29, 2016

I am 30 years old I was told I have hep c from I was like around 21. I am mother of five children. But I am scared I never went to get help for my hep c. I still have it got it from a home made tatoo that a family that has it. I have a lot of qustions and scared of my life. I would like help but I have a learning problem and Im not good with understanding things. I have a boyfriend scared I can give to him dont know if I should eat differnt or do my life differnt. Can I die or is there a chance Im scared i dont know what to do ....I do not work I am on ssi and cant pay a doctor.

Amanda H.G Dec 27, 2016

Dear Hep c survivors, newbies & oldtimers. My story started in 1971 had a blood transfusion I was 18 yrs old. In 1987/89 they had a test for Hep C. Physicians stated looks like I had it alonnnng time. By that time it had already been about 16-18 yrs with it!! In 2015 a physician in Az heard that I was a long Survivor with Hep c. Told me that Gilead that produce Harvoni for my Genotype 1b would like to Give me a $95,000 price tag to cure me.! I took a 12 wk course and in July 2015 after 44yrs with Disease I am cured, period, but there is a down side it did a number on me. I was diagnosed with f4 Cirhosis oh yea by the way in 1987 the physicians told me to stop drinking any alcohol or I would of Died yrs ago. So I Did, period. My Health is interesting for a 64yr old. I would say to All like I have seen get your Cure Now. Be Strong and know my Survival is the Truth, thru these years I have gotten real close to God. Oh Yea, there was nothing to Holdon to. Until Cure.

Jolliet A Dec 25, 2016

Cured of hep c in 2014. I am still extremely fatigued all of the time with constant pain in my legs, some days are better than others. I just don't understand why I don't feel better yet. Has anyone else experienced the same?

Anna C Dec 22, 2016

I was definitely not expecting the news when I received the call from the doctors office 1 year and a half ago. I tested positive for Hep C and was sent to a specialist. My anxiety levels were through the roof. I could not have figured out how I could have contracted Hep C . After going to the GI dr and obtaining several more labs I was told I was testing positive for Hep C but the virus was no where to be found. I was told not to share razor blade, toothbrushes, etc with anyone. I kept going to the specialist for a while and following up every 6 months. I wanted to start treatment to eradicate the virus I did not want to have Hep C in my system. In Dec of 2016, I had forgotten about my appt and actually did not want to go cause I was going to hear the same news however this time my results came back and the physician informed me I had been cured. While I was testing positive for Hep C I was told it was due to the antibodies in my system. Hep C was once in my body but it was gone. The physician stated there is a small percent of the population can beat the virus without treatment. While I thank God I am cured I am still hoping for the best for everyone else with Hep C.

Joseph O Dec 22, 2016

I am 69 years old and have had Hep C for 10 years that I am aware of. I do not know how I contracted the virus but I have felt like I was living with a time bomb just waiting to go off. I did not want to take any previous treatment because of the harsh side effects so after my last blood test when my viral load went over 1,000,000 I decided now was the time to try the Harvoni. I am in my 2nd week of treatment and so very thankful that I have not experienced any major problems with this drug. Lucky for me my insurance covered all but $5.00. What a relief. I go for a blood test at 4 weeks and I am only on an 8 week regimen. So grateful to be given a chance to eradicate this from my blood. I am very lucky that my abdomen scan and fiber scan detected no cirrhosis. For those who are hesistant about taking this drug, don't be. So thankful to the researchers for allowing me to look forward to a healthy life. SO GRATEFUL

Dec 22, 2016

Diagnosed in 91 with highly elevated enzymes found following a gyn appt. Thank God for that! Trial in 93-94 with Interferon (pre pen) left me with a very high viral load, but it did lower the enzymes quite a bit. Tried Infergen in 95 with no success. Then Pegasus trial with pegalated interferon and ribaviron in 2001. After months of treatment the virus became undetectable. Of course it returned a month later! I cleaned up my life and quit drinking.I became the poster child for hep c and educated everyone who would listen. I saw many people who were much sicker than I was. I just kept thinking that there was some good coming out of it all. I became patient and waited 14 years and Harvoni entered my life in 2014! I'm cured, but need to make sure my physician follows up for any signs of liver issues at each visit. What a long strange trip it's been! Please don't give up!

Judith P Dec 21, 2016

Hello, My story starts with finding out I had Hep C after the birth of my child in 1997, I was 32 years old. I had decided to donate blood at work in 1998. A few weeks later, I received a letter from Red Cross stating that I had HEP C. I was devasted, I had just bought a house & had a four month old. Looking back, I probably have had Hep C since I was a teenager and didn't know it. I never sought treatment in 1998, as I was a single Mom now with child to raise. I had my first liver biopsy in 2001 and my levels were extremely high, but I still didn't take it as serious as I should have as one of the Dr.'s told me I could die of many other things before this and could live to a ripe old age? Also from what I had read, any meds for HEP C at the time made you so sick, I couldn't do that and work and raise a child. Over the years, my biggest symptom started out with lots of fatigue. In 2007, started having a lot of swelling in my ankles, neck issues. I lost grip in my right arm in 2011 for a short period. I still have arm weakness, hips, feet, back & neck issues. So obviously, HEP C was taking a toll and I didn't realize it! I never connected any of this to HEP C. I thought it may have been hereditary from a grandmother that had some arthritis issues. Since 2013 I've been seeing a Rhuematologist for muscle, joint, back and neck issues. He suggested that I check with my Gastroenterologist as there is a cure for HEP C and I should look into it. In 2014 I started getting this dark blotchy spots on my calves and up to my thighs. I went to my regular MD, several Dermatologist and no one could figure out what the splotches were. In January of 2015 I had my gallbladder removed & Dr, went ahead and did a liver biopsy. I saw my Gastroenterologist in October of 2015 and he said he would do his best to get Harvoni approved for me. I was denied approval for Harvoni several times as my Dr. relentlessly sent letters on my behalf. After a few denial letters, I noticed that one of the requirements is venous insufficiency. In October of 2015, I saw a heart and vein Dr. and Dr. determined the spots were from venous insufficiency. I immediately advised my insurance company with proof of my medical condition, and was immediately approved for Harvoni and began taking my RX in March 2016. The biggest side effect for me was extreme fatigue at first, light headed, headaches & some nausea. My Harvoni Script was for 12 weeks. On week four, my labs said virus was clear. :) I finished my RX the day before my daughter graduated High School May 25, 2016. I had to wait for 12 weeks for final labs. Within 2 weeks after finishing Harvoni, I began to get so sick, I couldn't get out of the bed in the mornings. It was almost like motion sickness 24/7. I had this for two months. I went to the Dr. and had test ran and couldn't find anything wrong. At the end of August/ first part of September, the nausea, subsided, headaches and general ill feeling gradually left. I spoke with my Gastro Doc to let him know side effects and he said no way that was connected to Harvoni, especially since I had ceased taking the medication? I'm not so sure... I think it affects everyone different. It was rough for a while, but was super excited when my final labs results came back and said the virus is CLEAR! I still have issues everyday and probably always will from the HEP C taking a toll on my joints and connective tissues. But I am so grateful to Dr. Cochran, Gilead and my insurance for approving this medication. It's well worth what I went through! Especially, to know that my liver can function again. I truly think that part of my illness after Harvoni was my body just trying to adjust to functioning normally again. Thank you GOD for allowing me the privilege to take Harvoni, as I am truly blessed. If anyone can get approved and take the medication, I would highly recommend it, side affects are worth it, especially if it means saving your life! Also, I worked with two Pharmacy's & they were both so kind, caring and concerned, when speaking with me prior to and during treatments when shipping my meds. Sincerely, L. Smith

Dec 21, 2016

I think I probably got Hepatitis C from sharing hypodermics once or more times, but truthfully, I do not know what event or practice in my life caused me to get it. I'd started with tobacco at 9 or so a bit and beer and then marijuana at 13 before a ski bus trip to the mountains the night before. From there, things between me and my folks were never the same and me and my friends got into acid, Benzedrine and what other drugs were in the SF bay area at that time which was the 1968-1969 period and I kept going after I was taught how to inject speed ripped from an infirmary in a vile in 1969 or so at a party. I was a musician, so that was unfortunately a very good cover for me so I could keep going with the partying way too much. I wish that before my gastroenterologist prescribed the Interferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin combo - to be injected for 24 weeks, the doctor would have recommended that I start a walking program by starting out walking 7 minutes the first day, 8 the second day and on and on until I reached 40 minutes per day and then keep doing that 6 or 7 days per week for a year or so, resting from day to day during the night or when I feel tired. And that he'd just have told me not to eat things that make me feel sick to my stomach after I discover that they do that - rather than prescribing medical pot which will mask your malaise. Don't over-eat either. The less your body has to work on, the better - to a point and so on. Let it use it's energy to heal your problem and fight the bad thing. That way, with the walking, resting when I'm tired and eating enough, my immune system could have come into its best condition which it never ever probably had gotten to - since I never walked so much in my life. Now it is 3 years later than when I started my walking program and my cholesterol numbers have gone down and I'm in OK shape, but now 61 and so 3 years older. Being in this mental, neurologically damaged (diagnosed as "mild cognitive impairment" condition is the worst time I've ever had possibly besides being on the lousy drugs they used to give me when my parents would take me to psychiatric wards when I was a child, teenager, youth and a little later into "adolescence" until I was say - 25 years old. I've lost so many "life days" due to the Hepatitis C treatment. If I were a horse and knew how to tell my owner to shoot me, I'd probably at least wish I could do that. No kidding. This is a form of hell on earth - so really TRY your best to somehow get your immune system up well - by yourself - not with the overpriced drugs from outer space or I don't know where. No friends, I became to shy and quiet after my folks died. Can't find a girlfriend, addicted to porn, etc. So it really is the worst situation - though others have I'm sure at times found worse. I'm not bragging. Just telling you that there is no way to express where I am at in my head. You wouldn't like it at all if you could last.

Jim J Dec 20, 2016

I am a survivor of hep c. I have been cured in 12 weeks with Harvoni. The side effects were tiredness and some muscle soreness. I am thankful. I also suffer from bi-polar. I noticed after being cured my mental health has really improved. My psychiatric care giver pointed out that hep c causes inflammation that also effects the brain. Since I have been cured. My mental health is much more manageable. I wonder if any one has written about or done any studies on hep c and your brain. I am in stage 2 of cirrhosis and I still feel great. I have managed to lose 100lbs in 18 mnths. I changed my diet and exercise.

Dec 19, 2016

Okay im 33 years old now and I found out when I just turned 18 when I was in basic training for the Army National Guard that I had hep C genotype 1. So I had a liver biopsy done and they told me of the interferon and ribavaran or however you say it. So I started taking it. I was still on drugs and little and my girlfriend broke up with me right after I started taking it and I got so depressed I think it was from the medicine but I had to quit taking it. And I was still depressed and did more drugs and ended up going to jail for 3 years and I just kind of tried to forget about it but it was always in the back of my mind. So I met my wife and I did quit drinking and we had a kid but again it was in the back of my mind always. I never had insurance and I never told my wife that I had it. ( I know horrible ) but the more I got into my lie the harder it was to tell the truth. so I decided to go to the doctor and act like it was a surprise, well the doc never called me back. So I'm like what the hell why you never call me back to tell me that I have Hep C he's like your blood work good but I still was like what well that's good but I know I have it. So he had me recommended me to a specialist and I have more blood work done they told me my blood work is good that's when it hits me do I really not have it. So we had more blood work done and it confirmed it that I do not have it and this is blood work within a six-month period. i only took the treatments for 2 months of a year-long process since I had genotype 1 and they told me I still didn't have it so I feel like it was a miracle that I don't have hep c anymore. So my point is have faith in God you never know what are you can do for you

chris n Dec 18, 2016

I'm a victim of a nurse who contaminated me with a needle she somehow used on her then on me. I got a letter about a year later stating I may have been exposed to the virus because I had went to emergency during the time she was employed. Long story as short as I can to not bore you, I did 12 weeks of ribavirin and sovaldi, which was the worst sickness, depressed, time of my life so far. My new outpatient business to treat addiction suffered, ironic, huh? I lost all the mental health clients, and am treated with disrespect, rudeness, and with no sympathy from the hospital who could have protected me by doing a little research before hiring this nurse. Ive considered myself spiritual, loving, understanding, but this experience seems to have changed me in ways I find challenging to overcome. Possibly by my immune system building back strong again, my business begins to stabilize, and I'm treated fairly with appropriate compensation, I can move forward, beyond this traumatic experience. Thank you.

Tammy T Dec 16, 2016

I was diagnosed with non-a/nonb in 1984 after I startedhaving anxiety attacks and fatigue by a very switched on Dr. who dealt with mainly HIV patients. I forgot about the hep for years but continued to suffer depression and occasionaly anxiety. A routine blood test in 1995 determined I had Hep C. I was told nothing about the effects of the disease at the time. When I was suffering perimenopausal symptons in my mid 40s my Dr at the time did liver tests and referred me to a Liver Clinic where I was advised to have a biopsy. (One of the most painful experiences of my life) I was advised as a result of this to have the interferon treatment. When I said I didn't like the idea of injecting myself, the Registrar I saw replied "it wouldn't be as bad as injecting yourself with Heroin, would it? I left the hospital feeling totally stunned, ashamed and furious and went into denial about the disease until 10 years later, after suffering a severe blood infection, which I was treated with intravenous antibiotics, I started to feel constantly tired and unwell. Subsequent tests revealed my liver functions going rampant, so after an ultrasound I agreed to undertake the Interferon/Ribavirin treatment for 6 months. The worst time of my life. So ill. It cost me my job, friends, my hair, my thyroid function. Just too ill to do anything but try to drag myself around. Not successful. A naturopath helped me get back to normal after that treatment, which was 2011. Since then my life has slowly deteriorated, I suffer anxiety, depression, fatigue, and the one I have never understood until finding this site and reading the stories, brain fog. I had a highly responsible job which suddenly I wasnt doing well, I would get so anxious I make mistakes, eventually taking 3 months stress leave and then getting fired when I returned to work. I have not worked since and seem to always feel tired, angry, anxious, depressed, aching joints, headache etc. Last year a friend also a Hep C sufferer went on clinical trials for sofosbuvir//daclatasvir treatment and after 3 months was virus free. She managed to get me onto the treatment through RPA, Sydney and I am 3 months into the treatment. I am feeling fatigued and itchy, have had some nausea and headaches but nothing like the horror of the Interferon. I have been reading all these stories and feel like I have a new explanation for how I have lost my ability to function properly the last 5 years. Maybe I'ts not just getting old, but this virus in my system. I am filled with new hope that after this treatment (6 months) I may feel able to get my life back. Thank you for your stories and good luck to all who suffer this debilitating affliction. Lesley K Dec 2016

Lesley K Dec 12, 2016

Diagnosed in 2008. Blood tests always normal and no symptoms. When harvoni came out I did a 2-month treatment and virus was undetectable by end of first month. Side effects were headaches (super hydrating mostly took care of them), weird dreams at night, and elevated blood pressure during treatment. Virus remains undetectable after 21 months!

Debra W Dec 11, 2016

I was diagnosed in 2006. I didn't believe my results and had my doctor re test me 3 times. Yes all three said Hep C. I also was diagnosed with a fatty liver, high cholesterol and hypothyroid all at once. Once I found out I went through the lows of knowing but trusted that with my strong mind set I would clear the virus on my own. Sounds crazy but during one of my specialist appointment the doctor came in and said "what exactly are you here for" so I told him and he said "but you don't have Hep C" . I went back to my family doctor and got checked and rechecked and TRUE I had cleared the virus. Every year I do all my blood work and always Clear. I'm sharing this because even though I cleared the virus I have been suffering symptoms since. It has progressively gotten worse where I have liver pain, itchiness, periodic fatigue, irritability, inflamed saliva glands, adrenal fatigue, high iron, candida and those are only Some of my symptoms. I keep following up with my doctor but he just reassures me that my blood test are clear and my liver function test always come back good. For years I thought all these symptoms were due to working out at high intensities (as I'm a fitness intrustor) but that is not the case. I quit exercising for a year thinking it was making me sick and I only got sicker. I have all the symptoms of Hep but no Hep? Makes no sense to me but it's real.

Karen T Dec 11, 2016

Successfully treated with 12 weeks of Harvoni. So thankful for the meds! My lab work is still a little 'off.' AFP level slightly elevated and low platelet count. Has Anyone experienced this?

WT T. Dec 10, 2016

Hi I was a heroine intravenous drug user for about 20 yrs. I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2006 and was still using until 2013. My health was starting to effect me so I called a liver specialist who had me tested and found out I was Stage 3 genotype1 with cirrohsis. The doctor put me on a 12 week regiment of Harvoni & Ribavirin in Feb 2016. My tests came back undetectable. Never had any side effects and the Pharmaceutical Company financed the expense for me. I am very glad I went ahead with the treatment!! I feel blessed!! I feel God has given me a 2nd chance!! I feel a whole lot better except I do have some bloating in my stomach but am taking medication for it. Plus trying to follow the low salt diet which the doctor ordered me to do. Am having a hard time with that! I know that drinking lots of water also helps. I have to make myself drink water daily. I don't like drinking water but am learning to like it. I hope my experience has helped!! I am a Hep C survivor!! God bless you all!

Connie H Dec 8, 2016

My name is Betty and I have been diagnosed with Hep C Gen 1 since September 2012.I was put on interferon + Ribavirin since Jan 2013, tested negative 2 times and after few months i had more viral load than before taking the treatment..then Sovaldi came in and i was told it was to be combined with Ribavirin, thinking of all the iching side effect i had before, i was reluctant to go for it.. my Dr encouraged me to wait for Harvoni which was to be released in the next 6 months. I waited and i am now done with Harvoni and am healed. I wanted to share my story to encourage others not to give up, but on a special note i want to tell Barbara that I relate much to her..i know what it means to be sick and alone...from being admitted outside your country all alone, without even a visit..the need to want to share your fear with someone close to you ,and then notice the person is not there for you due to various reasons.. etc..So no matter what happens, God watches over us in a way..so please contact me if you feel like it at bettykarinie@gmail.com God bless you all.

Betty K. Dec 7, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C 8 yrs ago I started with the Vectrilis for 8 months to no avail It did nothing then my Dr put me on Insavacte with riba pak and interferon this treatment lasted 7to9 months again to no avail I had to wait 3 months for the Sovaldi to be approved by FDA started that with combo riba pak and interferon combination 12 weeks of nepagen shots to keep my w.bloods and procret for r.blood and platelets shots every week I was at the end of my rope but I stayed positive and by the grace of God I'm here to tell everyone as long as you stay positive and don't drink and abuse the chance for a knew life there is hope. My Grandson played a big part of me staying positive. He would say to me Grandpa how many shots did they give you today, My answer to Him was enough to let me play with you for another day. I think back to the 18 months of 2 times a week to the Dr and coming home to see the beauty and the positive encouragement and the star in his eye keep me positive and the prayers we would say before bedtime I wouldn't be able to tell you my story how important it is to have the test done even if your not a Baby Boomer Hep C is the silent Killer and its an epidemic that has to be stopped they money had no impact there are grants for people that have it and stay stopped without doing anything about I love life I was given another chance don't wait until its to late Peace to all that are still out there I am not 3 yrs Hep C free I just don't drink or do anything that will harm my Sobriety GK Be well take control of your life.Greg K

Greg USER NAME K Dec 7, 2016

I had a surgery on my Rotator cuf.the second day I had stomach ache and threw up what ever I ate. doctor gave me probiotic.In three months I lost 25 lb. After three months my stomach gets well . the blood test said I have positive Hepatitis c but inactive, and I felt fine and start to gain back my weight. I wonder how come I got so sick for three months and without treatment and get well. I don't understand how did I got it and how it get well without treatment. I don't have anything to do with other man, and my husband tested his blood is always negative for HC. Can anybody explain this.

Mimi popeske Dec 6, 2016

My husband was treated for Hep C with Inferon and Riboviran in 2005 after many years of elevated liver enzymes but no other real symptoms. He took the treatment 8 months but had to quit due to low white count. The gastroenterologist told him he was the luckiest person on earth afterwards as he showed no signs of the virus. The treatment was horrible as he felt like he had a bad case of flu all the time and was so weak. His regular MD checked his liver annually for 5 years after treatment without any elevated enzymes. The MD then stopped running any type of liver tests even though he went in for physicals annually. Told him he was cured. No follow up was recommended by the gastroenterologist after 5 years either. This Oct he had a sharp pain under right rib that lasted 20 min. He went to MD who thought he'd pulled a muscle but agreed to do an ultrasound as I thought he may have gallstones. The ultrasound showed an orange sized tumor in liver. HCC liver cancer. Too large for any type of radiation or liver resection. He's been given 6 months to live and starting oral chemo now. We trusted the MD's to know what correct follow up was and now know regular ultrasound, AFP lab should have been ongoing every year. Liver enzymes are the last to elevate with HCC or even cirrhosis. He does not have cirrhosis. Just a little scarring from Hep C. I'm writing this so all of you can insist you are monitored closely the rest of your life and insist on more than just a set of enzymes. My husband got nothing the last 6 years. He felt fine. Had he been properly screened he could've had this caught early and had a resection which is a cure for HCC. When you research the old Hep C treatment you will see the patients are at risk from damage already done prior to treatment. It just takes one cell. He was 55 when he got the treatment and is now 67. The new treatments also carry this risk and seems it's often about 10 years later when cancer will appear. Please insist you get regular screening to include cancer marker lab and ultrasound on an ongoing regular basis.

Dec 4, 2016

Thanks God for all , first of all i am hoping for each person to recover from that disease . i get it from where God know , i discover it 2006 , i cope with no medicine except milk thistle and ginseng nature until 6 months ago , i got the new medicine sofaldi , i use it for three months with other 2 liver medicine according to the protocol , i analyses 2 times and i got the negative result hoping it will not be back again , and i am active now not like before at all and thanks God in the end

Dec 3, 2016

I am responding to earlier poster Candy and others who shared her fear of Harvoni. There is absolutely nothing to fear, other than the cost, of course. At least some health insurance companies will cover it, and the drug company will indeed help you pay for it. I went through three rounds of interferon along with the other drugs for a total of 88 weeks and all I had to show for it was 88 lousy weeks. Well, I'm happy to say those days are over for all of us, and the success rates of the new generations of drugs is close to 100%. On 12 weeks of Harvoni I felt nothing at all--couldn't even tell I was taking medicine, a total piece of cake. So please, if you are afraid of taking the stuff, don't be. It is a fantastic sensation to know you're virus-free after 40-plus years, in my case. Good luck.

Ronnie C Dec 2, 2016

Just a short Pre Hep C History. Age 27 Full Hysterectomy, Gained substantial weight, had gallbladder and apendix out soon after, in 1995 (age 35) underwent Stomach Stapling (Weight loss Surgury). This was when there Wasn't any support of any type available. Went 1 entire year no food, no liquids every thing came right back up. I lived off of my own body, was in the hospital all the time for dehydration, a couple bags of saline and out the door I went. next was skin removal. First my arms, both were infected with staff, had a pic line in and on vancomyacin. After that had skin from my abdomen removed, Surgeon missed a bleeder in my belly, I almost bled to death internally, Rushed back to OR to fix leak and needed 8 Units of whole blood to resore my blood count. This is the point where I contracted Hep C Genotype 3. Ten years later is when I found I was posotive. At this point the treatments where harsh and unavailable due to my depression. Went another 16 years before an oral treatment became available. They started me on Sovaldi and Ribavirin, 30 day later ended up in hospital , Treatment was making me anemic and shutting down my kidneys. Two months went by before I was approved to get a new med called Daklinza. This time it was Sovaldi and Daklinza. Well I was told Daklinza had few side effects, HA HA. I was sick as hell. I was as bad as Chemotherapy without the hairloss. After a few more hospital stays I finally finished the treatment. I was told that the Hep C was Gone, So why did I feel like road kill every day. Three Weeks after I contracted C-Diff. My doctor started me on a ten days of Flagyl, 8 days into the flagyl I was getting sicker. I went to the hospital again to find out my C-Diff was Flagyl Resistant. I was started on at least 3 or more Antibiotics including Vancomyacin by IV and Oral. I started feeling better after a few days I went Home with 10 more days of Vancomyacin. Actually I was Feeling pretty good a this moment. After finishing the Vancomyacin I was retested for C-Diff and still came up Positive. I had one more chance then I was S.O.L. There was another antibiotic left called Difficid. I was on this for ten days and finally came up clean. Months later I ask This Question Every Day. "Why Every Day I LIve Do I Feel Sick, All My Joints Hurt, I Have Pancreatitis, My Legs are Bloated with Lymphodema, I am constantly in Pain in my Back and My Neck , I have Migraines almost Daily. I'm So Depressed because every day gets worse. Now I am on Oxygen 24-7 I have COPD, sleep with a BiPap every night. I have never ever smoked. When Do I start to feel Better?

Catherine K Dec 1, 2016

My son has had Hep C for many years though still drank alcohol a lot. He used to be addicted on heroine. He has been on Harvoni for the past month and a half and feels very tired and has a lot of colds. Also, his energy level is low. He said that he feels like his immune systems is gone. I'm not sure if he's on any supplements. Does anyone know how he can boost his immune system when he's on this drug?

Lori M. Nov 27, 2016

To all fellow sufferers of this bleedin' curse, may I suggest checking out the website 'FixHepc.com'. It has a wealth of information for all genotypes, with many informative posts, details regarding access to treatment with generic DAA's, and lots of forums on everything related, plus support from the members and guests. It's so helpful and a wonderful resource! The site is from Australia and includes advice for those in other countries on how to purchase and start treatment with safe and tested new generic DAA's. x

Angie K Nov 27, 2016

Angie K and Ettore S... Beth here from Newcastle NSW..55, IV amphetamine user through 80s. Diagnosed Hep C in 91. Angie, my 1999 treatment with Interferon/Riboviran similar except I only lasted 6 weeks before becoming so mentally debilitated and physically ill with my whole immune system shutting down requiring hospitalisation. I was also raising 3 young children alone while studying a Diploma in Community Service and Cert 4"s in Mental Health and D and A. I withdrew from program, being informed there would be no further help for me. Good I said, shove this poison. Since then I am so glad I left the program as the horror stories of Mental Ill Health and long term physical ramifications from these drugs are horrific for people who persisted. I have lived reasonably well since then but a week ago commenced the co-companion tablet therapy for Genotype 3a ( sorry cant spell the names but Soliviror and Daklenza ?? may be close ). I am experiencing headaches, fatigue and a little shortness with patience but am hoping this shifts as the drugs start to clear the virus from my liver. Hope to keep tabs with you both and please don't hesitate to email me. Cheers Beth

Beth L Nov 26, 2016

Well good news for once. I just talked to the Doc today and my blood test came back . Hep c is non detectable after one year. Hooray! I'm so happy I'm going to have a beer. Just kidding! I still have cirrhosis of nearly stage 4. Needless to say I am NOT drinking at all. My liver enzymes are normal and so are the rest of the tests. Because I'm at stage 3 to 4 I will have an ultrasound in May 2017 and another blood test in Dec 2017. There is about a 20 percent chance of liver cancer still looming so they will be monitoring twice a year for the immediate future. I will say that after a year since treatment I feel pretty good. I have managed to keep my weight in check, have decent blood pressure, and have managed to keep from doing the bad things to my body that I used to do when I was younger. This was my third teatment that I went through in my life. In 2001 Interferon and Ribavirin with no luck. In 2014 Sovaldi Interferon and Ribavirin and still no luck. Finally in 2015 Harvoni and Ribavirin we hit the magic combination, cured! I want everyone to know that you have hope and that the Lord really does look after us if we ask him to. Keep on trucking.

Roland G Nov 24, 2016

I have completed my 12 weeks treatment and completely undetectable. It was undetectable at 4 weeks. Now I have to do another 12 weeks of treatment. I do have chronic cirrhosis with complications and was referred to a transplant center. My question is I have to do 12 more weeks of treatment could this be due to the referral to the transplant center. I would appreciate any input that anyone has to offer. Thank you, Bob, scared in Kentucky

Robert Green Nov 21, 2016

I got hep c @17 sharing a needle. Ironic i had no idea anything would go wrong except possibly getting hooked on heroin. The hi felt very good however thank god i never did the drug a second time! I am 63 now and on my fourth round of treatment. Side effects are not as bad as the last time. I do feel tired and sometimes not often dizzy. I am hopeful but cautious for a cure after 3 tries. I worry often i will forget a dose. Last treatment i forgot a.m. pill til afternoon. Very upsetting. Pray 4 cure this time 4 me and everyone else. Thanks 4 reading

Doug D Nov 20, 2016

I have been on Harvoni and ribavirin for two months and I must say it has truly been a nightmare! The ribavirin caused me to to fall down onto concrete, has bought my platelets down to a 96, I slept for four days and when I got up finally I could not remember how to use the computer and I have had a computer business since 1998! I threw up everything I put in my stomach. Now my platelets at a 96 and I am black and blue all over. The ribavirin is one of the most dangerous and debilitating drugs on the market.

Cyndi Smith Nov 20, 2016

I took daklinza and solvadi for 12 weeks and now I am hepatitis C free!!!!!Thank God

Shirley C Nov 19, 2016

63 year old male. Diagnosed with Hep C in 2000. I'm certain that I contracted it by sharing needles back in the 70s. I had a liver biopsy when diagnosed in 2000 and I had stage 2 fibrosis. I had another biopsy in 2004 with same results of stage 2 fibrosis. In 2006 I tried to get rid of virus with pegasys combo Interferon and ribavirin but after 4 weeks my viral count did not decrease. Dr had me stop the treatment and I was labeled a non responder. I had no choice but to hope for a cure. 12 years later and I have been on Harvoni for 5 weeks. My 4 week blood work showed no detectable virus! Very minimal side effects, occasional headache and a bit of fatigue. Dr wants me to do the Harvoni for 24 weeks since I was a non responder in the past. I feel lucky that a cure has been found.

Steve A Nov 19, 2016

My name is Abbigail and I am now 21 years old and have been "cured" from Hepatitis C for almost 4 years. I was a teenager when I found out that I had gotten Hepatitis. I was a little girl still, technically. A junior in high school to be exact. I praise god every single day that I found out when I did because I don't know where I would be today. We had a blood drive at our high school and I of course signed up to do it.. As does almost every single high schooler because there mind set is "it's going to get my out of class of course I am going to do it." My mind set was, I am truly going to save a life today and that day changed my life forever. In fact, I didn't end up getting to save any lives because they couldn't accept my blood because I had Hepatitis C. When I first found out I was sitting in our High School library and I was called out of class to leave for an appointment. I knew something was up instantly considering my mother would have told me if I had an appointment the next day she would have warned me.. and I had not gotten a warning at all. So of course something wasn't right and I knew that deep down. Little did I know my life was about to do a complete 360 in the matter of hours! So my mother and I got in our vehicle and headed to the doctor and on our way I am continuously asking her what is going on? Why am I going to the doctor? And I finally had received a response from her and it was "get my purse and grab the envelope inside and read it." So I did as she says, and I open the piece of mail and the first thing I saw was a pamphlet and in big bold capital letters it said "HEPATITIS C" and of course I had absolutely no idea what it was so I was reading and reading and the most common way to get it was by lethal drug injection.. and I knew exactly what that meant so in my terms it meant "shooting up." So I look over at my mom as she has tears streaming down her face and I have to tell her.. I have to tell her that her 16 year old baby girl has been injecting drugs into her arm for almost 6 months. I couldn't lie or hide it like I had been for the past 6 months I had to tell her. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my entire life.. Was face my mother, the one I am the most closest to them anyone that I have been doing drugs and when I told her disappointment and fear was written all over her face and written all over my face was disgust. Disgusted with myself and also disgusted that I just had to tell my mother that I have been doing drugs and injecting them. No mother should ever have to hear those words that there child has been doing drugs and for the most part injecting poison into their body. So we finally arrived at my primary doctors office and as we sat there and waited for the doctor to call me back we literally sat in silence. I couldn't look at her, I just couldn't. I felt like a coward that I couldn't even look at my mother but I knew I couldn't see her face because I knew I would just cry. So I sat there waiting and waiting and as I am waiting which seemed like forever that we waited I looked up Hepatstis C and what is was because I truly had no clue I have never ever heard of it for that matter! All the things I had read scared the crap out of me. I was literally so scared and I didn't know what to do. I was truly just shocked at what I had done to myself and what I was going to do. So finally we got called back and my doctor told me that he didn't specialize in this field so he would have to refer me to Riley Children's Hospital. An hour away from where we lived. He gave me the short rundown of what is was, but what he told me I already had read about so what he was telling me was something I already knew. So that trip wasn't much help. Finally, 3 months later I went to the children's hospital and met a nurse and then met my doctor who specialized in Hepatitis C. That trip truly made my stomach turn upside down and made me truly numb. I was honestly speechless but I found out so much information about the disease that it made me so much more knowledgeable and made me realize all the things I had read was not even half of what I thought I knew about Hepatitis. They gave me 2 different options of treatment. I could make my parents in debt for $25,00 for 6 months of treatment or if I have to do a year of treatment depending on how my body reacted to the medicine I could put my parents in debt for $50,000. Or that I could wait, and technically become a guinea pig and was for this new treatment that they are about to start and I could become the first patient to try it and it would be FREE and that they would actually pay me for it considering it was a trial run on the medicine. But again, I would have to wait but it is for free. I of course knew right then what I was going to do! I of course was going to become a guinea pig and get treatment for free instead of starting treatment immediately and putting my parents in debt because we didn't have $25,000 dollars to just throw around! We certainly were not broke but we certainly werent wealthy either. They told me to go home and sleep on it but I told them I already knew what I wanted to do but I went on home and slept on it. I went back a couple weeks later and told them I am going to wait for this new treatment 100%. It was no question! But before I could be accepted to do this treatment I had to technically qualify for it. To qualify for this treatment I had to do a liver biopsy and my liver at least had to be damaged at a 1. That is how they rated it, from a 0 to 10. My needed to be at least at a 1.. So my wonderful wonderful wonderful nurse, scheduled a liver biopsy for me and a month later I went in for it and I had to be put under and everything because they stick this HUGE needle in you and they get a piece of your liver then you have to lay down for at least 4 hours then you are able to go home so the anticipation started right after I came to after my procedure. Literally the anticipation killed me every single day until I got the call that I was literally dying to hear that I am officially qualified for the new treatment and I will be the first person to ever try this from the age of 3 months to 18 years old. In a way I was so relieved because my parents aren't going to have to be in debt for the mistakes that I made and then in a way I was anxious and scared because I was about to be a guinea pig for my age group. I was about to be the first person at the age of 17 now to take this new treatment. It was pretty much the original treatment that they normally were giving Hepatitis C patients which was the ribavirin and then the shot but they added a new horse pill called telaprevir. I was about to start a journey that I could have never ever imagined! I never imagined my life to be flipped upside like that but my mistakes made me end up there and I of course take full responsibility considering I was the one injecting poison in my body and was so oblivious and blind to the things I could catch by doing that. Anyway, this trial was one thing that had to be documented like crazy because it's new they need all the information they could get from these 3 things together. My nurse had a binder filled and filled and filled with all of my things and this treatment and how it's effecting my body and everything. I've never seen a binder so big in my life. I received a little booklet thing to keep track of what times I took my pills and what time I did my shot on every Friday. It was definitely a pain in my rear but that is what I had to do so I did it. I was then told what all I had to do with the new pill which was take 20 grams of fat every single day when I took it. Mind you not I took it 3 times a day. Altogether in 1 single day, 8 took 11 pills. It was definitely a lot of keep up with for only being a 17 year old! I was then told about all the side effects; you could gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight and if you lose weight you can't get down to a certain weight because that could become harmful to your body and we would have to stop treatment immediately until you were to gain more weight. Mind you when I started treatment I was about 5'1 and about 135 pounds. Another side effect was losing your hair. That absolutely terrified me because my hair is a big part of who I am as it is to most woman so I prayed that I wouldn't lost my hair. Another side effect was will the shot, I could get very very sick until my immune system adjusts to it and gets used to it. Her exact words was "It will make you feel like you have the flu for a couple days so that is why I have you doing your shot on a Friday so you can have the weekend to recuperate and then Monday be okay to go back to school. I was like great, I truly hate being sick so this definitely stinks.. but again my mistake my consequence. I accepted that. As treatment she on I found myself not having an appetite, starting to lose hair, and definitely feeling like the flu. I started realizing that I am getting all the symptoms my nurse said I would and I remember just crying one day in the shower bc clumps and clumps and clumps of hair was falling out in the shower and clogging the drain and I just cried because I was so petrified to lose my hair.. then I started noticing the weight loss because I just couldn't eat and feeling like I had the flu definitely didn't help. My mom would try and try and try to get me to eat and I would try as well but I just couldn't do it.. I started to notice clothes were not fitting me anymore and they just fit me a couple months prior so I knew the weight was just shredding off and I wasn't even trying to lose weight was the thing!! So I went to one of my check ups and little did I know I weight 112 pounds. My jaw dropped and my mom kept telling me, you look so sick Abbigail. It breaks my heart because you look so fragile! This doesn't look like my baby girl and it breaks my heart and I started to really notice it because more and more people were noticing my weight loss which made me start to realize it and before I knew it I looked like I was on meth or something! I of course knew that some people thought that as well because I had been asked a couple times and I really hadn't been doing anything at all! I was sober when I was taking my medication. By the end of my treatment like the last 2 weeks I did another weight check and my ultimate lowest weight ever in my life was 109 pounds and was wearing a size 1 in pants and extra small and small in shirts and I do not ever recall being that skinny in my life! Finally I found out that my Hepatitis C test came back to see if it is active and stuff and they were checking to see if I can stop at 6 months and I got such wonderful news that it is no longer active and that I can stop at 6 months and that I'm technically cured! I of course shrieked in joy because It was one of the greatest news ever! Till this day I am cured and I still get checked regularly. I'm sorry this is such a long story but I had to make sure to get most of the details and my points across. Please please please, be smart when it comes to injecting needles in your arm. Preferably don't do not do it at all but I or no one else can stop you from doing it. Only you can do that. You have to want it. Everyone else may want it for you but you, yourself is the only one who can change your life and get help. My story is something I love sharing with younger kids. Especially one's in high school because I was in high school when I found out. Many people knew I had it because we live in such a small town and word travels so fast around here that everyone and their brother knew about me. Some people still talked to me and others just stopped speaking to me period. If that happened or were to happen to you do not let it bother you. They obviously do not care enough to stick around with you during this hard time and I was so blessed and lucky that I had such a great family and support system because if I didn't, I don't know where I would be today. I am tremendously lucky, blessed, and thankful for the wonderful opportunity to do the trial run and to share my story with my friends, family, and anyone who asked about it and anyone who would listen! That blood drive I had at my high school that one day, saved my life. I seriously questioned not to donate but I knew I would be saving a life so I did it and again I'm thankful for them because if not for them I am sure I would still have it till this day. Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your day to read this and I hope it helps anyone to not be afraid and face every single obstacle and smash it. Obstacles in our life will always be there and don't ignore the obstacles or try to go around them go straight through them and face them head on. That's the only way in my eyes. My favorite quote is "Don't refuse to sink." And I didn't. I stayed afloat and still am. Whoever is dealing with Hepatitis C right now, you're strong and brace as you can get through this! Again with sincere and love, Abbigail

Abbigail S Nov 18, 2016

Hello everyone, I am 18 years old. I am a recovering addict, I have been through a lot. I was always against drugs, I mean every single drug. At the age of 11, I started out doing drugs...I was basically forced. I had gotten into a bad lifestyle. My mother and step-father raised me right, I was just hanging out in a bad crowd. My parents never knew anything, they never knew the tale tell signs of a drug user. I was losing weight, I wasn't eating, I didn't want to be involved in activities, I quit sports, I didn't want to go to school, and I was sleeping more than usual. I was using meth, pain pills, marijuana, every drug pretty much out in this world. I was using up until I was 16. I pretty much just smoked and snorted every drug I could put my hands on. At the age of 13 I started shooting up. My ex was also a intravenous drug user, he also had Hepatitis C. I never thought I would get Hep C..we were having intercourse, over the time I was with him, I was being tested every month. I was still using drugs, we split up and I continued to use even more. I was using about 14 to 20 times a day , intravenously. My parents eventually found out, I was sent to rehab at the age of 16. It wasn't really a "rehab", it was a mental institution. I felt broken, I didn't realize using drugs is pretty much killing yourself, that wasn't my intention. The most I have ever weighed was 110lbs. I weighed 85 pounds when I went into rehab. I couldn't see anyone for a week. I seen some things that will forever be in my mind..a 4 year old child was in there with me..he was a broken child. I found out I had Hep c....I dropped to my knees. My mother was told and she feared for my life, not only because of Hep c, but also my weight. I was having seizures and withdrawals, I was basically dead. I was told I would be dead within a week..there was no way I could live. I felt like giving up, but I fought everyday . I had to eat so I could gain weight, every time I would eat, I would cover my mouth so I couldn't vomit. Eventually, I came through..I got out, I went straight to a doctor and got cured. Most importantly, I never picked up another drugs. I am 2 years clean, cured, and happy to say I am a survivor.

Brittany G Nov 18, 2016

When I was first told in 2010 that I had it I thought it was a death sentence. Think I knew within a month of getting it from my husband who had used IV drugs. I got it from washing his bloody back after he'd gotten in a fight and later came across some medical records after he'd been to the doctor and saw that he had it. I was able to get some interferon and ribavarin free from a community clinic. I took the shots once a week? I think in my stomach or thighs. It didn't make me too sick, just kind of felt like I had the flu for a day or so. Once time I missed a dose one week and then when I took it later I was SOOO sick that time. Yuck, but other than that not too bad. After a year the viral load was undetectable and it still is and all my liver panels are fine. I'm also an alcoholic and drank throughout the treatment and continue to do so. I drink a lot of coffee, take milk thistle and that's it. The only thing is that my liver still hurts. I'm 38 years old.

Tiffany G Nov 18, 2016

I successfully took the HCV treatment(ribasphere and another, which I can"t recall name) I have 65 extra tabs, which I would donate if someone needed them. Assuming it is permissible, I would like to give these to anyone in need. They are probably expensive w/o insurance. OK to contact me by e-mail. Suggestions welcome. From Detroit area.

Randolph N Nov 18, 2016

To cut to the chase after 38 years living with Hep C, I am now free of the virus after 12 weeks of Havaldi and Ribaviren. I had Genotype 2 and I consider myself blessed, not only to be free of Hep C but to be alive. I am most grateful after years of aches, pains, depression, vague and a feeling of not being as alive as I could be. My lab results are absolutely normal after three Viral Load Tests. On my last visit to the specialist, I asked: "How will I feel after the virus is gone". His answer surprised me as he stated... "That's a good question". Of course THAT wasn't a good answer. I thought to myself, I wonder how you feel? What does feeling well mean to you?". No one had any real answers. Most were very impressed by the Medical side of of the new treatment. If you get the feeling you are on a kind of conveyer belt as you find your way to the pertinent medication. Remain patient as possible as anxiety and your emotions may be on high alert with feelings of "No one has actually answered my questions, yet all commented on the treatment as a great success..". Regardless I jumped into the treatment. Over the twelve weeks. There were times that I felt worse than ever. Skin so dry. Incredible fatigue to the point where I simply went to bed. Nightmares. Itchy skin. A dull headache remained constant for the twelve weeks. Anxiety I replaced with an optimistic frame of mind when I could. So.... now I have been free of the virus three months. I have days of energy and days of none. If I am well, I don't really feel so. Exhaustion and what comes with it takes it's toll on your nervous system and I have found my thoughts to be ... "I want to feel well, but I don't know how.?" All that aside my conclusion is this. To cure a Virus such as Hep C must take some doing. The medication must be powerful. Therefore it will take time to recover from the treatment. My overly optimistic attitude has to be more balanced and contained. With more time I shall post again. But for now, I've lost my concentration. Time and allowing yourself time to recover is most important. And for me, time will tell. I survive and continue and encourage all to seek help and as much support as you can gather to embark on a new chapter in life with patience and the knowledge of how far you have come in this life as a survivor.

Iain Mcl Nov 17, 2016

The year was 2010 and my Dr just confirmed that I was infected with HIV and Hep C. I sat motionless and cried and cried and cried. Two weeks later after all the geno testing and other tests, I went to work and ended up being fired, Then came the police charges, Grievous bodily harm due to State Police charging me after my ex boyfriend claimed I infected him, Then for the next six years, I lived under bridges and couches, At one stage was I was sleeping on interstate buses... It was aweful, then came the muscle pain, bloated tummy, brain fog.... Jump to November 2016 I have tested negative to Hep C -- Woo Hoo Havoni ... I still have HIV but the brain fog is gone, my body looks fantastic, and my face, It no longer goes yellow when I am in the sun, and I swear ive lost 5 kilo. I am happy, still homeless and unemployed but at least that is out of my blood stream...

Jimmy C Nov 15, 2016

I was diagnosed with HCV in 2005, when applying for term life insurance. I had no reason to suspect I had it and had annual, full spectrum physicals due my work every year. My genotype was "TT" (per the virologist, the hardest to clear). In 2008, I tried the existing treatment of interferon and ribavairin, but no affect on the virus. I followed the drug trials for a new treatment and learned of Sovaldi. In February 2014, I began treatment with Sovaldi, interferon and ribavirin and after 12 weeks, was virus free. Next May (2017) marks three years of no HCV. I know there are new drugs now that don't require the interferon and ribavirin with milder side effects. In essence I got my life back after an unexpected and scary diagnosis of a chronic disease. I encourage anyone who is in the demographic (baby boomers) or life-style risk for HCV to get tested and if found positive for the virus, get treated. It is costly, but I know there are many private and public options to help with the treatment costs. SO DON'T DELAY. Hearing the Doctor say "virus free" was a feeling I cannot express in words. God bless.

Barry M Nov 15, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C before it even had a name. It was called, "Non A, Non B". I was having a routine blood test for a life insurance policy and found out that my liver enzymes were off the charts. That was 25 years ago. When I was in my teens, like many kids in the late 60s' and early 70's, I experimented with all kinds of drugs, including "speed" and heroin. We were just curious teens and back then, marijuana was definitely a gate-way drug, simply because it was as illegal as heroin or LSD. access to harder drugs like heroin was just a step away from buying pot. They were all sold by the same crowd. I don't condone the use of any drugs now and unfortunately, because of my Hep C, those of us with the disease are not even able to enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a cold beer with the guys. Being infected with Hep C has changed my life dramatically, not only for the bad but also, strangely enough, for the good. When I finally accepted the fact that I had a serious, life threatening disease, it changed my life for the better, at least for a number of years, when I decided to take my health seriously. When I was first diagnosed, I was scared. My wife and I had just had our first child and I had a new perspective on my life. It wasn't just about me anymore, I had another life to consider. I immediately quit drinking (I had quit drugs for the most part when I met my wife in college) and started to eat a very good diet. I also started taking supplements, such as Milk Thistle. My doctor was a very caring internist who also wanted to aggressively help me fight my "Non A, Non B" liver infection.I am not sure when the medical community finally identified our disease as Hepatitis C but the protocol back then was Interferon injections. Interferon was used for cancer treatment and other diseases and was the first treatment for Hep C. It even took my insurance a long time to approve it because of its "experimental" status. When I started using Interferon, the medical establishment was even unsure of dosage and duration. I was put on 5 million units, 3 times per week for 1 year and was allowed to inject the Interferon myself. It was rough and the first time I injected myself, I had a terrible reaction, waking up in the middle of the night, sick and throwing-up and extremely depressed. It got somewhat better but it was a long year. My hair even got so thin that I went for a crew-cut. My big ears really stood out besides losing about 30 lbs that long, terrible year. I was excited though, because during treatment, my viral load went to "non detectable". I was hopeful that it had been worth it until, 6 weeks after ending the Interferon, my viral load went back to were it had been and I was back to square one. I tried other treatments including a synthetic form of Interferon, but my white blood cell count got so low, I had to withdraw from that treatment. Life got a whole lot darker. My doctor moved and I pretty much gave up, waiting for Medical Science to come to my rescue. The good thing, I thought, was I felt "normal" and read that many people infected with Hep C could live normal lives and actually die from old age. Okay, I thought, life isn't over and within 10 years, I even started using alcohol again, figuring that I was going to be okay and "screw-it" anyways, I was going to have fun. I was going to be one of those who live a long life with the infection, cirrhosis, be damned. My drinking become more frequent, and yes, I did abuse alcohol. Not every day but way more than I should have. Everything I read told me what I didn't want to hear, so I lived my life like I never had the disease. Big mistake! I retired from my business and we moved again. I felt good. I got a new primary care physician and she did a blood test on me and of course my viral load was way up there (over 2 million). She sent me to an "Infectious Disease" specialist and after 10 years of going it on my own, I decided to listen again to what my doctor was telling me. I knew about the latest advancements of the anti-vitals like Harvoni and the incredible success they were having treating our disease. I had had such bad experiences with Interferon and other treatments that I had just kind of buried my head in the sand. My new "Infectious Disease" specialist helped me get my head screwed back on. The first thing I got was a blood test (not another liver biopsy, thank God!). Bummer! The blood test confirmed that I had cirrhosis. I still felt good and he told me I had "compensated" or non symptomatic cirrhosis. My ultra sound was normal but now I have to have an ultra sound of my liver every 6 months, regardless if treatment is successful or not. Fortunately, I had quit drinking alcohol a year ago. That is very important because the insurance companies will not even consider approving treatment unless you are "clean", including drugs and alcohol. They require a urine test before starting the antivirals. While I was waiting for approval of Harvoni (my genotype is 1A), Gilead Sciences had just released their latest antiviral, Epclusa. My doctor had recommended 24 weeks with Harvoni ( a small fortune) but results with Epclusa showed a high success rate with 12 weeks of treatment. Not only did it save my insurance company approximately $85,000, it also shortened the time of treatment. I have been on the Epclusa now for 9 weeks, my viral load is "non detectable" and I have had no adverse side effects. I am extremely hopeful of successfully treating "our" disease. I will know for sure in the next couple of months after I end treatment but my doctor is extremely confidant that I am on my way of being "cured"! A few observations of my own struggles and advise for those of you infected with the Hep C virus; Don't give up hope. Stop drinking and using drug now. Your liver, even if you are infected, will do much better if it is well taken care of. My biggest regret is not staying "clean" after I knew I had the disease. I knew better but ignored the overwhelming research that confirms that alcohol and drug use only exasberates the damage to your liver. Even if you don't have insurance or your insurance will not cover this expensive treatment, there are alternatives to get these antivirals. Use the internet to find alternatives. There are studies that you can enroll in and you can get "generic" drugs from places like India that seem to be just as effective for 1/85th of the cost. Seems hard to believe but research the alternatives. I believe the prices will come down but don't wait for the system to work for you. Take control of your own health. Most of all, turn to your "higher power". I am a Christian but encourage everyone of us to get in touch with our spiritual side. Having a positive attitude is by far the best treatment you can get. God's speed to all of us who are suffering from this disease, and please share your stories, good or bad with all of us because we really do care!

John K Nov 14, 2016

Hi I have been living with hep c since i was 18 years old i am now 53 years old. I am genotype 1.and have just finished.treatment on the drug called halvarni it is a 12 week corse. I chose not to take the other drugs on offer earlier as the side effects were terrible. I have just finished my treatment on the 26th oct 2016 and latest bloods show the virus is not detected which is great news after living with it for so long I will say this I still have to wait 12 more weeks to make sure side effects I had none.

shane r Nov 14, 2016

My main concern that kept me from wanting to be treated with Harvoni was:: 1. will I get sick. 2. could I still have an occasional alcohol beverage. 3. how will I pay for it. 4. I don't want others to know. 5. I can't miss work. 6. How will I care for my children/grandkids. So after all of my considerations I decided to go for it. What's more important, my life or my fears. I am now cured!!!! Thank you Harvoni!!! I actually felt better after I started the treatment. A few episodes in the first 2 wks with nausea which lasted only 2-3 seconds. Yes seconds not minutes or hours. I didn't miss a day of work or a day with my children. It amazed me and still does as my fears were unwarranted!!! My insurance (thank you Jesus) paid for the treatment. Harvoni has programs to help you pay for the drug if your insurance doesn't cover it. Regarding alcohol...I had my fare share during treatment which did not affect the outcome. People I have met in support groups (which I no longer attend) have told me that they drank every day and still were cured. Not that I am promoting alcoholism but so many are afraid of having to stop drinking. I personally don't drink much but an occasional beer or two during a Steelers game is always refreshing. My LFT's are back to normal and I am blessed to have been cured. Don't be afraid folks!! It didn't make me sick.. My Doctor has not come across 1 person in 2 years who wasn't cured. God bless you all!!! Remember it's a cure, there is help to pay for it and no one will ever know!! I am living proof!!!!!!!

Candy R Nov 12, 2016

I asked to be tested for hepatitis C when I didn't feel good in 1999. I had 3 children and my youngest was 6. I contracted Hep C in the early 80's, I was an IV drug user for a couple years. I had my first child in 1984, second in 86, divorced my husband whom I grew up with, but never got high with as he was an alcoholic. He got sober and we remarried in 1993, had our third child in 1994. I was never a big drinker I liked the instant effect. When my husband was getting sober I had an occasional drink. The last one was in about 1987 when one whiskey sour made me feel yucky. My doctor told me I had elevated liver tests, he said we would watch them, and I trust. Its who I am. He retired. I was never thinking about my liver tests and the dr's to follow were not either. I asked to be tested after a conversation with my mom and too many broiled red peppers with oil and bread crumbs. I love them, but at that point they created this thick feeling on my tongue like a bile. I think we were watching a show, probably Chronicle.. that show got me sober and I did it on my own. They were talking about Hep C and my mother had brought my sister to be tested as she had a baby and the dr screwed up and she ended up with 23 blood transfusions. She was free of the disease. They were in 85 and that is when blood was being tested. My new dr was unclear why I wanted to be tested and I told her she ran the test and was very surprised I was positive. I had it good my levels were very high. Had I been happily drinking with my husband I would be dead now. I do not read side effects. I remember being soooo sick for the first month or so. I went to work every day as I worked in Special Ed. Sending out the test requests and that was important to me. I used Rebtron and Interferon. I took shots twice a week I gave myself (I never stuck a needle in my arm myself when getting high). I took pills twice a day. When I drank at least 4 bottle of water a day AND exercised I could function well. I did a work out called The Body Flex by Greer Childers you can find it on Youtube. Watch the Introduction so you can see why it works for anyone. I did that and 8 minutes of Taebo. It was a long year, but I made it. I never read the side effects or maybe I did and just concentrate of whats possible. I am really surprised when I read peoples stories. I did get dry eye and used flaxseed for that, that really helped. I worked hard not to give the illness life. It was not easy. Everyone around was going to hep the drug addict I had not been in 20 years. By the way none of my children were born with it. DRINK WATER LOTS of Water! Get out and do some kind of exercise. I wish the Secret was around then. Hope I help someone. I also suggest the Strangest Secret on Youtube. Best wishes. It was a really hard year, the water helps, I had energy when I worked out. Listen to your body.

Amy N. Nov 12, 2016

If you are offered Harvoni take it. You will feel better after treatment. The effects if any will diminish. Stay hydrated.

Roland G Nov 11, 2016

Hi I just got over my hep c after 10 years of having it. The injection in the liver and tablets didn't work so I moved to London and went on hovoni tablets 1 a day worked within 2 weeks of treatment but still had to finish the course what a miracle. So been cured for 6 months now last blood test next week they like to make sure at least 3 months after feel alittle bit better then I ever have in 10 years but it's my mental health psd and pain in my legs I'm left with I guess it was my own fault in life plus losing both of my children was because of my first treatment didn't have any help I was so ill in bed everyday I couldn't look after my children properly. So social services took them away from me so angry cause not even my mum or dad or sisters would help so that is why I'm left with mental health problems.

tracy P Nov 9, 2016

I contracted hepatitis c sometime in 2005 while in addiction with IV heroin use. I got sober in Jan of 2007. The longer I had the virus the more I felt: depression, brain fog, extreme depression, anger & struggled to perform everyday tasks. I had blood work taken yearly & a biopsy in 2008 but all showed my liver was still in good condition (stage1). In 2014 I was afforded the opportunity to get treatment (sovaldi-olysio). I did the treatment for 3 months. I almost immediately after starting the regimen felt more energy, depression left & felt like a whole new person. It's been almost 2 years & been tested 3 times (the last time being Sept'16). Virus totally eradicated. My whole health-life has improved dramatically. I strongly encourage people to try the new treatments. I had absolutely zero side effects.

Loren S Nov 5, 2016

I am finally on treatment, I am 59 and really need to talk to others in my situation I also have stage 4 cirhosis . I am so scared and depressed I have no family other than my beautiful 25 yr old daughter. She has high function autism and is not very supportive due to her sickness so I feel alone all the time can anyone relate.

barbara w. Nov 3, 2016

I was suffered hcv in 2011 after successful course of ribavirion I was not detected now I am pregnant and worried maybe I caught again hcv. Someone says to me hcv returns again I am much much worried kindly answer me.

Naila N. Nov 2, 2016

I was diagnosed with hep C in 1991 though I had symptoms long before so possibly had it long before then. No IV drugs, no transfusions, who knows. I had a biopsy which confirmed. I was told I was geno 3A. Took 4 months of interferon with good response but then had to stop because of becoming very hyperthyroid. Lots of nasty side effects. Then in 1997, had symptoms again and started interferon and ribavirin. Improved but then became hyperthyroid and had depression and after 4 months had to stop. Had a lot of pretty bad side effects on interferon, swore I wouldn't do it again til there was a cure. Never dreamed there would be one in my lifetime. When I turned 65, doc referred me to a special hep C clinic through the medical group for my HMO, I had a FibroSure test showing stage 3 fibrosis, and surprisingly now showed up as geno 1b. They approved me for 3 months of Harvoni. (AARP secondary plan 2 and Patient Access Network helped out with the rest - research online). It was amazing. I had no symptoms on Harvoni as long as I stayed hydrated. I just had my followup blood work after 3 months off Harvoni, and I am undetectable! I highly recommend and encourage anyone to not be afraid of this drug. They are coming out with new drugs all the time and hopefully they will become more affordable with the competition. I feel so much better, am doing all I can to help my liver regenerate by avoiding all the usual bad stuff and eating correctly. Please, don't give up. Do it, Get your life back -- don't be afraid. Stay positive! Miracles can happen.

Deb M Nov 1, 2016

I have been cured of the Hep C virus, after caring it for 43 years. Delivered to me in a blood transfusion, after a bad car accident in the early 70's. In 2014 my internal Medicine Dr., put me on Sovoldi (400mg) per day, an Ribavirin (2 tabs) daily for 24 weeks. On March 2015 my Viral Load was all clear. I was able to get my Meds for free, through the Pharmaceutical Co.. I am so grateful, I can't express in words, how thankful I am. I discovered the Hep. C many years ago, but it wasn't till late 80's that they came out with testing for it. I was told I had it, but Drs still had no idea how to treat it. I waited over 20 years, before choosing to try the drugs. From a 25% chance, to now a 99% chance cure rate. I Thank the Lord everyday!

sudustiawn a Oct 31, 2016

When I was 43, I applied for increased life insurance with my employer. Part of that process required a blood test, and I was subsequently declined because I had Hep C. That was HUGE news to me....I did not even know what it was let alone that I had the disease. I went to a liver specialist who, after further testing, determined that I indeed had Hep C. The treatment at that time (25 years ago) was the standard with interferon, etc. that MIGHT cure you after 52 weeks (50% chance) and all kind of really bad side effects. I decided to wait.....and I did wait for two decades. During that time we monitored my viral load and I had two liver biopsies performed. Things were stabilized with a viral load around 2 million....but in early 2016 things started to get worse in regard to viral load. My count went to over 7 million in a short time and it was decided it was time to take action. My liver specialist prescribed Harvoni for twelve weeks. I thought this was going to be a real problem in regard to insurance, but to their credit United Healthcare covered the entire cost without complaint. I completed the prescribed regimen and I my viral load is now UNDETECTABLE. I have three empty bottles of Harvoni sitting on a shelf in my office to remind me of this miracle drug AND the prohibitive cost (~$120,000).

JIM J Oct 30, 2016

I am on my 5 week on treatment for hep c, that is the best thing that's happening to me going on treatment I have no side effects I feel I have more energy. So those of you that are worried about taking treatment don't worry its the best thing thats happened by getting on treatment. I'm taking Zepatier 12 week treatment.

Priscilla Perez Oct 29, 2016

I am 68 year old woman diagnosed with hep c 1a in 2012 after contracting it over 40 years ago. I was advised to go on a 48 week treatment of peginterferon ribavarin and boceptivr in 2013. I had fibrosis 7.8 on a fibroscan. I was so Ill with the treatment and at week 10 was advised to stop treatment. In July this year I started on a 12 week course of harvoni and ribavarin and after a couple weeks of adjusting dosage I was fine. I finished the treatment on 20/10/16 after virus undetected after week 4. It seems to me that I have felt worse since finishing the treatment. This last week or so I have felt flu like, Itchiness, exhaustion which is not helped by sleep when I can sleep that is. Also headaches, tummy aches, nausea loss of appetite, tearfulness. In fact I am of the mind that I wished I'd never ever gone on any treatment and taken my chances. In 2013 pre-treatment I looked good and healthy but now I look permanently tired and haggard. I'm supposed to be going on holiday on Monday so please can anyone tell me how long these horrific after events last before I go end it all. Thank you

Jennifer G Oct 29, 2016

hi I am hep c genotype 1 and have been for 20 years. I am 53 and have started a new hep c drug called harvoni. It is a 12 week course. But you dont know if the virus has gone till 12 weeks after. Has any one been on this drug and how did you go? Thanks.

shane w Oct 28, 2016

hi 2012 was comfirmed hep c by 2015 my hep c count 24920 Oct 2015 I stated treatment with sovadi and ribavirin for 24 weeks 10 days I am hep c count 90 but 90 days I am 3630 I have went thought all appeals with health know I am wailing for access to tell weather I live or die I have 4 state liver de. I do have a att. but still the question once an a live teartment with sovadi/ribavirin who judge were I live or die I realy don't know were access or health choices az has the right to say I can live or die god bless

stanley g Oct 28, 2016

Hi everyone i have a free 12 weeks of harvoni i wont be needing, i ordered it on fixhepc.com its cost $1600 , i ordered mine when insurance denied me twice and as i ordered and have it delivered insurance suddenly approved me so if you need it you can leave me your email or something will send it to you for free and please i shouldn't be responsible for the shipping cost, figured i wont need it anymore it been with me for like 6 days now, mostly am posting this because of you (Kristi NM) your husband is the same range of age with me please dont let him die help is out there email me at michaelgodwin33 on gmail i will talk to my son to help anyway he can.

Michael G. Oct 26, 2016

I was just diagnosed with stage 4 hep I'm about to start treatment within the next couple weeks I'm 53 and I'm scared I see the doctor tomorrow for consultation and to discuss the treatment any advice

Donna E Oct 20, 2016

In 1994 birth of my son, lost a lot of blood and needed transfusion 3-4 units. Began having chills, nausea abdominal pain. 1995 needlestick injury working as dental assistant. Labwork, scans were normal the doctors tell me its IBS fibromyalgia. Then severe joint, muscular pain Diagnosed Hep C in 2006 went on treatment interferon, ribaviron genotype 1b. Since 2008 labwork shows no abnormalities. Years later diagnosed with epilepsy also

Amanda B Oct 20, 2016

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1999. I have had eight surgeries in my life. I believe sometime in The 60's I contracted hepatitis C. I think, there was no test for it. I tried many nutrients, peptides, juicing, massages, vitamins,minerals and frequencies you name it I did it. I end up almost losing my marriage over trying to be healthy. I ended up doing the chemo interferon and Some other drug I can't spell R. Nearly killed me and it killed the virus right away. Two months after I was off the chemo my numbers came back and doubled. Now I have no immune system and I'm sick. I have some hair my thyroids ready to burst my intestines are thin and I now have diverticulitis, acid reflex problems, headaches, adrenal problems, my whole body aches, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, nerve problem, shingles, now I need glasses, depression and you name it I had it. After that I decided there's no way I'm going back to do chemotherapy again ever. So I Started juicing again and I got a lot better at juicing right, changed my diet and I slowly got better. I decided to go back to doing frequencies (True Rife) juicing and I finally kicked hepatitis C. It took a long time but it worked. And I feel great That's my story.

Juicy M Oct 20, 2016

Hi I was an intravenous drug user for 18 years until five years ago when I finally managed to claw my way back to sobriety kicking & screaming. I have known for over 15 yrs that I had Hep C.After finding out my genotype 6 yrs ago I got my first round of treatment (Riba and Pegasys). It failed. I tried the same treatment again a year later . Another failure. Well just over 6 months ago I went on Sovaldi,Riba and Pegasys.I got my 12 weeks post treatment results yesterday and (Woohoo!) I have went undetected. SVR at very long last. I don't think I could've went through a version of treatment that involved ribavirin and interferon again as it was brutal for me this time.. So for anyone who is treatment experienced and is feeling pessimistic about going undetected, you WILL get there. Just don't give up! :-)

Will B Oct 20, 2016

One year free of hep-c ! genotype 3 ..I'm so happy to give words of encouagement to people that are dealing with this disease. I am not gonna sugar coat it , you HAVE TO take your meds on time everyday..yes ribavarin is hard on a person but , IT WORKS and thats a great thing..I took 400mg of sovaldi and 1200mgs of ribavarin everyday for 24wks and IT WORKED . Have faith & trust in your medical team this is very important to do...if you have doubts about your team for any reason (should you think their not telling you everything change Dr.s.) The important thing is having the right , Dr. , meds and be comfortable with the Dr.s..no one but you knows how you feel about your Dr. You will need some time to acclimate to your meds however once your body adjusts to the meds you'll start feeling better..keep a good eye on hemaglobin levels with your doctor so he can adjust the medicines...YOU CAN DO THIS !! it aint a cakewalk but the new meds makes it a whole lot easier...I firmly believed my faith in my Dr.s and first and foremost my !! FAITH IN GOD ! helped me tremendously...if I can help you in anyway contact me on this board so we can set-up a pm system..God Bless us all !!

Jim T Oct 16, 2016

9yrs. after "successfully" completing the "INTERFERON CHEMO" I Function at about 5% of what I used to. What was charateristic in my life has vanished.

drSoki Meza Oct 15, 2016

Camile I have the same exact story you do as I contracted Hep A & B IN EARLY 1981, I was told to go home from a job that I managed at 19yrs old & eating off dirty clam bake trays being defrosted in dirty kitchen waterto defrost & 8 people contracted it the same time I did in New York. My ex-husband was a Drug IV user for 15yrs & a carrier of the Hep B virus.I went home to find myself In a catatonic state after I emerged out of a 51 day coma & woke up with Jaundice all over bright yellow skin, hair ,eyes, I had a Rash from my neck down all over my body called Pitiriousis Rosea it was the modt paingul itching rash like poision Ivy but instead it comes from the inside out. I was not ready to die at 19 :( I fought my way out to live it was dark for 51dys as I walked in limbo had no clue it was that bad. I did my fair share of drugs but never knew that 15yrs after It had gotten to the hep-c level. I worked out my whole life after that because I felt I had gotten a second chance to live,but to only damage my body as I got older,with Severe Juvenile RA & Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Nerve pain too and Nueropathy of my hands knees & feet the rash came back and I have been going to a clinic for 2yrs had no insurance can't work In Florida & made it to the list for acceptance of the Harvoni, I have a 6 million viral load now and Necrosis of my liver an the clinic booted me for accussing me of having health insurance through florida blue from an ex-employer and took me 5mnths to prove that I lasted one month at the employer an they carried a year of coverage without my knowledge. I have been denied for SSI & SSD for 8yrs now as I progresivly get worst all the info they have & still doubt my diagnosis as my gallbladder is failing my kidneys I have a hammock incontinent put in 2005 & had 5 revision surguries on it, I have IBS & GI problems I won't eat as my anxiety level has risen my knee,hands and feet blow up with water an bust open with sores. The state of florida has robbed me of my treatment I'm 55 I will notmake it much longer I'm breaking way down they won't approve medicaid on me & help me state wide as the ARNP told me to go drug test after countless tests & told everyone in the office my business violated my Hippa Rights and I cannot get a break here for Spit what Florida Dr did you see or them >? please help

Cecilia M Oct 11, 2016

Hi, i'm a 55 year old male from south east Queensland. i was diagnosed around 17 years ago. I had severe fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety. but i was so afriad of leaving my family with nothing, i continually worked harder. started a business in construction driven by my impending doom. around 12 years ago i underwent a liver biopsy, i refused to be affected by my physical constraints. And each morning i would throw myself out of bed knowing it to be the only way to stay on top. At times i drank to excess and my mental clarity suffered. And in response i would put my head down and refrain my abusing myself further. My own catch 22 situation was helping me. Inevitably my marriage suffered, as this point i started my 1st interferon ribaviron treatment. i developed a true understanding of depression. and at 12 weeks was deemed a non responder. around this time i lost a kindred spirit to suicide, a man who had been adopted and fought huge obstacles and receieved a university medal for law , majoring also in economics and going onto become major player in world finance. After his sad demise i questioned my direction and began downscaling my business. My marriage had ended in divorce as i headed into my 2nd then 3rd interferon ribaviron treaments. Again and again a non responder. Each time abstaining from alcohol. throughout this journey i had been building a grandious house, but a lonely house as i retreated to myself in my depression, paranoia and fatigue. I have just finished 24 weeks on the harvoni treatment and am required to wait 3 months to be tested for all clear. i'm now suffering fatigue on another level. But am as always aware of the metabolic syndrome, which can affect us all. That is resting when you feel tired and not wanting to get back up, which in turn reduces your stamina levels. This is where you must dig deep and fight the serpent to its end. Keep getting back up. fingers crossed and chin up. keep on keeping on. John R

John R Oct 10, 2016

Had hepatitis C for 3 years now

Kim SF Oct 8, 2016

I had hcv for 44 years. got it when i was 15yrs old from sharing syringes. i have used pot and cigs since i was 12 yrs old. i took harvoni for 3 months. it has now been 15 months after treatment.i still have 0 viral count, and, ast and alt are both normal. pot, cigs, drinking in moderation, had NO bad effects, before, during, and after using harvoni. i think it is all due to my great genetic makeup. i do not believe in god, so thankyou modern medicine.!!! i doubt hep central will share my story.they are too bias in picking personal stories like mine. anyway, good luck to all of ya'all out there!!!, SINCERELY, SAM G.

sam g Oct 6, 2016

I took the Harvoni and completed treatment successfully, which ended on September 28, 2015. I have had test 3, 6, and 9 month post treatment. However, my liver enzymes continue to be elevated. When my PC did a liver biopsy he said my liver was fine. However, when my other doctor did a CT scan, it showed the following: Irregularity of the liver is demonstrated. Fatty infiltration of the liver seen with liver. No new liver lesions are evident. No gallstones or biliary dilatation identified. No pancreatic masses or ductal dilatation is seen. The spleen is mildly enlarged. Has anyone else had a neg hep c test and liver enzymes still abnormal?

Dre T Oct 6, 2016

A couple of years ago I started feeling really tired, lethargic, and fuzzy headed, to be honest I thought my menopause had returned. About December last year I decided to see my Dr, I asked him for a hormone/vitamin test, after asking me a couple of questions he decided to do full bloods. I got my results the following day, saying my liver enzymes were high, and I needed a scan, so the very next day I had my scan, to be told at this point that I had a fatty liver, but needed to go to a different hospital to see a specialist. I did this and had loads of bloods done, some results I got the same day, but I had to wait a month for one result. Sure enough I saw my specialist after that month, to be told I had hepatitis c, type 3! I was mortified, my head was in a whirl, she offered me medication, and was told to go home and discuss the treatment with my husband. We talked and talked about the treatment, and I decided to take it. before I could start I had to have a test done on my heart, as the medication can bring on a heart attack if one had a weak heart. And I had to have a psychological evaluation, because it can cause depression. All was good to I went back to see my specialist. Now my situation is a little bit different, I am an English lady, living in turkey, married to a Turkish man, even though my husbands English is good, he cant translate all the medical jargon properly, and my specialist' English is virtually zero, so a lot of what I know about the course of my treatment I have had to learn through research on the internet. My treatment started with a weekly injection of pegasys, and 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening of ribavirin, my specialist told my husband that I would feel really ill for the first couple of weeks, but then I should start to feel better, how wrong was she ??? The first few days I was fine, after about the fourth day, I started with headaches, the kind that feel like your head is in a vice, being crushed, then came the bronchitis, which made the headaches worse. I tried a couple of syrups, and tablets, but they just seemed to make my chest tight, and hurt to breathe, like a chest infection, so I stopped taking them, I found it was easier just to cough. Also during this time, I felt like I had flu, I was shivering all the time, I couldn't get warm at all. Then came the tiredness, and not just tired, my eyes felt heavy but I couldn't sleep through the day, although I really felt I needed to. Next came the breathing problems, I would walk just a few feet, and I was worn out, I couldn't breathe, so I would sit down, and be out of breath like I done a half marathon. Aside from these symptoms, I had dry itchy skin, hair loss, fatigue, upset stomach, weight loss, brain fog, anaemia. A couple of months into my treatment, my legs and arms felt heavy and painful, I was walking around like a 90 year old, obvious to anyone who saw me that I was in pain. this lasted right up until the end of my treatment. Today is my third week with no injection, and two weeks with no tablets. My legs just feel heavy, but once I get tired, the pain starts, my head aches are starting to subside, slightly, I am still very tired, and my skin is still very dry and itchy, obviously I have noticed no change with my hair yet, as its only been a couple of weeks. To sum up my experience with this treatment, I feel I have been very lucky, the virus had disappeared from my blood after my third monthly blood test! I was also lucky that I work from home, and although my work is very tiresome, my workload has been a lot lighter this year, and I could work around my tiredness. I didn't get depression, although I did feel my mood change drastically, I don't know whether is was due to the medication, the tiredness, or the pain I was in, but I felt I could laugh at the things I would normally laugh at. Communication was hard with my husband as well, partly because I couldn't be bothered to talk, and partly because he didn't understand fully how I was describing what I was going through, (mainly because of the language barrier). All in all, I know I am heading in the right direction, and hopefully when I have another blood test at the end of December, I will still be free of the virus. I am glad I did it? YES, because so far I am a hep c survivor.

deb a Oct 4, 2016

I was treated with sovaldi ribavirin for 24 weeks 10 days latter I came back 6090 count I have 4 stage liver disease was the 24 weeks of hell worth it I am know fighting daklinza/sovaldi/ribavirin going before a administrative judge he will say weather I get treatment or not witch way will that judge rile

stanley j Sep 30, 2016

I had a blood transfusion in 1978,first pregnancy. Went through life martied,raising kids,working. Figured that's why I was tired at times. Decided to get checked after 2nd husband was tested and told he had hep c. I did not know what genotype. He was an iv drug user before I met him. I went to local internal med doctor,to be told that treatment was expensive and they just don't give it to everyone. My 3 kids do not have it, my 1st husband doesn't have it,thank god. I saw a gastroenterologist who helped me get treated, I,have genotype 1b. I was turned down for harvoni but accepted for viekira pak w/o ribavarin. Saw doctor less than 1 month into treatment,virus went from 100 millions down to less than 15. At end of 12 weeks I was finally undetected and at 3 month followup confirmed. Side effects dome tiredness,slight nausea (first few wreks) after treatment a few weeks of the itchys. And yes I did feel like a leper. Thank you abbvie for helping.

Helen F Sep 30, 2016

Hello,I have had HepC since 1972 I got a tattoo in a little trailer in Germany. After 30 days of being yellow i realized my whole life was going to be altered....Now after 44 years a breath of fresh air, Harvoni i was scared at 1st, it was hard to stay focused but i had no side affects i had more energy than ive had in years this is a blessing to me my kids to you, dont wait be strong listen to your Doctor, what do you have to loose except HepC..............Thks Gods Speed...

Jeff B Sep 27, 2016

Well it's really our story, my sister and me. Debra, my sister, was diagnosed with hepatitis c and cirhorris about 3 years ago. The problem is the only test she has had done is a bone marrow test and it was negative. Every time we go to a doctor appointment, they do blood tests and we tell them they will be very low when they come back, so what ever test she was scheduled for can't be done, because her blood count is to low. We have been through this so many times, my sister want go to anymore appointment, because she is so disgusted and says why should she? I know my sister isn't the 1st person to be diagnosed with hepatitis c and cirhorris, so what are we suppose to do? Please HELP!

Debra M Sep 27, 2016

My husband was diagnosed with Hep C in 1993, we choose not to seek treatment back then due to the side effects of the treatment. My husband hasn't had any alcohol in more than 30 years. In 2015 his doctor recommended Harvoni but our insurance (BCBS) wouldn't pay for it, we filed multiple appeals and still denied. They said he was too healthy!! really??? his copies were more than 12 million, then we filed for help with the drug maker, but Harvoni had stopped helping consumers pay for it so our doctor recommended Viekara and they agreed to offer treatment. My husbands results looked good at 8 weeks, HEP C copies were going lower but at 12 weeks they had come up. So he was not cured and we continue to live life with Hep C. Not drinking alcohol is important, a very close friend of ours who had HEP C recently passed away at the age 0f 56 from the disease, we are also in our 50's, so it is hard to know you live with uncertainty while so many others are cured. I wonder if it would have turned out different if Harvoni was available to us. they are different drugs used versus viekara.

Kristi NM Sep 23, 2016

I got Hep C after a blood transfusion in the early eighties. I tried the treatment available with ribavirin but could not finish the course after 8 months I was taken off it. In 2015 I contacted Greg Jefferys in Tasmania through the internet (gregjefferys@outlook.com). For about £1,100.00 he got me generic Harvoni, which arrived just before Xmas 2015. The 12 week course was successful & I'm now cleared of Hep C. If you can raise £1,100 forget the NHS and contact Greg - he'll sort out the problem and in 3 months you'll be cured. Good luck to you all.

Roy F Sep 22, 2016

I have had hepatitis C since I was 27 years old I am now about to turn 61 the thing I believe that has kept me alive So long is the fact that I have been using my own stem cells & IV's , I have an MD who uses eastern , native & western medicines , I eat as healthy as possible growing , canning and freezing my own vegtables, I abstain from all alcohol and I smoke pot that I grow for my condition , I would love to do the Harvoni treatment but I have no insurance and cannot afford it, I meditate and speak life to my body, I hope this helps someone to be encouraged, God Bless us all

Marsha A Sep 22, 2016

Hello fellow helpers ,remain steadfast,sooner or later you will slay the dragon,my name is Ray,I was diagnosed hep c positive in 1998. I am 55 now so this is the yr. That I count but who really knows when I got it .I certainly do not know for sure. This makes me advocate how important testing is!!!! Well Solvadi cleared the virus in 2014. But that was my third try.drink plenty of water when on tx.eat liver friendly foods and go as slow as you need to!!Get a experienced doctor who has treated many hep c patients. This is paramount that you do so. My sx came and went during treatment.it was gruelling.but I remained steadfast. Although I cleared the virus .after 2yrs I still feel I have permanent side effects from all the medications,But Ithank God I cleared and pray all my fellow helpers will one day do the same! Until then shine on and be strong!!

Ray Kopp Sep 22, 2016

Hi I would like to reassure people that HCV is not very easy to catch through sexual contact, or nearly impssible. HCV is bloodborn almost exclusively. Unless it coincides with HIV then the risk is there through sexual contact. I am a 62 year old lady that found I was HCV positive back in 2001. I was married, my husband had used my toothbrush accidently many times, we had made love many times, he used my razor accidently on occassions. We lived a close married life. My diagnosis devasted me. In 2002 I took 6 months of treatment, after three months on treatment I became SVR but carried on until the end. I remain SVR today in 2016. My husband tested negative after 20 years of sharing the bathroom and sex with me. What I want to say is that HCV is not that easy to spread, it is mostly blood to blood. So if you have had sex with an HCV positive person the risk of catching it is so low, practically none existant. If you shared razors and toothbrushes please try not to worry to much either. As most probably your partner or sibling will be fine. All my family are negative. How many times did my husband mop up my blood? Lots! Please try to be calm and do not read behind the lines of the incorrect information you read on the internet. HCV is blood to blood, so if you cut yourself your not a leper remember this, just quickly patch up your cut just like everyone else do's. Last of all carry on as normal.

Mary J Sep 19, 2016

I was diagnosed with non A/B hepatitis in 1980s and was very sick. I had a history of IV drug use , and other risk factors as well being a health care worker exposed to blood products and having multiple past surgeries. I was better diagnosed in 90s with Hep C 1b. I was treated with interferon and ribaviron for 48 weeks. It was a harrowing experience, though I had cleared the virus 3 months post treatment, However, in 2000s, I discovered my Hep C was back. I finally understood why I had been suffering with chronic low energy, why I was able to work but barely, and why I struggled through each day, needing to sleep through most weekends and vacations. Luckily, I listened to my doctors back in the 1990s... I stopped drinking alcohol right then and that alone probably saved my life, and my liver. Fast forward to 2016, I was given the opportunity to try Hep C treatment again, this time with one of the newer, gentler therapies-- for me, it was Harvoni. I have only just started my therapy but already, I can feel my energy returning, like I haven't felt in years. The side effects are real, but nothing like what I experienced before. I am full of hope now, which is so different from what I have lived with for the past 35 years. If you are wondering about trying treatment again, I only hope that you can be encouraged by stories like mine. It is so worth it to take that chance, and begin this journey. It may help you find the life you thought you'd lost forever.

Camilla Watson Sep 18, 2016

I want to start by saying I am terrified if this disease!!! Which makes it even harder to deal with! I lost my boyfriend of 5 yrs.to hep c! I went through every single step, stage, treatment, doctor after doctor and would do it all over again for him!!! But it was affecting me in ways I wasn't even aware of until about 2 months after his death!!! Then "DEATH" was my every thought! I just was given by our gracious God my 3rd grandchild and I was only 46 at the time and I wanted to keep living!!!! All that kept going through my mind was "I have the same disease my boyfriend just "DIED"with then came nights of insomnia!!! I was afraid to go to sleep b/c I was afraid of dying!!! It was s total nightmare!! In my head I thought ok if I am awake and I began to feel pressure on my right side I will know my liver is shutting down but again my sick thinking if I were asleep & my liver fails I will just die!!! 'Crazy&Insane' right!!??? Then comes the panic attacks omg (pure hell)!!! I was an absolute MESS!!! Then came clinical depression and more & more negative thoughts & fears if it had anything to do with hep c I was dying from it!!!! Then God opened a door!!! Thank you Jesus I was going to a clinic and a G.I. doctor from Florida agreed to sign a government contract for trial experimental on Sovaldi & Ribivirin with or W/O interferon I didn't have to take the interferon! Thank God! But I did take Sovaldi & Ribivirin regimen for 6 months! I am genotype 3a so the cure rate was 87% for me as opposed for someone who is 1,1a,2,2a and I am not sure after 3 ! But I took my last treatment in December, 2014 and had my first lab follow up & viral count in Jan.2015 and I was UNDETECTED FOR THE HEP C VIRUS! And I am checked every 3 months and today I am still hep c cured!!!! So there is hope and the new treatments do work and they are worth every minute of your time and some side effects that goes along with the med.'s but it is worth it to me so I can live longer if that be God's will!!!!!! The only concern I have is I still have a terrible rash on the bottom of my legs & my scalp!! That concerns me!! If anyone knows or has any advice on why I still have a rash please let me know!!!

Lisa B. Sep 17, 2016

To Ettore S- Hello to you and couldn't wait to respond to your story. I'm in Victoria, am 48 and have a similar history with treatment. I completed 6 months of peginterferon and ribavirin in 2009/10, and relapsed. The effects at the time included severe cognitive decline, extreme fatigue, deep bone aches and hair loss, intensely itchy skin and basically a total loss of quality of life. My brain turned to mush- I couldn't hold a thought, indeed had none! and my words would come out in the wrong sequence. I could not read, concentrate or recall anything. I was too brain damaged to do anything about the brain damage! and couldn't work. I dragged myself through rearing 3 children alone, when not sleeping during the day. No support network or family. I can relate to your absolute shock and horror that post-treatment, things do not improve to much extent- it has been years and the crippling bone and joint aches, the chronic fatigue and severe brain fog, depression/anxiety keep on keeping on. Any doctor I visited told me it was 'out of my system'..was dismissive, unbelieving.., and blood tests found nothing. I would never, ever undertaken this treatment regime had I known the repercussions! I have struggled to cope day in, day out and year in year out. The cost to my life has been huge. The children have missed out on the best of me- physically, emotionally and financially. Personally, I have not been out socially and am too damaged to entertain a relationship, to mix in normal society and to just enjoy life. I want to give you hope, though, Ettore! I began the new, PBS- approved antiviral drug treatment four days ago- last Wednesday. From the first day it has given me a clear brain and energy, with no side effects!! I feel vastly improved. I have genotype 3a, so am on Daklinza and Sovaldi. Being treatment experienced I do have a lower chance of clearance but am hopeful I will succeed in ridding myself of this curse. So know you are not alone, and that I sympathize with all the struggle, cognitive and mental health issues and physical onslaught this hideous nightmare brings. Please find out whether you can begin the new treatment, I hope you do so soon!! xx

Angie K Sep 17, 2016

As a child I used to accompany my mother to hospital appointments and she was very vague when I used to ask what was wrong. At 13 she told me the truth, that she had hepatitis c. I asked if there was a chance that I could have it and was assured that it was highly unlikely. Between 1 and 5% transmission rate between mother and baby - the odds were in my favour. A blood test was arranged and a week or so later I found out that I did in fact have it. It was quite a lot for a 13 year old to take in and I remember crying when I found out. I was given a booklet explaining the virus and I read it so much that I knew it off by heart. I wanted treatment straight away but it was not offered until I had completed by GCSEs at 16. I had the obligatory liver biopsy - a painless procedure the doctor promised me - ha! It was horrendous. It did however show that I had minimal liver damage. I had a six month course of interferon and ribavirin. It affected me very badly, partly I think due to the fact that I was pretty much a child and had a small body mass. I dropped out of doing my a-levels as I was too ill to continue at school and it was tough seeing my friends carrying on with their lives. I was very anxious awaiting the results at the end of the six months - which happily came back clear. Each time I came back for testing I was a nervous wreck for the weeks prior but each time the result was negative. As I was part of a trial I was asked if I would mind continuing to be tested annually but I had to decline. I could not face the thought of that anxiety each time. The care and support that I received from the nhs was faultless and I'm eternally grateful that I was able to to be treated and to have the virus cleared from my body. Looking back, it was a huge ordeal for a 16 year old to go through, at such a pivotal time in life, but I have no regrets.

Lucie D Sep 15, 2016

I contracted hep c from iv drug abuse somewhere in the past 5 years. (Crazy to think about because if you knew me and the way my life was heading, you wouldve guessed me to be the last person to develop a drug problem). Anyways I cleaned myself up and am no longer using drugs. Originally I had stage 1 liver fibrosis but recent tests show I have gone down to stage 0. This to me was very odd since I still am infected with hep c as my condition is at the chronic stage until I receive treatment. I am currently going through a bunch of paperwork to get viekeria pak for free. They really make you jump through a bunch of paperwork and fine print in order to get the treatment for free. What are the chances I will even get the treatment for free? Does anyone know? Thanks

Nick Z Sep 14, 2016

I am a recovering patient that lives in Queensland Australia. 55 year male. In 2009 I completed the Interferon and Ribavirin Hep C 24 week program which was not successful and in 2011 completed a 48 week program. Each program was not supervised by a Hepatologist as the state I live in did not have one. During treatment I suffered quite a lot... Worse of all loss of taste, insomnia, loss of hair, rashes/lesions, mouth absesses and huge loss of weight (108kg down to 60kg, now stabilised to 79kg). Post treatment tests found cysts in liver and kidneys, peptic ulcer (I believe was there before treatment), cyst in colon (removed) and rheumatoid athritis. My white cell count has been erratic since treatment. I have had surgery in one of my shoulders, end of socket heavily calcified. My head issues cleared mid 2015. The cysts were found to be non-abtrusive. My current issues is that I have extreme muscle and joint pains and suffer from little stamina. Fulltime employment is an impossible effort. The effects and damages of treatment are ignored by doctors in this country, and they are forced to treat symptoms. I am also labeled "Mentally Ill" by doctors I am seeing and this excuse in continually hampering my recovery. There are no support groups in Australia. Has any recovered Hepatitis C patient been through what I have been through? Can anyone suggest anything that can help me improve my health? I have refused any form of pain killer or anti-depressant over the past 8 years. In the process, I lost all family support as "Mental Illness" is also used to get rid of husbands, fathers and grandfathers out of people's lives. It is also used as an excuse used by doctors in this country, hence delaying recovery. Can anyone help... please? Ettore S...

Ettore S Sep 13, 2016

Well..I took hep c treatments that were a regimen of Sovaldi &ribivirin! I done 6 months my last treatment was in December, 2014! The treatment's weren't as tough as I expected! And I continue to test neg.for the virus!, Praise God! But I still have a very uncomfortable rash that hasn't improved much at all!!! And I constantly stay concerned about that & I just got my disability in April and I still haven't had an ultrasound nor a biopsy on my liver! But I have had a Fibrosis blood test and they keep reassuring me that the test is very accurate! But my concern is I am genotype 3a and it is kinda rare in the U.S. as you know most American's are 1-1-a so yes I am concerned! Does anyone have any advice??!!

Lisa B. Sep 10, 2016

Hi there. My names Rachel I would just like to share my storey to others who have hep c and feel there is no way out. Well I'm here to tell you that there is and your life is not over because of this virius. I was a heroin addict for many years between the years of 13-21. After 2 years of smoking the drug I was not getting the Same affect and my habbit was getting worst so I made the risky decision to started injecting. I finally got myself clean after alot of hard work and will power. I feel pregnant 18months later. I was delighted and was happy to start my new life clean with a family. After going through routine blood test when I was 16weeks pregnant the doctor told me I was hep c positive. Abousoluty deverstaed I thought my life was over and I would pass the virius on to my baby. The doctor explained to me that there was a very low chance that my baby would contract the virius. After I gave birth to a healthy baby boy I was placed on a 12week course of drugs that would kill the virius and have regular blood test to check this. And to my delight I clear the virius and my baby did not contract the hep c from me. Now he is 1 yearsold he's happy healthy and has two parents that love him dearly. As for me I couldn't be happier and it just goes to show you can have the worst news and go through the most horrblie ordeal but still come out the other side with the right care and time. My message is to all that is worried by this problem.. it's okay and there is a way out. I promise.

Rachel B Sep 9, 2016

At 22 years old I contracted hep c but didn't know it then. . I am now 62 years old . at 42 years old I found out after I donated blood I had hep c and tried the injections and that did not cure me I did this treatment for 18 months and followed all the rules but it failed. I began using alcohol heavily and by the age of 62 I was completely swollen up like a balloon waters dripping from my pores and my joint pain was unbearable my bodily functions were all messed up .So my doctor recommended I try sovaldi and ribavirin for 12 weeks and it worked . I am no longer swollen and joint pain is gone . I am feeling better and although I have cirrhosis my liver is healing itself . I look forward to enjoying the rest of my life with my family . the ribavirin was the toughest part it makes you feel depressed but just hang in there . looking forward to my 63rd birthday .

DARYL H Sep 8, 2016

In 1972 I was sent to Vietnam, I was a little upset because I was suppost to go to Germany But the military decided I should go to Vietnam instead anyway I got morterd a few weeks later & was given a blood transfusion or so I was told I don't remember alot from that time & when I was getting out of military they said if I reuped I would for sure go to Germany but I told them to stick it. That injury was in 1972 & I found out I had hep-c in 1999, I went thru 2 treatments of 48 weeks in 2004 then again in 2013 & I thought that the cure would kill me but then VA gave me Harvoni for 12 weeks in jan 2015, my liver has tested normal since, of cource I don't drink alcohal any more, I do have a beer once in a while now but now I feel good & I think hep-c is gone from me now, I do smoke a little pot or about a bowl a night, I think I finally beat the hep-c ( I hope).

John B Sep 8, 2016

I found out I had hep c when I donated blood 9/11 during our countrys tragedy. I either got it from air gun shot in military late 70's or brutal rape in 1995. That is not important to me for some reason. I was never ashamed but hated the stigma and watch even good friends cringe when I told them. I did nothing until about 12 weeks ago and started Ribivarin and Sovaldi. I have 4 days left. I will not pull punches here. My virus was over 15 million, at week 3 check up (which was video support like skype it sucked) I was having chest pains at least twice and had told them I had heart problems with stent placement. I should have never taken ribavarin. Anyway, I digress, by week 3 my virus had dropped to less that 15. that is not a typo. Really, 15. I was sick though, had to get nausea medication and had anemia at week 3. I was 140 lbs and they put me on 600 mg ribivarin in morning and 400 plus 400 sovaldi at night. When they saw the anemia at 3 weeks she cut out the night time ribivarin. My mental state began to suffer at this point also. By week 5 I got the rash from hell on the front of both legs from ankles almost to knees that itched so bad I wanted to take a knife and cut it out. I got visteril which did nothing. It went away except 1 quarter sized sore on my leg that just recently (past week) flared up and now the rash is back so bad on the back of one leg. It itches so bad and there is nothing I can do. I lost a lot of my hair. A lot. My mental state has still declined to where I have cussed every doctor I see for putting me through this. I have 4 days left and YES, I am grateful that I am virus free but it really liked to have killed me. Make them tell you the full extent of this medication side effects. I feel it is poison. I have kidney issues and heart issues which I never should have gone through this. I had genotype 2b. The nurse did say that I was among the small percentage that had problems with treatment. I am by no means saying don't do this treatment. It is easy to do. But be prepared and be realistic. You might not feel so good and you might be like me and have made a lot of enemies with a lot of people because of this personality change. LOL. I hope when I stop, I can clear this out of my system but it takes 6 months to clear the ribivarin out of your system. The rash is the worse thing and the nausea. I do have a sustained viral response so I am cleared with no shots, but don't let them tell you there are no side effects, like they did me.

Marge F. Sep 7, 2016

I went in to donate blood plasma. On trip 4 of 4 I was called into the office and told "you may have HCV, get an ultrasound because it may be difficult to trace". Watch utensils after eating and given some sheets of paper about HAV, HBV. I had an incident at the blood plasma place that was smelly with blood and crowded. The attending person had a dull very large needle and it seemed to not be administered correctly on my trip 3 of 4. So I did....I went to emergency room got a liver bx and vaccinations for HAB, HBV. I was given a script for Interferon and RIBA. I was told to apply for the grant that cost nothing to me, but was worth about $25M for both meds. I was told I could do that or just wait and see. So I waited 7 years.....I finally heard there as a cure (SVR) 7 years later and that I needed to get my genotype. I applied for a viekira pak grant....had a colonoscopy first, drug test, EKG and more blood tests. I still had HCV gt 1b and my viral load was from 1.6 to 3.6 by the time I got the meds. The meds were absolutely fabulous. In 4 weeks I was not detected. At 12 weeks (no RIBA) I was cured.....SVR!! My doctor and I both had a huge huge huge laugh because everything went smoothly and I was cured!!!! It took about 3 months to get the meds. My insurance said insufficient medical justification and wanted to give me I/RBV with a 62% success rate. My doctor wanted to give me the 100% success rate chance and wanted me to take the viekira pak. So forth and so on. I am now cured!!! Glory to God!!!

Sharee E Sep 6, 2016

My husband got hepatitis 20 years ago. I met him 10 years ago and he had liver cirrhosis by then. In 2013 he had a liver transplant after being severely sick for 5 years. He was like a brand new happy to be alive person. Now he is taking harvoni and ribavirin to treat the hepatitis. He was fine for the first two months of this 3 month treatment. But he has about 2 more weeks of the treatment and suddenly he is very tired and very emotional. Cries all the time and thinks he is dying and noone cares about him. But his blood labs show the hep c is gone and liver is dining better than before. Is the depression and weakness part of the treatments side effects? Its making life very hard for me, but I'm hoping it is going to get better after he stops taking these two medications. Please tell me I'm right!

N Nyman Sep 5, 2016

I am suffering hcv genotype 1a. at 2008 i vomit blood . byt not dianose hcv. at that time i was a student. financial effect does not allow me to treet it. in 2013i have took conv interferon but not got neg. then treated by pegasys. but no result my viral load is 4.5x10^6. now im using harvoni.stress tideness vomting. fatigue is effecting my life

Uzair Ahmad Sep 4, 2016

Hello, I've had HepC for over 50 years. I recently took Harvoni for 8 weeks and it failed. It's still detectable. My viral load was 3.5 million when I started the treatment and it went as low as 50. I asked why I wasn't given another month to see if I could reach the undetectable level and was told, "if your viral load was over 6 million when you first started Harvoni, you would have received the 12 week course". My last lab test showed my viral load was at 1 million. Oh well, at least I'm lucky to be alive and my liver, so far, is functioning OK. BTW, my HMO is Kaiser Permanente.

Mike F Sep 4, 2016

I was diagnosed it 2006, after having GI problems that would not do away. Because my liver enzymes were elevated, my doctor recommended a HepC test, which turned out positive, no surprise there as I had dabbled in intravenous drugs in the mid '70s. My Genotype was 1A. At first I felt this was a death sentence, but then common sense took over, and the first step I took was to quit drinking, a problem I had been struggling with for many years. I also cut fats and sugar from my diet. A liver biopsy revealed Stage 2, bridging stage 3 fibrosis, a good thing I quit drinking! In January 2007 I did the Interferon/Ribavirin treatment, for 6 months. My first PCR showed the virus as undetectable, a good sign! Treatment was the worst ordeal of my life, my WBCs dropped dangerously low... 6 months post-TX showed the virus had returned with a vengeance... ...So I waited, for 9 years. Still not drinking, still keeping up my healthy lifestyle. Finally, this past March, I began the 3-month Harvoni treatment. So far my PCRs have showed the virus as undetectable! Next week I do my second to last PCR, fingers are crossed! This has all been a good thing for me; not drinking has opened up so many more doors in my life: I have met many wonderful people along the way because I have gotten re-involved in music (something that fell by the wayside when I was too busy getting drunk every day). I have no complaints or regrets!

Michelle S Sep 3, 2016

I had hep c for many years I contracted it from a hair transplant with infected needles . His name was Dr Cordero had offices in Long Island and Queens ! By the time i took blood tests and confirmed I had Hep C he had closed his practice and shut down both offices . I'm cured now over 2 years thanks to the new medicines. My Doctor is Dr Dietrect at Mt Sinai hospital in NYC and I want to thank him and his staff helped to save my life ! I want to thank my wife who was very supportive thruout the years when Hep C was in my blood and while I was receiving the treatment ! I'm cured now and very grateful to everyone and to the pharmaceutical companies that found the cure!

Ted K. Sep 2, 2016

I was diagnosed with HCV in 1999, having had a brief affair with a man who had the virus and deciding it was better to be safe than sorry. However, I never expected to test positive for genotype 1. It was a real shock and meant I had probably had the virus for more than 30 years, having experimented only once with IV heroin in my early 20s. I felt dirty, diseased and disgusting, a completely illogical reaction but there you go. Also, I was ashamed to tell anyone except my closest friends, and felt I had to contact the men I had spent any time with sexually over the years to let them know. The worst part was knowing I had to admit it to any potential partner I let into my life. Well, a new and lovely man eventually turned up, but I knew he was more than a little concerned about my revelation; it meant we didn't have sex for some months after we formed a relationship, due to his fears about contracting the disease. The good news is that he finally overcame his qualms, after I persuaded him to visit my liver specialist with me to put his mind at rest. We're married now, so that worked out well. Symptom-wise I didn't feel any different for years after my diagnosis: my viral load was very low and my LFTs normal. Then along came menopause and things gradually began to change: my viral load crept up gradually, as did my other liver markers, and I began to feel less energetic, especially in the mornings. I did my research, though, and began taking milk thistle every day, as well as a bespoke herbal liver conditioner and theracurmin, all chosen for their anti-inflammatory efficacy, and they worked. Combined with healthy eating and daily exercise, I've remained generally quite well. A few years ago my gastroenterologist wanted to enrol me in a clinical trial of interferon and another drug (ribovarin?) but, having researched the success rates of similar treatments (poor for genotype 1) and, more importantly, the potentially horrible side effects, I refused. I continued to live as healthily as I could, despite my love of red wine with dinner. In 2015 I began hearing about Australians sourcing a generic form of Harvoni from India and thought that if I began to feel unwell I would do so myself. Luckily, that wasn't necessary, as this year the Australian government added Harvoni to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. My specialist advised that I was an ideal candidate for that course of treatment, as my viral count was only 1,000,000, my LFTs had fallen considerably and a doppler liver ultrasound revealed I didn't have cirrhosis. I've now been taking Harvoni for 35 days (of a 3 month course) and am awaiting the results of my four-week blood tests (fingers crossed!). The side-effects have been mild to almost non-existent: some insomnia and resulting tiredness when I began taking the medication and patches of dry skin on my face, but apart from that very little to report. My advice to anyone with the opportunity to complete a course of Harvoni is, go for it! And kudos to the Australian government for allowing its citizens access to such an expensive treatment at such a low cost. Will tell more once I get my test results.

Irene S. Aug 30, 2016

I was admitted to the hospital several years ago gravely ill with a severe kidney infection that rapidly deteriorated to kidney and liver failure. I was lucky to survive, but with the help of good medical care, I did! Testing revealed that I had hepatitis C, the probable culprit of my problems escalating so quickly. I was floored by the diagnosis. I had been a licensed nurse for many years though, and that is likely how I became infected. That was in 2012. I began a complete lifestyle change of moderate eating habits and avoiding anything that was toxic to my liver. I also found out that I had early liver cirrhosis. In 2013 Harvoni came on the market, and I took the full course of treatment with minimal side effects. Today my infection remains resolved, my liver is stable and the future looks bright! I will, however, continue an alcohol free liver friendly diet, get plenty of rest and avoid stress. I get regular checkups with my doctors as well. I am 60 years young, so don't think it is too late to improve your quality of life!!!!

Dorothy C Aug 30, 2016

I have had hep c for over 20 years. I had no idea until I wanted life insurance. That blood test showed elevated enzymes Then my doctor gave me the news. Because of job I kept it secret from everyone except my wife. I had no symptoms at all. And treatment would have cost me my job that I had just started. Then harvoni came along and I told the doctor I was ready to be cured. After a referral I was able to see a liver Doctor. He and his staff are great. At first my insurance would not cover it. But I filed an appeal and the Drs staff got me approved. I'm at 8 weeks completed I have 4 more weeks to go after 4 weeks I had no sign of virus in my labs. Don't give up.

Rick A Aug 29, 2016

My husband had hep c and I am soooo happy to say he is now free from this horrible virus... My hubby was always feeling ill all the time, he was always tired and run down any activity done would knock him out for the next couple days. Our sex life was non existent and we had a very active one before. My husbands liver specialist recommended to start the medication called Harvoni and let me tell you it's been a miracle cure, he's been on it 4 months and has had multiple blood exams and they all come back with the virus being untraceable. It's finally finally gone!!!!!! My husbands strength has returned his appetite has come back he's finally gaining weight once more, he was weighing 127lbs and now is at a fantastic 150lbs and our sex life is back in swing which makes me a happy camper!!! You may all want to ask your doctor about this medication it's amazing to say the least... I'm so thankful to our doctor and to the developers of this magic pill... I wish you all health and happiness today and forever.

Erica V Aug 29, 2016

I had hepatitis C for about 40 years. I started getting serious symptoms about 1998. I started on treatment with interferon and Ribavirin for a year and my viral load got down to 94000 after being 5000000. It did not go lower. Years later I started on Interferon, Ribavirin and Incivek. Ist month I went clear but side effects were terrible. Bisters on my legs, My hemoglobin level shot down to 7 and even with medication it stayed there. I had 5 blood transfusion and 3 plasma transfusions in 2 months. I stopped At 2 months because the hep c came back. Then in 2014 Havoni hit the market. It took me about 5 months to get my insurance to pay for it. and since I had fail so many times before the doctor Wanted me on it for 24 weeks. 1st month and every month after that was undetectable. It has now been Over a year since I stopped treatment and energy level is getting better as I am getting older. There was no Side effect from Harvoni. Oh yea I am 64.

Paul G Aug 29, 2016

Hi everyone, I'm 37 years old and have had hepatitis c for many years, over 15 years. When i found out i had it i made sure my drinking habits changed and my general lifestyle became much healthier. I was lucky enough to get onto a trial for the drug Vikiera Pak. To be honest i was sceptical, as the pills actually gave me more energy, i did not see how these pills could cure me. I finished my trial in May. I got the all clear a few days ago. No more hep c. Unbelievable how these drugs work. So for any of you who live with a dark cloud over you, know that there is hope. Get onto the drugs, the nurses will give you the best drug for your strain. Finish the course it is worth it! Good luck

Daniella C Aug 29, 2016

I didn`t know I had Hep C until I started feeling lethargic and went to the Dr. and after bloodwork it was determined I indeed had Hep C. The treatment at the time was interferon and Ribavirin and had talked to my Internist about treatment. Having to work full time I knew I could not function on those drugs. So ten years went by and my viral numbers would rise and fall and my muscles would fatigue and had less and less energy. After a liver biopsy I found out my liver was starting to damage. I was starting to get concerned about my health even though I said I was not going to seek treatment, Then I saw an advertisement about Harvoni. It was stating a 96 to 99% cure rate with just one pill a day for up to 12 weeks. So I went to see my Dr. and we did another biopsy and a scope down my throat and I was still Geno type 1 so the Paperwork started and the ins. company approved my treatment. I contacted Harvoni online and they sent me a 5.00 co-pay coupon and the medication was ordered. I was on a 8 week treatment and after 4 weeks received another 5.00 coupon from Harvoni and continued my treatment all the while doing bloodwork to check my viral numbers. After 8 weeks of treatment the bloodwork showed NO HEP C in my blood. I`m due for 1 more blood test to make sure it hasn`t returned because they said it was a new medication....I recommend this for everyone!!!

Charles P Aug 29, 2016

My story began about thirty years ago when i was born during the cultural revolution in mainland china (basically one room hospitals and reuse of needles [sterilization theory didn't exist in China because we were in a war for our lives]). i was pretty bad as a baby mostly due asthma and viruses hanging around. anyway got diagnosed when i was 17 after living in the states since the age of four. i kinda didn't know what to think when i first got the news but i was given two forms of hepatitis to deal with B and C. after seeing the GI doctor i got on Viread and my count for B went down to near zero after about a month even though it was 2 mil or something. i am currently on that and Viekira Pak after waiting three years of waiting and i hope i get better with it soon as my first blood draw to check is next week so fingers crossed. but what i wanna say is the side effects of viekira can vary and i already have experienced the steroid like rage of ribaviran three or four time in the last week, it aint fun. i say try to find medication like Melatonin to help stifle the rage before it hits. hope you guys find better ideas than i can about the side effects like the sleep issue. since i have found a few but i'm working on it

Andy L Aug 28, 2016

I just completed a 8 week region of harvoni all went well during no side effect I did blood work after the first bottle it came up undetectable now I have to do blood work after completing the second NY concern is that I'm getting headaches after completing both is this normal? idk but not migrainesure just regular I hope it wears off I read that it's normal but I feel better.

Luis Roldan Aug 27, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2008. I found a liver doctor and proceeded down the path of getting rid of this disease. I started taking the medication Pegintron and Ribavirin. This was supposed to be a 48 week process. I felt horrible all of the time, with flu like symptoms and throwing up multiple times a day. Around week 12 I got so sick I ended up in the hospital. The medication depleted my white blood cells and I could not fight off any infection. My family thought I was going to die. After recovery, I would not take anymore of the medicine. My liver biopsies were coming back fine and I had no other symptoms of Hep C. I continued with a biopsy every 2 years and they always came back fine. I thought I was one of the lucky ones that the virus would not make me sick. In 2013 when the new Hep C medication came out I did not take any. I talked with my doctor and said I would wait until my liver showed signs of a problem. My liver biopsy in January of 2016 came back and indicated severe cirrhosis. I went to a major hospital in Penna. to get opinions from their liver team of doctors. My MRI and other tests not only showed cirrhosis, but also showed 6 cancerous tumors. I am currently going through a number of efforts to conquer the cancer, and worry every day what the outcome might be. By the way, I was put on a regimen of 24 weeks of the Hep C medicine Harvoni, and without any side effects whatsoever, my viral count is undetectable. I am cettain that had I taken the Harvoni back in 2013, I would not have cirrhosis or cancer. Please do whatever you can to get the new Hep C medicine; it works without side effects.

Dave R Aug 23, 2016

I was infected with genome 1 back in 2007 by sharing a needle to shoot up heroine. I cleaned up my act a few months later and basically just lived with it. I drank regularly. Then Harvoni came out. Thanks to preexisting conditions being dropped I was able to get insurance through United Healthcare. I was approved for 8 weeks of Harvoni ($30,000 for 28 pills x 2) After 8 weeks I tested non-detectable and have my 3 month follow up next month. I 100% expect it to come back clean. It really works. Don't wait. Get it done. My viral load was 1.4 million and it dropped below 12 within the first 4 weeks. This is a great time to have hep c.

Geoff Broomberg Aug 23, 2016

I contacted Hepatitis in 1952 at 10 from an intravenous treatment at a children's hospital in Romania. At that time they could not name the type Hepatitis and the doctors told my parents that my blood will always have some remnants of the disease and i cannot ever give blood to nobody. 41 years later now living in the USA after a routine blood test the doctors diagnosed that my Hep C virus was dormant in my liver probably never advanced in 41 years. The biopsies were good but after another 7 years the virus attacked my liver and i was diagnosed with Cirrhosis at early stages. Fortunately again it was 2016 and today 8/22/16 after the blood test of week 4 on Harvoni finaly after 54.5 years i am free of Hep C virus. Still have 7 more weeks to go and more tests but the forcast is excellent. I can't finish this before i mention that prior enrolling in to the ACA i did not have insurance for 4 years and i will be eternaly greatfull to the creators of this health care law for helping me to afford this treatment.

Peter L Aug 22, 2016

As a teenager, I was pretty wild and used drugs on a regular basis. through this I contracted hepatitis c. I found this out the day my son was born 17 years ago. in 2008 I was among the first group of people to have the treatment to clear the virus successfully. my dilemma now is, I am now 39 years old, my husband has never been checked out of fear of me passing it to him! stupid! I know! I am a successful healthcare worker now, my past well and truly behind me. I applied for a in a hospital recently and they rang me today to say I have got the job but they need blood tests from me. I am so worried they are going to realise I had hep c and judge me on this and refuse me the job on these grounds. I am also worried have I given hep c to my husband and has he re-infected me? I am freaking out, this has really come back to haunt me and I just don't know what to do, can someone please give me advice? can they refuse me the job if I had hep c years ago?

g. c Aug 19, 2016

Last year 2015, I was on Harvoni for 8 weeks. Did not work because of my geno type. This past May 2016, I stated taking "Viekira Pak and Ribavirin. My 1st blood panel showed I was 99.9% cleared. I have been on 12 week program. Side Effects, tiredness, blur vision, headaches, dizziness, lost of appetite because of acid reflux, shortness of breathe, irritated daily, crazy dreams, insomnia, forgetfulness. I just completed my 2nd blood panel and will get results on 8/25. There is a program available that will offset the expensive cost.

Yvette S Aug 18, 2016

This is a story that was done for my Best Friend of 45 years by his stepson. Look at the link and decide for yourself. https://vimeo.com/album/3876181

Michael Kiczula Aug 17, 2016

I wanted to share the short story of my story to give hope to the weary, I was diagnosed with hep c in 2013, ... I contracted it by living a risky lifestyle when I got pulled into addiction I was on heroin. I got clean in 2012, When I was first diagnosed I was told that my blood levels were low so ultimately I went almost vegetarian for about a year-and-a-half I ate plenty of garlic cabbage salads lemonade mixed with cayenne pepper on a daily basis and at the beginning of 2015 I went to the liver specialist to see if I could get treatment, The Specialist checked my levels and no levels were found it's a Bittersweet story because I passed it on to my unborn child but I have hope treat your body well and even if it doesn't completely go away you can have a long healthy life

tasha b Aug 16, 2016

I was 37 and not feeling so great my partner suggested The doctor we had 4 kids under 14 not wanting to fall over as there was only one income went to a doctor took bloods got a finger up the butt and was told to come back for results went back was asked if i was an intravenous drug user then was told i needed to have HIV tests also my partner was tested this caused stress i had no idea existed suddenly i felt broken and my relationship with my partner was strained life insurance was canceled i was feeling sick with headaches kids were pushing the boundaries on all fronts i started on the herb trials CH 100 them one more with a placebo and active milk thistle i found both treatments made me feel better but the virus was here to stay started to eat consciously and stopped drinking being conscious of my blood had always used condoms for birth control keep the razors and tooth brush away it just makes life so much harder but sometimes things just come our way and you need to push on with Gen 1 B earlier treatments weren't an option thank god for that Viekira Pak just got accepted on the PBS so im half way threw treatment im now 58 . Good Luck peopel

James s Aug 11, 2016

I contracted Hep C before they even had a name for it. I tried interferon, only 1 dose, and returned unused portion to my pharmacist. After 35 years, the pharmaceutical company came out with Harvoni. I contacted the company and qualified for free medication. I was very lucky. I just had my 6 month test and "there is no evidence of the Hepatitis virus. I had no side effects what-so-ever!!!! I felt great, even increased energy with my first dose. I am so grateful.

Candace N Aug 11, 2016

Hello to everyone suffering from Hepatitis C. I have a very very good and happy story. Back in 1989, i went positive on a test for hepatitis. I was on my early 30's. I was raising 2 boys & just landed a job. I feel so good around that age & never really thought about this positive thing in me. The doctor told me it was at a dormant stage,but it can start acting up when i get older. Sure enough by the time i became a grandmother the 2nd time, 2007, I started feeling really sick, always tired, almost everything i ate makes me bloat, then the gas started up, i'm always so gassy all day, i decided to do some research about food, i stayed away from Gluten and lactose, it helped me a little bit. Around year 2008, I planned on getting treated but the medicine that i'm supposed to take showed a lot of bad side effects, the clinic was ready to get me started but i was not ready. I was scared to poke a needle in me plus the pill i have to take. I stopped seeing the doctor who was going to put me on this treatment. My husband was very supportive of me and what i'm going thru. He learned about this new drug that is suppose to be on it's way and i only have to take a pill a day. We waited, finally 2015 i decided to go for it. My family doctor referred me to a Gastroenterologist, and we started a brand new test, yes i got Hepatitis C and on my way on stage 2&3. He said to better do it now or else... To make my long story short, i went on a 12 week program taking this miracle drug called HARVONI... It went well for me i hardly had a side effect. i ate well and just after i take each pill, i get drowsy. Warning... do not drive after taking this pill. I took this pill one time and went on my way to see my grandchildren, 1and a half hr. away, i had to pull over 2 times just to keep me on the road, i got to see them and live to tell this story. If anyone is afraid to go under this medication, do not be. I'm 59 yrs. old and well. I was told i'm cured within the 8th week after taking these medicine, but not until the last blood test which was after i completed the 12 weeks, The doctor looked at my report, turned to me and shook my hand and say THE VIRUS IS GONE. Thank you God and everyone, from my doctors and the makers of HARVONI.2

Leticia D Aug 10, 2016

Back in January of 1986 I started down a bad road to a bad part of Brooklyn, New York filled with heroin and cocaine, by 1987 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Fast forward to 2000 when I finally got off the drugs and was starting to live like a human, my doctors told me I still had the hep and my liver was starting to show signs of degradation but, they prescribed pain killers such as Vicodin and Norco all the way up to me getting healthcare insurance due to the affordable care act when my Kaiser doctor got me on to a non narcotic antiinflamatory called Meloxicam which allows me to function almost pain free. Meanwhile the damage to my liver was getting worse and after 2 full years of paying stupidly large sums to Kaiser every month, I demanded they cure my hepatitis C. The 1st bottle of Harvoni cost me $475.00 through Kaiser's pharmacy and I about stroked out right there. Needless to say my credit card took a big hit every 2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks and now I do not have a detectable trace of hepatitis in my system. I am grateful because I am cured but, I was held hostage to this disease for close to 30 years due to cost of treatments and my inability to get insurance because of pre existing conditions. I have 16 years off of drugs and alcohol, I do not miss the stuff either. Big Pharma is ripping off America and we allow it to continue happening for what? Seriously, for what? People need to wake up and stand up, this country is supposed to be for the people, not for Big Pharma.

Ray Fitzpatrick Aug 9, 2016

I was diagnosed with hep c. After a routine blood test. I was in the army from 1983 until 1986. I pretty much gave up hope. That I would live a normal life. With the constant fatigue. I saw the commercials for harvoni and talked to my doctor. Long story short. My insurance company covered the treatment. It cost me 5 dollars a month for 3 months. 95 thousand dollars later. My blood tests have shown that it's gone. 100%. I feel like I've been given a second chance at life. I'm now 50. And I need to start a retirement fund. Before I wasn't worried about it. I didn't think I would make it to retirement. Typical. Life throws you another curve ball. That said I feel better than I have for 30 years. But because I didn't think I would live to see retirement.........

Aug 7, 2016

I found out I had hep c in1999. The most important information I can provide is that I was able to get the medication from Australia. I was able to obtain the generic Harvoni.If you do the research you'll find the generic is a viable alternative. Within four weeks of taking the pills I cleared the virus. At the end of the medication I am still clear. The cost of the medication with shipping is significantly less than any cost I would have incurred with Medicare.

Jerry S Aug 4, 2016

I just finish a Combination Treatment of Vikira and Rivovirin.And after a Long Six Month Treatment it was a Sucess.I had been Treated 10yrs before and it was not a Good Outcome.But this Time I was very Blessed and I have Won against it...So Fight and You can get Rid of the Disease...

Keith P Aug 4, 2016

I had Genotype B, detected during a routine blood panel in 1993. After one failed treatment 2 years ago with Solvadi and Ribavirin (12 weeks) my doctor put me on a longer treatment of 24 weeks, using Solvadi, Ribavirin and Daklinza. Aside from numerous side-effects from the Ribavirin, I got through it and my Hepatitis went "not detectable" at the 12 week check. My doctor and the entire Hepatitis C staff at U.C. Davis are the BEST. They were so supportive and pro-active, even getting my health insurance to cover the second treatment. YEA TO THE NEW DRUGS!!!! :-)

Suan B Aug 4, 2016

I was 18 years old when i found out i had contracted the Hep. C virus, i felt so ashamed and dirty. I did not tell anyone, with the risk of them telling other people, it would ruin my reputation. I was a typical streetwalker and used drugs via. iv. i shot up everything from cocaine to fentanyl, it was horrific, i had to find a way to make money for my addiction so that's why i was a streetwalker. A year later when i was 19, i had stopped working on the streets and stopped using needles. i Went to the doctor to get tested and that's when I knew i had contacted the virus, i was sharing the tools (spoon) but never did i share a needle. When i was 21, i got tested again, and i had found out that my body had fought off the virus on its own, and it couldn't be detected in my blood anymore. Man, was i ever grateful for that, so i turned my life around, cleaned up my act, got a job, stayed away from the justice system, and started a family. i thank god everyday for giving me a second chance at life. there is hope for everyone, just have faith, and surely you will be cured too.

Stacey M Aug 3, 2016

I started in on the Sovaldi and Ribivarin Treatment after having Hep C for about 12 years. I tested clear and undetectable twice now- I am cured! If you're considering treatment, here is my experience and some advice: The 6 month treatment isn't easy, but you can do it. If you're working a job, make sure your employer knows about this, because you may have to take a few extra days off from time to time. Here are the side effects I survived: -very low energy levels, mental fatigue. -feeling down and irritable. -loss of motivation, enjoyment, some negative thinking Now for some advice to make it easier: -If you get the flu, it might knock you down for a lot longer than normal. Don't be a hero and try to push thru it. -It's absolutely necessary to get extra rest. This medication may give you insomnia so its good to have a strategy for dealing with it - avoid caffeine, alcohol, or anything else that puts stress on your body- no excuses! You can take my advice or learn the hard way. -exercise as much as possible, it helps a lot, but don't overdo it, because it takes longer to recover from everything Like i said, its not easy, but you can do it. It's 6 months that can be hellish at times, but its worth it.

Robert B Aug 2, 2016

I was diagnosed with c 15 years ago this came from a dark past to haunt me, at the time I was told I had 3 years to live my youngest wast 6 years old, I was advised to take a course of interferon which having researched this debilating treatment I turned down for the sake of my young family, 4 years later, I was told that after all, I would not die so quickly & that new research showed that I had the lesser strand & could die of cyrosis age 80, good news I thought! Now age 61, I can see the desease working its way, my lower limbs have developped a reaction to heat & sting to the point where they swell up thrice the size with angry dark blood spots, I am now facing the virus attacking my blood vessels to the extend that in about 4 or 5 years I will become disabled..I now look at how to live with an allien body in my host body? All I wish for is to find a way for the virus to live in within its host body (ie:me)) in harmony, no parasites wish its host death..so I am looking for a herbal remedy that will allow both of us to live & survive together. Doctors & drugs have done nothing for me and still they stall...so we are on our own to find a way to live with a thriving strong cell that possibly we coul absorb & live with...I do not wish for any agressive comments or despaired souls responding to this post, just people like me human beings, wishing to survive, C cannot be erased with chemical compounds (not yet anyway) but perhaps with a bit of common sense it can be lived with..

cinella f Jul 30, 2016

Listen here Greg L ,you obviously cannot be serious stigmatizing the Big Pharma companies for not caring and making a drug that gives some side affects & not others ? I have been chasing this for 35yrs & when I use to get tested and hear the suces rate upon completion of Interferon & Riboravan it was shocking. that combo of an injection evryday for a year to feel like a mac truck drove over you was convincing enough not to take it & hear 20% sucsess rate,then as the decades progressed 34%,54% sometimes not at all !! Hepc is an epidemic of uneducated people that don't know they have don't want it or need it an cannot afford it,my Big pharma is helping me so if it means I get hepc free I'M GOING for the survior story buddy can't fault people for wanting to be disease free that will make all my other conditions improve minute side affects from this drug more from the disease outways the cons sory dude !!

Cecilia M Jul 30, 2016

I was last here to share the evolution of my life living with Hepatitis C on May 1, 2016 some 8 days after starting the new treatment for the cure from the virus. I ended the treatment on July 20, some 5 days shy of my birthday. Today I am happy to share my results Post treatment that show no trace of the virus. After living with this virus for 37 years, I am sure there a few of you who share the joy I feel at this moment to know I finally did it. I will keep testing for the next 6 months, and hopefully I will come back then and give a huge shout-out. It was so very worth it. Goodluck to all who are starting, still undergoing treatment, or yet to start. Best wishes, Mary

Mary L Jul 27, 2016

Hi all, Thanks to the Australian Health Dept who, on March 1st 2016, subsidised the new Harvoni treatment for Hep C sufferers under the countries PBS scheme. After completing the one pill a day, 8 week course I am now Hep C negative!! This is a total miracle as I contracted the insidious virus 30 years ago and having a fear of the Interferon treatment, decided to wait for a new generation medication. While taking the course I suffered no real side effects other than a wicked cough/cold that lasted a month which I now see was the virus leaving my system. If you live in Australia get to your doctor/heptologist and make sure you get this medication whilst the governments budget allows it...the subsidy probably won't last forever as treatment costs 10's of thousands without it. I can't believe how fortunate I am and I wish everyone who has the virus the same amazing results that I've had with this new treatment... Much Aroha x

Tanya W Jul 23, 2016

hi I made the cure for Hep C .I gave the theory Interferon with secondary antiviral(that would be named after Pegasus)yes I made the name also.In feb 1989 my doctors got me into the Rockefeller Institute Endocrine study.There I saw the yellow kids, being treated with UV light.I told a boy about 20.Iwas not there for the study.I have the cure for your sickness.He had very long blond hair and was from Maryland.I also told the mothers and fathers about the cure.In the summer of 1989 .Rockefeller Institute began making my cure.Theory a reality, I was one of the first to give blood.Oddly when I told them the secondary antiviral was PegaSomething-i needed a PDR to show them.Pegalated interferon did not go into the PDR until about 1999.In 2001 ,they give the cure the name Co Pegasus.I think they felt bad -i got pushed out,and they knew I would see the name-beause my enzime level hit the roof in Rockefeller after about 3 to 4 weeks.They maybe looking for me.Because in feb 1989 I tried to get into the Interferon study-And offered the cure for "RETROVIRUS"! in 1989.The cure I have is drug free.No superbug can be made.After all these years no one has ever asked me for the cure.No person in America has ever thanked me for saving their life.No one has ever thanked me for saving the life of thei rchild.I am America's biggest secret.My secret will become public, i have waited a long time.Thing would be much better for everyone ,if the true inventor were not kept out.Probably because of the money.The people in the CD BAD Blood, I watched them go into Rockefeller, to get my cure-but they never asked what the cure for Retrovirus was and is.The person I lived with got lung and brain cancer in the summer of 1989.and died good friday-the next person i lived with got AIDS and died on goodfriday-both are in the cemetery in Valhala.I am the person that saved 50,000,000 people in America alone.If I can never prove it, I believe it will come out after my life span-I have 9 theories that can change the world.But there is no incentive.I am the man that made the first cure and the only cure for 25 years.I am connected to almost everyone-it has been very hard to be so unknown-i believe the people have a right to know the real story -and I will never give up again.I would love to speak with the people who worked on the cure in1989 1990 1991 1992.I know they had to put their names on it, The hospital made them keep me out .I heard them talking to my doctor-whowas shocked by the way I was treated-I wrote Peggy Rockefeller to go directly, im sure they never told her

keith allen Jul 22, 2016

I am a 61 year old female Hep C + GT 1a, extremely high VL until just prior to treatment. Then it dropped from the double digit millions to 5 mil. I was + approximately 35 years prior to treating with generic Harvoni that I had brought into the USA from Thailand. I had a liver biopsy 15 years ago, zero/zero. Just prior to treating last November I had a Fibroscan that showed F0-F1. Extremely fortunate I'd say. I spent $650.00 for 12 weeks of Generic Harvoni. Almost no side effects whatsoever. I didn't have labs until 7 weeks into treatment and I came back undetected. Last dose was February 19 and 6 weeks post EOT was still undetected. My last quantitative and qualitative was done 14 weeks post treatment and once again I was undetected. August 1 will be 24 weeks post EOT and I will test again. Then unless a physician decides otherwise I will not have another test until end of February 2017. My Physician was not allowed to discuss anything with me but she knew what I had done so she just kept giving me lab slips without jeopardizing her job.

Diann Peterson Jul 22, 2016

I was diagnosed with hep c in 2010 but was uninsured at the time and not offered any help through the hospital that I was at for a possible heart attack ( blood pressure was 190 over something) .I finally secured a job with ins. And in2013 began the process. It turns out that I had contracted the virus in 1997 and my viral load was 4 million per unit of blood, yes 4 million , I began the treatment with chemo drugs (the only treatment available) and that it would be a 6 month treatment. During the diagnosis part of ordeal I didn't really feel that bad until I had the liver biopsy and that must of pissed off the virus as that was the beginning of feeling like shit. I was still going to work everyday ( HVAC tech.) But after 12 weeks into the program, I started to miss work as my stomach and digestive system was burning, cramping,and hard to even sit up. From that point on I was only able to work 2.5 days over the next 3 months. I completed the treatment and , was told my viral load was less than 4 per unit of blood ( their definition of cured) I still have severe pain in my abdominal area. Had a few nasty tests. It seems that once my treatment was done,they were done with me. I am now on ss.disability trying to live on half of what i used to make. On medicare and can't get the treatment or help I need to find out what's going on now. Its been 2 years since my treatment ended and I'm afraid of what is going on.

Jerry T. Jul 21, 2016

I became aware of Hep c when ppl were talking about Hiv. I went to donate blood plasma. Dirty place. Told after 3rd time there and a needle blunder but just before last draw that I have Hep c and get an ultrasound. Got exam, HEPA and b shots and a prescription grant application for I/RBV. 2015 seven years later got re-exam.... prescription grant through dr for Viekira. Never cleared went 12 weeks on Viekira and got cured. Viekira the most amazing medicine and a yr later still SVR. No type of support. But able to say today I am cured. GLORY TO GOD! I am very sensitive to iron. Have been checking out iron overload info online.

Sharee E. Jul 20, 2016

I'm 49 have had Hep C since 1982 due to IV drug use. I'M CLEAN MANY YEARS I'm finally getting treated I'm stage 2 bad pain legs feet liver spleen. I'm taking medal next week for 3 months.good luck people .

Celina Soroa Jul 19, 2016

I am 54 I was an military brat and a gymnast a good one back in the 70s I had to hide it now it cool imagine that I said every bit of 25lb I could do it all then one day I went to practice stock my finger in the high bar hole to lower it and some one jumped on it like a guillotine it cut it off lost so much blood on the way to the base hospital they gave me blood that's how I got it now I'm taking ribavirin 6 pills a day for seven mounts and one a day of to other pills so I'm taking 8 pills a day for 7 mounts man I'm three mounts in to it it's crazy dreams angry like the medicine wants to get out through your mouth tired week I go to my doctor Monday this month has been hard does it get worse are better there more but I'm tired oh probably won't go to sleep becouse u toss and turn all freaking night lol?

Kenneth C Jul 14, 2016

Was diagonised 2 yrs 1/2 ago. Have no idea how long I had it. Doc couldda been as long 23-30 yrs.I just knew something wasn't right. din't have insurance. So doctors din't do much. just kept say high blood presure. And diabietes. Well ended up in the hospital. Six months latter got on medidade. By that time. they came out with Harvoni. Justwent in for my1 yr check up. Back in May. And say I'm doin good. No sign of hep c. Had no reall side affects. little tired . Just so happy not to be in pain anymore. Feel like a normal person again.

John D Jul 14, 2016

I found out I had Hepatitis C in 1995 during a full blood screen. It came as a shock but not really a surprise as I had acute Hepatitis B in the 1970's. I had stopped drinking alcohol several years earlier and as I felt well with no evidence of symptoms the advice and belief was just get on with it. I did this quite well changing career midlife and gaining the rewards from that. As I got older, I am now 62, other medical problems materialised and my GP felt my liver problems should be monitored by a specialist. I had a fibroscan done in 2014 which indicated cirrhosis of the liver with a reading of 21.7. Following this I had to wait almost two years for the new medications to be accepted for dispensing here in Australia. My consultant would not consider the older regime due to my other medical conditions. I am now in week ten of twelve of treatment for gt2b with Sovaldi and Ribavirin. My LFT's are returning to normal but they were never too elevated anyway. From a pathology point of view the main problem has been the risk of anemia and my albumin remains slightly elevated. As a previous poster said the main side effect has been dry skin, causing itching which was solved by non-scented moisturiser. For my feet I use a product for hard skin with a high urea content. Also, some days I just have to lie down and watch TV, I cant even focus long enough to read a book. For me the worst side effect, if that's what it is, has been the episodes of irritability. The other stuff I can put up with but it is the people around me who take the brunt of the mood swings.

Jack T Jul 12, 2016

Hi, I took an 8 week course of Harvoni. My viral load was 3.2 million and after the 8 week treatment, my viral load was 50. I asked why I wasn't given the 12 week course of Harvoni and was told that my viral load would have to be 6 million or higher. The treatment failed because my viral load went to 1 million after a one month lab test. I asked about Viekira Pak and was told it wasn't recommended for those who failed with Harvoni. Fortunately, I don't have any scarring of my liver, as I write this. Still looking for a cure.

Mike F Jul 8, 2016

I was diagnosed in 2013 with Hep C genotype 1A......received treatment of Harvoni and Ribarvarin for 12 weeks. I am a recovered addict and alcoholic and am very excited to say I have come back twice with the virus undetected. I feel very fortunate and although I do still have cirrhosis....my quality of life is much better.

Cindi R Jul 6, 2016

I am a recovering IV drug user. I unfortunately decided to share needles, in May of 2015, for the first time. a few months later, I visited my primary care provider just to ensure I did not contract any diseases. I was diagnosed with Hep C, and was also informed I was pregnant. I immediately was refered to an Infectious Disease physician, as well as an OBGYN. My PCP, who was not very knowledgeable about Hep C told me an abortion would likely be necessary. A long moth and a half I was finally at the infectious disease dr. after expressing my concerns about my pregnancy possibly needing to be terminated, per my PCP, she was in shock. In no way shape or form would this need to be done. The transmission rate to a fetus was less than 3 percent. I would however have to wait until I delivered to be treated. My daughter was born in april, healthy and will be tested at 18 months for HCV. Ultimately, I made an appointment with Infectious disease to begin treatment asap. My fibrosis load was too low, apparently I was "too healthy" to receive treatment. My first appeal was denied. What a bummer. This week, the distributer of Viekira Pak called me to let me know it is to be delivered to my home this Friday! So for those who have been denied I urge you to appeal appeal! I Have had hep C for one year. I am asymptomatic and I am super excited to close this chapter in my life. I will hopefully have a wonderful update in 12 weeks to share!!

Alice c Jul 6, 2016

I contracted Hep C from iv drug use in 2014.. I had actually just been through rehab and had about 2 months clean when I started feeling really sick.. I was really tired all the time, couldn't hold down any food, was having night sweats,really dark urine, diarhea , and my skin itched so bad..about 2 days later I noticed that my eyes and skin were turning yellow..I went to the emergency room and they confirmed it was Hep C. As I didn't have insurance at the time I just kept it monitored over the next 10 months at the free clinic down the road to see if it would cure itself and it never did.. so that following open enrollment I went through marketplace and got affordable health insurance and went to a primary care doctor where he then referred me to the local college hospital gastroenterologist.. there was a doctor who specialized in Hep C treatment and the wall was covered in stickers from people they had "cured".. they did testing and confirmed I had genotype 1a and no liver damage yet and said Harvoni would be a great fit for me.. she approved it through my insurance and they paid everything except $1000 and I then contacted the manufacturers and they sent me a copay coupon that covered everything else..I ended up paying $5 for a $60000 treatment. My doctor had me started on the treatment within 2 months.. I had to take 1 pill a day for 8 weeks.. the virus was undetectable after 4. I was really worried about side effect after hearing about other treatment options but the effects with Harvoni were minimal.. I had a little nausea and fatigue and random headaches which could be avoided if I stayed hydrated..I was able to continue working full time and function which was nice. After I finished the 60 pills I felt like a new person..it's amazing.. I got tested again after 3 months because my doctor said if the disease relapses it's likely to do it withing three months and it was still negative so she said I met the criteria for being "cured". She told me that if I get tested for hep c at say like a plasma clinic or something it will show a positive because the antibodies are still in my system but a more detailed hepatic panel will show I am negative. I cannot pass this on to others and there is no more infection attacking my liver.. I also got tested again after 6 months and still negative..I believe I will continue to get checked every once in a while just for my peace of mind but I'm proud to say that I have been cured from hep c for a year now and clean for 25 months. :)

Sarah H. Jul 2, 2016

In 1994 gave birth to my son. Lost a lot of blood and received 3-4 units never felt good since that time. The fatigue, chills, abdominal pain and weight loss were terrible for years. Endless testing revealed nothing until diagnosed in 2006 went on initial treatment of interferon, rivibiron twice. Though the side effects were difficult remain no abnormalities for seven years, need lab work soon. In 2011 diagnosed with epilepsy under care of specialists. With saying this I'm hopeful in life.

Amanda B Jun 30, 2016


Cheryl d Jun 29, 2016

I was diagnosed several years ago from routine blood tests. Not sure how I contracted it. I was in the military in the early 80s. It was life changing. Knowing that I would probably die from it eventually. My doctor advised against treatment a few years ago because of the side effects. Then last year I saw a commercial for harvoni. I contacted my doctor. He said it was a roll of the dice with the insurance companies. Well I was completely covered. I had to pay 5 dollars a month for 3 months for almost 100k in treatment. I took it daily the side effects were minimal. I just got my blood tests back 3 months after treatment I am completely healed. I can't believe it. I feel better than I have for 30 years. I'm 50 and have more energy than I did at 30. I hope that they can reduce the price of this medicine. Because everyone deserves to be cured.

D H Jun 28, 2016

I contacted hep c in 1989. I was fortunate enough to heve a general practitioner tell me I had hep non A non B and sent me to a specialist. It turned out to be hep C. Type 1. Over the years I was followed up very closely. I was told the treatment was that of chemo and would last 48 weeks with only a 50% chance of success. Many years later my doctor told me that "Not only iphones are getting better. Soon a pill will cure the hep C virus. Then came Harvoni. My doctor prescribed it. Before i started I had over 6 000 000 viruses (don't know how they know that) , Two weeks I was down to 18 and two weeks later completely gone. I was tested 3 and 6 months later and still gone. So albeit it's very expensive it is a "Wonder drug" and if there is any way you can get it through insurance or some kind of funding, do so it is well worth it.

Denis P Jun 26, 2016

We created a documentary on Hep C called Deal With it. It is available on YouTube - thought you might like to see it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9TZo3hFaYk

mark ashdown Jun 26, 2016

during 1978 to 1982 I used diamorphine ,this is when I must of contracted HEP C. I neither knew I had it, nor were there any symptoms. Years later and after 4 tests I am 100% free of the virus....I have had a terrible amount of side effects which still continue. Only 3 weeks after starting treatment I lost all chest hair ,under arm hair and grew breasts. A semi flacid erection was all the reaction I got despite mentally desiring sex as much as beforeViagra makes it worse since I have half an erection for 2 hours..To say I wish I had NOT BOTHERED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT((((HOW ABOUT YOU????)))))

steven l Jun 24, 2016

I have had Hep C for many years now but I never knew. I got diagnosed recently and the Dr told me it appears as if it has been there for years already but I never knew. I am now 40. I have very low viral count for how long I have had it. I have never taken Interferon or any other anti viral medication in my life, because of the never knowing I even had a virus. I was a heroin user for 14 years but I never shared a needle. I think I actually caught this disease from medical work, or from a dirty tattoo needle. Doctors assume it is the IV use but I have OCD and not once ever touched anyones used anything. I did work as a healthcare aide at a place where I was stuck by a needle by accident in 1993. I also got a basement tattoo from a meth addict in 2000. I also had a blood transfusion before 1985. So I will never really know. Anyhow, I was diagnosed months after Harvoni became available. I am about to begin Harvoni in one day. I was approved for Harvoni on my first try at getting it, on Medical Assistance and I am on disability ( for different illness, not Hep C). I had no trouble getting mine covered 100%, I had no copay. When I hear of people who are denied because they are not yet sick it makes me enraged! I have never had any symptoms, have zero liver scarring. Harvoni is still new and they do not yet know the long term effects so yes we are the test group, in a way. I am scared to death but also excited. I fear side effects and usually get any a med has listed. I do very badly with pain, hence my opiate history. I have lung issues and depression on top of the rest. I hope I make it thru this next 8 weeks, my med course is 8 week limited course for viral counts under 6 million (my count is 530,000, very low). I will update afterward and let everyone know how things went and am also blogging on wordpress day to day. I am cautiously optimistic.

Alana Z Jun 21, 2016

I am young 21 year old student yesterday I went to donate blood for his friend's father when lab assistant take my blood sample and after some test he told me I am suffering from hepatitis C . I don't know how I effected in my childhood I was smoker I think when my age was 12 year.. may it is due to my those bad habits .. but attack is not high its value is minor 2.8 and Doctor told me extreme line of hepatitis is 5 .. it not more harmful for me.. still I am worried about it :(

Ahmed Iqbal Jun 20, 2016

In 1977 I was diagnosed as having non-A non-B. With numerous symptoms I was diagnosed as having Hep C in 1996. However, after a few blood tests I was told that my viral load count was so low that it appeared to be a false positive. In 2016 I went through testing and procedures to prepare for taking available Hep C drugs, but was told after two blood tests that my viral load count was so low that it appeared to be a false positive. Therefore, there is nothing to treat. I believe my symptoms in 1996 were related to taking Tylenol, and either an allergic reaction to it, or complications of taking Tylenol and drinking beer. The “symptoms” I mentioned were bad enough that I didn't believe I would survive at the time. No problems since and I feel great! Now 59 years old.

Lew H Jun 20, 2016

Hello, My name is Jamie and I am from Coeburn,Va. I found out I had Hep C 7 years ago and kept sweeping it under the rug avoiding treatment to continue getting high. Shooting up daily was my life. I went to jail over distribution and was released on June 12, 2015. I decided to work the program and work toward tx. On May 2, 2016 I had a liver biopsy and got cleared to start Sovaldi/ribavirin therapy and my 1st dose was May 11, 2016. On June 7th I had my labs and viral load. The Doctor called me June 16th and told me I was already Hep C free. Totally undetectable. It works, but I have to complete my whole 12 week treatment cycle and August 1, 2016 my 12 week treatment will be complete. I encourage anyone to PLEASE try this medicine. I looked at it like this, I am a father to a 11 and 21 yr. old set of boys and now I have a 15 month old Grandaughter and a new chance at life. Remember you can live Hep C Free! I always have been a selfish human being only caring about me and my fix but by family, mental health, and spiritual support I am going to not be bound by the chains of addiction and worry of dying from liver disease. Please seek help. Start with your Primary Care Physician and if you do not have one don't worry. You can go to the local Health department and if you are positive for the virus they will help get you a referral. Remember your liver is really your best friend and I let mine down for too many years using dope! I pray that you find time to read this and anytime you want a fellow addict to talk to email me @ jamiejohnson868@yahoo.com. I suggest MSHA JMH Hospital's Gastroenterology. Dr. Joseph “Sandy” Brown and Shauna Large AFNP. They are like family and will work with you and your insurances and all resources out there if you are ready to stay clean and put Hep C behind you. God Bless!!! Jamie J Coeburn, Virginia.

Jamie J Jun 19, 2016

I got Hep C Geno Type 1 A in the early 80's after a car accident. I'm now 59 and have gone through 2 treatments trying to get rid of it. The first was awful and didn't work. It was interferon, Ribaviron and something else. All that did was increase my viral count into the millions. Because the treatment was so debilitating for me mentally and psychically I had to wait years to take it again. I did take the Sovaldi this time they said it worked but I have an infection of the spinal fluid and brain. From the 80's through 2008 I traveled fly-fished, hiked, climbed mountains but always knowing it was harder for me to do these things than others, In 2009 I just didn't have any energy left. Started treatment in 2010 - 2015. Here I am cured but with no energy and complications. From the time I was a baby till 12 I had Chronic Bronchitis. From my 20's till 50's had Chronic Hep C. Seems I've been Chronic all but 10 years.

Jacki W Jun 19, 2016

I was infected with Hep-C in the army in 1971. The army doctors called my mother and told her I was surly going to die and she should come to see me at once. I remember the army ward I was on and all the other guys who also had Hep-C there. Most like myself wasn't doing too well. I was gravely ill. My eyes, skin, stools were all yellow. I couldn't stop throwing up yellow vomit. I seen guys around me die with the Hep-C. But for some reason, I hung on.

Now it's been 45 years and I've never had any treatment and never experienced any more symptoms. I've always been a drinker up till about a year ago. I've had many back surgeries and was given my own blood back. Because of the Hep-C. I've been in many relationships and married once and never transmitted the virus to my knowledge. I am in a relationship now and am getting married again at 61. And we have a newborn baby perfectly healthy and my first. I'm not sure how I have been so fortunate, but upon doing some reading, I found out this, Hepatitis C that runs its course and responds to treatment in a relatively short period is called “acute” Hepatitis. Men and women with acute Hepatitis C usually fight off HCV within six months. Maybe this is why my Hep-C never really reared its ugly head to me.

Kenneth P Jun 18, 2016

In 1992, 24 years ago, when I was 32! I was diagnosed with Hep C! I think I got it through a tattoo I received from my uncle, who also has Hep. C! I was scared, didn't know what to do, there was no cure at the time, and really not too much information! My doctor at the time, said that eventually I would die, and that it wouldn't be pleasant! I lived with it for all these years, seeking no help, whenever I got a physical, they would inform me, once again, that I had Hep. C! Well about 5 months ago, I was sitting on the couch and I saw a commercial from Gilead pharm. about Harvoni, a cure for Hep. C, with a high success rate! I called the support path for Hep. C, they talked to me for 20 minutes, and guided me through the steps I needed to take to start taking Harvoni! I went to an infectious disease doctor, got diagnosed with stage 3 Hep. C, the doctor mailed my paperwork to Gilead pharm. for me to try and get financial aid for the 12 weeks I needed to take Harvoni at a cost of $94,000.00, 84 pills, 1 per day for 12 weeks! I was approved for full financial aid! Wahoooooo! I received 3 bottles at different times, all FedEXed to me! I am done taking Harvoni! I had my first blood work done, and I am virus free! In 2 months and a week, I have my final blood work to test for the Hep. C virus! I am confident that I am cured! The side effects were minimal, slight headaches, stomach aches! if it wasn't for that commercial, and the great people that helped me along the way, my doctor, the support path people on the phone, my nurse at the health dept., the wonderful lady at the lab, the pharmacy, fed ex, and Gilead pharm., and most of all myself, for not being afraid to make the phone call after seeing the commercial! Have a nice day!

Daniel T. Jun 15, 2016

I finished treatment with Harvoni by the middle of last December. Since then my blood test for the past 6 month showed that Hep C virus copies are negative and cannot be detected. I will have another blood test by the end of June 2016! And then another one in November. I am happy to get rid of Hep C after 40+ years of infection.

Karkour K Jun 14, 2016

I have lived with the Hepatitis C Virus (genotype 1b) for more than 63 years. I had cirrhosis, liver transplant, and cirrhosis again, but before terminal decomposition the sofosbuvir-simeprevir medication became available and instantaneously killed the virus in me. Now I have a scarred liver with normal liver functions.

My story is detailed in my book “Physician’s Journey with the Hepatitis C Virus - Historical Medical and Ethical Reflections.” It is available on Amazon in paperback and in e-book formats.

Antal Solyom Jun 14, 2016

I had hepatitis in grade ten. I am now 58 years old. The teacher sent me home from school as my eyes were yellow. I was misdiagnosed with Lupus in my forties, had a stroke at 48 years old.

For many years I wondered about what kind of hepatitis I had but was told there is no test to determine this. We farmed and dealt in a small town.

My daughter works in a good medical clinic and was told I have Hep c in 2015 and waited months to see a specialist till I asked if there was another doctor who would perhaps see me sooner. Dr. Stewart saw me after his nurse who was amazing and actually cared.

I now have info, support and meds to kill the virus that has been in my body over thirty years.

Louise K Jun 14, 2016

Seven weeks ago I began treatment for Hep C Genotype 2. I was prescribed Ribavirin and Sovaldi - to be taken daily. So far the side effects have been: an itchy type rash on different parts of the body, very dry skin, extremely tired and at times very restless. By that I mean moody and at times a little angry.

The first side effects I noticed though were Nightmares. Three nights of a replay of my life.... Details I had been mulling over for some years came to life in a distorted yet accurate picture of the more unpleasant experiences I had during my childhood right up to “now”. At 62 I am still having issues with an abusive Father. After 2013 and an apology from the Australian Government “Forced Adoption”. I discovered my whole life was a lie. This brought everything to the surface, including the chronic verbal abuse from both my adoptive parents. Of course, I had many many questions and my anger and anxiety went over the top.

Regardless of any questions, they have never been answered. In other words, all the truth and experiences I had had, were denied or I “was making it up and mentally ill”. My conclusion was: “If they don't remember or deny the reality then I wasn't there at all. So.... I disconnected. I am not going to be answered. Which of course is exactly the type of behavior I have come to know “Narcissism”.

Regardless, I am sticking to the regime and have had my first blood test since beginning taking the medication. My results so far have come back Normal. I am waiting for my Viral Load results which I'll receive in two days. Considering all other results: Liver Function etc being normal, I'm more than hopeful the Virus is gone.

I have one month to go which concludes the 12 weeks and despite side effects I feel blessed regarding the new treatment without Interferon.

I encourage all who have the virus not to wait any longer and get the treatment. It's important to try and manage any negative outside influences the best you can. Better still, right them off! All that's important is “The Now” and your health. If necessary you can deal with the negatives after a full recovery. When the fog clears, depression lifts when your mental and physical energy is restored.

As Tom Petty has written: “Into The Great Wide Open we go......”

I wish you and yours the best as a new beginning or chapter of Life unfolds for all. Cheers xo

Iain Mcl Jun 12, 2016

I am 59 never used a needle but in 1998 suffered a failed neck surgery at UC Davis Sacramento besides paralyzing me, my vertebral artery was severed. Blood transfusions. Also the same operating team and doctors on the same day paralyzed 12 yr old boy never to walk again. I was diagnosed with Hep C 1a level 4 Abbvie has come to my rescue in this hopeless place of Arkansas that would rather see me dead than help.I am sick and in severe headaches going into my fourth month of my 24 weeks. Good luck to all.

Tina B Jun 12, 2016

Hi, I have had Hep c for approx forty years, geno 3A and have recently undergone daclatasvir and sofradir treatment from last Nov 2015. I instantaneously felt clearer headed three days after commencing treatment, felt my eyesight improve, and energy levels improve nearly right away. My side effects were little bit of insomnia some euphoria, irritated nose like I was getting a head cold, my heart felt like it was racing a little. Because I suffer bradycardia, (slow heartbeat). Profuse sweating attacks and flatulence. But was able to carry on daily life, which was great, not like the previous treatment of interferon ribavirin which made me gravely ill, and bedridden. I have completed the treatment and cleared the virus last blood test, still waiting on the 6 month test. Still feeling a bit rundown after treatment, as I feel my immune system hasn't properly regulated yet. I am trying to build my strength up slowly, threw exercise, good food and rest. It has felt like a marathon of Olympic proportions to get where I am now. I recommend support of any kind throughout this process, doctors, friends, or counselors. Any one that you would find helpful in your journey to being Hep C free. Good luck, best wishes.

Darincka D C Jun 12, 2016

I was diagnosed with non-A/non-B hepatitis in 1984. I had classic hepatitis symptoms, jaundice, chalky stools, etc. Thus began the journey. Ups and downs over the years. One year my liver enzymes were in the 3000+ range and I was basically disabled. I got on an interferon double blind study. Didn’t cure me but I felt better and it knocked my numbers down. I also did acupuncture and all kinds of herbs etc. Went back to work, back to school, got a couple degrees, and started a career. I did another round of interferon, this time with ribaviron while finishing grad school. That was a memorable year. Kept pushing through, because I wanted to live large while I could, and my docs had told me I had 2-15 years to live. Second round treatment made me feel better. By now it’s 1999. Went off and had a career I enjoyed. During those years I had off and on rounds of fatigue, joint aches, depression, etc. Often fairly mild, like “is this a flu” “why can't I get going” etc. I've followed treatment developments through a Google alert on Hep C for years, watching things get better and better, till we arrived at Harvoni. I worked with my gastroenterologist to get a prescription. But it was denied by my insurance co. Appealed twice, and worked with Gilead. Then (HA!) diagnosed with cancer this spring and two days before that surgery, got a letter that the insurance company changed the criteria for Harvoni and I was now approved. (I was an f1-2, and they were only treating f3-4, but they lowered the requirement.) Two months later, cancer is cleared, and my doc and insurance co are on board for me starting Harvoni July 1. I am very much looking forward to it. My cousin did this treatment, was cleared and says he feels better than he has in 20 years. Well, I turn 60 this summer, and I am dreaming of a great decade, free from Hep C, and HOPEFULLY, feeling better than I have in 20 years. Given that Hep C has been a limiting factor on how I pigeon holed my energy, how people reacted to me socially (it did scare some people - but then I was always honest and careful - especially back when we didn't know much about the transmission). Anyhow, while I am very hopeful I will be cured, I am wondering what that will mean in terms of how I feel physically. I really hope some of the joint aches and the fatigue will go away. I have lots of dear friends, family, and strangers praying for me. With the grace of God and the scientists and Hep C soldiers who have taken this journey through treatment development with me, I am confident all will be well. It's just a matter of where on the scale of better life will land me. Bless you all. Soldier on!

Pat I. Jun 11, 2016

I was an iv user, found out I had hep c in 2012. Early 2015 I found out unc hospital were doing a study for her c patients, so I called for me and my boyfriend which has her c too. We were given an appointment. When we arrived we met Dr. David a wohl from the infectious disease clinic known as the I'd clinic. He asked us a few questions and has us feel out paper work from Gilead which is the company that makes the medicine.he explained to us that the study requires us to take the medication for 12 weeks everyday at the same time for high chance to work. The study actually paid us to take the medication. I am not gonna tell you how much we were paid because that is not what's important, what is important at the time was if I was gonna get cured!! So he did a biopsy of our livers and found out we both were level 1 which means we were "baby boomers" as he called it. Level 4 is the worst. So when we received the medication he explained to us that it has a bottle cap which will record when we open the bottle of medicine and at what time we opened. All of that is recorded in the study to mellow sure you are taking the meds as you are supposed to. Every 4 weeks we would go back to unc and he would do the biopsy and at the 8th week he explained to us that there were NO SIGNS OF HEP C IN NEITHER ONE OF OUR BLOOD TESTS!!!! We were so happy!! So he said to make sure it stays away we need to take the meds for the whole 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks we were cured!!! He gave us an appointment for 6 months later to make sure the hep c was still gone and it was!!! Wow!!! And actually he informed us that it's good that we got in when we did because now the company manufactures are wanting to wait till people get to level 3 or 4 before they give them the medicine. I advise all to contact Dr wohl at unc I'd clinic and talk with him and he will definitely make sure you get your treatment. He is a good Dr that cares about his patients and will answer any questions you may have!!! I am cured!!!! I still can't believe it!!!

Kelly W Jun 10, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C at age 38 and I'm age 57 now. I had Genotype 1 which is the most difficult to treat. I asked for the test because I had dabbled with Heroin at age 18, many of my friends and a sibling were using it, and in my thirties I began to hear about Hep C and decided I should be tested. I was married with two sons when I asked for the test and I had no symptoms. In my twenties, I drank lightly because I didn't like the taste of alcohol, but I did really enjoy smoking Pot in my twenties and thirties. So I got the diagnosis at age 38 and I was terrified. I read everything about Hep C. My doctor gave me the impression that it would be fatal at some point. I had my sons tested and they were negative. My husband refused to test but I was sure he was probably positive as he had also experimented with Heroin in the distant past. I did the first of three treatments. The first was Interferon and Ribavarin and I detested the injections, the fatigue, the shortness of breath, and the scary labs that showed my red and white blood cell counts doing crazy things. I completed 48 weeks and was undetectable but three months later the virus was back. The second treatment was also Interferon and Ribavarin and once again I cleared it only to relapse within three months. The only positive thing during these two treatments was my liver biopsy showed no damage to my liver even though I was certain the virus had been in my body for approx. 25 years at the time of the second treatment in my late forties. In 2015, my doc told me about the new treatment option with Harvoni. I refused a third treatment in 2015 because I couldn't bear the thought of another failed treatment and possibly terrible side effects, and I wanted to research the relapse rates on the new drug first. In early 2016, I asked for the Harvoni treatment. It sounded too good to be true and I knew my genotype was hard to treat. My insurance co said no because I had no liver damage and apparently that meant I shouldn't get the expensive Harvoni medication. I wasn't sick enough with Hep C to be approved. But my doc and specialty pharmacy appealed and the ins co said no again, but a second appeal was successful. I couldn't believe it. I started the Harvoni, one pill per day for 12 weeks, in March 2016. The first four weeks, I had my usual energy and felt great except for some headaches, sometimes mild and a few times more throbbing and painful. One issue early one discussed with the specialty pharmacist was I had GERD, reflux disease involving stomach acid, and had been taking 40 mgs of a Nexium type medication for 20 years, and the pharmacist told me acid medication would mess up the Harvoni doing its job effectively. So I had to make a decision about using the acid reducer while on treatment. I decided to stop that cold turkey and not use Tums or anything, because I really wanted this third treatment to work long term without a relapse. I had some problems with the acid, heartburn and even chest pain from the heartburn in the first few weeks but I ate small meals to help with acid issues and after the first four weeks on Harvoni, that seemed to work ok and I did not take an acid med during the 12 week treatment. Even things like calcium supplements have to be used carefully while on Harvoni, with five hours between calcium and a Harvoni dose. I was tested after four weeks on Harvoni and my viral load was undetectable. It has been just around one million copies before I started on Harvoni. I was amazed that it cleared my virus in four weeks. I was also amazed when my doctor said that unlike the first two treatments where I had constant labs, with Harvoni, after the lab at four weeks, if undetectable then, no other labs would be done, not at 8 weeks or 12 weeks. My next lab will take place in October 2016, four months AFTER the end of my 12 week treatment which ends this month in June 2016. I have four more days and four pills to end my 12 week treatment. Yay!!!! I'm thankful that it's over, the headaches have been minimal because drinking a lot of water reduces the headaches, my energy level has remained decent during the treatment, the VIRUS IS GONE, the chance of a relapse in October when I have the next lab is minimal, even with my Genotype 1, and my liver was not damaged over the past 39 years while I have lived with this virus and tried to fight it with failed treatments. I'm thankful to my doctor and the specialty pharmacy for persisting with a second appeal to the insurance co, they fought for me to have this third treatment on Harvoni, and the specialty pharmacy staff have been so kind and helpful. I feel so blessed!!! I wanted to share this so people can have hope. And even more treatments will be developed in the future. Harvoni costs approx. $1,000 per pill so 12 weeks or 84 days and pills equals about $84,000 for the treatment, therefore it's so important to take every one of the 84 pills and not miss a dose, and be careful about taking other meds or vitamins while on Harvoni. Follow all of the instructions and your treatment can also be a success. I made some stupid choices at age 18, experimenting with Heroin, because I was young, dumb, didn't have a clue what Hepatitis was, didn't know about the dangers of using needles, and I spent decades being terrified about the virus after my diagnosis at age 38, felt the shame from the stigma around having Hep C, saw how some doctors treated patients like they were dirty drug addicts that deserved what they got, worried about sharing things with my family like eating utensils, went through tense times with my husband who refused to be tested (why treat myself if he would remain infected), and basically suffered through two horrible Interferon treatments that failed, so I have been through a lot over this virus. My husband died in 2013 from a heart attack, my children are now grown, and I have remarried a wonderful man who is not infected and now I can stop worrying about infecting him because of the Harvoni treatment. We were told that with a monogamous relationship the chances of him being infected were slim to none, but I have worried about it daily since we married one year ago. I feel so good and I ca pin hardly believe that after 39 years of having this virus, I can now live the rest of my life virus free. Love, peace and good health to everyone out there living with Hep C. There is hope!!!!

Jun 10, 2016

I contracted Hep C in the 1970's after surgery I was given plasma and it wasn't until the 90's where I found out I was infected. I was given alfa ineterferon for six months in the early 90's. Man did I get sick. My thyroid was affected. Because of the horrible side effects, I refused further treatments. I completed six months and said no more. My treatment helped, because I didn't get worse. Even though they wanted me to take alfa with ribarivan..I refused treatment until now. I lost hair, had flu -like symptoms, and joint aches, irritability and weight loss. So, I will begin treatment in a couple of months prob. with Sovaldi and Ribarivan. You need to stay positive and follow a regimen set forth by your medical provider. I have been married for over 30 years and with great care, have made sure not to infect anyone at all.

Jun 9, 2016

My name is Ann-Ive had Hep C since 1998. I was tested again in April 2016-this test too was positive. My doctor set my appointment up for April 26, 2016 for my liver resection, I'm genotype 2 and at a stage 3 with a low viral count. On May 5, 2016-Harvoni was delivered at my door, I immediately took my first dose. I intentionally didn't read the side effects as I would of had everyone of them if I read them. Taking the Harvoni has went very smooth for me-slight headaches but was able to tolerate the Harvoni great. I went back for my 4 week check up today-The Virus Was Undetectable-I'm so very Thankful. My real test will come in 3 months-I'm praying that it will show me still free of Hep C. I wanted to write and tell those that are testing positive for Hep C today- it's Not the end of the world. I was so worried as to how I would afford the Harvoni. I do have insurance but it still left me with a hefty price tag on this medication. I went to the Harvoni website and submitted the form for assistance on this medication from the manufacturer. I was approved in one week. The manufacturer paid all but $5.00-This was a Blessing and Miracle for me. I've read so many stories here that truly scared the hell out of me-this is another reason I'm writing in, I hope my story brings much comfort and relief. I took the Harvoni for 4 weeks as of today and I'm cured!!! As I said above, I hope in 3 months I get the same report from my doctor-my doctor is very happy and reassured me today that she had no reason to think that the 3 month test from today would show me Cured also. I'm so thankful to The Lord above for hearing my prayers-I will continue to pray for All Hep C sufferer's. I pray you all rid this decease as quickly and smooth as I did!!! Love from Florida!!! Ann :)

Jun 6, 2016

Hi guys

I'm 58 female and have been living with Hep 3 since I was 19, wow that's nearly 40 years now.

Of course it was non AB then and I only discovered it was Hep C when I was 36.

I've taken high doses of milk thistle and eaten well but always TIRED. I would not try the previous meds because of the side affects and less than successful outcomes.

Thanks to the Australian government I have just started treatment with Solvadi and Daclatasvir 2 weeks ago. I have genotype 3a and will taking 1 of each for 12 weeks. I also have chronic pain and arthritis but to date the side affects have been unnoticeable, maybe a bit of insomnia. In fact I think I can feel the fog lifting and a little energy returning already???. It's costing me $14 for a months supply!

My fibroscan showed minimal liver damage or scarring and all other tests for quite low so I'm am really confident that I will be Hep C NEGATIVE in 12 weeks.

I had a period of heavy drinking for about 10 years but always ate healthy and took massive doses of milk thistle.

Just thought I'd let you know that you need a referral from a GP for LFT, Genetype and viral load plus a fibroscan organised by the clinic. I was prescribed my medication through a regional clinic who is attached to John Hunter hospital at Newcastle. They have been fantastic.

This medication is available to all Australians so get yourself treated now before it gets taken off the PBS.

Looking forward to clearing this horrid disease forever.

Hope this helps someone get active treatment.

I will post my progress...blood test at week 4 will reveal if the meds are working.

Genelle Hogan Jun 6, 2016

After six failed back fusions, 100's of injections, epidurals, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractors, physical therapy, two spinal cord stimulators, and every silly new machine that did nothing.

I was given a blood transfusion during a back surgery when they refused to check the blood supply for Hep C. (1991) The gentleman that was taking blood the next year when they told me I was in need of another surgery. Also told me about hepatitis C and that I received it during my surgeries the year before. And how it wasn't a big thing. He was Asian, and told me that 1/2 of Asia has it. I was shocked and pissed off! But him telling me it wasn't a big thing make me think. OK, I'll be OK. I will just see a doctor that knows about it. That's when I went to University Hospital in Newark New Jersey. That's where I was a guinea pig for the "Almost Doctors Club"! The Green Test? Which sent me out of my mind for 30 seconds. And gave me green bathroom breaks! I remember one of the young guys telling me why he was becoming that kind of doctor. They had a lot of procedures. I wasn't gonna stay around for all their procedures. That green test was enough. I might had done another before the next doctor put me on INTERFERON! Not sure. But the hell 3 days a week. Throwing up. Ice packs on my head. ^ months of hell TWICE. 1993-4 and 1995. It helped a bit. But no drinking. 25 years later and constant blood tests. Constant doctor. I have been seeing one guy now 16 years. Received SAVALDI last year with olysio. My viral load is 0.0 however..I now have cirrhosis! I take Xifaxan and the other garbage for Diabetes.

And lyrica for my new diabetes neuropathy was pushing me to "do it" every day. That's why I went back to neurontin!

I am in pain constantly. And I am 58 going on 90!

The doctor told me on a scale 1 to 12 my liver disease was a 16. So I don't know what's next.

Jun 4, 2016

I was diagnosed with diabetes last July, which doesn't run in my family and 6 months later I was diagnosed with hepC genotype one. I realized I got it from use of an unclean needle when I got a tattoo. Since then I have been fighting to get approved for this medication. The state mandate three weeks ago that insurance must cover, I was approved right after that and have been taking the med for two weeks now. I have had extreme fatigue and it took just a little too long for the approval process as I will be losing my big toe over this issue. I am worried for my children as I contracted this disease before having them. Now I read about another case where a mans child was born with the disease. Passed on through the DNA. I have called my son and told him to get tested I hope my kids are ok. What a sneaky devastating disease with no signs or symptoms until it is too late, horrible. I am in the hospital for the toe surgery now. But I don't yet know if there are any underlying problems left over from this disease and I am hoping I no longer have diabetes when this is over.

Mary D Jun 2, 2016

I'm 64. Next week I start Harvoni treatment. I was DX with Hep C in 1991, but was infected in 1978 by sharing a needle, one once in my life and ended up with Hep C. I have had several biopsy's, and am at about stage 1 1/2, so very lucky to not have the damage some have. I have had lots of side effects from the disease, depression, fatigue is the big one for me. What I am hoping for is to feel better and to stop the damage to my liver.

tim harmon May 31, 2016

I found out I had Hep C in 1997 and was treated with interferon only for about 7 months until I had to stop because I was so deathly ill. At that time, my liver had little to no damage and my enzymes were only slightly elevated.

Fast forward to 2016 and 42 years of Hep C, with viral load over 6 million, extensive fibrosis, gallbladder polyp, enlarged spleen, enlarged common duct, all from hep c. After being denied the first round in March, insurance approved treatment with Viekira Pak, but rejected ribavarin. I'm just finishing 5 weeks of treatment, and at 4 weeks viral load was 47 and liver enzymes are normal. Great news!

Next day, I started a killer headache, not sure if it was the treatment, so I took some ibuprofen as my doctor recommended, which brought on an extreme 7-hour episode of SVT. So I guess I'm going to have to suffer through headaches without taking anything.

I'm staying positive and have 7 more weeks to go of treatment!

Jackie F May 29, 2016

My body cleared itself of the virus. Every time the doctors test my liver enzymes they are normal. Also there is no detectable virus! Praise God!! He can do anything!!!

jonathan t May 26, 2016

in May of 2015 I got a tattoo on my back from a friend of mine. I have several tattoos but all of them were done in shops. every time there's a blood drive anywhere and I'm around i go donate whole blood because it saves lives. On July 7th 2015 I went into the American Red Cross to donate blood to win tickets to a concert that was on July 11th which happens to be my birthday. On July 14th I got a huge package in the mail from the American Red Cross that said thank you for your donation but unfortunately after extensive testing you have hepatitis C. I could not believe my eyes. I walked out of my job in tears and went to the Central District Health department and they referred me to a family medicine clinic that had a hepatitis C Clinic as well. when I walked in the people were very warm and welcoming but I was sure that I was going to die. I did not know much about the virus other than the people with hepatitis die. they hugged me told me about it and I was blown away I had no idea that there was a cure for Hepatitis C. After some blood tests I found that I only had less than 41000 copies of the virus in my system. i found out that i was genotype 1a. i took HARVONI.. Harvoni is a 3 month treatment, 1 PILL A DAY. I only had to take it for 2 months. I had no side effects from yhe treatment and I had no side effects from the hepatitis C either. I am turning 39 years old in July this year 2016 and I was cleared from hepatitis C in January.so my story is that I got hepatitis C in May, found out in July, started treatment in November of 2015 and was cleared of hepatitis C in January 2016 and by the grace of God my treatment only cost me $20 thank you to Gideon Pharmaceuticals and the hepatitis C Clinic in my town, iI am hepatitis C free today.

May 26, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2010 as part of my yearly check up. I am 45 yrs old. I'm glad that they caught it so early and I believe, but am unsure I got it from a tattoo. Because the year prior I didn't have it and I don't do drugs or share needles simply I don't do drugs so that is ruled out as a possibility. I heard about this new drug called harvoni a few years ago on a talk radio show I think back in 2013 or close I think. My docs were trying to put me on the injection treatments and I turned them down because the success rate was so low and how harsh it was. Moving forward to now. I finally got the chance to take Harvoni in April of 2016 and a month later I was 100 percent cured of Hep C. I'm about to take my last course of the 3 month treatment and so far everything looks good. Within the first month I felt totally different as if a weight had been lifted of my shoulders. Its truly had to describe how I felt. More or less I felt like I had more energy and wasn't tired anymore. I didn't notice any side effects of the medication and still don't. Now, here's the kicker people. I'm pretty much gonna say yes I drink alcohol, but for 3 weeks, while I was on my first month course I had none at all. And, yes that was one of the hardest things I might have ever done. But, it was worth it. Now, I drink some on the weekends, but none none of Sunday just Friday and Saturday. Should I be drinking alcohol at all no I shouldn't, but its so hard to stop completely, when you've been doing it for so many years. I'm trying hard to cut back even more. Its a process and unless you've been in this situation you won't understand. Just know you can do it as I can too. Do I notice a difference after drinking the next day, yes I do. I feel like crap. And, it takes a few days before I feel good again. So, this is just info for you people out there what I've gone through and am going through currently. Also, coffee and whey protein are very good for your liver. I take a daily vitamin also. In conclusion, I hope my info helps everyone else.

Rich S May 22, 2016

Hello I start my story here by saying that I cannot believe how many of us are out there from your teenage years. I'm so depressed right now to hear some of the stories of leaving this earth because you can't take it anymore? I feel your pain every minute every day and your my age Light V your story is close to mine but there is hope my son was born with jaundice. He had issues. I'm 54 I'll be 55 this year if I make it my viral Load is off the chart 6 million an climbing, and I was on the docket for approval of the Harvoni so close and yet so far, I have fought for 35yrs as alot of you have and still fighting but its getting harder: ( I really dislike how that alot of the info that was out there back then was zilch, zero,Nada, and what teenager is ready to die? I was 19yrs as well born 1961 and I do not believe this baby boomer crap because my father got Hep A at the age of 7 and he's 79 so it shames me to think that census has classified and labled certain age that targets and how contracted? I contracted Hep A from working in unsanitary conditions in a Ho Jo In Scarsdale Ny as 8 others did as well as myself dirty water, shellfish, No hot water to wash dishes. I felt like I had mono. I went to the Dr Got a call 2 days later told to go home right away I have Hep A and B ? I was married to a heroin addict who was a hep B carrier that he had no symptoms from the Heroin. Next thing I knew I was on the couch and remember nothing for 51dys I was In a coma! Blackness is what I was In and woke up in a hospital in elmsford Ny, total body yellow jaundice from head to toe, eyes beaming yellow had no whites, tubes up my nose, Iv in my arms and 45lbs skinnier than I already was!! I fought the B off as that was the killer and on top of A ! It was a miracle my mother tells me she found me in this condition ,ex could of cared less, I had a terrible rash called pitirisous Rosie, covered me from my neck down worse than shingles, layed in a tub everyday for 3weeks and had Juvenile RA, I wanted to live. I had two kids a great 3 decades working my ass off an over working out taking care of myself. Now I need to get the cure or I'm gonna go nuts. I'm in so much pain, No insurance and the state was willing to pay for this treatment but some insurance scam saying I have insurance long story short I can't get pain meds from any Dr in my state and I can't stand that I get told I never was in a coma so I always get tested without hepatic coma jesus christ don't you think I know what happened to me and that each person is different and that is my story and I'm sticking to it, but I'm miserable and have so many conditions and diseases that this should be enjoying my golden years! I have Necrosis an bladder and kidney problems, my liver is getting larger and harder constantly so all I an do now is hurry up and wait, I cry thinking they are waitng for me to hurry up and Die as Social Security feels this isn't life threating. Sad to say it is and I hope I get approved: (I have tried everything, my immune system is shot and duedonitus, digestion and gastro too. I have a new place to come too I hope, I have faith I will be Hep C free soon .

Cecilia M May 21, 2016

If anyone thinks the pharmaceutical industry is out to save your life, forget it. There are so many reports of side effects emerging years later as a result of taking the commonly-prescribed Hepatitis C medications.

I am 33 years old, a runner, 6'1", 180ish pounds and overall good CBC numbers except for slightly elevated AST/ALT levels. I'm not scared though. I know what natural substances to take for survival.

Honestly, why do you think a number of older (and younger) people must rely on Big Pharma? It's in part because their MDs encouraged/scared them into taking prescriptions for various conditions. Why is it most drugs cause other side effects? It's to increase profits by prescribing more false hope aka drugs.

It's one big conspiracy. And don't believe the current drugs will save your life.

Harvoni and Sovaldi have caused a lot of problems for people. www.gilead.ca for more info.

And Bristol-Myers Squibb, a company which manufactures Daklinza and Sovaldi lost $1.8 billion in 2012 for a failed HCV drug it created which killed a patient and caused heart and kidney failure in others.

Finally, remember that some of your presidential candidates took campaign contributions from drug companies like BMS. Except Bernie Sanders.


Greg L. May 20, 2016

If anyone is still interested, I was diagnosed in 2001 with Hepatitis C Genotype 1. (Step 1) I was treated with the old treatment of Interferon and Ribavirin in 2001 which failed to cure. (Step 2) I was treated with 400 mg Sofosbuvir (Solvaldi) Ribavirin 600 mg. morning and 600 mg. evening each day and 1 shot of Interferon weekly for 12 weeks in 2014. This treatment also failed to cure. So then (Step3). I was treated in 2015 with ledipasvir 90 mg and Sofosbuvir 400 mg (Harvoni) daily, and Ribavirin 600 mg morning and 600 mg evening each day for 12 weeks (No interferon this time I thank my Lord for that) I am now able to say that after a 3 month and 6 month blood test I am finally undetectabie. CURED! My V. A. Dr. Ireneo Diaz is the greatest Dr. In the world to me. He was very smart and he did homework, he consulted with other V.A. Drs. and took time with me and explained things in detail. I am eternally great full to him and My Lord and Savior for helping me. So to everyone battling this disease I wish you all well. Don't give up and lose faith. This Harvoni works.

Love to all Roland G.

Roland G May 19, 2016

There are two points I would like to share.

1- I was directed to have blood tests for 15yrs. post testing pos. for Hep C. My liver was in 4th. stage cirrhosis before these tests revealed unusually high enzymes.

2-Once this was revealed I did the interferon treatment successfully BUT the drug permanently damage my optical nerve and vision.

David B May 17, 2016

Today I was informed that my Gastroenterologist's appeal for AbbVie's Viekira Pak was again denied (or it was never received), by Express Scripts. I have been given the run around in regards to which HCV medication my insurance would approve since January 2016. I've come to the conclusion that the person submitting the documentation for pre authorization is inadequate at her job. I have genotype 1a, a fibro scan showing fibrosis at stage 1.5, viral count over 7M, non-responder to interferon/Ribavirin after 6 months of treatment in 2003.

Evidently"Express Scripts" denies anyone wh''s fibrosis is less than stage 3!

Has anyone else found this to be true?

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.

Robin T May 17, 2016

I am an AB- so my blood was always in demand. In 1992 I was called by Kaiser as they needed some AB- blood.

When they screened the blood they found that I was Hep C positive. It took about 3 months for Kaiser to find a reason to drop me after being my insurer most of my adult life. I was 51 at the time.

I have never used drugs, needles or any other dangerous activities and never received a blood transfusion so the source of my Hep C is undetermined.

As I was a Vietnam Vet I turned to the VA and was accepted for medical care which was the best thing that ever happened to me. With all of the grousing about the VA, I can honestly say that it is the best care I ever received in my life. Upon turning 65 I refused Medi-Care and elected to continue with the VA.

The VA offered me treatment for Hep C with Interferon which I refused. They then set me on a schedule for an ultrasound of the liver every three months. After about two years finding no change in the liver the ultrasound was cut back to twice a year and then to yearly.

There was very little liver damage and it became obvious that I was going to die from something other than liver disease.

In 2014 I had a triple bypass. Although I did not have any symptons of coronary problems, because of my age and family history the VA insisted that I have an angiogram where they found a 90% blockage of my main downward artery and four other blockages.

After recovery from the bypass the VA wanted me to start treatment for the Hep C. As Harvoni was now being made available I was scheduled for the 12 week treatment.

At the start of treatment I had a viral load I believe of 4 million. After six weeks my blood showed negative HCV load.

At end of treatment at 12 weeks the viral load was negative and the three month check was the same. At that point in time I was certified as cured.

During the 12 week treatment I did not experience any side affects from the Harvoni and continued working my normal 12 hour day at my factory with no problems.

Bill M May 15, 2016

Good news! I was diagnosed with Hep C by a gerontologist doing routine blood work in the 1990s . I'm not sure where or when I contracted Hep C. I knew I didn't feel well, but thought it was depression. I was referred to a gastroenterologist who determined through ultrasound that I had slight scarring of the liver and an inflated viral load for Hep C. He recommended a course of Interferon and Ribaviron which was the treatment at that time. It worked, but after 6 months, the virus came back...so I was diagnosed as having CHRONIC Hep C I simply could not go through the flu-like side effects anymore. As I am not a drinker, I decided to work on my nutrition and leave it at that. Over a ten-year period, I felt fatigued and somewhat depressed, but it was not until I started losing almost a lb. of weight a day that I knew I had to go back to a gastroenterologist to discuss treatment. Simultaneously, along came the wonder drug HARVONI. The doctor went to bat for me (with appeals to the insurance co.) and they agreed to bear most of the expense of the Harvoni.

I took it for 6 months last year, with success, and have had another 6 months follow-up test showing no signs of the Hep C. By the way, there are programs out there that help with the expense of this drug if you are financially eligible. I encourage anyone who has Hep C to go NOW to your doctor (preferably a gastroenterologist) to get help. I am 78 years old and have a lot more living to do. Help...is...there!...HARVONI

May 15, 2016

After several years of being non-detectable, I have been told my Hep C is detectable. I will be proactive with my treatment. I am upset, but I know there is a reason for everything. I have several appointments pending and I will attend in the hopes that I can battle this disease one more time. I tried the interferon/ribavarin the first time and then something else the next. The treatment was 48 weeks long and is very grueling. I have heard that a new drug is available with little to no side effects. I will keep you posted.

Rhonda B. May 12, 2016

I was diagnosed as hep c positive when my baby was 2 days old.

They decided to test me because the nurse who stiched me up after giving birth got a needle stick injury and I have past drug experience.

Obviously I was totally devastated and worried about my daughter as she got jaundice at 6 days old and I immediately thought that she may have it too. She recovered well and eventually we both returned home and I was given no information or advice about how to live and cope being hep c positive.

Years passed and my daughter fell Ill and was admitted to hospital and I decided to have her blood checked for the virus whilst it was being screaned for other bacterial issues. Thank fully she is negative. I wasn't sure she would be as during birth clips were attached to the scalp to monitor her vitals more accurately and I was worried that my blood may have infected her at that point.

Anyway that was 10 years ago now and I am still fighting for treatment for myself.

During the past 16 years I have been trying to keep my liver healthy and so far so good. I have regular yearly check ups and blood tests and the results have varied over the years but my liver remains cirrhosis free.

I do suffer with IBS, bad fatigue, fibromyalgia, poor lymph gland drainage, horrific sweating for no reason, uncontrollable itching on my back mainly, no sex drive at all for at least 10 years and awful pains in both sides just below my ribs. Just touching my skin at all is very painful and most of the time I prefer not to be touched.

I have been actively seeking treatment now for the past 6 years but I have never wanted to have interferon and ribovarin as I worried about not being able to cope with the pain and working full time and because my employers do not know my status how could they understand what I was trying to cope with at the same time keeping my difficult job as a property manager and having treatment. That all seemed impossible to do so last year when my heptology nurse said I would be on the list of patients receiving this new miracle cure, I was over joyed and all I could think of was being diagnosed negative and having a new lease of life.

I was promised time and time again that because I have almost no vinicular access ( except groin veins) that the treatment would be perfect for me as it's only 1 tablet a day for 8 weeks.

So it's now May 2016 & I was told in Feb that I would receive my treatment by September 2016 but then yesterday my phone rang and it's the hospital and they tell me that the government has announced that they are only going to treat 15 patients per month divided by 6 hospitals! !!!!!!

I burst into tears as at that rate it meant I would NOT receive any treatment for another 5 years. That will make it 21 years of waiting and hoping that I could beat this awful disease. All I want is a chance to be given my life back. What was the point of NICE licencing these new drugs if they are not going to let anyone have them????

It's ridiculous and all I can do is contact my local mp and hope that they care enough to raise the matter in parliament and then pray I don't get liver scarring whilst I'm waiting.

That's all I ever seem to be doing is waiting and it's so frustrating I just want my life back! !

May 11, 2016

Hi am very Happy and just wanted to say there is Hope for Winning against this Disease. I did Treatment year ago and I was a Non-Responder. So I moved to another State and they were right on it about Me being Treated again but with a New Medicine. It was Viekira and Ribavirin. I had the Type 1A and so I had to do a 6month Treatment. I even had to Adjust it a little during the Treatment but I Finished it. And then I had to wait for 6 Months to see what My Results were .I got a Message from My Doctor and I have kept the message and My Doctor to Me the Good News that I was Cured and al the Disease what gone...And I was so Lucky also that the whole Treatment was Paid for by My Insurance...The Feel so Blessed...I wanted to tell You all that read this that there is Hope. So make sure to get Treatment and all of the New Meds are having Great Results...Hope this gets You to do Treatment and Rid Yourself of this Disease....

Keith P May 10, 2016

i was diagnosed with hep-c about 3 years ago, well 5 yrs ago i was about to lose my 2nd wife due to chronic drug/alcohol use, mostly pain meds and alcohol when i couldnt find the meds. And i made the decision to stop it all and i would not have been able to without my wifes support and the wonder drug methadone, yes i know lots are against and say you trade one addiction for the other.but all the tylenol filled pain meds i was taking were damaging my liver as well as the alcohol...anyway i just happen to be clean for nearly 2 yrs when i was a stay at home dads and my wife worked full time, so by some miracle we qualified for free healthcare under obamas healthcare laws,so i started going to the docs/found out i had hep-c and my viral load was over 5 million. It seemed like the stars aligned for me, because without the free health insurance i wouldve never been able to afford treatment, and i was scared to death of all the treatments because of all the awful stories online about the interferon..any way my doc had me take the {new at that time} sovaldi with ribavirin for 6 months..the ribavirin has some scary treatment stories but dont believe everything you hear about it because i hardly noticed and i took 3 ribavirin and one sovaldi in the morn and 3 more ribavirin at night, a total of 1200 mg of ribavirin and not sure on the sovaldi...but its been 3 months since treatment ended and my hep-c has been undetectable since i finished month one of treatment, and to think i nearly talked myself out of it by reading all the bad side effects and horror stories online...and my doctor was no help, he basically said do you want it or not, he knew nothing about it he said since it was new medicine...buy everyone remember its you and your body in the long run, so do try treatments your doc recommends no matter how scary the side effects how...of course prayer helps too, i thank god everyday that i had the courage to go through with it.....so far 4 months later and its still undetectable...good luck to all.

Christopher S May 10, 2016

To all the Hep C suffer's. I pray my testimony will give you the strength to get tested, do the foot work with your Dr and be patient. I found out I had Hep C on April 12, 2016. It was dr's appointment after doctors appointment and on the third week I was given my paper work to be at a CT scan on my body and a liver biopsy. I do know when I contracted this deadly virus which was in 1998. I'm geno type 3 with very lil cirrhosis. That was close to 20 years ago but I have friends that have taken Harvoni in their 60's, very exciting to know that not only did Harvoni kill the virus, but set them totally cured from Hep C. My Harvoni was delivered to me last Thursday per Fed Ex and I've never felt better. Plz don't read the side effects, let's get thru this together!!! I'm not fatigue at all. As I said No side effects yet in my 6th day and I wish you All The Same!! Very grateful to have Harvoni, take action you good ppl and cure yourself from it! There is help from the pharmaceutical that will help you get this medicine. Plz don't give up! I felt as if my liver was gonna bust out of my body but soon as I started the Harvoni, ALL SYSTEMS ARE GONE AND I HAVE EXPERIENCED NO SIDE EFFECTS!!! Thank You to the makers of Harvoni, You Saved my LIFE

Alex C May 10, 2016

I use to workout at the gym everyday sometimes 4 to 6 hours a day. Then one day in 1986 I got really sick. I thought it was a bad flu so I rest. Then 2 months went by and I was still sick. So I went to the doctor and he said I had Mono nucleosis. Gave me some kind of steroid treatment and Sent Me On My Way. Six months after that Im still sick no better I go to a few doctors they don't know what's wrong with me. One doctor even told me I was crazy and it was all in my head. At that point I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I was so sick that I could hardly get out of bed and for four years I struggled with this all the while reading about the immune system and how to build it up. I learned that the main thing I could do was the Raticate yeast from my body and not eat it anymore. I did this and at least I felt better and I could get out of bed now and I can function not normal but I would always feel tired and I would have to nap in the middle of the day but at least I can function. I decided that it was time for me to go back to school as the illness interrupted my school. That was in 1990. In 1992 while I was at school I dated a girl and she said that I need to be tested for a certain STD. While I was being tested for that the doctor told me there was a new test it came out but that I probably didn't have it and so she didn't want to give me the test. I told her please give it to me let's leave no stone unturned. It turns out it was hepatitis C. The side effects were harsh but afterward I did have more energy and could function better. Then later I went on interferon for one year. The effects again where harsh but it did help me have more energy after the fact. In about 2004 I went on interferon and ribavirin. The effects were more harsh it started to affect my sex drive as I was married at this time, and I lost much of my hair but I did feel better after the fact. None of this cured me it came back and I discovered that I had type 1. I also discovered the only possible way I am contracted this was when I was a teenager in the seventies I got a blood transfusion as I was in an accident and lost a lot of blood. I did not use needles so this is the only possible way I could have gotten it. For those of you who are worried about giving it to your family, just don't share your razor blades with him for your toothbrush and all should be well you can only transfer from blood to blood not through sex unless you're bleeding and they're bleeding. Here we are May 2016 and I'm about to get treatment with ribovirin and another I forgot the other name of the medication but it's a 12-week treatment. Compared to the interferon and ribavirin side effects this will be a breeze. I'm not even worried about it. I hope and pray that it will cure me that would be nice as all the others have failed. I'm a religious person so I pray and I encourage you to do the same if you are in the situation that I am in. I know that God has blessed me maybe I don't deserve it but he has. I will pray that He blesses you too. Mark

Mark C May 9, 2016

I had Hep C for 49 years with extremely high viral load and genotype 1.

I am clear and have been since week 4 :) No side effects no big deal 1 pill a day and it works :)

Find a good Dr who works with your insurance and foundations and if you qualify you may get it for free like I did.

Don't give up keep asking for the help you need.

sharon c May 9, 2016

I am a 58 year old African female, and I was diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus 10 years ago in 2006. I eventually underwent the then 48 week treatment using Pegasys and Ribavirin combo from April 2007 till March 2008, but failed to eradicate the virus. Since then, I have been waiting for a new and improved treatment. When my doctor told me about this new treatment, I was more than elated. I started the treatment Thursday April 28, 2016 and this will be on it for 12 weeks till Wednesday, July 21 2016.

This Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir + Ribavirin combo treatment I believe will eradicate the Hepatitis C virus by the time I celebrate my 58th birthday July 25, just 4 days after finishing the treatment. A great way to celebrate my birthday, I'd say...

Living with the virus has had its challenges, but one blessing I received in the last 10 years since I have known I carry the virus, has been the positive changes I have had to made in my life. Being aware has moved me into living a more health conscious life. The newsletters from Hepatitis Central have been extremely supportive, and daily Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Eating Gluten Free, Liver Detoxing with Organic Green Coffee Enema, and a host of other Natural remedies have given me Wellbeing, Peace, Focus, and Discipline I probably wouldn't have developed had I not been diagnosed with this virus, and the knowledge that caused me to pay more attention to my Life-Choices and what was truly really important to me.

I will come back here and share my experience during the next 12-week CURE-Treatment, and my SUCCESS STORY.

To everyone out there going through this like I am, I want to say GOOD LUCK, and we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay always and forever blessed.

Mary L May 1, 2016

Diagnosed age 60. I'm now 70, liver and general health OK. Many of the prevailing symptoms mirror those found in POST POLIO SYNDROME which was diagnosed age 50.

Fatigue has been an anchor dragging me deeper each day. Maybe one day a week I will become elated upon waking to a clear mind. The norm is physical and emotional disconnection.

Starting Norvino. One pill per day. Absurd cost . $1,000 per pill. So lucky to have Insurance and Medicare. Support Obama Care...a better system if modeled like medicare.

So excited to see what the new , SELF will be like.

Apr 30, 2016

Please future writers and readers which ever treatment you're discussing please include which geno-type it specifically covers. That is a very crucial part of information. Thank you and I wish everyone the best. DP

Dee P Apr 30, 2016

I have had hep c for decades now . I am awfully lucky. I had a very good friend that just found out he had hep c. He died 2 weeks latter. That scared the hell out of me.

I also had an affirmative with an alcoholic....found out later she was drinking one gallon of cheap vodka a day.

She had it in her purse. Being a man that like to use women in sex I went with it.

Finally I kicked her put, she took a bus back to Apalacia and died on the bus broom lever disease.

Of course now I am freely really shameful and much more aware.

I saw a specialist that had a unique method for looking at my liver. Instead of a biopsy he inserted tube down my throat to liver with a small camera. Works well.

Anybody try this? Anyway I was told I had cirrhosis. I have been clean now for about 2 years and was amazed that my blood test showed me almost cured! I was also taking milk thistle. From all I read, I still think the test was wrong, because I don,t think the liver ever regains good cells to rid of scaring. Any body else have this experience with blood tests? I believe there was an error but my doctor won,t test me again.

Glenn H Apr 26, 2016

I am 51 years old and have recently been diagnosed with Hep C 1a and Auto immune Hep. I have to take drug tests for 3 months before the specialist will approve treatment. If I were to guess I have had it for more than 20 years, but it is possible that I picked it up along the way, doing first aid in processing plants, after people cut themselves on cutting machines. Either way there is no way to know exactly and it doesn''t really matter. I am glad I just recently have been diagnosed since there is such an improvement on treatment. Had I known a decade ago I may have put myself through heck with the old treatment types. They call this the silent killer for a reason. We as humans can deal with it for decades and not even know it. I feel like I have already survived it, and will most likely respond well to treatment if approved.

Apr 26, 2016

I was around 18 or so when i got hepc, im 46 now. Ive only been diagnosed of have it! I dont no wwhat type or how far along it has progressed! I take care of my father and can only work part time, so i cant afford insurance or the liver test to see What type it is!! $$50. Is a lot of money to me and i think just a liver test is more than that. It would be cool to just have someone gave you the pills for the cure like the one story i read, its nice to know that there are still kind people out there, and i pray that it helps that man! Living with this sure isnt comfortable. I eat as healthy as i can, cant really afford much of the herbal pills and teas, but i do the best i can with what i have! I love my grandkids and my dad, hopefully a miracle will come my way someday, if not im not going to give up keep on going, Gods got my back, he has this many years, it could be worst,

Good luck to every single person with hepc, and god bless the doctors for finding a cure for this yucky disease!!

Apr 25, 2016

Caught HepC thru IV use of street drugs. When Jesus saved he told me to had a Call on my life. For 14 1/2yrs. I travelled the Nations preaching n prophesying without one thought of concern for the HepC in my liver

Finally, in March of 2006 i wz informed that i needed a liver transplant cause i wz Stage4.

They decided to prepare me for the Interferon/Ribavarin Chemotherapy.After 12 months on Chemo, drinking over 20 meds per day n the ChemonCocktail ea. Week...i remained entombed in darkness; a foggy, blury zombied out Xsistence.

I began coming to n recognize what wz happening to me...I AM ON PURPOSE PROACTIVE TOWARDS MY TOTAL HEALING N WHOLENESS

DrSoki Meza Apr 25, 2016

The Hep C was cleared from my body by Harvoni. The side effects of the Harvoni were terrible for me, and I still have lingering peripheral neuropathy from the drug. I am elderly, and the exhaustion from the Hepatitis C and Harvoni persisted. I did a lot of research online, and found a reputable site that claims that Hepatitis C damages the mitochondria of the cells - - the energy producing portion of the cell. The mitochondria can be repaired with lipid replacement therapy. My doctor put me on 3 different phospholipids, and after about two months, I began to get my pre-Hep C energy level restored. If you experience continuing fatigue, do the research and/or bring it up with your doctor. This lipid replacement regimen will really help! Good luck to all of you in overcoming this debilitating disease.

Pamela E. Apr 25, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis in my 20's. Recently a fibroscan showed a score of 3-4 lots of damage. My insurance refused to allow Harvoni and the alternative was contraindicated with the other medical problems. So my doctor found a clinical trial for me of a new combo by Gilead. Eight weeks later and no virus detected!!! The chronic fatigue I suffered with is gone!! Never give up hope of a cure!

Sheryl Fisher Apr 25, 2016

After contracting hepC in 1968; after a serious injury and 23 blood transfusions..I am 100% cured since Jan 2016. I went from a viral count of approx 20million to 0 after 3 months of Harvoni treatment. I can now enjoy a longer life thanks to Harvoni treatment.I can do all the things I was restricted from for 48 years. This has been a prayer answered. I can't thank enough the research people and the doctors for such a miracle.

howard s Apr 21, 2016

Hello. I contracted Hep C over 20 years ago. Just finishing 12 week treatmnt in 20 days. Harvoni caused side effects? however mild. Insomnia, irritability, weight gain, mind fog..low energy. Now, in the last days of treatment, side effects more pronounced. How long till this annoyance disappears ?

Apr 18, 2016

I caught Hep back in the early 90's from IV meth use. I was a stupid kid in my twenties and made very dumb choices. I was diagnosed last fall with Hep C genotype 3a. I have now been on Sovaldi and Daklinza now for 5 weeks of a 12 week treatment.

So far I feel better than I ever have! I know this is scary when you find out everyone, but the new drugs are turning out to be a miracle. I go for my next viral load count again soon here in a few weeks. Wish me luck all!

Eric Bergkvist Apr 8, 2016

Hang in there and try to be patient--new medicines are coming along all the time.

Apr 8, 2016

Found out I had Hep C about 7 years ago. Went on the Interferon combo medication almost immediately. For 3 months I suffered terribly; nausea, vomiting, pain throughout the body, and exhausted all the time. Ended up in hospital-medication depleted my white blood cells and I got very sick. During my 5 day hospital stay, my liver Dr, and I decided I should stop the medication. I don't think I would have lasted the full 48 weeks.

Liver biopsies showed no liver damage over the next 5 years. I thought since I had Hep C for 35 plus years, I was one of the lucky ones; my liver would not be impacted by the Hep C virus.

We talked about new medication breakthroughs, but I was not willing to begin medication program since my liver was fine.

In January 2016, my biopsy and blood test showed a drastic increase in liver damage. I went to the Hodpital of the University of Pennsylvania for a review and treatment program. Their tests showed severe cirrhosis and further tests showed 6 cancerous liver tumors. What a shock; I went from being fine to cirrhosis and liver cancer in 4 weeks.

I am on Harvoni for the Hep C, and I am scheduled for a liver chemoembolization treatment next week.

We will see how things go!

Moral of the story; don't play around with Hep C. Even if you "feel fine", get on the medication, Don't wait for a downturn in the health of your liver: it can go from 0 to 60 quicker than you can bat an eye. Get on the Med's!

Apr 6, 2016

I was diagnosed in 1997 when I became a bone marrow donor. I waited until this past summer to be treated I am a genotype 2. I was treated for 12 weeks with Sovaldi and Riboviran. The only side affect was a very low red blood cell count which made me constantly tired and out of breath. After treatment my viral count was 0! Hopefully when I have my blood counts again they will still be 0. It was a hard decision for me to make because of the current treatment for genotype 2. Glad I did it.

Cindy C Apr 6, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep c and it has been a nightmare! Between the thought of death and my child being without a mother is awful!! I was never a drug user! I drank heavy to avoid dealing with everyday life as a young mother and my childhood memories!! I work and take care of my buisness as a mother and provider. I always felt a void in my life and dealt with men that were nothing worthy! I can't say where I got it from. It was during a routine check up and I was devastated!!!! And drank some more I feel low and dirty!!! I feel like a murderer don't know how I can live with myself and have not told anyone I went to GI after being unable to bare the joint pain, anxiety, dizzyness, etc to start finding out more of this dragon!!! Well it's only been three visits that I have gone to him and needless to say I started HARVONI JUST 3 days ago!!!! I must say I was scared to death to even try!!!! (due to so much research and side effects!!) IT'S BEEN 3 days and it's been the BEST 3days!!! I feel alive pain free!!! And so far NO SIDE EFFECTS THAT WOULD MAKE ME STOP!! Very mild if any headache and gastritis if that!!! I'm on this for 8 weeks!! I pray to God I nail this dragon and can go on with life!!! No more tattoos, alcohol, etc things that can harm me and say out can't happen to the best of us but now I'm more careful with my life!! I wanna live!! U don't know how it will be for you till u try!! Best of luck to all with this dragon demon!!! Let's kill it!!!

Faith S Apr 6, 2016

I was on Harvoni for 12 weeks and was cleared of Hep C genotype 1. I got the disease from a blood transfusion when I was 28 after a gall bladder surgery. I had no symptoms for almost 47 years. When I started to feel the symptoms, terrible itching, lack of appetite, fatique and sleeplessness I checked out what treatment I would go with. Very,very lucky that at this time Harvoni was available for me.

cathy f Apr 5, 2016

I am 65 years old and I found out 5 years ago that I had Hepatitis C just from a routine checkup. My doctor reminded me that I had never had a physical and asked if he could draw my blood and have it tested. Sure I said I didn't have a problem with that. When the results came back I was floored. I did remember when I had my 3rd child back in 1977 my urine was discolored and I was told I had Hepatitis but not to worry an antibiotic would clear it, and it did. The only place I think I could have gotten it was after the Vietnam war when my husband to be came home with it and was a drug user. I had an ultrasound and a biopsy done which showed that my liver wasn't damaged. Mind you I had no symptons whatsoever. My doctor wanted me to go on interferon and ribavirin but after researching the treatment and reading testimonies that the treatment was horrendous I decided to wait until new treatments came out that I was reading about. I waited 5 years and kept getting my levels checked yearly. Then in 2015 Harvoni came out as a treatment. I took it for 8 weeks with absolutely no side effects and my viral load went from over 4 million down to zero. There is hope so never give up

Fran T Apr 5, 2016

After an on the job injury in 1996 where I was exposed to another persons blood. I was sent to the ED for treatment and my blood test came back Hep C positive.

I decided not to forgo any of the treatment available at the time. I didn't even allow them to do a liver biopsy because I didn't want the evasive procedure when I was not going to let them treat me with the treatment they had at the time which was interferon.

I immediately started searching out ways to stay healthy and keep my liver functions from deteriorating. A good healthy diet was the first option I started with. I cut back on my alcohol consumption. Praise God I was not an alcoholic and could do that. I started searching the internet for anything and everything I could find that would help my condition. I found some research that had been suppressed for years called the Beck protocol. Bob Beck created the Beck Protocol, a natural health, bioelectric protocol designed to help the body heal itself. His passion for using electrotherapy technology to help us heal led him to develop five ways to improve health. Four of the steps work together and have become known as the Beck Protocol or the Bob Beck protocol. I used this protocol and I believe it was one of the reason I was able to stay healthy over the years.

I took all the well-known supplements for the liver that I could find after I finished the protocol. My liver levels stabilized and remained stable for 20 years. I was 38 when I was first diagnosed and I was 56 when I was finally cured.

After hearing about Harvoni I called my insurance company and found out that they would cover the treatment if I qualified but I had to have a hepatologist submit the paperwork for me. I approached my primary care physician and told him I wanted to be referred to the best hepatologist he could find.

I first opted for the ultrasound of the liver to detect any cirrhosis. After submitting the results of that test I was denied the drug treatment based on my liver condition. It was not severe enough. I discussed the options with my Dr and he suggested a traditional liver biopsy. After those results were submitted I was approved. I was lucky my insurance covered the entire 2 months of treatment except for $5.

Don't give up if you want to be cured. Keep looking for the right Dr that understands the system and can get the treatment approved for you. I would try a major University Medical Center if you have one close to you.

Apr 5, 2016



My wife Vivien and I were quite happily minding our own business and backpacking through SE Asia during the winter of 2009/10. We had taken to spending our winters in warmer climates for the past few years to escape the harsh night time mountain cold at our Spanish farmhouse in Andalucia our home since 2000.

The previous few winters we had decamped to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, but this year we were taking in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Three and a half months into this trip while travelling down through Malaysia I found myself for no obviously apparent reason becoming weaker and weaker. By the time we reached Singapore, I had become so ill I was barely able to leave our guesthouse. Our itinerary included a plane ride from Singapore over to Djakarta which I dragged myself out of bed for. But that airplane ride became the flight from hell as cramps, stomach spasms, headaches and nausea took serious hold.

Djakarta was originally supposed to be the jumping off point for our final month of touring down through Java to terminate in Bali for the last week of this trip before our scheduled return flight home to Spain at the end of March.

Oh the best laid plans of mice and idiots! On arrival at Djakarta airport I still felt far too ill to face the prospect of more backpacking, so we decided to postpone our planned Indonesian adventure for now and fly straight on down to Bali to rest up and recuperate for the whole 4 weeks.

After another very difficult plane ride we finally arrived at Denpasar airport in Bali mid-afternoon on 23rd February 2010, but it took us until early evening to find a suitable guesthouse within our budget. We finally managed to get into our room by about 7 pm, but by that time I was well and truly knackered.

I needed the toilet immediately on arrival, only to discover a lot of blood in the bowl when I'd finished. Literally not having enough strength to clean myself afterward, I just crawled into the shower, curled up naked in the foetal position and asked Vivien to 'hose me down'. But before retiring to bed I needed to revisit the toilet bowl to be sick, and when that ran red with blood I knew something more than just being run down was afoot.

Hey ho. The general upshot to all this blood, vomit, diarrhoea, tiredness, cramp and generally not feeling totally tip top ticketyboo was that by this point, any remaining thoughts of 'toughing' it out, being a man, sucking it up, and only ever going to the doctor were a limb virtually hanging off or already detached went out the window.

Something was definitely not quite right here and needed sorting, so off to the jolly old hospital in the morning it is then, health insurance or not (in our case not)!


I was admitted to the above hospital on the morning of February 24th 2010, (not a well boy)!

Following the admittance procedure, we were ushered straight up onto a ward and connected to a saline drip and oxygen mask. In the meantime, many blood samples were taken for analysis and a blood transfusion arranged to try and restore my body to something approaching normal, this transfusion was the first of many over the next few days.

Was I scared? yes. Was I not happy? Yes.

But look on the bright side, if you're ill, scared and unhappy, where better to be than inside a modern hospital being treated by the very Head of Gastro-enterology himself, yes the big cheese in our case is Professor W. MD, PHD, a very important man.

We spent as comfortable a night as our situation allowed and waited patiently for the prof to come on his rounds with my test results the next morning.

He arrived looking serious (oh dear). Expecting the worst I told him not to sugar coat the pill and to give it to us straight.

Scared? Oh Yes, but what can you do. Despite all these negative emotions, I somehow also felt strangely calm, as if resigned to whatever his judgement on my fate might turn out to be.

He started hesitantly, as if looking for a way to minimise the weight of whatever news he had to impart in a language that wasn't his native tongue. By now both Vivien and I were a captive audience, holding hands, and in my case, mentally saying goodbye to her.

'Well Mr and Mrs M, I'm afraid to tell you that Mr M has Hepatitis C'. It seemed to me this statement was delivered in a way that had more than a hint of its being only a part of some impending good news/bad news story.

And I can't work out which bit of the news this is, because I know nothing about Hepatitis C. Has he started with the good news? Or the bad? And what was still to come?

My brain was in turmoil, but before I could recover my thoughts he continued.

'As well as Hepatitis C Mr M, you also have decompensated liver cirrhosis, chronic liver disease, Hematemesis-Melena, a Hiatal hernia, Reflux oesophagitis, a polypoid lesion on the fundic gaster, Portal hypertensive gastropathy and Erosive gastritis'!!!!

Now I'm properly confused, and Vivien is trying her best not to cry beside me. I mean, what the hell is going on here!!!


Vivien and I just looked at each other, barely able to comprehend the meaning of all the medical complications attaching themselves to my new Hepatitis C condition. Personally I couldn't have been more confused if he'd just tied me upside down on a rubber lamppost, covered me in treacle and started calling me Doris!

I mean, what language was that diagnosis delivered in, it certainly wasn't English as I understood it. I know I'd asked for any bitter pill not to be sugar coated, but I had at least expected the results of his deliberations in English and not Latin, Basque or Indonesian!

It had all sounded very dramatic and rather serious, but the overall tone of his delivery was sympathetic and suggested re-assurance and calm, not alarm. This at least gave hope for the prospect of some future on our horizon. 'So that's alright then is it prof?' I asked, and indeed he suggested it could be.

With that out of the way I now felt better able to deal with the medical issues. I knew nothing about Hepatitis C; we'd always been completely up to date on all vaccinations necessary for travel including Hepatitis A & B. Neither of us really understood too much about any of the diseases we were vaccinated against, other than knowing we couldn't travel without them.

Therefore, as long as we were up to date, we knew we weren't going to catch any of them. But there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, and when Prof W announced I had it, he might as well have told me I had Raging Swamp rot or Dingle berry disease.

Prof said he could stabilise my condition, and that at least seemed to indicate there was some time on our side. Time enough anyway to learn what had caused this, how I got it, and how to avoid it in the future.

At this point in our lives, recreational drugs hadn't been part of it for over 30 years since our children arrived in the late 70's early 80's, we might have drunk a bit too much alcohol in Spain as part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, but neither of us have ever been overweight and we'd both kept ourselves fit through sport and exercise, so there was no reason to believe I couldn't return to normal again.

So from that day, the new mantra became;

Concentrate on dealing with one day at a time.

Do what the doctors tell you.

Beat Hepatitis C and all the related medical side issues linked to it.

Then focus on something positive in the future.

That bit was easy for me. Get fit and well enough again to enjoy my family and friends, and at some as yet, unspecified time in our future, resume travelling.

4. (part 1)


I'd never heard of Hepatitis C before being told I had it, so I just accepted it as bad luck. In some way it was actually a bit of a relief, because it finally explained some of the symptoms I'd been experiencing over the past few years. Debilitating cramps, headaches, oedema (swelling of fingers, ankles), occasional nausea and tiredness etc.

We spent 8 days in Bali hospital before Prof W considered me stable enough to discharge with a sack full of pills to treat my various ailments. This was followed by three weeks of recuperation before our return flight home. We arranged to stay with our daughter in Stroud which was also close to the majority of my family in the Cotswolds UK.

I needed a doctor in England as there was no way we could go back to live in Spain with Hep C. My Spanish was certainly not good enough to cope with the complex medical dialogue necessary for me to understand all the issues raised during my time in hospital. So while we were resting in Bali, my sister back home in the UK signed me up to an excellent surgery in Stroud ready for our return.

The process of recovery was now under way and I was back in the UK National Health System (NHS). My new GP in Stroud immediately referred me to Gloucester Hospital where I went through many rounds of clinics, consultations, scans and blood tests.

It was during this process that I became aware of general attitudes to this disease and those who suffer with it. Hepatitis C is a BBV (Blood Borne Virus); it is passed on through the exchange of blood. So drug addicts become prime candidates when they share needles for example. Tattoos are another source if the tattooist doesn't use a clean needle. Cocaine users can also pass it on when sharing a tube (i.e. a 5 note) to 'snort' it; blood from the nasal mucus membrane of one can transfer to another through sharing a tube. Also blood transfusions before the early 90's can be another possible cause (before Hep C was discovered).

Contrary to common belief though, it is more difficult to transmit through sexual activity, unless the sex is rough or violent to the point where blood 'mingles'.

There are many other innocent ways to pass this disease on, couples sharing a toothbrush where gums have bled, and partners sharing safety razors where one tiny nick of blood is sufficient to transmit the virus.

But in general, I have found it to be considered a disease suffered by drug addicts, ne'er do wells, alcoholics (through their association with liver disease) and people with low morals. Much in the same way HIV and Aids was considered the disease of homosexuals 20 ' 30 years ago, and how far have we come since then!

In fact, the further down the road of treatment and recovery I went; the more biased and entrenched I found these attitudes to be.

5. (part 2)


In October 2012 I accidentally 'stumbled' upon a weekly support group for sufferers of Hepatitis C in my local town Swindon.

Here I met other patients covering a wide spectrum of experience, some with the disease awaiting treatment, others who had been through treatment and either cleared or not cleared the virus. There were carers of patients like my wife Vivien, and last but not least, occasional visitors from various branches of the medical profession with an interest in Hepatitis C who wanted to learn more about the disease from patients actually suffering from it, so hats off to them.

The group is run by a rock musician who came through years of addiction himself and lost most things of value in his life along the way. He's been 'clean' for 7 years now and it's his experience that drives this group forward. Many agencies working in related fields are now coming to us to learn more about what we're doing and how we do it.

There is a good mix of people here, others like me who experimented with drugs in the late 60's/70's, finished and moved on, only to later find the disease had lain dormant in our bodies for 30 ' 40 years before jumping out later to bite us.

There are many ex drug addicts too, most of whom are currently going through rehab and doing all it takes to get clean and reclaim their lives (not easy). Virtually all the drug addicts I have come into contact with suffered some sort of abandonment or abuse as kids, whether mental or physical, and drugs became their escape from the unpleasantness.

Wrong choice?

Whose fault?

It is for these kids I go to the weekly support group meetings, hoping to 'debunk' some of the misconceptions surrounding the disease and those who have it, and to help in any way I can anyone suffering from it and looking for advice/information/support.

We all make personal choices for various reasons based on our own unique experiences at the time we experience them. For young kids who turned to drugs to help them deal with their issues, and have now made a commitment to change their lives, I believe they deserve every chance for a route back into society and all the help they can get.


My personal experience of the NHS has been a very good one, beyond my wildest expectations in fact.

It almost feels to me as if a red carpet was put down to receive us from the moment we landed back in the UK. I couldn't possibly have asked for more compassion, understanding, care and treatment during the five years I've been under its care with this disease.

I've paid sufficient dues in my working life to qualify for the full state pension when I'm 65, so although I feel my treatment within the NHS has been earned, I still can't help but feel pathetically grateful for it.

My new surgery in Stroud received me in to their care with open arms, and my GP Mike G turned out to be a shining light in the middle of my new darkness, he really helped me to understand what was happening inside my body, and treated me for everything that fell outside the remit of the liver team at Gloucester Hospital who were the primary carers for my Hepatitis C condition.

Over in Gloucester I was at the hospital on virtually a weekly basis as the doctors battled to identify the amount of damage Hepatitis C had done to my body. My liver was clearly not in good shape, there had been some kidney damage too, as well as further damage to the linings of my oesophagus, stomach and intestines.

Over the course of the next 5 months (April ' Sept 2010) I underwent regular blood tests, Ultra-sounds, MRI scans, CAT scans, Biopsies, Gastroscopies, ECG tests (heart scans) and medication adjustments. These tests eventually gave the doctors a clear enough picture to decide on a course of treatment.

This watershed in analysis notwithstanding one anomaly in my results the doctors couldn't fathom, but that anomaly suggested I had a tumour. None of the tests showed where the bleeder was hiding and nothing else they tried could coax the little bugger into popping its head over the parapets to 'disclose' its position.

Sneaky, sneaky, just like the virus itself, although to be fair, that sneakiness is basically the job of a virus and therefore I don't suppose you can't blame it for doing its job!

So tumour or not, by early September a course of treatment was finally prescribed and I was called to the hospital on Sept 21st to 'begin the journey to cure and recovery'.

By this stage I was still quite weak and unable to drive; I had no appetite for food, was suffering with headaches and occasionally nauseous. But given the condition of my liver, the view of the medical team was I should start the treatment.


Before treatment was due to start I was given information about the two drugs I would be taking, Interferon and Ribavirin. Apparently different patients react to these drugs in different ways, and the type of reaction could be affected by how fit you were, how long you'd had Hepatitis C and how much damage had already been done to your liver because of it.

Reading the list of potential side effects didn't inspire me with optimism for the process. Unless of course you fancied the odd bit of fatigue, even more headaches, some flu like fever, nausea, anorexia, diarrhoea, depression, irritability, insomnia, itching, rashes, alopecia, coughing or anaemia.

Not a course one would happily embark upon unless there was no option, but without treatment Hepatitis C would lead to liver failure and death. If your heart, lungs or kidneys fail, modern equipment and medicine can take over to replicate those organs function while the problem is repaired. In these cases, the doctors use a heart pump, lung respirator or dialysis for the kidneys. But nothing can take over from the liver. If you have a serious problem, you fix it or die. This makes your liver a unique organ and worth looking after.

By Sept 2010 I'd been feeling poorly for so long it was a no brainer for me to accept the treatment. Duly on Sept 21st 2010 we arrived at the hospital and were shown how to inject the weekly dose of Interferon and orally take Ribavirin, these 2 new drugs were to be taken alongside my normal daily medication to control all the other complications I had related to Hepatitis C, and these already had their own list of side effects.

Fortunately, the Interferon injection was only one injection a week. But within 24 -36 hours of taking it I would feel much worse. The nausea, anaemia and headaches could double in intensity. Other patients I subsequently met referred to this drug as 'Interference', because of the 'brain fog' it induced.

Ribavirin also came to be known as 'Riborage'. When you're feeling nauseous, depressed and fatigued, you're not sleeping, you're itching, anaemic, full of a cold and have diarrhoea, then the last piece in the side effects compendium. Irritability can understandably sometimes manifest itself as rage, and this was felt by most other patients I met.

Personally I never felt depressed and my own irritability never progressed to real rage, but the rest of the adverse side effects were all there. This programme of treatment was to last for 48 weeks, which made it feel like I was standing at the edge of a desert looking way beyond to a horizon still one year away and knowing I would be feeling pretty crap all the way through it.

The prospect was outrageously daunting, but I accepted the price as one to be paid if I wanted to get better, and I desperately did. So I just focussed on taking the medicine one day at a time and focussing on the future. A future with me still in it and returned to health, playing an active and healthy part.

The start of the 1st treatment required weekly/fortnightly visits to the hospital for blood tests, to measure how successful the drugs were in combatting the virus, plus of course the personal check-ups to see how my body was coping.

Not only did it not cope well, it turned out these drugs were having no effect on the virus, making me a non-responder, and as such, I was withdrawn from that treatment after 9 weeks.

In the meantime, I was carry on rewardless with all my other medications until a new programme to eliminate the virus could be found and my body recovered enough to withstand whatever it would be.


This was the situation one year later. On Sept 6 2011 I was placed on a second treatment that repeated Interferon and Ribavirin, with a new drug added called 'Telaprevir'.

The thought of this made me a little apprehensive because besides the excitement of taking Interferon and Ribavirin again, there were apparently additional delights attaching themselves to the taking of Telaprevir.

So delightful in fact this new combination again proved too toxic for my body to withstand. A rash associated with Telaprevir duly arrived and quickly spread all over my body. In addition, I became really ill, so much so that after a routine hospital visit for blood tests, we were phoned by the doctor the following day after the results came and told to get back to the hospital urgently for admittance.

I re-entered hospital on Sept 26th 2011 with a delightful and exotic condition called 'deranged electrolytes'. I think that meant my kidneys weren't feeling too well after the barrage of new drugs. But if you are going to be rushed into hospital for some reason, what better than 'deranged electrolytes' to enter with! I thought that sounded pretty cool.

I stayed in hospital until discharge on Oct 4th by which time I was considered stable enough by the doctors to go home again. I was pretty much unaware of what had gone on in there as I spent most of my time drifting in and out of the drug haze of the treatment and recovery medicines. I felt like I had virtually been turned into a zombie, but at least I was going home.


Naturally the 'crash and burn' episode in Gloucester in September 2011 gave the hospital no option but to stop the second treatment. This left me with nowhere to go until new drugs and treatments to beat Hepatitis C became available in the NHS. So I continued attending the monthly clinics at Gloucester hospital to monitor my condition and manage the drugs I was still taking from the original Bali episode.

In December 2011 my clinical nurse at the hospital retired, and the Gastro-enterology department started using locums to make up the shortfall until the department could be re-organised. While all this was going on though, that one anomaly in my blood results still remained. It was called AFP (Alpha-Fetoprotein) and my levels were still very high.

Possible reasons for this were explained to me back when I first entered Gloucester's care, and there were only really 2 known causes for the kind of levels I was registering.

Either a) I was pregnant, or b) there was a tumour present, somewhere, probably in the liver.

This tumour, despite all the tests, scans and screenings was proving difficult for my non-specialist local to locate. Fortunately for me one of my routine Gloucester clinic visits put me in front of Dr T, a visiting locum helping out from Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham. This hospital is universally regarded as a centre of excellence for liver related issues and one of this country's main transplant centres and teaching hospitals. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best teaching hospitals in the whole of Europe, if not the world.

Dr T took one look at my medical notes and said he was going to refer me to Birmingham for ongoing treatment, and I attended my first clinic there in June 2012.

Upon my arrival at Birmingham the team immediately zeroed in on this high AFP level in order to find the elusive tumour. They conducted the same sort of thorough investigation I believe the CIA must have waged in finding Osama Bin Laden. And in both cases the intention was the same, to seek, identify, and then destroy the bugger.

It was finally an MRI scan on the 20th September that found where it had been hiding. I did receive a phone call from the hospital first to warn me of this discovery, but the clever way this was confirmed in writing gave me some encouragement and hope. I quote "...the MRI scan performed in Birmingham on 20th September showed a very suspicious area in the liver which very likely represents early liver cancer. The Multidisciplinary team discussed the possible approaches to the management of this. Because of your underlying cirrhosis and early liver failure, we think that liver transplantation is probably the best way forward" OK, so I had cancer, what next?


And so I entered Birmingham hospitals Liver Transplant Assessment programme where prospective patients are assessed for their suitability for transplant.

I attended the hospital on 19th November 2012 to undergo a variety of tests including chest x-ray, echocardiogram, ECG and blood tests. Then we met with a transplant co-ordinator and were given information about the rest of the assessment and answered any questions we had.

At close of play that day the co-ordinator confirmed the consultants would review the results and decide if they considered me a suitable candidate for transplant, in which case further assessments would be required. Well we passed phase one and were recalled for 2 more days of tests and assessments on Dec 4-5th 2012.

It was made clear to us during these assessments that even if accepted, there was no 'guarantee' of receiving a transplant. There is always a shortage of donor livers; hence we might be waiting for possibly up to 3,6,12 months or maybe longer for a transplant, and it was not unknown for some patients to die with liver related problems while on the list.

Dec 5th was a Wednesday, and at the end of the day's proceedings we were told the consultants met every Friday to review all the assessed patients and decide whether or not you were to go on the waiting list. Either way we would be called on Friday afternoon.

So Vivien and I went home that Wednesday evening on tenterhooks awaiting Friday's judgement.

When it came, the co-ordinator said we had made it onto the list and she sounded genuinely thrilled for us. She also re-iterated it would be our responsibility from that day to always have an overnight bag packed ready and waiting for the phone call to get to the hospital urgently were they to find a compatible liver, bearing in mind the hospital was over 2 hours away from our home.

She did warn us there might be some false alarms, because it was entirely possible a liver from another part of the country initially deemed suitable for me, might turn out not to be so under scrutiny on arrival at the hospital.

But some hope is better than no hope, the tumour was small (but growing), and there was always surgery or radio/chemotherapy in the interim if a compatible liver proved difficult to find, although I do have a common blood type which increased my chances significantly.

After that call our emotions were running high, it felt like we had come to the end of a very difficult 32 months, only to now be standing on the threshold of a different kind of uncertainty, and still staring into a future that held no guarantees. Weird feeling!


That feeling of weirdness was only to last 20 hours. At noon on December 8th the co-ordinator rang again to announce they'd found a suitable liver and could I get to the hospital urgently.

The news was so sudden and such a shock the car journey from Swindon to Birmingham passed in a blur (as basically did the next 12 months).

Upon arrival at the hospital, forms were completed, declarations signed, tests done, and then up to the ward in preparation for surgery.

There was virtually no time to think, let alone panic, and I entered the whole process feeling somewhat calm and relaxed in a philosophical sort of way, happy to put my trust in the surgical team. I mean, the situation was what it was, without this transplant my chance of a full recovery was non-existent. So I just submitted myself to their care and quite serenely drifted off into la la land under anaesthetic.

I do remember waking up after surgery. First thing I saw was Vivien's face with no halo, neither was she wearing white, thus suggesting I was still alive and still on planet earth. So surely that's good then!

Second thing I remember feeling was the teeniest tadge of discomfort when I tried to move. Apparently some of the medical team had taken advantage of my anaesthetized state and fastened me to the bed with tubes attaching themselves to multifarious bags they'd thoughtfully decorated various parts of my body with.

Third thing I remember thinking was 'how the hell do I go to the loo strapped to the bed as I was'? Vivien obviously read this turmoil on my face and pointed to the tubes leading to the catheter and drainage bags hanging off the bed.

Total bliss, I had my best friend looking after me, I was told medication and attached bags would solve the need for No 2's for a while, and No 1's were sorted by catheter, and double bonus, I was being fed through tubes. Surely it doesn't get any better than that.

Feeling quite content with my new life (apart from the teeniest tadge of discomfort every time I tried to move) I drifted off into la la land again as the latest instalment of pain killer found its way into my blood stream from one of the numerous drips dispelling an exotic array of medications through a plethora of tubes attaching themselves to various parts of my body through a tube-like system of 'spaghetti junction' complexity.

And that was that for a few days, as unbeknown to me in la la land, this transplant failed after 36 hours (a record I believe), leaving the surgeons with no option other than to put me on life support while they desperately searched for a new liver.


Fortunately for me they found a new liver and a good job too, because if they hadn't, I believe a body with failed liver function can only last about 72 hours on life support before irreparable liver damage occurs followed by death. So on Dec 11th 2012 I received my 2nd liver transplant.

When I came to after this surgery, I really do have to admit to feeling slightly more under the weather than normal. Life support makes your brain swell, therefore your head swells to accommodate it, and the resulting pressure causes the blood vessels in your eyes to burst.

I feel I entered hospital feeling fairly fab, groovy, windswept, exotic and interesting (well I sort of believed it and that's all that matters), but I came out of surgery looking like something from the bottom of the swamp one describes to scare one's grandchildren during bedtime stories.

Back in intensive care my blood was now coursing with an ever expanding range of chemicals to compensate for the surgery and new liver. Anti-biotics to prevent infection, immuno-suppressants to prevent liver rejection, anti-acids to prevent acid release from the stomach, anti-virals, steroids to do what I can no longer remember, soluble aspirin to reduce the risk of blood clots through the hepatic artery, a CMV infection inhibitor and lots of other very clever stuff too.

My whole body was swollen, my genitals looked like a spitting image caricature of the real thing after the catheter was attached, my stomach was distended, tender and full of staples, my mouth and nose were crusty, and my grotesquely bloodshot eyes and swollen head were capable of turning the nurses to stone Medusa like were they to accidentally gaze upon me without first making the sign of the cross.

My remaining time on the ward bore witness to some truly heroic events. Primarily the many mad attempts to reach the porcelain chariot situated in the adjacent en-suite. These heroic dashes were met with markedly varying degrees of success (or failure). For those often and urgent impulses to engage oneself in the medicinally induced throes of peristalsis would invariably arrive with barely enough notice to enable one to disengage oneself from one's oxygen mask, untangle one's wires from the cannula to the drip, electrically haul oneself upright enough in the bed to get ready for departure to the en-suite without ripping ones staples out, then swing one's still bloated legs and genitalia over the edge of the bed and gather up one's pee-bag to begin the required mad dash, which all might prove ultimately unnecessary anyway, for ignominious failure was often already upon one, resulting in that plaintive and sorry call for help all hospital staff dread - Nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ho, after 13 days I was ready for discharge, 4 days before Christmas, Dec 21st 2012.


It was good to be back home, but now being out of hospital we were responsible for ourselves while there. Without Vivien that would have been impossible for me. Simple tasks like getting out of bed were major undertakings with my stomach extremely tender and still full of staples. Going to the bathroom was impossible without help, and the effort of getting there invariably left me on the point of exhaustion and collapse. Trying to feed myself would have been completely out of the question.

Still we struggled through, but the twice a week visits back to Birmingham to monitor the operation recovery, check the wound and take blood samples became epic journeys of travelling discomfort, both on the road and waiting in the clinic. After the staples were removed our visit schedule reduced to weekly, but the hospital visits remained epic journeys to be endured.

The new medications I was now taking (28 pills a day) had my head in a spin and body in a permanent state of revolt. A revolution intensified after the staples came out, because the wound became infected, and leaked badly for the best part of a year, nothing could be done to stop it and the dressing had to be changed 3 or 4 times a day.

Any movement stimulated more discharge, plus there was the ever present threat of being caught short. Yes, those sudden and imperative medicinally induced urges to get to a toilet in time did not leave me upon discharge from the hospital. They remained throughout 2013, that's about as long as my leaking stomach wounds continued to cause problems.

This meant there had to be a very pressing reason for leaving the house, because it was just too embarrassing for either a wound leak or pressing call of nature to occur whilst out and about or in company, and heaven forfend both pleasures should visit simultaneously.

Hence it became easier and more comfortable to stay in bed and read or watch television. This wasn't so bad as it was possible with some TV channels to watch never ending documentaries about many subjects I had a keen interest in (when I wasn't feeling nauseous or had a headache).

Any form of exercise was out of the question while the wound remained open and infected, and my medical regime still had my brain pretty much scrambled. But I knew I still had to eat and made a special effort to force myself every day, even so, by September 2013 I'd lost 15 kg and then weighed 55kg (about 8st 9lbs).

Therefore 2013 was a slow and very challenging year. Certainly the biggest challenge I'd ever faced in my life. But even though most of the year was spent in quiet but desperate recovery, there was much time for reflection and contemplation, which I was able to put to good use later on.


Looking back on the years 2010 to 2013, I was clearly aware I had survived a life threatening health scare that arrived out of the blue. So although I was still very ill with Hepatitis C, there was much to be optimistic about. There were many new and wonderful drugs coming to the market with fantastic cure success rates during clinical trials.

Although the transplants had removed the old infected liver, the new one was already under attack from the virus. Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus (BBV), therefore it circulates in the blood, but finds the liver a perfect place to call 'home'. So removing the old liver did not remove the virus, this had continued to circulate in my blood stream and soon zeroed in on a fresh new liver to attack. Therefore, the disease and my symptoms remained, albeit not quite as acute as before the operation.

So I waited patiently throughout 2013 for my body to recover and by the end of the year it more or less had, notwithstanding the at times still extreme fatigue. Anyway, the recovery continued apace into 2014 to the point where I was chomping at the bit for the chance of another go at treatment to finally rid me of this pernicious virus.

I knew from my conversations with the liver team at Birmingham there were various trials coming soon. But obviously there would be many more deserving patients wanting places than places available, so there was no guarantee of getting a place on one when it came. But I did know my doctors were fighting very hard on my behalf to get me included.

Bingo, in April 2014 I'm nominated for a trial with a completely new combination of drugs and accepted onto it.

A 24-week programme starting in May where I'm led to believe most of the toxic side effects I suffered from during my first two treatments will be largely absent on this one.

And so it turned out to be. 6 months sailed by with no ill effects, I was virus free at 4 weeks and remain virus free now in April 2016. My body has recovered, and more importantly my liver has also recovered from the pounding it took post-transplant.


So I am now completely cured, and working for the charity Liver4Life in the UK, running the Helpline and participating in a very successful local support group for patients with hepatitis C called Swindon Hep C Positive, where we aim to inform any interested party with queries about Hepatitis C or the liver in general.

It's fantastically rewarding work and in the four and a half years we've been operating, we've seen over 400 people come through the group. We meet every Monday throughout the year for 2 hours and all are welcome.

Please visit our websites if you are interested to learn more about what we do and how we help patients suffering with Hepatitis C.



Kelvin M

KELVIN M Apr 5, 2016

I contracted Hep C way back in1969 when it wasn’t recognized by the Australian Medical Association. My journey began with a contaminated blood transfusion at Manly Hospital after an accident in the surf. Before this incident I had been an extremely fit young boy from swimming training with times good enough to be selected for the Olympics.

The first flare up of the liver sent me to a local doctor who, without proper testing, diagnosed me with Hep B. This was eventually changed to non A non B, and when C was first recognized in the 80’s, Hepatitis C. I refused interferon treatment when it was first offered, because of the adverse side effects and decided to tough it out without any medical assistance.

Sofosbuvir became part of my vocabulary in 2013 when I heard about its revolutionary cure rates. Unfortunately it has taken till 2016 to become affordable in Australia. Today marks the beginning of my treatment and I will blogging about it here so stay tuned for further updates.

April 1. Have taken 400mgs of Sovaldi and 60mgs of Daklinza

Wayne S Mar 31, 2016

It was only after my fifth child that I became aware I have hepatitis c. My enzymes in my liver are through the roof. I'm just turning 28 and when I was 17 I lived with a heroin user and by accident while cleaning up his dirty needles, I caught my finger with one. I didn’t think too much about it and cleaned it with a antiseptic wipe and put a plaster on. What a fool I was, eh. Anyway tomorrow I go for an ultrasound to see what damage has been done to my liver. I'm absolutely terrified. I dare not touch my children. I feel so dirty and down. I could do with any advice peeps are willing to give me. I'm even thinking maybe it'll be good if I die then my family will be safe from me. Anyway I'll report back tomorrow when I've had my scan. : (

L C Mar 29, 2016

I found out I have Hep C about 1 year ago. The doctor ordered an ultrasound of my liver and found a mass tumor on my right kidney. I've been a smoker all my life.

I'm 61 years old I found out I have COPD. My surgeon is the greatest guy I ever met in my life. He told me that there could be problems but he'd pull me through this. They started the surgery with the robot but the carbon dioxide gas that they have to put inside of you, my body couldn’t get rid of it and it almost killed me. They had to open me up and take out 40% of my kidney. I made it through it and it was cancer. I just had a full CAT scan done and I am cancer-free from head to toe today.

I have four daughters that know I have Hep C and worry about me all the time. I just pulled through cancer and my second daughter called me on the phone and said, “Dad, I have the cure for your hep c!”. I said, “What?” A man approached her at her work and said to her, “I read your story in our business newspaper. I had hep c myself and I have something I want to give you.”. He gave my daughter a full prescription of Twinvir (generic Harvoni), free of charge. He just wanted to help. I don't know the man's name but he's a god. I took the medication to my doctor and show them they couldn't believe it. They said yes, this is the real thing and yes, this will work.

I took my first dose today. Wish me luck! And to anyone else out there with hep c, there's hope. Just keep trying. I just got lucky that's all. Just remember God answers all your prayers. Sometimes you don't like it, sometimes you do, but somebody’s been looking out for me.

I will write back in 6 months!

Good luck!

Steve F.

Steven Frazier Mar 24, 2016

IV use. Diagnosed in 1998.

Only known cure was not for me as I did not tolerate. Sent me into a spiral of repeated self destruction and guess what, God would not let me quit. I met this gal and she dumped me because I was “dirty” but encouraged me to try/apply for a new treatment. I did qualify and I thank greatly the doctors at Duke Med for helping make the leap for treatment.

Treatment began in 5/2015 for 12 weeks. Although my doctors forgot about me in the system, each month I fought with insurance with my case worker whom I cannot remember her name. Let just say an angel. I completed treatment on time and with no insurance. I was scared to see the results. At a cost of $560.00 I had the test for Hep C virus repeated. The results were sent to Duke Med. and then forwarded to me. CURED, clear with no evidence of virus- 6 months after treatment. This story is real. Harvoni works and I was not even monitored during treatment. A survivor’s story.

Please, anyone diagnosed, not matter the cost should seek treatment. You can survive and you can be cured.

Feel free to contact Dr. Muir at Duke. He will save your life.


scott Place2Win Mar 21, 2016

I caught hep B when I was 18 through IV drug use but was diagnosed in 1991 with hep c geno 1b. In 1996 had my first episode of hypoglycaemia and my platelets were low. 2014, platelets were 53, could barely eat due to pain and flare ups of pancreatitis which also occasionally sent my heart into atrial fibrillation. My INR was increasing and so was my alpha fetoprotein - about 400, should be below 12(a hepatocellular carcinoma marker).

I had an MRI (allergic to iodine so no CT ) and they found a liver tumor, luckily only 2.8cm. I had a TASE procedure march 2015 and I am still clear of cancer. Harvoni finally became government subsidized on 1st march 2016 and today is my 7th day on them.

I have had no side effects and I deliberately didn’t read about the side effects as I usually have all the rare ones on meds. However, I suffer chronic pain anyway and probably wouldn't notice them.

For the people concerned about side effects it is documented that there a few if any side effects, which is why I refused all other treatment prior to these and besides, the success rate for 1b hep c was only 25% on the old drugs. I look forward to life free of this burden.

Yvonne J Mar 17, 2016

I was diagnosed recently, at age 64, with Hep C, genotype 2. We found this thru a blood test that showed elevated enzymes in my liver. Further tests confirmed and a CT scan showed no damage to my liver (at this time). Not sure how or when I contracted as, at my age, there are so MANY possibilities. Still am not sure I have any symptoms as I have always dealt with pain and discomfort pretty well and explain things away due to age.

Waiting for delivery of medication in two days. I have been prescribed Sovaldi and Ribavirin combo. Will be on this regimen for 12 weeks. I was given about 3 pages of possible side effects, so you can imagine how nervous I am while at the same time, excited to hopefully, eradicate myself of this disease.

Will let others know how the medication effects me as I go thru the process. Taking first dose on Saturday, 03/19/16. Luckily, do not have other ailments, at the moment, that I am aware of so I am hoping to get lucky and have an uneventful journey. My GI will be mailing a lab schedule to me and expects testing approximately every 2 weeks.

I still work a 40 hour week so not sure how this will effect my daily routine. Grateful for the employer provided insurance that approved this treatment. Other employees here are aware and pulling for me so that really helps. They have promised to let me know if they see changes to my disposition or signs of forgetfulness.

Enough for now....will keep you posted.

Sandra R Mar 16, 2016

To Ronald de Sousa,

Do what your doctor wants to do.

Interferon isn't fun but it's not the end of the world either. Do the interferon before bed and sleep off the effects.

Roland G.

Roland G Mar 15, 2016

This is the first post I have ever made on my hep c.

I was diagnosed in 1992. My urine was coffee color and I didn't feel good. They call it non A non B and told me to take care of myself. So that wasn't hard being I quit drinking 1987 and haven't had a drop since and never really took a lot of over the counter meds for pain. Anyway 1998 I started thinking about it and made appointment with liver doctor and he set me up for biopsy. They inserted a needle in my liver and the results were really good. Doctor said my liver is healthy and something else would kill me before hep c will.

So I continued to stay in the gym 3-4 days a week and also jogging a lot. l never really watched what I ate much. Around 2005 I heard about an interferon injection and looked at all the awful side effects so I decided not to go that route. Life went on with the symptoms as usual, minor, aches and sleep problems. I started to have less energy at the gym and on my runs, so a couple of years ago and went down to the doctor and I told them I had hep c and they did blood work and everything and it came back normal. So I said maybe all that I'm feeling is in my head, besides you’re a health nut. About a month ago I made another appointment with a gastroenterologist and on the first visit he said there was no way you have cirrhosis or advanced liver issues. So he set me up for blood work to check my genotype and viral load my viral load. It was 2.5 million and I'm still waiting on the genotype type results. He sent me down for liver scan and they said my liver looks good and normal size with no visual fibrosis. I was excited then he sent me for fibroscan last Monday and that wasn't good news. I have stage 3- 4 fibrosis and early stage cirrhoses and about to start Harvoni in the next month. Hoping it will help me and maybe reverse some damage.

Anyway I guess it really didn’t matter how well you take care of yourself hep c has no boundaries. I was one of the people who didn't get by without damage. My email is gojuman248@aol.com if anyone has gone through my situation feel free to email me I need all the support I can get thanks for listening.

Mike...Health Nut

Mar 14, 2016

I have had hepatitis c since I was 18. Now, nearly 50, it doesn’t matter what I drink, eat or do; I can drink, eat and do, less and less. I am mostly a vegan with occasional eggs and honey. I have herbs like milk thistle licorice and dandelion.

I try to do things I enjoy like recording music, for example. I try to do a little bit of what I enjoy every day in the hope that it heals me. Then when others hear it it will heal them.

I cannot do it for long.

I constantly have company. Someone that takes care of me.

I feel awful every day. Have auto immune problems high rheumatoid and am sick sometimes. I have daily pains and am now addicted to pain killers.

I enjoy the sun shining through the window but never go out socially or to do anything except a short walk to shops with a partner.

Sometimes I am in such a state squealing and in the night shouting “no no” as I don’t want to die at that moment.

My daughter was born with it too. Hopefully she will soon get medication for it. I am not allowed medication yet as people that have cirrhosis only get it in England. I don’t have that but I have hepatic venous thrombosis and heart problems.

I write many songs about death and hope they will make a difference in the world if not now then when I am dead.

I also have other things like recurrent herpes and peripheral artery disease.

I am too tired to fight anymore I have written to MPs and NHS.

I have a good GP who would give me medication if he could but he is not a liver specialist.

I hope to get medication somehow magically and not die.

May we all be free of hepatitis c and may it be eradicated from the planet. Extinct.

Light V Mar 13, 2016

I have hep c type 3. My doctor recommended to take Sofosbuvir, ribavirin, & interferon but I’m afraid to take the interferon. Anybody have a suggestion?

ronald de souza souza Mar 12, 2016

I contacted Hep C through blood transfusions in a military hospital in Seoul, Korea. I showed no symptoms and it was discovered quite by accident by a doctor looking for something else. I underwent an experimental treatment at the Medische Centrum in Amsterdam which consisted of interferon, ribavirin and amantadine. I showed no signs of the disease after four weeks. I continued taking the medicine for 1 1/2 years. Six months after I stopped the disease was back. I moved to Hawaii and started taking Harvoni last year. 10 months later there are no signs of Hep. C.

By the way, I have fibrosis of the liver. On a scale of one through six, I have 1 1/2..

Mar 11, 2016

I acquired Hep C in the sixties when I was an IV drug user. Many of my friends also acquired it. Today, most of them are dead from the disease, probably because they never stopped drinking alcohol. My saving grace was that I did stop drinking in 1984. I have taken other prescription drugs since then, but it is the alcohol that really kills. So if you want to get on top of it stop drinking and take milk thistle. Best advice I can give after many years of experience.

Ray W Mar 11, 2016

You can watch my story if you google "Augusto story at Hep C trust".

Mar 11, 2016

Hi, my name is Julie and in 2010 I was diagnosed with hep c. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I got my results and sat in my car bawling and not wanting to go on with life..

I contracted it through IV. My husband at the time said he always used clean needles but he didn’t and he gave it to me. I think the past 6 years I’ve gone through life pretending I didn’t have it. Up until a month ago I decided to do the Harvoni treatment.

I 'm scared to death of the side effects and I’ve known many people to do this treatment and have been cured.

I am scared to death but I 'm also scared to death that this disease will kill me.

I am waiting to start treatment next week and I 'm actually finally coming to terms with it.

I hope that people get tested, unlike me, who pretended I didn’t have it. That it was just a bad dream...

Good luck to you all and every single person with hep c there is medicine to help this!

Mar 11, 2016

I got infected with hep c when it was diagnosed as Non-A or Non-b Hep around 1958 when I was an intravenous drug user. I was finally diagnosed with Hep-C about 30 years ago. I was on a research program for 48 weeks receiving Pegylated interferon and, as it turned a placebo. The next year I went on a 48-week program with the real deal. I had to quit the program after 36 weeks as my blood levels were dangerously out of whack. As it turned out I became virus free following that abbreviated treatment and have been so for 15 years.

During the last 8 years, I have had 2 kidney cancers with subsequent removal of my left kidney. That same year I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I had a successful colon resection and have been cancer free in my colon for 7 years. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on my liver. I had a successful liver resection and I was cancer free for several years. Earlier this year I had a malignant tumor on my stomach wall and as I was beginning radiation my doctor noticed another tumor on my liver. Today I completed 10 weeks of radiation (5 for my stomach and 5 for my liver).

My point is getting rid of Hep-C is a good thing but maybe not the end of Hep-C related problems. This may sound fairly negative but I have been blessed with magnificent doctors and a supportive family. It is just like stopping intravenous drug use was a good thing but we continue to experience the after-effects for a lifetime. I am 77 years old and I am looking forward to the next 10 years. My wife died from Hep-c related liver cancer 15 years ago. She was not a drug user and it is suspected she got infected from a blood transfusion. We had different subtypes.

Mar 5, 2016

God is Good. I contracted hep c when I was in my addiction in 2005.

I found out in 2007 when I was in recovery. Just this year was my first time receiving treatment with Harvoni. With the meds and prayer my blood work came back normal.

God will heal you if you confess it out of your mouth. I am living proof.

Mar 5, 2016

I found out I had hep C when I was 18. Doctors told me there was nothing I could do but wait and in 10 years they might have a treatment. I pretty much thought the way I'd die was from this disease.

Well, almost exactly 10 years later when I was 29, 9 months after I had my 1st baby, I did the treatment. I’m cured!

It was fairly easy, just got fatigued. I was the youngest person to be cured and only the 9th person in CA. Pretty cool. Having my 2nd baby now!!!

Mar 1, 2016

I was diagnosed in my 30s and given only 5 years to live. I took Interferon and went into remission for only 10 months. What a disappointment!

I then decided that if I could use food and the correct diet and supplements, I could stay alive until a cure was discovered. I ate a diet that was high in both low fat protein and antioxidant plant foods. I took milk thistle and then I took turmeric. I drank water and I lifted weights. I prayed. I never gave up on my dream for a cure.

Finally Harvoni was invented and I was treated successfully. My only regret is that my mother passed away without seeing me cured, but I told her about Harvoni 3 days before she died.

My advice to those who will be mature enough to listen is that you must use healthy diet and lifestyle to combat any disease and buy time until a cure is discovered. G-d bless you and best of luck to you all!


Feb 29, 2016

I have been fortunate to have been in the UK for the past few years and was able to participate in a hepatitis research trial for the NHS involving new medicines for the treatment of Hepatitis C, Genotype 3.

I was given a combination of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin over a 24 week period and checked in regularly for a variety of tests, EKG, Liver damage, etc. When I started the treatment I was told I had a very high viral load. After only two weeks of receiving the drugs I showed a decline in the virus to almost nothing. The viral load was detected through blood samples taken every week. At the end of the treatment I was checked out with zero detection of Hepatitis C in my system.

The difference I am feeling in my energy level and the total decline of depression is fantastic. The hospital told me that this treatment is going to become available worldwide in a very short time. I recommend any Hep C sufferer to contact their physician with this information to see if they can get onto a treatment plan immediately. There are absolutely no side effects either during or after the treatment - absolutely none!

Alexandra S Feb 28, 2016

I have had Hepatitis C for almost 38 years. I am genotype 1. I was stage 2 -3. I did not want to take the drugs. I went on large amounts of vitamin c and milk thistle. My last ultrasound of my liver showed it was normal. A miracle. I still am on my regimen, and staying away from liquor. Just want to keep my liver okay.

Regina B Feb 25, 2016

I'm 59 years old and used IV drugs as a young man. I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2005 after a routine physical. I've never had any symptoms. 4 years ago another blood test came back as a strong positive. I had a blood test done last week to see if it was active and was shocked when it came back non-detectable.

Is this possible? I 'm a healthy eater, no drugs or alcohol for years. Has this happened to anyone else out there?

George B Feb 25, 2016

I was diagnosed with hep c, G type 1 in 2012. I was tested because of my constant itching, abdominal pain, muscle aches and fatigue. I had a liver biopsy in 2012 and a fibro scan in 2015, both results indicate minimal liver damage. Because of this result, every doctor I go to refuses to treat citing treatment costs and the insurance companies will only deny the claim even though they have never submitted the claim. So here I am still suffering with symptoms, waiting for my liver fibrosis to get worse.

What a great country we live in.

I give up.

Henry H Feb 25, 2016

I go the treat Harvoni 6-8 months ago. I was Genotype 4 and in Stage 4 for many years. I was told by my Doctors, Medicare and Humana that I must take it not for 8 weeks but for 24 weeks. I did and my viral count went away. I was on S.S. Disability since 2012. I now am on a Ticket to Work program and found a real good paying job due to my skillset.

I will still be checked and live a very “Green” life to prevent any setbacks.

Praise my Lord Jesus

Feb 24, 2016

After 25 years of bad news and being unable to use conventional medication. Finally I was given Gilead’s Sovaldi. It has been out of my system for 9 months and is thus considered a cure. Unfortunately, I have stage 4 liver cirrhosis. Since I never drank and don’t plan on it, I have a good long life to live.

mikk B Feb 24, 2016

I knew that I just did not feel well. I attributed this to “getting older”. Had to have cataract surgery and had pre-op lab work done. My pcp told me that my liver enzymes were elevated; recommended a Hep C screen because I’m a baby boomer. The test was positive and I was referred to a G.I. physician who ordered a battery of blood tests, a liver ct & biopsy. It was determined that I had hep c genotype1.

Started Harvoni in January. Viral count zero after 4 weeks. Will return for viral recheck March 4. Prior to starting treatment I thought that if this was old age contributing to my aches, pains & general feeling lousy that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to live like that. Thrilled to report that my “migrating” aches & pains are gone! I have increased energy and a very positive outlook on life now. Nothing short of a miracle for this gal!

Sheila Siegel Feb 24, 2016

Have no idea how long I have had HEP C but pretty certain that it’s been at least 30+ years... Went through the pega/ribavirin treatment for 48 wks in 2011 was undetectable after first month and all through treatment but was back after 6 months. Waited until I read about the Harvoni at the end of 2014... Started a 24 week regimen of it starting the first of February 2015. Negative all the way, and still negative at last blood test. GA Medicaid paid every dime. Thanks to them and keep up the fight!! Your doctor makes all the difference in how and when you get it. If your’s won't help you find another one. Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 24, 2016

I am a happy survivor of Hepatitis C. Received my treatment at BIDMC. And I can tell the great benefit.

Feeling much better and positive about my liver renovation. The virus was eliminated from my blood stream and I hope that many patients can get the medication I got.

Ursula L Feb 23, 2016

I was diagnosed with hep C 14 years ago. They saw elevated AST/ALT during some routine testing, so they tested for Hep C, and I was positive. I was a teenager back then, so no way I could have it sexually transmitted. I never had surgeries or transfusions, never used drugs. I think this is important to clarify, because we probably have way more transmission in dental care than the state wants us to believe. They diagnosed me with fibrosis F2 back then (biopsy), but my viral load was always below 300 K, and the enzymes not so bad. I had gen 1b, so very low chances to get cured with interferon. I heard that the side effects were terrible, so I didn't even want to try. I tried living a healthy lifestyle, doing sports, eating healthy, but I never managed to cut down on alcohol completely, even though I only drink socially and with moderation. (I don't say you should do it!!!)

When Harvoni came out, I finally had the hope. End of 2015 they did my fibroscan and said I had no fibrosis at all (impossible! I had it long time ago!). So no chance to get the drug. I wasn't even disappointed, I was just so, so angry!

I went to India in December 2015 and bought the generic. It's kind of complicated to get what you need in India; you feel that people just beg for a bribe. It's a different world! I went with Medtour India, so my trip was organized. I knew that this would cost me extra money, but buying “online” was even more expensive (and you never know what rat poison you'll get). Anyway, it is all pennies compared to the price of authentic Harvoni. So I went to India, got the drug, things went smooth out there, no regrets. You probably can do everything out there yourself, too, some people do. It just takes much longer then, time to figure things out, waiting in lines, and still have to pay “facilitation fees” everywhere; even the bloody cab driver tries to rip you off.

So today I am celebrating. Today is end of my 1st month and I got my first test (from week 3). I know it is very, very early. I was extremely afraid to see the results. My viral load is 16!!! I am basically testing negative!!! My transaminases are 22 and 23, completely normal. I feel the urge to cry.

Still 8 weeks to go, I just hope and pray it will stay this way from now on! And forever!

I want everybody to know, if you are denied treatment, don't give up! Praying and hoping is good, but acting is important, too. Don't wait till it is too late, especially if you are in 20s or 30s like I am. If you get the drug first hand in India, you will know that it is the real generic. And they work!!! And the majority of us can afford it, maybe with help from the family or small loan, but it is just few thousands! Nothing compared with our college loans. But it means that we will have the amazing life ahead. And worst comes to worst, if you are in those 2% that had no luck, well, at least you tried your chances!!!

Elaine B Feb 23, 2016

3 months post finishing Harvoni: 0 detectable virus level (I wrote a small summary once I finished treatment last October)

A shortened version; I lived 42 years (all my life) with the virus and found out at age 18 I had hepatitis C through a blood transfusion I had at birth. My mom states I had 13 blood transfusions as I was born 3 months premature and spent 12 weeks in the incubator. I weighed 3 pounds and went to 2. Doctors didn't think I would make it....

I was married happily for 10 years- this is now 8 years ago that I have been divorced. My ex put up with a rollercoaster of emotions which became increasingly so. I ended up divorcing because I grew increasingly agitated and restless. I told my ex simply that I “had to go”. I left him with everything. I told him I wanted to return but he had had enough. Once I was gone, I was gone. Ugh. It was the worst feeling but I had to do it. It also was an un-well feeling that something wasn’t right with me. I do not attribute this to the 7 year itch. I never did drugs or drank alcohol at all, ate fairly well and through treatment I ensured I had a trainer that kept me on a consistent workout. This workout definitely helped me stay positive.

My doctors throughout my life stated I didn’t need treatment as my virus levels were continually low. I had blood drawn every 6 months for a checkup. I didn’t want treatment anyway due to the side effects, some being death and awful relapse rate. I would opt for eating healthy, take milk thistle and a smattering of herbs I would rotate on, exercise and maintain my positive attitude. Little did I realize how much of a f*cking dragon this was and took away from me, my family and my marriage. Look up a picture of the virus- the viral envelope looks like a medieval flail. Ouch indeed!

I will highlight the many changes I had with the virus and post treatment.

Anxiety/Intensity/Scattered Feeling- I INCREASINGLY felt anxious about my job and I felt I could only focus on either a job or a marriage. Luckily we didn’t have kids- I didn’t want to put my kids at risk. So I gave up my marriage and for the most part dated my various motorcycles -8 that entered through my life- which lasted around a year aka 20-25 thousand miles and then I would sell it. Over these 3 months after finishing Harvoni this Anxiety/Intensity/Scattered Feeling is G O N E. The feeling to go through motorcycles is G O N E. The feeling I can hold a relationship is THERE- but thoughts are with my ex. Do you know HOW BEAUTIFUL life is without this agitated feeling???!!! I feel calm, at peace, and that I don’t have to “keep moving”. The motorcycle allowed me to satiate these continual urges ... but I still have my one motorcycle. :D

My eyes- About two weeks after finishing treatment my eyes became very watery. My body found its natural lubricating balance!! I always had dry eyes but never knew this was a symptom of the virus. It took a couple months to balance but I felt like I was “blinking in a sea of water”. I love it!

Sex drive- I hardly had one when I was married nor throughout my life. I HAVE ONE NOW!!! ... and now I 'm close to menopause....hmmmppphhh

Thinking/Brain fog- I always heard about brain fog and people suffering from it. I never knew what it was until I CAME OUT OF THE FOG. My thoughts became “clear”. There WAS a DRAGON IN MY HEAD. Doctors didn’t tell me this mental side effect. This is what I INCREASINGLY fought through in my marriage. Clarity is what I had been looking for!! I am more organized too.

Reading- I don’t have to read stuff 5x to try and “get” the information. Some days would be good and some days would be deplorable for me taking in information. I am amazed I survived college. Now being able to understand what I just read is BEAUTIFUL. I relied on my ex a lot to help me understand what I just read.

Energy- Before I would sleep a lot. My energy was limited. I INCREASINGLY felt I could not satisfy my husband because of my lethargy. I began to alienate myself away from him and just wanted me time. Oh GAWSH just me time. When I divorced I took up motorcycle riding. Was THAT ever therapy!! To the friends I did have, I remained distant. Post treatment I slowly felt connected with people because my energy became consistent. It is THE MOST beautiful feeling to be able to fully listen what people have to say and not feel like you have to leave to just “vedge” in the car or in the bed. My brain used to go off in a direction after talking with someone after a short while. I could feel my energy waning. Now? No issues. Now I LOVE talking and listening to people and being involved with groups and meetings. This is just crazy, but so beautiful that I STILL have a life to live and catch up on.

Those of you out there struggling with whether to take Harvoni or not- DO IT. The fact that doctors say you’ll pass away from some other disease (mine did) may be right, but they didn’t know how much it can mentally f*ck with you and the loved ones around you. I have my brain, it’s healthy thinking. Now I have a healthy body. I LOVE it. Go to the gym, eat right, think positive, do positive things in your life, stay the most healthy that you can. ... but do allow yourself that delicious glass of wine now and then..... ok, I 'm no doctor.

With much love that I can now give away to others, I give you my new strength to get through this. Bless every one of you that is going through this struggle. I hold your hand and everyone’s hand that feels alone and crazy through this. I did. So alone. So alienating. YOU are not alone. YOU can beat this dragon and stomp its flames out!!!

Robin J Feb 19, 2016

Hi, I have had hep c for 45 years from heroin use in my early teen's living in LA.

I have cirrhosis and iron overload. Ferritin level is 2,707. I did interferon and Ribavirin in early 2000's… non responder.

I finished 12 weeks Harvoni on October 26, 2015. Non-detectable.

Last test January 18, 2016...virus is back. My viral load is 311,000, ast 223, alt 215, platelets 84.

They say the virus must have mutated but they really don't know. I am the only person out of 200 at clinic that did not get cured. Doc says “Sorry. Maybe there will be new drugs coming out this year and we may be able to treat again”. I don't count on it.

I am happy that a lot of people have been helped by this drug but did not help me. So I just turn up the music and try to enjoy my days. I wish the best for everyone suffering with this problem.

Have a great day,


Feb 18, 2016

Damaris R, please get in touch with me… retz62@yahoo.com.

My Mom died too from this drug!! She was 80yo. She took Solvadi & Olysio in March 2014 soon after it was released. Within 5 weeks of treatment, she was so sick. They told her not to stop the medicine. She continued and by the end of treatment, she could no longer walk, she was bleeding through the nose and gums. They said it wasn't the medicine. Her platelets where low and couldn't be sustained. She needed biweekly transfusion of plasma and platelets. It was crazy.

My mother was fine before starting this medicine. She was sick all summer and suffered a fatal stroke on 10/13/14. It's been a nightmare. Hepmag.com has banned me from their forum for telling my story, banned me more than once.

How do we find justice that this killed our Mom's!!!!

Karyn R Feb 15, 2016

Thank God for Harvoni. I was nervous after the debacle of interferon and ribavirin caused a terrible relapse to narcotics. But the Harvoni cleared my hep C which I have had for 40 years.

I was diagnosed 15 years ago because of chronic fatigue, chronic itching, and chronic joint pain. I feel like I have a new lease on life, in spite of the fact that I have cirrhosis. I play tennis 4 times a week; my fatigue is gone; and I am managing my chronic pain.

I am so grateful that there are drug companies who spend the gazillions of dollars for research and development. It was worth every cent--and Gilead paid my $16,000 copay! The Harvoni was NOT a breeze--do NOT let the doctors tell you that it is--90 days felt like forever, but I went to a lot of meetings (NA and AA) for support and talked to others who were going through the treatment and it was a 100 times better than the interferon, which I was on for a year and then it failed, and so did I!

I feel blessed.

Mary Y Feb 15, 2016

I first posted on Dec. 7, 2015 and again on Feb 3, 2016. Here's the run down on my hep c.

1. Went into the army in 1969 and was inoculated with injection guns along with many others, then went to Nam in 1970.

2. Was diagnosed with hep c genotype one in 2001. I took treatment with interferon, and Ribavirin. (No luck)

3. I waited until I heard about Sovaldi on TV in 2014 and contacted my doctor about it but the insurance didn't want to cover. I then went to the V.A., and they did treatment of Sofosbuvir, Peg interferon, and Ribavirin, in fall 2014 (Again, no luck)

4. I then waited to get Harvoni that was approved by the FDA while I was on the Sovaldi treatment. I received treatment in the fall 2015.

5. I said in my last post that I would fill you in. I took my last blood test on Feb. 4th after finishing treatment in Dec. 2015 and received a call on Feb 12, 2016 telling me that after three months I am still undetectable. HOORAY!

6. I will still have to take another test in three months but I feel confident right now.

7. I have cirrhosis at a level of stage 3.5 to 4., so I'm not out of the woods yet but the cirrhosis will slow way down now.

8. I thank the Lord first for healing and giving man the knowledge to help others in trouble, I also thank the doctors and nurses who deal with people like me and you who are not always the best patients, I was depressed and intolerant of a lot of things during treatment.

9. I want to say to all of you out there that prayer doesn’t hurt and having faith in others is also key.

Thanks for reading and don't give up.

Roland G.

PS: To the 46 year old woman who wrote a few letters down the list.

Please have faith and look for all the options, government, medical, insurance, and any other ways to get help financially for treatment. Keep in mind that hep c takes many years to damage the liver. The best options are to not put poison in your body. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, watch sugar and sodium, and lower but do not eliminate iron in your diet. Stay hydrated on or off treatment. You said you have genotype three, so ask your doctor if you are a candidate for interferon and Ribavirin 24 weeks. That treatment has cured and is inexpensive. I will watch to see if you have any news. Also stay positive because I have had hep c for 40 years and I'm still here.

Roland G Feb 12, 2016

I discovered in the middle 90's through a free complete blood work-up offered by my employer that I had Hepatitis C and it was the most difficult type to cure. I had no risk symptoms; but had surgery and dental work done back when Drs./Dentists did not wear gloves or sterilize all equipment; and also reused needles on patients. So this is how we assume I got it. At this time they had just come out with Interferon as the only treatment for this.

Luckily, I had great insurance at the time and a great Dr. who got treatment approved. I went through a year of Interferon treatments, but was a non-responder. The best advice he gave me was to never touch another drop of alcohol (even though I had only drank a very small amount socially or with a meal occasionally); eat a good meal; try to get rest; continue to exercise; and give myself my Interferon shots about a half hour before going to bed to sleep through the worst of the side-effects. I managed to only miss one day of work and finish a master's degree while going through treatment for a year. Yes, the side-effects were bad - I lost a great deal of weight; constantly felt like I had the flu; and lost 2/3 of my hair. But I was determined not to let this stop me and try to make the treatment work. As soon as I stopped the treatments (a year was the max. you could take it) my hair grew back; I regained weight; and felt better quickly.

The treatment kept me in somewhat of a state of remission until I unknowingly started eating food with too much iron in it about 10 years later. At this point I lived in another state and again had a great Dr. who discovered the iron problem. She put me on a low-iron diet immediately. The iron problem eventually caused me to have Stage 4 Liver Fibrosis though; so I will now be on a low iron diet (about 50% of a normal person's daily total) and need bi-annual checkups/tests with her to make sure my liver doesn't turn cancerous, the rest of my life.

The great news though; is that I was on disability for another reason; and qualified for a grant with the help of the wonderful PAN Foundation and luckily my insurance approved Harvoni as a specialty drug needed (as this was my only treatment option) and went into benefit override. So I was able to complete my outrageously expensive Harvoni treatments. I went through 6 months of treatment with Harvoni. Again, my Dr. recommended taking the Harvoni during sleep at night to sleep through the side-effects. I found them to by fairly minor - taking small amounts of medication for headaches daily; eating properly and using spices to help nausea; and exercising.

My blood work shows I am now clear of Hep C. So I consider this to be a great success story and hope the advice I was given and steps I took to help get through the treatments I received will help others. Now that Hep C has become such an epidemic, I also always encourage people to get checked for Hep C also; since you can have it for years and not realize it until it is too late. I am glad there are commercials on TV now and this problem is getting addressed more because it has helped reduce the stigma that has so long been attached to have Hep C.

Feb 10, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C November 2015. Complicated by a clotting disease (protein S deficiency). The labs were checked by rheumatologist on my first visit with him. I was sent to confirm Sjogrens. I was told over the phone, told to come in for additional testing… gnome 3. I was referred to a top notch hepatologist. His first words were “we are going to cure you”. I cried.

Weeks later after ultrasound (stage 0, no fibrosis) my insurance says I'm not sick enough, so no treatment. The doctor says there is a clinical drug study coming up (which was supposed to be in January) and he was going to put me on the list. But of course I would have to meet criteria, which is unlikely since I'm on blood thinner for life among other illnesses.

So I'm a smart, attractive 46 year old who feels as though she has been tossed aside and thrown out to pasture so to speak, waiting on death, which to be honest, would come as a relief. The pain and depression are at times unbearable. And knowing that there is possibly a “cure”... well, guess the “powers that be” don't deem me worthy....

Feb 7, 2016

I lived with HCV for 63 years, and 25 years with a transplanted liver that has also become cirrhotic in the past 5 years. But in mid-2014 the HCV was killed in me and now my scarred liver functions well.

My book “A Physician's Journey with the Hepatitis C Virus - Historical, Medical and Ethical Reflections” (Xlibris, 2015) reviews the story of my chronic disease as well as my personal and professional life in its context - interwoven throughout with ethical reflections. It is available on the online market (like Amazon) in paperback and in e-book formats.

Antal Solyom Feb 7, 2016

My mother had hep C for a few years. She went on treatment twice. The second time she was on a higher dose of ribavirin and Pegasys. She was on it for 6 months.

According to the blood results the treatment was working. Throughout the treatment she was very low in platelets. On the beginning of the 7th month we get a call from the docs office to tell us to stop the treatment immediately, and make an appointment to see her doc. A week later my mom was gone. She had an aneurism and nothing could be done because her platelets were so low, she would have bled out from the surgery.

If you are thinking about going on treatment please be aware of the side effects. If you are on treatment now, listen to your body, take care of yourself, and ask a lot of questions. I pray a cure can be discovered, available and affordable to all who need it. My mother was only 45 years old and we miss her every day.

Damaris R Feb 6, 2016

I found out that my husband had hepatitis about 9 months ago. He tried applying for health insurance and they drew blood and it came back he had the virus! Of course I tried not to panic so I went and got and tested. I had it too! To make it worse we have 3 adoring children together and I was afraid for them! We had our children tested and they were negative, thank God!

We also learned we had geno 3, which I understand is one of the worst! I was afraid to say the least! To my surprise I got an awesome doctor who didn’t drag her feet about treatment and I'm happy to say within one month of treatment I had no virus detected and I have about 6 more weeks of treatment left! By the way, I did 6 months with Sovaldi and Ribavirin.

I've been very sensitive to the medication. The worst part was the side effects that I had experienced! I wanted to stop the medication had to go to hospital many times for upper respiratory issues like pneumonia and a staph infection from itching. I finally found a doctor that treated me with a simple allergy pill which helped a lot with the itching! It was all worth it to me!

My husband just started his treatment which I commend him for the doing the three medications. I hear the Pegaferon is the worst. He too is hanging in there and like we both said, if nothing else we are going to tough this out together and go through the hell because of our children. It's a small price to pay to be rid of this horrible virus!

We have changed our eating habits and found that simple things like fruit nutribullets and kale in your diet really make a big difference whether you have started treatment or not! His viral load was 800000 and with just diet change his viral load went down to 2 million. My viral load wasn't that high at all. There is light at the end of tunnel! And I believe that it helped that we stuck together and fought together!

Peggy B Feb 5, 2016

Go to www.gilead.ca and you can read the 70 pages of negative issues about Harvoni and Sovaldi.

I will NEVER consume prescription medication for Hepatitis C. Seriously. Who would want to compromise their immune system with synthetic material that will likely cause a host of other problems in time to come?

The prescription drugs I was offered were Daklinza (daclatasvir) and Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) but I am refusing them. Daklinza inhibits the “NS5A protein”

but SO DO flavonoids such as Quercetin and Naringenin (which come from natural substances) and are available without a prescription. By taking prescription drugs for Hepatitis C, what a person is really doing is saying yes to corporations taking control of your health care and life which leads to a breakdown in one's immune system and overall well-being. In addition, this places more of a financial burden on the individuals and the medical community in terms of cost. Side effects will likely occur and they can be debilitating.

Feb 4, 2016

I have hep c. I have had this for many years and have been fighting to find a good cure. I'm at my wits end with this and don’t know what to do. I always feel fatigued and I'm not sure if it is from waking up at 3 am for work or the hep c?

Doug F Feb 4, 2016

Well tomorrow is February 4th and I'm going to the VA Clinic for a blood test to see if my hep is gone.

I signed on the site about 20 letters ago. Look down the list in December for my story if you like. This was my third treatment, this time with Harvoni. During treatment I had to get a pacemaker put in. I don't think it was any of the treatments that caused it but, I think I was starting to have trouble before and the treatment may have sped things up because I was on Ribavirin too. Anyway, this is the blood test that tells all. In two weeks I will see the doctor for results. Hopefully the hep will be gone this time. Then in six months we will test again. Watch for me in two weeks and I’ll fill ya in.

Roland G.

P.S. Stay hydrated if on Ribavirin and Harvoni.

Feb 3, 2016

I have a friend that took this so called new drug for hep c. He had operation for liver cancer before starting this drug. The Veterans Administration told him that he was 100% in remission. After six months he went back to visit his Dr of Hematology, only to find out his hep c was back full force and his liver cancer too. I like to know how many people are no longer in remission. If the drug is working or was just pushed though in trails to get it approved? Is anyone taking this?

Greg Hayes Feb 2, 2016

I found out I had Hep-C about 35 years ago. After going through 2 biopsies, around 10 years apart both turned out OK. That’s when I first found out I had it. So after 15 years my doctor told me about Harvoni. I did some blood work and found out I was stage 4, so I got on the program right away and finished my 6 week course and I am totality free of HEP-C. My only wish is that it would be available for much younger people, so they could enjoy more of their lives.

Feb 1, 2016

I was just diagnosed with hep c.

I have had it for 40 years I'm thinking.

I have never been sick, no symptoms. I just lost about 8 lbs without trying. I'm thinking that this is what made my dr. check it out.

I don't know what to think. I'm wondering if I need to do anything. I go back for more blood work in 3 months. I was born in 1956; I've read that this is a typical time for positive tests.

M C Jan 31, 2016

This is my second entry. I can't sit back and not share what's lately been on my mind. First of all, I am a Genotype 2a HCV carrier with (as of Oct 2013) a viral load of a million, no fibrosis. I most likely contracted the disease when I was a baby during a surgery.

Fast-forward to now...age 33....I don't drink alcohol. I watch what I eat (trying to limit refined sugar/sugar to 20 gs or less per day). I don't take prescription drugs and never will. I have a mentor in Lloyd Wright of Alternative Medicine Solution. He has enlightened me and many others battling this same disease. He has written books with valuable insight into why it's important to be your own advocate ahead of the corporatization of health care aka the pharmaceutical industry.

In my humble opinion, the Affordable Care Act is great if all you're looking for is tests conducted or surgery. But as for anything beyond that, doctors are just looking for ways to profit off you. If that means trying out Hepatitis C drug therapies on people like us, beware. The side effects that go along with many of them, including the latest Harvoni, can bring about some troubling health problems down the road. I've read emails and studies put forth on Lloyd's website and it's astonishing.

I have a meeting with my new GI next week and I'm honestly telling her upfront that I am refusing any suggested/prescribed treatment. I am placing my faith in God and Mother Nature. Besides, why would I go through such treatment if my CBC indicated my lab numbers overall (despite elevated AST/ALT) are good? Especially my RBC, WBC and Platelets.

I'm sick of the pharmaceutical company lies. I'm sick of them inundating people with television commercials about Hepatitis C treatment. I'm honestly ready to explode. Sometimes lately I've felt slight rage inside.

By the way, please vote for Bernie Sanders. He will change the way money and ideas are exchanged within America. He will also challenge the companies that claim to be looking out for our health. I'm sure of it.

Greg L Jan 30, 2016

I finished Harvoni on 9/13/15. I did my ultrasound on 9/28 and it was great. Then I did my 3 month ultrasound and I have a 4 cm mass in upper lobe of liver. I am devastated as well as scared. My doctor from Stanford University is doing another ultrasound and this time of lungs abdomen pelvic area. I asked why when he could have used TACE right away. No answer. Scans are Feb 2.

Anyone with same experience with Harvoni?

I'm scared.

Martin F Jan 27, 2016

Hello. I have hep c and for the past 6 months I am under the treatment with ribavirin & interferon injections. I got infected over 12 years ago and I was diagnosed a year ago.

I don’t know how I got infected but my main suspect is the dentist because that is the only place where I was in contact with injections and blood.

My first treatment was working fine, but over the Christmas I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me so we broke up. Of course that was a very bad personal time for me with lots of stress and I developed a huge allergy and it is probably to one of the drugs I am taking. So I am taking Claritin for it but my treatment is not working as it should all of the sudden. The viral load is not as low as it should be by now and the doctors were considering canceling it at first, but now they decided to continue. But they will give me another drug, Simeprevir, to take with Ribavirin and interferon to get them to act stronger and bust it up, as they explained it to me.

I also have to have a test to see if I have polymorphism. To check if that is the reason why my drugs are not working properly... and I am just waiting for results for that. I have to say that I have a really great doctor and I trust him fully. I am so happy that I found him.

I saw posts where some people also had poor receptions to their treatment so I wrote this because it might help even though I am not sure if it will work even for me. But I decided that I am going to get well and I will.

I also got myself armed with some alternative stuff such as silver water, enterosgel, beetroot & ginger & carrot juice. I am counting everything I eat and drink and I am starting to feel positive changes. I also use old folk remedies to fight with side effects of hair loss, depression, lack of sleep, muscle pain... as I have lot of time on my hands I started studying about old folk medicines and they do help!

All my days are spent trying to maintain myself and keep my body from falling apart. It is hard; depression and lack of energy for me are the worst!

Nada B Jan 26, 2016

I found out that I’ve had HCV since 2007. I got treatment with interferon and ribavirin for 48 weeks but I just took treatment for 42 weeks only. I stopped the treatment because of the side effects. When I started the treatment, after 3 months my HCV virus was gone but after one year I checked my PCR test and the virus was back.

I felt so bad.

My doctor was saying I would have to take other treatment for 72 weeks. I said if I can't take it for the 42 weeks how am I going to take it for 72weeks? I told him no. If I am going to die, I will die without this treatment. I was feeling so bad I started to search the internet for homeopathic or herbal treatments. I started to use milk thistle, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, selenium, and zinc. I changed my diet. I stopped drinking alcohol. I started to eat all greens and fruits. I did this for 6 months after I did my PCR test and my viral load went down. Before I started the homeopathic treatment my viral load was 600. After treatment it was 160. I was happy! My doctor was surprised and asked how I did it? I said I am doing a herbal treatment. She was wowed. I am still using same herbs. I never stopped. I am also exercising regularly, 3-4 times a week. I never get overweight. My weight is 59-61kg. I am happy that there is now a new treatment and I hope one day I will get rid of this HCV shit. Sorry.

One more thing, 2-3 times everyday take 2 servings of beat root juice with carrot and apple. This is very good for liver. Try to not eat anything fried or fatty. Sometimes, I eat the chips that I love but after I run for exercise.

Good luck!

Jan 26, 2016

I found out I had Hepatitis C about 3-4 years ago. About one year and a half, I was referred to a doctor who would give the old treatment. Interferon, plus two other types of medicine but they were oral meds. I got so very sick that I had to stop that treatment because my Creatinine was so high. After 4 weeks, I could hardly walk. The blood test read 4.8 on the last test I had before I quit that treatment.

Now I have tried to get the new medicine, but the Doctor I saw then said the company Gilead told her I wasn't sick enough. I was so upset. I was sure I would get it. So now I wait. Thank you.


Sue J.

Sue J. Jan 25, 2016

Hi, my name is Richard. I did the interferon treatment in Oct 2015. They stopped it in May.

I have had nothing but bad side effects since and they seem to be getting worse. I can’t think right, soggy brain, forget things easily, can't control my anger very well, I get mad over the smallest things, and always have no energy. It's almost costing me my relationship.

I got denied disability but I can't work. I am afraid that I may harm someone someday.

Are there any lawsuits for interferon? Please help. Thanks!

Richard Bourgeois Jan 23, 2016

Well, I found out I had Hep C back in 94 when I had my gall bladder removed. Did the interferon shots for 6 months, didn't work. Did another round of shots along with Ribavirin pills, this didn't work either. After that just yearly blood work watching liver enzymes and never felt very badly so we figured all was OK. My Gastro Doc quit his practice to become a hospital admin so I went to new one who decided to do an ultrasound. We found a spot, very small, but he wanted to find out more. Did a biopsy and discovered it was cancerous. First liver specialist I saw said it was too small to treat so we should just watch it for awhile. Decided to get a 2nd opinion and was told I could have what is called an ablation. This is where they basically stick a rod into the small tumor and zap it from the inside out which keeps the rest of the liver from damage. It went well and there are some other small spots but not bad.

After fighting with United Healthcare for over 7 months and paying an attorney to write letters to both them and the insurance commission I started my journey with Harvoni, 24 weeks regimen. Had no problem taking the drug, no real side effects. After first 4 weeks my VL was down from over 2 mil to like 15,000. With the next blood work the VL was undetected, what we all want to hear. Finished the 24 weeks and still virus free and liver functions well within normal range.

Knew It was gone and all was good and then I had the big 12 week post treatment blood work and guess what, the VL is back over 2 mil and liver functions are slightly above normal again, damn. Certainly wasn't the news I was expecting but it is the news I got, so what’s next? Have another MRI and chest xray next week, doing these every 3 months, to monitor liver and to see if anything else is affected. I am happy for all of you who have gotten rid of this virus and hope someday I will join you.

Bill M Jan 21, 2016


Esta historia no se trata de mi sino de mi hermano de 37 años de edad. Mi hermano sufria de esta enfermedad y así mismo sufriamos toda la familia. Mi hermano tenia mucha experanza y sobre todo queria vivir. Esa es la parte mas importante que todo pasiente debe tener claro en su mente, querer vivir...mi hermanito murio por no poder recibir tratamiento. Un tratamiento ridiculamente costoso y a cambio que las agencias pertinente no lo pudieron ayudar. La parte mas dolorosa de mi historia es que si mi hermano hubiese recibido su tratamiento, tenia el potencial de recuperación hasta un 90% de efectividad. Esta enfermedad tiene cura, lo que no tiene cura son las personas y/o agencias gubernamentales que las administra... les deseo que sigan luchando y tengan en sus mente el deseo de vivir....LA SALUD NO ES NEGOCIABLE. muchas gracias y que Dios los bendiga a todos!!!



This story is not about me but my brother who was 37 years old. My brother suffered from this disease and the whole family we suffered as well. My brother had a lot hope and wanted to live. That's the most important part of all. It should be clear in your mind, wanting to live ... my brother died because he was not able to receive treatment. A ridiculously expensive treatment which the relevant agencies could not help us with. The most painful part of my story is that if my brother had received treatment he had the potential to have a recovery which is up to 90% effective. This disease has no cure, no cure for the people and/or government agencies that administers ... I want them to continue fighting and have in their mind the desire to live .... HEALTH is not negotiable. Thank you very much and God bless you all !!!


Luis Ruperto Jan 20, 2016

After being diagnosed with Hep C 20 yrs ago I decided to finally seek treatment. I wanted Harvoni but Aetna insisted I try the Viekira Pak first. I'm happy to say the Hep C is now undetectable after 12 weeks treatment. Also, no side effects at all.

Don't wait, it's never too late to get treatment.

Tim E Jan 20, 2016

I am 79 years old. I contracted Hep C in 1983 through an infusion of blood products, a cryo-precipitate. My diagnosis did not occur until 1997 when I had some tests to determine if joint aches were caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor who conducted the test became suspicious when I told her of my blood infusion and she suggested a test for Hep C. The blood work confirmed her suspicion.

I was referred to a gastroenterologist, Dennis Yamamoto of Reno, NV who specialized in Hep C. He, in turn, consulted another specialist from the San Francisco area. Because I am a mild hemophiliac, a needle biopsy of the liver did not appear wise. Also, the three of us decided that the efficacy of the interferon related treatments being used at the time was so poor that I would be better off to not start on any drug regimen. The doctor commented, “You will die of something else before the hep c kills you.”

I was monitored by the gastro doctor with abdominal ultrasounds 2x a year plus quantitative tests on the hep c virus in my body. I exhibited no symptoms whatsoever and the damage to my liver remained at stage 1 cirrhosis. My Hep C genotype is 1b. Viral load averaged 5-6 million.

In 2013 the gastro doctor told me about the development of a new drug which appeared to be able to cure my genotype, 98% success rate. He said he thought the drug would be available in 2014/15.

In early 2015 the drug, Harvoni, became available and together we applied to my insurance carrier, Anthem Blue Cross, for coverage of the drug for a 12 week period. Anthem agreed. I began taking a daily dose of Harvoni on May 21. 4 weeks later a blood test showed that the Hep C virus in my blood was “undetected”. Two more blood tests, at the 8 and the 12 week marks, continued to show the virus as “undetected”. Of course, what is important is the SVR, sustained viral response, over a year. My next blood test will be in February 2016. If the virus remains undetected at that time I believe we can report that I am cured of the insidious disease.

I am most grateful to the scientists at Gilead Science who developed Harvoni and to Dr. Dennis Yamamoto of Digestive Health Associates, Reno, who has so professionally taken care of me for these last 19 years.

Harry W Jan 20, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2007. Don't know when or how I contracted it. I never had symptoms. Was in a drug store one day and a nice lady convinced me to have one of the free tests they were dispensing. I said what the heck and agreed. I tested positive. Long story short, I have taken 4 different types of antiviral meds: Pegylated interferon and Ribavirin. I forget the name of the second one. Most recently I was treated with Harvoni. It reduced my viral load but did not eliminate it. This was followed by Viekira-Pak. It temporarily eliminated the virus. But it came back. Evidently I have a resistant strain. I cannot find much literature on Hep c drug resistance. Does anyone know of any literature or studies in this area?

Richard G Jan 19, 2016

Had Hep C for over 30 years. Interferon was no good. Tried other things to no avail. Finally with stage 4 Cirrhosis, I was given Harvoni. 12 weeks later no viral load. Now 9 months later, still okay! Now I have to watch the liver, but that’s ok, I was never a big drinker. I suggest do what you can, beg your insurance company. You shouldn’t have to wait until your liver is at stage 4 to get Harvoni. I’m just glad it was covered or I would have been lucky to live another 5 years.

Scott M Jan 19, 2016

I got hep c as a teenager. Then it didn't even have a name, it was called non a, non b. Years later went through interferon treatment. It was a success, and have had no viral load since.

I am having joint pain, muscle pain, weakness and fatigue. It is progressing. Once the doctors hear that I had hcv in the past they always contribute my symptoms to the hcv.

I really think something else is going on, but they always say it's the hcv. I don't understand how hcv is causing these progressive symptoms when I have no viral load and haven't in over 15 years.

Anyone having a similar experience? Can someone explain to me how a virus is causing symptoms that are worsening, when the virus isn't present?


Jan 17, 2016

Just wanted to share the story of my hep c journey so that others may find encouragement & enough strength to keep trudging along through this journey:

I contracted Hep C sometime in my younger, wilder years through either a piercing or tattoo. Like most people, I did not find out I had it until March 2014. How I found out is rather important, peculiar, and extraordinary all at the same time. I began experiencing incredible pain in my joints. The most severe pain I've had, next to childbirth. It was strange as well as excruciating. It would come on and get stronger and stronger over the next few hours until it debilitated the limb it began in. 1-3 days later I regained use as pain moved to another spot in my body. Then I had several days, sometimes even weeks before this cycle of horrendous pain returned, affecting and debilitating an area before moving on to another, then another, and another. It came in my shoulder, then in my wrists, elbows, fingers, toes, ankles, knees. I have been in a sling, crutches, wrist braces, ankle braces, bed ridden. I used to literally crave ice packs.

I wanted to share this for 2 reasons.

1: I wanted others experiencing this type of pain to not feel crazy! I began to feel a little crazy when every blog I read and everything I had researched never suggested the type of pain I was experiencing to be a symptom of hep c. Even my hepatology specialist would not believe that this severe pain was being caused by hep c as she quickly brushed me off to seeing my primary care for it instead of prescribing something to ease the pain.

2: I believe God manifested this pain within me so that I would go to the doctor to have this diagnosis revealed so that I could seek treatment for it before it was too late. Otherwise I do not think I would have gone as I am not much of a doctor goer. Once I went and discovered the diagnosis I researched for hours and hours, days and days. Like everyone else I realized how scary and dangerous this virus is. To top it off, my very insurance company was mentioned in numerous blogs as being one of the most common insurance companies for denying hep c treatment over and over each time it was appealed by people. This made me incredibly worried. I prayed and got my church involved to pray over me and with me. I knew God had planned to save me but how?? Treatment is absolutely unaffordable without insurance!! Do we sell our house? Take out as much home equity lines of credit as we could? Sell off everything we had?? After seeing the specialist, taking all the blood & liver tests, the doc sent over the request for treatment needed for Genotype 2b. Not only was I experiencing a rare side effect of hep c but I was also one of the most rare genotypes there are in America.

I worried and my faith wavered. The pharmacy called me less than 48 hours later to tell me I was approved and they were shipping the first month of treatment pills to me immediately. I couldn't believe my ears and spent 20 of the 30 minutes we were on the phone grilling the representative to ensure there was absolutely no mistake! He assured me there was not so I praised God more than I had during my entire life, I'm sure. Then I began to worry about the side effects of the drugs I had to take. There were pages and pages of typewritten side effects as I was prescribed Ribavirin and Sovaldi.

God blessed me there as well. I had absolutely NO side effects AT ALL!!! I took the treatment for 12 weeks. Another 12 weeks after treatment ended I was tested again (12/01/2015) and the results were negative for hep c, I was cured!!!! I am sharing this story because I believe God healed me through his Son Jesus who died on the cross for not only our sins but also for our diseases, sicknesses, and all other inequities. I believe He wants me to share with anyone & everyone who will read. I also believe there are people suffering right now who are waiting for approval from their insurance companies, or waiting for the second, third, fourth, fifth appeals to be approved as well as some that are waiting for a liver transplant who need real life encouragement and hope for their own futures. I am here to give that to you. Never ever give up and keep on waking up each morning thinking this is the day that it's going to change for you!! Here are a few Scriptures I clung to:

“For the glory of Your Name, O Lord, preserve my life. Because of your faithfulness, bring me out of this distress.” Psalm 143:11.

“I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry for help.” Psalm 40:1

“Lord my God, I cried to You for help and You healed me.” Psalm 30:2.

“Show Your favor to Your servant; save me by Your faithful love.” Psalm 31:16

“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them from all their troubles.” Psalm 34:17

“My son, pay attention to my words; listen closely to my sayings. Don’t lose sight of them; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them, and health to one’s whole body.” Proverbs 4:20-22.

Finally, I was taught to realize this awesome healing wasn’t about me, but about God’s glory and Jesus Christ’s glory. “So then it does not depend on human will or effort but on God who shows mercy. For the Scripture tells Pharaoh: I raised you up for this reason so that I may display My power in you and that My name may be proclaimed in all the earth.” Romans 9:16

Erika P Jan 14, 2016

My name is Bushra Anjum and I live in Pakistan. In 2002, I had an accident and received treatment in a government hospital. After 5 years I realized a change in my health- fatigue. Because of this reason I went to a lab for some tests. My test of HCV was positive and after seeing my test I was very shocked and worried that I would infect my family. But I came to my senses and went to doctor for advice. He told me that my illness was in the initial stage so I can take a six month treatment. So I took the six month treatment and performed and the testing the doctor required. Thanks to Allah, after the six month treatment my tests were clear and now I am living my happy life without any stress.

Bushra Anjum Jan 14, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hep c, genotype 3a, 8 years ago. At that time, I was offered the available treatment with interferon. I did my research and decided do not take it... Since then, I have been on strict diet. I never drank alcohol even before I was diagnosed with hep C). I exercise, take all natural supplements such as milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke... I’m living a holistic life. I was waiting for oral drug and finally, the FDA approved Sovaldi/Daklinza (that's the medication for my genotype).

I started my 12 weeks on October 1, 2015 and finished my treatment on Christmas day :) . I had blood test on 1/26/15 with result viral load 0, no virus detected. My follow up 1st blood test is in 4 weeks (January 20) and then March 20, 2016.

During treatment, I didn't have any side effects. I was able to work, continue my diet and exercise. I felt tired but it was manageable. I am very positive person and I am confident that my blood test will show no evidence of the virus. March 20,2016 is the day when officially I will say, I am cured!!! This medication is Miracle! I hope, that every single person with Hep c can afford this treatment and finally be free of this horrible virus. Wishing everyone best of luck and healthy life!

Anna Barkhoudarian Jan 13, 2016

I am currently in my 8th week of generic Sof/Ed from China. I accessed my meds through the FixHepC Buyers Club. Only sides are insomnia and the occasional headache. Energy levels are much better too now. All bloods are fine. I was undetected at 4 weeks.

The Australian Government has now listed new new DAA's on the PBS and are supposedly going to spend $1b to treat patients. This won't even scratch the surface!

My humble opinion is that generics are the way to go for those who look like they are going to have to wait extended periods of time for treatment. Of course I believe that the sickest patients should get the treatment first and foremost.

Best wishes to you all.

Lynne F Jan 10, 2016

Hi, I contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in1982. I am now waiting on a prescription for Sovaldi and Ribavirin for type 2a. I am happy to find this message board for support and encouragement.

Lena W Jan 9, 2016

I contracted hep c in 1982, through a blood transfusion when my youngest child was born. In 1993 I was told I had hep c antibodies in an annual blood test. Being very naive I thought “Great! I have antibodies to fight hep c!”. In 2003, I moved and changed insurance and became ill. We quickly started the full treatment, 3 months later, Dr. said it wasn't working. We will try the next new meds that will come along.

In 2008, I quit my job and tried again for 48 weeks. Just as sick as before but I was determine to do it again. After 48 weeks it didn't work. Meanwhile my husband came down with 4 stage lymphoma (he is in remission now). In 2011 we moved in with my daughter and I tried again but I was very ill. Transfusions, septic, and all the side effects they warned me about, I had at one time or another. It was successful!... for 3 weeks. I got a UTI and pneumonia and had to stop the rest of the course of medicine. Yes, it came back quickly.

We got on our own again after building some strength. In 2015 my doctor had moved on and my liver tests put me in cirrhosis. That’s the first time I heard of Harvoni. It was so expensive and by now I'm 65. I didn't know if they would waste it their money on an old 3 time loser. But Kaiser Permanente has been wonderful with my husband and me. They approved it and it WORKED!

I had to take ribavirin with it but I wasn't near as sick as I had been the other 3 times. I know it has been a long story but I wanted you to know that you can survive. Each time a new treatment came out I said I can't not pray for treatment and not try what was being offered. I am soooo glad for those of you who have Harvoni and one person said there was a generic out too. Good luck to you all!

Jan 8, 2016

2005 -Tested positive for hep c.

2009- Underwent peg interferon cure with no success.

2015- Underwent Abbvie drug therapy for 24 weeks-no success but instead at end of treatment informed of liver cancer with tumor growing in portal vein.

- Underwent 6 treatments of Radiation SABR

-Surprisingly ast and alt levels came back normal then and today, one month after radiation??????

Today- Underwent ascites tap (1st) and removed 8.3L of liquid around the abdomen.

Next- Appt w oncologist on Feb 11 for ct scan then blood work to check viral load again.

Curious as to why ast and alt would come back normal as they have never been in over 10 years?

mark w Jan 8, 2016

Started sovaldi daklinza and ribvirin today. 12 week course. Geno 3a for 14 yrs. Keep you posted. God bless !

donna f Jan 7, 2016

Hep C free life: Not a destination, it is a journey

I slayed my dragon!

Hep C free life is it a dream or reality that I thought was impossible to achieve but now seems so much realistic. After years of infection, I am now cured.

I contacted hep C from a dental procedure 13 years back. It felt like you are being punished for someone else’s guilt. I went through a 48 week interferon and ribavirin treatment. The experience was horrible. I was anemic all the time, fever, ache, chills were my every days companion. Don’t want to remember those days. But treatment was working I was undetectable end of the treatment. But I didn’t achieve SVR24.

Hep C relapsed. For 3 years no treatment. Then come light at the end of the tunnel, oral drug for Hep C. But being a citizen of an under developed country these drugs were out of my reach. Then in Feb 2015 InceptaPharma, a local pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh, launched the world’s first ever generic version of Sofosbuvir. But being a Gen 1b interferon relapser I was told to wait because generic version of Harvoni (Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir) will be launched and it was true. Incepta also launched the world’s first ever generic version of Harvoni. From Sep 2015 I started treatment. Initially there was fever and pain. But it was worth it. I was undetectable in 4 weeks treatment. I recently did my SVR4 and still undetectable. Special thanks to Incepta for launching this product. I was told thousands of patients worldwide are using this drug.

Thought I should share this story with everyone. So that everyone can know the name of country from where beacon of hope for Hep C started it journey. For your convenience I am sharing contact details of Incepta.

Asif Mostafa

Senior Brand Manager (Anti-viral)

Email: amostafa@inceptapharma.com

Cell No: +8801713338492

Mazharul Islam Jan 6, 2016

When I was initially diagnosed with hep C 16 years ago, I was told that I would be dead in 5 years.

I went into a deep depression for 6 months and really felt myself beginning the process of dying. Then, news of a pregnant daughter brought me to my senses. I wasn't ready to die. After a great deal of research I discovered that the liver regenerates. I went for acupuncture as needed for 5 years and used the Gerson diet as a guide to wellness. I used milk thistle and avoided toxic herbs. My viral loads dropped significantly along with much unnecessary weight. I quit drinking and using chemical cleaning agents. I did not take any pharmaceuticals. I exercised by walking.

Now 16 years later I am healthy, still working 60+ hours per week and maintaining a positive outlook, a healthy diet and clean liver. I have watched many of my peers die in the last few years because they believed Big Pharma and felt that they could survive without making lifestyle changes. Life is a choice. All you have to do is make a choice to live!

Eve G Jan 6, 2016

I had some blood work done check to see if everything was ok. I was released from the hospital with Diverticulitis, bleeding from the bowls. This has happened 3 times in the past four years. This last episode I was given 3 pints (Packs) of blood in the hospital. It raised my blood count up to a safe level.