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Hepatitis A General Clinical Tests

Hepatitis A General Clinical Tests

Test Name


Hepatitis A Antibody (Anti-HA, Anti-HAV, Total Anti-HA, IgG-anti-HA,
IgM-anti-HA. Total (IgG + IgM) Anti-HA IRMA, IEMA

IgM-anti-HA Anti-µ capture




Stable for 7 d at RT and indefinitely at 4°C or -20°

Ref. Range


International Recommended Units


Chemical Interfaces

In Vivo Effects

None Found

Diagnostic Information Hepatitis A, formerly called infectious hepatitis, is a picornavirus
transmitted through either oral or fecal contact that can cause either
asymptomatic infection or symptomatic clinical hepatitis. Both IgG
and IgM antibodies occur early in the acute infection with IgG persisting
for years. Diagnosis of acute HAV infection requires positivity dor
IgM-anti-HA. Afteran acute infection, IgM-anti-HA usually disappears
in 3-4 mo but may persist up to 10 mo. Patients with IgG-anti-HA are
protected from the virus. Hepatitis A never causes chronic infection,
and acute relapses occasionally occur. When Hepatitis A vaccine becomes
available and is widely used, the existing assays may not be sensitive
enough to detect post-vaccination autoantibodies which appear at relatively
low titers.
Remarks A high percentage of the population has protective antibody to the
Hepatitis A virus (total anti-HA) acquired from clinically unapparent
infections. This is why standard immune globulin has been effective
as prophylaxis for Hepatitis A exposures.

Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests, third edition.