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Hepatitis C Support Groups

San Francisco, CA

Hepatitis C Support

Pierce Realty Building
160-1 2nd Street
San Francisco CA
Meets on: 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Meets at: Call
Contact: Barry Howe
Phone: 415-453-3622

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Hepatitis C Support Project

San Francisco CA
Phone: 415-834-4100
Comments: Numerous support groups & educational evenings.

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American Liver Foundation - Northern California Chapter

One Sansome Street
Suite 2100
San Francisco CA 94104
Meets on: Monthly
Meets at: Call
Contact: Scott Suckow
Phone: 415-984-3169
Phone: 415-431-5542

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California Pacific Medical Hospital - (CHRC)

alifornia Pacific Med. Center, Pacific Campus
Stanford Building, 2351 Clay St.
Room 309
San Francisco CA
Meets on: 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Meets at: 6:45 - 8:30 pm
Contact: Shirley Barger
Phone: 415-664-7333
Phone: (415) 385-7180
Comments: Space limited to 10-15 individuals

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Quan Yin Support Group

San Francisco CA
Meets on: 2nd & 4th Thursday
Contact: Hannah Cohen
Phone: 415-861-4964
Comments: Space limited to 10-15 individuals Quan Yin is taking a temporary hiatus. Please call at 861-4964 or email at to add your name to the newsletter list to get updates about when we will begin seeing patients again.

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ICHO Support Group Meeting

Davies Medical Center
Castro/Divisidero & Duboce
San Francisco CA
Meets on: 2nd & 4th Wednesday
Meets at: 6:30 PM
Contact: George Cirilo
Phone: 415-431-5542

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UCSF Hepatitis C Support Group

UCSF Medical Center
505 Parnassus Ave.
9 Long Solarium Room L-949
San Francisco CA 94143
Meets on: 1st Tuesday of the month
Meets at: 2-3 pm
Contact: Jim Banta
Phone: 415-595-4016
Phone: 415-776-5291
Comments: This meeting will meet after the Liver Transplant Support Group meeting. We will provide support, our hep C experiences and hepatitis C information to help others treating their hepatitis C. We will discuss treatment protocols, symptom management, managing blood level abnormalities and new non-interferon treatments that will be available in the next couple of years. Plus any issues that people want to discuss. We welcome those the are pre and post transplant patients as well as others with lesser liver disease.

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