The latest research & treatment news about Hepatitis C infection, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

Hepatitis C

Who is at Risk for Contracting Hepatitis C?

The following individuals are at risk for contracting Hepatitis C:

  • People who have injected illicit drugs, even if only one time or a few times, including those who have injected only once many years ago
  • Healthcare workers who have been exposed to infectious blood on the job or have been stuck by a needle infected with the Hepatitis C virus
  • People who were notified that they received blood from a donor who tested positive after they had already donated their blood
  • People who received a blood transfusion or had a solid organ transplant before 1992
  • People who have HIV
  • People who received blood clotting factor products before 1987
  • People who are long-term hemodialysis patients
  • People who were born to a woman infected with Hepatitis C
  • People who live in a household with an infected person
  • People who have/had unprotected sex with multiple partners, and/or between males, particularly where there is a history of a sexually transmitted disease
  • People who engage or have engaged in anal sex without a condom
  • People who have tattoos and body piercing
  • People who have signs or symptoms of liver disease such as abnormal liver enzyme tests
  • People who have ever worked or been housed in a prison