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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Anemia and Hepatitis C Treatment

Jan 24, 2012

In opposition to what seems logical, research demonstrates that becoming anemic while on Hepatitis C therapy is not such a bad thing.

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Bristol-Myers Gains Momentum with All-Oral Hep C Therapy

Jan 23, 2012

In a recent study, over one third of previous non-responders cleared Hepatitis C with an interferon-free combo of two Bristol-Myers experimental drugs.

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Hepatitis C Gains Access to Brain Cells

Jan 23, 2012

Helping to explain why Hepatitis C can cause extrahepatic manifestations (problems outside of the liver), American researchers confirmed that certain brain cells are susceptible to the Hepatitis C virus.

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Liver Cancer More Likely with Hep C and Fatty Liver

Jan 13, 2012

Two separate Mayo Clinic studies find that liver cancer rates are magnified by obesity and Hepatitis C infection.

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Novel Hep C Vaccine in Phase 1 Trial

Jan 9, 2012

By targeting the inside of a Hepatitis C viral cell for a greater T-cell response, Oxford researchers are one step closer to a vaccine for preventing Hepatitis C infection.

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Fast-Track Given to Hepatitis C Drug ACH-1625

Jan 9, 2012

Likely due to its convenient dosing, safety and tolerability, Achillion’s ACH-1625 has been awarded fast-track status by FDA.

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CE Mark Granted to Roche’s New Hep C Tests

Jan 9, 2012

Indicative of its compliance with Europe’s standards, Roche’s tests to confirm Hepatitis C infection and predict treatment response have been acknowledged by the EU.

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MicroRNA Molecule Significant in Hep C Infection and Treatment

Jan 3, 2012

New research demonstrates how Hepatitis C hijacks a specific, microRNA molecule. The study clarifies why an experimental antiviral drug that binds to this microRNA molecule effectively targets the Hepatitis C virus.

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An Overview of Autoimmune Hepatitis

Jan 3, 2012

Find out about the prevalence, signs and symptoms and treatment for autoimmune hepatitis.

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