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Lyme Disease’s Scary Connection with Hepatitis

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Tired with Hep C? Avoid These 5 Foods!

Nicole Cutler L.Ac. June 17, 2015

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Do you know what common foods are likely to exacerbate fatigue – the most common symptom of Hepatitis C?

Foods that Cause Fatigue

Going even further with what may be harmful to liver cells, certain foods actually cause or aggravate fatigue. Especially if you are struggling with tiredness due to Hepatitis C infection, make sure to avoid these five foods that increase your likelihood of feeling sleepy:

  1. White Bread – A carbohydrate that is practically devoid of fiber, white bread is considered to be a high-glycemic food. High glycemic foods are broken down into sugars quickly, providing a quick, short burst of energy. Unfortunately, that quick spike in blood sugar is followed by low blood sugar, which causes fatigue, anxiety and more carbohydrate cravings.
  2. Red Meat – The high fat content of red meat like steaks and hamburgers can also aggravate fatigue. It takes a lot of energy to break down red meat, so your body’s energy is redirected towards digestion – leaving little for staying alert.
  3. Alcohol – Most with Hepatitis C know to avoid alcohol, but may not realize that even a little can make fatigue worse. Alcohol inhibits glutamine, a natural stimulant in your body. Besides feeling tired right away, the inhibition of glutamine is frequently followed by glutamine rebound – which is known to make fatigue even worse.
  4. Candy – Many office workers keep a bowl of candy on their desk to help give them energy when they get too sleepy. While such sugary treats may provide a quick burst of alertness, it won’t last long. Orexin, a chemical in your brain that helps you feel alert and awake, is known to decrease after sugar consumption.
  5. French Fries – A seemingly innocuous, tasty, savory snack, French fries will foster fatigue. First, French fries are very high on the glycemic index, meaning that this carbohydrate will break down into glucose quickly then cause a blood sugar crash. In addition, fries are laden with grease, which clogs up the liver’s detoxification system and makes it harder to store and release energy.

Although the short list above may appear to be obvious items to avoid when caring for a compromised liver, an astonishing number of Americans consume at least three or four of these fatigue-inducing foods every day. To help lead you back on an energetic path, make sure not to sabotage your energy-seeking efforts. Avoid white bread, red meat, alcohol, candy and French fries to help diminish the fatigue those with Hepatitis C must frequently overcome.

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Lyme Disease’s Scary Connection with Hepatitis

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Viekira Pak Effective Without Ribavirin

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  • Batôt Marie Francoise

    hi. I’m a French citizen and we’re a good group here to know about fatigues and food and we are a good number also to have found what can help. i can share with you on my name talking about me only:
    Vegan diet is the best one for people having H C
    a cure of raw veg mix juice is about the best you can find to regenerate. I was mixing: carrots, beet roots, black radish, turmeric, parsley and lemon. having that during the morning slowly little by little instead of my breakfast. Amazing results: no more fatigue!!! Helas my mixer broke and it cost me too much to buy an other one and it ‘s costly to make the juces too since one should use only organic veggies
    Voila to end up with the diet one litre of desmodium every day
    All the best

  • Annie

    I have had Hep C for about 21 years. I found out in 2003. I know ALOT of people that have it. My ex-husband died 3 years ago because his turned into cancer, bless his heart. The past 2 years I keep seeing billboards and commercials about new drugs. I know the treatment with interferon is supposed to be brutal. I decided to go to the Dr. to see what he has to offer. I take 3 Ribavirin pills in the morning. At night I take 2 more and one pill of another called Solvaldi. I went back to the Dr. after 2 months of treatment (I have to be in treatment 6 months, I have genotype 3) and he said he couldn’t see any trace of the virus in my blood! I am thrilled! I love to drink alcohol and of course I can’t now. I have been sober 8 months! I have never been sober without help. This time I prayed to God to help me abstain! The best thing about this is NO SIDE EFFECTS!!! A little tired but that’s it! Please get treatment! These new drugs have a 90% cure rate! God bless you and GOOD LUCK!!!

    • cindy

      ..hi Annie!

      .I’m Cindy I have a hep c but I don’t know what genotype I have! I want to be free with hep c but I don’t have any idea about the medicine price!! And if I can afford coz I don’t have good job to support my treatment everyday!! I just wanna ask In two months of your treatment how much did it cost you?? Thanks Annie!! Hope to hear from u soon

      • Annie

        I paid with my insurance but a lot of people the company will pay for it, It is over 1000.00 a pill, the whole treatment for 6 months is 200 thousand dollars. Get your primary doctor to give you a referral to a liver specialist because you have to have a test to find out how far along you are. Don’t worry about the cost right now. Get to the specialist and he will help you get the meds, sometimes for free.

      • trickofthetail

        It’s Robert, Hi All, Diagnosed w/ c in 1985. My Dr in NY said don’t drink so I didn’t. I believe that made a world of difference as a friend diagnosed at the same time just had a liver transplant. My Genotype is 2B and never treated before. I should get my meds. Sofosbuvir and daclastivir within a month and the virus will clear. You must know your genotype so that you take the correct combo. treatment. You can never know when you got the virus to many personal questions would have to be asked. As far as sex the Chief at NY Hosp. Cornell Med. Ctr told me there is a less than 1% chance of transmission through sex and only if there is a blood exchange. I’ve had plenty of years to research. My Meds $1,500. fed ex to my door.

    • teresa

      Annie, I seen a doctor in 2011 who didnt want to treat me, he said it wasnt that bad and because I was on anti-depressants I would get more depressed. I was also super fatigued and he said hep c doesn’t cause fatigue, when other doctors told me it does. Well now im even worse I can barely make it through the day! Im on medicaid. Do you know if medicaid will pay for this treatment? I want to see another doctor. Thanks Teresa

      • Annie

        Yes Medicaid does pay for it. your Dr. works with the company that makes the drug to get it approved. I was turned down twice before I was approved. Whoever that Dr. is needs to go back to school. Hep C does cause fatigue, it’s one of the biggest symptoms. I am on Zoloft and the treatment doesn’t make me more depressed. They have new drugs to treat it now, you just take some pills twice a day. The cure rate with these drugs is 90 to 95 percent! It’s just amazing! I went to my Dr. in January and was on treatment by March. See another Doctor until you find one that will help you. Don’t give up and do it as soon as possible! This is your life. I have seen 2 people pass away one year before the new drugs came out. Believe me, you don’t want to go that way! I will say a prayer for you and Good luck!!!

    • nauman

      Hi Annie and others . I was diagnosed in 1999 and am also genotype 3 . Am currently stage 4 cirrhosis and will be starting sfosbuvir with interferon and ribavirin for 3 months in august this year . The Canadian Government with one of its affiliate insurers has approved treatment for 3 months. I had gone through interferon and ribavirin treatment in 2008 for 6 months but the virus came back. I hope this treatment works this time . Will update later. Good luck all. 🙂

      • Annie

        Good luck! Wish you the best!

  • Willie Dee

    I just been diagnosed but my gastroenterologist says he doesn’t know how long I’ve been infected. So how do you know how long??

    • lusphij

      Blood transfusions before 1990 were not screened for the hcv virus. Blood to blood is the usual method of contagion so any intravenous drug use with a possibility of sharing needles or water are other strong candidates for infection. I think there is a very small risk of infection through sexual practice, but just search hepatitis central for more accurate information.

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