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Stories that have been shared to benefit others with Hepatitis C

I'm 58 epclusa has turning me around in two weeks of treatment before my kidneys and liver was quivering and depression couldn't even get out of bed only after two weeks of treatment was a med tech and got needle stuck the aches are gone feel awesome now can do my normal house duties as a wife praise God I can live again thanks to all my doctors and pharmacy people I had stepheoheptatis I'm glad to be alive thank your rita s 2020

– Theresa J

I am 39 years old and I was a heroin attic for seven years and I shut up every day Then on occasions I would shoot up on methadone my Viral load ended up being over 500 million I was pasty pale and tired all the time then and yellow I got the medication and my skin color completely changed while while I was under the treatment I took a bunch of M Marijuana brownies and it looked back at me I swear I kid you not and today I feel great no longer on heroin and sober don’t do drugs

– Daniel J

It's been 3 years cured my treatment was epscula sorry didn't spell it properly, any way my blood is very good my liver was close to f4 now its f2 i am very healthy and fit,I do have a occasional drink doctor said its ok just dont bing drink. I am very lucky and feel blessed, for those who are waiting for treatment you will be ok and feel good again

– Robin E

I suffered with migraines monthly at the age of 26. I was put on strong pain killers which didn't really help. At the time I had no clue you could shoot pills. I found out my oldest son was using and got my daughter started. It was the worst hell of my life. I found out my daughter had hepc. At the time there was no cure and I heard only nightmares about interferon. I decided if she was going I didn't want to be here so I started shooting. I got hepc. I didn't feel sick. I started going to a clinic with a sliding scale and the dr told me about epclusa. I qualified for a free program. IThe only side effect was I was tired. I have been off for months and no detection of the hepc. But I am always tired. My hips started being painfull and I get stiff after sitting for 10 minutes. I dont know if it is related to the epclusa but we are trying to get my daughter on the program. She has been drug free for 5 years snd manages the frame shop at Michaels. Hopefully, we get lucky. I hope I helped someone. Good luck everybody. And for the record, shooting drugs is not the only way to get hepc.

– Brenda P

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