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Hepatitis B – Disclaimer


Disclaimer – Please Read.

I make no claims to the accuracy of this document and I am not a doctor.

If you have any fears, questions, concerns doubts or require information on hepatitis in any form as a disease and/or it’s treatment, transmission, virology etc. I advise you to contact your medical practitioner; talk to qualified virologists, or molecular biologist as appropriate and to consult appropriate medical textbooks or journals.

I take NO responsibility for any actions you may, or may not, take after reading this.

The above is to protect me from any legal action in case I have misunderstood something, read/ heard incorrect information or just from simple typos. Also as more research is done information can become out of date. If I am not sure about something, expressing a theory or conjecturing it is indicated by a (?) following the appropriate sentence and/or paragraph.

Where percentages are given I will try to give a range e.g. 10 – 15% of the upper and lower figures I have seen, if only one figure is shown that is the percentage to my knowledge. These percentages vary depending on what books you read, whom you talk to and how studies were performed and should not be taken as ‘fact’ just because they are numbers.

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