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Presse Med 1997 Mar 1;26(6):262-264

Percutaneous hepatic puncture biopsy in ambulatory care. 231 patients.

[Article in French]

Bourgaux JF, al Chaar K, Barki J, Ribard D, Raffanel C, Balmes JL

Service d’Hepato-Gastroenterologie, Hopital Caremeau, Nimes.


The aim of this study was to verify that percutaneous liver biopsy does not require prolonged hospitalization over 24 hours and can be performed in a day care clinic without increased morbidity.


Two hundred thirty-one outpatients underwent percutaneous liver biopsies in a day care clinic from November 1, 1994 to June 30, 1996. There were 136 men and 95 women, mean age 39.5 years, age range 16-72 years. Liver biopsy was performed as part of the work-up for Hepatitis C in 183 patients. The biopsy was a repeat procedure in 43 patients.


The procedure was uneventful in 230 patients. Hospitalization for 24 hours was required in one patient with a biliodigestive anastomosis who developed chills and fever due to Eschericia coli bacteremia. Two procedures were unsuccessful.


This series confirms that when performed in compliance with standard rules for strictly controlled indications, morbidity after percutaneous liver biopsy is not greater in an outpatient than a classical inpatient setting.

PMID: 9122122, UI: 97252888