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Table 4


The Normal Adult Human Liver Biopsy: A Quantitative Reference Standard

table  4.   Parallelism of
Structural Profiles Within Portal Tracts

  Bile ducts to hepatic arteries 92% ± 8%
  Hepatic arteries to bile ducts 96% ± 5%
  Portal veins to bile ducts 95% ± 6%
  Portal veins to hepatic arteries 93% ± 8%
  Bile ducts to portal veins 72% ± 17%
  Hepatic arteries to portal veins 72% ± 19%
  Portal tracts without portal veins 38% ± 19%
  Portal tracts without bile ducts 7% ± 6%
  Portal tracts without hepatic arteries 9% ± 7%

NOTE. The simultaneous occurrence of interlobular
bile ducts, hepatic arteries, and portal veins within portal tracts
is given on a percent basis, as defined in the text. The converse
also is shown, namely the percent of portal tracts lacking portal
veins, interlobular bile ducts, or hepatic arteries.

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