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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Miami, FL

Eugene R. Schiff, MD, FACP


University of Miami Hospitals & Clinics
Center for Liver Diseases
1500 NW 12 Ave Ste 1101
Miami FL 33136


Comments: Excellent

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Miguel Rodriguez, MD

Gastroenterology / Hepatology

Miami Gastroenterology Consultants, PA
8525 SW 92nd Street, Suite C-10
Miami FL 33156

(305) 274-7800

Comments: Spends loads of time with you. Wants patient involved with their recovery Returns phone calls quickly

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S. Lawrence Rothman, MD


Gastroenterology Care Center
7500 SW 87th Ave
Miami FL 33173


Comments: He is doing extensive hep-c work and have combo programs.

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Raisa Miller, MPH, PA-C


7500 SW 87th Ave. Suite 200
Miami FL 33165


Comments: Exceptionally caring and experienced health care practitioner. She has been treating patients with liver disease for almost 10 years. Very personable and professional, takes her time explaining disease related issues and treatment options. Also, a sub-investigator in new research medications for HCV & HBV.

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Adam Peyton, MD


1321 NW14th street
Suite 510
Miami FL 33125


Comments: I immediately felt very comfortable with the doctor. He answered all my questions about my liver problems and explained them in a way that I could understand. I did not feel rushed like I usually do at other doctor visits.

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