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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Wichita, KS

Robert C. Hagan, MD


3311 E. Murdoch
Wichita KS 67208


Comments: Very Good

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Michael Lievens, MD


848 N. St. Francis Street, Suite 2945
Wichita KS 67214


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Tracy Klein

General Practice

1709 S Rock Road
Wichita KS 67207


Comments: He has been a great doctor to our family, he really spends time with us and listens. With this new diagnosis we had so many questions, he always makes time to answer them.

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Dr. Raghu Chaparala


1035 N. Emporia
Wichita KS


Comments: Dr. Chaparala is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, reading and researching about Hepatitis C. Whenever I've questioned him about anything, he knows it - especially something I've just heard an inkling about, such as new treatment, or seen on some site on internet. He explains my condition, pros and cons (for me) of a treatment, what he intends to do in a procedure, etc. Dr. Chaparala will recommend a path for me if I ask, but will let me decide what I want to do.

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