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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Louisville, KY

Bennett Cecil, III, MD


1009 Dupont Square North
Louisville KY 40207

Comments: Doc Cecil is currently writing a book and has worked at the VA hospital here in Louisville, KY, and has fought for us vets hard. He teamed with Miss America, Heather French to call attention to the danger of ignoring this illness. He fights for the Vets. He has fought the VA and the prison system to get the meds needed to treat the Hep C problem. Very good man.

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Matt Cave


University of Louisville HealthCare Outpatient Center
401 E. Chestnut St. Ste #310
Louisville KY 40202


Comments: Dr. Cave is a board certified hepatologist and has been treating Hep C for years. He is actively involved in hepatitis C clinical trials and is always looking for the best treatment plans possible. He even treats patients co-infected with HIV.

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Luis Marsano


530 S Jackson St
Louisville KY 40202


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