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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Baton Rouge, LA

William M. Cassidy, MD


5825 Airline Highway
Baton Rouge LA 70805


Comments: Patient 1: He is considered the top hepatologist in this state. He is also a very caring and compassionate person. Patient 2: He treated me in 2005, but scaled back on his practice when he was elected to US Senate. He's no longer seeing new patients.

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Saiyid Wahid, MD

Alternative & Conventional

Urgent Care Clinic
1962 O'Neal Lane
Suite H-1
Baton Rouge LA 70816


Comments: Developed his own herbal remedy that he originally used on patients who had chemotherapy. Open from 11:00 AM-7:00PM. He owns the clinic and is the only doctor there.

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Gertie Chimeka-Anyanwoke, MD


3844-3850 Convention Street
Baton Rouge LA 70806


Comments: Treats all kinds of Infectious Diseases to include Hepatitis B, C and co-infection with HIV/AIDS.

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