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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

Charlotte, NC



carolina liver transplant center
morehead st
Charlotte NC 28277

Comments: Very Knowledgable. I think he is the very best that anyone could hope for. He has helped me tremendously. He is most compassionate and cares so much for his patients well being. His staff, in the gastro office and in the research center, are also as caring and compassionate as he. I have received the utmost in quality care from this facility. He is a wonderful Doctor ! I`ve been a patient of his for several years, he has always been there for me whenever I needed him for whatever. He went as far as to give me his cell phone number so I`d be able to reach him whenever needed. He really does care for the best interest of his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. He is so real and straight forward. He is the best Dr. to work with and his team of nurses. He is kind and compassionate. His knowledge is awesome, and he is there for you. I have been thru one clinical trial that wasn't successful but he lifted my spirits with his honesty and smile. His nurses are a 10+ on any scale. What a professional team for Hep C patients.

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Barry R Schneider, MD


300 Billingsley Road, Suite 200
Charlotte NC 28211


Comments: University Hospital, Carolinas Medical Center

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Dr. Holtzmuller


3030 Randolph Road
Charlotte NC 28211


Comments: Would like to know how this doctor rates. I'm in stage 4 hepc, genotype 1. Is it okay to start interferon with him?

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