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Patient Referred Physicians Treating Hepatitis

El Paso, TX

M. Tai Lam, MD

Infectious Disease

10525 Vista Del Sol Ste 100
El Paso TX 79925


Comments: As a healthcare worker, I believe in this doctor wholeheartedly. His compassionate bedside manner is phenomenal. He is available 24/7. This physician is without a doubt the most brilliant man I have ever come across. He is always on top of what's new and what's coming. I recommend him without reservation!

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Ogechika Alozie MD MPH AAHIVS

Infectious Disease

4800 Alberta Avenue
El Paso TX 79905

915-996-1202 ext 228

Comments: Excellent doc. Always takes time to listen. On top of his game in terms of HCV and HIV. Wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone with chronic virus infections. Very thoughtful, informative, and takes the time to explain everything. Like his style and his expertise

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