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Hepatitis C Virus Dynamics In Vivo: Effect of Ribavirin and Interferon Alfa on Viral Turnover

Fig. 1. Serum HCV RNA and transaminase determinations in patients with chronic hepatitis C responding to antiviral therapy. All patients responding to treatment with (A) 3 × 3 MU rIFN- per week, (B) 3 × 6 MU rIFN- per week, and (C) 3 × 6 MU rIFN- per week plus ribavirin (14 mg/kg/d orally). Therapy was initiated at day 0 and continued throughout the study. Observed HCV RNA (×), ALT (), and AST levels () are indicated. Undetectable serum HCV RNA data are not shown. Lines are calculated from the best-fitting individual parameter sets. The lower edge of each panel indicates the analytical sensitivity. The normal ranges for ALT and AST are 4 to 22 and 4 to 20 U/L, respectively.

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