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Hepatitis C Support Groups

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Transplant Association

57 Executive Par So, NE
Suite 200
Atlanta GA
Contact: Bonnie Bradley, ED
Phone: 404-982-7885
Phone: 404-329-2224

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Hepatitis C Support

St. Andrew in the Pines Episcopal Church
Atlanta GA
Contact: Bre Wilson
Phone: 404-927-6941

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1201 Clairmont
Suite 120
Atlanta GA 30030
Contact: Heather Kirwin
Phone: 404-633-9169

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Pietmont Hep C Support Group

2145 Meadowlane Drive
Atlanta GA 30311
Contact: Monroe Blackman
Phone: 404-344-6937

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Grady Hep C Support Group

P.O. Box 4305
Atlanta GA 30302-4305
Contact: Priscilla Oliver, PhD
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 404-703-4884

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