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Hepatitis C Support Groups

Auburn, IN

Hip On Hep C Support Group

1316 E. 7th Street
Conference Room 303
Auburn IN 46706
Meets on: Third Friday of every month
Meets at: 6pm
Contact: Christie Soaper
Phone: 260-927-8180
Phone: 260-515-5130
Comments: We are a very laid back group with lots of love for all our Heppers and their friends and family as well. It is totally open. All you have to do is show up. You are only a stranger when you walk in the door and then when you leave you get hugs and are family. That is just how we are. Very loving and supportive group. Any questions please any time day or night with any question's you may have. We don't sit in a circle we sit as if we were at home in the living room. So don't be shy, we do not care how you got it. that isn't what makes you you. Take care and God Bless! Christie Soaper CEO/Founder/Group Coordinator HIP ON HEP C SUPPORT GROUP inc.

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