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America’s Best

by Stephen W. Lapan

As I stand here and look at “THE WALL,”

I think about these 58 thousand who gave their all.

Like those before them in times of strife,

They defended freedom with the cost of limb and life.

I had the honor to serve with these heroes not so long ago,

Off to Southeast Asia we did go.

Like those who served before us, it was our turn,

Like those before us, many did not return.

From the shores of Tripoli,

To the bloody beaches of Normandy.

Millions have paid the price,

So that American’s can enjoy their life.

Husband, Father, Lover, Friend, and Son,

How do we thank their families for what they have done?

Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine, all serve,

Let’s give them the honor they deserve.

Whether the war was wrong or right,

These courageous men took up the fight.

Honor all fallen warriors as best we can,

Tell the family about their man.

Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know,

The seeds of liberty these men did sow.

Laid here before us in eternal rest,

These unselfish Veterans are truly, “America’s Best”.

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