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Nicole Cutler, L.Ac., MTCM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®

Nicole Cutler, L.Ac., MTCM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)®

Nicole Cutler, L.Ac., MTCM is a long time advocate of integrating perspectives on health. With a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester and a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute, Nicole has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2000. She has gathered acupuncture licenses in the states of California and New York, is a certified specialist with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, has earned diplomat status with the National Commission of Chinese and Oriental Medicine in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology and is a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology. In addition to her acupuncture practice that focuses on stress and pain relief, digestion, immunity and oncology, Nicole contributes to the integration of healthcare by writing articles for professional massage therapists and people living with liver disease.

Here are my most recent posts:

HCV Genotype 3 and Fatty Liver

September 17, 2007 5 Comments

Infection with Hepatitis C genotype 3 carries a greater chance of a fatty liver than other genotypes. Although this relationship is likely due to the strain's molecular structure, successful treatment can erase this extra burden.

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Breaking the Hepatitis C Social Stigma

August 27, 2007

More people are currently living with Hepatitis C than any other chronic blood-borne infectious disease. Many patients still suffer with the associated stigma in many social circles. Discover two ways to reduce this unfortunate perception of a Hepatitis C diagnosis. Your efforts can help make the changes required.

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New Technology and Methods to Fight Hepatitis C

August 6, 2007

Recent technology has allowed researchers to safely and effectively kill blood-borne diseases. In July 2007, researchers announced favorable results in Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) outside the body. Discover what scientists have to say about using this new method to fight Hepatitis C and AIDS.

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Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana with Hepatitis C

June 20, 2007 22 Comments

A 2006 report demonstrated the benefits of marijuana for people undergoing interferon and/or ribavirin treatment for Hepatitis C. On the other hand, recent studies have shown the use of marijuana may increase the acceleration of the disease process and possibly cause decreased immune function. The information presented in this article is not intended to encourage or discourage illegal activity, but rather to provide the reader with proven facts about marijuana's impact on the liver.

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A Cure for Hepatitis C?

May 25, 2007

Spring 2007 brought a wave of health-related news professing a cure for Hepatitis C. While this publicity inspired hope in millions of people living with chronic HCV, it also sparked frustration and confusion. Learn more about the recent announcement that implied a cure for this disease, as well as what the details of the newsworthy study actually mean for you and your loved ones.

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Pain Relievers and Hepatitis C

May 10, 2007 38 Comments

People with chronic Hepatitis C suffer from the same sprains, strains, and body aches as everyone else. In addition, Hepatitis C symptoms can include musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, headache, episodic abdominal pain and liver pain. However, many typical, over-the-counter pain medications can damage an already vulnerable liver. For those with Hepatitis C, finding a way to ease their pain without encouraging liver injury can feel like an uphill battle.

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