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About Stephen Holt, MD, PhD, FACP

Stephen Holt, MD, PhD, FACP

Stephen Holt, M.D. is a Distinguished Professor of Medicine NYCPM (Emerite) and a medical practitioner in New York State. He has published many peer-review papers in medicine and he is a best-selling author with more than twenty books in national and international distribution. He has received many awards for teaching and research. Dr. Holt is a frequent lecturer at scientific meetings and healthcare facilities throughout the world. He is a best selling author and the founder of the Holt Institute of Medicine.

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Can CBD Cure Opioid Addiction?

Can CBD Cure Opioid Addiction?

March 28, 2019

Discover why there is a big connection between those who abuse drugs and alcohol and those who are diagnosed with hepatitis. Furthermore, find out what CBD is and how it might be able to end drug addictions and the opioid epidemic.

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