The latest research & treatment news about Hepatitis C infection, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

Understanding HCV

Are Those With Chronic Hepatitis More Prone to Acne?

For some individuals, living with chronic hepatitis can mean having a face full of blemishes. While many feel helpless over their skin's appearance, the physiological connection between hepatitis and acne suggests that those with liver disease do have some control over preventing skin breakouts.

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Hepatitis, Liver Enzymes and Fibrosis Progression

Repeated studies prove that those with chronic hepatitis must be evaluated directly for fibrosis progression. Although your doctor or peers may single out a normal ALT from a liver panel as good news, discover why this measurement provides little information about liver fibrosis.

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Esophogeal Varices

While not well known, the condition known as a bleeding esophogeal varice poses a very real threat to those suffering from a compromised liver. Learn what makes this condition so dangerous and learn how best to stop the bleeding and restore normal blood circulation.

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Dangerous Over-the-Counter Meds

If you suffer from liver disease, learn why it's important to read the labels of any over the counter pain medicine or cold remedy before placing them in your shopping cart. Discover how acetaminophen may play a role in accelerating liver failure in hepatitis patients.

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A New Study on HIV/HCV Co-Infection and Race

A new study on HIV and HCV co-infection confirms a significantly greater mortality rate for individuals infected with both viruses than those infected with only one. Researchers also reported that for yet unexplained reasons, white people are twice as likely to die from co-infection than black people.

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