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Can Frankincense Help Defeat Hepatitis C?

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Novel Hep C Strategy Aimed at Host Cells

99% Cured of Hep C in Abbott’s Interferon-Free Regimen

October 19, 2012

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Paired with ribavirin, a combination of Abbott’s drugs, ABT-450, ABT-267 and ABT-333 eliminated all traces of the Hepatitis C virus in 99 percent of study participants.

Abbott’s Hepatitis C Drugs Clear Virus in 99% of Patients

Bloomberg News

By Ryan Flinn and Drew Armstrong on October 15, 2012

An experimental drug combination from Abbott Laboratories (ABT) wiped out all traces of the virus that causes hepatitis C in 99 percent of patients with the liver disease, a study showed.

The 571 patients in the trial took a two- or three-drug mixture of Abbott therapies for 8 to 24 weeks, along with the antiviral ribavirin. A 79-patient group on the combination of three medicines plus ribavirin for 12 weeks responded best, the Abbott Park, Illinois-based company said today in a statement.

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Can Frankincense Help Defeat Hepatitis C?

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Novel Hep C Strategy Aimed at Host Cells

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  • geri

    I recently found out that I have hep C, am I supposed to get a Hep B vaccination? I heard that if I were to contract Hep B it could worsen my Hep C. Anyone have any thoughts…

    • angelo

      yes absolutely get a hep b vaccination

  • allen

    You need to get a hep b and hep a shot. quit drinking alcohol.

  • Randi Rappaport

    Deffinitely get vaccinated. I was in the trial for RIBAVIRIN..with the interferon..I refuse any treatment till the side effects are not so brutal. I had a liver biopsy..Stage 1..Mild damage and scarring. I CHOOSE to wait for a Better Protocol..That is my Personal Call For Me..Others have been thru the treatment and weathered the side effects..I Could Not. and WON’T.

    • suze2200

      got liver transplant Jan 31st this year due to hepc and overdose of interferon. After overdose couldn’t use that again and deteriorated for 7 years. The ONLY answer was transplant. I’m doing well now but am on lots of drugs for life-but I’m alive! Make sure to get your OWN info instead of putting full faith in Dr.’s

    • The Silver Fox

      I used intravenous drugs in the late 60″s. I was diagnosed with Hep C, genotype 3 in 1992. I went to a (really) world famous (he thinks so) St Louis. He is/was instrumental in the development of Teliprivir and Boceprevi

      He treated my Hep C with Ribovarin and Interferon in 2008. It planned to go for 6 months but it was extended to 12 months. My viral readings went to zero after the first month and stayed that way until the 9th month.

      Five or six months into treatment, I experienced symptoms of
      mental instability yet my doctor said not to worry about that. My daughter was taking care of me with her family consisting of three kids and a husband..

      In my 9th month, I went bi-polar and horribly psychotic. That is to say that I was so far removed from reality that I wound up in jail (mostly in solitary confinement in a psych area) for breaking a protection order generated by my terrified daughter. It was 5 weeks before I could make bail ($5,000). My treatment was stopped in the jail and when I was released my blood tests said I relapsed (duh)

      I’d read that my reaction has happened to others in the past. When I returned to see my doctor, I was handed something to sign that said, in BOLD print, that 5% of treated patients can experience “psychological problems”. This warning was added after my “episode”. My doctor has yet to discuss what happened to me.

      For me, my treatment completely destroyed my life. Bankrupted due to irrational spending. All of my most important relationships were severely damaged and some were ended……even thirty year friends. Lost my high six figure consulting business and I am on SS disability now.

      That said, if the Abbot drug is as good as they say, I’ll probably
      give it a try as long as I have a psychiatrist monitoring me for the duration.

      I seriously do NOT want my story to discourage ANYONE from being treated for Hep C. I know many people that beat Hep C and have not relapsed.

      I have no idea how this new drug effects your psyche . Based on my experience, I’d advise is to be SURE you have a competent psychiatrist along for the ride. Good luck to all! I pray you get better..

  • Margaret Dudley

    If the 12 week-treatment trial results with GS-7977+daclatasvir (no ribavirin) are released at the AASLD and they again have 100% cure rate like the 24-week treatment did, then PERHAPS the medical community, and other patient advocay and HCV support groups will make enough NOISE about the fact that a pan-genotypic cure (without ribavirin) has already been found and these drug companies will be forced to put human lives BEFORE profits! We have almost 8000 signatures on our petition which you can find at and we encourage each and everyone reading this post to add YOUR NAME to this petition now!

  • osama khattab

    It look good,but how about the side effects of these drugs I would like to know more about the drug and how longe to be taking.

    • Ben

      itching.hives no tolerance to sleep, lethargic,rashes towards the end..BUT!! The End Conquers all these side effects!! If you are one of the lucky ones (TG I was) the virus is eradicated.. just took a heart stress test and I am perfect no hiccups..YOU just have to persevere..I did meditation and actually started Tai Ci during regiments helps alot..AND you need someone to give you reassurance I had that support from my bestfriend It worked wonders when I was doubting myself..TRUST ME it is worth it in the end!!

  • Terri

    The article doesn’t discuss the side effects of this regiment. My worst side effects for me was caused by the ribavirin when I was treated for hep c with inteferon and ribavirin. My doctor kept cutting down the ribavirin dose and actually had me stop treatment a week early. Thankfully I have cleared virus free for three yrs now.

    • humberto cataƱo

      How were you able to clear the virus out of your System? I was also treated with interferon and rivavirin but had to suspend treatment because of serious side effects.Please let me know how you did i.My e mail is: [email protected] Thank you so much.

    • Ben

      Me 2 I styll participated in 4 to 8 mile obstacle runs up to the last 3 weeks then it hit me hard..No joke last week was hardest(more mental than anything) I am back in gym weighttraining and running my Spartan Races 4 weeks after treatment wiped out virus!! Awesome!!

  • Jnandaji

    They need to include the results for the genotype 1b which is the worst and has a very high mutating rate so a lot of treatments are less effective. I also agree that the side effects need to be thoroughly discussed.

    • trotter

      Genotype 1A is the worst, 1B next, 2A and on down the line.

  • Kim

    I am one of the extremely grateful 571. Know everyone wants to know more info. I have not had previous tx..interferon scares me. Genotype 1a. IL-28B is cc. 55 yr old female no other health problems and worked darn hard to prevent them and stay at a stage 1 biopsy level for over 20 years until this cure was available. I was placed in 8 week group that had a 89-92 percent cure rate and i am one of them. I am 9 months post tx. Side effects were minimal. Heartburn if i didn’t stay away from tomatoes and caffeine. Fatigue but i did my workouts except the last three weeks. Sleep issues but have had them constantly…repeat Had them. More energy as the weeks go by… come on guys. Its 12 weeks to a cure!!! You can do anything for that long to get the restvof your life back and feel good again. Its amazing truly. The virus was dead after 14 DAYS. It was my Christmas present.


      how do you get info about participating in this trial?

      • BarbaraT

        there is a government website that lists all clinical trials. I can’t remember the name but if you search for “clinical trials” you should be able to find it

    • bfawg68

      I am on trial for HEP c and HIV Co infected. are using interferon 2b , ribVarin, and Incevex. After 6 weekxs i am undetectable for HIV and Hep c. Yes I have side effects , but .i will survive. Have lived long enough to meet Both my grand daughters.

    • BarbaraT

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! I became infected in 1973 and never had a problem until about 6 years ago. First achyness then fatigue. I was diagnosed with a different disease evert time I went to see a doctor (Lupus, Fibromyalgia, CFS). About 4 months ago, I noticed my liver was swollen & decided to check it out. Sure enough I have stage 3 liver disease. I should respond well to interferon/ribivarin but want to wait for new treatment. UAB should do the clinical trials this spring & I’m on the list. If they don’t, how long would you wait for the new meds?

  • deb

    i am newly diagnosed with hep c 1a im going to ct today they found a liver spot on my ultra sound did that happen to any one?

    • suze2200

      unless you are REALLY ill wait for a good cure. I’m proof.

  • No_HCV_Now

    Abbott is on to something BIG for all of us with HCV. I was one of the lucky participants in this clinical trial and could not be happier with the result. Having HCV for the past 34 years, and enduring the constant worry over to treat or not to treat since diagnosis in 2000, when my viral load went up to 48,000,000, it scared me. After much research, phone calls, and chance, I was accepted into Phase 2 of this clinical trial in January 2012. My genotype is 1a, my liver has bridging fibrosis, and I am 57. The medicine started working right away, and by week 6 of treatment, my viral load was non-detectable and has stayed that way since stopping the medications 12 weeks later. The many side effects were tolerable, not pleasant by any means, the worse being anemia and shortness of breath from the Ribavirin, but I was able to keep working throughout the trial. Phase 3 begins soon, and by 2015 these medications should be available to the public. Hang on everyone, a cure is on the horizon!! Yeah!! :o)

    • Brama

      Do you know if this trial was for more than 1a genos?

    • The Silver Fox

      Does the new treatment work for genotype 3?

  • subagya

    maaf tolong kalau bisa ada bahasa indonesia juga sy kurang memahami bahasa inggeris

  • M

    i am 62, not sure how long I have had HCV. My doctor decied against conventional tx for me because I am very early Stage 1, am Ia and considered tx resistant for Interferon and I have Stage 3 to 4 Kidney disease. Has anyone said how this new tx will affect tx resistant strains and if it is okay for people with kidney problems?

  • Missy

    I am 61 and have been infected with Hep C about 37 years. I did the 2 drug Rib / Interferon. White blood cells got dangerously low and couldn’t finish. No one told me, but found out I was a none responder. bummer. But, I am set up to test a new drug that has a high cure rate if approved, do not know the name of the drug, but treatment starts in Jan 2013. I have stage 3 – 4 liver disease. I will be treating at Mayo.

    • BarbaraT

      You say you’ll be treating at Mayo. Which facility? I’m in Alabama and have considered going to the one in Florida.

  • ritchie

    I went on non-peg interferon and ribavirin for a year. I clkeared the virus after 2 weeks, but stayed on inf and rib for the full 12 months. 13 years later, the virus is back. So much for the ‘cure’ I was and now am genotype 2b..

  • Christina

    I have had hep c geno type 1a for at least 35 years. I have found a doctor prescribed medical food ( nutraceutical ) protocol that has saved my life. I was so sick I could barely function and my ferritan/iron levels plus liver function tests were really high. I had no hormone levels and pretty wiped out with not much of a life. The founder of this company was on a liver transplant list and the result of perseverance and determination plus top connections in the scientific/medical community he teamed up and created this formulation. The formulations got him off the transplant list and back living a healthy extremely active life. this has blessed my life and I know there are so many like myself this will benefit so I am posting. Feel free to email me if you would like more information. [email protected] Christina