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How Can Chronic Pain Lead to Hepatitis C?

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Harvoni Is Here: The Once-a-Day, Single Hep C Pill

A New Hepatitis C Treatment: No Interferon or Ribavirin Required!

October 27, 2014

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The side effects of interferon and ribavirin therapies for the treatment of Hepatitis C can be monstrous: nausea, fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea, depression and itchy skin. Learn about a new treatment – Harvoni –that does not require the use of interferon or ribavirin.
Viekira Pak Effective Without Ribavirin

Harvoni Takes the Sting Out of Hepatitis C Treatment

For the first time, hepatitis C can be cured without interferon and ribavirin, which can cause fatigue and depression.

Written by David Heitz | October 26, 2014

Finally, there’s a medication to cure hepatitis C that doesn’t require use of the dreaded drugs interferon or ribavirin.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this month approved Harvoni, a once-daily tablet manufactured by Gilead Sciences. Harvoni is a combination medication that includes sofosbuvir (Sovaldi), another Gilead breakthrough treatment approved late last year, and ledipasvir, which is also made by Gilead.

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How Can Chronic Pain Lead to Hepatitis C?

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Harvoni Is Here: The Once-a-Day, Single Hep C Pill

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  • michael

    first you have to check what genotype you are,,,,these new meds are not approved for all genotypes

  • Nicholas Goss

    Harvoni is approved for genome type 1 and 1a in particular.

  • bruce59

    Harvoni still needs ribavirin for treatment of geno type 3a. I took the interpheron – ribavirin treatment fifteen years ago and received serious heart damage for the effort. Now I’m so anemic that they do not want to start treatment with the new drugs.
    not much help for me or others like me.

  • moustafa

    How can I know what genotype of virus?

    • Meh

      Your doctor has to do a blood test

  • goose63

    I went through interferon/ ribavarin tx 14 years ago. Thank God it did clear the virus. I am NOT looking for a lawsuit etc. I did end up with personality change. Why is it when you try to explain that to your doctor, you pretty much get ignored. I am not the only one with this permanent side effect

    • Meh

      I took the treatment around 2000 and was pulled off of it because it screwed me up so bad. Depression. I’ve been waiting for better stuff to come out. Looks like how’s the time.

    • Christie

      Your very Lucky, was on ribo-interferon for 44 weeks, hep c came back one month after treatment was over. It has been six years later and have not been able to get back to who I used to be. My doctors keep telling me there is absolutely no correlation. Been on numerous anti depressants and nothing helps. I feel like I am the worst possible version of myself. I am not one for blame nut feel I was misinformed. Feel like I was used as a guinea pig and then left to fend for myself. I feel very alone most of the time, I do not know how to handle myself, very scary feeling. I actually would like to look for a lawsuit. i was a healthy 32 year old with no drug or alcohol abuse, I was in no danger for health risks regarding my liver. I probably would never have been because I took care of myself.

      • Mihai’s gurl

        Wow so, my husband was a healthy 68-year-old chopping wood and he was a shadow of himself after the treatment with interferon and ribavirin. He seemed to age 15 years and really hasn’t been the same and that was six years ago…

  • cre8iveqa4u

    I was treated for my hep-c with pegalated Interferon and Ribovirin about 12 years ago and in the first 90 days I had puked so much I lost over 100 pounds and was so malnourished/dehydrated my doctor took me off the treatment and now not a single doctor will put me back on it unless I develop liver cancer. Interferon and Ribovirin almost killed me. My personality has forever been altered. I am so easily fatigued now. And my insomnia was so bad I had hallucinations. It has not gotten much better in the 12 years since treatment. I am excited about these new regimens, but astounded at the cost. $94,000. Yes, that is right. Ninety four thousand dollars.

  • Stacey Wathan

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    • nadeem

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  • morgan