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Hepatitis C Drug Labeling Update

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Hepatitis B Virus Destroyed by Inovio's Vaccine

Abbott’s Hep C Drug Trio Cures Most in a Few Months

November 15, 2012

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In a mid-stage trial, Abbott’s all-oral drug combo for Hepatitis C posted cure rates in the 90th percentile – even in previous non-responders.

UPDATE 2-Abbott hepatitis C drugs bring high cure rates in trial

  • High cure rates seen in patients treated 8 or 12 weeks
  • 93 pct who failed prior drugs cured after 12 weeks
  • 97 pct of newly treated patients deemed cured after 12 weeks
  • One percent discontinue treatment due to side effects (Adds 100 pct cure rates with Gilead drug in small trial)

By Ransdell Pierson

Nov 10 (Reuters) – A trio of oral medicines from Abbott Laboratories Inc to treat hepatitis C produced unprecedented cure rates in patients who had failed to benefit from standard treatment, as well as very high cure rates for newly treated patients, Abbott said on Saturday.

Detailed data from the mid-stage trial, called Aviator, were released Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) in Boston.

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Hepatitis C Drug Labeling Update

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Hepatitis B Virus Destroyed by Inovio's Vaccine

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  • Ginger

    is there data regarding those participants who have cirrohsis and portal hypertension with varcies? Also, by age or sex? Diagnosed NonA-NonB in 1978. Never treated… being monitored for HCC. Hoping for something in My lifetime 🙂

    • Living out loud

      Hi, Ginger. Where do you live? I’m in Calif and go to UCLA. He’s great. Go see the best in your state now, please. That’s my very old diagnosis–very big deal Hon–go now!! Good luck. Happy Holidays. Peace. : ))

    • Debbie

      I received tainted blood in 1982, when I was given blood after a bad car accident. found I have hep c in 1999. I am very allergic to medication, so I have been doing what I know to do to take care of my body. I pray that in my lifetime there is a cure for this.

  • I have Hepatitis C (1B), and cirrhosis. Was diagnosed in the late 70’s. Was treated with Inferon alone (in the late 70’s. That was all that was available back then). Treated for a year. Relapsed. Treated again, same treatment for 6 months. Nada. Moved to CT, and treated with Pegasus for a year (Ribovarin and Pegalated Interferon). Again, relapsed after just a few weeks. Was put on Infergen for six months, but insurance wouldn’t continue it. Then, last year I went on Teliprivir combination treatment with Ribovarin and Interferon. I had to be taken off it because of the extreme effects, (and it’s not like I’m a wussy, look at all I went through before). That was the worst treatment I ever went on. Maybe it’s because I started all these treatments in my early thirties, and now I’m 60 and my body just won’t put up with it, or it’s the regimented diet you have to follow. Who can eat that amount of fat three times a day? And especially when your appetite is nil. Anyway, after all this, I’m still hopeful for a treatment that WILL work for me, and not cause me to have to set my alarm to 11pm to get up to go get a bunch of fat to eat.

    Does this new treatment dictate you have to eat like this? Does it have the side effects? (I was starting to hallucinate after 5 weeks. Not a good thing I figure).


    • The Silver Fox

      I used intravenous drugs in the late 60″s. I was diagnosed with Hep C, genotype 3 in 1992. I went to a (really) world famous (he thinks so) Dr. in St Louis. He is/was instrumental in the development of Teliprivir and Boceprevi

      He treated my Hep C with Ribovarin and Interferon in 2008. It planned to go for 6 months but it was extended to 12 months. My viral readings went to zero after the first month and stayed that way until the 9th month.

      Five or six months into treatment, I experienced symptoms of psychotic instability yet my doctor said not to worry about them. My daughter was taking care of me with her family consisting of three kids and a husband..

      In my 9th month, I went bi-polar and horribly psychotic. That is to say that I was so far removed from reality that I wound up in jail (mostly in solitary confinement in a psych area) for breaking a protection order generated by my terrified daughter. It was 5 weeks before I could make bail ($5,000). My treatment was stopped in the jail and when I was released my blood tests said I relapsed (duh)

      I’d read that my reaction has happened to others in the past. When I returned to see my doctor, I was handed something to sign that said, in BOLD print, that 5% of treated patients can experience “psychological problems”. This warning was added after my “episode”. My doctor has yet to discuss what happened to me.

      For me, my treatment completely destroyed my life. Bankrupted due to irrational spending. All of my most important relationships were severely damaged and some were ended……even thirty year friends. Lost my high six figure consulting business and I am on SS disability now.

      That said, if the Abbot drug is as good as they say, I’ll probably give it a try as long as I have a psychiatrist monitoring me for the duration.

      I seriously do NOT want my story to discourage ANYONE from being treated for Hep C. I know many people that beat Hep C and have not relapsed.

      My advise is to be SURE you have a competent psychiatrist along for the ride. Good luck to all! I pray you get better..

    • Christine

      I had the same results. I`m 51 & had to stop treatment. In 1 year a tablet should be coming out that does not have interferon in it. We`ll have to wait & see what happens.

    • asknod

      When will DRACO come out? No one with Autoimmune issues can touch this cocktail. It kills. As for age, no duh. Over 50 and you take your life in your own hands. Interferon was a rotten choice in 1980. It hasn’t improved with age adding the Ribavirin and Teleprivir.

  • SmileysPan

    I’m 61, had hep C (1a), got it in the late 70’s from tattoos, and did treatment twice in the last 3+ years. The first try was using Interferon & Ribaviron early 2009 (was 58) but quit after only 4 months, side effects and family issues got in the way even though I was responding to treatment. Once the new drugs were approved I did it again (Sept of 2011) and this June completed the triple coctail of Interferon, Ribaviron and Victrelis (bociprevir.) I added Biotin & Sam-E to try to minimize hair loss and keep my sanity….. side effects were bad at first but got manageable as time went on. I was able to work from home & modify my hours so I could grab a nap through the day but worked throughout treatment, at least until they layed me off in March (which I couldn’t fight.) Treatment was for 28 wks since I quit the previous attempt, they couldn’t consider me ‘untreated’ & prescribe the 12 week plan, but long story short, I still lost hair and a bunch of weight but I beat hep C, it’s gone! The copy left in my system CAN’T replicate so it will never come back! I’m hopeful for others to be able to share the same success as I did… Good Luck to all!

  • marsl

    Hi Silverfox: I feel you dude. Didn’t get quite as bad as you did. Was on that POISON for about 8 months but could not deal with those psychotic side effects bouts you speak of. The interferon was working for me and my viral load was way down but i just couln’t stand it.

    It really upsets me that when you read these medical reports that most people stop interFEARon (my pet name for the drug) because of flu-like symptoms . If it was just flu-like symptoms i could have tolerated it. i will be speaking with my doctor about these new meds next year and hopfully get this S#*t out of my system…Good luck and God BLESS!