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Decrease in the Number of People Living with HCV

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Liver Care After Successful Hepatitis C Treatment

AbbVie’s HCV Drug Cocktail Cures 99% in Trial

March 5, 2014

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AbbVie Inc. is one step closer to marketing its two-drug combination for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

Bloomberg News

AbbVie Hepatitis C Combo Cures Almost All Patients in Late Trial

By Simeon Bennett March 03, 2014

AbbVie Inc. (ABBV:US)’s combination hepatitis C therapy cured almost all patients in a late-stage study, moving the company closer to marketing a treatment that will compete with Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD:US) and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY:US)

In a trial in 419 patients, AbbVie’s as-yet-unnamed drug cocktail cured 99 percent of those given it after 12 weeks, regardless of whether they added the older booster medicine ribavirin, the North Chicago-based company said today at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston. AbbVie said it will seek U.S. approval this quarter.

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Decrease in the Number of People Living with HCV

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Liver Care After Successful Hepatitis C Treatment

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  • Chris

    Unfortunately the damn 12 week treatment is only $84,000. How is someone supposed to afford this with no healthcare?

    • Brama

      Chris, I think you’re thinking of Gilead’s treatment? Theirs is priced at $84,000.

    • Chris W

      GET SOME HEALTHCARE! The more people that get the new ObamaCare, the better the costs of it will be.

      • Pauloz57

        Are you daft?

      • Jay

        OMG! beam me up scotty! REALLY, ObamaCare!

        • Matt

          Don’t be a fool listening to the naysayers. Check it out yourself, I’ll bet you’ll be surprised.

        • Debra L. Bradshaw

          thanks to ACA [obamacare] I am hepc virus free after 20+years… my approx cost will be less than $50. for the 3 mo. course

    • ALLEN

      chris, I just wanted you to know. You can write gillead and they will give you a coupon so you pay no more than 5$for each COPAY. IF YOU CONTACT ME I SURELY WILL GIVE YOU THAT INFO

  • Myron

    Chris, do you have medicare? I do and I had to get Humana Gold supplemental policy to cover the 20% that medicare did not, And then apply for a grant thru Patient Access Network Foundation. I am currently on Sovaldi and RibaPak with zero side effects as such treatment is $85,000.00 for 24 week treatment, I’m in my second month and virtually no viral load detected two weeks in. Myron

    • Myron

      This is Myron, I finished my med’s about six weeks ago, I had blood work done two weeks ago. My doctor told me that 99% of his patients that test negative after four weeks of completing the regiment are cleared after six months and that included all those who were in the studies as well. The cost of the meds were aprox. $180,000.00. I wrote a Word Press blog documenting my treatment and continue to up-date it as I go along you can find it if you google Sovaldi and RibiaPak treatment of Hepatitis C.

  • VickiH

    My husband was one of the patients for the Ab-vie study. Still hep c free with no side effects during treatment !

  • johnbarrett

    can you get this treatment if you are only on medicaid?

    • Debra L. Bradshaw

      depends on your state

  • David L

    I was just approved for the Sovaldi with the RibaPak. I have medicade/medicare. My doctor called the prescriptions in and said it would most likely be a week to get it approved and pushed through my insurance.. I’m waiting as of today on that approval..

    • rileyann

      Good luck. I got a prescription 3 weeks ago, but not the RibaPak…something more expensive with Sovaldi…..the clinic is secretive on the requirements for prior authorization with Medicare Part D…as above, I may have to buy supplemental insurance…suspected this….the huge profts are squeezing the insured on medicare or Medicaid…the older citizens and financially disadvantaged…go figure….

      • Debra L. Bradshaw

        I don’t understand. I have medicare part d. I use medicare OPTUMRx & I get it mailed to me. My cost per month on this 80,90 grand med. My cost after part d is $4.48 per month. Solvaldi 400mg. & Ribavirin 200mg.btw I am virus free just after 2 mo. Interferon did me in in the “90s. I swore I’d never do treatment again. I am so grateful my new dr. talked me into it! goodluck.

    • Deb

      R u taking the Pegasys shots with these 2 drugs? I’m 4a . Tried the RIBA and shots and damn near killed me. Never cleared.
      Now on sovaldi, RIBA and shots! There are side effects though. Been on almost 4 weeks and week after next see where I stand.

  • David L

    I pray I have the same results as you Myron. I’m geno4 and already tried the treatment with Pega
    furon and Ribavirin, that almost killed me 6 months into it and was pulled off it before I was cured, or dead..

    • ajarose

      I also had bad response to Pega and Ribavirin. Wheelchair, anemic. I will not go back on that stuff. Perhaps this new combo will work for me. See Dr tomorrow. Hope I have same results Myron. Joan S

  • Thomas Dixon

    how do you get on a abvie study

  • Thomas Dixon

    how do you get the Ab-yie study?

  • Mick

    Gilead need to remember that the cure seems to have arrived at more than one company and that once cured the customer will in 99.9999% be lost to them, so greed will very soon start to work against them.

  • Robert Mackey

    I have hep c got it from cleaning out a rental trailer from junkies got poked by needle many times cleaning out a sink. Then relised it was there//my doctors say my medical condition is so bad the treatment might kill me/shouldn’t tht be my choice as the doctor wont let me try the treatment /is ther any way I can try this one,how are the side effects of this

    • Debra L. Bradshaw

      Get a new Dr.!!!! I’ve had hepc & copd over twenty years. I tried interferron in the 90’s, ruined my thyroid. The new treatment Sovaldi & ribavirin has virtually no side effects.e 3 month treatment & at 2 mo. I am virus free!

  • Rich

    Does any one know what Bristol Myers Squib is up to?

  • Thomas Dixon

    has anyone try Olysio (simeprevic?

  • Debra L. Bradshaw

    My hepc is over 20 yrs. started with interferon in 90’s almost killed me. I had to stop, as back then if thyroid problems developed they’d stop. I have 2 mo’s into solvaldi & Riovarin & am virus free. The side effects are certainly bearable. Thanks to ACA. & medicare. My cost in 3 mo. will be under $50.00.

  • i completed solvaldi treatment a couple of months ago

    i relapsed within 1 month

    • richard

      I am in the 9th week of treatment. Taking solvadi and olysio. Still detectable at 15. Started ribavirin also at week 9. Have hep c for 44 years. Got from a bad blood transfusion.gone through liver cancer, Chemoembolization and transplant. I am not complaining, since I started at 12.5 million and liver enzymes at 500. But for the price they charge I should clear. What are my chances of clearing. I am getting very tired but have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • good luck – i honestly have no idea.

        i was low (below 40 i think) after week 2 and clear by week 4.

        however, a month after completing treatment – my count was over 8 mil.

        (i think i was exposed after multiple transfusions and dialysis 20 years ago)

  • Sandy

    Have started since 2 months Solvadi and Daclatasvir. Already virus free but my liver enzymes still high but less than before. Anyone in the same case?