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Daclatasvir Gets Denied

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Gilead's Price Battle with Express Scripts

Breaking News: Viekira Pak Approved for Hep C

Nicole Cutler L.Ac. December 23, 2014

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Placing AbbVie on the list of top pharmaceutical competitors, the FDA has just approved the Viekira Pak for treating Hepatitis C genotype 1.
Breaking News: Viekira Pak Approved for Hep C

The race for better Hepatitis C treatments just got closer with the approval of another all-oral drug regimen. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved AbbVie Inc’s new multi-drug combination on December 19, heightening the competition for Hepatitis C treatment before the end of 2014.

As more medications demonstrate a supreme ability to battle Hepatitis C, the standard of care continually improves. On December 19, 2014, Viekira Pak became the fourth drug treatment approved since November 2013 to treat chronic Hepatitis C. The previous three are:

  • Olysio (simeprevir) was FDA approved November 2013.
  • Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) was FDA approved December 2013.
  • Harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) was FDA approved October 2014.

Working together to inhibit the growth of Hepatitis C, AbbVie’s Viekira Pak contains three oral medications in one package. The Pak consists of ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir tablets co-packaged with dasabuvir tablets. It can be taken with or without ribavirin. Most people will take the Viekira Pak for 12 weeks, but some need twice as long.

There are four basic conditions that must be met for a course of therapy to be the treatment of choice for Hepatitis C:

  1. The medications must be FDA approved.
  2. The cure rate must be very high.
  3. The side effects must be minimal.
  4. The price should be as reasonable as possible.

With the FDA approval of the Viekira Pak for treating patients with chronic Hepatitis C genotype 1 infection (the most common variety in the U.S.) being official, it is now a top Hepatitis C therapy contender.

Cure Rate

There is much debate on whether or not successful Hepatitis C treatment is equivalent to a cure; however, attaining sustained virologic response (SVR) is considered to be the closest you can get to being cured of this virus. SVR is defined as having no detectable Hepatitis C in the blood six months following the end of therapy. In trials, the Viekira Pak has demonstrated a high cure rate.

The Viekira Pak was studied in six clinical trials enrolling over 2,300 participants with chronic Hepatitis C infection with and without cirrhosis. Participants were randomly assigned to receive:

  • Viekira Pak or a sugar pill (placebo)
  • Viekira Pak with or without ribavirin
  • Viekira Pak with ribavirin for 12 or 24 weeks

Accounting for multiple populations and all variations occurring in the six clinical trials, the Viekira Pak demonstrated a cure rate between 91 and 100 percent.

Side Effects

Severe side effects have been one of the primary weaknesses of previous Hepatitis C treatment regimens. Up until 2012, the gold standard of Hepatitis C treatment was pegylated interferon and ribavirin, which were associated with extremely severe side effects. The health consequences of interferon prevented nearly half of those who began therapy to complete it. Thankfully, the newer medications seem to have less severe consequences.

The most commonly reported side effects during the Viekira Pak’s trials included:

  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

Compared to interferon’s adverse effects, Viekira Pak’s appear to be relatively mild.


Boasting price tags far beyond the average American’s annual salary, the price of the new Hepatitis C antiviral medications have been a source of great frustration. Some health insurers are denying access to these greatly improved medications because continually financing top-of-the-line Hepatitis C treatment can quickly lead to their bankruptcy:

  • A 12-week course of Sovaldi costs approximately $84,000.
  • A 12-week course of Harvoni costs approximately $94,500.

According to a company spokesman on December 19, AbbVie plans to charge $83,319 for a standard 12-week treatment with the Viekira Pak. Although this price could change, this is just below Sovaldi’s $84,000 price tag and about 12 percent less than Harvoni.

Based on the Viekira Pak’s effectiveness, safety and competitively pricing, it could edge out the other top Hepatitis C treatment medications. As more pharmaceutical companies get their drugs FDA approved, the cure rate is expected to rise while the side effects and cost go down. The cost of all the new Hepatitis C treatments is still outrageously steep. Nonetheless, every new entry into the market will end up improving patient access to treatment while offering a greater chance of defeating the Hepatitis C virus., Genotype 1 Treatment: Viekira Pak, Retrieved December 21, 2014, Hepatitis C Support Project, 2014., FDA approves Viekira Pak to treat hepatitis C, Retrieved December 21, 2014, US Food and Drug Administration, 2014., 3 Reasons Gilead Sciences Could Soar in 2015, Todd Campbell, Retrieved December 21, 2014, The Motley Fool, 2014., FDA Approves Viekira Pak for Hepatitis C, Robert Lowes, Retrieved December 21, 2014, WebMD, LLC, 2014., FDA Approves AbbVie’s Hepatitis Treatment, Peter Loftus, Retrieved December 21, 2014, Dow Jones & Company, 2014.



Daclatasvir Gets Denied

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Gilead's Price Battle with Express Scripts

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  • saile

    God help us. I just retired and have a co-pay of 25% for what is called “Tier 5” specialty drug. This would wipe out my savings.
    I am at end stage Hep c Cirrhosis.

    • SoHappy

      Please look into the copayment assistance programs. The one that picked my script co pay is Harvoni Support Plan pay no more than $5 per prescription. Good luck

    • Toster

      More than likely prices will come down. I am opting to wait. I am in good shape though.

    • oldtooly

      My wife was given 6 month to 1 year to live with end stage liver disease back in 2010. She has kept alive by highly disciplined eating habits, absolute alcohol abstinence and avoidance of all liver dangerous chemicals anywhere in her life. Phytosome silybin and a balance of fruits and vegetables, plenty of rest and additional protein from hemp seed extract has played a major role in keeping her going. Managing the ascites and edema is really a pain but still manageable. I hope this may help you extend your life as well.

  • Jack

    Any insight on which of the 3 new treatments the VA will use in 2015?

    • roe

      good question, I would like to hear the answer for that!!

      • jan kirke

        I also would like to here what the V A is planning!

      • VET

        My VA got me in the list for Harvoni, as soon is approved I’ll get it…….Check your local VA Hospital for this treatment…….

    • mike p

      The DC (Wash – DC) VA promised Harvoni for this month (January) back during last summer. I was told to call the clinic today for an appointment and the Harvoni would be ordered for me. It was FDA approved in October

      • Joe


    • Chris

      I just spoke with the VA in N. FL. about my treatment that will start soon. I asked about the different treatments. I will get Harvoni because it has proven success with genotype 4. Which is mainly from Europe. I got mine from a blood transfusion back in 1987. The Viekira Pak is for genotype 1. I assume this is for everyone but with the VA you never know.

  • Lydia Beatty Cottiers

    Has anybody ever looked into Ozone Therapy as a treatment option? I have been reading about it and it sounds very promising, relatively inexpensive, but of course not FDA approved and hence not covered by insurance.

    • canuck

      I have had hep c for almost 3 decades and am still waiting for coverage for any of the approved drugs since 2013. My health plan will not cover the cost so if anyone can advise where to get assistance in Canada I would very much appreciate your help. I have cirrhoisis and ascites and have been eating a liver healthy diet as well as no booze and my blood levels are still extremely high. Your help or suggestions please!!!!

      • kkh

        i dont know, play the lottery? i have hep c also, and of course insurance companies are not going to cover this, so i guess the rich get to live and those of us without, dont. nothing changes.

  • mrsdmk

    Is there ever going to be a treatment that low-mid income people can afford??? I have had HCV with dual genotype 1&4 since 1989. I been in 2 trials and have been “cured” twice with relapse both times due to the dual genotypes. The only way I could afford the older interferon/ribavirin treatment was through a clinical study. So now the newer oral meds cost 75K and up so I definitely can’t afford them either. Getting into a clinical trial after doing 2 studies w/ relapse both times is next to impossible. Are any real treatment options for those who aren’t rich ever going to be available before I die from this?

    • geechie

      I am sorry mrsdmk. Ask you doctor about assistance with the cost. My understanding is that physicians who routinely deal with HCV know how to apply for and attain funding for those who cannot otherwise afford. Pharma companies are not monsters. They have stated that they do not want any one who cannot afford the treatment to be denied treatment. Keep looking. Good luck and God bless.

    • Joe

      Hi mrsdmkThe KEY is to get a referral (provided You have Medicare or a Good Private Insurance} from your primary care doctor to a CHIEF OF HEPATOLOGY/ CHRONIC DISEASE SPECIALIST at the same hospital your primary doctor works from. This way, he has more “PULL” getting You approved with the Insurance companies.

      • mrsdmk

        Unfortunately I have Medicaid not Medicare. I have a hard time finding a doctor that even accepts it. My husband has no insurance at all&has been unemployed & disabled (w/o benefits) from his health issues (including HCV liver disease for 20➕ yrs). I’ve been on disability since 2000 with state Medicaid (Anthem).

        • Joe


          • mrsdmk

            The message where you mentioned Medicare or a decent gp doctor? I have Medicaid not Medicare. Also I can barely see any doctors because most don’t take the insurance. I’ve had HCV since 1989 and barely have even been able to see a doctor once a year for just blood work. My last treatment was 6 years ago & they only kept me in that clinical study for 6 or 7 months so it wasn’t even a full treatment regimen. I did a full round in my first study at NIH in 2000
            I have additional health issues also-gi problems,back/neck injury where I have to see a neurologist / pain management doctor monthly,plus a history of bipolar depression that I haven’t been able to see anyone for that in 7 years now. I also deal with skin issues,acities,chronic nausea,and other issues from the liver disease.

          • Msbrat

            Do you have Kaiser there? They take medicaid

        • Msbrat

          I am on Medicaid too. My doctors are at Kaiser. I have hep c for 31 years now and have all the great things that go with it like stage 4 cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, 4 varices etc. I also tried Gilead but was turned down. I went to abb vie/Proceed for the v-pak and got approved last week. Still fighting to get the meds because of medicaid but hope to get on tx asap. Do you have Kaiser with medicaid there?

    • Brian Skinner

      I gey mine on the exchange. I do have a small Rx copay.

  • virginia

    Giliad gave me Harvoni for free. They are really great. Go to their website and get help! Harvoni gave me a tiny bit of fatigue and no other side effects . It is the Harvoni Support plan.

    • Daria

      I also got Harvoni for free from Gilead. You have to have an M.D. Involved to prescribe and follow your progress. The only other qualification is that your income must be under $85,000 per year. I got my first month supply delivered x-mas eve! Check out Gilead’s website for more information

      • mike

        My first months supply of Harvoni was scheduled to arrive xmas eve but due to weather problems I got the word that my package was gonna be late. I was bummed. After all the years of suffering and worry I was excited to start the next phase of my life. About 10 PM on xmas eve there was a knock on the door. It was the Fed Ex guy! A frozen Fed Ex guy. We live in the country and our driveway is 500 feet long. It was covered with drifted snow. The driver parked his truck at the bottom of the drive and trudged through the wind and snow to deliver my package! My hero!
        At the end of only 4 weeks, I tested zero virus! Gilead is also helping me with the copay. With their help my copay is $5.00. I know the price is high but research is more costly than people tend to think. How many drugs did they test that didn’t work before they found the one the does?

    • high maintenance

      Gilead fixed me up in a 24 week trial study. I was SVR by my third week. I’m soo thankful. I’m still tired & have anemia which is going away. True we don’t know what long term side affects these drugs will have the patient, but I know without them I would only have less than two years before I would have total end liver disease needing a transplant or die.

    • katperson55

      Their program is no longer available for anyone who isn’t in Stage 3 or 4 of hepatitis C. In other words, they will not help you get a life saving drug until your liver is already damaged and your life expectancy may or may not be extended by undergoing a cure for hepatitis C. Got to love the U.S. medical system!

  • virginia

    Also Now I have no viral load at all after 3 weeks!!!

  • david

    where’s my comment??

  • david

    Attaining sustained virologic response (SVR) is NOT a “cure” to call a treatment that makes a virus go away for six weeks and then come back a “cure” is misleading to say the least!! when, and only when a virus is clear off your system for 5 years or more we could be talking of a “cure” And as for those prices, when will governments realise that those who can’t afford these treatments will still be out there infecting others?! Someone should remind those greedy people that the MAN who found a cure for Polio, did it for the sake of mankind and not for profit!! just saying

    • geechie

      David, if you have been involved in any clinical trials, you must surely understand the tremendous cost to pharma companies to develop new treatments. And we are not even thinking about all the money spent only to learn a drug promising much hope cannot be used. Let’s be fair and look at all the sides here.

      • david

        Try telling that to all those young soldiers who went to Vietnam and came back home with a virus, try telling that to all of those who got a virus from a blood transfusion, try telling that to all the medical staff who got infected through needle injuries, try telling that to infected new born babies, try telling that to all of those who got a virus through vaccination programs, not to mention all the victims of drug use!! What I’m trying to say is that governments should fork out ALL the money needed!! They have got ridiculous amounts of money to fight all kinds of illegal wars…but not it’s consequences. The “race” to find a cure should have never been privatised. To say that we should be fair and look at all sides is a rude insult to the intelligence of mankind.

        • geechie

          You make good points David, about the many ways money is wasted by our government. Please look further, though, for help in defraying the cost of treatment. Several others in this thread have posted ways to do this. A good Hepatologist can be invaluable here. Keep seeking and don’t give up. Good luck and God bless.

          • david

            Well, lets look into the future, with the ridiculous prices as they are now people won’t be able to afford it, which means, the infection rate will rise and the cost of treating these people will rise with it, it’s as simple as that, it will cost governments a hell of a lot more that it would have cost them funding “cures”. Now, in places like the USA where medical treatment is mostly private now, the situation will get out of control, it’s provably out of control already, they just won’t admit it, but not treating these people will only lead in one direction, more infections, you see, unlike AIDS, Hep C doesn’t kill the host fast if at all, most people will live a very long life with this virus, and a lot of these people will need treatments (blood tests, liver scans, biopsies, and so on) they will “fall” of the work force, creating even a bigger problem, the social impact will be enormous to say the least, do you get the “picture” now? I would like to make another very important point here, THERE IS NO CURE YET, Pharmaceutical companies mislead the public, all they have is numbers and percentages, BUT NO CONCLUSIONS, in other words, NO CURE!! We all need good luck, God can bless all he wants, but he won’t contribute a cent, we need to keep it real here, treatment should be free and most importantly SAFE, poisoning people with Interferon is outrageous!! because let’s face it, Interferon is a very powerful poison, and it’s side effects are well documented by now, don’t do it, you will be better off with a good diet and some supplements, why is it that Pharmaceutical companies don’t tell you about how many people have committed suicide while doing the Interferon programs!! If one has to be psychologically evaluated prior to treatment it means the treatment is dangerous, have you ever seen anyone psychologically evaluated before using a tablet for the flue?? Enough said, lets keep it safe, lets keep it free and lets keep it real!!

          • Karen Hatch

            Exactly, not to mention even if these drugs do work we do not know the long term effects on the rest of the human body, say 5,10,20 years down the road.. Safety first and foremost…But I wonder why are the doctors are not speaking up or the chemists? Science is extremely important to us all, now. Let us not defeat the purpose curing any disease just to die 5 years later from this cure.
            However all that seems to matter is a quick fix from the pharmaceutical companies that will make and sell us out in no regard except for the almighty dollar.

          • Eni

            David, I”m in Australia and I couldn’t agree with you more! We are still waiting on the latest drugs the U.S govt. has finally approved! I’m doing the 48 week treatment on Simpepriver, (approved Nov.2014), Ribavarin and Interferon! I have chronic Hep C, have done for approx. 35 years, while WAITING approval for treatment, I’ve gone from stage 2 Fibrosis to Cirrhosis! YEP, the Govtt’s can find $ for ILLEGAL WARS, e.g Iraq, based on weapons of mass distruction! What did they find NOTHING IN TRUTH! A “short, sharp war, of shock and awe!” over 10 years on and our troops are still there! The basic people in the streets of Iraq are still suffering!
            I am so sick on this treatment, have had 3 serious infections since starting 7 weeks ago, currently infected bowel! Constant Anti-Biotics, NOT HEALTHY! Feel like I’m dying, and I’m no sook! You make a great point about the ongoing costs of blood tests, scans, ultrasounds and so on. This will cost much more than if the best available drugs were in use now! Not to mention save lives and reduce the infection being continuously passed on to others! No-one can tell me the Governments nor Pharma companies are doing their BEST by those of us suffering! They only have their own self interests at heart! Due to the stigma of the disease they can get away with it! I’d like to see them “try” and cope with what we do! You’re also right about dropping out of the workforce; I have worked for 39 years, since I was 14 yrs old, now I am too sick and there’s more costs and less taxes being paid! It’s pretty bloody simple to see what the best and most cost effective option is I’d say! Good luck to you mate!

          • high maintenance

            Eri, your post touched me, you might say because of all the similarities we share. I was fortunate to get a transplant but the virus came back quick with chirrious & scaring. Tried interferon again & almost died. Got in a research study & after 12weeks was zero detection. Your treatment has great results. Hope you can find relieve from your pains.
            God Bless!

          • kkh

            must be nice to be rich. as usual, the wealthy will be helped and the rest of us will continue to suffer. im glad you are getting treatment but i am also extremely jealous. i would like to NOT die of hep c as well, but im not rich so i guess im SOL.

        • Marie Scherbaum Snow

          The government does have ridiculous cash flow but it is used in programs that make us sick… GMO, vaccines, geoengineering, etc… this government has never used “our” money for the benefit of humanity… I feel that soon there will be a natural cure and they are trying to capitalize on a “cure” before the truth comes out.

          • Antonio Cintron

            Go to doctor Qureshi at temple hospital in Philadelphia the best hepatologist in the world he cure me so holla at him

      • kkh

        ya well that applies to basically any drug out there. yet this is one of thr most expensice drugs EVER. they could make it more affordable and make the same money in volume. more people could afford it and therefore more people would become “customers”. unmitigated greed at its finest. they could come up with 20 different hep C treatments, but if they are all 80 thousand + then i guess i wont be helped.

  • tleav61 .

    I agree. The cost is going to keep people from even thinking about it. I know that the pharmaceutical companies need to recoup their costs on R&D, but until there is more competition, it’s not going to help many of us.

  • wideawake1

    I would suggest, anyone with this, (As I am Hep C positive) look up Lloyd Wright ” The Hepper’s Helper ” on You tube. He has some very interesting remedies, and I’ve been doing my own regiment for five month’s now and the Good days Finally are starting to out number the Bad. Look thru all the different videos on this subject, I am using a combination of several different People’s remedies for hopefully the Maximun result’s.
    Peace be with You !

    • Su

      That is a great option if you can’t afford the medicine. We have an option to get you the generic versions of Harvoni, Sovaldi, Daklinza and others. We’re an American nonprofit that subsidizes costs for all people with hepatitis C around the world. We can deliver generic Harvoni, Sovaldi and Daklinza to your home address. Please visit , or email Melissa at [email protected]. You can also call our number 24/7 at 1-858-952-1077. You’re going to get treated of hepatitis C. No BS.

  • lynn

    I can only say 1 thing, if you need treatment “GET IT” I went thru a 52 week treatment, had every possible side effect and thought I was dying and so did my family. The ribavirin and interferon with incevek was a total deadly mixture, but 2 yrs later still free from the dragon I am thankful to be alive,,,so don’t put it off, these new 12 week drugs sounds wonderful compared to a 52 week and 12 weeks in bed…..

    • kkh

      do you have $82,000 i can borrow? and ya, the interferon thing? i cant do it because of other health problems. so as far as “GET IT”? i would love to get ahold of a drug that would save my life….i just dont have $82,000 so….??

      • Su

        Our non profit will get you the treatment for $1500, email Melissa at [email protected], visit and
        Once you contact us, we’ll give you names of health care professionals in the US that have been treated through our program. You will get your treatment. Call us 24/7 at 1-858-952-1077. Straight forward and simple.

  • Karen Hatch

    Help me to understand how in primitive times in medicine we found ways to treat the sick and dying when medical science saw only one way for an inoculations of the same disease/sickness carried by someone else like during the Civil Wat era? For example,look at Small Pox, they would use those who were dying that had festered sores allowing themselves to be used to make a vaccine to help others from getting sick.
    Now, 240 some odd years later we see price tags on medicine without any interviews with doctors just the pharmaceutical companies with the say so of what is what and who is who and the very costly price tag dangling under those that are sick and dying to be teased with…Where is the humanity in this???

  • kkh

    competitive pricing? are you serious? they could come up with 20 different “cures” for hepatitis, but as long as they are still 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS, it certainly isnt going to help me any. theres a cure for hep C, and of course, only the wealthy can benefit from it. i dont know how these people actually say “$1000 a pill” with a straight face.

    • Raymond Kopp

      Hello all, …kkh ., yes absolute nonsense!! To price such meds the way they can & Get over….well any who!!…I can’t recall where I have heard this nor seen it but are you ready for a good laugh? Yes ,$1000 per pill is the cost we pay ,but $1.75 is what Gilead’s pays to make it. Mind boggling !! Really!!

      • Louis Armani

        I was HIV positive and I was so depressed when I learned that I had it. I did research and I found your site. Thank you! I know where I got it: I got it from my boyfriend who undergoes dialysis, but I’m worried about my baby now. I know hes positive also. Thank you for the information! It really relieves my depression and I have learned a lot more! More power to you! God bless you all! I am so grateful to Mr Abdul for his medications i thought it was a scam not until i received the portions and pills he sent to me through a courier and i got my health restored 14days after and at a very cheaper price. Here is the contact of the healer [email protected] +27787166394

  • Joanne O.

    The super high cost of these drugs was a difficult pill to swallow! I was approved through my insurance plan, but because they are specialty drugs, I went into the 50% copay bracket. My share is $6075 monthly! With a 12 week treatment, it seemed impossible! I got 100% copay assistance from the Patient Access Network. If you have insurance, they will help you. It took a five minute call, that’s it! I received a $20,000 grant from them! I’m into week 3 of my treatment, and my first blood tests came back with 0 virus present! PAN took away the stress of the cost! Just look them up online. I finally have hope to be free! 😀

    • Another HPC vicitm

      which drug treatment is this that you are taking? viekira pak in combinantion with ribaviring or without? or Harvoni? Im in a dilema which medication is more effective and safer to start. Thankfully I will be in a study trial with viekira, but in the meantime waiting for my insurance to approve Harvoni.

  • Joe


    • Brian Skinner

      Do glad for you. My first 30 day test is this week/

  • Raymond Kopp

    Great posts here by everybody,but their are so many variables -vs- facts, that it is very easy for us heppers to get agitated, and that’s o.k. failed 3 txs .looking forward to #4 w/ viekera waiting on the doc . no wonder the gov calls it ” the silent disease”!!. Everyone of us helpers are strong & steadfast ,the more they kick us ,the stronger we come back,and they know they are wrong. They keep it up and they will have a bigger problem than already is and they know it. One post hit the nail on the head….”facts ,figures,numbers and lie after lies .,…but no cure or conclusion!!! Best Ray!!

  • philbert66

    undetected at end of 3rd week Vikera rebavirin. Middle of week 6 coming out of my skin with anxiaty.. Anyone experience such. Dosen’t seem to be part of Viekera negative sides but haven’t checked rebavirin. Would love to know if I’m the only one?

    • Another HPC vicitm

      Despite of the side affects, is viekira making a difference and having good results? how much the level of fatigue this med affected you?

    • John Denison

      I started the Vikeira pak treatment, i was happy as anyone could be. The therapeutic pharmacist had informed me there would be no cost to me. I was convinced that i would be cured of hep c and things were looking up. 3 weeks later i wss having the mother of all anxiety attacks i was headed for a nervous breakdown. The Drs PA convinced me to continue taking it. But after 2 days of agony i quit, things are returning to normal . I am in limbo no.

  • Another HPC vicitm

    Not so many forums and few on treatment as far as I see.. My dilema is which treatment to take: viekira or Harvoni? which one is safer and with fewer side affects? I’m still waiting for my insurance to cover my treatment (harvoni) but in the meantime in the process to be screen for a study trial with viekira. Anyone out there who is or are taking either one hit me up and tell me what the results are and if they are affective and cured this slow deadly virus?

  • Wayne6372

    I suffer from severe chronic pain and was told i have to come off of oxycodone during treatment with vikera pak.Does anyone know what pain medicines can be taken while on this treatment,any help?is greatly appreciated and any sites or blog articles I could refer too for this answer.I was told morphine ms contins can be , but I had bad side effects and no relief when on them.

  • mark smith

    hello everybody ,please dont think this testimony is a scam ,is real right there in south africa ,am a very honest man ,i can never post false testimony on social media ,so let me go straight to the point .i was diagnosed with hepatitis b for two years,living a life of fear for two good years .until one i saw a post about a good herbalist in south africa curing people from a deadly disease,such herpes,hepatitis,Als,cancer,with his herbal medicine and he is also a spell caster, i thought it was not true,then i said let me try ,because am used to trying ,i have been trying for two years,till that day GOD wipe my tears,with DR CHIMA ,He his gifted ,and he is so honest ,so easy to get along with ,so after i contacted him via his email.drchimaherbalcure(at)gmailcom,so he replied and said my problem is solved that i must stop thinking,so i believed and have faith that i will be cured ,so i purchased the herbal medicine and he sent the herbal medicine to me through courier service ,when i received it ,he told me how to use it ,so i followed exactly the way he said i must use it,he said i will be totally cured after two weeks ,so after two week i went to see our family doctor he tested me and said am negative ,i was so happy i thought i was dreaming ,pls dont ignore this post ,if u think is not real try ,and u wil testify just like me ….thanks to DR CHIMA ,GOD BLESS U …

  • katperson55

    Does anyone know the effects of taking Viekira Pak & Ribasphere to cure hepatitis C when one is addicted to oxycodone and taking much higher than prescribed dosages of the latter? The website indicates that the contraindication between the cure and the opioids could cause me to stop breathing and die and they are not factoring in an addict’s doses. This, needless to say, scares me. I cannot go to rehab to get off the oxycodone (which I have been taking nearly daily for two years), as the company I work for would probably fire me, which they are legally able to do since we only have three employees on this site; I am a contractor. I can’t seem to get a good explanation of the risks from anyone, including my liver doctor, who tends to minimize the risk factor. If any of you have experience with or knowledge about whether it’s safe, I would appreciate you sharing said knowledge with me. Thank you.

  • Su

    We will not stand by and listen to people talking about co payment plans and other utter nonsense to get treatment for hepatitis C. They’re not going to give you the treatment you require for $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000. The goal of Gilead Sciences and every other red blooded pharmaceutical company is to maximize profit. Once that is understood and absorbed in to your psyche, you will start thinking about other options. This is a very general statement. The fact is that only 15% to 17% of those with hepatitis C get their treatment through medicare, medicaid, insurance and co payment plans. What will happen to the other 83% to 85% of the patients with hepatitis C? We have heard the answer too many times and death is not an option. We’re a non profit organization, we will get your treatment, guaranteed. Please visit , or give us a call at 1-858-952-1077, we’re open 24/7. You can also email Melissa McKnight at [email protected]

  • Inc.

    There is an ‘organisation’ that I hear about occasionally called “Sunny Pharma” that supposedly has a not for profit NGO called “Soul of Healing” Both have very slick websites. Soul of Healing supposedly is run by Dr Sue Rogers with its base in Florida. Its website makes Soul of Healing look like a big organisation running trials and organising all kinds of things.
    In fact Soul of Healing operates out of a storage shed in a back street beside a junk yard. If it exists at all. As you will see from the signage at their “address” they do not even have a sign to indicate they rent space there. Indeed they probably do not even exist.
    So don’t be fooled by slick websites.
    The only person I ever communicated with about Dr Sue Rogers was based in Thailand… to say he was unhappy would be an understatement. When he demanded to speak on the telephone to Dr Rogers (who had been sending him emails every day)… guess what? She would never come to the phone. I would guess this was because she did not exist.