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Trial Claims First All Oral Cure for Advanced Hep C

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Hep C Trial of Gilead-Bristol Combo Had 100% Success for Genotype 1

April 24, 2012

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Treatment naïve patients with Hepatitis C genotype 1 boasted a 100 percent success rate when given Gilead’s GS-7977 and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s daclatasvir.

Gilead, Bristol hepatitis C drugs show promise in clinical trial

Published April 19, 2012


A combination of experimental hepatitis C drugs from Gilead Sciences Inc and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co showed impressive results in new clinical trial data released on Thursday, helping fuel an 11 percent rise in Gilead shares.

Gilead’s GS-7977, acquired with its $11 billion purchase of Pharmasset, when combined with Bristol’s daclatasvir led to a 100 percent response rate in previously untreated patients with the most common form of hepatitis C, according to interim data from a mid-stage trial presented at a liver disease meeting in Europe.

The results were accomplished without interferon, an injected drug that causes flu-like symptoms and other side effects that often lead patients to discontinue or delay treatment, or ribavirin, an older antiviral drug that is also currently part of all treatment regimens.

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  • Dkcollum69

    when will it be on the market

    • Guest

      There is no telling when a product will be on the market it depends on how additional testing goes and when/if FDA approves the drug.

  • Wagih Elbarrany

    How can I get these two drugs to treat virus C.

    • Guest

       They aren’t available yet – they are in trials.

    • Craig Quirolo

      At this moment they are in trial only. There is no date for the  phase 3 study that leads to FDA approval, read the other replies I made in this thread but above all do not lose hope. Keep a positive attitude that you will be cured and do not give up. The practice of meditation and listening to the Dalai Lama’s teachings in books and on line kept me focused on healing during periods of negative thinking before I qualified for the trials.  Most trials require a referral from your doctor to the clinical trial people in order to qualify. I saw my doctor every six months prior to entering the trial for blood tests and sonograms. Let your doctor know you are seeking to enter a trial, get the doc ‘onboard’ or get a new doctor. If you don’t have a doctor get one. 

  • concerned

    could the people responsible in the two companies be charged with crimes against humanity for not agreeing to come together with this very promising (90- 100%) cure for HCV effecting 17million world wide, thousands infected daily, even more dying of the viral complications…. its a travesty.

    • Bob Benson

      Quit listening to those clueless left wing nut cases. they would drag us all back to the stone age and Hep-C would be just one more Darwinian factor weeding out the “unfit”.

      • Boomer7391

        wow, you really have no self awareness do you?
        using rabid right wing thinking and calling it left wing is not just intellectually dishonest, it’s inappropriate in this setting. 

    • hdhepper1

      170 million worldwide!

    • ecopod

      What can the people do to organize and work to push these drugs through the pase 3 trial and fastrack this treatment for FDA approval. We need to write letters, get media attention, something to bring the issue to the publics attention. Insurance companies should like it because if it works, they will save big money. Overall society will benifit in reduced total medical expenses. This needs to be on the market ASAP.

      • Craig Quirolo  email the President today.   Today the Center for Disease Control announced the need for all Baby Boomers to get checked for the disease. This is probably the biggest leap so far in increasing public awareness and a great starting point for a National Campaign to end this terrible disease. I believe that our President will soon be making an announcement that will fast track the cure.

      • Mdudley

        Have you signed the petition at “urging” Gilead Sciences to enter further collaboration with BMS.  We have obtained almost 2000 signatures…our goal is 100,000.  So please sign & share at link below for “There is a cure for HCV and Gilead Sciences holds the key.  Make them open the door NOW!

  • should look at

    colloidal silver is a viable cheap alternative and another worth researching BHT it is also cheap, but do your research as there are many antivirals, humic acid, herbal milk thistle and oxygen related therapies … 170million

    • Craig Quirolo

       I tried all of the above with zero results. We must face the truth this is a horrible virus that mutates faster than imagined.  Consider this…. a viral load on a patient that  was 2 million in the morning  elevated to over 8 million by the afternoon.  herbs and other forms of alternative medicine just cannot keep up with this. No booze, no stress, meditation, frequent baths with alot of scrubbing are just a few of the things you can do for free  that help. I spent a fortune on alternative stuff that killed my bank account  but did not kill the virus.    

  • Pankaj Garg

    everybody asking new test, new discovery, but people want to know the availability of safe and high success rate medicine. and before increase the death rate  because of untreated HCV  

  • Elbarrany

    I have a patient who needs this trial. Can he join the program? if yes; how?

  • Pankaj Garg

    my father having HCV with genotype I. with viral load 82540.we start taking Homeopathy medicine.because allopathy  don’t have sure n shot treatment

    • Riders

      pankaj where r u from? 

  • Deb Fuchs

    I have taken the Pegasys protocol for Hep C which decreased my viral load but after contracting pneumonia from the Interferon I had to be taken off the medication.  I am on the UNOS list for a transplant.  I have genotype 1a, one of the most difficult to treat as I was told by a physician.  Will there be other trials in different cities ?

    • Craig Quirolo

      Unless Gilead decides to continue their partnership with BMS and move into phase 3 this remarkable cure may be swept under the rug. I need six more weeks of non detectable status to be officially cured (24 weeks after dosing). Gilead claims to be waiting for the ‘six months after dosing’ results before making a decision weather to movie ahead to phase 3. With such positive results at week 12 after dosing one would think phase 3 plans would already be in the making. I pray every minute of every day that compassion will over ride greed in this case.  Many clinical doctors and nurses are tweaking out over this. go to

      as far as new trials for this cure in different cities keep an eye on    if it goes forward. Phase 3 trials often include non responders so keep you fingers crossed and email your current status to the President
      have every one you know email the President….  the squeeky wheel always gets the oil.  

  • Graybeverly

    I have hep c . but  had liver cancer 5 yrs ago. cancer free.
    am I a canidate?    

  • Kathy

    Where can someone obtain this treatment?

  • mick

    So Gilead and Bristol could be holding up a combination that not only beats Hep c but also by association fights or should I say may prevent cancer. The press are deafeningly silent so far.

  • Cquirolo

    As one of the few fortunate ones to have been successfully treated in this study I am appalled that the two companies may not continue into phase three of this trial. I am deeply saddened and  encourage Gilead and BMS to continue with this remarkable treatment. On the line are millions of lives, where is the compassion, there is certainly enough money to be made by both companies.    Please contact The ‘President of the United States at   leave a message. I have asked  him (on this site) to help increase the awareness of Hep C by at least recognizing  and announcing the need for people at risk to get a blood test.   If Hep C had the ‘popularity’ of AIDS I doubt that this 100% cure rate would get swept under the rug  as it is.   We need  this study to continue and be FDA approved now!!!

  • Susan

    My husband has had a liver transplant but still has Hep C.  The physicians attest he is not ready yet for Hep C medication.  Possibly this new Bristol Myers Med could be the answer if he could just get it.  What the hell!

  • Mick

    For such a huge scientific breakthrough, the silence is deafening.  This trial started during Pharmassets ownership of 7977.  Gilead must have known about it when buying them out.  Who in Gods name would hold up or stop people from being cured?  Is there any pressure coming from the politicians? or are they being sweetened? So the sound of silence is the ongoing melody of this subject.  Absolutely disgraceful.

  • John

    They should at least be denied any public funding , support or charity contributions if any.They could save some of us and work the money thing out later instead of sipping champagne while 20,000 a yr in the US alone get primary liver cancer from HCV who will only live 5 yr at most unless they receive a transplant and still may only live 5 yr. and that is the lucky few. Trouble is people just do not know what is going on else they would buy the company and exile those responsible to an island in Antarctica.