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Considering Acupuncture for Hepatitis C?

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What You Need to Know About Constipation and Hepatitis C

Human Testing for Inovio’s Hep C Vaccine Planned in 2013

January 15, 2013

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Due to its strong T-cell response in the liver, Inovio’s therapeutic Hepatitis C vaccine will soon be tested in humans.

Hepatitis C vaccine by Inovio could be tested in humans by end of year

Jan 9, 2013

John George, Senior Reporter- Philadelphia Business Journal

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Wednesday it plans to begin human testing of its hepatitis C DNA vaccine by the end of the year.

Officials at the Blue Bell, Pa., biopharmaceutical company said preclinical studies demonstrated its SynCon HCV vaccine can generate “robust” T-cell responses not only in the blood, but also in the liver — an organ known to suppress T-cell activity.

“The major hurdle to developing therapeutic vaccines for these ailments has been the inability to generate a functional T-cell response in the liver [to combat the hepatitis C virus],” said Dr. J. Joseph Kim, Inovio’s president and CEO.

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Considering Acupuncture for Hepatitis C?

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What You Need to Know About Constipation and Hepatitis C

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  • JEngdahlJ

    Tough road ahead in treatment of Hepatitis C, a lurking epidemic that already infects millions.

  • leeleebug

    I think the best I can hope for is to immunize anyone who wants to come in contact with me. Or if they will even trust a vaccine 100% to protect them.
    I’ll die alone. May as well accept it.

    • MBA64

      Don’t give up leeleebug..I’m HCV pos too..I have been alone most of my life ,but I have friends.and family..Talk with me on FB if you like..Maxwell Bryan Anderson…

    • guitpicky

      I am hep c positative, been married many years, my wife is negative. You have a right to be upset, but try not to freak out. I am very happy now. Its going to be o.k!

    • Aj

      Married forty years, three children Have it 36 years. No one has caught it from me. Assuming you just found out. Have faith a good cure will be out soon

    • No,,,,, Never give up, I’ve had HEPC since 1986 and married since 1985 my wife ,kids and everyone in my family has been tested and all clear, YOU do not have to feel sad about this, keep aware of you surroundings and any possible infectional situations,I’m currently in a research study with the GL 7977/ ribavarin treatments and went from over 8,000,000 viral load down to 900 within 2 weeks, the cure is coming, you will not be alone, your family loves you, keep strong. Scott Gebhardt……

  • Chamrock3

    Hi leeleebug, I’m sorry you are feeling sad about having Hep C. It is normal to have such feelings. Hep C doesn’t have to define who you are and you alone determine whether or not you’ll be alone. Since this is new for you, it is normal to be afraid and have such thoughts but as you can see from this forum there are many of us who lead normal lives. I’ve had it my entire life (30yrs), got it from a blood transfusion at birth. And yes I’ve had my share of break ups or people who hesitated to date me, but I am grateful b/c it weeded out all the wrong people for me. It’ll present it’s challenges but many things in life do. Some have it better others worse. Once you’re able to, educate yourself, make healthy life style choices, & know that you have a support system. Best of luck. And be well.

  • Rickey

    Don’t despare, I have had Hep C for 44 years and never knew till 11 years ago. My husband of 48 years and my 45 year old son are both Hep. C negative and we have had plenty of contact. I am almost 70 and doing fine, I eat very healthy, do lots of exercise and am in a far better shape than most people half my age. Just take good care of your self and do all your check ups

  • Twinkling Star

    I was born with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
    EDS is a Connective Tissue disorder caused by defective collagen. Most of the
    body is made up of collagen so EDS affects almost every part of me. It caused
    me to be born with Dyspraxia (a neurological disorder), skeletal abnormalities,
    & for my whole body to be extremely fragile & very easily damaged.
    Between the age of 13 & 18 I had 13 minor ops under general anaesthetics.
    During the 10th op at age 15 I was permanently damaged & have had Causalgia
    since that time. I suffer from constant pain. At age 18 I had 3 blood transfusions
    – the 3rd one was 6 pints. Not long after the transfusions it became obvious that
    I had been infected with Hepatitis. I believe that I developed the symptoms
    very quickly due to the fact that the Doctors had me on high levels of numerous
    medications. I married at age 21 & had one baby girl at age 23. My marriage
    lasted for 16 ½ yrs. & during my marriage I had unprotected sex for approx.
    15 years. My ex-husband & daughter do not have Hepatitis. I have had to
    take pain medications since age 15. Over a year ago I received a letter
    informing me that I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome. I am generally bedridden for
    most of the day but even if I cannot get up I try to at least exercise a little
    each day. Drinking plenty of sugar-free fluids, a sensible eating plan and
    lifestyle & exercise play the most crucial elements in living with this
    virus. Eliminating stress, relaxation, sensible supplements & positive
    thinking are equally as important. Most of my restrictions are caused by the
    EDS and are not caused by the Hepatitis C. My biggest challenge was getting the
    diagnoses for my various conditions. It took me 21 years before anyone would
    believe me that I had Hepatitis, 39 years for the Causalgia to be officially
    diagnosed/disclosed, and 54 years for the diagnoses of EDS and Dyspraxia. Now
    that I have achieved this I can really concentrate on enjoying my life to the
    full. For most of you new treatments don’t seem too far away. Has anyone else studied
    Dr. Berkson’s protocol?

    I often hear people who are
    suffering with long term conditions say things like “I am going to fight this
    condition”, “I am not going to let it take over my life”, “I will not give in
    to this terrible illness”. However, I feel that all these statements people
    make are not a good attitude towards positive thinking. I strongly believe we should
    accept what we have, accept that it is a part of us, make friends with it, and allow
    it to share our life so it can let us know what it needs enabling it to lead us
    to a healthy approach towards it. Allow it to tell us what it needs, what it
    wants, let it tell us when we need to rest, when we need to relax, and when we
    need time to play and enjoy ourselves. Like a friend or someone we care deeply
    for we must take it and walk together with it, hold its hand, hug it and let it
    live as healthy as possible with us while it shares our life. It should be like
    a friend or someone you care deeply about so listen to it, don’t argue with it,
    and don’t fight with it. Just give it the love it deserves like you would a
    friend who is sick. It is a part of each one of us and to fight is to waste
    precious energy – energy which is needed to allow it to live safely and under
    control at our side. Take it up in your arms until the day comes when you can
    hug it and kiss it goodbye. I am now 56 so I have had Hepatitis C for almost 39
    years. I am still here, still living, and I am very happy and have lived a
    happy and fulfilling life. I hope you will all focus on achieving the same for
    yourselves too. I am sending big hugs to you all. For Leeleebug there is a very
    special hug – remember you have your whole life ahead of you and if anyone is worth
    your time and love they will love each and every special part of you.

  • Hi leeleebug I got this nasty little thing in the seventies and found out in the nineties I have two daughters and am very active playing baseball on three teams. There is promiss in the new drugs about to come out and although many have suggested to me not to wait I still refuse to take the interferon and will wait for the new drugs to get released. Don’t feel bad about your situation because you will get rid of this and life will go on as normal. Keep your head held high and contact us if you need to talk.

  • Kerry

    Just learned recently that I have hep c treatment has been approved
    For 48weeks but can’t afford the treatment I feel lost and dirty can’t see the light just feel like giving up stressed out I feel useless dont know what to do but to give up!!

    • ted

      kerry don’t feel that way, if you cant afford it talk to your doctors, they have all kinds of plans to help you get treated,and they do want you to get treated. i’v had hep-c for 25 years and never new it. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and been on treatment for 19 weeks.treatment sucks……Any

  • Kerry

    Thanks Ted but it seems like if you don’t have coverage or the mOney
    They don’t care