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The All Natural Prescription Strength Liver Formula from Japan Is Back

Nicole Cutler L.Ac. April 12, 2012

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SST (Sho-saiko-to) is made up of seven medicinal plants which, when used together, help to build immunity and stabilize liver health. Learn more about the benefits of SST, and why it was temporarily unavailable until just recently.

SST’s temporary disappearance had nothing to do with the product itself, but with the constraints of lawful herbal supplement sales and marketing.

The formula upon which SST is derived has a long history of helping conditions related to the liver and gallbladder. Despite the time-tested strength this formula displays in supporting several areas of human health, sales and marketing restrictions rendered it unavailable for a short amount of time. Luckily, the obstacle hindering the sale of SST has been resolved, making this legendary supplement accessible to consumers once again.

Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Xiao Chai Hu Tang, the herbal formula known as SST originated during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD – 220 AD). Comprised of seven ingredients, Xiao Chai Hu Tang was traditionally brewed as a tea. Although this potent brew was very effective, the labor involved in its preparation and the pungent, bitter taste dissuaded many potential benefactors from taking it. Comprised of the exact same seven ingredients as Xiao Chai Hu Tang, SST is a compliant-friendly capsule that doesn’t require brewing a tea or tasting the potent herbs.

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  • Tansytulip

    I’m into month 7 of 48 weeks of HCV triple combination therapy with 0 viral load. Would SST benefit or compromise my status? Would it be safe to take at the same time?
    Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    • Jeff

       SST may interfere with HCV drug therapy.  Don’t chance an unnecessary viral relapse.  Please wait until your treatment is completed.

  • Yolou

    You cannot take it with HCV therapy. One ingrediant, buplerum, is contra indicated with combo therapy. It is not safe. You can take either but not both.

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  • Gail

    This sounds to good !! How and who can you get this from? what is the cost?
    I have hep c and would do anything to kill this virus.