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Quercetin Might Help Fight Hepatitis C

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Hep C Trial of Gilead-Bristol Combo Had 100% Success for Genotype 1

Trial Claims First All Oral Cure for Advanced Hep C

April 23, 2012

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Boehringer Ingelheim’s all oral Hepatitis C drugs cured 82 percent of patients with the most common type of Hepatitis C in mid-stage trials. In addition, these drugs exhibited the potential to cure people with cirrhosis.

Boehringer Ingelheim Hepatitis C Drugs Cured 82% in Trial

Bloomberg News

By Makiko Kitamura on April 19, 2012

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH said its experimental hepatitis C oral treatment cleared the virus in as many as 82 percent of patients in a study.

The mid-stage Sound-C2 trial followed 362 patients who hadn’t received other treatments before taking the Ingelheim, Germany-based drugmaker’s BI 201335 protease inhibitor and BI 207127 polymerase inhibitor, either as a two-drug combination or along with a third drug, ribavirin.

Researchers reported an 82 percent cure rate among patients with the most common type of hepatitis C after 28 weeks of treatment, Boehringer said today at the European Association for the Study of the Liver annual meeting in Barcelona. Among all patients studied, 68 percent were cured. The study contrasts with other studies being presented at the conference with much smaller patient groups.

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  • William J Stewart

    Are these drugs available for HCV carriers that have already received liver transplants?

    • Casper

      First off, it’s my understanding that even with a liver transplant there is no guarantee that the HCV is gone because it is in the blood.  I don’t know if a blood transfusion will lessen the possibilities. Maybe this is what you’re refering to as an HCV carrier after transplant. 

      Shameful, isn’t it, that we truly may never be free of this virus?  It’s a medical bureaucratic crime.  The almighty dollar rules.
      HCV Genotype 1.

      Are there any known post-treatent effects attributed to the use of this drug, interferon or ribavirin.

      Also, are there any drugs in the trial stages that can be used for relapsers who completed the combination triple treatment incevik, interferon and ribavirin with an initial nondetectable result and later the virus returned?

      • Pau

        I have the same exact question Casper.  I am currently on the triple treatment with incevik.  That’s a great question because I was a rapid responder on the 3 drugs but I am worried that the virus will return.

        • Zigler2012

          Hi Pau, I am afraid to start tx becaue the interferon is part of it. How do you tolerate it – can you drive and work? Thank you for sharing.

  • Lana

    What side effect have people experienced with the oral treatment?

  • 1pegleg

    Side effects can’t be any worse than Interferon….I’m a CBV Type 1a with past HBV. The success rate for someone like me on Chemotherapy is less than 9%; certainly not worth going thru 1.5 years of hell on chemo.  So where is this stuff and where can I get it….anybody know?

  • Sgt Rock

    On the outcome of these trial basis have they contacted the Veterans Administration to cure veterans from the Viet-nam War that were infected with the virus Hep C.  There is a lot of use looking for cures

  • TLS

    I just want to know how to get it!

    • Bonnie

      Contact your doctor or any other doctor in your area, they may be a part of the research and/or know someone who is. You might be able to sign up and be a part of the research and potentially rid yourself of the virus. 

      I am unsure about people who have already had the transplant, but I am going to take a guess and say yes.. Do some research on BI 201335..a simple google search will bring you to some pretty good information. The side effects that I have read are not as bad as the interferon but most complaints were those of photosensitivity, nausea (short term), common cold.. It sounds very promising! 

  • Jesse

    How do i get this treatment ?

  • Misscharles2004

    This is great information but a tease. Where do you get the drug? Will my hepatic doctor know about all these options or is it  primarily a secondary drug still in experimentation?

  • Ethan Davidson

    Transplants definetly will NOT cure HCV.  In fact, the need to use imunosupressants make it do it’s work on the second virus much faster than the first. Blood transfusion won’t help, either.
      I wan’t to find out if this stuff is safe for people with advanced liver disease, and if so, get my mits on some.

    • William J Stewart


      Being a transplant recipient [the one who started this topic] I understand very well what that means for HCV.  the disease will come back faster and more virulently AFTER transplantation.

      That is why I asked if Transplant recipients are ‘in line’ for this type of treatment.  So far no one has responded to that question.

      Still wondering with the ‘bullet’ lodged inside…


  • Rkrapp

    I was on the drug trials for known as riboviron. It was a MONSTER drug that left me unable to live a LIFE with any quality..I lasted 6 months and had to stop. I am determined NEVER to go back on the drugs that are now available..Just my choice..Can’t do it again..

  • Lam486

    I’ve tried the incevik. it did bring my viral load way down but it was killing me otherwise. I had to stop after 6 weeks. I felt like I was dying I REALLY mean dying.Could not think,drive, eat, barely talking plus all of the common symptoms with interferon/ribavirin.But I’m willing to try something new. I was very sad that I could not continue treatment

    • Rkrapp

      At least you tried it..I know the feeling..Just moved to a new state with new Hepatologist..I told her I did not want to go on the medications that are available at this time…too severe for me..lucky I have that option but it still sucks..Hang in there..I admire your drive..

  • sickntired

    Is this treatment available yet for the common person who has Hep-C and has yet been treated for it?

  • sickntired

    where do we find answers to our posted questions?




    I went to Brian Pearlman, Internal medicine Associates, 285 Boulevard NE, Atlanta Ga. 404-265-1044. I have been CURED of the HEP C virus, I was on a 90 day pill, after the first week the virus load went from millions to hundreds, one week afterwards it was undetectable, now my test show there is no virus in my blood.
    This doctor is awesome.