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Interferon, Roferon A

Interferon Alfa 2b recombinant

Sequential Versus Concomitant Administration of Ribavirin and Interferon Alfa-n3 in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Not Responding to Interferon Alone: Results of a Randomized, Controlled Trial

Treatment of chronic viral hepatitis
Quadrennial review

International Conference Reporter from
11th World Congress of Gastroenterology

Prospective Study of Interferon Therapy for Compensated Cirrhotic Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C by Monitoring Serum Hepatitis C RNA

Interferon, Ribavirin and Actigall

Interferon and the contribution of prolonged treatment in CHCV

Relationship of the Genomic Complexity of Hepatitis C Virus With Liver Disease Severity and Response to Interferon in Patients
Wiith Chronic HCV Genotype 1b Interferon

Side effects in patients who discontinue Interferon

Interferon Side Effects

Interferon-alpha therapy may induce insulin

Long term efficacy of Ribavirin plus interferon alfa

NIH Interferon Alpha Trials

IFN Alfa-2b Plus Ribavirin Combination Increases Sustained Response Rate

Hepatitis C Virus Resistance to Antiviral TherapyPDF FILE 

Neurovisual Impairment: A Frequent Complication of Alpha-Interferon Treatment in Chronic Viral Hepatitis

Interferon-induced vitiligo in a patient with chronic viral hepatitis C infection

Key Interaction for Interferon Resistance in Hepatitis C Virus Discovered

Clinical Value of Grading and Staging Scores For Predicting A Long-term Response And Evaluating the Efficacy Of IFN Therapy

Complete eradication of hepatitis C virus after interferon treatment for chronic hepatitis C

Clinical significance of hepatic HCV RNA in patients with chronic hepatitis C demonstrating long-term sustained response to interferon-alpha therapy