The latest research & treatment news about Hepatitis C infection, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

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Complementary/Alternative Therapies

How to Relieve HCV Symptoms

When you apply pressure to certain points on your body, it is possible to reduce pain and improve your health. Discover how acupressure can be used to relieve some common symptoms associated with Hepatitis C, including liver-area pain and fatigue.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana During HCV Treatment

An unlikely ally has been uncovered for Hepatitis C treatment. Interferon and ribavirin treatment is known to inflict severe side effects resulting in low retention rates. While the link is not yet concrete, medical marijuana appears to reduce those side effects, improving a person's chance of completing treatment.

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Milk Thistle Extract and Its Effect on Liver Fibrosis

A commonly prescribed medicinal plant, milk thistle's protective properties to the liver have been supported by literally hundreds of research studies around the world. A recent article discusses one such study involving the milk thistle extract, Silybin Phytosome®, and its ability to prevent hardening of the liver, a sign of advancing liver disease.

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