The latest research & treatment news about Hepatitis C infection, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.

Complementary/Alternative Therapies

Four More Key Benefits of Milk Thistle

Justifying its use to protect the liver, many of us know that milk thistle is a potent antioxidant and liver detoxifier. However, find out four more compelling reasons why milk thistle helps in the battle against Hepatitis C.

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6 Tips for Improving HCV Outlook

As your main environment, make sure that your home serves you best. Six simple feng shui suggestions give people with Hepatitis C some tips for improving the energy flow in their home to benefit their liver's health.

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Invention Offers Sick Livers a Well-Needed Rest

Potentially giving the liver a chance to rest and recover, Scottish scientists are working to perfect their artificial liver machine. Conceptually similar to kidney dialysis, this invention temporarily gives the liver a break from its constant duty of filtering out toxins.

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Phlebotomy Gaining Acceptance as HCV Treatment

Most people associate the removal of blood from their veins with donating to the Red Cross or getting tested for some ailment. However, the removal of blood from someone's body can serve many purposes. Learn how the safe ancient practice of bloodletting, or phlebotomy, has proven therapeutic value, and why it is gaining momentum as a treatment of chronic Hepatitis C.

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