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Hepatitis C Awareness/Activism

Hepatitis Awareness Needed!

May 10, 2010

Even though the scope of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C dwarfs that of HIV, our progress on viral hepatitis is lagging. Luckily, we can learn from the success of AIDS awareness campaigns on how to shift our focus onto education and funding for viral hepatitis.

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Two Promising Ways to Quit Alcohol

Jul 29, 2008

In addition to cutting the risk for fatty liver disease, research presented at the Research Society on Alcoholism conference confirmed two distinct approaches that can help those battling alcoholism.

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New NYS Law to Improve Infection Control

Jan 24, 2008

A new law is aimed at preventing the Hepatitis C transmission that occurred in Dr. Harvey Finkelstein's office. In New York, more stringent accreditation and reporting guidelines are now required by certain medical practices to enforce good infection control practices.

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Breaking the Hepatitis C Social Stigma

Aug 27, 2007

More people are currently living with Hepatitis C than any other chronic blood-borne infectious disease. Many patients still suffer with the associated stigma in many social circles. Discover two ways to reduce this unfortunate perception of a Hepatitis C diagnosis. Your efforts can help make the changes required.

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Events to Raise National Hepatitis B Awareness

May 8, 2007

As part of Hepatitis Awareness Month, events are being planned in four major cities to offer disease management education, especially for Asian Americans, a demographic with high rates of Hepatitis B infection. Learn what cities are hosting this public health awareness initiative as well as how education can help remove the stigma associated with the disease.

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Hepatitis C Remains Major Health Threat

Mar 26, 2007

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccination programs for Hepatitis A and B have helped decrease the rate for new acute hepatitis infections. Despite this good news, the American Liver Foundation (ALF) points out that chronic Hepatitis C infection rates have not followed suit and are actually increasing. Learn what is causing the concern behind the ALF's response, and how the cost of treating Hepatitis C impacts our health care system.

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