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Hepatitis C Awareness/Activism

Body Shop Founder Living with Hepatitis C

As anyone familiar with the virus knows, Hepatitis C does not discriminate. A highly successful British businesswoman and founder of The Body Shop, has publicly announced that she is living with HCV, which has progressed to cirrhosis of the liver. She has made her health concerns public as a "whistleblower" so Hepatitis C would be taken more seriously as a public health challenge, and would get the attention and resources it needs.

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Rally for Hepatitis Awareness

The Hepatitis C Movement for Awareness (HMA) is once again planning a march in Washington DC to promote the need for an awareness campaign. See how you can take part even if you cannot join the march to the White House.

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HCV and Bewitched

We have a long way to go before HCV gets the kind of acknowledgement as other infectious diseases. Part of the reason there is so much misunderstanding is that people are hesitant to speak out. No one really wants to be the poster child. Yet. To get more funding and acknowledgement from the government you can go to and automatically send a message to your representatives in congress. Given this kind of story, it seems like the least you can do.

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