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Liver Disease

Liver Pain and Hepatitis
Basic Facts about the liver
Cirrhosis of the liver
table of contents
Basic Histopath
of the Liver.
(4 Photos)
Is Liver Fibrosis Reversible? Grading Liver Damage Chart
What is cirrhosis? Livers from hepatitis C-positive donors
Complications of Cirrhosis
Liver Graphics
Fibrosis from chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis in patients with hepatitis C Frequently Asked Questions about Liver Disease
Fibrosis & Cirrhosis Pathology What Is Fatty Liver?
Scoring Liver Damage Chart What Is A Liver Biopsy?
Inflammation of the Liver Caring for your Liver
AST, ALT, GGTP, AP Cirrhosis Summary
Effect of shunt surgery Portal Hypertension TOC
Alcoholic Liver Disease TIPS procedure
Slow Intestinal Transit and Gallstones Liver Biopsy
Etiology of the disease and
possible pathogenetic factors
HCV Genotypes in patients with liver disease
of different stages
Ascitic Pseudouridine Discriminates Between Hepatocarcinoma Derived Ascites and Cirrhotic Ascites Use of the Diagnostic
Radionuclide Ascites Scan
Hepatic Pathology Index
(Photos of the Liver)
Achieving Maximum Results:
Putting Combination Therapy For HCV Into Practice
Diagnostic Value of
Breath test in liver disease
Liver damage score–a new index for evaluation of the severity of chronic liver diseases
Granulomatous Hepatitis Benefit of prophylactic endoscopic
sclerotherapy of esophageal varices
Flumazenil for hepatic encephalopathy grade III and IVa in patients with cirrhosis Conditions Linked To HCV Infection
Prevention of variceal rebleeding Ascites
Alcoholic Liver Disease, Liver Failure and Chronic Liver Disease Ibuprofen Speeds Hepatitis C Into Cirrhosis Of The Liver
Risk of Liver and Other Types of Cancer in Patients With Cirrhosis: A Nationwide Cohort Study in Denmark Liver Disease and Alcohol TOC
Decreased Muscle Strength in Patients With Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis in Relation to Nutritional Status, Alcohol Abstinence, Liver Function, and Neuropathy Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
Versus Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
for the Prevention of Variceal Bleeding in Cirrhosis
Management of Ectopic Varices Ultrasound Surveillance of TIPS
Ultrasound Surveillance of TIPS– Why Bother? An Appraisal of Percutaneous Treatment of Liver Metastases
Slow Progression Rate of Fibrosis in Hepatitis C Virus Patients With Persistently Normal Alanine Transaminase Activity Effects of Chronic Ethanol Administration on Rat Liver Proteasome Activities: Relationship With Oxidative Stress
A Prospective, Community-Based Evaluation of Liver Enzymes
in Individuals With Hepatitis C After Drug Use
Homeostatic Control of Angiogenesis: A Newly Identified Function of the Liver?
“Close Relation Between Cirrhosis and Gallstones: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Survey” Primary Prevention of Bleeding from Esophageal Varices
The Risk of Surgery in Patients With Liver Disease Liver Dialysis Unit
AcroMetrix, Inc. Introduces the First Hepatitis C Virus
Nucleic Acid Quantification Panel

Virus Discovery Fact Sheet

Banding of Esophageal Varices


Outlook not so bright for patients with bleeding esophageal varices


Liver cancer rates jump 70 percent in 20 years Clinical Features of Hepatitis C-Infected Patients With
Persistently Normal Alanine Transaminase Levels in the Southwestern United States
Controversial Issues in HCV
Portal Hypertensive Bleeding