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What Impact Does Hepatitis C Have on Your Weight?

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What Are the Long-Term Side Effects of Interferons for Hepatitis C?

Do You Know Which Hepatitis Symptoms CBD Oil Relieves?

Stephen Holt, MD, PhD, FACP February 15, 2019

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If you’re worried about your liver inflammation, exhaustion, and clearing up rashes to name a few, keep reading.
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CBD – is a cannabis byproduct that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of alternative medicine. CBD can be derived from both types of plants in the cannabis family: hemp and marijuana. While marijuana has a rather high amount of THC in it (the component that makes you high), hemp does not. CBD products contain little to no THC. Due to the low THC content and that marijuana is more difficult and expensive to grow, most of the CBD sold over the counter is derived from hemp.

CBD has been found to have more than 50 uses, including:

  • treating liver issues
  • reducing pain and inflammation
  • working as a sleep aid
  • clearing up bad skin

There Are 2 Types of CBD

  1. CBD Isolate – This is pure CBD and does not contain any THC or terpenes. It is more expensive to produce, since an extra extraction process is required during production to separate out the CBD from the THC and terpenes.
  2. Full Spectrum CBD – This CBD contains small amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) and terpenes. With this CBD, some may experience a placebo effect which can produce a high or an enhanced feeling of “well-being.” This CBD can make you fail some drug tests.

CBD Oil and Hepatitis

As already mentioned, CBD can help with many different ailments. But this article in particular will discuss how CBD oil can help those coping with hepatitis and its various symptoms.

What follows are 8 known symptoms of hepatitis and how CBD oil helps each of them. (1)

1. Liver Inflammation – First and foremost, hepatitis is known for scarring the liver which can lead to liver failure and more serious diseases. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce such scarring, thus reducing the possibilities of worse diseases like cirrhosis of the liver or potentially cancer. (5)

2. Exhaustion – While CBD oil won’t provide you with more energy when you’re exhausted, what it will do is help you fall asleep at night. Those suffering from hepatitis are usually awake at night due to the stress of coping with the disease, so they can use something that can help them relax and fall asleep.

CBD oil will help you fall asleep at night.

With better sleep you are less likely to be exhausted or fatigued. Similarly it has proven to improve the sleep-wake cycle, meaning you have deeper sleep at night while you are more focused and awake during the day. (6)

3. Mood Changes – When suffering from hepatitis, patients can find themselves having dramatic mood swings, going from happy to sad to angry, all within seconds. It’s a very emotional virus. CBD has proven to be useful in stabilizing the central nervous system, helping to improve the mood of patients. (2)

4. Depression/Anxiety – When coping with hepatitis, patients can find themselves feeling rather depressed or anxious. Who can blame them, right? This is a common side effect of interferons and other medications that are used to fight the disease.

CBD oil has been known to help people deal with depression and anxiety and help them be more mentally stable. It is also considered to be better for depression than prescription drugs as it is not habit forming or addictive. (5)

5. Low Appetite / Nausea – While undergoing antiviral treatment for hepatitis, side effects include nausea and lack of appetite; it can even lead to vomiting in extreme situations. CBD oil can interact with serotonin receptors to help your stomach feel better, reducing the nausea brought on by treatment. This can lead to a better appetite and the ability to keep food down.

Also, studies have shown that because CBD improves patients’ mood or anxiety, it can help them feel better about eating. (5)(4)

6. Pain in Muscles, Joints, and Abdomen – When your liver isn’t functioning right, your body is going to feel sore, as it is not getting the proper nutrients that it needs. As CBD interacts with your brain and immune system it creates an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effect. (2)

7. Cognitive Problems – Hepatitis could cause people to not focus or remember things well. This is due to a change in glutamate activity, which can lead to brain cells being damaged or dying. But when CBD oil works as a protective shield to keep brain cells from getting damaged, this leads to a healthier, better functioning brain. Similarly, it has an anti-inflammatory effect in the brain and is able to help regenerate new brain cells. (3)(2)

8. Itchy Skin – A CBD based topical cream or lotion can help clear up itchiness and rashes that can be a result of hepatitis.

CBD cream can help relieve itchiness as a result of having hepatitis.


While hepatitis is no picnic, there are ways to help deal with it.

CBD oil has shown to help cope with hepatitis in a multitude of ways. It helps prevent scarring which could lead to worse conditions like cirrhosis, liver failure and cancer.

It helps improve your mood, causing less depression and anxiety which, in effect, will help improve your appetite.

On top of that, its anti-inflammatory effects also help provide pain relief and improve cognitive activity.

If you’re looking for a solution to help deal with the symptoms of hepatitis, CBD may be right for you.

If you are on other medications though, you may want to consult with a physician to make sure it is okay to combine CBD with what you are already taking.

Where to Get CBD Oil

A good source of CBD oil can be found with Natural Wellness’s Hemp Oil. Their hemp oil contains CBD Isolate, the pure version of CBD which will not get you high. It comes in 2 strengths, a bottle containing 500mg of CBD and a bottle containing 1,500mg of CBD. Both are a tincture, where you apply drops of the oil under your tongue – the fastest way for it to take effect.

THC-free Hemp Oil 500MG

Hemp Oil – CBD Isolate has been shown to reduce liver inflammation, relieve pain, be an effective sleep aid, enhance your mood, reduce nausea, increase your appetite, and help you focus. Try Natural Wellness’s Hemp Oil today!

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What Impact Does Hepatitis C Have on Your Weight?

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What Are the Long-Term Side Effects of Interferons for Hepatitis C?

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