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Combining Well Care and Sick Care for Hepatitis C

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Price of Pill that Will Likely Cure 90% of Hep C Patients

Sovaldi™ (sofosbuvir) and Hepatitis C

December 31, 2013

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With the approval of Sovaldi™ (sofosbuvir) once a day combination treatment of those with Hepatitis C, genotype 1, 2, 3 and 4, many questions arise. Here we have summarized some of these questions.
What Sovaldi Sofosbuvir Looks Like

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With the approval of a new treatment option for those with Hepatitis C genotype 1, 2, 3 and 4 there are bound to be questions. Based on the information provided by Gilead, developer of Sovaldi™, we have provided summaries for many of the questions that are being asked. Learning more about this new combination therapy and discussing this information with your healthcare provider are essential.

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Combining Well Care and Sick Care for Hepatitis C

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Price of Pill that Will Likely Cure 90% of Hep C Patients

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  • is this treatment available in Canada?

    • Linda

      The CEO did talk about selling it overseas and I would think they would be happy to make money from Canadians. I don’t know if Canada takes the FDA approval and accepts it or has its own requirements.

  • Pam Behrends-Wilson

    My doctor is submitting to my insurance for this treatment but he mentioned it costs $20,000 per month for 6 months. I seriously doubt the insurance is going to cover this so my question is why did I wait 2 years for this to be approved only to find out the cost is way out of my reach. I could have tried interferon again but really hated that drug.

    • Linda

      Odd. The VA has told me that the cost is 84,000 for 12 weeks – 3 months. Maybe your doctor doesn’t have all the information. My NP at the VA was in on a teleconference with the company. The price will be much lower in other countries such as India. I am wondering what effect the new healthcare law will have on the availability of Sovaldi.

      • Pam Behrends-Wilson

        Yes, you are correct he said $20k a month. It wasn’t for 6 months but the $84k price tag. Still I doubt I will get the okay to take it and I wonder what effect the new healthcare law will have on it also. I think the maker of this new drug is looking to make a lot of money.

        • Linda

          I am torn about taking it – it is new and the longterm effects are not known. My only symptoms are digestive related and I can keep them in check with a strict diet. I also use the Banerji protocol for hepatitis and it has helped. My fibrosis level went down between 2004 when I had a biopsy and 2012 when I had the blood test. I believe I could live with the virus and would like to know more about the drug before using it. Getting a chronic disease in exchange for another would not be a good trade and there is my hesitation.

          • Pam Behrends-Wilson

            I totally agree with what you say. I have had the virus 25 years or more and have fibrosis stage 2 and have kept my diet strict, no sugar, red meat etc, lots of greens & fruit and I’ve been maintaining my health. I’m hesitant about the new medicine also but feel I won’t get the approval at that price tag. I will just go the natural way with my supplements & diet.

          • Linda

            It sounds like you are also taking the care of the liver seriously, I wonder if an insurance company will be able to legally withhold treatments based on price. All of them will have to follow the ACA laws, at least that is my understanding, The trade off was that they would get many new customers with the new law. I was already eating the WFPB diet before I talked with Dr. Campbell but he reinforced my commitment to the diet and not eating any animal products.

          • Pam Behrends-Wilson

            Thanks for the great information.

          • Brama

            Pam and Linda, These drugs have been tested over the last 2 years with no major long term side effects anticipated or noted. They may be new drugs, but getting rid of Hep C is the priority. I’m going to wait, since Benitec Biopharma is coming out with a one shot cure in the next year. They are starting clinical trials next month.

          • Pam Behrends-Wilson

            I got approval from the insurance for this new drug and I was informed I have to take it for a 6 month period. I am genotype 3 and the prognosis is very good so I am going to try it. Wish me luck, its my 2nd treatment attempt. In 2008 I did the interferon treatment for 6 months but the virus came back after 4 months. I’m nervous but what have I got to lose?

          • Myron

            genotype 3? welcome to the club…

          • Pam Wilson

            At least we don’t have to go with interferon, that was brutal for me anyway.

    • Myron

      Well maybe you have a current condition that could be irritated by interferon I have a seizure condition that the interferon could really disrupt, I was waiting for a trial because of my insurance issues, then this one became FDA approved three weeks before I started it. I have zero side effects and I am quite surprised of how good I feel six weeks into the program.

      • Mike

        My doctor told me that this new medication was to be taken with interferon, that is the reason I am not a candidate for Sovaldi. Taking the earlier meds I have now been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver as well.

    • Guest

      I started treatment with sovaldi & ribavirin on 3-7-14 and wondered if anyone knew if I could dye my hair, no one seems to know for sure.

      • ghanshyam

        Dear Sir,

        Please slet me know ow can i buy sovaldi 400 mg tablets. please send me the mail [email protected]

    • Mike

      Pam, this new drug is used with interferon, not in place of. The cost is more like $30,000 a month. Most people will get by with 12 weeks of treatment or $84,000.00 plus the interferon.

  • khushi

    When this treatment is going o available in India and what will be the cost?

  • dyanne

    The price is a joke!

  • Pam

    Anyone know if I can dye my hair on this combo treatment sovaldi & ribavirin?

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