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Incivek™ (telaprevir) and Hepatitis C

How can I get assistance paying for Incivek™ (telaprevir)? Is Incivek™ covered by insurance?

UPDATE: As of August 2014 Vertex announced it will discontinue selling Incivek.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the developer of Incivek™, offers financial assistance and patient support programs to those who might not be able to afford the medication.

The support program helps people learn about insurance benefits for their medication. For those that do not have insurance, the program provides Incivek™ for free to eligible patients. It also provides coverage for copay or coinsurance costs associated with Incivek™ for those patients that meet specific program criteria.

For more information regarding this program, visit or call 1-855-837-8394.

Contact your insurance company directly for information regarding coverage of Incivek™.

Last Updated: July 2014

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